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Mariska, it's your move.

It's time. We're all waiting.

by Maria B.reply 2601/17/2013

To do what? Come out as lesbian or, as a victims advocate, refuse to work with the convicted rapist Mike Tyson when he appears as a guest star on SVU?

by Maria B.reply 101/16/2013

I assume the OP meant that it's time for Mariska to come out as a lesbian but she won't do it.

Too far in the closet, too scared, too many lies told along the way.

by Maria B.reply 201/16/2013

Come on, girl!

And tell Chris Meloni to come out as bi while you're at it!

by Maria B.reply 301/16/2013

What's Kelli Giddish's story? Lez or tomboyish straight girl. She pings to the heavens.

by Maria B.reply 401/16/2013

But, she's not really a Lesbian. You guys know that, right?

by Maria B.reply 501/16/2013

I don't think Mariska is gay. Is there evidence out there?

by Maria B.reply 601/16/2013

Giddish pings. She's a better actress than MH.

by Maria B.reply 701/16/2013

Mariska will never come out. Never. She has too much to lose at this point if she did. Frankly, I would not be shocked if she was bi.

Giddish on the other hand - I could see her coming out. She's not attached to anyone as far as I know, male or female, though.

The whole Mike Tyson thing is a big ratings ploy. Stir up controvery about having a real convicted rapist on a show about victims of rape is getting so many people upset that even MORE people will tune in just to see what the big deal is about. Mike Tyson is scum in my opinion and think it's pretty low for SVU to bring him on the show. It smacks of desperation.

The series also has not been the same since Meloni left. Ganny Pino just does not have the smoldering sexy presence that Meloni had.

by Maria B.reply 801/16/2013

Doesn't this show also have Papi Raul and his big uncut pinga in it?

Danny Pino was hot on Cold Case, but he's just playing the same guy here.

by Maria B.reply 901/16/2013

OP really??

Are we up for bullying stars out of the closet now?!

That is IF M.H. is really a lezzie

by Maria B.reply 1001/16/2013

The ratings are so-so this season, but about on par with last season. NBC has already ordered two additional episodes for the season and has renewed it for next season, so why all the shock value for ratings?

by Maria B.reply 1101/16/2013

Is Mariska going to be back next season? I thought she was leaving.

by Maria B.reply 1201/16/2013

Perhaps for a Louis De Mille Golden Globe, she might consider it

by Maria B.reply 1301/16/2013

R11, they need to pick up the ratings number and show improvement. A season 15 for SVU is not a certainty. L&O got canceled after 20 seasons, when their 20th season was showing great numbers for a Friday night, numbers that NBC would KILL to have on a Friday night (or any night of the week for that matter). Yet NBC still canceled it. SVU has to show that it can do better, otherwise NBC will pull the plug and not give it another season. Hence the Tyson casting for publicity.

by Maria B.reply 1401/16/2013

Why do people think she's a lesbian? Beacause she plays a tough cop? Because of her stature?

by Maria B.reply 1501/16/2013

She'll answer you personally, r15, as soon as she pulls her face away from my muff.

by Maria B.reply 1601/16/2013

Giddish does ping, but I don't think she's gay. She had a boyfriend during her run on AMC. Not sure whether they're still together.

by Maria B.reply 1701/16/2013

r12 I doubt she would leave at this point. What else would she do? She is earning $400K per episode. She will ride it out until NBC pulls ths plug. Mariska would be a fool to kill this golden goose.

I still enjoy the show. If she left I do not think the show would survive much beyond that.

by Maria B.reply 1801/16/2013

R15, since you are apparently clueless, Maria B. is Maria Bello long considered her gf on the side.

by Maria B.reply 1901/16/2013

[quote]long considered her gf on the side.

"Long considered" does not mean absolutely true. You're pretty gullible, R19.

by Maria B.reply 2001/16/2013

I had no idea this shit show was still on TV.

Hargitay has no reason to quit. At her age, and considering her very limited acting ability, this is the best it'll ever get for her. And once the show is over she'll be getting residuals forever.

by Maria B.reply 2101/16/2013

Maria Bello? The bitch that showed up to the American remake of Prime Suspect wearing a fucking fedora?


by Maria B.reply 2201/16/2013

I thought Mario Bello and Carrie-Anne Moss were a couple.

by Maria B.reply 2301/16/2013

R8 the thing about this particular ratings ploy is that it is damaging to Mariska Hargitay's reputation. She can't legitimately go to the White House to campaign for victims of abuse and then willingly work alongside a very famous unrepentent abuser. For years she has talked about how this show meant so much to abuse survivors and how it had such an important message to send. This casting shows that their 'message' means nothing and it is ALL about the money. The ratings took a huge dive when Meloni left but in the last few weeks, with little competition, it has rallied a bit. The problem with the show is that it is very expensive to make and Hargitay's salary is a huge amount. Unfortunately for the producers, if they lose Hargitay the show will be finished completely.

by Maria B.reply 2401/17/2013

Funny enough, you are actually the fool R15/20. At least to people who really know what's going on.

There's enough proof out there. She is gay and bearding, but I don't need to 'convince' you.

by Maria B.reply 2501/17/2013

Trinity is gay??

by Maria B.reply 2601/17/2013
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