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Jeremy Renner's Baby: Actor Expecting First Child With Ex-Girlfriend

There's a baby on the way for Jeremy Renner!

The actor, 42, reportedly shared his big news with Eva Longoria while taking a cigarette break during the Golden Globes on Jan. 13, sources tell Us Weekly. Witnesses told the magazine that the "Bourne Legacy" star was overheard saying, "I'm going to fly in when her water breaks." They added, "Then Eva said, 'I'm so blown away.'"

Although it's surprising, multiple sources confirmed the pregnancy, revealing that an ex-girlfriend of the actor is due to give birth next month. "They used to date but it wasn't serious," one insider said, explaining that the mom-to-be is currently living in Renner's home in Los Angeles, Calif.

Sources tell Us that Renner is "being ultra-secretive about it, but [his baby mama] has been going on about her life and not hiding it." Still, the actor has always said he likes to keep his personal life private.

Last April, Renner shot down longstanding false rumors that he was gay, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "I want my personal life to be personal, and it's not f**king true." He added, "And I don't care if you're talking about things that are true, you're still talking about my personal life."

Well, congrats go out to Jeremy!

by Miareply 60002/02/2013

That SLUT!

by Miareply 101/16/2013


by Miareply 201/16/2013

Jeremy Renner Privately Impregnates Female Ex-Girlfriend, Is Heterosexual.

by Miareply 301/16/2013

So who knocked her up then?

by Miareply 401/16/2013

I've marked this as a "to be watched" thread in anticipation of all sorts of wonderfully delicious snarkiness. :-D

by Miareply 501/16/2013

The bride is Jeremy's true love; but even so, expect him to raise this baby by himself.

And you've never seen the bride before because she lives in, ah, Europe, that's it, Europe...

by Miareply 601/16/2013

Ten to one the baby ends up looking like Darren Aronofsky.

by Miareply 701/16/2013

Is anyone capable of getting MARRIED before having a child anymore?

by Miareply 801/16/2013

The entire story seems very strange. "Fly in when the water breaks"?

by Miareply 901/16/2013

I'll believe it when we see the baby. Very convenient PR for this to come out now at this time for him and in such a weird unreliable way.

by Miareply 1001/16/2013

Has anyone else here seen those previews for the Hansel & Gretel movie, in which this guy plays 'Hansel' and hunts down witched?

It looks like some absurd SyFy Network show, complete with over-use of green screen.

Seriously?!? THIS is the guy nominated twice for the Oscar????

by Miareply 1101/16/2013

Wonder if the baby and mother will live with him as a family?

by Miareply 1201/16/2013

Turkey baster baby, obviously.

by Miareply 1301/16/2013

So, she got pregnant...he broke up with her, now he'll support her and baby for life? Does THAT make him a straight guy?

I guess no one ever told him that, usually the water breaks at birth...not hours before.

by Miareply 1401/16/2013

Oh please, R14!

Like Renner knows anything about vaginas and how they operate.

by Miareply 1501/16/2013

Sorry but he's kind of ugly, can you imagine if it's a girl?

by Miareply 1601/16/2013

Yes I can imagine, R16.

by Miareply 1701/16/2013

Could someone explain to me WHY it's rumored this guy is gay?

What's he said or done to indicate that? Is it some incident with him partying in Thailand where lady boys party? I remember something about that.

Or, is there more evidence? I've looked online and DL is the only place I see his sexuality called into question.

by Miareply 1801/16/2013

This seems like a planned arrangement or agreement. I am wondering if Kristoffer Winters is still in the picture?

by Miareply 1901/16/2013

R18, apart from the fact that he pings to high heavens and up until today had never been married or had a child despite being in his late 30's, he also got very angry and defensive a year or two ago when a guy asked him if he was gay and it nearly turned into a fight-fight. There was a big thread and article about it at the time.

by Miareply 2001/16/2013

I'm more shocked that Eva Langoria would agree to be part of a planned leak that lets the public know that she is a smoker. I know lots of celebs smoke, but most try to keep it under wraps, especially the older ones.

by Miareply 2101/16/2013

Of course he got his girl pregnant.

"See? I knocked someone up! Totally a macho-hetero thing to do"

by Miareply 2201/16/2013

Please the so called ex GF is in fact a surrogate for Jeremy and his BF.

by Miareply 2301/16/2013

"I'll believe it when we see the baby."

If it has a pug nose, it's his.

by Miareply 2401/16/2013

I am a fan of his acting. Ever since his role in The Town the roles have been really light especially The Avengers.

by Miareply 2501/16/2013

False analogy, R22. There has never been any indication that Jensen Ackles is gay, as there has been with Renner. Not to mention the fact that Jensen has a well-documented history with women and has already been married to the mother of his new baby for the past few years.

by Miareply 2601/16/2013

[quote]I guess no one ever told him that, usually the water breaks at birth...not hours before.

Uhm, it's not like the baby's head pops out right after the water breaks. Usually the water breaking is followed by hours of contractions before the baby is delivered. Especially for first-time mothers.

by Miareply 2701/16/2013


cause he looks like this

by Miareply 2801/16/2013

Isn't having a baby a happy time? Very secretive especially if he is trying to appear straight. An ex girlfriend gets knocked up? I immediately thought surrogate.

by Miareply 2901/16/2013

Convenient timing. Now that Hollywood has its first out movie star, the deeply closeted are starting to do everything they can to look as heterosexual as possible (see Jackman's speech) to avoid detection. Watch for Tom Cruise to announce a new bride in the near future.

by Miareply 3001/16/2013

Didn't he also get arrested in a gay bar in The Orient a few years ago?

by Miareply 3101/16/2013

R18 he was living with another actor whose name escapes me and they were bffs and remodeled houses together and took vacations together and when asked about it he became incredibly offended that anyone dare think he's gay.

by Miareply 3201/16/2013

Jeremy Renner is NOT a fag, and I'm the dame who can prove it!

by Miareply 3301/16/2013

Stories like this are unfortunate... for the baby. I mean daddy knocks up an ex? I hope things work out for the kid. Two parent households are ideal but seem to be slipping away.

by Miareply 3401/16/2013

I think we should applaud Jeremy Renner for climbing on top of a woman who must have been much, much bigger than he is and somehow impregnating her with his tiny little penis.

by Miareply 3501/16/2013

There are rumours that he is gay but no real proof.

Pinging is not proof.

by Miareply 3601/16/2013

r35 have you ever heard of jerking off into your hand, grabbing a medicine dropper, and then quickly going into the other room to hand the dropper to your ladyfriend?

This is how two gay guys I know fathered children.

by Miareply 3701/16/2013

Why is he confiding in Eva Longoria of all people...on a smoking balcony? How loud were they talking to get "overheard"?

by Miareply 3801/16/2013

This "leak" is so preposterous... I would not be surprised if within a few months there are photos of Jeremy carting Jeremy Jr. through the Grove with nary a female in sight.

by Miareply 3901/16/2013

from Princess Geranium to Dowager Empress...


by Miareply 4001/16/2013

Ha. I agree about the "leak"! It is so insane. So contrived.

I love Jeremy as an actor but his interviews he is hardly likeable.

by Miareply 4101/16/2013

R26 is the resident Jensen Ackles is STRAIGHT, OK?! troll.

by Miareply 4201/16/2013

I don't remember where the rumor started but the rumor was that he was into ladyboys and indulged while he was filming in Thailand. Anyone remember that?

by Miareply 4301/16/2013

R43 yes. It was last year while filming Ghost Protocol. I think a member of his group was knifed in a gay bar. It was covered up quickly.

by Miareply 4401/16/2013

Eh, R26, a lot of people on the web believe otherwise.

What they are speculating about is whether Danneel is actually preggers or if they are using a surrogate.

To say nothing of the fact that some question the paternity altogether.

by Miareply 4501/16/2013

Thank you, Jensen Ackles Freaks, for hijacking this thread.

by Miareply 4601/16/2013

I'm so glad that the confusion is cleared up about Jeremy's sexuality. Thank God that he is not one of us degenerate freaks. I'm so glad he's hetero (and now that that has been PROVEN, he never has to be accused of being one of us again). Jeremy, thanks for the "proof of heterosexuality" and we're sorry we ever thought otherwise.

by Miareply 4701/16/2013

I think he's a shitty actor. Watching him act in a movie is about as exciting as watching paint dry. He's so deadpan.

by Miareply 4801/16/2013

Matt Leblanc and his bear BF set up his baby mom in a separate wing of their estate. Matt actually married her and then divorced her.

by Miareply 4901/16/2013

Bunch of fucking Hollywood phonies. There's not a genuine person in that business. They all seem to be liars, cheats and cut-throats. I'm glad I became an accountant instead.

by Miareply 5001/16/2013

I thought he was "old fashioned"?

With all the paparazzi around not one snapshot of this woman leaving his house? Shopping? Getting in the car? I mean somebody would have seen right? She isn't chained to the radiator for crying out loud.

by Miareply 5101/16/2013

I was surprised at how good he was in "Avengers." Nonetheless, he's either gay and really weird or straight and certifiably insane.

by Miareply 5201/16/2013

The last laugh is on you guys, DL. Turns out, Jeremy is a big ol' hetero. So there.

by Miareply 5301/16/2013

I think it may be time to consider he is straight.

by Miareply 5401/16/2013

Hollywood's insiders say he pretty much pulls out of one wet va-jay-jay and slides right up into another. Possibly the greatest pussyhound Hollywood has ever known. Nicholson, Beatty and Anthony Quinn had nothing on our hetero boy Jeremy.

by Miareply 5501/16/2013

R55 I know you are kidding about what the Hollywood insiders are saying about him, but I have to say that him being a pussy-hound is the LAST thing they would EVER say about HIM. LOL.

by Miareply 5601/16/2013

"I think it may be time to consider he is straight," sayeth his publicity agent.

by Miareply 5701/16/2013

Sounds like a female friend of Jeremy's got knocked up and didn't know what to do. He sees an opportunity to deny gay rumors and claims paternity. He is not the kid's father.

by Miareply 5801/16/2013

Congrats, Jeremy. Cool news.

by Miareply 5901/16/2013

Gee, and all this time I thought he was gay. Well, I guess it's not the first time I was wrong. Sorry I doubted you, straightboy.

by Miareply 6001/16/2013

Is the business partner/brother in the picture anymore?

by Miareply 6101/16/2013

Where is the proof he is gay? I never see him photographed with men or women for that matter.

by Miareply 6201/16/2013

Wasn't it just a few months ago that Ted Casablanca was fired from E! after accidentally revealing that Jeremy was gay in a blind item (instead of typing the fake name he'd created, he actually typed "Jeremy"...and the other clues clearly indicated which Jeremy he was talking about)?

by Miareply 6301/16/2013

I've been saying he was straight for years. I never bought that he was gay. Now we know for sure. Sorry guys, Jeremy belongs to us ladies. Suck it!

by Miareply 6401/16/2013

He's SO ugly and unsexy. Do we even want him to be gay? Ugh.

by Miareply 6501/16/2013

R63. Ted was probably upset Jeremy wouldn't flout with him.

by Miareply 6601/16/2013

she's his surrogate

by Miareply 6701/16/2013

R64 Ha,ha. I agree. These guys think every man in show business is homosexual. Sorry, 98% of them are straight. Men get into show business to meet WOMEN. There are a few gay guys in Hollywood but most of those are already out of the closet. Gay guys just want to think every successful attractive man is "one of them." I always knew Renner was straight. He's too fugly to be gay. Lol. According to the Datalounge boys, 95% of living actors are secretly gay and 100% of dead celebrities are re-cast as "gay" after they pass away. Face it boys, only 2% of the population in general is gay. That means about 2% of Hollywood is gay. The rest are, SURPRISE!, straight. Get over it.

by Miareply 6801/16/2013

I was so enamored with him until I started reading and seeing his interviews. Seems like a bit of a self centered prick

by Miareply 6901/16/2013

I just had a second son and no one claimed I knocked up anybody.

by Miareply 7001/16/2013

R65. He definitely isn't ugly. Has a sexy quality that comes accross in film. Not in interviews.

by Miareply 7101/16/2013

R68 I work in Los Angeles and I have been around many, many Hollywood celebrities through my job (legal profession). I do not enjoy that aspect of my job, as most of those celebrities are assholes and make my life miserable. The earlier poster who talked about all the Hollywood phonies was dead on correct. You are delusional if you actually think only 2% of the male actors in Hollywood are gay. It's more like 82%. From my experience, there are far more gay actors in this town than straight. You can live in your Republican bubble and think what you want, but you are sadly mistaken in your "fuzzy math" (to quote your obvious hero, Bush).

by Miareply 7201/16/2013

I love it when hot heterosexual men settle down and have babies with the women they love.

by Miareply 7301/16/2013

This dude has issues. He thinks being a sperm donor will make him look str8? When Ricky, John, Tom, NPH and Elton all have babies? Try again Jeremy!

by Miareply 7401/16/2013

I think I sa this guy on the new and fabulous show OMG Insider, promoting some movie. I thought "is this the guy the DL is always going on and on about". He's the ugliest MF I've ever seen and spastic too. His face is totally butterface. Punchable. He's like that golum thing. If I got the wrong actor, well NEVERMIND.


by Miareply 7501/16/2013

He's as gay as gay can be.

by Miareply 7601/16/2013

Agree. Renner lived with his male business partner. He also used to be a makeup artist. Was VERY excited to work with Tom Cruise in MI4. Loves to croon on the piano. Was outed by Ted Casablanca, which led to Ted's firing by E! Gay gay gay.

by Miareply 7701/16/2013

I think the R72 is correct. In the real world a father wouldn't "fly in" when the water breaks and keep it a secret for eight months unless there is something to hide. I don't care how private you are. Just a bunch of weird phoney bs.

by Miareply 7801/16/2013

Seriously, an earlier poster had it right - there's absolutely no evidence in existence that points to Renner being gay. And speaking statistically, the presumption will always safely fall on the heterosexual (at the very least, bisexual) spectrum.

by Miareply 7901/16/2013

R75 No, you are correct. He is ugly as hell. Given the choice of shagging Renner or Danny DeVito, I think I would choose DeVito (at least he has a great sense of humor and a personality). Yeah, Renner is FUUUUGGGGG!

by Miareply 8001/16/2013

Boyfriend Kristoffer Winters. Renner does not want to be seen as gay due to studios and salary.

by Miareply 8101/16/2013

I thought Renner was an okay actor when I first took notice of him (The Hurt Locker). I still think he's an okay actor, but he turns me off with his protesting about not being gay. If he is gay, he has no obligation to acknowledge it to the public. True. But I think he "doth protest too much." If he is straight and is accused of being gay, why doesn't he play along like Clooney does? Clooney (who may or may not be one of us) is very classy when asked if he's gay. He never says anything to make it look like there's "something wrong" with being gay. Renner, on the other hand, gets angry and ends up looking like either a deeply-closeted gay man, or worse, a very homophobic straight man. He needs to take lessons from George Clooney.

by Miareply 8201/16/2013

I don't know if Renner is doing this now just to seem straight - he probably now has enough cash that he can hire a surrogate, pay her off, and have his kids. It's very expensive.

by Miareply 8301/16/2013

He's not still living with the guy, is he?

by Miareply 8401/16/2013

Hmmm. Renner /Jackman/Cruise.

All knocked someone up AND/OR have had long term relationships with women yet they are gay?

by Miareply 8501/16/2013

He's having a baby just like Cristiano Ronaldo and the mysterious never-identified girl he used to date who may or may not have been from the U.S.

by Miareply 8601/16/2013

Amen, R82. I was just becoming aware of Renner and then I saw that interview where he was so angry about the gay rumors. That turned me off of him right then and there. I thought, "Well, smell her!" He came across like the biggest queen in three counties screaming, "I am straight, straight, straight!" I was like, "Bitch, please!"

by Miareply 8701/16/2013

R85. Good point. I've often thought the same thing.

The long-term relationships with women are what gets me and rarely if ever even photographed at lunch with another guy--and people still insist on saying they're gay. They may be weird; I'm just not so sure they're gay.

by Miareply 8801/16/2013

A baby. There we go. All the proof we need. As you all know, gay men can't make babies. So, VOILA, he's definitely straight.

by Miareply 8901/16/2013

Hugh Jackman loves his wife but he is gay. Everyone in Hollywood knows this. It is an arrangement that works for them (and studios). Do you really think Tom Cruise made love to Katie Holmes? It's a business. I wish more actors were okay coming out (Bradley Cooper) but they are not there yet. Renner to me screams homo and has never been pictured with a girlfriend.

by Miareply 9001/16/2013

See? I told you guys he was hetero. You just won't face the truth. Next to me, he's the second straightest actor in Hollywood. Told ya so.

by Miareply 9101/16/2013

If everyone of those Hollywood phonies are so liberal why would they care if he is gay or not? Why all of the elaborate coverups?

Give the viewing public a little credit!

by Miareply 9201/16/2013

R90 Something happened with Renner and a woman. Whether it was sex or the turkey baster he had something going on with her. I agree about him not being photographed with a woman. That is strange especially with paparazzi everywhere.

by Miareply 9301/16/2013

Hollywood does NOT support gay actors coming out. They think it will negatively impact box office, so they discourage stars from coming out and actively encourage them to get beards. This includes gay agents and gay studio executives. It will take a major movie actor who is willing to say fuck you to more money, I will never be closeted. And then he has to show his movies will still make money. That has not happened yet.

by Miareply 9401/16/2013

R94 Thank you. I could not have said it better, but those are my exact thoughts. Hollywood preaches "gay is good" in their movies and TV Shows, but just let a MAJOR actor try to come out. Won't happen.

by Miareply 9501/16/2013

I think Renner will come out eventually. Banking some money, having a baby. I wouldn't be surprised once the baby is born he comes out.

by Miareply 9601/16/2013

What a show these closeted actors have to put on! Can't imagine having to hide the very essence of who you are.

by Miareply 9701/16/2013

Hollywood Execs preach liberal values in their shows and movies but kiss up to the Middle-American Conservatives and constantly base their casting decisions around what Mr. & Mrs. Southern Baptist in Nashville will think. I am gay, but I could care less if a lead actor in a movie eats pussy or sucks dick or does both. I don't care what they do behind closed doors and neither should anyone else. Many people think Middle-America could never buy a gay man as an action star. Hey, I've known some pretty tough gay dudes in my life. We can kick as much ass as anybody else, god-dammit.

by Miareply 9801/16/2013

I think kids are great, I think Jeremy is a good actor, but I hate all the ridiculous cover stories. I guess, just as babies make the world go round lies make Hollywood go round.

by Miareply 9901/16/2013

So if Renner came out, bye bye action roles.

Maybe the answer isn't a major star coming out but a studio head with some balls.

by Miareply 10001/16/2013

I almost think it will have to be a gay television actor who finds surprising success in movies. But once you are on the A-list, there is tremendous pressure to stay closeted or get into a sham marriage. Renner is in his 40's, so I could see him coming out once he is done with franchises. Or not. But most people do not announce their baby casually through Eva Longoria. Gay.

by Miareply 10101/16/2013

I agree R99. It's the cover stories that turn your stomach. These people must think we are all idiots.

by Miareply 10201/16/2013

R100, Touche! Agreed.

by Miareply 10301/16/2013

Baby or no baby, I'd still like to fuck Renner up his tight little shitter.

by Miareply 10401/16/2013

To all those naysayers, the Enquirer outed him. His acting coach was the source.

by Miareply 10501/16/2013

Prior to his semi-homophobic "gay denial" interview, I always thought he had one foot out of the closet and was about to proudly jump out at the right moment. He always seemed to me like he was right on the verge. I think his agent or some studio execs got to him and forced him to put up a straight front. Shame they have to live a total lie. Must be pure misery and a life of constant hell. Thank God I can be out and proud of who I am. The closet is the worst place a gay person can be.

by Miareply 10601/16/2013

If Kristoffer Winters is living with Renner and the baby (and maybe baby momma?) that will tell the story more than any statement a publicist can make.

by Miareply 10701/16/2013

I have been talking about this with Austin, and I think even middle America is on to bearding now. Taylor Swift has been extremely educating and generous on the topic. So has Tom Cruise and John Travolta. It is Hollywood producers and directors who are afraid or unwilling to promote a gay star, because a flop and the backlash would be huge. A gay producer with money and balls is a great idea. Sign me up.

by Miareply 10801/16/2013

I just love all these housewives who think that just because a man has children that he is straight. I have three kids (from a marriage many years ago). Does that mean I'm straight? Not even close.

by Miareply 10901/16/2013

After The Hurt Locker, the Enquirer did out him. I remember a story after stating this person was never his acting coach. Whatever. The Thailand knifing at the gay bar sealed it for me.

by Miareply 11001/16/2013

Hollywood is the phoniest place ever. Have you ever noticed all of the A-list celebs who get married always have their marriage licenses published in the Star and the Enquirer and they always get married under their stage names? For instance, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' certificate showed the groom's name as Tom Cruise. That is his STAGE name. No one ever seems to notice.

by Miareply 11101/16/2013

If he wants people to KNOW he's straight, he should date me next.

by Miareply 11201/16/2013

It's not the kids that make mid west housewives think these guys are straight. It's the relationship with women example: Jackman.

by Miareply 11301/16/2013

R106 I always had the same thought. It did seem like he was so close to coming out and then he did a total 180. Crazy.

by Miareply 11401/16/2013

[quote]I think Renner will come out eventually. Banking some money, having a baby. I wouldn't be surprised once the baby is born he comes out.

R96. What makes you think that?!

by Miareply 11501/16/2013

We get it, Jeremy. You love the hair pie. Good for you, sweetheart.

by Miareply 11601/16/2013

Didn't the NYT say that movie "This Means War" would have been better if Chris Pine and Tom Hardy were the romantic leads with each other, and not bothering with Reese Witherspoon? I think it's right around the corner.

by Miareply 11701/16/2013

The more I read the actual article, the more insane and ridiculous it sounds. I mean c'mon. Overheard on a balcony? Ex girlfriend? Eva blown away by it all. LOL

by Miareply 11801/16/2013

Because he's GAY r115 and might eventually not want to live with the strain of hiding his true orientation?

by Miareply 11901/16/2013

R117 I know I would pay good money to watch Tom Hardy and Chris Pine in a hot love scene. Hell, yeah! Yeehah!

by Miareply 12001/16/2013

How do you DLers even know much about Jeremy Renner at all? Is he that big of a star? I've never seen him in a movie nor do I see him hardly ever in the news, supermarket checkout rag magazines, etc., etc.

But then I come onto DL, and it seems like the whole world knows him, sees and hears him in interviews, knows about his mannerisms, former boyfriends, etc. It's not like I've never seen or heard about Jeremy Renner, but he's almost invisible to me. I don't know about him being gay or straight because I barely even know who he is.

by Miareply 12101/16/2013

I wonder if the powers that be are going to set Jeremy up with Katie Holmes. I can see that happening.

by Miareply 12201/16/2013

That's how I feel about most celebrities DL obsesses over, r121.

by Miareply 12301/16/2013

R115 I think this because he is in his forties and obviously in a relationship with his business partner.

If he was going to do the beard and lavender marriage thing he would have done it already. He hasn't. He keeps under the veil of super privacy (even with the birth of a first child)

He takes these franchise roles for the money.

He is not Clooney. He cant pull off the dashing bachelor.

I think he is setting himself up to come out at some point.

by Miareply 12401/16/2013

I didn't know who he was either, R121. I googled him and saw that he was the guy with the flaming arrow in The Avengers. I saw that movie and loved it, but didn't know who played the flaming arrow guy. Now I vaguely know who he is.

by Miareply 12501/16/2013

I don't know if he's straight or gay, but according to that article he is a smoker and that ruins him for me. Yuck.

by Miareply 12601/16/2013

He'll always be Jeffrey Dahlmer to me

by Miareply 12701/16/2013

I really do think he is sexy. I thing he is short maybe 5'6" or something like that.

by Miareply 12801/16/2013

Why are you people so obsessed with me? Jesus H. Christ, it's not like I'm Anne Hathaway or something. Just be happy for me and my ex and the baby and move on. Word to your mother, I am NOT GAY.

by Miareply 12901/16/2013

R129 - What do you mean, "You People"?

by Miareply 13001/16/2013

Repeat. I AM NOT GAY!!!!

by Miareply 13101/16/2013

This is how I see it. If I had $1000 to bet if he is straight or gay. How would I bet?

On the one hand you have rumour, innuendo, business partner, Thailand and the acting coach.

On the other hand you have a 5 year relationship with a woman and a knocked up ex.

Heterosexual for the win!

Wouldn't his old girlfriend have slipped the beans by now? Is he paying her off too?

by Miareply 13201/16/2013

Renner has been on my gaydar since Hurt Locker. He has been outed before, so the new Eva story seems fishy. He also has backpedaled on flipping out over gay rumors, and now he says it is a compliment and it must mean he's actually famous. Mmm hmm. There is something with him and Bradley Cooper where a hetero vibe just does not transmit when they are interviewed. It barely comes off with Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds, who seem so soft and metrosexual. Josh Hutcherson. Poor guy. Talk about studio pressure. Don't get me stated on Jake Gylenhaal and his washiness. It makes me admire the Spock actor, Zachary Quinto, for coming out (even if he was forced because of a bad relationship).

by Miareply 13301/16/2013

As I said before, he is straight. As I also said before, only 2% of the population is gay. 98% of the population is straight. Hollywood is no different. Only 2% of actors are gay. The rest are normal. Gays want to recreate every man in their image. Therefore, every good looking, successful man is either gay or gay and pretending to be straight. It's bullshit. I am a straight woman and I have many gay male friends and I love them all, but they all have a tendency to think every man that walks past them is gay. Friends, only 2% of men go your way. The rest love the ladies, plain and simple. Mr. Renner is definitely straight. You have gaydar, I have straightdar.

by Miareply 13401/16/2013

Sorry Homosexuals of Datalounge, he is as straight as me! We are both avid Vagina hunters!!

by Miareply 13501/16/2013

R134 My God woman, are you fucking blind? Only 2% of actors are gay? Jesus, did you not take drama class in high school? In my drama class, there were two straight guys who WERE there for the pussy. The rest of the guys (approximately 15 or 16 of them) were gay gay gay gay gay gay gay and flaming to infinity. Open your eyes, Frau.

by Miareply 13601/16/2013

Emily - not in Hollywood. Perhaps in Mississippi your numbers might work a little better, but even there you will find a wider range of sexuality than you are allowing. The world is not that rigid. That is a fantasy.

by Miareply 13701/16/2013

Emily. I agree open your eyes!!!!!

by Miareply 13801/16/2013

To R134, What the actual fuck? You say only 2% of actors are gay and the rest are "normal". That's really a cunty thing to say. Gays are normal, too. What an asshole!

by Miareply 13901/16/2013

Gay is normal, Emily.

by Miareply 14001/16/2013

Renner is a bigger star than Quinto. More pressure to stay in the closet and put up.with these types of cover ups

by Miareply 14101/16/2013

Retarded statement alert: "Only 2% of the male population is gay". Yeah, maybe in Frau-la-land.

My own personal sampling techniques have shown that percentage to be much [bold]much[/bold] higher.

Note to fraus: Lock up your boyfriends/husbands, because quite a few of them are having gay sex behind your back. :-)

As for Jeremy, I'm sure he was talking about his "gurl" friend (translation: one of his hags). So good for him (and Kristoffer). He's at that traditional age where celebrity gay men start a family (Tom, Matt, Ricky, etc., etc.).

by Miareply 14201/16/2013

Good point R134. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I think she meant straight not normal.

by Miareply 14301/16/2013

Emily, you may have a "lot of gay friends", but it seems like you put yourself above them in the pecking order. You are "normal" and they are not. I love you people who "present" yourselves as open-minded and gay-friendly, but you show your true colors when you "slip" and call your "Friends" abnormal. We don't need "friends" like you, baby cakes.

by Miareply 14401/16/2013

"You can hang out with all the boys, It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A. Y-M-C-A. You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal, you can do whatever you feel. Young man..."

Everybody sing.

by Miareply 14501/16/2013

[quote]I have straightdar.

More like Duh!-dar.

by Miareply 14601/16/2013

Really, Emily? Have you ever been out of Mayberry? Trust me, the percentage of gay actors in Hollywood is much higher than it is in Petticoat Fucking Junction. We say that all of them are gay because MOST of them are gay or "bisexual". We may be wrong in a few cases, but we're dead on target in most cases. A gay man can spot another gay man in a heartbeat. So, dear, get on the bus someday and leave Titwillow Falls for a week or two and see the outside world. Climb out of your 1950s technicolor fucking dream.

by Miareply 14701/16/2013

Gay guys are more plugged in regarding rumors regarding closeted actors, because it gets circulated immediately. Does this surrogate have a name? I fly in when the water breaks? PS, I am amazed anyone would assert that being gay is not normal in Hollywood. Efforts to minimalize homosexuality are unwelcome. Try IMDB.

by Miareply 14801/16/2013

Smoking a cigarette with Eva Longoria? G-A-Y!!!

by Miareply 14901/16/2013

Does this mean he's becoming a Scientologist, like Tammy and Joanna?

by Miareply 15001/16/2013

Jeremy, I'm straight too, but I would love to have hot monkey butt-sex with you. It can be our secret...

by Miareply 15101/16/2013

This sounds like a publicist's nightmare! The paps are going to try and get a picture of this woman, if she is even at his house. He is going to have to explain it now in interviews, and it will sound sketch. I was drunk and told Eva ... He should have just done it Charlize style, where the baby shows up and it's announced that he has adopted. Then he can go on People with the new baby cover as a single dad, or, in my dreams, a new gay dad. But you tell people that an un-identified fling is having your kid and you hope for the best? Bad story!

by Miareply 15201/16/2013

"As I also said before, only 2% of the population is gay. 98% of the population is straight."

Please dear, this is old right-wing propaganda that even Bill O'Reilly of FoxNews doesn't spout any more.

by Miareply 15301/16/2013

He's been outed (or next-to-outed) so many times, over the past four years, that any attempt to in him is just publicity smoke.

by Miareply 15401/16/2013

There's an unusually high percentage of gay men in Hollywood as well as in weathercasting. I'm convinced that literally every single one of my state's weathermen is gay.

by Miareply 15501/16/2013

I don't understand why gay men are drawn to meteorology, but I've seen so many on several local TV news broadcasts in different parts of the country.

by Miareply 15601/16/2013

Funny, in the Netherlands, where I'm from, the weathermen are all (or at least SEEM) straighter than straight. They look like accountants - see the link.

by Miareply 15701/16/2013

So his ex-beard is also his surrogate?

by Miareply 15801/17/2013

For those interested in the Enquirer piece:

by Miareply 15901/17/2013

I totally agree with R152. This story and the way it came out will require damage control. Gay or not, he appears like an ass.

by Miareply 16001/17/2013

On the one hand, I can sympathize with La Renner; he had no major success in acting until he was 40, and now they want him for all these big action roles, but he can't be openly gay for those (if he is gay. Who really knows?)

So at this point in his life, who among us would not choose the path he is choosing?

However, the whole "fuck you, I'm not gay" thing will come back and hurt him if it does turn out that he is gay. He should have been classier because now there's no sympathy for him as we can see in the majority of these messages, and any beardings or attempt to straighten him out (even if they are legitimate, who knows what he likes?) just bring him ridicule. (Seriously, what fucking publicist thought up "let's leak your baby through Eva Longoria?" That's about as subtle as walking your dog with Luke Macfarlane.)

by Miareply 16101/17/2013

Thanks moronic fangurls. You have managed to ruin yet another thread. You think only 2 % of Hollywood is gay? HAHAHA. Must be nice to live in fantasy land. Seriously.. it's more like 82 %. It's because of you Hollywood actors are forced to stay in the closet, even beard up, in the first place. You and your warped sense of reality isn't helping. Hollywood is full of gay men. They all need to stay in the closet though, because republican asshole fraus like yourself wouldn't support them if they came out.

by Miareply 16201/17/2013

Seriously, this was a "planned leak"? With someone from US Magazine right on the balcony within earshot? Lame.

by Miareply 16301/17/2013

[quote]So at this point in his life, who among us would not choose the path he is choosing?

Me. I don't care how much fucking money you offered me. I CANNOT pretend to be something I'm not just to please other people. It's miserable. When I think about being in the closet as a teenager and having to pretend to be something I wasn't, it was a terrible feeling and I never want to feel that way again. Money's great, but not that great.

by Miareply 16401/17/2013

And another pig shoots a load into some slut. Voila, a "blessed event."

Gee, when we gays have unprotected sex, we're called "immoral" and "irresponsible,", but when the straights do it, it's wonderful.

Oh, and Renner's a dog with unwashed hair, so the straights can have him.

by Miareply 16501/17/2013

I think it's the money and fame that feed their ego. It's a drug and hard to give up especially if you like the lifestyle.

by Miareply 16601/17/2013

I just read about 5 articles on him after doing a search. Everyone on them either referred to him as a hunk or hunky.

This is how he is being marketed as the brooding mysterious action hero.

Not ugly but a hunk?

by Miareply 16701/17/2013

They don't do it for the money, they do it for the moxie. Fame is everything to these people. It becomes a point onto itself. Their goal in life is to be famous, not to be an honest or genuine person.

by Miareply 16801/17/2013

If this is a beard surrogate thing, why not just get married?

It seems like a lot less work and he has a sheild from some of these rumors (or facts ....who knows).

This leaked story is just ridiculous

by Miareply 16901/17/2013

Meh. She's not attractive, and she seems to have an abrasive personality. Why are we giving her the time of day?

by Miareply 17001/17/2013

Three possibilities:

1) He is actually telling the truth.

2) A female friend is knocked up by someone else and he is stepping in to claim paternity so people will think he is straight.

3) He has decided to have a baby that he will raise by himself or with an unacknowledged male partner and needs to explain how the baby got there without outing himself.

I like #2.

by Miareply 17101/17/2013

Some earlier posts mentioned Hugh Jackman and Tom Cruise and their breeding situations. Whatever.

I can't imagine either one of these two guys being associated with an event like this

Say what you want about Hugh, the man has class an charisma and doesn't have a mis-step ever. I think Deb is lucky no matter what his orientation is.

by Miareply 17201/17/2013

so in the less than 9 months he supposedly impregnated her, she broke up with him, found someone new and got married (and this man apparently did not care she was pregnant with another man's child), told Jeremy and he has put her up in his home to have the baby. He said she was an ex-girlfriend not just a one night stand so there had to be some investment in time. So broke up, assuming she did not know she was pregnant and in the few months between now and then found someone new and fell so much in love she got married? Yeah....right.

by Miareply 17301/17/2013


by Miareply 17401/17/2013

R174 I really hate when people type in ALL FUCKING CAPS. It is sooooo irritating to read. 40 is not old, by the way. Many, many of us do not give a shit about Styles (whoever the fuck that is), Bieber, or the god-awfully ugly Disney-fuck Jonas Brothers. Renner is not really my cup of tea, but I do prefer men over 35. Prior to the age, men are just boys.

by Miareply 17501/17/2013

He was on Jimmy Fallon last night. Was the baby mentioned?

by Miareply 17601/17/2013

What the heck? Eva is a whore.

by Miareply 17701/17/2013

r68 you are exactly the mirror image of the crazies here who think almost all actors are gay, just in reverse. I'm pretty sure the truth is in between.

If I had to guess, about half, maybe more, maybe less are probably gay/bi. It's been traditionally true for thousands of years that gay men are heavily represented in the arts, way beyond their % in the population.

Your assertion that men get into showbiz to get women is kind of laughable. A minority of them really love whatever it is they do but most go into showbiz for the MONEY, the glamour, need for excitement, need for adulation and love, need for attention and so on and so forth, true both for gay and straight peole.

Just because you desperately want someone to be straight doesn't make them so.

Grow the fuck up. Showbiz is a LIE, an illusion. As long as you know that, everything is fine. When you don't, you have a problem.

by Miareply 17801/17/2013

I just saw this. JR still flipping houses with the business partner.

by Miareply 17901/17/2013

r72 Tell us more, who is gay bi etc?

by Miareply 18001/17/2013

Is that the house on Franklin Ave?

by Miareply 18101/17/2013

R180 I cannot. I wish I could, but I sign confidentiality waivers for each case and I would be fucked if I divulged any information from a case that was not part of "public record". I will say that I hate any case that deals with celebs. Especially if it is an actor or actress that I always admired. I end up so disappointed because most of them turn out to be arrogant, self-serving, selfish pricks who think the world owes them everything because they are famous. I much prefer dealing with non-celeb cases. Fame plus fortune tend to warp a person into something vile and inhuman.

by Miareply 18201/17/2013


Oh my GAWD.

by Miareply 18301/17/2013

So much for dumb gay rumors huh? Everyone is NOT gay. Just because you WANT them to be.

by Miareply 18401/17/2013

[quote][R68] I work in Los Angeles and I have been around many, many Hollywood celebrities through my job (legal profession). I do not enjoy that aspect of my job, as most of those celebrities are assholes and make my life miserable. The earlier poster who talked about all the Hollywood phonies was dead on correct. You are delusional if you actually think only 2% of the male actors in Hollywood are gay. It's more like 82%. From my experience, there are far more gay actors in this town than straight. You can live in your Republican bubble and think what you want, but you are sadly mistaken in your "fuzzy math" (to quote your obvious hero, Bush).

That explains why most of these actors are bitchy. Having to be in the closet in not a healthy thing for your spirit.

by Miareply 18501/17/2013

R184 So true. Renner is likely not gay. He is too masculine. I would be able to tell. Honestly, I think very few actors in Hollywood are gay. Most of them look very very straight and most of them HAVE WIVES AND CHILDREN and are religious. You can just tell if someone is gay. I just laugh whenever someone claims that McBongo, Cruise, etc. are homosexuals. It's so evident they are straight. Sorry but that's the truth.

by Miareply 18601/17/2013

R186, Respectfully, you are AN IDIOT if you believe that fucking venom you just spewed out of your stinky, Rethuglican vagina. Speak not of what you have no knowledge, dear heart. Being masculine, having a wife and kids and going to church every week do not mean shit in the realm of sexuality.

by Miareply 18701/17/2013

Ok R186 I'm R184 and you took that too a WHOLE level. I said him not most hollywood actors and I have no idea if Cruise is gay doubt it but don't care either way....

by Miareply 18801/17/2013

Face palm for R186. You are very naive if those are your true beliefs. Good GAWD!

by Miareply 18901/17/2013

I think you guys are taking R186 too seriously. I believe it's someone playing the character "Angela" from The Office, whose husband is gay but she can't see it.

by Miareply 19001/17/2013

R[187] take a chill pill. your head is beginning to explode

by Miareply 19101/17/2013

Actually, R188, R186 took it to a HOLE level, so that you might understand. You loopy frau.

by Miareply 19201/17/2013

God, you people are a bunch of gossipy hens. Who cares who this guy sticks his little nub into? That's all I see on DataLounge is a bunch of fucking gossip.

by Miareply 19301/17/2013

I thought R186 was doing a parody of that thread where all the fraus gush over Ann Curry and her high quality work on the Today Show.

by Miareply 19401/17/2013

"Too masculine too be gay" What? Masculine behavior is a belief there is no wrong or right way to be masc or fem the whole concept is made up by society... We sure have some small minded minds in the world.

by Miareply 19501/17/2013

R192 that's what I said you moronic toad....

by Miareply 19601/17/2013

R193 also complains that Mediatakeout is too Afrocentric.

by Miareply 19701/17/2013

Is Renner the actual bio father?

by Miareply 19801/17/2013

I'm no expert, but I suspect heterosexuality isn't nearly as difficult as Renner makes it appear to be.

by Miareply 19901/17/2013

He know what he is doing with a woman I will tell you that!

The scenes in NEO Ned are hot as well as The Unusuals.

This story may have some truth

by Miareply 20001/17/2013

I keep reading the term "ping". What does it mean actually and how does Renner, Cruise, Franco etc ping?

I don't see it. Maybe Franco

by Miareply 20101/17/2013

Us exclusively reports that Renner did not bring up the baby or his sexuality on Jimmy Fallon. Eva Longoria was last seen looking for new work and new secrets to share.

by Miareply 20201/17/2013

R202 I've told people repeatedly not to share anything personal with Eva. She's a gossip and a blabbermouth who can't keep her big trap shut. I warned Jeremy. Did he listen? Fuck, no!

by Miareply 20301/17/2013

I pray for Renner that this a surrogate, and all the contracts and releases are in place. Having a baby with a trick is not advised for a wealthy man, unless he is prepared to constantly go to court and pay for child support.

by Miareply 20401/17/2013

R204. I agree. In all seriousness, can you imagine the effect on the kid with this kind of setup? It could spell disaster.

by Miareply 20501/17/2013

The truth:

**Every one posting on this thread using a female name, all pretending Jeremy and every other alleged celebrity in Hollywood is straight, is a troll and obvious ones at that. QUIT FEEDING THEM.

**Aside from the fact that they flip houses together, and doing pretty goddamn well at it judging from that LA Times article stating their latest pad is selling for $25 million, there really isn't even an inkling of proof that JR and his business partner are anything more than exactly that: business partners.

**Renner had exactly zero public profile before "The Hurt Locker" turned him into an improbable late-in-life (in Hollywood terms) success, and as such, there is next to zero info about his life before then. No women have come forward as ex-lovers, sure, but then again, neither have any men.

**I don't know where one poster got the impression that the baby mama is married, but I saw nothing of the kind on this thread.

**Renner "flying in when her water breaks" presumably means he'll be out of town on a movie shoot. Could be last-second looping for "Hansel & Gretel," could be a cameo in "Iron Man 3," who knows? But yes, he could certainly make it there in time for the birth, it being a first-time pregnancy, particularly if the studio's flying him private.

**Re: the earlier rumors - Renner got into a fight outside of a ladyboy bar while filming "The Bourne Legacy" in Bangkok, not "Mission: Impossible" (which mainly shot in Dubai, where openly homosexual behavior is still grounds for execution). The fact that he was at a ladyboy bar to begin with is suspicious, sure, but OTOH it doesn't really fit with the rumors that he's involved with his hunky male actor friend Kristoffer.

**Finally, I'll just say it's sad that so many of you have already forgotten the entire point of Jodie's speech the other night. Not every celebrity wants to live in the public eye. Many consider the lack of privacy in becoming a celebrity to be the WORST aspect of it, and will go to considerable lengths to protect it. (The opposite end of that spectrum, of course, would be the likes of Tom Cruise.) Renner could very well just want to live a quiet life using his acting proceeds to fund his *real* love of rehabbing houses.

**NB: Nobody "accidentally" gets pregnant these days. His babymama knew exactly what she was doing and got knocked up on purpose, knowing she'd have a meal ticket for life.

by Miareply 20601/17/2013

Agree that irregardless of his sexuality, it seems ill-advised as overheard and reported by the press. For that reason alone, I think it was carefully planned with lawyers and a surrogate. The ex-girlfriend reference is for the ladies.

by Miareply 20701/17/2013

[quote]For that reason alone, I think it was carefully planned with lawyers and a surrogate.

DataLounge Rule #6969: When given the choice of a simple explanation (X overheard Y) or an incredibly elaborate conspiracy theory, always go with the conspiracy theory!

by Miareply 20801/17/2013

People actually do get accidentally pregnant. Not everyone is on birth control, and even if they were, birth control isn't foolproof. Sometimes it's just due to irresponsibility.

by Miareply 20901/17/2013

And you are relying on Eva Longoria and Us? I will choose not to believe those sources!

by Miareply 21001/17/2013

Fuck all of you! I eat pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner!! And I love feeling up women's tits, too . . . massaging those, um, sandbags with my fingers.

by Miareply 21101/17/2013

The odd part to me about this minor story is that the woman is giving birth next month, and no one has ever seen her with Renner. Is she a hostage? Weird Hollywood.

by Miareply 21201/17/2013

Surrogate makes sense.

But he has not actually come out and confirmed the pregnancy. All of this is based on an over heard conversation at an awards show.

I guess this is how news is communicated these days. Back channels in toilets, bars, overheard conversations....

by Miareply 21301/17/2013

I often wonder if posters like r186 and the like really are fangirls/straight women or gay men trolling all these threads.

Am I the only one wondering about that?

by Miareply 21401/17/2013

[quote]Agree that irregardless

Ahhhh!!!! MY EYES!

by Miareply 21501/17/2013

[quote]Many consider the lack of privacy in becoming a celebrity to be the WORST aspect of it, and will go to considerable lengths to protect it.

If Jeremy did not want people talking about his incubating gene carrier, then he would not have allowed his publicist to plant this story in a gossip magazine.

Believe it or not, celebs have a great deal of control over how much "celebrity" coverage they receive. All these magazines and websites work in symbiosis with publicists so that their clients receive as much coverage (favorable, hopefully) as possible. Publicists will "leak" information about their clients to be reported as "secondhand" gossip, as this looks to be the case with Jeremy. If Jeremy did not want the press to know about this, we would not know about it. Seriously, the press and gossip sites don't give a shit about Jeremy Renner unless it involves his sexuality one way or the other, so a piece of gossip like this would be newsworthy for them because it appears to address his (apparent) heterosexuality. He and his publicist knew exactly what they were doing.

by Miareply 21601/17/2013

He's not very bright. His publicist would have denied it by now. And celebs use Us and People all the time.

by Miareply 21701/17/2013

R178 Thank you for speaking some sense in this thread!

by Miareply 21801/17/2013

"The odd part to me about this minor story is that the woman is giving birth next month, and no one has ever seen her with Renner. Is she a hostage? Weird Hollywood."

I totally agree with the above statement. He is A list enough to warrant some paparazzi attention.

by Miareply 21901/17/2013

Could this be the baby mama?

by Miareply 22001/17/2013

That has to be a subliminal article at your link, R220. Check out the sign behind Jeremy Renner (linked below). Make sure to embiggen it, and then look at the lower center of the sign.

Oh, the irony.

by Miareply 22101/17/2013

R221 I cant open the link!

by Miareply 22201/17/2013

That was nice of him to take her out to lunch once.

by Miareply 22301/17/2013

R222, the link is to the first pic of Jeremy and his (alleged) GF in R220's link. You should be able to find it there.

by Miareply 22401/17/2013

How cruel of him to want babies or at least a baby with that sack of potatoes he calls face.

For god's sake, keep this randy straight man away from Sarah Jessica Parker!

by Miareply 22501/17/2013

uhhh..she is half is age. I know I sound naive...but this has to be a niece or family friend.

by Miareply 22601/17/2013

What the hell did they do to baby mama's stomach in that first picture at the link? It looks like they digitally stuffed a pillow under her shirt.

by Miareply 22701/17/2013

[quote]That's all I see on DataLounge is a bunch of fucking gossip.

What part of gay gossip and pointless bitchery did you not get?

by Miareply 22801/17/2013

Jeremy needs to stop doing his own makeup - he looked horrible at the Golden Globes with that pancake makeup and awful little mustache. Funny how "insiders" don't know the girl's name.

by Miareply 22901/17/2013

Remember a couple of years ago when Jeremy's and Kristoffer's puppy died?

I sure hope they're ready for a baby.

by Miareply 23001/17/2013

I agree R229. I do like it when he rocks the eyeliner, but the flaking pancake makeup looks like hell.

I thought he was a make up artist?

by Miareply 23101/17/2013

Jeremy was on Jimmy Fallon's show last night.

Fallon looks like a giant compared to him. I didn't realize he was that small.

Fallon is listed at 5'10". So JR is about 5'7"?

by Miareply 23201/17/2013

I sometimes imagine all those Hollywood studio execs to laugh at each other for their power to push these pocket gays down the mainstream audience's throat as macho action stars in a 'these suckers will buy anything we offer to them!' kind of way.

by Miareply 23301/17/2013

R231 I agree about the makeup. Sort of like Adam Lambert, he looks 100x better without heavy makeup.

by Miareply 23401/17/2013

Adam is at least beautiful but JR is so fug it's not funny. How can someone with such a face ever become a star???

by Miareply 23501/17/2013

Adam is beautiful. I don't think he gets much love on DL.

Renner has the trademark intense stare which has now become a trademark in all of his movies - some find it very sexy.

by Miareply 23601/17/2013

Freddie Friction is having a baby? I'm blown away.

by Miareply 23701/17/2013

I think the heavy pancake make-up is to hide wrinkles, acne scars or moles. He's better off using a liquid water based foundation.

He's a make-up artist. He should know this.

by Miareply 23801/17/2013

No kidding, R233. At least back in the old days, the closeted leading men were dashing and virile (Cary, Rock, Montgomery, etc.)

Nowadays, even though we still complain about the forced closeting that studios mandate for male actors, it's outrageously funny how bold they've become in pushing bottom-hungry twinks as leading men (Leo, Jake, Tobey, Zac). They've really become bolder and sloppier with their transparent efforts.

And if all of this isn't funny enough, they're using the same joke-formula for the next generation of teenage girls (future fraus? hopefully not)! Feeding them gay boys barely disguised as "straight heartthrobs" (all of Twilight, the One Direction boys). There isn't a single actor in Twilight that is straight! Boy, the girls are going to be so confused.

by Miareply 23901/17/2013

The tone of this thread has gotten very angry and I think I know why.

Renner is straight.

All of you have gotten your panties in a bunch because you were wrong all along! Ha ha!

I have been defending him against all of these false accusations for months now and my Jeremy has rewarded my loyalty..

by Miareply 24001/17/2013

r240 - You almost had a decent parody post, but you pushed it too far with the last paragraph. Not bad though.

by Miareply 24101/17/2013

My first attempt. They'll get better

by Miareply 24201/17/2013

I went back and read some past DL threads on Renner.

Pre-Details article where he talk about choking out some guy -around the time of the Hurt Locker release-every post here was about how hot and sexy he is. Drooling for crying out loud.

What they hell happened? You would thing he looked like a midget Elephant man the way he is described now.

by Miareply 24301/17/2013

Jeremy is on David Letterman right now. He seems like a really nice guy. He seems like a likeable dude.

by Miareply 24401/17/2013

I have such a major crush on him. It's not healthy!

by Miareply 24501/17/2013

Jeremy's on "The Late Show" right now. Dave keeps asking him about he and "his buddy" remodeling houses. Jer calls him his "partner". "We provide lifestyles for people." Okay. Looks cute enough in a deep blue suit, white shirt and grey tie, curled up in the chair.

by Miareply 24601/17/2013

Is Letterman asking him about the baby story? I am still blown away but need an update to share exclusively with Us.

by Miareply 24701/17/2013

I should mention, nothing, absolutely nothing said on "Letterman" about Jer expecting a baby with an ex-girlfriend, or any talk about a girlfriend, at all, for that matter. Just his "buddy". I mean "partner". I mean "lover".

by Miareply 24801/17/2013

Who's his house flipping partner, that ginger bloke?

by Miareply 24901/17/2013

R243. The Details article portrayed him as a homophobic twat and how it was an insult to be gay. Although that article is so badly written' who knows if he really said it like it was written.

by Miareply 25001/17/2013

Thanks for the update. Jeremy is struggling with all of this - the fame, the pressure.

by Miareply 25101/17/2013

I think Jeremy Renner seems like a decent dude. I am convinced that he's gay, but that's just another thing I like about him. He seems pretty genuine and doesn't come off like as much of a Hollywood phony as a lot of celebs (phonies like Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, etc.). I'm on Team Jeremy.

by Miareply 25201/17/2013

So if the Us story turns out to be a lie, can they be sued?

by Miareply 25301/17/2013

I missed the Letterman/Jeremy interview.

I think this entire pregnancy story is sounding more fishy.

No way Letterman lets that go.

by Miareply 25401/17/2013

Letterman wouldn't bring up anything Renner or his people asked him not to bring up.

by Miareply 25501/17/2013

It's called PRIVACY!

by Miareply 25601/17/2013

Back in the day, Letterman would have brought it up. Guests used to be nervous about his line if questioning. The were wary of going on the show.

by Miareply 25701/17/2013

I have noticed Letterman is much more deferring, unless he really hates the guest. He basically threw Jennifer Lawrence a bunch of softball questions to help her explain her "I beat Meryl," line, as if that little joke would hurt her Oscar campaign. Maybe Renner will come out. Live to dream.

by Miareply 25801/17/2013

Who's his house flipping partner, that ginger bloke?

Yes, "that ginger bloke", Kristoffer Winters.

The "Letterman" interview actually seemed quite pre-planned and controlled. It could almost be a rerun of the ones Jeremy gave during his days promoting "The Hurt Locker". In other words, I'd heard it all before. Dave kept referring to Winters repeatedly as "your buddy" without any hint of irony. Jer referred to him, rather straight-forwardly, as his "partner", which could be taken either way, I suppose. After the repeated references to Winters, Dave asked if he was an actor, to which Jer answered in the affirmative.

They then went into a discussion of re "Hansel and Gretel: Witchhunters". (The audience had earlier laughed at the silly title.) Jer went into a bit of babble about fairy tales and reading them to little kids, a perfect opportunity for Dave to bring up the baby rumor, but alas he said not a word.

Jer was funny and sharp, but a bit serious and somewhat controlling in the interview. Dave was (unusual for him) rather kind, attentive and respectful, almost as if he knew to go easy on his guest. He even said something about hoping Renner got an Oscar nomination for "H&G", to which Jer laughed and said, "No, Dave, this is just for entertainment."

by Miareply 25901/17/2013

"That ginger bloke" - Kristoffer Winters

I remember seeing him in an episode of Criminal Minds a few years ago. Episode about homeless people getting killed.

He's gotten better looking since then.

by Miareply 26001/18/2013

Damn Kris Winters is gingey. I wonder how many auditions he's gone in for to play Irishmen.

My fantasy would be to see Jeremy proudly walking down the street pushing a baby carriage with a baby with flaming red hair.

by Miareply 26101/18/2013

The baby thing hasn't been confirmed so we will see in a couple of weeks what happens.

Thoughts on Letterman, he went after the Kardashians and even asked Kim, "aren't you still married"? So Dave still "has it".

by Miareply 26201/18/2013

[quote]Thoughts on Letterman, he went after the Kardashians and even asked Kim, "aren't you still married"? So Dave still "has it".

Not a Kardashina fan by ANY means, but how the fuck can Letterman talk when he's fucked interns while he's married?

That's why I can't stand Letterman - so smug and hypocritical.

by Miareply 26301/18/2013

R263 I agree. If Letterman likes the guest - SOFTBALLS. If he doesn't, then you get the smug snarky Dave.

Obviously, he likes Jeremy...although he did mention the partner thing a few times. Didn't sense any tension.

by Miareply 26401/18/2013

Lainey says baby momma is Canadian and definitely is at his house. They met on the set during MI4. No other details.

by Miareply 26501/18/2013

Jeremy really played up that macho shit in the Letterman interview. He was definitely ready for any questions about Kristoffer.

One thing I noticed was that Dave used the word "buddy" at least 5 times. Jeremy never mentioned Kris's name, and he chose to refer to him as "my partner." I guess he didn't like the word "buddy."

Jeremy also mentioned that he and his "partner" have been doing the house-flipping thing for 20 years(!), living together in each house for up to one year. If that's not a long-term relationship, then I'm not sure what qualifies.

If they have been together for 20 years, then no wonder they're ready for a baby.

by Miareply 26601/18/2013

R265 Canadian? Well, it's not Europe!

by Miareply 26701/18/2013

^Correction to my previous post: Jeremy said they've flipped (and decorated) at least 20 homes. However, he did say that they've lived together in at least some of those homes up to one year.

I don't know how long Jeremy and Kris have known each other.

by Miareply 26801/18/2013

Hmmm...Woman is Canadian. The met on a set in a foreign country..They casually dated and she ends up in his house in CA pregnant?

by Miareply 26901/18/2013

[quote]Lainey says baby momma is Canadian and definitely is at his house.

Her name is Alberta, she lives in Vancouver.

by Miareply 27001/18/2013

I just read Lainey..."for some reason, she had nowhere to stay" so Renner put her up in a guest house on his property. I mean WOW.

by Miareply 27101/18/2013

LOL R270 I'm sorry I didn't think of that first.

by Miareply 27201/18/2013

Maybe Letterman felt for Jeremy. Letterman kept the pregnancy of his then girlfriend (now wife) secret until the last minute if I can remember correctly...yet grills Kim K "aren't you still married?" hypocrite.

by Miareply 27301/18/2013

Coincidently... Jeremy's beloved miniature French bulldog died last year... a little over nine months ago.

by Miareply 27401/18/2013

On Letterman - there is a difference between being a letch and getting caught and being a whore and parading that fact around for publicity. Letterman fucked interns hoping no one would find out while married, Kuntdashian is having a baby and planning to get married to Gayye while still being legally married to Kris still and going on TV, magazines, radio, malt shop openings telling everyone. She could get out of it easily if she would just admit fraud. She refuses to do that saying she fell out of love in 72 days but went in thinking it was forever...yeah right.

by Miareply 27501/18/2013

Letterman should have asked Jer about the rumors. He's asked other guests about some personal and touchy subjects.

by Miareply 27601/18/2013

I think the interest and fascination with Jeremy ramped up after this story "leaked out". I NEVER read anything about him in gossip rags just basically on line gossip sites.

This story conveiently comes out coinciding with the release of Hansel and Gretel. They know what they're doing in Hollywood. More people will see it because of this eve if it's out of curiosity.

by Miareply 27701/18/2013

Him being ultra-secretive is code for gay. The second-hand gossip makes him look like a stud, and there is some cover for when he will get lapped with a baby. He blew it by putting up the angry I'm not gay front. Should have just said people can believe whatever they want.

by Miareply 27801/18/2013

I only ever read about him on "gay sites". When you do a search, "Jeremy Renner Gay" is the first choice in the search list.

I am only ultra secretive when I am trying to hide something..get defensive. I assume the same would apply to most everyone else.

by Miareply 27901/18/2013

I regret that I ever brought it up! It all sounds hush hush and I may have misunderstood. Let me know if you get any updates.

by Miareply 28001/18/2013

Scuttlebutt is that he'll have a major smash on his hands with Hansel and Gretel.

by Miareply 28101/18/2013

Eva-are you the baby mama? There were rumours about you too..but the daddy was Mark Sanchez....hmmm.

by Miareply 28201/18/2013

R281 - Really? It looks kind of silly - like Van Helsing. Major difference - no Hugh Jackman for me to pant over for 90 minutes

by Miareply 28301/18/2013

If Jimmy Fallon is indeed 5'10", then Renner is about 5'5".

[quote]"The odd part to me about this minor story is that the woman is giving birth next month, and no one has ever seen her with Renner. Is she a hostage? Weird Hollywood." I totally agree with the above statement. He is A list enough to warrant some paparazzi attention.

This is what happened when Cristiano Ronaldo's new baby was announced in August of 2010. He'd begun "dating" the model Irina Shayk (sic?) around this time and were spotted at Soho House in NYC after the World Cup. Not more than a week later he announced the birth of his son and issued a request for privacy.

No pictures, literally not a clue who the mother is. He claimed it was someone he had dated. No more details ever came out. Not even a tabloid story hinting at who she might be. There was speculation she's an American and/or still a high school girl. But nothing has ever come out of his camp 2 1/2 years later. And this is a man who is followed internationally by the paparazzi.

Everybody's been paid off.

by Miareply 28401/18/2013

R280 - Eva, baby, you better make sure that Jer Jer is paying you good money for all these "leaks." He's got the movie money AND the flipping house money. You're good for at least $1.7 million.

by Miareply 28501/18/2013

R284 - I just looked up Fallon on IMDB and listed at 5'10" and Renner is listed at 5'10" also on IMDB! - yet Jer looks a full 3-4 inches shorter than him.

Is Fallon wearing lifts?

by Miareply 28601/18/2013

I could never find the time for a baby, but I am glad that Jeremy does. He did not say it was private, so I hope I have helped with public awareness regarding celebrities in some small way.

by Miareply 28701/18/2013

Tom Cruise is LISTED as 5'7" and I think he is taller than Jer in 5'5" sounds right on the money.

by Miareply 28801/18/2013

I actually saw a hard copy of US magazine. There is a small article towards the end of the magazine on this. It's not like it's front page news like a Kardashian or something.

by Miareply 28901/18/2013

I love Jeremy...I am chiming in on the height thing. Scroll down to the middle of the page.

Is it my eyes or are Renner's feet the only ones not touching the floor...just sayin.

by Miareply 29001/18/2013

That Today show pic is hysterical. He is tiny and cute.

by Miareply 29101/18/2013

Tiny, cute, and about to become a father with the love of a good woman in his house.

by Miareply 29201/18/2013

It's a way for him to have a baby in this hetero Hollywood. He doesn't want to jeopardize his career coming out gay.

by Miareply 29301/18/2013

Yeah. The love of a good woman. From the Lainey gossip site, she is living on the property. A whole lotta love there! Also, "flying in when the Water breaks"--- I can feel the love.

by Miareply 29401/18/2013

It's far more commitment than he'd ever publicly shown to a guy.

by Miareply 29501/18/2013

Good luck, Jeremy!

by Miareply 29601/18/2013

There are close to 300 posts on this thread regarding an overheard... and unvalidated by the way...conversation at a loud awards show on a smoking balcony!

by Miareply 29701/18/2013

Letterman was completely fascinated by Renner and his "buddy" flipping houses. Renner is likable and reminds me of gay home designers. I do think it's odd that no one has said, "Congratulations on becoming a dad." That is customary and good manners.

by Miareply 29801/18/2013

R298 - I think Letterman and Fallon had strict guidelines from Renner's people not to mention it. Funny, the "business partner" was not off limits.

by Miareply 29901/18/2013

Trust me, this baby will just show up next month.

by Miareply 30001/18/2013

I actually think you are right R300. I think there will be a baby. The point is this whole story and leak is ridiculous.

by Miareply 30101/18/2013

It's only of interest to me because I like Renner, and I think there is something interesting happening here. It's unusual for a famous man in his 40's to have a baby like this. Guys usually marry (Tom Cruise) or never bother (George Clooney). He is doing his own thing.

by Miareply 30201/18/2013

I love Jeremy and think he is absolutely adorable.

I think he gets a bad wrap in the DL for some reason.

I hope he moves out of Hollywood..comes out or not..whatever is best for the kid

by Miareply 30301/18/2013

I'm so blown away by all the interest in our little conversation.

by Miareply 30401/18/2013

This is the most press that Eva has gotten in months. I forgot all about her.

by Miareply 30501/18/2013

No R305 She screwed up Mark Sanchez for the season after dumping him.

by Miareply 30601/18/2013

What? Isn't she 47? I only know she is into Ken Paves and her hair. She and Renner are drinking buddies at awards shows. She fell out of her dress and used so blown away in a sentence, so I give her a high five.

by Miareply 30701/18/2013

I don't know if she is 47--but she is way older than Mark who is like 24.

Maybe she was after Renner and he made up the whole baby story so she would leave him alone.

by Miareply 30801/18/2013

Even if this story is true, I would respect Jeremy more if he had just showed up with the baby in public instead of leaking this story.

by Miareply 30901/19/2013

This "story" and its absurdness is just another example of Hollywood insanity and thinking the public has an IQ of 5.

I feel sorry for the people who get into the business of entertainment because the love acting. Then they have to deal with bearding, publicity stunts. Bleh.

by Miareply 31001/19/2013

So Jeremy's dog dies, he decides to replace it with a baby, he goes surrogates himself a baby, and his publicist cooks up this story a month before the baby is due to explain how it got there.

Makes sense.

by Miareply 31101/19/2013

I guess R311 - but you would think a seasoned publicist would have come up with something better than Eva.

by Miareply 31201/19/2013

Yep, I would say the story was cooked up by the's just what happens in Hollyweird.

by Miareply 31301/19/2013

If the woman is Canadian, wouldn't be surprised if she gets "homesick" and goes back to Canada with or without the baby.

I am sure it's been planned out already.

by Miareply 31401/19/2013

The makeup boy from Modesto who lived with and renovated homes for ten years with his long-time boyfriend is fooling nobody who knows him. Pathetic, but he's now got a great career.

by Miareply 31501/19/2013

Baby mama.

[quote]A supposed friend of Jeremy's tells the Enquirer that Sonni is living with him and his "roommate" at his home in L.A. and he's taking care of her while she's baking the baby they made. The friend went on to say, “Jeremy is delighted he’s going to become a dad. He realizes it’s unconventional to have his baby mama, an ex-girlfriend, living with him and his roommate, but he just doesn’t care.”

Roommate huh?

by Miareply 31601/23/2013

LOL, no one over there believes this story either. PR fail!

I'm telling you, baby should have just shown up.

by Miareply 31701/23/2013

Poor Jeremy! All the gossip sites are using the "walk-in closets" photo of him and his surrogate!

I almost feel badly for him.

This is so badly done... they never should have ID'd the mom if they knew this was the only photo of them together.

by Miareply 31801/23/2013

It's surprising he wants to have a baby with the same dude who killed their puppy.

by Miareply 31901/23/2013

R30, Do you know about TC and future bride or are you just guessing?

by Miareply 32001/23/2013

When will DL realize the impact of foreign markets on the entertainment business? Do you think that movie goers in the Mid East, USSR, China, etc, where being admittedly gay could mean a death sentence, would line up to see an openly gay actor, even if he is Western? Shocking that finally some minority actors can even break the overseas color barrier.

Having worked in entertainment most of my life, I assume most actors are at least somewhat bi. If someone thinks that 2% are straight, then I'll claim that only 2% have never had any type of homosexual contact of any kind under any circumstances, and I even wonder if that 2% is too high a figure. Now the question is what per centage have never had any kind of heterosexual sex, under any circumstance (drunk)? Why does DL claim gay when the truth may be closer to some degree of bi?

by Miareply 32101/23/2013

R321, get some sleep hun

USSR? Srsly?

by Miareply 32201/23/2013

The National Enquirer this week said that Renner is living with the ex-gf & his MALE ROOMMATE!

by Miareply 32301/24/2013

They got my boyfriend's name wrong!


by Miareply 32401/24/2013

Did Brad Pitt ever have gay rumors when he "made it?"

Renner likes cock!

by Miareply 32501/24/2013

This is the same girl from a few months ago. The only "ove interst we've seen him photogrphed with and she is the mother?

Plus, if he met her filming Ghost Protol she was barely 20 and he was 40+

Literally half his age.

by Miareply 32601/24/2013

R322, Perhaps you should check out the combined weekly box office revenue from the countries comprising the former Soviet Union. The growing markets of non-Western nations is of special interest to the film industry money men, since the American BO is feared to be on the decline. Regretfully most moviegoers in these less enlightened nations are extremely homophobic, and it is feared, may not support an out star. Oh, and thank you for your stated concern but I always get plenty of sleep.

by Miareply 32701/24/2013

It sounds like the plot for The New Normal.

by Miareply 32801/24/2013

I posted on this thread last week. I was one of the posters who said I want proof he is gay.

I think I am now convinced. What did it- still living with Kristoffer.

by Miareply 32901/24/2013

It would not shock me if she's not even pregnant and she's only been leaked as such because she's the only woman he's been photographed with recently.

The realize they need a cover so the fly Alberta in from Vancouver, give her her own wing in the house and a gold Amex, and once the surrogate delivers he takes her to a few parties before cutting the chord.

by Miareply 33001/24/2013

R330. That's a very interesting theory.

So in the house are Jeremy, Kristoffer, the Surrogate and Alerta from Vancouver?

Sounds crazy but with this story, totally plausible.

by Miareply 33101/24/2013

Well, Janet Charlton says Jeremy is straight so there!

Rumors about Jeremy Renner being gay have circulated in Hollywood since he hit it big in The Hurt Locker. He’s NOT gay and we figure the rumors started because Jeremy was once a make-up artist. A friend of his said that Jeremy did it so he could meet women and had tons of girlfriends at that time. Jeremy simply ignored the gay rumors and now that he has a pregnant girlfriend they are likely to die down, don’t you think? (Above, he’s looking dapper in New York)

by Miareply 33201/24/2013

Inside the house are Jeremy, Kristoffer, Jeremy's long-suffering publicist, Jeremy's mom, the surrogate, the surrogate's bigoted Nana and her precocious daughter, Alberta from Vancouver, Alberta's slacker boyfriend who's trying to break into movies, Jeremy's personal assistant "Tup Tim" (Kris has no idea where he found her, she can't even type), a glamorous black lady, and Guest Star Matt Bomer.

It's the Marx Bros. stateroom scene reimagined by Ryan Murphy.

by Miareply 33301/24/2013

There are other pics of Renner with the so called baby mama. In November of 2011, he was at a dinner event where he had his hand on the inside of her bare thigh.

The picture is at You have to be registered to view the pics. It's under 2011-candids-stk party, 6th picture.

Not making any judgment here, just pointing out that they've been seen together more than once.

by Miareply 33401/24/2013

Post the picture or it doesn't exist.

by Miareply 33501/24/2013

I gave you all the info for it, go look. Or don't. As I said I'm just putting the info out there.

by Miareply 33601/24/2013

Doesn't exist.

by Miareply 33701/24/2013

R334. Does she look preg in photo? She would be 4-5 mos by then.

by Miareply 33801/24/2013

Central Casting? I need to order a young, attractive, fertile, gay friendly and VERY VERY SHORT actress for an extended role. She'll be playing the part of my heterosexual baby mama - this is an open-ended contract with periodic return appearances.

Oh, and she cannot have any prior stints with COS. I was looking at your catalog and I'm interested in the one on p.37. 2nd column center. I think that fish, excuse me, that lady was a stand-in for my fabulous action flop - Midget Impossible: Ghost Protocol............

by Miareply 33901/24/2013

338 - it was November '11, so she wouldn't have been pregnant.

and for the poster saying the pic doesn't exist, do some work yourself. It's a series of pics, you'd have to see others in the series to realize it's Renner and Pacheco (full face pics show where they're sitting, the hand on the thigh is taken kind of from the side, can't see their faces)

I gave you all the information and how to find the pic. If you don't want to bother looking it up, oh well. (and I have no idea how to post pics on here anyway).

And while I'm here, personal pics I've seen (a wedding video of Renner's sister, their facebooks) have led me to believe that Kristoffer Winters is one of the many stepsiblings Renner has accrued through his parents remarriages. I don't know for certain, of course,and this doesn't mean they aren't lovers, but I think that's where the connection comes from.

by Miareply 34001/24/2013

I read the Janet Charlton link. The people who are commenting on the article don't believe her!

by Miareply 34101/24/2013

R340 makes good points.

I personally belive he is hetero. And he has a reputation for being quite the ladies man (Jessica Simpson, Carrie Mulligan, Charlize Theron).

by Miareply 34201/24/2013

I'd also like to point out,just for the record, that I am female and a Renner fan. However, his sexuality is of little concern to me. I am not foolish enough to believe I ever had a 'chance' with him so his being straight or gay doesn't change a thing.

I am also of the belief that there is no baby. My goal here is simply to provide information that others might not have been privy to for the sake of a fair argument(a nasty habit of mine).

by Miareply 34301/24/2013

R343, etc.: FRAU ALERT!

by Miareply 34401/24/2013

Enquirer identified his male roommate as Griffin Hadley. He works for A&R. You can't handle the truth.

by Miareply 34501/24/2013

Yay. I knew it!!! Not Kristoffer.

He is 100% straight hetero man.

The DL is so wrong AGAIN.

by Miareply 34601/24/2013

OMG! Griffin Hadley is a real man's man. R346's impeccable gaydar is right on target; Jeremy cannot possibly be gay.

by Miareply 34701/24/2013

Another of Mr. Griffin Hadley of A&R.

By the way, it's entirely possibly that Jeremy has [italic]more than one[/italic] male roommate.

Just sayin'.

by Miareply 34801/24/2013

I think the question is why does he have a male roommate, and why are they hosting a pregnant 22-year old lingerie model?

by Miareply 34901/24/2013

Errr...uhhh. Cough.

Griffin Hadley may be Gay but does not necessarily mean Jer is.

by Miareply 35001/24/2013

I think another question R349 is how old is Griffin Hadley? He looks no more than 25 years old. Some men can't relate to people in their age group I guess.

by Miareply 35101/24/2013

Translation of R350:

by Miareply 35201/24/2013

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a mother fucking duck!

Renner is gay, gay, gay

What straight man with his level of success and money continues to live with his male roommate for years and years as they flip luxury properties and decorate them together?

Renner will never come out of the closet. He will continue to live his life as he has in the past but with a much higher level of public scrutiny due to his fame and success. It is all part of what he signed up for when he reached for that brass ring of showbiz fame and fortune.

by Miareply 35301/24/2013

There is no evidence he is gay or straight. We know he likes to live with men and redesign houses. He was a makeup artist. The girl is a skank from photos - fake tits and horsey looking. I am getting a weird vibe from the whole thing.

by Miareply 35401/24/2013

Guys, just leave him alone.

by Miareply 35501/24/2013

Agree R354 That's why the baby ploy. I remember the chick, just one picture, now she's pregnant AND living with him and his guy. In case she tries to run away.

Disagree about her looks. She's attractive and appears athletic. Pity she got involved with those 2

by Miareply 35601/24/2013

R353 Jeremy is living with Hadley not Kristoffer who is the guy he flips houses with. So they thought this woman is a surrogate for him and Kristoffer doesn't hold water now.

I doubt if she is a surrogote for Jeremy and Hadley unless there are multiple men living there.

by Miareply 35701/24/2013

If Kristofer Winters is Jeremy's step brother, then why haven't they announced that long ago?

That would be a far better way to put the gay rumors to rest than creating a baby mama.

by Miareply 35801/24/2013

358- he has referred to Winters as his brother several times.

As for the pic I referenced above, hope this works.

Granted, it proves nothing except the fact that he's been seen with this chick before. So, there you go.

by Miareply 35901/24/2013

Kristoffer is out of the picture. Hadley is the current BF. Franklin died on Kris's watch, and things were never the same between them.

by Miareply 36001/24/2013

I and the rest of the world interpreted Jeremy calling Kristofer his "brother" in the sense of "He ain't heavy, he's my brother," a phrase some men use to refer to close friends.

All Jeremy had to do was say, Kristofer is my step brother. Would have cleared everything up if it were true. Yet he chose not to.

by Miareply 36101/24/2013

I took it that way too until I saw Winters and Renner both walking Renner's mom down the aisle at Renner's sister's wedding. And his mom has a picture on her FB of all her children, no spouses, and both Winters and Renner are in there.

I can believe he's gay, but I don't believe Winters was his boyfriend.

by Miareply 36201/24/2013

Kristoffer Winters is NOT Jeremy's "brother". That's just one of Jeremy's terms of endearment for Kris (besides babe, honey, etc).

He stated as much in an interview after they death of their puppy.

by Miareply 36301/24/2013

No 40 year old man (or 30 for that matter) lives with a roommate unless they are dirt poor and he obviously isn't.

I'm now 100% sure he's gay.

by Miareply 36401/24/2013

Who is this Hadley guy? Surely Jeremy would not be raising a baby with this new guy instead if his partner of 20 years?

by Miareply 36501/24/2013

Jeremy Renner is all man and I'm just the dame to prove it.

by Miareply 36601/24/2013

And by the way, don't you boys think it's about time you work on making real gays come out of the closet and leave poor heterosexual guys out of your fantasies?

by Miareply 36701/24/2013

Is that really a picture of Griffin Hadley - the one living with Jeremy Renner - the one R347 posted?

Is Jeremy kidding? Even if he is gay, he can do better than that!

by Miareply 36801/24/2013

[quote]He’s NOT gay and we figure the rumors started because Jeremy was once a make-up artist. A friend of his said that Jeremy did it so he could meet women

Dear Janet Charlton,

Becoming a make-up artist to meet women has got to be one of the most pathetic answers to the nagging gay question ever given. Ranks right up there with only dating women in Europe.

When the Gossip awards are give out next year, I hope that answers wins you an award for lamest answer of the year.

by Miareply 36901/24/2013

"The actor, 42, is apparently staying under the same roof with both his close pal Griffin Hadley and his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sonni Pacheco"

Griffin is merely a pal. That clears everything up..whew!

by Miareply 37001/24/2013

Seems like his closet is becoming more visible by the day.

by Miareply 37101/24/2013

r370, you hit the nail on the head.

Whatever anyone want's to believe Jeremy's living situation is odd at best

A straight A-list 40 something movie star does not have roommate's

by Miareply 37201/24/2013

Wow - where is his publicist? These kinds of arrangements just invite gossip and bad press.

by Miareply 37301/24/2013

So I guess Griffin is his new bf.

I liked Kristoffer better.

by Miareply 37401/24/2013

I can't think of anyone over 30 male or female who has a roommate ( I don't count adults moving back in with Mom and Dad).

It is strange he would have this kid (yes he looks very young) living with him AT ALL being he's a multi millionare movie star.

by Miareply 37501/24/2013

I read the National Enquirer article. They said she is due in April. I thought Eva said she was do in February?

by Miareply 37601/24/2013

Hollywood seems fairly straight. Do an actor's colleagues think less of him for lying and bearding, or are they relieved?

by Miareply 37701/24/2013

Where is the publicist is a great question...

Look for Griffin to "move out" within the next few weeks with huge moving vans, movers, couches, tvs....a spectacle...

by Miareply 37801/24/2013

You are joking R377...right?

by Miareply 37901/24/2013

No, seriously? When the rest of the cast and crew are talking about their wives and girlfriends, do the closeted guys do that too? Or is everyone else in the know?

by Miareply 38001/24/2013

r380 Are you really being serious or is this a joke? Where are you from?

by Miareply 38101/24/2013

I'm totally serious.

by Miareply 38201/24/2013

R380 is trying his hand at humor -I think -and failing miserably.

by Miareply 38301/24/2013

It depends on your level of importance. I think Renner has used the word partner so much that people assume that it means something of significance to him, but they leave it alone. The Enquirer is loving this because he does not want to talk about it, but the roommates are boy and pregnant "ex-girlfriend." They love that stuff.

by Miareply 38401/24/2013

Just read Griffin is a Bay area record producer...maybe he and Jeremy are working on an album while they await the birth?

by Miareply 38501/24/2013

Why is it humorous to want to know how closeted guys act and are treated on set? I think it's fascinating.

by Miareply 38601/24/2013

And his mom is involved. It's so Modesto.

by Miareply 38701/24/2013

They are closeted R386 - so they are going to appear as straight as possible out in the open at parties, gatherings etc.

I would imagine they act like themselves - whatever that means - when with their own inner circle.

by Miareply 38801/24/2013

So even though you hear all the time how Hollywood is like the smallest town ever and everyone knows everyone else's business, they're always pretending and everyone else plays it cool?

by Miareply 38901/24/2013

It's publicity. You are talking about him and that is considered a win.

by Miareply 39001/24/2013

R390 is correct.

There is also a sub story that it's Jeremy's dad is having a baby with his wife and the whole Eva conversation was about the father having a baby.

by Miareply 39101/25/2013

Now it's out that Taylor Swift is carrying his child too. Damn, that pussygrinder gets around. I guess she wasn't his beard after all.

by Miareply 39201/25/2013

Some of these posts are waaaay out there.

It won't be the first time a woman got knocked up on purpose for a meal ticket if he is no gay. And if he is, it won't be the first time a surrogate was hired.

Either way, I don't believe any of it. Where is any knd of photgraphic evidence of this woman pregnant? If she is out and about and living her life, we would have seen a pic at least.

by Miareply 39301/25/2013

The birth was moved from February to April, due to scheduling conflicts and reshoots.

by Miareply 39401/25/2013

The Enquirer has the tag line "Very Modern Family". That has to subliminal based on their story after the Hurt Locker came out.

by Miareply 39501/25/2013

I finally got up the nerve to call Jeremy, just to get to the bottom of this. He said HIS FATHER knocked up some woman and that he is just gonna be the lucky half-brother. Whew! I thought we had lost Jeremy to the dark side.

by Miareply 39601/25/2013

I just saw an article that Lee (Jeremy's father) is the one having a baby with his wife.

Then the link right below that story stated Jeremy was having a baby with Jess McCallum.

Then the link below that is that he is having a baby with Sonni and living with a man!

Forget about Jeremy, what a bunch of hacks that run these gossip sights. Do they check anything out? Obviously not.

by Miareply 39701/25/2013

Hello - clear it up on a talk show appearance and move on.

by Miareply 39801/25/2013

Lois. It's publicity. Why would it be cleared up?

by Miareply 39901/25/2013

For the sake of the baby!

by Miareply 40001/25/2013

The point IS that having a baby shouldn't be such a big deal and so complicated. Straight, bi, gay, closeted and out men, have them all the time!!!! He obviously KNOWS this is out there everywhere and doesn't deny or confirm it.


All he's done with this pathetic attempt at manipulating the media and public is to attract attention to his "weird" living arrangement and make people suspect more than ever that he actually IS gay.

by Miareply 40101/25/2013

If Renner were to come out once the baby is born he'd probably be able to maintain a pretty decent career in features. He was never a romantic leading man anyway, and his advancing age and unconventional looks were going to relegate him to character roles anyway.

by Miareply 40201/25/2013

I don't think he will come out. He is in a couple of franchises. The Daily Mail has papped the extra / assistant with baby bump.

by Miareply 40301/25/2013

So it's Renner, the ex and and his room mate.

I dunno...

by Miareply 40401/25/2013

He didn't "debut" until he was 40+, which is fine nowadays as long as you have some semblance of youthful looks (i..e J.Lo didn't come a "pop singer" until she was 30, which is about the equivalent of 45 for a Hollywood male). I think we should applaud him as a homosexual who was able to game the system in terms of his acting and real estate career.

by Miareply 40501/25/2013

I just looked at the picture at the Daily Mail. The girl looks pregnant that's for sure.

I find it very convenient now she is photographed? His publicist started the clean-up.

by Miareply 40601/25/2013

Good freaking grief he's expecting with his "gf and his father is also expecting at the same time? And he lives with a younger gay SF-based record guy, after breaking up with his stepbrother-lover who he used to live with and flips expensive houses with who also killed his beloved dog. where are these people from, Kentucky? I can't keep up with it all, this is gossip gold right here. I expect the DL to be feeding for months off of this.

by Miareply 40701/25/2013

I agree with R406. He deserves to be commended for his perseverance and success in a tough industry.

He has talent. No nepotism. Isn't a pretty boy. Just talent.

Most of Hollywood is weird anyway. Nobody is even blinking at this living arrangment etc.

As long as he doesn't come out and say "I am Gay" - he will make money for the studio. Even pictures can be explained away ie that's not is photoshopped etc.

by Miareply 40801/25/2013

Its not Hollywood that's blinking at his living arrangements its all the rest of us out here. The ones who pay to see him in his movies. That's why all the obsfucation, bearding etc. Otherwise everyone in Hwood who's gay or otherwise living in a way that's "odd" to flyover country would just go about their business and have no need for expensive publicists, US mag cover stories, Taylor Swift, etc.

by Miareply 40901/25/2013

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters is not getting good reviews...worse than I would have suspected.

I like these types of movies...but this critic from the NY Post gave it 0 Stars...yikes.

Not sure if I'm going to plop down 20 bucks to see this.

by Miareply 41001/25/2013

In what universe is this chick a model? She can't be taller than 5'4" based on the photos of her next to him.

by Miareply 41101/25/2013

I don't see why you'd want suspected closet cases to be gay, anyway - do you really want craven liars batting for your team?

by Miareply 41201/25/2013

I hope Jeremy gets back to real acting in some decent movies and kicks these franchises and cheesy Sci Fi flicks to the curb.

You can't have too many flops in a row.

by Miareply 41301/25/2013

[quote]he's expecting with his "gf and his father is also expecting at the same time? And he lives with a younger gay SF-based record guy, after breaking up with his stepbrother-lover who he used to live with and flips expensive houses with who also killed his beloved dog.

r407 Thanks for the recap. It was getting hard to keep track of everything.

This Jeremy soap opera sure is taking a lot of detours. But its certainly is exciting. Wonder what will happen next?

by Miareply 41401/25/2013

"Renner looks vaguely embarrassed throughout, particularly when he’s required to give himself an injection of 18th-century insulin because of his childhood indulgence in a candy-covered house"

This excerpt was taken from the NY POST review of Hansel and Gretel. I had to read this a few times...this movie sounds really really bad.

by Miareply 41501/25/2013

We need a recap because these sites will post and print anything without checking facts.

by Miareply 41601/25/2013

r407 well, when you put it like that, rofl.........

by Miareply 41701/25/2013

So the Ex-GF is preggers?

Just throwin' it out there...just a possibility... He actually might be could be against all odds...BE STRAIGHT!

Very few on this site seem to think that is at all in the realm of reality.

by Miareply 41801/25/2013

Bravo, R418. Exceptions like you are what lend support to Darwin's survival theory.

by Miareply 41901/25/2013

R418. There are posts here that consider the possibility. They are quickly debunked and dismissed.

Do you REALLY think what you are suggesting is possible?

by Miareply 42001/25/2013

I am a fan of his. I hope this all works out. And doesn't hurt his career.

by Miareply 42101/26/2013

With a friend like Tom Cruise possibly giving him advice this certainly all makes sense...surrogate or whatever! Just start parading it all over the media

by Miareply 42201/26/2013

All the comments on the gossip sites are ridiculing Jeremy. This was not a well-executed strategy.

by Miareply 42301/26/2013

R423. I stated something similiar a few posts back when I first posted here. Who ever is managing his public image blew this big time.

Baby should have just shown up.

by Miareply 42401/26/2013

This plus the new movie getting panned is not going to go over well in the coveted demographic of middle America.

Heck, I am from NY and it's not sitting to well withe me either.

by Miareply 42501/26/2013

I mean TOO well with me

by Miareply 42601/26/2013

People, with the exception of Fraus, are not stupid. A very bad strategy, indeed.

by Miareply 42701/26/2013

He's not helping himself by going out in public with mascara.

by Miareply 42801/26/2013

I think it's kind of cool that Jer and his Dad can experience fatherhood at the same time.

I hope Jeremy's roommate knows what he is getting into.

by Miareply 42901/26/2013

Jeremy was a make-up artist so he should know how to apply makeup. Don't have a problem at all with eyeliner or mascara. The purpose of makeup is to enhace your best features which are his eyes.

I don't know why he would tolerate that flaking foundation.

by Miareply 43001/26/2013

I am confused R407

I think R424 is right. Random baby showing up would have been easier to explain. Didn't he learn anything from his buddy Charlize?

by Miareply 43101/26/2013

So, is there any proof that he is living with this Griffin guy except for what the National Enquirer says? Is the Enquirer THAT reliable?

by Miareply 43201/26/2013

It's so much like The New Normal(tm), now airing on NBC!

by Miareply 43301/26/2013

So he dumped the ginge, eh?

by Miareply 43401/26/2013

If the baby showed up it would have been a story for a day or two. As one poster put it- this is gossip gold. There is months to go before the stork arrives.

by Miareply 43501/26/2013

Or did the ginge dump Jeremy after all this girlfriend business?

by Miareply 43601/26/2013

Or was he never really with Jeremy at all in that way?

by Miareply 43701/26/2013

Don't think Jeremy was with Kris that way. Really business partners. The other guy Hadley may be a relationship

by Miareply 43801/26/2013

Blind Item #1 - Easy Easy (CDAN) This blind item is so easy, it is barely blind. This newly announced baby mama of an A list all movie actor has a past that no one is talking about. Although she is a model she has also earned money being a topless blackjack dealer for bachelor parties and always making sure the bachelor has a good time.

by Miareply 43901/26/2013

Or is it a red herring, and Kristoffer and Jeremy are spending many happy evenings at home together? This is the most plausible, given their long-term relationship thus far.

by Miareply 44001/26/2013

Kristoffer looks down to earth and masculine. This other guy screams tool.

by Miareply 44101/26/2013

So the recap should be changed to knocked up ex gf who is a former topless blackjack dealer and possible whore for hire?

I at least give Jeremy credit for making her an ex.

by Miareply 44201/26/2013

His PR people need to start trolling the gossip sites and message boards and read what people are writing. It isn't good. Look for a formal annoucement within the next week to clear everything up. Privacy be damned. This is turning into a real cluster.

by Miareply 44301/26/2013

I was going to say...why does this thread keep going and going and going? I find nothing interesting about this actor.

by Miareply 44401/26/2013

Everyone loves a good trashy tale started by former actress Eva Longoria.

by Miareply 44501/26/2013

Read post 407 for a recap. R444. This is only going to get worse now that the ex is a topless blackjack dealer.

by Miareply 44601/26/2013

She's no model, she's short & way too big to be anything but a fitness model, and her face is fug.

by Miareply 44701/26/2013

This story is just getting bigger and bigger with shit. Loving this.

by Miareply 44801/26/2013

No one is buying it! LOL!

by Miareply 44901/26/2013

When did the Enquirer become a reliable source?

by Miareply 45001/26/2013

His really idiotic mistake (one of them anyway) is not "dating" that woman visibly for a while. I of course don't mean he should have fucked her but at least try to look like a couple. Being photographed twice with her walking on the street and now all of this, was bound to look ridiculous and have people talking. Had he at least been seen with her for a while and then eventually had the baby show up, with no leaks and statements about "a pregnant ex living with him", it wouldn't have seemed half as weird and fake as it does now. He would have seemed way more like a non media whore and someone who likes his privacy.

These people really think the public is dumb and will believe anything.

by Miareply 45101/26/2013

That's because the public really is dumb and will believe anything, r451.

by Miareply 45201/26/2013

Love this thread. I agree with R451. He should have invested a little more time dating her. I mean in the first pictures that came out a few months ago, dude didn't even open the car door for the woman (and she would have been pregnant by then).

Instead - she disappears never to be seen again until she is photographed a few days ago with a bun in the oven (apparently) after the story comes out he is living with a good pal..

by Miareply 45301/26/2013

Maybe the Enquirer is right - that Renner just doesn't care...He doesn't care what we's his life after all.

The only place he cares about what we think or how we judge him is in the box office.

I am not optimistic about his latest release.

by Miareply 45401/26/2013

I have hopes for "Low Life" with Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix. The Gretel film looks atrocious.

by Miareply 45501/26/2013

Of course he cares what we think, otherwise we wouldn't have even heard about the baby. All this shit we've heard over the last few days is PR spin.

As a mere observer of this tasteless phenomenon, one must at least admire the stage management.

by Miareply 45601/26/2013

r452 To a great extent, you're absolutely right but I think many times there are turning points where most people stop believing, as has happened with Tom Cruise and JT.

by Miareply 45701/26/2013

I don't think he cares about other people but if there is a baby then the public need to know about it because you can't keep a baby in the basement forever and if he'd suddenly show up somewhere with a baby people would ask even more questions

by Miareply 45801/26/2013

r456 nothing to admire. This has been rolled out in the most ridiculous, illogical and suspicious manner.

Unless Renner and team are incredibly dumb and arrogant and thought they could sell this half baked bs because the public is so gullible, maybe that ho just got preggers by someone and Renner just saw an opportunity to be a dad and make himself look hetero.

Or it's a surrogacy and the cover story was sloppy and arrogant thinking we would buy it.

Renner pulled a Tom Cruise or an almost.

by Miareply 45901/26/2013

The creepiest thing to me is not the unorthodox living arrangement, not the secrecy or the leak, but the fact he is old enough to be her father for God's sake. If they met in 2010 or 2011, she would have been 18 or 19!

If Gay-get a surrogate in her late 20's or early 30's. It looks better. If straight - you're a dirty old man.

by Miareply 46001/26/2013

Maybe he is bisexual. It only takes one time to knock up a hooker, and at least he is trying to do the right thing and care of the mother. The problem that he created a kooky home life mystery, and that simply feeds tabloids and gossip mills. Tom Cruise probably lives with dozens of people, but they are all on the payroll as staff and we don't know who they are. This becomes much more public, because of JR's labeling (partner, roommate, ex-girlfriend).

by Miareply 46101/26/2013

I saw an interview on youtube with Jeremy being questioned by a writer from small magazine in LA I think. It was about the time when he was nominated for The Town. I had no doubt based on his manner, appearance and pinging - he was gay. Didn't think twice.

Then I see an interview with Letterman, in which he gave a totally different performance. Very macho, confident, hetero to the max.

I just think it's interesting that actors always have to be performing, especially for the big interviews. For the small venues, not so much. That's where the truth will come out.

by Miareply 46201/26/2013

Only Jeremy knows what he is, and he has a RIGHT not to tell anyone if he doesn't feel like it. He might have very well knocked up this 5'3" "model".

However, what's fascinating about this is that in spite of the information he is volunteering through his PR machine, nobody believes him.

by Miareply 46301/26/2013

ok you asked for the update:

Good freaking grief he's expecting with his "gf" who is a former topless "blackjack dealer" (ahem) and his father is also expecting at the same time. And he lives with a younger gay SF-based record guy, after breaking up with his stepbrother-lover who he used to live with and flips expensive houses with who also killed his beloved dog. This all after taking advice from Tom Cruise.

where are these people from, Kentucky?

by Miareply 46401/26/2013


Love your updates!

by Miareply 46501/26/2013

R407 / R464.

One minor correction+ his EX GF who was a topless blackjack dealer....

by Miareply 46601/26/2013

Why do you people care so much?

It's a serious question.

by Miareply 46701/26/2013

R467 Does it seem like anybody posting really cares?

That is a serious question as well.

by Miareply 46801/26/2013

As for Renner, dude's over 40, rich as all get out, and yet has shared a house with the same "roommate" for the past decade, while insisting he's "too busy with his career" to date. It's like something right out of the old Hollywood publicity machine. Also, he used to be a Lancome makeup artist, and while I've met straight male hair dressers, I've never met a straight male makeup guy.

by Miareply 46901/26/2013

I think Tom Cruise is getting a bad wrap here. Tom never tried to pass anything like this on the public.

He at least married the women. Even when the bride audition stories came out a few months ago, one of his reps publicly denied it at least and then it died down.

by Miareply 47001/26/2013

He said he became a make-up artist to meet girls R469.

by Miareply 47101/26/2013

[quote]Tom Cruise is getting a bad wrap here.

I got a bad wrap for lunch last week.

by Miareply 47201/26/2013

good for you r472. Bad rap is what Tom Cruise is getting.

by Miareply 47301/26/2013

R471 - LOL. Riiight. Like playing in a band, being a make-up artist is the #2 method of "meeting hot chicks" for straight men.

WTF? I'm sorry, but there's something strange here. First off, he's been best friends for years with this guy who is 8 years younger than him? How common is that? When I was in my early 30, the last thing I wanted to do was hang with a 22 year old.

And then they lived together for years. You could say that was convenience as they were flipping houses. Maybe. Did neither one of them ever live with a girl? Isn't that a bit immature?

by Miareply 47401/26/2013

Well, make-up artists meet a lot of girls. Or are a lot of girls. I can't remember which.

by Miareply 47501/26/2013

Renner revealed he was a make-up artist in at least one interview.

He said, "You don't find too many straight make-up artists". I think it might have been Letterman’s show. I remember seeing it.

by Miareply 47601/26/2013

How can any of you say he is "fug" or ugly????

The man is beautiful.

by Miareply 47701/26/2013

Face like a catcher's mitt.

by Miareply 47801/26/2013

He may have lousy publicity people, a crazy living situation and a knocked up ex, but the man is not ugly.

Did you see the stills of him from S.W.A.T?

Whew... I need to take a cold shower.

by Miareply 47901/26/2013

r479 SWAT was made in 2003. His looks have def faded in the last 10 years. His skin is very bad and it seems that the pock marks are getting worse as he ages. You would think that he would see a surgeon about possibly doing some resurfacing. He just looks very "worn" to me if that makes sense.

by Miareply 48001/26/2013

OK Agreed SWAT was 10 years ago. He changed some in 10 years.

He looked great on SNL a few weeks ago -especially during his monologue. For 42, he still looks youthful. He is playing Hansel to Gemma Atherton’s Gretel and she is almost 20 years younger than him.

by Miareply 48101/26/2013

I didn't think he had it in him.

by Miareply 48201/26/2013

I am going to wait for the official announcement from Jeremy and his people about this situation.

He seems too down to earth and smart to be part of the mess that has been described on the gossip sites and this thread.

by Miareply 48301/26/2013

So who did Ted Casablanca out if it wasn't Renner? Could he have been referring to another Jeremy? Piven maybe?

That blind item came out amount the same time the ex got preggers.

by Miareply 48401/26/2013

r484 what was the BI?

r483 It's been almost two weeks and they haven't. Make of that what you will.

by Miareply 48501/26/2013

Is he a clam now? I mean people say he's chummy with Tom Cruise, so is he a Clam?

by Miareply 48601/26/2013

[EOnline] Oh, what a tangled website we weave, when at first we practice to deceive. That’s what one of those crusty writer guys said, right?

OK, maybe not exactly, but conniving, breasty Harriet Talons sure had that in mind when she backstabbed so many people on her current hit show, her own network’s New York website is currently weighing whether or not to write a scathing exposé on Harriet’s behind-the-scenes shenanigans—they’re that damn impressive.

Back in Hollywood, but equally as stealth—and to far more sexy results—would be an Oscar-nominated star’s party behavior. Want to hear what Freddie Friction picked up along with his cocktail?

A date!

And it’s weird on so many levels: Just like Harriet, who tells the world constantly (mostly in women’s magazines) how down-to-earth and shy and humble she is, Freddie’s been busy spinning a similar ersatz media presence. For instance, he often talks about how “straight” he is. Like, a lot.

Isn’t it fascinating how very unlike Crescent Cumquat and Topher Hairy-Tuchus—who often depend on extravagant online shenanigans to hook up with guys they fancy—Freddie is. He just asked a guy home at a recent N.Y. party! Right in front of everybody!

And even though the party dude who Freddie asked back to his place was completely shocked, he did manage to say yes, in case you were wondering.

Yeah, maybe it was kinda stupid for Freddie (who we hear is a tad on the old-fashioned side) to let this all go down in the open, but hey, makes more sense than Craigslist, huh? Less of a trail…

I think Freddie’s gonna be a crafty one, just like Harriet. In fact, I’m sure of it!

AND IT AIN’T: Felicity Huffman and Chord Overstreet, Joan Rivers and Zac Efron, Betty White and Robert Pattinson

Harriet Talons: Terri Hatcher

Freddie Friction: Jeremy Renner

by Miareply 48701/26/2013

WOW...Terry Hatcher must be a true thunder cunt if websites are still writing about what a sleazy bitch she is/was on DH.

by Miareply 48801/26/2013

lol, R#482, I think he's had plenty in him.

by Miareply 48901/27/2013

I read a couple of the interviews he gave regarding Franklin. It would be odd if Kristoffer was (still) his partner that he would give interviews where he talks about being lonely.

by Miareply 49001/27/2013

The more I think about it, I think Kris and Jeremy are just close friends and business partners. Maybe it was something more earlier, but not now.

I also think Jer likes them young-male or female. The guy he is living with now has got to be in his 20's and the ex gf was barely out of her teens when they met. Plus I didn't wasn't to bring it up, there were rumors swirling about the bar in Thailand that a young escort was invloved and the axe toting maniac was the pimp.

Just sayin'. The age thing is a common thread. Not illegal(don't know about Thailand) but kinda creepy IMO.

by Miareply 49101/27/2013

You're right R491.

It would also be odd that a gay couple would choose a young stripper to be their surrogate, or even surrogate-beard.

He possibly likes young men & women. He was probably aquainted with this partygirl and after he lost his dog (the timing is too much of a coincidence) he decided to have a baby and she was willing to incubate for him. Believe me, he will have custody of the baby once she leaves the picture. And she will be set for life - no more topless card dealing.

I hope this baby brings him the closure he needs.

That being said, baby should have just shown up.

by Miareply 49201/27/2013

She will probaly split after the birth never to be seen again. If she runs out of money she will come back to the well again and again possibly threatening to take the kid away-as the mother.

I am not sure if any contract can prevent this.

by Miareply 49301/27/2013

He likes 'em young - that's for sure. He even got a puppy vs. a full grown rescue dog. Hmmmm

by Miareply 49401/27/2013

"Model" implies a very pretty, well-groomed, personable girl hired to do a variety of jobs, some legit and fully clothed. Even Tyra Banks on TV talks about 2nd and 3rd rate models hired to promote companies at Trade Shows, pass out product samples at both Walmart and high-end grocery stores, and attract attention by passing out flyers for businesses. Usually they wear provocative clothing, to enhance their best assests. Not all are tall, or fit into model sizes; it depends what the client wants. Some get smart and hire ladies that aren't youthful 10's but are good at sales. In Vegas many handsome men of all ages also work as "models." It's a fairly well-paying job, even for those that don't party with the customers or clients after hours.

by Miareply 49501/27/2013

Renner should be ashamed of himself. This girl is a child for fucks sake. If he was 50 and she was 30, totally different. So I don't care that he is old enough to be her father. He met her when she was a teenager broke up with her AND THEN knocked her up. He should know better. What a sleazy jerk.

No wonder in those pictures from the Daily MMail she looks miserable.

by Miareply 49601/27/2013

Almost 500 posts on a pregnancy that hasn't been confirmed and no confirmation from Renner or his people. LOL. I love it.

Imagine when his people actually start confirming or denying any of this crap...

by Miareply 49701/27/2013

I think the pic of the pregnant ex is confirmation enough...its obviously his! I don't even think the same of him anymore..lost a lot of respect...he made a mistake that a lot of people in their early 20's make..only he is in his 40's! ugh...idiot...

by Miareply 49801/27/2013

The girl is barely legal. Gay, Bi, Straight - he is totally disgusting.

I hope it's not his, I really do.

by Miareply 49901/27/2013

From Enty:

This blind item is so easy, it is barely blind. This newly announced baby mama of an A list all movie actor has a past that no one is talking about. Although she is a model she has also earned money being a topless blackjack dealer for bachelor parties and always making sure the bachelor has a good time.

by Miareply 50001/27/2013

I'm sure her parents insisted she trap his bank account with a baby. Who can blame them?

by Miareply 50101/27/2013

He can say no right R501? I mean doesn't he have people watching out for these traps?

That is why he is mortally stupid or just a disgusting sleazebag.

by Miareply 50201/27/2013

This baby is going to be very expensive for Mr. Renner if this story is true.

I wonder if Jeremy's roommate will be on diaper duty?

by Miareply 50301/27/2013

No way this baby was an accident. The timing after the death of Franklin is too coincidental.

by Miareply 50401/27/2013

There are no adjectives to adequately descibe the content in the 500+ posts I just scrolled through and read.

I did a search on the internet to confirm who the heck is is! The baby story and the movie he is in (apparently it is not good) are all over.

The DL pretty much covered everything!

by Miareply 50501/27/2013

It's a fake relationship. I know someone who knows her in Vancouver. It's all a friendly arrangement. Renner's partnered with some younger guy.

by Miareply 50601/27/2013

Makes sense.

by Miareply 50701/27/2013

regarding 506...what else can you tell us?? So Jeremy wanted a baby? why with her?...she is sleazy...he must be helping her with her "career"

by Miareply 50801/28/2013

It may be a friendly relationship, but Renner appears sleezy as hell. Why choose a 22 year old girl?

More questions than answers. I think this can really hurt his career. Too bad since he has real talent.

by Miareply 50901/28/2013

r509 because who in hollywood would believe a successful 40 something male would be interested in a woman is own age? To make be believable he had to get a 22 year old.

by Miareply 51001/28/2013

Why would this hurt his career? Nobody believes this story anyway.

by Miareply 51101/28/2013

510. It may ho

by Miareply 51201/28/2013

Because his fanbase will not like the fact if he is gay, selecting a child to be the surrogate. If he is straight, he knocked up a kid.

Baby should have just shown up

Plus, I WAS a fan. This whole story turns my stomach. I won't be paying money to see his movies.

I feel sorry for her

by Miareply 51301/28/2013

R510. How about a 25 or 26 year old? She was barely legal when they met.

by Miareply 51401/28/2013

I don't think the career is ruined. I can see it taking a small hit. Once the bundle of joy shows up, all is forgiven and forgotten.

If the new boyfriend opens his mouth for a dollar it could get interesting. He looks like a wannabe.

by Miareply 51501/28/2013

For pete's sake, she's legal. Legal is legal. They are practically the same age difference as Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings and nobody whines about that.

Baby will be fine. And if Jeremy and Kristoffer are decorating the nursery, it will be FABULOUS.

by Miareply 51601/28/2013

Ahhhh R516. First of all SLP is a movie. Jennifer Lawrence last I read is not knocked up with Bradley's baby. Plus Bradley acknowledged he's old enough to be her father when rumors cropped up about them dating.

Just because it's legal doesn't mean it is right.

by Miareply 51701/28/2013

For fuck's sake, most of these Hollywood stars are banging barely legal starlets, partygirls and hookers. Who are you to judge one amongst many?

by Miareply 51801/28/2013

I am not judging for fuck's sake. I am stating my opinion. Did you read this fucking thread or site? That's all people do.

by Miareply 51901/28/2013

Actually there was a HUGE thread bashing the JL and BC pairing in SLP. Most of us thought that pairing was RIDICULOUS.

Not bashing this gorgeous girl. I'm going to assume that she is a surrogate for Renner and like every surrogate, she should be compensated for her services. She's got a beautiful body which she put at risk to give birth to this closeted fool's baby. She's earning every penny and there is nothing wrong with her for doing that.

by Miareply 52001/28/2013

shes a sleazy ho...enough said...

by Miareply 52101/28/2013

Anon-sleazy ho or not - she does deserve every dime she is going to get - right?

Hilarious Jeremy's people haven't commented yet. What are they waiting for?

by Miareply 52201/28/2013

This whole story is fake. That woman had a Beyonce bump. Typical Hollywood freak show a la Cruise bride auditions etc.

by Miareply 52301/28/2013

On Zimbio, if you look up the baby mama, there are pictures supposedly from the same day the daily mail pic was taken. She is NOT pregnant in those pics.

by Miareply 52401/28/2013

522...she doesn't deserve anything! She is nothing but a famewh**r who is clearing using Jeremy for her ridiculous aspiring acting/"modeling" "career"...If Jeremy had any other profession she wouldn't give him a second would many! I can spot a gold digger from a mile away and she is it!

by Miareply 52501/29/2013

She's just a surrogate for him and his "roommate."

by Miareply 52601/29/2013

...And the Frau enters the room...

by Miareply 52701/29/2013

Linking is fun R524

And you can't tell if she is carrying or not under all those clothes.

BTW, these pap photos were set up, you can tell by the grooming.

She's a nice looking girl. Hopefully Jeremy's money will help her get out of the tawdry side of showbusiness.

by Miareply 52801/29/2013

I have close connections to Jeremy. As far as I can tell, he is straight. I can't say more than that.

by Miareply 52901/29/2013

529. If what you say is true, Jeremy appears to be an idiot. If it was a surrogate deal, it would at least be somewhat palatable.

by Miareply 53001/29/2013

r530 I could have written r529 and I've never met him.

It's an obsessed fan trying to hang on to the JR is straight illusion.

by Miareply 53101/29/2013

Yes r329...a close connection in her mind.

Frankly, the guy is a good actor but she ain't pretty.

by Miareply 53201/29/2013

I tried to link, but every time I did, it told me it couldn't save my post.

Also, if she was as big as she appears in the dailymail pic, she would be showing in the zimbio pics as well.

by Miareply 53301/29/2013

R531. You are correct. Why people would claim they have "ties" is hilarious. Did you notice, no other details are ever offered up....just close ties and it is all hush hush. LOL.

by Miareply 53401/29/2013

Because 'a friend of a friend's sister's boyfriend knows him and he's so gay' is much better, right? I've seen that one quite a lot here.

by Miareply 53501/29/2013

I don't know him and never met him. But I will say he is a good actor and seems like an ok guy.

I hope to see him in better projects than Hansel and Gretel although it did ok at the box office. Go figure

by Miareply 53601/29/2013

You just know Princess Hawkeye and her male roommate are going to enter that baby girl in pageants. Her make-up will be FIERCE!!!!!!

by Miareply 53701/29/2013

Spewella- you are INSANE in a good way!


by Miareply 53801/29/2013

I met Griffin and despite all the snickering, he is an up and comer. Jer is just helping him with his career and contacts and he is very grateful.

by Miareply 53901/29/2013

Okay, I can't say much more but I am related to him.

by Miareply 54001/29/2013

More: Eric Millegan of "Bones" is the brother of Jeremy's Dad's current wife.

by Miareply 54101/29/2013

R529. Who is the new roommate? And why does he even have one? I don't mean to sound like a tool, but it seems strange.

by Miareply 54201/29/2013

I don't know. I'm not close enough to the situation to know that. I'm very close to people who know that but I haven't asked. I do know that the $25 million house isn't his. It's Kristoffer's with another partner.

by Miareply 54301/29/2013

To 529. So do you know if this ex girlfriend is legit pregnant with Jeremy's child?

by Miareply 54401/29/2013

Kristoffer has another partner? Poor Jeremy.

by Miareply 54501/29/2013

So he finally figured out that taking dick up his ass wasn't going to get him a baby? Will wonders never cease.

by Miareply 54601/29/2013

to she really an "ex" or are they just saying that?...why do I have a bad feeling that they are actually a couple?

by Miareply 54701/29/2013

Here's what I know. Jeremy brought a girlfriend/model home for a holiday, maybe Christmas 2011? I think that's the same model who is having his baby. I don't know that for sure but it makes sense.

by Miareply 54801/29/2013

what?? he brought her home for Christmas with him in 2011?...are you from his hometown? that how you know? you know if he is still dating her seriously?...or are they broken up? Wonder what his family thinks about this?!

by Miareply 54901/29/2013

r548 and r549 sound like female fans trying very hard to not sound like fans, trying to convince us the guy is straight.


by Miareply 55001/29/2013

I'm not from Jeremy's hometown (Modesto) but I am related to him in a roundabout way so I'm close to people who are close to him. I'm male. I don't know if he was dating her seriously or not or if he still is. His father has known about this pregnancy for months.

by Miareply 55101/29/2013

How is Jeremy taking the pregnancy?...was he upset about it...the way it happened?...with her supposedly being an "ex"..and is she actually living with him or in his guest house?

by Miareply 55201/29/2013

Does this actor really warrant a 550+ post thread about him?

by Miareply 55301/29/2013

R552- I don't know the answers to any of those questions.

by Miareply 55401/29/2013


by Miareply 55501/29/2013

well find out if you know people!!!! HA! My thoughts are that he and her are together and they are saying "ex" for whatever PR reasons...maybe the female fans?...I hope not though...

by Miareply 55601/29/2013

Okay. If it comes up in conversation and I feel it's okay to share here, I will.

by Miareply 55701/29/2013

If a girlfriend is not serious, the last thing you would do is bring her home for the holidays

by Miareply 55801/29/2013

R529 - Does his dad know about the male roommate(s) and Thai bar incident?

by Miareply 55901/29/2013

I don't know, r559.

by Miareply 56001/29/2013

So Jeremy went on Letterman and spoke about the house with Dave and the house belongs to Kris?


by Miareply 56101/29/2013

At R529: but you do know for a fact that Jeremy is living with a guy? And did he bring the girl home for the holidays last year as well?

by Miareply 56201/29/2013

oh please if anything comes up in conversation please share!!! Im dying to know!

by Miareply 56301/29/2013

oh you must be able to at least answer this one for now...when is the baby due? it February or april...there are conflicting dates going around...

by Miareply 56401/29/2013

Yawn...529 You know about as much as Spewella Parsons and anon.

by Miareply 56501/29/2013

Spewella knows from what she speaks. I think the makeup will be FIERCE!!!

by Miareply 56601/30/2013

I have ben lurking here for awhile and this is getting ridiculous. I don't think they are a couple if he referred to her as an ex. If they were dating and expecting why wouldn't he been seen with her? especially at awards like the globes or H&G premiere cause the next day she was out at lunch by herself. Well with a ranger rover and a jimmy choo that monster energy drink endorsement is paying off...pfft.

by Miareply 56701/30/2013

So did he bang her or baste her?

by Miareply 56801/30/2013

I would bet Jeremy took care of the Range Rover.

He always goes alone to these shows right? Except the Oscars when he brought his Mom (which is great).

by Miareply 56901/30/2013

Jeremy was asked on an Australian radio show if he was going to be a dad and he pretended he couldn't hear the interviewer.

(This was a day after another Australian show showed him fan fiction/self-insert porn from one of his fans. He called it terrifying.)

by Miareply 57001/30/2013

I believe the baby is due in a month or two. I don't know anything about the model being there for 2012 holiday.

by Miareply 57101/30/2013

But that recent pic of the "ex-gf" in the DM shows a woman without a baby bump so she can't be due in a month or two.

by Miareply 57201/30/2013

Must be an old pic or the baby is really small

by Miareply 57301/30/2013

Some girls don't look very pregnant, depending on how she's carrying the baby, while others look like they literally swallowed a watermelon.

by Miareply 57401/30/2013

The first pic in the daily mall was in Sept so she would have been 3-4 mos pregnant at the time is she is due some time next month. She could have been showing a little.

by Miareply 57501/30/2013

The picture of a few months ago was dated August 31.

by Miareply 57601/30/2013

R570. Was he pretending not to hear the question in a joking or serious manner?

Finally an interviewer with some balls. Not one question about it from an American interviewer including Letterman

by Miareply 57701/30/2013

Jeremy is so handsome. I hope the baby has his eyes and talent.

by Miareply 57801/30/2013

577- he seemed to be joking. The interviewer asked three or four times and each time, Jeremy deflected.

by Miareply 57901/30/2013

At 529. If you are a distant relative and you know approximately when the baby is due, you must also know if he's still with this girl? He doesn't act as if he is...

by Miareply 58001/30/2013

I'll say it once and say it again...DNA TEST. I have a feeling even he might not be sure its is his but he'll take care of her until he finds out. This is probably why he hasn't said anything but the thought of it excites him of being a dad.

No, he doesn't act they are together does he?

by Miareply 58101/31/2013

Lol @ people thinking he is as straight. Mackie outed him years ago.

by Miareply 58201/31/2013

I'm related to him too. He is gay.

by Miareply 58301/31/2013

"I'm related to him too. He is gay."

prove it!

by Miareply 58401/31/2013

I hate when fraus ask to prove it.

by Miareply 58501/31/2013

If he could have gotten an ex-girlfriend pregnant, then wouldn't that make him bi?

by Miareply 58601/31/2013

Who is Mackie that outed him? Is that Casablanca?

by Miareply 58701/31/2013

Why is it so surprising when people ask for proof? More than half of what I see in these threads is along the lines of 'i know a guy who knows someone who knows the actor in question'. Most of the 'info' is sketchy at best.

by Miareply 58801/31/2013

he has signed on to film a movie "kill the messenger" to start filming this summer...and next month he starts the david o'russell film and then after "imagine" like he doesn't seem to care to bond with this so called baby since he will literally be filming from February through the summer...this supposed "ex" of his looks like a fool if you ask me....

by Miareply 58902/01/2013

r587 it might be Mackie Maniac who was banned from ATC along with Vera Charles.

Odious pair.

by Miareply 59002/01/2013

His filming schedule is interesting. He could hire a nanny (or maybe the male roommate) to accompany him on set with the baby?

I think Renner looks more like the fool vs. the ex. He is a grown man hooking up with a very very youg girl.

by Miareply 59102/01/2013

RE 591: yah that is true too. He does look like a fool himself...but I was thinking she was because articles are claiming "it wasn't serious" and now here she is knocked up. It takes two I understand that...but lets not forget she is an aspiring actress who more than likely trapped him...and apparently it worked...maybe she's not a fool after all!...Just your typical young Wh*re...

by Miareply 59202/01/2013

We are making assumptions. The whole story is ridiculou and hasn't even been confirmed and it is 3 weeks later.

Let's say it was an accident. Renner is twice her age. I know I got some heat on this thread for bringing the "twice her age" point up before.

It is creepy and weird.

In 2010 when the relationship began, she was 19 and he was 40. Please. Then toss in the male roommate and whatever Kristoffer Winters is to him.

by Miareply 59302/01/2013

I agree with you 593 about the "twice her age" thing...I find it repulsive..I honestly don't even look at him the same anymore..and I will probably get heat for that comment but I don't give a sh*t because it is my opinion...and I think sonni is a gold digging sleaze..everyone knows what she is about...

by Miareply 59402/01/2013

In Hollywood, the 20+ age difference is common place even at her age of 19 or 20 or whatever she was when they originally met.

I expect that Sonni will be out of the picture (or at least out of his house) after the birth so Renner and the roommate can raise the kid.

by Miareply 59502/01/2013

I guess Jeremy fired his publicist. Cooments after every article I read about this story are not good.

by Miareply 59602/01/2013

So many very foolish older men go after very young girls and boys, and not just the ridiculous ones in Hollywood.

by Miareply 59702/01/2013

This thread is maxing out at 600 already. God we are starved for good dish here at the DL.

This story has legs and is far from finished. Am hoping someone will start a Renner Pt. II thread for the next phase.

by Miareply 59802/01/2013

I have no idea why this thread keeps's kind of odd. Has he become a hugely popular star?

by Miareply 59902/02/2013

The End

by Miareply 60002/02/2013
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