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Battle Hymn of the Republic

I don't know what THAT chorus of cats was trying to do!

NO ONE sings this song like me.

NO ONE, bitches!

by Judyreply 1701/21/2013

Mama, I like blue!

by Judyreply 101/21/2013

No one cares about that song, bitch.


by Judyreply 201/21/2013

Here's Liza singing it!

by Judyreply 301/21/2013

R3 What a nice snippet from this weekend's gun shows!

by Judyreply 401/21/2013

R4, that's "schnippet", dear.

by Judyreply 501/21/2013

Good grief, who is this Kelly Clueless creature who just killed that poor My Country Tis of Thee song?

Sounded like a bag of cats being poked with a stick.

THIS is how it's done ((hiccup)).

by Judyreply 601/21/2013

Oh dear. Whose wig is that, and why is it singing the Star Spangled Banner?

by Judyreply 701/21/2013

The Brooklyn Tabernacle people were good (and there was not a heterosexual male to be seen). But Kelly Clarkson, yowza!

by Judyreply 801/21/2013

Judy always sounds like she's trying to put out a cigarette with that ugly, mile-wide vibrato. Can't stand her style.

by Judyreply 901/21/2013

R9, blaspheme!

by Judyreply 1001/21/2013

THIS is how a bitch sings the National Anthem.

by Judyreply 1101/21/2013

ooh...I watched Whitney sing that and...damn.

Crying as I type.

by Judyreply 1201/21/2013

Yuck, Whitney was awful, bland and bombastic. I thought Kelly Clarkson was quite good, and Beyonce was ridiculous! All show bizzy and subjecting the National Anthem to all her glissandos and vocal pyrotechnics! Dopey.

by Judyreply 1301/21/2013

Kelly Clarkson is the WORST fucking singer in all of creation.

Whitney may have gone over the top, but at least the bitch knew what a note was and how to hold it.

by Judyreply 1401/21/2013

Judy sings ugly. Why was she so popular. She's all wobbly and dorky-sounding.

by Judyreply 1501/21/2013

Beyonce knocked it outta the park! Yeah, a little glitzy, but clean and nimble and soaring. Kelly sounded a little rodeo-queenish to me on her bit.

by Judyreply 1601/21/2013

The singing wig scares me.....

by Judyreply 1701/21/2013
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