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Any Peter F. Hamilton Fans Here?

I loved the Void books and have started "The Great North Road"? Not sure I like the proximity to the present. Anyone read it? Any other recommendations for his other books, or similar epic-space-opera-with-lots-of-context tales?


by Returning to SFreply 501/21/2013

Yes, OP. Iain M. Banks's "Culture" series and Alastair Reynolds's "Revelation Space" are in the same vein, but better written. (Not that Peter Hamilton writes poorly, but Banks and Reynolds write more maturely.)

by Returning to SFreply 101/20/2013

Thanks! Hamilton is not that great a writer - he does manage a scale and scope that are stimulating, though.

Much obliged.

by Returning to SFreply 201/21/2013

[quote]Hamilton is not that great a writer

I would strongly disagree. 'Pandora's Star' (recommended to me right here on DL) is a masterpiece, and it's followup, Judas Unchained, is pretty good too.

by Returning to SFreply 301/21/2013

OK, R3. Thanks for your strong disagreement.

Carry on, then.

by Returning to SFreply 401/21/2013

Try C.J. Cherryh's "Cyteen" or "Downbelow Station."

by Returning to SFreply 501/21/2013
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