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Freeper Invasion

Ok, for about the zillionth time, someone posted this (or a variation of this).

[quote]How is that any different from AIDS infested homos who murdered tens of thousands?

Where is the webmaster? I've about had it here. The word "eff-em-in-ite" is taboo, though it is a perfectly fine word. Yet, these gay-bashing hate-filled assholes are allowed to shit on us here.

My renewal for my $18 is coming up soon. I hate to leave but someone needs to do something about these freaks ruining this site.

by Dustinreply 8401/19/2013

Indeed. There's also that idiot "mos" troll who just keeps popping up.

by Dustinreply 101/16/2013

Amusing that the troll is trolling the gay boards,. You know their inner demons are fighting their same sex attractions, and acting out by being deliberately cruel to those he fears to be.

by Dustinreply 201/16/2013

Very active today. Several freepers are.

But I think they like it when they think they get to you. That's the point, isn't it?

Slap them or ignore them but don't expect them to go away when they get obvious results.

Email the webmaster with complaints.

by Dustinreply 301/16/2013

"My renewal for my $18 is coming up soon."

R1 (or R anyone), is this $18 thing for real? I wasn't sure if it was some kind of virusy something-something. I've never had a popup like that pop up like that on a forum.

I.e., it's safe to give them my CC#?

by Dustinreply 401/16/2013


Just F&F them and ignore. It's the best way to deal with attention seeing trolls.

by Dustinreply 501/16/2013

Does ff-ing do any good? They don't seem to get banned, they're here every day.

by Dustinreply 601/16/2013


If you can't take it, leave already.

So tired of the whiners on here. It's like the ones who come into celeb threads only to complain about the fact that they were made. No one put a gun to your head making you read them. Jesus.

by Dustinreply 701/16/2013

Yes they're annoying. But even more annoying are the so-called liberals like OP who demand free speech be censored. They're as bad as Soviet commissars, and shit me to tears.

by Dustinreply 901/16/2013

I think R8 got AIDs from a tranny, and has a particular grudge to bear.

by Dustinreply 1001/16/2013

I cannot believe the number of people here who condone racism and racist trolls.

Were you raised by wolves?

The only possible response to racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-semitism, etc. is to vigorously, openly oppose it. You don't just let it pass or make excuses for it. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

by Dustinreply 1101/16/2013

I dislike thought police of any kind.

by Dustinreply 1201/16/2013

Then you have no moral compass, R12.

by Dustinreply 1301/16/2013

And these aren't thoughts, but expressions.

by Dustinreply 1401/16/2013

No, I have a moral compass. I just think people should be able to express themselves as they want to as long as they aren't hurting anyone. Such gentile HOTHOUSE FLOWERS on this board.

by Dustinreply 1501/16/2013

[quote]Just F&F them and ignore

Are you really this slow?

What evidence is there that F&F does anything?

What evidence is there that we have a webmaster at all?

by Dustinreply 1601/16/2013

Opposition to racism, sexism, hate speech of any sort is to say "I strongly disagree with you because..............."

Nothing that anyone can say justifies censorship.

by Dustinreply 1701/16/2013

They are hurting people, R15.

by Dustinreply 1801/16/2013

[quote]Such gentile HOTHOUSE FLOWERS on this board.

Oy. Don't be such a meshugana.

by Dustinreply 1901/16/2013

Says you, R17.

Means nothing.

by Dustinreply 2001/16/2013

After troll-darring some of them in the past, it is clear that some of them are misogynist freepers who probably found this place doing a google search. It sucks that they feel welcome here, but I guess it's because they think they have found others who share their views.

by Dustinreply 2101/16/2013

Agree R7. It's not the gays who bitch whine and moan about posts. It's the lesbos. Why hasn't something been done about them?

by Dustinreply 2201/16/2013

As vile and vicious as some of you are, I highly doubt anyone here is hurt by the freepers. Those yelling the loudest just want to censor people, you all are probably the ones who freely throw around the word cunt, bitch, and frau. You are probably the first ones to chime in when a woman is called fat or a straight man (who you don't want on YOUR side or is ugly) fugly, etc.

Hurt, yeah riiiiigghhhttt!!

by Dustinreply 2301/16/2013

I call out those hypocrites, R23.

by Dustinreply 2401/16/2013

[quote]Those yelling the loudest just want to censor people, you all are probably the ones who freely throw around the word cunt, bitch, and frau. You are probably the first ones to chime in when a woman is called fat or a straight man (who you don't want on YOUR side or is ugly) fugly, etc.

Wrong. That is all pointless bitchery.

"AIDS infested homos" on a gay board is trolling.

by Dustinreply 2501/16/2013

[quote]I cannot believe the number of people here who condone racism and racist trolls.

No kidding. It's sickening sometimes.

R22 sounds like an asshole as well.

by Dustinreply 2601/16/2013

Do you have stats R15?

by Dustinreply 2701/16/2013

[quote] Yes they're annoying. But even more annoying are the so-called liberals like OP who demand free speech be censored.

the First Amendment guarantees free speech without censorship or interference from the government, Einstein.

Free speech is neither protected nor guaranteed on an internet message board run by a non-governmental entity.

But thanks for playing.

by Dustinreply 2801/16/2013

Einstein did not mention the First Amendment, R28, you are the one bringing that up. The principal of free speech is not limited to the Constitution. It is a principal that many people uphold and practice without any regard to the government.

by Dustinreply 2901/16/2013

Will these lesbos ever shut the hell up? Can't they go someplace else already? Why all the empty threats to leave? Just do it already.

by Dustinreply 3001/16/2013

I hate the AIDS/'mos troll(s), too. And wonder why they are not banned.

by Dustinreply 3101/16/2013

Free speech does not equal "I have the right to insult anyone I want without consequence".

by Dustinreply 3201/16/2013

Anti-gay crap on a gay board is just stupid.

by Dustinreply 3301/16/2013

R30, it sounds like you're the one who should be leaving. You're just the type of nasty eldergay who ruins things around here.

by Dustinreply 3501/16/2013

Maybe YOUR'RE the one ruining things R35. Lesbians never take responsibility for their hypocritical shit.

by Dustinreply 3601/16/2013

R34, I FF you for being an unhinged douche.

by Dustinreply 3701/16/2013

"Liberals are the most totalitarian people you can come across, especially when their lazy, self-flattering presumption of goodness kicks in, so that anyone who disputes their platitudes is ipso facto evil and deserves the guillotine."

Yeah, except for stupid-ass creationists, birthers, Donald Trumop worshippers, tax-cut fetishists, the 'mos troll and your stupid self.

by Dustinreply 3801/16/2013

Fuck you, R15.

by Dustinreply 3901/16/2013

I think many of them are insecure straight women trolling for someone (the gays) to kick around, and justify it by feigning offense at some posts. r23 is an example. Check the "tit for tat homos" sign-off. So r23, do you go to black boards and make racist statements? No, because you prefer an easier target.

by Dustinreply 4001/16/2013

R40, Maybe they repect black people more than they do lesbos. I know I do.

by Dustinreply 4101/16/2013

I think most of the troll are straight white males.

by Dustinreply 4201/16/2013

There are trolls -- probably straight females -- who are sort of needy, chiding and irritating. And then there are those who hate gay people and accuse them of having a stigmatized disease. These are probably male.

by Dustinreply 4301/16/2013

Save the insults R41. Lesbos always throw insults at people who stand up to them or heaven forbid disagree with them.

by Dustinreply 4401/16/2013

"Such gentile HOTHOUSE FLOWERS on this board."

Rookie mistake.

by Dustinreply 4501/16/2013

Everyone who makes a nasty comment isn't a freeper. Nor is everyone who disagrees with the general thinking here. I've been on this site for years and the few times I've not agreed 100% with something, I've been called various names, including freeper. To my other point, there are assholes within the community, as well. These comments could be coming from there, rather than an outside source.

by Dustinreply 4601/16/2013

I agree with the OP in that certain hate-speech should be intolerable. And don't quibble, you fools who cringe at "nigger" - I'm biracial and cringe, too - but expect gay people to tolerate every onslaught; you're double standards are homophobic. Plus the creeps who talk about "liberals" like they've been lobotomized by crap AM radio bigots.

When I read and post (and I've been banned while these others get a free ride) I use the "Is it humorous? insightful? at least indicative of righteous anger?" approach to acceptance. But the AIDS-smears and such are none of those. AND THIS IS A GAY SITE.

And anyone who equates "cunt," "bitch" and "Frau" (for God's sake - FRAU?) with hate speech needs to go somewhere else, because while our sisters do not deserve to be insulted, their attempting to own the words not directed at them is a pathology that has nothing to do with telling gay people they should burn in hell for being murderers, or that they should get AIDS because of saying Rihanna is a mess.

by Dustinreply 4701/16/2013

[quote] But I think they like it when they think they get to you.

Ya think?

Sheesh... If only I'd known they were trying to get to me I wouldn't have answered them 9,549,021,746 times!

by Dustinreply 4801/16/2013

I prefer to refer to it as an infestatio, not invasion.

They're about as welcome as vermin.

by Dustinreply 4901/16/2013

All you have to do is check your troll-dar and you can see who is again.

by Dustinreply 5001/17/2013

I've been F&Fing the troll for days OP, but it does no good.

However, it's just as bad as the endless Anne Hathaway and Jody threads; but a bit more nasty. Wish we could ban all of them. If, in fact, they're different people.

by Dustinreply 5101/17/2013

[quote]I think most of the troll are straight white males.

That's because you're a moron with daddy issues who hates and generalizes men, R42.

Otherwise, why would you always assume trolls and assholes are men? Especially since this site is, at the very least, 55% female?

by Dustinreply 5201/17/2013

[quote]but expect gay people to tolerate every onslaught; you're double standards are homophobic

Oh dear.

by Dustinreply 5301/17/2013

I'd say the site is closer to 30-40 percent female.

by Dustinreply 5401/17/2013

I'm all for free speech but shouldn't there be limits to angry words of hate?

by Dustinreply 5501/17/2013

No R8, if someone is posting these ridiculous opinions the proper response is not to derail the thread in order to given them attention for their ridiculous inflammatory opinions. That is absolute terrible advice.

The best course of action is just to ignore them.

by Dustinreply 5601/17/2013

Trolldar shows that the two of the most prolific freepers, the 'mos troll and a self-described "hard-core conservative", appear to be straight males. Don't know their race and don't care.

by Dustinreply 5701/17/2013

[quote]Trolldar shows that the two of the most prolific freepers...appear to be straight males.

They are not straight. They may say they are, but we know the truth.

by Dustinreply 5801/17/2013

I think the frau invasion is worse than the freeper invasion tbh. I just laugh off the brainwashed freepers, but the idiots faus who come here to defend male celebrities are tiresome.. especially if it's a celebrity speculated to be gay. You can be sure said thread will be infested by fraus screaming "HE'S NOT GAY!!! HE'S STRAIGHT!!! HE LIKES THE PUSSY!!!" I'm sick of it. This website has gone downhill fast. At least 50 % of the people on the frau thread said they're women. I wonder how many women really have started to use Datalounge, I think there's 60 % straight fraus here and 40 % gays. It's really sad. Why can't they just leave? This is a website supposed to be for GAY MEN. I can handle lesbians, but straight women are the worst.

by Dustinreply 5901/17/2013

Well how is it different?

by Dustinreply 6001/17/2013

we need to be able to delete posts we don't want to see. it would help if we had a webmaster who actually cared, but we obviously don't.

by Dustinreply 6101/17/2013

Oh, R61. There's a webmistress who cares, but it's mainly about obvious threats to site integrity - and posts such as yours that voice criticism.

See you in a month when the ban curse - maybe - wears off.

by Dustinreply 6201/17/2013

The difference is that thread contents now appear in a general Google search. This attracts traffic in the form of trolls who perform google searches on their celebrity and/or political obsessions.

It also attracts a lot of homo-curious "straight" men looking for gay info and get pissed off when they find it. It's safe to say that all of the straight men who post here or visit more than once fit into that category.

by Dustinreply 6301/17/2013

No one hates the gays more than other gays

by Dustinreply 6401/17/2013

If the owners of the DL gave a shit they'd do a major overhaul of the site and give us the ability to flag posts to the point where if it gets x number of flags it's auto-deleted.

by Dustinreply 6501/17/2013

It seems to peak every 28 days. I'm just saying.

by Dustinreply 6601/17/2013

Censorship sucks

by Dustinreply 6701/17/2013

It would be interesting to learn to what extent some of the posts here are by Freepers trying to cause trouble versus those that are just people goofing around.

I've encountered a few vicious people on some of my polling threads, and while constructive criticism is absolutely fine, some of it tends to get personal and over the top and I'm not sure what's behind it.

by Dustinreply 6801/17/2013

I've spent ten minutes trying to figure out what "F&F" means. I even Googled it and was awarded with the following, none of which do I think apply.

So . . . what does it mean?

AcronymtDefinition F&FtFriends and Family (mobile phones) F&FtFast and the Furious (movie) F&FtFox and Friends (TV show) F&FtFull and Final (settlement) F&FtFurniture & Fixtures F&FtFrance and Flanders F&FtFit and Finish F&FtFlorence and Fred (UK clothing brand) F&FtFire & Forget F&FtFuzing and Firing F&FtFix and Follow Vision F&FtFeetsinkers & Friends F&Ft1st and 15th Entertainment F&FtFixtures and Fittings F&FtFlavor and Fragrance

by Dustinreply 6901/17/2013

Flames & Freaks, R69.

by Dustinreply 7001/17/2013

I agree with r65

by Dustinreply 7101/17/2013

When I first came here in 2003, the site worked the way in which R65 described.

by Dustinreply 7201/17/2013

Evidently they don't give a shit, R65 (er, Lucifer.)

And I'm glad they don't! If the written word gives you the vapors and has you boo-hooing, do the gene pool a favor and jump off a cliff.

(I know: waaah, sniff, push out the lower lip and hit F&F).

by Dustinreply 7301/17/2013

Thank you, R69.

by Dustinreply 7401/17/2013

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad.

If someone writes, gay=bad, you go ballistic.

If someone says lez is bad or fat is bad, you cheer them on.

by Dustinreply 7501/17/2013

r73, I think it is best to just ignore them. I was lurking in the African American thread and a couple of posts were obvious racist troll bait.

They were totally ignored. They stopped.

I do understand the OP's point about having a gay positive site without having to hear the faggot with AIDS bullshit, but I honestly don't think it's possible online anymore.

I do F&F the really offensive posts without commenting. I wonder how much good it does, but I figure it only takes a second to click it.

I hate it when an entire thread gets deleted because of it. I wish there was a way to zap the offending post without taking the thread down with it.

by Dustinreply 7601/17/2013

Freaks & Flames


Flames & Freaks


by Dustinreply 7701/18/2013

What webbie will do is delete this thread.

by Dustinreply 7801/18/2013

Believe it or not, not all gay and bisexual people think or live alike. According to polls, at least a quarter of LGB Americans voted for Romney and similar numbers consider themselves conservative. Significant numbers are conservative Christians. Many are gun enthusiasts. Some are bisexual and married to the opposite sex. There is diversity of lifestyle, belief, and political orientation among LGB Americans, and why should this forum not reflect that?

by Dustinreply 7901/18/2013

Is calling people "AIDs infected", "fags" and "mos", your idea of diversity, R79?

You know where you can put that "diversity."

by Dustinreply 8001/18/2013

Amen, R80. A-fucking-men.

by Dustinreply 8101/19/2013

[quote]However, it's just as bad as the endless Anne Hathaway and Jody threads; but a bit more nasty. Wish we could ban all of them

I hope this person at R51 was just attempting a joke. Comparing the "AIDs infected", "fags" and "mos" hate attacks to starting threads about Hathaway and Foster is absolutely moronic.

by Dustinreply 8201/19/2013

R79 leaving out the T tells you everything you need to know about the self-loather.

by Dustinreply 8301/19/2013


by Dustinreply 8401/19/2013
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