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Viscous gargoyle like creature Patti Lupone attacks beautiful young Ms. Zeta-Jones!!

How dare Patti and her little pocket gay attack the beautiful Catherine. I bet Lupone is just jealous that CZJ is nearly 40 years younger than her.

by ALW reply 1001/24/2013

than she is

by ALW reply 101/24/2013

Correcting R1

than she CLAIMS TO BE.

by ALW reply 201/24/2013

40 years, OP???

Try 62 years, sweetcheeks!

by ALW reply 301/24/2013

What kind of a defective would care about a subject like this?

by ALW reply 401/24/2013

Patti is pretty strict about that whole the show must go on thing....isn't she.

by ALW reply 501/24/2013

Despite Patti's diva reputation, she is a rather funny broad.

by ALW reply 601/24/2013

"Viscous"? She always looked pretty smooth and solid to me, OP.

by ALW reply 701/24/2013

Cut her some slack! Somebody gave her a shot!

by ALW reply 801/24/2013

All she said was she wanted the part. How dare an actress say something like that.

by ALW reply 901/24/2013

If u watch the other after show clip on bravotv, she also claims to have no idea what "boxerbriefs" are. Clearly every man she has ever encountered in her life wears one or the other.

by ALW reply 1001/24/2013
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