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How is the food at Bar Marmont?

Would my mother like it? She's in town for the weekend. She's hip but a bit daffy. She wants to see famous people. She also eats like a trucker. What to do?

by I only go to WFreply 301/26/2013

It's just burgers and fries for lunch. And she might see a star. Go for it.

by I only go to WFreply 101/25/2013

Even though it's expensive (sort of)...take her to lunch at The Ivy. The fried chicken is an ENORMOUS plate of food and really delicious. And guaranteed star sightings.

by I only go to WFreply 201/25/2013

Go eat somewhere at the Grove and then walk around for awhile. You'll see someone.

by I only go to WFreply 301/26/2013
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