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WEHT Bryce Dallas Howard?

Hasn't been in a movie since 50/50 in 2011, and has nothing coming up. What gives?

by Jessica Chastain reply 1501/27/2013

She got pregnant.

by Jessica Chastain reply 101/27/2013

She gained tons of baby weight and suffered from post-partum depression. The emergence of Jessica Chastain didn't help matters...

by Jessica Chastain reply 201/27/2013

She was up for an American remake of Fellini's "Nights of Cabiria," which would've been directed by (of course) Lee Daniels.

Didn't happen.

by Jessica Chastain reply 301/27/2013

It's "WHET" moron. Google it and at least pretend you are trying, if you want to play here.

by Jessica Chastain reply 401/27/2013

She's got that Howard money, so she has the luxury of taking a little time off. Plus, she's never been one to release 10 movies a year -- who do you think she is? Jessica Shitstain?

by Jessica Chastain reply 501/27/2013

Calm, blue ocean, r4. Visualize a calm, blue ocean.

by Jessica Chastain reply 601/27/2013

She's had two kids. Pictures of her well after the second baby's birth showed she was still struggling to get the weight off. Her depression didn't help.

by Jessica Chastain reply 701/27/2013

I was fully prepared to hate her when I found out Ron Howard's daughter landed a leading role in a big budget movie (The Village), but she's actually a great actress. The fact that she studied acting at NYU and didn't just wait for some director to capitalize on her dad's name is impressive. I also like that she takes on unflattering roles and has spoken openly about real struggles in her life that's not just bullshit Hollywood struggles (i.e. Jessica Chastain's "I had to audition a lot so I know what torture is" GG acceptance speech).

But I think R2 is right, I think she suffers from some mental health issues that might prevent her from making it really big.

by Jessica Chastain reply 801/27/2013

She has never really broken out, despite her dad. And actors only work when there is a decent job offer. Meryl Streep has no new film projects lined up.

by Jessica Chastain reply 901/27/2013

I thought it was WEHT as in "What ever happened to?". What does WHET stand for?

by Jessica Chastain reply 1001/27/2013

She's married to Seth Gabel, no wonder she's pregnant all the time.

Also explains the post-pregnancy depression - all of those weeks with no Seth Gabel cock.

by Jessica Chastain reply 1101/27/2013

R10 = idiot newbie, probably a straight woman

by Jessica Chastain reply 1201/27/2013

R4 is a fucking idiot who thinks he's witty.

by Jessica Chastain reply 1301/27/2013

Her name was the problem.

by Jessica Chastain reply 1401/27/2013

What's so special about Seth and/or his cock?

The photos I've seen of him make him look like a lesbian with a 1980s haircut.

by Jessica Chastain reply 1501/27/2013
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