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Richard Nixon: Was He Gay?

Well, was he?

by Bebe Rebozoreply 501/21/2013

What kind of idiot takes Alexander Haig's gaydar for gospel?

by Bebe Rebozoreply 101/20/2013

Who even mentioned Alexander Haig?

by Bebe Rebozoreply 201/20/2013


by Bebe Rebozoreply 301/21/2013

Isn't there an infamous picture of him "presenting" at the Bildenberg Conference?

by Bebe Rebozoreply 401/21/2013

He used to hold hands all the time with Bebe Rebozo. Most gay men don't even hold hands with their BFs, so Nixon really wanted Rebozo bad.

by Bebe Rebozoreply 501/21/2013
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