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The Roundtable Interviews

Which are the best? Which actresses and actors come off the worst?

Let's start discussing this years roundtable interview with "The Actresses": AnnE Hathaway, Helen Hunt, Naomi Watts, Sally Fields, Marion Cotillard, Rachel Weisz and Amy Adams.

AnnE: a cunt of epic proportion or just a nervous and tone-deaf little girl?

Does Helen Hunt come off the best (surprise, surprise)?

Marion Cotillard: stupid or not fluent enough in English?

by 2011/09/2014

Stupid me:

by 101/18/2013

Amy Adams was insufferable. Me me me - and constantly interrupting the other girls.

Also I posted in the AnnE thread that this started in - the whole roundtable is completely humorless --

Yes, HH the best.

by 201/18/2013

the actor's one with Mickey Rourke, Del Toro and Ed Harris was interesting.

I think that was the same year as the good director one with Aronofsky and Peter Weir, who was wonderful. I had forgotten how many great movies he directed before Hollywood.

by 301/18/2013

[quote]Amy Adams was insufferable. Me me me - and constantly interrupting the other girls.

I agree. I can't stand her. She's not even that great of an actress.

by 401/18/2013

Cotillard's English was decent enough,she's done shows like Charlie Rose and Ferguson,Leno etc so on and handled herself well enough. You should see someone like Audrey Tatou do Ferguson......YUCK!She probably told one of the best stories about standing behind a director she shouldn't have. I would love to see one of those other actresses attempt to speak,express themselves or act in another language,it would be supremely comical.

Watts is Australian and she's half English?! She went to Australia in her teens she's no native born Aussie. Adding insult to injury, she's half Welsh, so Welsh in fact she went to Welsh language classes at one point. I don't want to call her a cunt because I like her and her acting. Oh and Liev might kill me otherwise!

I like Amy Adams too BUT she went on too much about the paparazzi hounding her. She's done good work but she came off less than stellar here.

Sally Field told some great stories,the best of the lot. This is where Ann Hathaway lifted the Flying Nun bit from that she used at the Golden Globes. SF had to toil in TV then made it years later in movies, her struggle was quite interesting. Oh and The Flying Sally Field landing into the arms of John Wayne story was positively golden.

Rachel Weisz.....she was charming actually. I love how she explained how she went for the Oz role. I'm not the biggest fan but I gained a new respect for her in this roundtable.

Helen Hunt took herself too fucking seriously. Wow she did Shakespeare , she also did a crap sitcom for how many years? Look she's done some good roles here and there but she was trying too hard to talk about the "process." It came across like she was into some heavy "actory" bullshit if anything else. She also pinged like crazy.

Ann Hathaway. I'm not a fan but she came across decently enough. I hate the short hair, it looks like a Dorthy Hammill haircut gone wrong!SF gave her the material to use at the GGs and AH seemed to be sincere there. Field's reaction seemed to be sincere in kind yet I sensed that Ann was being a tiny bit manipulative.

I also noticed that Cotillard and Hathaway had worked together before in DKR.Had any of the other actresses at the roundtable worked with each other before?

by 501/18/2013

Going through again you realize that Sally talks literally for 1/3 of the entire roundtable.

AnnE and Sally probably but heads because Sally is AnnE in 30 years.

by 601/18/2013

Naomi Watts was CUTE!

by 701/18/2013

I watched and thought Sally spoke the most because she was obviously the oldest and most experienced actress on the panel and perhaps had the most to say. The rest of them except for maybe Hunt (who was the 2nd oldest there) were rather quiet and reserved I thought for a roundtable discussion. Considering they're all actresses you'd think they would all be talking over each other.

by 801/18/2013

I'd never heard of Marion Cotillard and Rachel Weisz, and was unfamiliar with Amy Adams. Cotillard was boring, Adams was nearly as prissy and Hathaway, but Weisz was funny, I liked her.

by 901/18/2013

The LA Times directors roundtable.

This was better than THR, IMO.

by 1001/18/2013

What boring clip.

Who are these other YT broads?!?!

Ole girl Sally Field and that big teeth girl from Devil Wears Parada are the only ones I recognise.

by 1101/18/2013

r5 wrote Ann!! OMG! OMG! Mom! Gay Brother! emasculated weed smoking husband....would one of you BRING ME THE AX!!!

by 1201/18/2013

Amy Adams was #horrid

by 1301/18/2013

I love Rachel Weisz and I loved her even more after this interview. Very candid, funny, humble but also smart and self-aware.

Naomi Watts also seems nice and humble, almost too humble -- I get the feeling that all those years of trying to make it gave her a grounding when she finally did, but, at the same time, really gave her some self-doubt issues (certainly more-so than Anne Hathaway, who, in her eager to please aggressiveness, seems fake in her self-doubt -- but probably isn't).

It doesn't bother me that Marion struggles in English -- she's convincing enough for me in her Hollywood films. I like her.

Sally Field -- ok, yes, she hogged the conversation, but, hell, she had some great stories to tell, so, fine.

Helen Hunt and Amy Adams. Pretentious twats. Have never liked either of them and it's likely I never will. Completely devoid of charisma.

by 1401/18/2013

Is there a thread already this year? New actor one is up, with Toothy Tile, McBongo, etc Thoughts?

by 1511/28/2013

Bump for 2014 roundtables!

I just watched the THR writers' roundtable, and two people stood out:

1. Graham Moore, writer of The Imitation Game. 33 years-old and this is his first produced screenplay. Right now, he's probably the frontrunner to win Best Adapted, which would make him the first gay writer to win since Dustin Lance Black. I'm assuming he's gay because, well, listen to him. Any dish?

2. Jonathan Nolan, brother of Christopher and co-writer of Interstellar. Comes across as conceited and insufferable, but I'm ashamed to admit I would totally hit it. Giving me Bill Paxton DILF-ness. You wouldn't know he and Chris were brothers. "Jonah" ditched the British accent and got all the attractive genes.

by 1611/09/2014

Chris Rock? Jon Faverau?


by 1711/09/2014

Chris Rock's movie Top Five has actually gotten great reviews so far, and was the biggest acquisition deal ever at the Toronto Film Festival. If it's a hit when it opens, I think Rock could possibly get a screenplay nomination.

I don't know what Jon Faverau is doing there, though.

by 1811/09/2014

Favreau's movie Chef was my favourite from this year. An absolute charmer film! Favreau wrote, directed and stared in it.

by 1911/09/2014

That Nolan guy comes across like an insensitive greedy business guy, hardly a writer.

by 2011/09/2014
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