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All of Prince Harry's girlfriends look the same

Do you think he's a "confirmed bachelor"?

by Pippareply 2301/24/2013

He seems to go for the bleached blonde chav types.

Oh, Harry, you could do better.

by Pippareply 101/23/2013

So -- since it's his sperm that is the most valuable thing he must keep track of at all times, 24/7, does the poor guy have to carry a prophylactic at all times?

If he's a "leaker," i.e., with a tadger prone to a "runny nose" when excited, this situation must get terribly vexing.

by Pippareply 201/23/2013

No I think he is a very horny young man chasing tail when and where ever he can.

by Pippareply 301/23/2013

The mother was blonde.

by Pippareply 401/23/2013

Anyone else think his 'girlfriend-in-waiting' Cressida Bonas looks like a non cracked out crazy Lindsey Lohan?

by Pippareply 501/23/2013

The British media is always going on about all these stunners that he's dating. None of them are anything more than slight above average. Is this what passes for smoking hot in Britain? Chelsy Davy looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome!

by Pippareply 601/23/2013

The Royals don't go for smoking hot.

by Pippareply 701/23/2013

That always amazes me too R6. They truly are very average yet the British media will go on and on about how stunning they are. Even the "model" in the article is average.

Chelsea looked like total trash.

by Pippareply 801/23/2013

He likes them so trashy. No wonder he loves Vegas so much.

by Pippareply 901/23/2013

Good lord, there will be a steady parade of women in the years to come with the British press fanning the flames of everyone of them - there's no need to pay more than a moments notice to any of them - they'll all be utterly disposable at Prince (soon to be King) Charles decree of unworthines. Harry will play the field for years to come, and good for him. He has it all, including brains, he'll be a terminally forgivable l'enfant terrible, good for him. Barring disaster He'll settle down with someone eventually, but I think that's many many years off. And thank god that he will be providing intrigue for us peasants through it all.

by Pippareply 1001/23/2013

All of these blondes that move in royal circles look the same to me.

I'm too lazy to post a new thread, but I can't help laughing at the comments on this Daily Mail story about how Zara Phillips and Camilla Parker Bowles bond over horses. They both look horsey too!

by Pippareply 1101/23/2013

Logically, Harry must know and been told many times that he can't get a woman knocked up. This is why I figure he's really into BJ's. It just makes sense.

Probably big into face fucking and nasty talk.

by Pippareply 1201/23/2013

I thought the press normally implied that he was a pussyhound, OP.

by Pippareply 1301/23/2013

"Logically, Harry must know and been told many times that he can't get a woman knocked up."

It's William who has always had to be careful where his sperm went. If Harry had a bastard it'd be a scandal, but there wouldn't be problems with claims to the monarchy or anything.

As for Harry, I bet he won't get married until he retires from the military, if then. It's not like he had to produce an heir.

by Pippareply 1401/23/2013

And once William's first child is born, isn't Harry removed from the line of succession?

by Pippareply 1501/23/2013

No, Harry takes one step back in the line of secession. All of William's children will be ahead of him, as will their children and grandchildren.

by Pippareply 1601/23/2013

I see, R16.

But in any event, what I mean is that it's becoming less and less likely that Harry will ever be King so whatever he gets up to in his private life isn't as relevant as if it were William doing it.

by Pippareply 1701/23/2013

Harry, bless his heart, is no rocket scientist.

by Pippareply 1801/23/2013

Harry is not stupid, though. He's good at connecting with the public and the average folks and that's why he remains popular.

by Pippareply 1901/23/2013

Harry is not stupid? LOL I just spilled my martini. Harry, bless his cute little heart, is as dumb as they come.

by Pippareply 2001/24/2013

It's hardy surprising he likes these skanky girls.

If there was ever one person who was turned into a Madonna after her death, it was his mom.

by Pippareply 2101/24/2013

What are you trying to tell us, Dr. Freud at R21?

by Pippareply 2201/24/2013

R8 compared to most BritIsh women, "average" is actually stunning.

by Pippareply 2301/24/2013
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