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Anne Hathaway is going to be on Letterman tonight

Joining Johnny Football tonight will be soon-to-be Oscar winner Anne Hathaway!

She really is getting better with these interviews and I think tonight is going to be the start of her changing the minds of her naysayers.

by Team Annereply 401/22/2013

Could you be trolling any harder? Are you really that bored?

by Team Annereply 101/22/2013

please stop posting about anne hagaway

by Team Annereply 201/22/2013

If you don't want to read about Anne Hathaway, then skip the thread.

by Team Annereply 301/22/2013

I watched the show Tuesday night. She really is annoying. She talked about her wedding and how she thought she had out foxed the paparazzi, but at the reception, there was a helicopter flying over head. Did she really think they would be hiding in the bushes to get shots of her wedding? Who cared? Her husband was described by her as "a producer and jewelry designer" after Letterman asked what he did for a living. Gold digger is more like it. Anne: "Dave. if I brought you some of my wedding photos would you caption some of them? For ME?" Cue in girlish laughter. Ugh.

by Team Annereply 401/22/2013
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