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REMINDER: Please let me know by EOD what you'll be bringing for the "Sobel Warming" lunch on Friday.

Hey ladies, and the gents, of course. :-> Just wanted to remind you to please let me know before you leave today what you'll be dishing up for our impromptu "Sobel Warming" feast on Friday. Mr. Sobel has been good enough to let us have an extended lunch hour on Friday and even promised to spring for plates and dinnerware! Brrrr it's so freezing out there, so bring your hottest dish (and no, Susannah, we don't mean your hubby Rick LOL) and warm us up.

Don't want to be a pest, but we just want to make sure that we don't double up on dishes. I'm sure some of you will remember what happened at the company picnic two summers ago. Well, I won't go into details LOL, but we had so much curried egg salad that we could of painted dots on our foreheads (ok, that was naughty LOL...thank god Pahleva is no longer with Sobel). So here's what we got so far:

Me: flavorful four-cheese (Velveeta, American, mozarella, romano) mac and cheese with ground beef

Maureen: mouth-watering mushroom barley bacon soup

Georgia: tasty turkey fricazee

Deb: scuntillating southern fried chicken

Joanne T: tempting Tetravicci family minestrone soup

Joanne C: saucy spaghetti with chicken meatballs

Nicole: savory spam casserole

Shane: divine deep fried sandwich steaks

Oh and Shane gave me his word that he will wash his hands thoroughly before preparing his dish. Ya never know where they've been LOL. Love ya babe, but couldn't resist. For the last time, that bartender at Squeeze is not a mo :->

So c'mon guys, let us know what you want to bring. We need some vegan dishes (yes, we love you Becca and Eddie) and some vegetarian dishes for our kosher colleagues (Shifa, are you sure can try the spam? Just once? You don't know what you're missing). Again, EOD would be great. C'mon, whip up your hottest dish and bring it to "Sobel Warming" so we can all warm up and become less frigid.

by Eileen.Remvey@sobelinc cc: Chester.Sobel@sobelincreply 001/23/2013
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