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"Les Miserables" Flashmob

With a cast of awesomeness!

by Victor Hugoreply 801/24/2013

They're better vocalists than the movie version.

by Victor Hugoreply 201/19/2013

The fat girl had a nice, strong voice.

by Victor Hugoreply 301/19/2013

Here's one in Polish-

by Victor Hugoreply 401/19/2013

Just another reason to avoid this movie. The solemnity of it did have me pissing with laughter though.

by Victor Hugoreply 601/20/2013

And preeeesenting, the one-man Les Miserables!

Seriously, go to 7:20 if you want to see one man sing "One Day More" all by himself.

by Victor Hugoreply 701/24/2013

I love this one for the total hottie that comes in at 0:31.

Great vid, except for the frau with the flashing camera. Someone should've stabbed her with a fucking butter knife.

by Victor Hugoreply 801/24/2013
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