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PBS show on Dynasty/Dallas/Knots Landing tonight

Kind of interesting. Didn't know Larry Hagman had dated the Collins sisters - both Joan and Jackie!

Knots cast who appeared included Joan Van Ark (whose face was not all that scary), Michele Lee and Donna Mills....but NO Constance McCashin! I was sad!

by Sable Colby reply 301/22/2013

Anyone from Emerald Point NAS or Berrengers appear?

by Sable Colby reply 101/22/2013

Nope, it was only those three shows that were mentioned. A brief mention of Guiding Light and Peyton Place and that was it.

by Sable Colby reply 201/22/2013

I bet JVA looks like a bad science expirement. She looked way too plastic 20 years ago. I can't imagine how she looks now. Women need to stop with the platic surgery. If you have aging issues see a counselor not a plastic surgeon.

by Sable Colby reply 301/22/2013
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