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who's this bitch Charlize Theron is moving in with

Daily Fail say's it's a 'friend'.... ya'll believe that shit?

by Boreply 1001/18/2013

Well, I will go first. Considering her new butch look and the fact that I have always gotten a gay vibe from her, I would say it is her girlfriend/agent.

by Boreply 101/17/2013

Hatching a plan: The pair decide how to move the table

by Boreply 201/17/2013

This seems kind of stalker-ish. She is allowed to help a friend. Zac Efron was photographed shopping for dildos. That is all.

by Boreply 301/17/2013

She looks great.

by Boreply 401/17/2013

[quote]Daily Fail say's it's a 'friend'.... ya'll believe that shit?

The Daily Fail is known for "inning" closet cases.

by Boreply 501/18/2013

I'm just amused that someone named Bo can't spell "y'all".

by Boreply 601/18/2013

Where does it say anything about her moving in with anyone? It seems she's just helping a friend move.

by Boreply 701/18/2013

I don't think the Daily Mail knows what she's doing except it was in West Hollywood (ding! ding! ding!).

by Boreply 801/18/2013

I thought she had fallen in love with Eric Stonestreet.

by Boreply 901/18/2013

She looks wonderful!

by Boreply 1001/18/2013
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