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So what are Mitts and Lady Anne doing this weekend?

Anyone know?

by The 47%reply 4301/21/2013

Did you see the story on SNL about Lady Ann being invited to be on the next iteration of DWTS?

by The 47%reply 101/20/2013

See what the boys in the back room will have.

by The 47%reply 201/20/2013


by The 47%reply 301/20/2013

Eat my ass, R3.

Freeper fuck.

by The 47%reply 401/20/2013

Probably having some Olympians over to relieve their tension.

by The 47%reply 501/20/2013

Have they moved into the California house that has an elevator for their fleet of vehicles?

by The 47%reply 601/20/2013

All the Romney television sets have been unplugged, and Mitt and Ann have forbidden the boys to watch too--even at their own houses.

by The 47%reply 701/20/2013

Leave.. Romney... Alone!

by The 47%reply 801/20/2013

Obama won. Enough already.

by The 47%reply 901/20/2013

R4 piss drinker.

by The 47%reply 1001/20/2013

I'm preparing to receive my Oscar.

by The 47%reply 1101/21/2013

Mitt and Tagg have locked themselves in the bathroom, and they said they're not coming out until Tuesday.

by The 47%reply 1201/21/2013

If it's anything that requires them to remove their Mormon undergarments, don't tell me; I don't want to know.

by The 47%reply 1301/21/2013

I'm having fun watching old YouTube clips of Romney/Ryan/Queen Anne when they thought they really thought they were headed straight to the White House. Idiots.

by The 47%reply 1401/21/2013

They'll be glued to the TV so they can make fun of Michelle's new hairdo.

by The 47%reply 1501/21/2013

I like the Rafalca character better when he hates Romney as much as we do.

by The 47%reply 1701/21/2013

R16, where were you from January, 2001 to January, 2009? Sleeping under a rock somewhere?

by The 47%reply 1801/21/2013

They were going door to door pushing mormonism on thy neighbors.

by The 47%reply 1901/21/2013

Tying defenseless animals to their cars and driving down the highway

by The 47%reply 2001/21/2013

They don't actually DO anything themselves. So I would imagine they are barking orders like every other day.

by The 47%reply 2101/21/2013

They hired a negro maid for the day to celebrate MLK

by The 47%reply 2201/21/2013

Bullying a gay man and cutting off his hair and then not remembering. and then lying about it.

Ah, the past, good times! Thank Mother Mormon we can live them in the present!

by The 47%reply 2301/21/2013

Mitt's planning to have his hair re-glued.

by The 47%reply 2401/21/2013

Now, now, R23. We know they are not actually doing this - but the maids and landscapers ARE under direct orders.

by The 47%reply 2501/21/2013

Ann's had to cancel all the seafood platters she pre-ordered for the inauguration.

by The 47%reply 2601/21/2013

But, but, but, it's our turn.

by The 47%reply 2701/21/2013

Oh, that awful, dowdy, red Oscar De la renta RNC Convention dress is seared onto my corneas! Where will she ever wear that nasty frock again?

by The 47%reply 2801/21/2013

They're going wild and trying coffee for the first time.

by The 47%reply 2901/21/2013

To show everyone what a douchebag Romney is, he sent out word that not only would he not be attending the inauguration...he would also not be watching it on television.

Did we really need to know that? Did he really have to say it?

Douchebag through and through.

by The 47%reply 3001/21/2013

[quote] Tying defenseless animals to their cars and driving down the highway

They do that every weekend

by The 47%reply 3101/21/2013

Probably attending another meeting of Sore Losers, Anonymous.

by The 47%reply 3201/21/2013

R30, at least we know that he's still foaming at the mouth that he lost. If he's still this better this much later, that's a great sign that he's losing it and that this country is so much better off that such a total loser is not president.

by The 47%reply 3301/21/2013

Willard is the first losing presidential candidate NOT to attend the inauguration since 1989

by The 47%reply 3401/21/2013

Crying and getting aroused as they read the book of revelations.

by The 47%reply 3501/21/2013

[quote]at least we know that he's still foaming at the mouth that he lost.

When Obama said toady, that people on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are NOT takers, you just know that Mittins' head exploded.

by The 47%reply 3601/21/2013

They're going to a restaurant to get it off their minds........


by The 47%reply 3701/21/2013

R30. Ann and Mitt are eating-in at Boston Market where there are no televisions.

by The 47%reply 3801/21/2013

Do you think Ann is still worried about Mitt's mental health?

by The 47%reply 3901/21/2013

Mitt probably bought a few companies and then fired everyone

by The 47%reply 4001/21/2013

He didn't *really* want it anyway.

by The 47%reply 4101/21/2013

[quote]Willard is the first losing presidential candidate NOT to attend the inauguration since 1989

H. W. Bush had to attend the 1993 inaugural as the out-going President. Gore had to attend the 2001 inaugural as the out-going Vice President. As sitting Senators, Kerry and McCain were expected to attend in '05 and '09.

Dukakis and Romney did not serve the federal government in any official capacity before or after their losses, so there was no pressing need for either of them to attend the swearing-in of their opponents.

by The 47%reply 4201/21/2013

Lady Anne wore the outfit she had selected for the inauguration: Harlequin Hostess Pants.

by The 47%reply 4301/21/2013
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