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What's this behind Courtney Cox?

I was watching last night's Cougartown, and several minutes at the beginning featured Courtney Cox standing in front of this thing.

(see arrow at link)

It was protruding from her kitchen wall, halfway up between the gas range and the range hood. It looks like a spigot, but there was no sink visible to the side, only a countertop.

Is this a fire extinguisher of some kind? A wine tap? Anyone know?

by TIA, design stars!reply 1201/24/2013

I've heard it called a "pasta arm", it's for filling large pots directly on the stove, instead of filling a huge pot at the sink and lugging it over. Of course, I'm not sure how you'd drain such a large pot when it's done. Scoop the pasta out?

by TIA, design stars!reply 101/23/2013

Thanks, R1!

by TIA, design stars!reply 201/23/2013

That's exactly what it is. It's for pretentious porn kitchens which are very prevalent in L.A. Instead of shlepping a heavy pot full of water from the sink to the stove you just fill the pot AT the stove.

You're on your own for emptying. I think that's why personal trainers are also so prevalent in L.A. You need "guns" to empty those huge, heavy pots of pasta.

by TIA, design stars!reply 301/23/2013

You can either use a spider or one of those pots that has a built-in colander to take out the pasta. And after that's done, you can use something else to bail out the water.

by TIA, design stars!reply 401/23/2013


by TIA, design stars!reply 501/23/2013

LOL R5. Perfect!!

by TIA, design stars!reply 601/23/2013

It's her mouth-widener.

by TIA, design stars!reply 701/23/2013

If you're right R7, it looks like it's getting a lot of use.

by TIA, design stars!reply 801/23/2013

I've never understood the need for these. How much fucking pasta are you making all the time?

It's another feature people saw in commercial kitchens that they wanted for their own kitchens.

You know - the ones they cook in 3x a week.

by TIA, design stars!reply 901/23/2013

A pasta arm figures as a selling point on the first season of American Horror Story.

by TIA, design stars!reply 1001/23/2013

I never knew such a thing exists. I suppose it makes sense in a commercial kitchen, but if you make pasta twice a week for a family of five? Beyond pretentious.

by TIA, design stars!reply 1101/23/2013

Prep sinks, bar faucets, pasta arms.

Not necessary, but fun.

by TIA, design stars!reply 1201/24/2013
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