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Why Harry Styles dumped Taylor Swift: She wanted him to get circumcised

January 23, 2013

HARRY Styles dumped Taylor Swift because she wanted him to get circumcised.

The One Direction star apparently hated that Taylor kept nagging him about clipping his manhood.

“Taylor didn’t like the fact that English-born Harry was not circumcised – she even suggested he undergo surgery!” a source said.

“Harry made it clear he had no intention of changing anything. He asked her not to mention it again. But Taylor never missed the chance to poke fun or make a comment.

“At first, Harry just rolled his eyes and tried to ignore her, but the final straw came when she suggested once again that he get…snipped!”

by Liam P.reply 4601/26/2013

I signed up for the song on Amazon.

by Liam P.reply 101/24/2013

Like she's ever seen his wiener!

Seriously, it's hilarious watching their publicists scramble, blaming the other party for the failure of a relationship that never existed.

by Liam P.reply 201/24/2013

But why would they say something like this, R2? Why make up something embarrassing?

Sounds like the type of thing that could actually be real. Relationships often break up for superficial reasons.

by Liam P.reply 301/25/2013

They broke up before their contract was up. Look at Blind Gossip, they called this way ahead of time. And it played out exactly as they predicted. They hated each other but were in it for the publicity.

by Liam P.reply 401/25/2013

So what's the purpose of this article, R4? Because all it does is make them look ridiculous, particularly her. If you do a search for this article and read the comments on various sites, a lot of women are bashing her for being a shallow bitch.

by Liam P.reply 501/25/2013

It`s the textbook example of ridiculous,outrageous made-up tabloid story (print or digital ,doesn`t matter).I really wouldn`t put my money that it`s really like that.

by Liam P.reply 601/25/2013

If it's true then she is a pathetic idiot.

If it's a rumour created by tabloids then it's ridiculous. Although in that case I'm impressed by imagination of the person that created this rumour.

by Liam P.reply 701/25/2013

It sounds like it COULD be plausible. Harry is likely to be uncut since he is British, and there are lots of American women who don't like uncircumcised guys or who haven't encountered them before.

by Liam P.reply 801/25/2013

That vapid bitch can't even spell "circumcised."

by Liam P.reply 901/25/2013

Sounds like something put out by the Harry camp. Swift must have done something to piss them off (not oblige with the full term of the agreement, perhaps?)

So they spread a rumor like this to kill two birds with one stone: make him seem heterosexual and reflect badly on her.

by Liam P.reply 1001/25/2013

As I heard it Harry wanted her to get her dick cut

by Liam P.reply 1101/25/2013

But they are both so famous they dont need each other, so why have a fake relationship ?

by Liam P.reply 1201/25/2013

[quote]Sounds like the type of thing that could actually be real.

R3, that may be the very reason why they made it up? Your PR people get paid to do a passibly credible job, after all. Or, put another way, you lapped it up, didn't you?

by Liam P.reply 1301/25/2013

She's starting to really, really embarrass herself. I see the public turning on her really soon.

by Liam P.reply 1401/25/2013

This story is ridiculous and completely fabricated. She has never seen or touched or talked about his penis. He's obviously gay while she is either the most naive 20something in America or she's a lesbian.

by Liam P.reply 1501/25/2013

[quote]She has never seen or touched or talked about his penis.

Unless you live under his bed, how do you know whether she's had sex with him?

by Liam P.reply 1601/25/2013

The real question is, why are people dumb enough in this day and age to believe anything celebrities and celebrity media do or say?

by Liam P.reply 1701/25/2013

She's entirely fabricated, too.


by Liam P.reply 1801/25/2013

The girl don't like smegma

by Liam P.reply 1901/25/2013

Bullshit. I guarantee that she NEVER saw his penis. Bitch, please.

by Liam P.reply 2001/25/2013

Well then I finally have a reason to like her! Uncut is just wrong!

by Liam P.reply 2101/25/2013

Why should any of this be public? Who would ever TELL someone who would then tell anyone involved in the media? A total fame whore, that's who. What happened to "THIS IS PRIVATE?" One's most intimate romantic relationship details splashed across the tabloids? Is THAT what fame is all about in 2013? No thanks. And even if it is fabricated, it's still pretty embarrassing and not flattering to either party, really.

by Liam P.reply 2201/25/2013

I had no opinion of her before but now I am on iTunes ordering her music!

by Liam P.reply 2301/25/2013

Yes, r21, this is the first thing I've ever heard about Taylor Swift that I've liked.

by Liam P.reply 2401/25/2013

The problem was not as stated here, but it did concern Harry's cock.

Taylor was tired of always finding it in Louis Tomlinson's ass.

by Liam P.reply 2501/25/2013

Oddly, Taylor Swift wanted Jake Gyllenhaal to have his foreskin restored. Strange bird, that Taylor. Never happy.

by Liam P.reply 2601/25/2013

I need to stop reading the TS+gay of the day threads. If I continue to roll my eyes so hard, they will get stuck.


by Liam P.reply 2701/25/2013

[quote]But why would they say something like this, [R2]? Why make up something embarrassing?

Because in their bigoted minds it's better to seem like an idiot/douche/awful in every imaginable way but to be "suspected" of being a fag/lez.

They expect people to ask exactly the question you do - they succeeded.

by Liam P.reply 2801/25/2013

She's a whore, darlin.

...and are we SURE it wasn't due to him discovering she literally has like a size 13 (mens) foot?

Seriously. She has GIANT hobbit feet. They're huge and she's been asked about them before. When she was on SNL she did a skit where she was barefoot until a blanket but her feet popped out. YIKES!! Freakish!

by Liam P.reply 2901/25/2013

Taylor Swift has never seen a penis.

by Liam P.reply 3001/25/2013

Good for him.

by Liam P.reply 3101/25/2013

Seems likely Harry is already circumcised. He's was born Jewish/Catholic and that nude that was going around ages ago that "wasn't him" was cut.

Pure tabloid BS.

by Liam P.reply 3201/25/2013

I can't wait to hear the hit single about this.

by Liam P.reply 3301/25/2013

R30, Taylor Swift has seen MANY penises (just not the gayboys she beards for).

by Liam P.reply 3401/25/2013

LOL @ R25

by Liam P.reply 3501/25/2013

No, he dumped her because her pussy stunk like a sardine hatchery.

by Liam P.reply 3601/25/2013

Hey OP, who cares?

by Liam P.reply 3701/25/2013

[quote]Seems likely Harry is already circumcised. He's was born Jewish/Catholic and that nude that was going around ages ago that "wasn't him" was cut.

There is no evidence that Harry is circumcised. All of the things you mention are supposition.

by Liam P.reply 3801/25/2013

R38 Of course it's just supposition. This is a gossip site discussing the status of a boyband member's penis.

There's evidence he's partially Jewish and there's evidence that the picture was him, but I'm not going to argue it because frankly - who cares enough to?

by Liam P.reply 3901/25/2013

I only believe this when Taylor releases a song about his foreskinned penis. If she doesn't then it's clear that this bitch NEVER saw it!

by Liam P.reply 4001/26/2013

This sounds like a great three weeks they spent "together."

by Liam P.reply 4101/26/2013

And Harry Styles manages to be even less attractive than I previously thought. Go figure.

by Liam P.reply 4201/26/2013

Harry misunderstood. She said his dick was "circumscribed."

by Liam P.reply 4301/26/2013

This is a madeup story - everything in quotes but no real sources.

Utter bullshit. But I'd like to see Taylor go through a crisis, so I'm up for it.

by Liam P.reply 4401/26/2013

Is she a dyke?

by Liam P.reply 4501/26/2013

This does sound really fake to me. The PR machine went for too detailed, and now no one is buying it.

by Liam P.reply 4601/26/2013
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