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Are you famous?

Do we have any celebrities here?

by Ivanareply 2401/22/2013

I used to be a minor celebrity, but I live a much quieter life now. My only public work these days are my occasional DL posts.

by Ivanareply 101/21/2013

Constance, who was a bigger bitch: Joan Van Ark or Ted Shackelford?

by Ivanareply 201/21/2013

It might be a stretch to call him "famous" but I know of a best-selling author who posts here (and I'm not talking about Josh, either)

by Ivanareply 301/21/2013

Justin Cronin is gay, huh, R3?

by Ivanareply 401/21/2013

I read this everyday and my lawyers are are going to sue for the identities of anyone who says anything nasty about me (or nice about Sally.)

by Ivanareply 501/21/2013

I am the greatest actress ever and I post daily. My friend is an obscure ex-television star with self -esteem issues, she posts occasionally.

by Ivanareply 601/21/2013

r4, it's not him

by Ivanareply 701/21/2013

Matt Damon may be aware of DL. See link.

by Ivanareply 801/21/2013

I'm a famous actor and I love sucking cock. I did it to get all my movie roles. Sometimes I had to bottom. But it was worth the effort. Now I am on the A list.

by Ivanareply 901/22/2013

I am Rula Lenska - actor, former Polish cuntess, blood donor, and admitted Alberto VO5 user.

I, too, smoked a lot of pole.

by Ivanareply 1001/22/2013

The few who are will never say so.

Some stalker with trolldar will track their every comment to 'try and figure out the identity'.

Trolldar ruined this place.

by Ivanareply 1101/22/2013

I am the Great Singer and Occasional Dialer of the Phone. Everyone knows and loves me.

by Ivanareply 1201/22/2013

Well, I wouldn't say famous, exactly.

by Ivanareply 1301/22/2013

I am by no means famous, but I am a published writer.

And by "published" I mean recognizable media outlets, not the Podunk Pennysaver. Mostly newspapers and magazines, but also have essays in a few books.

by Ivanareply 1401/22/2013

Could you rephrase the question?

by Ivanareply 1501/22/2013

Douglas Faneuil posts here.

by Ivanareply 1601/22/2013

Constance, honey, there is nothing minor about you!

by Ivanareply 1701/22/2013

[quote]And by "published" I mean recognizable media outlets, not the Podunk Pennysaver. Mostly newspapers and magazines, but also have essays in a few books.

Do us a favor and drop the "Pennysaver" references from now on. It dates you as a member of the Newsprint Generation. Also, some of the most successful writers in the world choose to live in "Podunk" places.

by Ivanareply 1801/22/2013

I'm a legend in my own mind.

by Ivanareply 1901/22/2013

R16, is he the one who posted the "WEHT Douglas Faneuil" post the other day? I assume so, since he's both the only one who'd care and one who wouldn't know where he is.

by Ivanareply 2001/22/2013

I'm not. But I play one on tv.

by Ivanareply 2101/22/2013

R14 is a tool. I'm a published writer, too. Reputable and reviewed. That wasn't the question. It's "Are you famous?" and the answer for you (outside of your own mind, apparently) is no, you're not.

"And by published I mean..." you sound like a complete and utter cunt.

by Ivanareply 2201/22/2013

"R14 is a tool. I'm a published writer, too."

All it takes to be labeled a "tool" is mentioning that you're a published author?

Geez, try being a little nicer.

by Ivanareply 2301/22/2013

I can't win, R23.

I was making a joke about the whole thing, because I knew that if I said "I'm a published writer" some bitch would be, like, "church newsletters don't count."

I was trying to make a joke AND my point at the same time. And yet, the knives came out anyway.

by Ivanareply 2401/22/2013
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