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I'm going to my first spin class tonight

I haven't been on a bike in 25 years and I'm out of shape. Will I be able to walk afterwards? I'm not even going to try and keep up with the instructor.

by nervous Nelliereply 1501/24/2013

Well, no one responded but I will report I am happy that I can still walk and didn't pass out. I cycled at my own pace and didn't do a lot of the standing and spinning. My face, however, was very red. Should I be concerned about possible health problems. I am on high blood pressure meds.

by nervous Nelliereply 101/22/2013

SPIN! baby SPIN!

by nervous Nelliereply 201/22/2013

Some people get red-faced when exerting, it's often times genetic. When I was extremely fit, my face was always red while running etc. My gym at the time was also part of a hospital. They took my blood pressure a few times because they were concerned. it was always below normal.

by nervous Nelliereply 301/22/2013

My partner teaches a spin class. Not my cup of tea, but it is an excellent work-out. No, you don't have to keep up,with the instructors routine. As long as you feel like you are getting your heart rate up there, you are fine. When that pace seems comfortable , try increasing the tension on the bike.

by nervous Nelliereply 401/22/2013

Gurrrrrrl, you are going to be sore tomorrow!!

by nervous Nelliereply 501/22/2013

There are only twelve steps to stop the spinning.

by nervous Nelliereply 601/22/2013

Good job. Keep it up! It's a great way to exercise and I love that I can go at my own pace.

by nervous Nelliereply 701/22/2013

Well, I went to my second class and did a bit more standing up on the bike. Quads were burning. The instructor is a total dick though. Some straight guy who screams like a drill sergeant and shakes his head in disgust at people new in class who decide they need to sit when he wants them to stand on the bike.

by nervous Nelliereply 801/23/2013

Next time, try TO keep up

by nervous Nelliereply 901/23/2013

I do my best R9. As I said I am out of shape and don't want to kill myself the first week because I will get discouraged and give up.

by nervous Nelliereply 1001/23/2013

You'll get there, OP! When I first started to spin I had to sit at times, but after about five classes I realized I was following along 100% of the time. Good luck!

by nervous Nelliereply 1101/23/2013

OP you would have probably gotten a lot more responses had it not been for the fact that we have just been set free from a 4-day Primetime Prison Marathon.

by nervous Nelliereply 1201/24/2013

OP is there no other instructor available?

No need to subject yourself to an asshole.

It's so much more fun when the instructor is encouraging, but laid back.

by nervous Nelliereply 1301/24/2013

[quote]Next time, try TO keep up

Way to emphasize the key word

by nervous Nelliereply 1401/24/2013

Good grief, go to a different class,OP. My bf does trivia and name that tune during his class.

by nervous Nelliereply 1501/24/2013
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