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Man has two cars stolen in the same day

A Kansas City, Mo., man had not one, but two cars stolen in the span of a few hours. And you thought you had had a bad Monday.

Tommy Barker had parked his SUV at a gas station and, in a fateful decision, decided to leave the car running to keep it warm while he ran inside to pay. When he came out, the car (now full of gas) was gone.

But Barker's bad day was just getting started. He made his way home, filed a police report, and then drove his wife to work in their other car. He then returned home to do a few chores. When he exited his home a few hours later, guess what? His second car had vanished.

Barker thinks that when the thieves stole the first car, they found both the extra set of keys to his other vehicle and a pay stub that he'd left in the car.

The twice-victimized Barker spoke to KMBC-TV about the crimes. "What a terrible day. Terrible. I don't know who would do that," Barker said. "Stole one car from the person. Then you come back and victimize them again and take both their cars."

Barker, who relies on his SUV for his work as a bricklayer, told KMBC-TV he's worried he won't be able to get jobs without a vehicle. He said, however, that he may be able to borrow a car from a friend.

And, yes, he did have the locks changed on his house.

by Dumbassreply 201/22/2013

It's called insurance fraud.

by Dumbassreply 101/22/2013

Oh, I don't know that, I'm just being a cunty R1

by Dumbassreply 201/22/2013
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