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Chicago: We're Number One! In Murders! Ask About Our Bed Bugs!

They hide in the fat rolls below our gunts!

by I'm movingreply 1301/19/2013

Chicago has always been a crime-ridden shithole and the people are rude.

by I'm movingreply 101/19/2013

Ah, the insecure New Yorkers attack on schedule.

by I'm movingreply 201/19/2013

R2 Actually, I'm from Illinois, dear.

by I'm movingreply 301/19/2013

Why ar there so many bed bugs in Ohio, I can understand all those other cities because they are filled with filthy immigrants but Columbus?

by I'm movingreply 401/19/2013

What's up with the Ohio cities? I can see how the other cities are infested with bed bugs. Those are full of welfare recipients and filthy immigrants, who bring that garbage in with Poz Face Obama's OK.

But Columbus?

by I'm movingreply 501/19/2013

What city ISN'T a shithole? And don't say NYC - I've been there many times. Trust. It's a shithole. Vancouver is nice, I think. I've heard Toronto is nice, but I've not been. LA, NYC, DC, Philly, Chicago, Miami, Houston, N.O., all pretty much... Wait for it... Shitholes.

by I'm movingreply 601/19/2013

Disney's Bob Iger only got an 18% pay increase last year.

He pulled in a measly 37.1 million.

He said, "Well I may make less than Oprah but at least I'm not fat, or black."

by I'm movingreply 701/19/2013

all people who live in any city are assholes

by I'm movingreply 801/19/2013

r5, it's all the flyover folk's fault when they visit big cities and then carry the bugs home with them as a special souvenir from their trips without taking the proper precautions.

by I'm movingreply 901/19/2013

Ohio is a mess.

by I'm movingreply 1001/19/2013

Troll-dar r4 and watch the thread light up in cray-cray yellow. F&F!

by I'm movingreply 1101/19/2013

Hooray! I missed the Anti-Chicago Troll!

by I'm movingreply 1201/19/2013

ff for r5. You're welcome.

by I'm movingreply 1301/19/2013
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