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"The 19 Most Annoying Things About Being Vegan"

From BuzzFeed. Let us attack.

by Cthulhureply 1201/19/2013

One of my friends is a vegan. He actually gets offended when he's not accommodated by the world. When he goes on business trips, all he does is complain about how there's never any food for him at the hotel or nearby restaurants. So he starves himself and is a cunt about it. He'll also avoid activities if they take place in certain restaurants because there won't be anything he "can" or "is able" to eat.

The truth is, veganism isn't a moral choice, it's a coping mechanism for people who weren't hugged enough as children. This makes them feel special and superior. Vegans live to be offended. Is it any wonder that veganism and narcissism go hand in hand?

by Cthulhureply 101/19/2013

r1 I completely agree.

by Cthulhureply 201/19/2013

Also, vegans can be the pickiest eaters.

Vegan) I'm hungry. There's nothing to eat on this menu.

Me) Eat a salad.

Vegan) I hate salad. Everyone says eat a salad but I don't like salads.

Me) Eat pasta.

Vegan) I'm sick of pasta. It's full of carbs and the sauce is full of refined sugar.

Me) Eat grilled vegetables.

Vegan) I don't like any of these vegetables.

Me) Eat lead.

by Cthulhureply 301/19/2013

Quite a few vegans I've met are just using "vegan" as a cover to explain away an eating disorder.

by Cthulhureply 401/19/2013

[quote]Trust me, I am one. Sometimes it's just as tiresome for us as it is for everyone else.

Oh no it's not, you controlling, whack-job sicko.

by Cthulhureply 501/19/2013

Veganism IS an eating disorder.

by Cthulhureply 601/19/2013

There's a high correlation with them also being "I don't watch tv" ers who proudly announce this fact at least once per conversation, regardless of the relevance.

by Cthulhureply 701/19/2013

Number 18 is the best: 'cis gendered little shit' - BURRRRRRRN.

by Cthulhureply 801/19/2013

Closely related to their "Oh, it looks lovely, but is it gluten-free?" cousins

by Cthulhureply 901/19/2013

Are vegetarians any better? Both are aggressively evangelical.

by Cthulhureply 1001/19/2013

Evangelical and humourless.

by Cthulhureply 1101/19/2013

"Knock Knock!"

"Stop oppressing wood!"

by Cthulhureply 1201/19/2013
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