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No wardrobe malfunction.

This Marjorie Main look-alike is not revealing any naughty bits at WalMart.

by Anomynous reply 801/17/2013

Sweet Mother of Satan.

by Anomynous reply 101/17/2013


by Anomynous reply 201/17/2013

Well, she's a pretty little thing, so what does it matter?

by Anomynous reply 401/17/2013

R4 must be on those bath salts!

by Anomynous reply 501/17/2013

I think if you're pretty, it doesn't matter how you wear your hair.

by Anomynous reply 601/17/2013

The replies aren't too smart. That's a scarf she's wearing, not a skirt.

by Anomynous reply 701/17/2013

Now you KNOW this is gonna show up on Fashion Police this week. Bitch stole my look, says Anne Hathaway.

by Anomynous reply 801/17/2013
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