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Elaine May & Mike Nichols

I've heard so much about them and gee, they really were funny.

by Uncle Miltiereply 801/20/2013


by Uncle Miltiereply 101/20/2013

Is that "n" as in "newel post"?

by Uncle Miltiereply 201/20/2013

OP, they were always billed as "Mike Nichols and Elaine May," or just "Nichols and May."

by Uncle Miltiereply 301/20/2013

[quote]OP, they were always billed as "Mike Nichols and Elaine May," or just "Nichols and May."

Why should the OP give a fuck?


by Uncle Miltiereply 401/20/2013

NICHOLS: Van Doren was my idol.

MAY: He was my image, yes!

NICHOLS: Well, thank heaven for the investigation. When I feel worst, I say to myself, at least the Government has taken a firm stand.

MAY: Oh, yeah. Well, they can't fool around with this the way they did with integration.


MAY: This is a. . . .

NICHOLS: It's a moral issue.

MAY: Yes! Yes!

NICHOLS: A moral issue.

MAY: It is a moral issue. And to me that's so much more interesting than a real issue

by Uncle Miltiereply 501/20/2013

What does Elle Mae Clampett have to do with Mike Nichols?

by Uncle Miltiereply 601/20/2013

"He was once unjustly accused of not being a homosexual."

by Uncle Miltiereply 701/20/2013

She should have had her own show throughout the '60's, ala Carol Burnett or Marlo Thomas. Just not ambitious?

by Uncle Miltiereply 801/20/2013
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