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Well, we finally have a Linda Lovelace bio

But can Amanda Seyfried deepthroat?

by Chloe Sevignyreply 411/29/2013

Unless Amanda Seyfreid shows her pink taco, I ain't interested.

by Chloe Sevignyreply 101/26/2013

I saw film last night and really enjoyed it. I am old enough to remember all the Hoopla when Deep Throat came (pardon the pun) out in 1972 and saw it with friends at the Pussycat Theater in Hollywood.

The cast in this 2013 film was impressive. Chris Noth was great as were the whole cast.

I really like James Franco although think he appeared too young to play Hugh Hefner in this film.

Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard excellent and disturbing together at the same time.

The Making of Linda Lovelace as a Bonus was interesting to watch on how they used old Phil Donahue interview from 1980's and intercut with Amanda S. as Linda Lovelace.

by Chloe Sevignyreply 211/26/2013


by Chloe Sevignyreply 311/29/2013

The casting call for the dog in a key scene made for the cutest line of hopefuls in recent Hollywood history. Ultimately the PC set had their way and a shelter animal was cast. Alas, his role is now playing on the editing room floor.

by Chloe Sevignyreply 411/29/2013
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