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So Have The NRA/Freeper Shits Gotten The Message That The Pro-Gun Days Are Over?

They really thought they were going to harass/bully/threaten the president into not daring to take on the issue. He did. Are they shocked? Are the sobbing into their Big Macs? It's no longer third rail politics, and as Mike Bloomberg pointed out, the NRA really has little power. The power they have is from the idea that they have so much power.

I imagine the Right is not only panicked, but totally thrown off course. Their America is truly over.

by Annie, Get Your Cane reply 501/17/2013


by Annie, Get Your Cane reply 101/17/2013

I worry about this because polls show support for CERTAIN gun rights among Democrats and Independents. If the right is successful at anything, it's propaganda and confusing the issues in the minds of voters. Their tactic is surely to convince people that Obama and liberals are coming for your handguns and hunting guns. Obama has to be very careful about this because the nuts are very committed.

by Annie, Get Your Cane reply 201/17/2013

Obama knows how to be careful, & I expect he's well aware that he's dealing with "nuts" (not just ordinary people with different political views).

I do think he can be trusted (even when I disagree with him), which is the first time I've felt that way about an American Pres in my lifetime (which started under Truman).

by Annie, Get Your Cane reply 301/17/2013

"and as Mike Bloomberg pointed out, the NRA really has little power."

Fuck Bloomberg. That asshole compared the teachers union to the NRA. I don't want to hear what this freeper has to say about anything, because it doesn't change the fact that he is one, despite what some democrats have deluded themselves into thinking.

That being said, I like what Obama and Biden are doing on this issue. It's about time Washington finally did something.

by Annie, Get Your Cane reply 401/17/2013

Common sense works against the NRA. When other countries have only a miniscule amount of shooting victims per year compared to the US the NRA has no leg to stand on. All they can do is spread fear, but without Bush's fancy terror alert colors and innocent people getting shot they are losing ground fast.

by Annie, Get Your Cane reply 501/17/2013
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