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You say we must always look to the future

But the future always holds decay, decline, and death. For each and every one. So I don't understand the urgency of this demand, or the pretended moral value of it.

by Past is Prologuereply 601/26/2013

This Toilet Earth

by Past is Prologuereply 101/25/2013

wow you're just a debbie downer. the future also holds promise. you can't see this i guess. even when you can't experience it yourself, other generations will. the future is about the future not always relating to those present.

by Past is Prologuereply 201/25/2013

It holds the promise death, yes.

For other generations also.

by Past is Prologuereply 301/25/2013

Always in motion the future is.

by Past is Prologuereply 401/26/2013

The president mentioned stonewall in his inauguration.

"The Arc of the Universe Is Long But It Bends Towards Justice."

by Past is Prologuereply 501/26/2013

Past event R5.

by Past is Prologuereply 601/26/2013
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