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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Season 3 (Part 3)

Let's discuss the "morally corrupt" Faye Resnick, Kyle, Adrienne, and all the others here.

by Camille G.reply 60002/21/2013

Has Faye Resnick usurped my role as RHOBH provocateuse?

by Camille G.reply 101/15/2013

Kyle and Maurice have just announced they are separating...STORY DEVELOPING

by Camille G.reply 201/15/2013

R2 Link or shut the fuck up.

by Camille G.reply 301/15/2013

Brandy has a potty mouth. Such a beautiful woman and then she spouts fithy vulgar words.

by Camille G.reply 401/15/2013

Has anyone here been to SUR? It sure looks almost closed during the day. Is it busier at night... just down the street from The Abbey on Robertson.

by Camille G.reply 501/15/2013

Villa Blanca is where you take your wife. Sur is where you take your down-low fuck buddy.

by Camille G.reply 601/15/2013

The male model is 33 and gf is 23 and has to support him... does not bode well.

by Camille G.reply 701/15/2013

This is such a fucking boring and lame show. Not surprised to learn it has one of the lowest ratings of all the real housewives show.

by Camille G.reply 801/15/2013

I wonder if Vyle and her slimy spouse had any idea while filming this season that they were starring in a PR nightmare.

by Camille G.reply 901/15/2013

Kyle's privates have just announced they are suppurating ... STORY DEVELOPING

by Camille G.reply 1001/15/2013

[quote]This is such a fucking boring and lame show. Not surprised to learn it has one of the lowest ratings of all the real housewives show.

Really? This is the only one can bear to watch.

by Camille G.reply 1101/17/2013


by Camille G.reply 1201/18/2013

What's going to happen when Kyle is finally portrayed in less than supernova light?

by Camille G.reply 1301/18/2013

No one watches this anymore.

by Camille G.reply 1401/18/2013

If anyone from the network bothered to read the comments on their own site, they would realize that Kyle is loathed by nearly all of the viewers. Not sure how much more unflattering it could get for her.

by Camille G.reply 1501/18/2013

Kyle and Mauricio are the new Spencer and Heidi!

by Camille G.reply 1601/24/2013

Do you think Faye's weird nasally voice is do to multiple nose jobs?

by Camille G.reply 1701/24/2013

Nose jobs or copious amounts of coke?

by Camille G.reply 1801/24/2013

Please, Kyle has a hot piece of ass and a meal ticket. She's not letting go of that.

by Camille G.reply 1901/24/2013

I on't consider John Turturro "hot."

by Camille G.reply 2001/24/2013

Kyle is... a cunt.

She knows it. We know it. Most importantly, Bravo knows it.

As long as Kyle keeps bringing the cunt, she has a job.

by Camille G.reply 2101/24/2013

And her sister Kim isn't far off, either. Everyone is so sympathetic to poor little Kim, but I think she is a shit stirrer just like Kyle, plus she was showing way too much cleavage in that black dress; I kept waiting for one of her boobs to pop out. I think the essential problem between her and Kyle is that Kyle is (was) prettier.

I for one would love to know the source of the Vanderpumps' wealth. They can't be living like that just on those two restaurants. Anyone know what Ken actually does?

by Camille G.reply 2201/24/2013


I can only hope that the Vanderpumps make their money by befriending broke, desperate, obnoxious, pathetic girls and selling them into white slavery.

by Camille G.reply 2301/24/2013

Kim is definitely a shit stirrer, but she is an awesome shit stirrer because she stirs it against Kyle and Taylor!

by Camille G.reply 2401/24/2013

Good god, Kyle and her slimy spouse sleazing up to Paul and Adrienne was nausea inducing. "We just want you to know that we're on your side..." Meaning, we have your back because you're rich. They are both so transparent. Bravo also needs to clue in quickly that NO ONE is interested in watching Kyle and coke-whore Faye do anything. I loved that Ken and Lisa told Maurice that they were off to dinner with Rick and Kathy. Suck it!

by Camille G.reply 2501/24/2013

R25. I think he was so nauseatingly phony because he knew they were headed for splitsville and wanted the listing on their pile of shit mansion.

Ad he could also get commission on the two homes they would need to buy after the divorce. He's a realtor. They'll say anything for a sale.

by Camille G.reply 2601/24/2013

You nailed it R26. So true. Maurice is such a fucking phony.

by Camille G.reply 2701/25/2013

Mauricio has dingleberries. I know from experience.

by Camille G.reply 2801/25/2013

Why is Kim Richards on this show? They seriously had a segment with her talking about spirits in her house?

So irrelevant.

by Camille G.reply 2901/25/2013

Kim and Mauricio are awful. I love that Ken and Lisa blew him off. Mauricio is an idiot.

by Camille G.reply 3001/27/2013

[quote]What's going to happen when Kyle is finally portrayed in less than supernova light?

Kyle will never be portrayed in a bad light...she owns part of the show.

by Camille G.reply 3101/27/2013

In the link is a great afterbuzz tv recap of each episodes. But on last weeks one of the commentators, said how she went to Kyle's store in BH, and introduced herself, Kyle said how she was a fan of the show etc, and that she felt (kyle) so bad for Faye with all the bad publicity and how she was trying to get Faye an interview on Bravo etc, but no one was biting... Oh poor Faye!

by Camille G.reply 3201/27/2013

Again, Kyle now knows how to play the game. It's been pointed out time and time again that other people are doing her dirty work so she can avoid blame.

by Camille G.reply 3301/28/2013

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Kyle's kids FREAK ME OUT!!! They look like female Mauricios and it's disturbing.

by Camille G.reply 3401/28/2013

Mauricio is fug and the look is even worse on girls. Kyle's first daughter is hot.

by Camille G.reply 3501/29/2013

Yolanda is ready for battle:

"Now, who is this Faye, and more importantly, why is she not minding her own business? The minute Faye starts talking I just want to push the fast forward button. Every word that comes out of her mouth is so abrasive and feels like a violation," she wrote. "Because as far as I know, she seems to be of no importance in this group besides being Kyle's best friend."

by Camille G.reply 3601/29/2013

Yolanda is a goddess!!!

by Camille G.reply 3701/29/2013

[quote]Why is Kim Richards on this show? They seriously had a segment with her talking about spirits in her house?

Last night there was a whole segment devoted to her arranging photos of her kids with her "houseman." A new low in pointlessness.

by Camille G.reply 3801/29/2013

Yolanda is a crypto-fundie with her "submit to your husband" "thought my daughter was a lesbian" "eyes look too Chinese-y" cross-wearing self.

by Camille G.reply 3901/29/2013

Wow. Looks like C. Donatacci goes after Ms. Vanderpump next week. Does she want back on the show as a regular?

I cannot imagine they're not thinking about dumping Taylor, Kim, and Adrienne. Although I wouldn't be surprised if Adrienne planned her divorce to ensure her a spot next season.

by Camille G.reply 4001/29/2013

[quote]I cannot imagine they're not thinking about dumping Taylor

I assumed the gradual insertion of Marisa Zanuck into the show is to prepare for the withdrawal of Taylor.

by Camille G.reply 4101/29/2013

Marissa is the prettiest of them all. Her husband is much better than fug Mauricio.

by Camille G.reply 4201/29/2013

Marisa storyline about her getting married too early and not marrying her "type" is just weird and toxic.

by Camille G.reply 4301/30/2013

Why are there two threads for this?

by Camille G.reply 4401/30/2013


No she doesn't. Get over it.

by Camille G.reply 4501/30/2013

What exactly is a house-man? And why does Kim need one in her sprawling 1500 square foot home in the valley?

by Camille G.reply 4601/30/2013

i think I'm in love with Marisa's mother and her hair.

by Camille G.reply 4701/30/2013

[quote]No she doesn't. Get over it.

Yes. Yes she does. Accept it!

by Camille G.reply 4801/30/2013


You're an idiot if you think Bravo would give any of the Housewives part ownership of the chain.

But since you're so confident in it, provide some supporting evidence that Kyle owns any part of the series, since you haven't been able to so far.

by Camille G.reply 4901/30/2013

SHE'S SAID IT HER FUCKING SELF, so if anyone's an idiot it's her! What the fuck part of that don't you get?

by Camille G.reply 5001/30/2013


What part dont YOU get? You keep saying she said it. Point us in the direction of where. Oh wait, you can't.

by Camille G.reply 5101/30/2013


You're still the idiot because you believed it and you're more of an idiot because you keep posting it and trying to get everyone else to believe it.

Like R51 says, link us to something that says she owns any part of the show. I can't find a source that says that anywhere.

by Camille G.reply 5201/30/2013

Kyle does not own any part of the franchise and it's ridiculous to think so. Even if she did (she doesn't) there would still be a clause that would allow them to get rid of her if she wasn't bringing in the ratings.

But again, the notion that they would give her a share of the show is completely stupid. If any of the women on any of the shows would be given a share, it would be Nene. Still, that would NEVER happen. A company like Bravo isn't about to give any of those women a chunk of the gold mine.

It's already been mentioned here that Kyle isn't even the highest paid from her season.

At most, Kyle is earning a "finder's fee" for any housewife she gets signed to the show. She probably received cash for bringing on the original girls. She probably also got a fee for bringing Faye and the Zanuck girl on.

by Camille G.reply 5301/30/2013

You think I memorize all of her various television appearances just for YOU? Go fuck yourself.

by Camille G.reply 5401/30/2013

Well R53, then she's lying. She's specifically said on at least two shows I've seen her on that she "owns" part of the show.

by Camille G.reply 5501/30/2013

How the hell could she own part of a show she didn't even have a part in creating?

by Camille G.reply 5601/30/2013


Once again... you claim she's said it multiple times, then provide us with links, cause youre the only one saying it happened and there's no trace of it anywhere else.

You don't memorize all her tv appearances but you come to all these boards and spread the same shit over and over.

Unless you can find some links to back up what you say you've seen... you're the fucktard.

by Camille G.reply 5701/30/2013


She doesn't. That person is an idiot who pulled it out of their ass. Even if she did say it, he's gullible and stupid enough to believe it. But she didn't say it... that's why there's no trace of it anywhere.

by Camille G.reply 5801/30/2013

Not to get into the fight, but I had heard the rumor too that Kylie has an ownership position in HOBH.

I know it is not true but I did read it, was a bit surprised and will look and post if found.

by Camille G.reply 5901/30/2013


by Camille G.reply 6001/30/2013


But you still couldnt find it yourself.

by Camille G.reply 6101/30/2013


The difference though is that you're smart enough to know it's not true. The other one believed it and sang it like it was Gospel.

by Camille G.reply 6201/30/2013

You really expect me to go and "find" the clip? Just to prove it to you? Do you have any idea how many talk show appearances she's made over the past three years? Go find it yourself! I already know what I heard.

by Camille G.reply 6301/30/2013


I don't need to find it myself.. because I know it doesn't exist and I know you think you heard something and then continued to spread it like it was fact, that never happened. End of story.

If you want to prove you're night crazy, then you

by Camille G.reply 6401/30/2013

provide the clip. Burden of proof is on you.

And if you can't find it, a trace of it anywhere, than you really shouldn't be constantly spouting it as if it were the truth.

by Camille G.reply 6501/30/2013


No offense, but you kept insisting it was true, so of course we expect you to find the clip.

by Camille G.reply 6601/30/2013

You're making a fool of yourself and you don't even know it, R64.

by Camille G.reply 6701/30/2013

Again, I have nothing to prove to you people. I know what I heard. Have a nice night.

by Camille G.reply 6801/30/2013

Actually... you know what, forget it. You obviously have no clue. It's laughable.

by Camille G.reply 6901/30/2013

I'll be the last one laughing :)

by Camille G.reply 7001/30/2013

Okay ladies enough! Back to dishing on the show!

by Camille G.reply 7101/31/2013

Kyle having some stake in the show is the only reason to explain why Kim and Taylor are still cast members.

by Camille G.reply 7201/31/2013

This Yolanda character, she is so pious and is obviously angling for some kind of lifestyle brand. She calls herself a designer too? I find her nauseating and rather hypocritical, preaching aging gracefully with a mouthful of collagen and forehead full of botox. She looks like aging KLM flight attendant.

by Camille G.reply 7301/31/2013

Let's go with the ludicrous idea that Kyle does indeed own part of the show. Don't you think she would be getting a much better edit? Her cuntitude leaps off the screen and she is far and away the most hated housewife on any of the franchises.

by Camille G.reply 7401/31/2013

r73, you're just jealous because Yolanda knows exactly what a man wants and how to treat him properly.

by Camille G.reply 7501/31/2013

Yolanda sets women back 100 years. She's sickening the way she kisses her husband's ass. David Foster is full of himself and has had a slew of wives. He'll eventually get sick of this one and trade her in for a new, younger one.

by Camille G.reply 7601/31/2013

Shut the fuck up

by Camille G.reply 7701/31/2013

Foster's neck is very distracting. It's like a pouch.

by Camille G.reply 7801/31/2013

[quote]Foster's neck is very distracting. It's like a pouch.

It is, Yolanda keeps one of his Grammys in there so they can always have one for show.

by Camille G.reply 7901/31/2013

Looks like Lisa's new show is a hit. It keeps nearly all of the RHOBH audience.

by Camille G.reply 8001/31/2013

Does anyone remember Marissa from the pilot episode of Selling LA on Hgtv? She was one 2 agents they followed. She looked like a hooker from the 60's. Acted like one too. I see her terrible fashion sense has carried through. Why she wants to add 40 years to look is beyond me. When we first met her on RHOBH I thought she was an old lady.

And her husband is NOT hot at all.

by Camille G.reply 8101/31/2013

The husband is cute, maybe not hot. Anything is better than fug Mauricio at this point.

by Camille G.reply 8201/31/2013

R76, I am guessing that is why she is kissing his ass!

by Camille G.reply 8301/31/2013

Seriously, if I had a bullfrog pouch like David Foster, I would be making an appointment with Dr Paul stat!

by Camille G.reply 8401/31/2013

r73 nailed it.

by Camille G.reply 8501/31/2013

Kim Richards, all recovered and full of good karma, is now selling cheap t-shirts that say "You're a SLUT PIG!"

by Camille G.reply 8601/31/2013

[quote]Looks like Lisa's new show is a hit. It keeps nearly all of the RHOBH audience.

This, I don't understand at all.

Lisa's show is so contrived, it makes RHOBH look spontaneous and genuine.

by Camille G.reply 8701/31/2013

it is ALL contrived and scripted, you fucking idiot.

by Camille G.reply 8801/31/2013

R88 Learn to read a sentence, cunt.

The words are placed in a given order for a reason.

by Camille G.reply 8901/31/2013

It knows Bravo's audience. They want a bitch to hate (stassi), a redeemable character (scheena), a good looking lothario (Jax), and extranious hangers on to move the plot and a known character to center the group. It is a real life melrose place.

I would bet good money Jax is not straight.

by Camille G.reply 9001/31/2013

They were all on Watch What Happens Live last night. They all seemed jovial and friendly, making the drama in that series seem that much more contrived.

by Camille G.reply 9101/31/2013

I went to google images to see what people meant about D. Foster's neck and found this early pic of him.

by Camille G.reply 9201/31/2013

r92, it's obviously an aging thing. It was supremely evident in that scene when he was sitting/laying next to Yolanda at the outside table.

by Camille G.reply 9301/31/2013

The Inner Harbour Walkway in Victoria was named "David Foster Way" in his honour last September. I was in town when they held the ceremony but didn't bother gawking. Now I wish I had, knowing Yolanda is now a Real Houzewife (tm).

by Camille G.reply 9401/31/2013

Is Jax the one with the bad skin in the talking heads, or is he the one who uses concealer?

by Camille G.reply 9501/31/2013

Everyone's right about Yolanda wanting to be some sort of style/lifestyle guru.

Here she is showing people how to decorate for Christmas.

I think she's a new camp icon for the 2010s.

by Camille G.reply 9601/31/2013

In the Character Intro Montage, YoYo and David seem so self-consciously posed and fake.

Look at us! We're having such a jolly time! Aren't we CRAZY in love? And pretty, too!

by Camille G.reply 9701/31/2013

...but they *don't* play games!

by Camille G.reply 9801/31/2013

Gigi has her own YouTube channel as well!

by Camille G.reply 9901/31/2013

If you look at the clip @ R96 @ 3:25 - Yolanda even manages to bring unripened lemons into her Christmas table decorations.

There's nothing Yolanda can't do with a lemon.

by Camille G.reply 10001/31/2013

[quote]Gigi has her own YouTube channel as well!

When I clicked on the link, I thought I was going to see Lisa's dog.

by Camille G.reply 10101/31/2013

People are already twisting Yolanda's arm to angle for her own show:-

[quote]Your so personable, warm and inviting. You really do need your own show, your the only one that has common sense on RHOBH.

[quote]Yolanda, can you please do a line of books. I love your entertaining are a class act.

[quote]This was great. I am awesome when it comes to decorating, but I learned something new here...cut lemons. I agree, you need a show.

by Camille G.reply 10201/31/2013

r102, were any of those posts signed Dusan Daunders?

by Camille G.reply 10301/31/2013

Yolanda looks like she has two gummy worms in her lips. I keep waiting for them to start rippling under her lips.

I couldn' t believe it when she said she never had plastic surgery. If that is not from plastic surgery, she needs to get to a doctor quick.

by Camille G.reply 10401/31/2013

A couple of weeks ago when Yolanda bullied the little Mexican removal guy into learning English saying how she knew no English when she arrived in the USA...if this is so then she must be the only person in Holland under 60 who couldn't speak English. Practically EVERYONE speaks fluent English in Holland.

by Camille G.reply 10501/31/2013

Yolanda really should put some kind of protection down on her $20,000 dining table before placing the scratchy fake garland, burning candles, and acidic cut lemons.

by Camille G.reply 10601/31/2013


by Camille G.reply 10701/31/2013

What was that plastic crap "I bore diz ad Targut" she put in the center arrangement?

It really made it look cheap.

And placing candles directly on a polished wood table?

by Camille G.reply 10801/31/2013

[quote]A couple of weeks ago when Yolanda bullied the little Mexican removal guy into learning English saying how she knew no English when she arrived in the USA...

She's stunningly stupid. That guy's ancestors have been speaking Spanish in what is now California for 490 years.

by Camille G.reply 10901/31/2013

So re R107's link, we finally know what the drama was about.

There were people on DL speculating that Adrienne was a former man.

On reflection, how could Adrienne have sent Brandi a lawyer's letter or whatever it was, if in fact Brandi was telling the truth?

by Camille G.reply 11001/31/2013

PLUS, it goes to show that being on this 'vanity' show can bite you in the ass. If you want a private life, don't do reality TV!

by Camille G.reply 11101/31/2013

I find it very peculiar that Yolanda puts all her Xmas cards in a basket and leaves it on the dinner table. Is that a Dutch thing?

David posted a private personal birthday message to Yolanda on her channel 'I have the great pleasure of giving you a little private video message' private he's posted it online.

by Camille G.reply 11201/31/2013

Wow, that was a special birthday song!!

Really shows off his monumental song-writing chops.

by Camille G.reply 11301/31/2013

Yolanda must be one hell of a lay.

by Camille G.reply 11401/31/2013

How the Hell did Brandi know "the secret"? Adrienne must have told someone and if you tell a secret, it never stays a secret. Camille must be laughing at the drama of it all, she used a surrogate for her kids and never looked back.

by Camille G.reply 11501/31/2013

This is a pretty good interview for Yolanda fans.

Move it to 4:00 and the 'interviewer' asks her directly what she thinks of each of the women. Clearly she hates Adrienne for some reason. This isn't something I'd picked up on before.

by Camille G.reply 11601/31/2013

She obviously loathes Vyle, Adrienne & Taylor... much like the viewing audience.

by Camille G.reply 11701/31/2013

I truley believe that the secret is not the surragote story. It's something more in terms that A was cheating. I also hears that A only owns 10% of that Vegas hotel

by Camille G.reply 11801/31/2013

[quote] On reflection, how could Adrienne have sent Brandi a lawyer's letter or whatever it was, if in fact Brandi was telling the truth?

If a lawyer is getting paid, they will send a letter to anyone about anything. They'll even sue people. That doesn't mean their client will win. It doesn't even mean they have a case

by Camille G.reply 11901/31/2013


Although, it could have been a cease and desist letter saying Brandi had to stop and could no longer talk about it.


Brandi used to be a good friend of Adriennes. She was the one that introduced her to the rest of the girls, if you remember.

by Camille G.reply 12001/31/2013

The fact that Yolanda clearly loathes Vyle and Adrienne proves that she is a woman of exquisite taste.

by Camille G.reply 12102/01/2013

[quote]Brandi used to be a good friend of Adriennes. She was the one that introduced her to the rest of the girls, if you remember.

Yes, she brought her along to a charity event Kyle organized. Lisa got very upset because she'd seen Brandi photographed with Cedric.

I guess Adrienne's seriously regretting bringing her into the fold now.

by Camille G.reply 12202/01/2013

When Adrienne accuses Lisa of selling stories she and Paul wanted Brandi to back them up. Brandi refused and she said Paul and Adrienne tried to strong arm her into bad mouthing Lisa. I found it hysterical when Adrienne looked into the camera and said "Lisa said terrible things about me too. She called my shoe a hoof." In her mind accusing a friend of selling stories to the press and rhyming maloof and hoof were the same thing. She married a plastic surgeon, has a house full of spa quality beauty treatmens costing 100K each. That tinsel she wore in her hair. Here is a woman who hates being 50ish.

by Camille G.reply 12302/01/2013

R123 is welcome in my lemon grove anytime.

by Camille G.reply 12402/01/2013

The truth is that Adrienne put the moves on Brandi, and Brandi rejected her.

by Camille G.reply 12502/01/2013

I wonder if Yolanda really will get a go at being a lifestyle guru with the TV shows and the books....sheets and towels. I guessing she'd like to create 'affordable' stuff for places like Walmart. Bring her 'Malibu style' to the masses.

In that clip the girl asks her why she she joined on and she says it's only part of a much bigger picture.

by Camille G.reply 12602/01/2013

It's interesting that Yolanda likes Kim but not Kyle.

by Camille G.reply 12702/01/2013

Kim is can be easily manipulated, while Kyle cannot. That is why Yo likes Kim and loathes Kyle.

by Camille G.reply 12802/01/2013

Yolanda and David's marriage makes me uneasy because it's clear that David holds all the power in the relationship. She seems scared that he's going to dump her if she isn't the perfect wife.

by Camille G.reply 12902/01/2013

r129, I think you're reading way too much into a few random scenes. How can you make a comment like that without even knowing them? Odd.

by Camille G.reply 13002/01/2013

[quote]It's interesting that Yolanda likes Kim but not Kyle.

You don't kick a stupid dog while it is licking its privates.

by Camille G.reply 13102/01/2013

Yolanda must have walked away with a fortune when she divorced that Mohammed guy. He's the father of her children. I bet she got a bigger divorce settlement than Camille.

by Camille G.reply 13202/01/2013

I kind of doubt Yolanda is scared of David Foster, pretty sure she could kick his ass. I think she is such a perfectionist she doesn't want to fail. I think it might be tough for her to sell her Malibu Style with that heavy Dutch accent.

by Camille G.reply 13302/01/2013

There's a clip on YT of Yolanda & David going in to some awards show or charity thing. They ask David a ton of questions and he's loving it. Then they start to interview Yolanda and he's like 'That's enough!' after two questions. I don't think David will be happy sharing the limelight and attention with Yolanda. Not one bit.

Also, it must be quite nerve racking being married to someone who's had three failed marriages.

by Camille G.reply 13402/01/2013

David strikes me as the type of person who goes from googly-eyed LOVE to foul-mouthed HATE on the turn of a dime.

by Camille G.reply 13502/01/2013

I TOTALLY see what you mean, R135.

by Camille G.reply 13602/01/2013

why is it so wrong for Yolanda to WANT to be a 1950s perfect wife?

Bravo to her!

by Camille G.reply 13702/01/2013

Yolanda reminds me of a Valkyrie. I have that sinking feeling that her clit is bigger than David Foster's dick.

by Camille G.reply 13802/01/2013

David Foster and Barbra Streisand are still good friends, but Barbra said awhile back that she couldn't work with him anymore. He still plays the piano for her at fundraisers, but she won't let him produce any more of her records. And I bet she got tired of Yolanda trying to send her home with baskets full of those damn lemons.

by Camille G.reply 13902/01/2013

r135 articulated what was in my head.

by Camille G.reply 14002/01/2013

[quote]why is it so wrong for Yolanda to WANT to be a 1950s perfect wife?

Except she obviously doesn't want that. She wants to be a lifestyle guru with coffee table books and TV shows and sheets with lemons on selling at Walmart, with the name YOLANDA stamped on the packaging.

When this happens she'll say 'fuck you' when David wants her to roast him a chicken.

by Camille G.reply 14102/01/2013

For all those who have complained that Mauricio or Paul have tried to become "Housewives," I think David is a bigger offender... and it's his first season in. He seems like a desperate famewhore who has never had the type of celebrity he's wanted.

by Camille G.reply 14202/01/2013

[quote]In that clip the girl asks her why she she joined on and she says it's only part of a much bigger picture.

David and Yolanda spent the week in NY with Andrea Bochelli doing all the shows. They were both on and every time she was asked why she was on either she or David said "She is establishing her brand".

by Camille G.reply 14302/01/2013

I agree with whoever predicted trouble if YoYo starts to become the bigger celebrity in the house.

by Camille G.reply 14402/01/2013

What is so wrong with making a table arrangement of frehly cut lemons?

by Camille G.reply 14502/01/2013

I wonder what caused the rift between Yolanda and Kyle? They seem pretty friendly towards each other, so far. Kyle is an idiot to get on her bad side because Yolanda and David run with the cream of the crop in Hollywood and could have Kyle and Mauricio blacklisted in a heartbeat. Lord knows they could crush trashy Faye like a bug.

by Camille G.reply 14602/01/2013

[quote]It's interesting that Yolanda likes Kim but not Kyle.

Yes, very... Yolanda gets almost watery eyed whenever she's mentioned.

She even invited Kim out to Malibu to take the lemon diet. Kim looked like a rabbit in the headlights when she realised this was Yolanda's plan for her.

by Camille G.reply 14702/01/2013

[quote]It's interesting that Yolanda likes Kim but not Kyle.

Even more interesting that Kathy Hilton likes Kim but not Kyle.

Remember that first episode of the new season when Kim brought her daughter over t kathy's for the prom dress fitting. They were laughing and getting on fine, then Kyle arrives. Kim gets this scared look on her face and you could just see Kathy rolling her eyes...


Hiow many times have the Hiltons stiffed Kyle's invites now??

by Camille G.reply 14802/01/2013


To be fair to Kyle... Kathy can't be expected to attend all or even a fraction of the 567 events Kyle throws a year!

Tomorrow's party: Kyle Buys a New Hamper Party!

by Camille G.reply 14902/01/2013

These shows are not really scripted, but are manipulated so much by producers they would be better called "improv". Last season, producers called Kim and told her with all the filming she had missed if she did not show up to game night, she would be fired and they had already brought her replacement on board, Brandi. So she stumbled in and the producers had already complained about Kim to Brandi so as to set up fireworks and they sho'nuff happened.

by Camille G.reply 15002/01/2013

The funniest was when Kyle's daughter graduated from college and the Hiltons sent an orchid. Just what every 22-year-old college graduate orchid plant.

by Camille G.reply 15102/01/2013


Wait... didn't they send an Orchid with a check, which Kyle described as, "very generous."

by Camille G.reply 15202/01/2013

I would have sent freshly picked lemons from my citrus grove.

by Camille G.reply 15302/01/2013

[quote]Just what every 22-year-old college graduate orchid plant.

They also sent a fat check. Kyle said something about there being a lot of zeros to make up for them not being there.

I have no recollection of Kathy at the 'prom dress fitting'. Maybe I hadn't realized who she was. In fact I have no recollection of her being on the show at all.

by Camille G.reply 15402/01/2013

I doubt YoYo likes either Richards sister.

Kyle, because she is a cunt, natch.

But Kim was very rude to YoYo when she asked she shy had stood her up for a fresh-lemon-juice enema.

It was the bitchiest I've ever seen Kim, snapping, "I can't do that thing!" without even looking at her.

And when Kyle pressed (as she always does, as it might lead to something embarrassing), Kim snapped, "I just can't."

I got a glimmer of Kim, the spoiled snatch child star.

But YoYo is too smart to dis a pathetic, weak alcoholic on national TV.

by Camille G.reply 15502/01/2013

Actually, to tell the truth, I was very surprised when Yolanda answered when she was asked what she thought of each of the women. I thought she was far more guarded than that.

Yolanda's closet looks like a branch of The Gap ...@ 3:49

[quote] & de funny thing, de only thing I wear every day is dis...& dis

It's only taken about three or four episodes for Yolanda to have completely taken over and become the star of the whole fuckin' show.

by Camille G.reply 15602/01/2013

...and maybe Kyle realixed that and does something for YoYo to hate her forever,.

by Camille G.reply 15702/01/2013


I liked Kim's reaction. It's as if the light went off and she realized exactly what Yolanda was doing.

"This bitch is trying to use me as a guinea pig and free publicity for her effing Lemon Water shit. Keep a drunk clean with lemons and cayenne pepper by Yolanda! I ain't no one's free bitch-- that's what I have Kyle for."

by Camille G.reply 15802/01/2013

I'm so sick of Yolanda's special glass "refrigerator." It's nothing but a perfectly arranged tableau meant to impress guests. We've seen it about 5 times on the show and there's nothing but display items in there.

by Camille G.reply 15902/01/2013

[quote]I'm so sick of Yolanda's special glass "refrigerator."

I love the way the ET interviewer says 'That is SPECTACULAR!' That bitch knows all the right things to say...telling Yolanda she thinks she's 'down to earth'. She's got her tongue all the way up Yolanda's ass the whole way through.

I also love the way there's a large silver framed photo of Yolanda by her bed @ she gets to admire herself last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

by Camille G.reply 16002/01/2013

That lemon water cleanse has been around forever. I wonder why Yo is claiming she invented it.

by Camille G.reply 16102/01/2013

My guess is that "refrigerator" is just an occaisionally cold display cabinet. The doors are not sealed, nor are they insulated glass, they are frameless plate glass. It is not unlike something you would find in a florist kiosk in an upper end grocery store where the roses are kept in the 50 degree range. It would be the type of place you would place platters of fruit and vegetable trays to keep them cool (not cold). The glass shelves would prevent air flow as well. It is refrigerated not a refrigerator. Although it is something I might put in my next house.... it would be very practical when entertaining as a waystation to help keep prepared trays and bowls of salad from wilting on the countertop waiting to be served and would be great for red wine. It just would not be cold 95% of the time, it would be room temperature display cabinet. One of the ductless split system air conditioner sold at home depot would keep a small space like that chilled to 50 degrees without a problem. But as I say, the condensation and leakage of cold air out of the frameless glass doors would make it unusable if constantly cold

by Camille G.reply 16202/01/2013

Yolanda does not claim to have invented the Master Clense. I wish they would have James Foster Levy on the show - her hair is EVERYTHING.

by Camille G.reply 16302/01/2013

Holy Shit, these last couple pages have me lmao! Keep the YoLa shit coming. It's priceless!

by Camille G.reply 16402/02/2013

When does Mauricio work? He films as much as Kyle does. I'd be pissed if he had my house listed and I saw him on TV every week going to parties.

by Camille G.reply 16502/02/2013


The women, and I use that term lightly, only film about 3 days a week.

You only think that he goes to parties everyday because... well, because Kyle throws parties everyday.

by Camille G.reply 16602/02/2013

Tonight, I'm throwing a soiree by the pool to celebrate the sleeveless gold lame football jersey I found at T. J. Maxx!

Everyone is welcome, but be prepared to be turned away at the door, bitches!

by Camille G.reply 16702/02/2013

It's amazing how, every time they throw a party or a get together they employ a team of caterers.

Last week I was watching an old episode and one of them had caterers in for a casual lunch for three women.

by Camille G.reply 16802/02/2013

R168: Bravo picks up the tab.

That is how Trailer Armstrong can have a "personal chef" (employed for 20 minutes a year) make lunch for her and her daughter.

by Camille G.reply 16902/02/2013

Kim's explaining to her fans as to why she had had a nose job

Check out the photo with her new nose!

I think it's dreadful when people mess with their faces when there's no need.

[quote]I took a friend for a nose consultation to Dr. Grigoryants who came highly recommended from my sister Kyle. After watching my friend decide to do this, I decided to take a consultation of own! Not that a new nose was going to change me! But each time I make a change it helps my sense of courage! And it seemed exciting! A new nose to go along with all my new changes! When you do something on the exterior sometimes it gives you a sense of confidence too!

by Camille G.reply 17002/02/2013

Why do people get nose jobs when they are older? This makes no sense at all. Same with large breast implants at an older age..I mean, why?

by Camille G.reply 17102/02/2013

Adrienne is upset with Lisa about her back stabbing (1.30.13)

[quote]While watching this episode, Lisa seizes several moments to take sharp digs at me, and my businesses. . .I wish I could be there to defend myself. Talking behind ones back is not my style and very passive aggressive, especially in small groups. It's the main reason I separated myself from the women and trips.

Does this make sense to anyone? I can't remember Lisa bitching about Adrienne in this way.

Was it when she was sniggering with her husband about not going to Adrienne's hotel in Las Vegas?

by Camille G.reply 17202/02/2013

I believe Camille received about 50 million in her divorce settlement. Yolanda got about 5-7 million (due to pre-nup)

by Camille G.reply 17302/02/2013

Honestly, I'm surprised Kim didn't have her nose done years ago. Of course, it was totally unnecessary now. What she really needs these days is a chemical peel and laser resurfacing. Her skin is a fucking mess.

by Camille G.reply 17402/02/2013

Camille Grammer Divorce Settlement Details Emerge, 'Housewives' Star Gets $30 Million

by Camille G.reply 17502/02/2013

I heard Kim wanted the painkillers that went with that nosejob. Shocking!

by Camille G.reply 17602/02/2013

Brandi is what the Dutch call a "kunt". I'm not sure of the exact English translation.

by Camille G.reply 17702/03/2013

Is that shit for real R86? That is about the saddest thing I've ever seen.

by Camille G.reply 17802/03/2013

Chef Bernie is getting sued by Paul b/c he posted pics of Adrienne bruised and said Paul is a "beast"

It's bout to get reel up in hurr, y'all

by Camille G.reply 17902/04/2013

'Paul says he sicked his lawyers on the chef'

What does that mean exactly?

by Camille G.reply 18002/04/2013

Taylor is embarassing to watch.

by Camille G.reply 18102/04/2013

Coming soon to a Big Lots near you! Adrianne Maloof handbags & accessories!

by Camille G.reply 18202/04/2013

Once again tonight, Vyle proved her cunti-ness. Why did she go run after Camille and brogan her back into Vegas room...but not do the same with Brandi when she walked out of her dinner party? Because she is a SHIT starter. Stirs the pot and loves a drama. Therefore she causes fights.Sits back but definitely lights the fuse.

by Camille G.reply 18302/04/2013

And It was Vyle who brought up the sore subject of Adrienne vs Brandi at the Vegas dinner....WHY? To cause a problem. This is her pattern. She is involved in nearly every single debacle on the show - either starts it or steps into it inappropriately but always backs out quickly.

I want to kick that bitches teeth in....

by Camille G.reply 18402/04/2013

Mauricio & Kyle are such sellouts...they are backing up Adrienne because she gives Mauricio business. Its not about integrity or doing whats right - its about who is going to pay that greasy gardener she married a commission. Scuzzy slime balls.

by Camille G.reply 18502/04/2013

Duh, Kyle ignites drama because she's part owner of the show and knows it's good for ratings.

by Camille G.reply 18602/04/2013

r186 Kyle is not a part owner of the show. She is not even one of the producers.

by Camille G.reply 18702/04/2013

Yeah its a big "duh" to most of us but I just can't stand the hypocrisy. So phony. Always acting innocent. As if she and greaseball have no vested interest in backing that tray called Adrienne. Kyle is a bully and needs her ass kicked.

by Camille G.reply 18802/04/2013

Brogan = Bring

by Camille G.reply 18902/04/2013

She could own zero percent or 100% - she is still a cunt no matter what.

by Camille G.reply 19002/04/2013

I think Adrienne is the abuse one, not Paul. Butch lez demeanor aside, they were very quick to point out in the first season that the kids are responsible for breaking Paul's nose. 3 times. Really?

She clearly hates him. Every time they're together, she's on her phone ignoring him. He at least tried to keep up the act for the cameras - cue his hand on her back. Have they ever been more affectionate than that?

Do you think it's also jealousy on her part? He'd always been a popular husband, while she's just meh.

On a side note, it must suck to be Taylor. Hands down she's had the most dramatic/tragic story yet, but, who gives a fuck, right? She reminds me of this:

by Camille G.reply 19102/04/2013

tray = tranny

by Camille G.reply 19202/04/2013

Yay! A taste of Season 1 Camille again tonight. True colors!

She sure hates it when stuff she says behind closed doors gets brought up again later for a public discussion.

by Camille G.reply 19302/04/2013

I love Camille. In my opinion, she has never completely mis-stepped. There was a slight weird step tonight when she brought up Sur's ownership but it was a non-event in hindsight. It went nowhere.

by Camille G.reply 19402/04/2013

Kyle started fight with Camille in Season One. Kyle brings in Master Cunt Faye to go after Camille at Camille's dinner party! Kyle stepped into Lisa & Adrienne fight about selling stories to rags...why? Kyle asked Brandi what the issue was with Brandi & Adrienne, which started a huge drama. Kyle steps into Brandi vs Adrienne fight and brogan s in closer cunt Faye Resnick to help (again). Kyle asks brandi tonight about Adrienne which starts another chain of events that leaves many of the girls fighting. But Kyle just sits there.

by Camille G.reply 19502/04/2013

R22- I think Lisa's husband Ken used to be in the music business.

by Camille G.reply 19602/04/2013

brogan = Brings

by Camille G.reply 19702/04/2013

For such a small woman Adrienne sure hows a big ego. Blaming Brandi for ruining her marriage is ludicrous. Her and her greasy chef are sick.

From the interview, which will be linked, during the hiatus after season 2 Adrienne was campaigning to make sure Brandi didn't return to the show and her chef spreading rumors about her mothering and children. This was during the off season. Brandi stated the producers wouldn't allow her to speak on what happened when filming was over.

by Camille G.reply 19802/04/2013

OMG love Brandi... listen to what she says at the end... haha.

by Camille G.reply 19902/04/2013

Does anyone actually like Adrianne? It cracks me up that this woman thinks people look up to her enough to buy shit with her name stamped on it. Niqqa pleez.

by Camille G.reply 20002/05/2013

Is brogan a new word?

by Camille G.reply 20102/05/2013

Brandi is pretty awesome.

by Camille G.reply 20202/05/2013

I don't usually jump on the Kyle is a cunt bandwagon, but last night, she totally stirred the shit at dinner when she brought up Adrienne. She just sat back and let the other women go at it, all the while playing the innocent.

I don't know if we'll be seeing much more of Camille after tonight. It was mentioned somewhere early in the season that she would be featured very prominently until she has some sort of blowout with Lisa. I assume that was a reference to last night, so wonder if we'll see any more of Camille. How many episodes are left? It seems like this season has gone on forever.

by Camille G.reply 20302/05/2013

Kim's gag with the e-cigarette was pretty funny, calling back to the Allison DuBois fuckery. Of course clueless Kyle didn't get it.

by Camille G.reply 20402/05/2013

I usually find Brandi endearing, in her potty-mouthed way. In the end, she turns out to be not only right, but the more consistently honest and moral of the combatants in her RHOBH donnybrooks.

by Camille G.reply 20502/05/2013

I don't understand all the Kyle hate.

The producers tell the ladies what to bring up at the table. They're not going to talk about what their kids are studying in school and any random topic. It has to be story lines and it has to cause friction.

by Camille G.reply 20602/05/2013

We get that, r206. It's just that Vyle is ALWAYS the one to bring up the topic of conflict and then ALWAYS backs off while she watches these bitches go at it, ALWAYS pretending to stay above the fray.

by Camille G.reply 20702/05/2013

Camille is one stupid, busybody bitch. Lisa owns 51% of Sur, which makes her the majority owner. That's a huge difference from Adrienne only owning 8% of the Palms, yet pretending to own the whole thing. Lisa worked her ass off for what she has, unlike Camille, who simply spread her legs.

by Camille G.reply 20802/05/2013

Wait wasn't it Camille who said, "I miss Adrienne? and the Kyle chimed in. She also said Adrienne own 2% of the Palms not 8. Which is it?

by Camille G.reply 20902/05/2013

Does anyone go to the Palms anymore? It is soo 2003 and it's off the Strip bitch.

by Camille G.reply 21002/05/2013

r208, I agree, and worse, it's 2% (from last night's show).

And for the last time, post link of Vyle owning said show.

She's horrendous, and her husband is worse.

Traylor is done. She'll kill herself in a few years with an overdose...prediction (sadly).

Marisa is just wrong in so many ways including her poor person's house (Brandi's split-level abutting a highway looks more maintained).

Kim and her gray dentures? Looks to be a drunk.

Love Yolanda. Love her.

Faye Resnick is morally corrupt and wtf happened to her mug?

Finally, cat lady and that crazy accessory line? How deluded is this bitch? And sorry, but I only remember Maloof Hoof so she does have a point there.

by Camille G.reply 21102/05/2013

I still say the big secret revealed by Brandi is that Adrienne is a tranny. Because using a surrogate is not that big of a deal; but begin a chick with a dick...well, that is a "personal family matter."

by Camille G.reply 21202/05/2013

Thank you, R211. Air kisses.

by Camille G.reply 21302/05/2013

Adrienne is an idiot because if she didn't react to the quip of the Maloof Hoof then it would have just fallen by the wayside. Once she drew attention to it then the viewer paused and realized that she was offended because of her horse face. She should have just let it roll on off face.

by Camille G.reply 21402/05/2013

Adrienne is a chick with a dick for real. She gave her pussy to Vyle to increase Vyle's cunt power.

by Camille G.reply 21502/05/2013

Camille, Je te adore!

by Camille G.reply 21602/05/2013

Do you guys think Adrianne has sizemeat? How hung are we guessing?

by Camille G.reply 21702/05/2013

I think Adrienne doesn't like her stubby feet - there's something deeper about the Maloof Hoof - like it touched a nerve or something.

But she's coming across really badly - delusional even.

Any pics of Kim Richards' new nose?

by Camille G.reply 21802/05/2013

It was weird watching Kim speak in past tense about her surgery during her little interview segments...while still having her old nose.

by Camille G.reply 21902/05/2013

What will Kyle's plan be to redeem herself next season? Surely she knows that the vast majority of viewers loathe her.

by Camille G.reply 22002/05/2013

Allison DuBois was on Ricki today!

by Camille G.reply 22102/06/2013

[quote]Allison DuBois was on Ricki today!

Why was she on, what did she say?

by Camille G.reply 22202/06/2013

[quote]How many episodes are left? It seems like this season has gone on forever.

This was # 11 and I think there are usually 24 each season. So there's a whole lot more arguing at dinner tables to come.

by Camille G.reply 22302/06/2013

I think quote of the week was Marisa saying;-

'To me being sexy is being a strong independent woman who can take care of herself financially.'

I wonder how many straight men would see it that way.

& then:

'I think being on a pole does not empower women.'

I thinks she's got a point there.

by Camille G.reply 22402/06/2013

[quote]Lisa worked her ass off for what she has, unlike Camille, who simply spread her legs.

I think Camille went into property investment with Kelsey and really did it well and had a lot to do with turning his finances around.

She's done amazing things with all the houses we've seen in the show.

The house in Malibu is really spectacular.

by Camille G.reply 22502/06/2013

Ken & Gigi are starting to look more and more alike.

Lisa just seems to ignore her other four other dogs and the other day on an old episode, she practically kicked her old spaniel out of her way.

by Camille G.reply 22602/06/2013

The Malouf hoof!

by Camille G.reply 22702/06/2013

Funny, r227.

by Camille G.reply 22802/06/2013

[quote]What will Kyle's plan be to redeem herself next season? Surely she knows that the vast majority of viewers loathe her.

The recovery plan is probably why Faye Resnick is now going to be a regular. She can take the place as most loathsome character and make Kyle look at least marginally better by comparison.

by Camille G.reply 22902/06/2013

I think Yolanda's fucking the gardener. She's too obsequious around her husband, like she's guilty of something.

by Camille G.reply 23002/06/2013

Agreed, R220. Anytime a couple who has been married a while is that over the top lovey dovey I always think, "why are you trying so hard to prove how in love you 2 are?"

I remember Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman practically making out with each other on every red carpet they were on, clearly paying for the cameras. It always struck me as a little "thou dost huggeth too much".

While I certainly agree long term couples can keep the relationship strong, it always seems a little weird when people are so artificially sugary sweet with each other. ("My love, did you need me to light a candle in the bathroom that you just dropped some wolf bait in?")

by Camille G.reply 23102/06/2013

opps, meant to post, 'Agreed R230' in my previous post. (But I'm guessing you already knew that)

by Camille G.reply 23202/06/2013

David sent a private jet to bring Yolanda back home from Las Vegas.

I wish my BF would do shit like that for me.

by Camille G.reply 23302/06/2013

[quote]David sent a private jet to bring Yolanda back home from Las Vegas.

And yet we're supposed to believe this woman shops at Target.

by Camille G.reply 23402/06/2013

R222, Allison DuBois was on all hour with her brother who "recently became psychic." At one point Ricki did ask Allison about her portrayal on RHOBH. Allison said that the women were clearly out to get her, and that during the "filming breaks" they'd all huddle together and discuss how they were going to go at her next. She said it was very uncomfortable and that the editors also did a magnificent "cut & paste" job to make everything appear the way it did. She mentioned she never saw Russell's suicide coming, but she did forecast that all of the women would eventually be alone (she said she has info that backs up this claim that she couldn't say on television & that "even Andy Cohen isn't privy to").

She actually seems like a decent person...I've watched some of her YouTube videos.

by Camille G.reply 23502/06/2013

[quote]Allison said that the women were clearly out to get her, and that during the "filming breaks" they'd all huddle together and discuss how they were going to go at her next. She said it was very uncomfortable and that the editors also did a magnificent "cut & paste" job to make everything appear the way it did.

This is very interesting indeed.

by Camille G.reply 23602/07/2013

So sick of Brandy! When did this become the Brandy show? Why does every episode have to revolve around her life?

by Camille G.reply 23702/07/2013

Here's her Ricki clip...

by Camille G.reply 23802/07/2013

Alison is a mentally ill con artist.

The editors can manipulate in the edit, but you have to give them the crazy bitch.

by Camille G.reply 23902/07/2013

I can't stand Brandi but to see Faye Resnick? That was even more, yuck.

by Camille G.reply 24002/07/2013

R224, a lot of straight men would think it was sexy, if she could take care of them, too. Of course they would cheat on her.

by Camille G.reply 24102/07/2013

Allison seems to be implying one of the cast at least has had a break up even Andy doesn't yet known about. We all know about the Persian trannie.

The info must be coming from Camille. Is it about Kyle?

by Camille G.reply 24202/07/2013

Either that or one of the husbands is cheating, R242.

by Camille G.reply 24302/07/2013

I know Alison in real life. She got wronged in that episode.

Anyhow, holy shit! I wish somebody would just fucking punch Kyle in the face. I think Yolanda is replacing Camille as my favorite. I loved the, "Shhhhhhhh".

by Camille G.reply 24402/07/2013

Camille does not like being called out. Brandi put her on the spot when she revealed what she had said to Brandi in confidence. What upset her was, yes she new the other girls were going after Lisa, but she did not and stood by her. Brandi went to Lisa and told her Camille knew so Lisa was upset Camille did not tell her herself. The whole Sur/Palms thing was kinda of Camille making a point. Brandi throwing out Adrienne does not own the palms was like Camille saying Lisa did now own Sur. If I owned 2% of Microsoft I would be on the board of directors so I am guessing that 2% means a lot versus 51% of a restaurant.

All that being said Kyle is a shit stirring cunt.

by Camille G.reply 24502/07/2013

[quote] I loved the, "Shhhhhhhh".

Yes, it was good, wasn't it? & then being whisked off in the private jet. Half the other women were like 'I'm coming with you!'


[quote]a lot of straight men would think it was sexy, if she could take care of them, too.

As far as my experience goes, straight guys usually like to be the bread winners. I don't think a lot of straight guys would consider 'a strong independent woman who can take care of herself financially' their first idea of sexy.

by Camille G.reply 24602/07/2013

I hadn't really got the whole Kyle is a cunt thing until I saw on a rerun recently of how Kyle and Kim behaved towards Brandi when she first appeared on the scene. Maybe that's when most of you guys started to hate her.

I was shocked at how nasty they were with her. REALLY shocked.

by Camille G.reply 24702/07/2013

The ownership of the Palms is public knowledge, broken down on its Wikipedia page. I've known forever that the Maloofs now own only 2%. That whole argument was pointless.

[quote]As far as my experience goes, straight guys usually like to be the bread winners. I don't think a lot of straight guys would consider 'a strong independent woman who can take care of herself financially' their first idea of sexy.

But independence makes *women* feel sexy, which I think was her point.

by Camille G.reply 24802/07/2013

I had to fast forward all the Kim plastic surgery scenes. Everything about it I found alarming.

by Camille G.reply 24902/07/2013

How is it "mean" to say the Maloufs only own 2 percent of the Palms? It's true.

The Maloufs, including Adrienne, have parlayed their father's beer distributorship -- a license to make money -- into a variety of failed businesses and businesses teetering on bankruptcy.

Comparing Adrienne's 2 percent of the failing Palms with Lisa's 51 percent majority ownership of her restaurant just makes Camille sound stupid.

by Camille G.reply 25002/07/2013

[quote]The Maloufs, including Adrienne, have parlayed their father's beer distributorship -- a license to make money -- into a variety of failed businesses and businesses teetering on bankruptcy.

Ohhhhhh, look someone's lying!

This is a lawsuit.

Millions of women are DYING to look just like me with cheap, rhinestone studded handbags that have my glamorous name plastered all over them!

by Camille G.reply 25102/07/2013

You know, I'd love to partake in this trash talk, but I have a BUSINESS to run.

by Camille G.reply 25202/07/2013

Adrianne Maloof is more than just a name: It's a lifestyle.

by Camille G.reply 25302/07/2013

I found the clip with Kathy Hilton, that someone referred to earlier.

I wonder if Kathy ever considered going on the show as a full time housewife. She always seems nice...and then you look at her daughters.

by Camille G.reply 25402/07/2013

In June 2012, [Kathy Hilton] commented that she refuses to watch her half-sisters Kim and Kyle Richards on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, stating they caused her to "fall apart" and "break down in tears".

by Camille G.reply 25502/07/2013

Adrienne's shoes, which she "designed" by throwing all her hooker shoes on a table and telling subcontractors to copy them, are now going for 25% of SMP.

Nobody is going to buy her bags.

She has poisoned the brand, if there ever was one.

by Camille G.reply 25602/07/2013

Adrianne never had a brand. There's nothing admirable, likable or desirable about her. The (wo)man is delusional.

by Camille G.reply 25702/07/2013

The scene with a druggy post-op Kim moaning "my sister, my sister" was too funny.

by Camille G.reply 25802/07/2013

I didn't know that Kathy Hilton is only half-sisters with Kim and Kyle. I see now why she isn't as close to them.

I wonder if Allison DuBois was referring to Lisa and Ken? Someone said that he has a mistress that she knows about. Kyle and Mauricio were on WWHL together this week, so I don't think she was referring to them.

by Camille G.reply 25902/07/2013

Allison is such a fraud AKA "psychic" she is probably predicting Eddie Cibrian will leave Brandi.

by Camille G.reply 26002/07/2013

I love how Allison palms her deplorable behavior off by basically saying, "As a psychic, I absorb the energy of those around me, so if I'm surrounded by bitchy, drunk cunts, that is what I become."

by Camille G.reply 26102/07/2013

Yea R261, that is a good. I'll have to remember to use that one.

by Camille G.reply 26202/07/2013

R32 Thanks for that link! Great show - Wow Dionne Yvonne (sp?) is totally hot (all the girls are cute) I really liked watching their recap of the show.

by Camille G.reply 26302/07/2013


Kathy Hilton refuses to watch her sisters on the show and yet she joins them on an episode this season?

Yeah, she makes a lot of sense.

by Camille G.reply 26402/07/2013

I so want to see Allison Dubois and Faye Resnick go at it. Two sociopaths - only one can survive!

by Camille G.reply 26502/07/2013

Who can snort more coke?

by Camille G.reply 26602/07/2013

R264 Kathy's brand c/o her whore daughter has dimmed.

She can't be quite so haughty about which shows to appear on anymore.

But she clearly likes Kim more than Kyle.

by Camille G.reply 26702/07/2013

Brandi is repulsive. Just how many times again is she going to talk shit and attack people out of the blue like that and then spend the three following episodes crying about it? I wish that bitch and her bitchface would STFU and disappear.

by Camille G.reply 26802/08/2013

Brandi cheated on Eddie first. She's about to get torn a new one.

by Camille G.reply 26902/08/2013

I can't stand Brandi! She is such trailer trash and she dresses like it. I think she likes to drudge up garbage and piss people off. Why is she on this show anyway?

I can't stand Yolanda!!! She acts she is above the rest and she lives a very normal life ,but I think she is translucent as a major phony. She keeps name dropping Barbra Streisand about 1,000 times. OK hun! we get it! You know Barbra! Now, shut the hell up! Then she says stuff like, oh! my husband is sending a private jet over! I love how Yolanda thinks her house is a big deal when in reality its boring as hell. She wants everyone to know that she helped design the house and she wants everyone to say, wow! its magnificent and elegant!In realty, it just looks like a contemporary home that came off of a prefab assembly line! Sorry for ranting,but again, Yolanda is phony!

Kim looks like she is really trying to change her life and I give her a lot of credit.

I know a lot of people on this thread don't like Kyle ,but I think her and her husband seem like the real deal with their marriage, and with their lives. Kyle seems really likeable to me and straight forward.

I use to like Lisa,but I think she is starting to act obnoxious. She sticks her hand down her husband's hospital gown and makes that scene.No class honey!

I like Lisa and her husband because I think even though they live a lavish lifestyle, they have this down to earth attitude like they are not trying to show off because they have it all. I knew some very wealth people like Lisa and her husband, and they grew up in money and it wasn't a big deal to them.They weren't trying to make sure they were associated with the right set because they lived that life before and usually that was the new rich who did that.

BTW, talking about new rich, I'm so glad tacky show off Dana isn't on the show anymore! t on the show anymore!

by Camille G.reply 27002/08/2013

R270 = Kyle, clearly on a bender.

by Camille G.reply 27102/08/2013

R270 has dissociative identity disorder and two of her alters were writing that post.

by Camille G.reply 27202/08/2013

[quote]Sorry for ranting,but again, Yolanda is phony!

A phony what? She's some girl who grew up on a farm in Holland and rode the waves her apparently good looks took her on.

Considering she comes from nothing she's doing quite well at it.

I agree with you on Brandi...pretty much.

[quote]I use to like Lisa,but I think she is starting to act obnoxious. She sticks her hand down her husband's hospital gown and makes that scene.No class honey!

She didn't really stick it down. She was quite discreet about it, really, just to make a silly joke. But what the fuck were the cameras doing in there, when Ken had just had an operation?

Ken is such a weak and feeble man totally dominated by his much stronger and over-powering wife.

Lisa is finally coming round to the fact Kyle isn't really a very good friend. I never quite understood Lisa's need to suck up to Kyle all the she's the most popular girl in school. It seemed so lame for someone as successful as her.

by Camille G.reply 27302/08/2013

r270=a drunken Kim.

Honey, let it go. No one likes your sisters. I include fat around the hips Kathy.

3 fucking vile hags.

by Camille G.reply 27402/08/2013

Wasn't it the Zanuck woman who said her mother-in-law was at a party with Barbra Streisand, who told her to pour white wine over a red wine stain, and it worked? Who is her mother-in-law? She must be somebody important if Streisand is giving her stain removal tips.

by Camille G.reply 27502/08/2013

Dean Zanuck's mother is Linda Harrison, who was married to Richard Zanuck in the 70s.

Unless she meant Dean's stepmother Lili Fini Zanuck.

by Camille G.reply 27602/08/2013


Remember how long it took Lisa to realize what a scumbag Sedric was? I'm not surpised that she has stod by Kyle as long as she has. She's certainly old enough to know better, but I think she gets very close to people and then it is hard to see them as they are.

If everyone remembers the past season, Lisa was just starting to catch on to Kyle's little digs. I think she is really the nicest housewife on the show.

I like Brandi too, but nothing gives her the right to pass on little tidbets of people's private lives like she does. She doesn't just say it was she's mad, she says it because she knows it.

by Camille G.reply 27702/08/2013

Cedric was moved into Lisa's home specifically for the show.

by Camille G.reply 27802/08/2013

[quote]Cedric was moved into Lisa's home specifically for the show.

No, he'd been living with them for over a year.

That whole Cedric thing was very strange. If you look at the old footage he was hanging out with Lisa all the time. They did everything together.

Finally Ken put his little foot down and Cedric felt rejected and felt like he'd been used by Lisa who'd just grown tired of him. If indeed he really had been abandoned by his mother in a phone booth, then no wonder his feelings of rejection got activated.

by Camille G.reply 27902/08/2013

He'd already moved out of their home when filming began. They moved him back in just for the show.

by Camille G.reply 28002/08/2013

Then Lisa is a liar, R280...where did you get your info on this?

by Camille G.reply 28102/08/2013

Cedric went public with that info a couple years back.

by Camille G.reply 28202/08/2013

So then what is the real reason for the falling out?

by Camille G.reply 28302/08/2013

[quote]Cedric went public with that info a couple years back.

If you can find the link, I'll believe you...until then I'm going with the original story.

by Camille G.reply 28402/08/2013

Google it yourself, I really don't care if you believe me.

by Camille G.reply 28502/08/2013

The Lisa & Cedric fiasco

by Camille G.reply 28602/08/2013

R285: It's not you I don't believe, it's Cedric.

by Camille G.reply 28702/08/2013


by Camille G.reply 28802/08/2013

[quote]Google it yourself, I really don't care if you believe me.

It's not YOU I don't believe, it's the story.

by Camille G.reply 28902/08/2013

I linked it @ R288

by Camille G.reply 29002/08/2013


I don't care for Lisa but at the same time, I take what Cedric says with a grain of salt. Especially what he has to say about the other hosuewives. His source for the "info" on the other girls is probably Lisa, and I don't really trust anything that she has to say.

by Camille G.reply 29102/08/2013

I have to admit I hate Brandi. If there is an award for reality show sociopath, she should win it...well, there would be a lot of winners.

by Camille G.reply 29202/08/2013

R291 Every single thing Cedric said in that article eventually came true, or seems very much within the realm or possibility. He predicted Lisa and Adrianne not liking each other, he knew about Adrianne's only owning 2% of the Palms, etc. I 100% believe him. Not that it really matters...this is all old news. My original point was that Cedric & Lisa's relationship was not as they made it seem on the show. It was manufactured at that point.

by Camille G.reply 29302/08/2013

WOW! R271,R272,R274! Major Frau Fangurls Who Worship Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz And Who Are Loyal To Oprah To The Bitter End When They Cancel Her TV Station OWN!!!

by Camille G.reply 29402/09/2013

Even Adrianne's chef didn't like Lisa. They spilled the beans last week that Lisa owns 51% of her restaurant when she wanted everyone to believe she was the sole owner.

BTW, has anyone seen the cover of in touch magazine last week? They have Adrianne and Brandi on the cover ,and it states that Brandi is going to write a book claiming that she slept with Adrianne's husband? and she is going to reveal some trash about LeAnn Rimes? Did I read that correctly? Has anyone read that? I was rushing in line, and I quickly read the cover in a hurry. If that is what Brandi claims, she is pretty loony because I really don't get the vibe that Adrianne's husband is the type to have an affair.Besides, he isn't some stud. The guy looks like Fred Flintstone.

by Camille G.reply 29502/09/2013

Kelsey & Camille in happier days giving a tour of their Malibu 'compound'.

Strange to see Camille being so QUIET!

by Camille G.reply 29602/09/2013

I can't help but like Camille. I know she's a bitch just like the others, but she's so genuinely entertaining - she's the only true foil to Vyle.

by Camille G.reply 29702/09/2013

Remember Kathy Hilton's show in 2005? I want to be a Hilton. This had to have been before Paris' sex tapes because the focus was on etiquette and bein' classy

by Camille G.reply 29802/09/2013


It wasn't. No one thought twice about the Hiltons until Paris' sex tape came out. Like the Kardashians, they loved every minute of the fame that followed after.

by Camille G.reply 29902/09/2013


And Camille taught Kyle and Mauricio a very important lesson... don't fuck or go against someone who can go elsewhere when they need to sell their homes.

by Camille G.reply 30002/09/2013

I wish Brandi would stop talking about LeAnn and her ex. We get it. Your husband cheated, and he left you for someone with more money than he had. Sucks. But enough already.

Also, the Hiltons are trash.

by Camille G.reply 30102/09/2013

[quote] They spilled the beans last week that Lisa owns 51% of her restaurant when she wanted everyone to believe she was the sole owner.

That's not true. Last season when Lisa was opening Sur, she featured the couple who co-own the restaurant with her on the show. I remember because the male partner is hot. Lisa made it very clear that they were partners in the restaurant.

by Camille G.reply 30202/09/2013

Having watched the show from the beginning, I can say that Lisa is above reproach. It really does seem like Adrienne wanted the girls to go after her at that reunion. I remember it well. Lisa seemed surprised and angered at Adrienne for her suggestion Lisa had sold articles to US Magazine. Kyle didn't come to Lisa's aid at the reunion, and Lisa was left looking alone and sad in defense of herself. Adrienne is now the most unpopular housewife of all time. She routinely gets 600 chastising comments on her Bravo Blog when she manages to post something. Mauricio knows where his bread is buttered. In the real world, Paul and Adrienne's mansion is worth $30 million, they'll have to sell it and buy two other mansions for themselves. That's where Mauricio comes in. He's their real estate agent. Think of the commissions!

by Camille G.reply 30302/09/2013

I didn't Mauricio was their realtor. Is he Camille's realtor too?

by Camille G.reply 30402/09/2013

Um Brandi has mentioned that after the book and press for the book is done she wont be talking about it anymore. Leanne has been talking and doing interviews for years, since she was a higher profile, she even wrote songs about it for her newest album. Brandi cash it in, make money off of it, do your thing. People keep saying, We get it Brandi he cheated, blah blah blah, It time for her to sell the story, the facts we haven't heard, make money. Get it girl, now that your more popular now than frickin Leanne Rimes. It aint 1995 anymore.... Bluueeeeee ooohohohoho.

This isn't Brandi's 6th book about her divorce... it's her first 4 years after the fact. SO GET IT BITCH!

Love Brandi! As Brandi mentions Eddie got a new vagina, so did I! hahahaha

by Camille G.reply 30502/09/2013


by Camille G.reply 30602/09/2013

I feel bad because these Housewives shows used to be my guilty pleasure. They are simply not watchable anymore.

by Camille G.reply 30702/10/2013

When does Ramona come back?

by Camille G.reply 30802/10/2013

It would spice up the show a lot if newly divorced Dr Paul started dating newly divorced Vicki Gunvalson. I'd love to see them come walking into SUR together some night. Andy Cohen, are you listening?

by Camille G.reply 30902/10/2013

Rumor has it Dr. Paul is dating Brandi..even better than a Icki pairing. WHOOO HOOO.

by Camille G.reply 31002/10/2013

Here's the clip of David cutting Yolanda's little interview short.

by Camille G.reply 31102/10/2013

[quote]I didn't Mauricio was their realtor. Is he Camille's realtor too?

He is, or at least he was...

"In September of 2007 Kelse and Camille dropped a not-insubstantial $13,700,000 for a 7 bedroom and 9 pooper property in the hoity-toity Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles. It's not clear to Your Mama if the former lovebirds' original intention was to make us of the 10,000+ square foot mansion as an "in-town" residence or if their intent was to flip the property at a profit. Whatever the case, less than a year after buying the house, they heaved it back on the market with an asking price of $19,900,000, a breathtaking increase to be sure. The property no longer appears on the open market but it does still appear on the website of their agent Mauricio Umansky with an asking price of $18,900,000."

by Camille G.reply 31202/10/2013

Poor, Yolanda...this Lyme Disease sickness is not funny and she may NOT make it back for the next season.

by Camille G.reply 31302/10/2013

This is the first I've heard of her having Lyme. If it's reality TV and she was sick during filming, why hasn't it been mentioned on the show?

by Camille G.reply 31402/10/2013

It's strange they didn't mention it on the show.

Maybe she felt if they didn't mention it, she'd have a better go at keeping her head above water and maybe she didn't want it to overwhelm her storyline with her sickness.

It sounds like she's really been through it and being under the microscope while it was going on, must have been intense.

by Camille G.reply 31502/10/2013

Yolanda said she found out that she has Lyme disease after filming was done or nearly done. She has a port in her upper chest and has to have daily infusions of antibiotics.

Frankly, I'm not sure she was ever going to come back for another season anyway. She seems to truly despise the other women and it's likely to get ugly at the reunion. She never watched the show before agreeing to be on it, and was shocked at how awful the other women behaved towards each other. She could cut her losses and get out now before the show ruins her marriage and reputation.

by Camille G.reply 31602/10/2013

I have a feeling Yolanda's gonna get "Grammered" by her husband. He probably suggested she do the show so he could fool around with a flight attendant. The man's all ego, and like Yo says: "Younger girls will fuck your husband for a Chanel bag."

by Camille G.reply 31702/10/2013

[quote]When does Ramona come back?

Word is that Andy is holing up filming of the next season of NYC. They haven't even begun yet.

NJ just started filming a few weeks back.

Both are way, wa behind in schedule.

Has OC filmed a new season yet?

I see we are getting Rachel Zoe and that walking minstrel show Brad Goreski's It's A Sad Fag World in a few weeks.

by Camille G.reply 31802/10/2013

R311 That clip confirms my impression that David is a prick who expects to be the center of attention at ALL times.

I hope she gets even more famous.

by Camille G.reply 31902/10/2013


Like Brandy is EVER going to stop talking about it. Especially if her book is a hit. She's going to just keep at it to try and gain more money/press from it. She's truly awful and has no marketable skills. Why is it that she doesn't work again?

I don't like Leanne either, but at least Leanne has talent. What does Brandy do again?

Oh, yeah, she does the splits on stripper poles.

Yeah, she's a great mom for those boys.

by Camille G.reply 32002/10/2013

The whole "charging a new vagina" to Eddie's credit card was kinda classy. Thanks for sharing, Brandi.

by Camille G.reply 32102/10/2013

R320 Brandi rocks. I'm buying her book just to read about her new vag.

Love Brandi!!

by Camille G.reply 32202/10/2013

This just in...Kyle is STILL a cunt.

by Camille G.reply 32302/10/2013

I agree with you R319, David is a jerk!He talks about how Yolanda, makes HIM dinner, does this and that for HIM ,and she is his dream wife. I know we have chauvinistic jerks in the United States ,but obviously this guy is Canadian because it seems like the United States is way ahead of other nations and foreigners when it comes to equality between men and women.

Aside from all of this, he is no George and Ira Gershwin, Oscar and Hammerstein, etc. David's music, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and many others today are so commercial and lacks major substance.Sorry but they have no talent and they are highly overrated.

by Camille G.reply 32402/10/2013

The NYC Housewives are the lowest rated of all the shows, so Andy is probably searching for new women. LuAnn may get cut since she didn't bring it last season.

by Camille G.reply 32502/11/2013

Breaking news - Fake Resnick is a bullying cunt....still!

by Camille G.reply 32602/11/2013

R321 - I want to charge my new mangina to Eddie!

by Camille G.reply 32702/11/2013

[quote]The NYC Housewives are the lowest rated of all the shows

Nope. Miami is the lowest rated.

by Camille G.reply 32802/11/2013

"Nope. Miami is the lowest rated."

That's because Americans hate subtitles.

by Camille G.reply 32902/11/2013

I read NY started filming but nobody sure if someone got cut or if the added a new HW.

by Camille G.reply 33002/11/2013

Americans don't hate subtitles, look at honey boo boo

by Camille G.reply 33102/11/2013

Looks like Kyle had her lips done. You would have thought after Taylor's fiasco, she'd know better.

This clip was recorded AFTER this current series was filmed

by Camille G.reply 33202/11/2013

Why is Faye Resnick there AGAIN?

by Camille G.reply 33302/11/2013

OK, I knew this show was scripted...but tonight's episode takes it to w whole new level of "fake" ! Suddenly, tonight Taylor conviently is the shit stirrer !

by Camille G.reply 33402/11/2013

Oh, I believe Taylor was a genuine shit stirrer. She probably realized Bravo had lost interest in filming her and figured this was the opportunity to prove why she should stay on the show. Adrienne, meanwhile, is a horrible liar. And to lie about something so easily provable shows what a deluded moron she is too.

by Camille G.reply 33502/11/2013

[quote]Why is Faye Resnick there AGAIN?

She's an official housewife now.

by Camille G.reply 33602/12/2013

No, she's not. But the producers could clearly see that nothing is happening this season and she does tend to make a scene.

Can we officially call Marisa's time of death? I mean, the woman does not seem to have a pulse. We get a token five words or so from her each week.

by Camille G.reply 33702/12/2013

My DVR didn't record it last night, WTF?

by Camille G.reply 33802/12/2013

[quote]My DVR didn't record it last night, WTF?

Well, at some point over the past week Bravo changed its schedule so that the RHoBH was at 8 Eastern/7 Central. My TiVo caught it and changed the recording time, but I wasn't expecting that.

by Camille G.reply 33902/12/2013

[quote]We get a token five words or so from her each week.

And they're usually "to sleep with other men." I wonder what sort of effect that's having on her marriage.

by Camille G.reply 34002/12/2013

I love how Lisa/BRAVO had those Sur himbos wait on the ladies, in an obvious attempt to lure viewers to Vanderpump Rules, which BRAVO knew at the time of filming would be scheduled to come on directly after the Housewives. Taylor/Shana is just so irrelevant, but I love mocking her. Marissa seems DOA, so hoefully Taylor will be spared. Not sure YoYo will make it back next season either. Sure she's married to a H'wood bigwig, but she's about as interesting as a cardboard box.

by Camille G.reply 34102/12/2013

[quote]Looks like Kyle had her lips done. You would have thought after Taylor's fiasco, she'd know better.

I think it's the lip gloss. They are very very shiny and it makes them look bigger.

No one thought it was hysterical that after Taylor gives Lisa a vibrator, a truly appropriate gift for afternoon tea, Brandi looks right in to the camera and says, a vibrator? Really? couldn't she have given something special like anal beads?

by Camille G.reply 34202/12/2013

So it looks like the morally corrupt Faye Resnick is official next season, along with Rod Stewart's ex-wife, mother of the kid Tradrienne is dating.

by Camille G.reply 34302/12/2013

Looks like the only way Taylor is going to make the cut next season is if Kennedy is found floating face down in the swimming pool. Maybe I shouldn't be giving her any ideas. :)

by Camille G.reply 34402/12/2013

[quote] Rod Stewart's ex-wife, mother of the kid Tradrienne is dating

Alana Hamilton?! They should have had her all along.

by Camille G.reply 34502/12/2013

Alana is 67. Is she not a bit long in the tooth for Housewives?

by Camille G.reply 34602/12/2013

[quote] E! News reports that RHOBH veteran Taylor Armstrong is likely on her way out the door as Bravo producers are looking for new women in Beverly Hills to add to the show! Who could the new women be? The site reports that Penny Lancaster is being scouted by producers to join the show. Penny is the ex-wife of singer Rod Stewart, and ironically Adrienne Maloof’s boyfriend, Sean Stewart’s step-mother!

by Camille G.reply 34702/12/2013

Upsetting. Disgusting. Disgraceful. A call needs to be made to CPS.

by Camille G.reply 34802/12/2013

[quote] The site reports that Penny Lancaster is being scouted by producers to join the show. Penny is the ex-wife of singer Rod Stewart,

They're still very much married and live in England, so this is very inaccurate gossip indeed.

by Camille G.reply 34902/12/2013

If anyone missed the show, subscribe to this guy on youtube. He posts it online every week...a few days later.

He actually posts it on vimeo now, but posts the link and password on youtube.

For a while he posted the show on a gay porn site, which seemed to offend some of his subscribers and in the end pissed off the gay porn site.

Youtube won't let him post the whole show either.

by Camille G.reply 35002/12/2013

I find it strange that no one who's watched this week's show has sad anything about Lisa's incredible new house. It really is stunning...the setting, the pool, the water features as you come in, the amazing floor to ceiling windows with the views in every room. They really live like royalty. It's amazing.

The decor, not so much. Too much black everywhere, which I hate. The kitchen looks like an executive airport lounge.

by Camille G.reply 35102/12/2013

Adrienne's the liar yes?

by Camille G.reply 35202/12/2013

OMFG.. I cant believe I'm saying this BUT I LOVED TAYLOR THIS WEEK. I loved what she said about Adrienne on WWHL. I loved TAY TAY this week. WTF? I loved her candor, I loved how she said in her Blog how Camille is a bitch, how Adrienne is a liar, and she was sick and tired of each event being so filled with the tension, so She was like IM GOING TO STIR IT UP, And her and Adrienne are no longer friends.

I don't care what you farts say. Taylor rocked that tea party. She was spot on about the hypocrisy of Camille and Adrienne. Yes she was drunk, Who the fuck cares. She was AWESOME! I cant believe Im saying this.

by Camille G.reply 35302/12/2013

R351, the house is awful and just unreal. The moat to the glass facade, with the name of the house in big tacky letters on the side of the building? Did she convert one of her restaurants into a home? Because it looks like the banquet hall that every San bernardino girl dreams of getting married in.

by Camille G.reply 35402/12/2013

I love the two-foot high "Villa Rosa" sign on the front, something every classy homeowner aspires to display.

by Camille G.reply 35502/13/2013

r354... Bitch show us your house? Lisa's house is gorge.

by Camille G.reply 35602/13/2013

R351, I agree with you to a point. The water in front of the house with the two weeping willows in the center of the water on either side of the bridge is just beautiful and tranquil. It reminds of some 1930s movie set.BTW, I love her decor. She has gorgeous statues and flowers all around her home with original art work.Her home has this flow of romance.However, I don't like so many windows in the house with that blast of way too much sunlight. Its way too much ,and I would get a headache living with that blast of sunlight.

R354, you need glasses. If you don't like it, that is your right and your choice, but to claim that its horrible because you don't like it or because her style doesn't follow the leader like a robot, isn't a valid point.We all have different tastes which is fine, but not everyone wants to live like a monk in a minimalist one dimensional modern existence. I think homes like Lisa's are oases to escape from the mundane everyday dullness. If I had her money, I would live in a much smaller cottage, and not a large mansion. but I too would live in an oasis removed from dull everyday life .If others didn't like my decor and home, I wouldn't give a shit! In fact, I don't give a shit now about others think about how I live. I live for me are ,and fill my home with the things that make me happy. Everyone should do that and forget about others.

Aside form everything, I have notice in last week's episode which the ladies were out in the garden having tea, I noticed a statue behind Lisa when they were all sitting at the table outside. It was the same statute in an episode of Flipping Out in which Jeff and Jennie went to a wealthy collector's home and he had that same statute on his terrace, and his wife hated it. It was called the rape of? I forgot. In the episode, Jeff didn't get rid of it but just moved it.Apparently the statue was worth 100s of thousands of dollars. So there it was located behind Lisa at Lisa's garden. Did anyone notice it? Do you think Bravo tweaks the locations where they film and add some props here and there?

by Camille G.reply 35702/13/2013

Yolanda was very different this week. Really letting herself go and bitching away with Brandi. Made her seem much more human.

But really, to say that she's sorry she can't afford to buy her daughter more horses, that most people have three was very peculiar...and the rest.

Lisa was strangely intense with Kyle. Talking about 'our relationship'. They're friends. How many friends talk about their friendship in that way? I think Lisa's a little in love with Kyle. Jus' sayin'

by Camille G.reply 35802/13/2013

R358: These women act like teenage girls -- or more like tweens! -- with the friend drama.

by Camille G.reply 35902/13/2013

R357, I dont dislike it because "she doesn't follow the leader", I dislike it because I wish that someone had led her to more tasteful decisions than plastering the name on the side like its some chain Italian restaurant.

"If others didn't like my decor and home, I wouldn't give a shit! In fact, I don't give a shit now about others think about how I live. I live for me are ,and fill my home with the things that make me happy. Everyone should do that and forget about others." I completely agree, and when you do get your dream house, Barbie, why don't you name it Villa Verbose.

by Camille G.reply 36002/13/2013

I liked Lisa's house at first but think it's better suited to a different design. It's a modern home which looks best with a more minimalist decor. Way to frou-frou with all the pink and frilliness that Lisa loves and that mirror plated bed, egads. It was better suited to there old house. The views and the pool are incredible.

by Camille G.reply 36102/13/2013

I loved Taylor this episode too. She was drunk and honest about her motives which is more than one can say about Kyle toting Faye Resnick along. Fortunately, Faye kept her nasal voiced gob shut.

So Adrienne and Brandi were both lying. I am guessing Adrienne sent a cease and desist letter not a lawsuit. Either way Brandi had to pay a lawyer but she didn't get sued. Right?

Does anyone think Adrienne would have any friends if she didn't have cash?

by Camille G.reply 36202/13/2013

Darling, until you learn the correct usage of "there" and "to," one shouldn't comment on others' decor.

by Camille G.reply 36302/13/2013

Where do you think Lisa's house is located?

by Camille G.reply 36402/13/2013

BH's ratings are not that much better than NYC's. They both have teetered in the .8/.9 range in the demo. Neither of them touch ATL or NJ.

And yes, Vanderpump Rules holds a significant amount of BH's audience, only differing in a couple 100,000 viewers. So it is most certainly a hit.

And this is why the crap keeps coming on this network, because just like that abysmal Shahs of Sunset, people watch.

by Camille G.reply 36502/13/2013

[quote]Where do you think Lisa's house is located?

Here...see link.

But that's the house before she did what she does with it.

by Camille G.reply 36602/13/2013

& here's an aerial view of Adrienne's house.

I wonder which one was Lisa's former house.

by Camille G.reply 36702/13/2013

& here's Camille's 'compound'.

by Camille G.reply 36802/13/2013

Kim's house...looks like a location for '70s TV show...which makes sense, non?

by Camille G.reply 36902/13/2013

When you look at those aerial photos of Beverly Hills and environs, it's amazing how rural so much of it is when you get up into the hills.

by Camille G.reply 37002/13/2013

Adrienne is horrible, with her plastic, phony Persian face and her lies. And Faye Resnick. Good lord, could we scrape her off the bottom of our shoes now? She looks like a whore.

And that shrieking drunk Taylor with her ugly, misbegotten, neglected child. These are not good people, any of them.

by Camille G.reply 37102/13/2013

[quote]When you look at those aerial photos of Beverly Hills and environs, it's amazing how rural so much of it is when you get up into the hills.

And when you're actually up in the hills, it's amazing how narrow and dense the streets are. You'd think they'd be these broad winding boulevards. Wrong! They're what we'd call alleyways anywhere else.

[Still, apart from the risk of wildfires, there really is nowhere better to live than in those hills. Sigh.]

by Camille G.reply 37202/13/2013

Speaking of the hills, I'm hijacking this thread for just a minute -- it's not as if the Real Housewives is such an important topic anyway -- to ask an L.A.-related question. I just saw "Argo", and in a scene that takes place in L.A. in 1980 they briefly show the Hollywood sign with the first two letters seemingly knocked over or destroyed. Was the sign really in disrepair in 1980? When did it happen, and when was it restored?

by Camille G.reply 37302/13/2013

Why do people say Camille is trying to became a regular again by shit stirring when it was basically her decision to leave? Or was that not the case? I thought it involved her refusal to show her personal life, boyfriend, kids, etc.

by Camille G.reply 37402/13/2013

For R373

Scroll down for the sign's history

by Camille G.reply 37502/13/2013

I like to have fun but I don't play games!

by Camille G.reply 37602/13/2013

Taylor was funny with her "Good luck with that!" remark to Brandi as she pretended to flee the advance of Vyle, the Persian Trannie and the Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick.

But that drunk was clearly stirring the pot, not to be honest, but to be relevant and stay on the show, her only paycheck.

Adrienne is a liar, who plays with words. Nobody claimed a lawsuit had been filed. And in the previews to next week's show, Persian Trannie claims she never knew her lawyer had sent a letter to Brandi. No lawyer acts without his client's express permission.

by Camille G.reply 37702/13/2013

[quote]And when you're actually up in the hills, it's amazing how narrow and dense the streets are. You'd think they'd be these broad winding boulevards. Wrong! They're what we'd call alleyways anywhere else.

I was referring to the undeveloped land north of Adrienne's house and Willacre Park & Coldwater Canyon Park.

I can see why so many of my friends here in London have been seduced by and have moved to LA. I know about the many problems but if you live in a city like London, the sunshine and the swimming pools and the access to the beaches does seem appealing.

by Camille G.reply 37802/13/2013

Know your friends, show your enemies the door.

Jesus fucking Christ, my door is coming off its goddamned hinges!

by Camille G.reply 37902/13/2013

[quote]I was referring to the undeveloped land north of Adrienne's house

Oh I knew that; you're right, it is surprisingly sparse up there towards the top.

by Camille G.reply 38002/13/2013

Actually I liked Taylor this episode. She got kicked out of Kyle's party for her husband sending a letter to Camille because she said that her husband hit her on TV. Brandi said Adrienne did not have her kids naturally so Adrienne's lawyer sent a letter to Brandi. Exact same issue but everyone is treating Adrienne like she is the hurt party here, including Camille?? Brandi called out Camille for saying she knew they were coming after Lisa at the reunion. Camille was pissed not because she never said that, but she was "put on the spot."

I think Taylor had every right to stir that shit up. "Hey remember when I was the bad guy when I never sent a letter to Camille? So why the fuck is Adrienne the saint here when she lied about how she had her kids?"

I loved how Brandi was calling out Bernie too, Adrienne's busy body cook, who sells stories to Radar online for Adrienne. "HOW DARE YOU..SHAME ON YOU.." hahah fucking liar.

by Camille G.reply 38102/13/2013

I like the previews where Taylor is telling Kyle she is in love and then says, "oh you have Kennedy?" Hilarity ensues!

by Camille G.reply 38202/13/2013

The preview of the call from DRUNK DRUNK DRUNK Taylor, who has sunk her teeth into a rich dude and is going out of state, but hasn't even thought about where her daughter is, is very disturbing.

Child services should get a copy of that.

But what I find interesting is that scam-artist Taylor isn't too drunk to get her story straight. Notice how she says she is with a man whom she has known for a long time, but only "recently" fell in love with? That is a lie, a lie purposely concocted to avoid getting in the middle of a divorce proceeding.

Taylor has been fucking her married lawyer for ages now.

by Camille G.reply 38302/13/2013

Camille is siding with Adrienne because they're both rich, vain women who used surrogates to carry their children. It might not seem like a big deal to us, but to female viewers, hiring another woman to carry your kids because you don't want to deal with morning sickness or stretch marks is a mortal sin.

Did Kim fall off the wagon again? She sounded like her old drunk, drugged-out self when Lisa called her.

by Camille G.reply 38402/13/2013

I don't know if Kim has technically fallen off the wagon because I'm not convinced that she ever hopped aboard.

But she is clearly (or unclearly) back to her old ways with that fucked up phone call, making silly excuses for not showing up to an event because she's too messed up to appear on camera, much less gas up her Mercury Bobcat hatchback and drive to the nice part of town.

by Camille G.reply 38502/13/2013

Haha, Kim saying she was on her way and then got hit in the face. The dog was in the front seat? Liar.

by Camille G.reply 38602/13/2013

If I was on that show, I too would be coming up with excuses to avoid those horrid gatherings.

Look what Kim didn't miss this time.

by Camille G.reply 38702/13/2013

Why is Yolanda always flying out somewhere to meet her husband??

by Camille G.reply 38802/13/2013

For some reason Taylor reminded me of the drunk Aunt who comes to the party, get's tipsy and starts telling all the bizz that no one want's to talk about, but actually needs to. I loved her in this episode. Taylor had every right to call out the hypocrisy of such a weak insecure rich woman who last year marched first in line about friends not suing friends or even THREATENING TO.

It seems like the group is very divided with Kyle Camille, Adrienne on one side, and Lisa Brandi Yolonda on the other. I prefer the latter.

I just find it funny like Adrienne saying Lisa sold stories accusations, and yet Adrienne was the one with her evil cook Bernie.

Even Adriennes ex hubby called Brandi and apologized to her after Adrienne's pictures were leaked by Bernie of alleged abuse she suffered at her ex's hand. He said he saw how she can be etc.

SO rich and so insecure... Really sad. But next week at the white party, basically she says to Brandi... When I said there was no lawsuit it was before I knew my lawyer sent a letter, NOW I know... Okay persian kitty!

by Camille G.reply 38902/13/2013

These story lines are the same old, same old. Its like musical chairs, next season Adrienne and Brandi will have this fake made up Bravo meeting in a restaurant saying how sorry they both are. NEXT! there will be a fight between Faye and Kim! NEXT! there will be a fight between Kim and Camille! good grief!The confrontations that you see in the Housewives of Beverly Hills, you will see in the Housewives of Atalanta, etc. UGH!

Now Bravo has made up drama between Lisa's employees! A Major Yawn! What Next! drama at that Palms between employees at the casino called, Adrienne Rolls The Dice?!

by Camille G.reply 39002/14/2013

I like all of the women on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills except for Brandi who I think is completely trashy.

I love Real Housewives of Atlanta, but the problem is the sewer is more cleaner than these women's mouths! These women go into every detail about sex and their sex lives and its like, uh? who wants to know? These women don't have to talk about all that garbage because they are interesting, sometimes hilarious, especially Phaedra, and really entertaining! I'm not a frau but that raunchy crass talk gets tiring.

by Camille G.reply 39102/14/2013

Someone mentioned on the Project Runway thread, why don't they have Kyle Richards as a guest judge. I agreed with the poster because whether you like her or not, the woman dresses beautifully. She always looks elegant and fashionable and she knows how to wear her accessories really well.

by Camille G.reply 39202/14/2013

Kyle's fake hair and lips and TJ Maxx wardrobe are way too low rent for that show, vision-impaired lunatic at R392. Alternately, if you're trolling, that's not bad.

by Camille G.reply 39302/14/2013

R393, she has an incredible health head of hair that is beautiful. TJ Maxx wardrobe? LOL! right! totally brain damaged at R393.

by Camille G.reply 39402/14/2013

[quote]Camille is siding with Adrienne because they're both rich, vain women who used surrogates to carry their children. It might not seem like a big deal to us, but to female viewers, hiring another woman to carry your kids because you don't want to deal with morning sickness or stretch marks is a mortal sin.

Wow, you know why Camille & Adrienne used surrogates? So you are their Gynecologist and Priest! Impressive.

by Camille G.reply 39502/14/2013

Didn't Camille and Adrienne have trouble having children? They had their children at a more mature age right?

by Camille G.reply 39602/14/2013

Kim still being on the show makes no sense other than her sister has major pull.

by Camille G.reply 39702/14/2013

[quote]Kim still being on the show makes no sense other than her sister has major pull.

Why wouldn't she be on the show? She's a train wreck, people like train wrecks. You aren't you confusing this show with Masterpiece Theatre again are you?

by Camille G.reply 39802/14/2013

Kim has been making progress this season. She said, she is working hard to move forward, but she now and then has bad days ,but she gets back up and moves forward.

I hope that is true because being in her situation is not living at all ,and it must be horrible.

by Camille G.reply 39902/14/2013

R384 is a frau, r395, and it enrages them that some other woman got to be a mother without having to suffer morning sickness and strech marks.

by Camille G.reply 40002/14/2013

r398, train wrecks usually bring drama. The best Kim can come up with is ghosts in her house. She's the epitome of nonentity. Besides, aren't these women contractually obligated to film at certain times? How does she get away with all the excuses? She films like Suzannne Somers in her last appearances on Three's Company.

by Camille G.reply 40102/14/2013

Actually, R395, when Camille's children were born, she and Kelsey announced quite openly in the media that they were born via surrogate. There was nothing secret about it. And why should there be?

If Adrienne thinks using a surrogate pregnancy is something to be so deeply ashamed of, she shouldn't have done it.

The issue isn't the surrogacy, it's the fact that she lies all the time about her life and who she is.

by Camille G.reply 40202/14/2013

[quote]She films like Suzannne Somers in her last appearances on Three's Company.

LOL...she 'phones it in. She wasn't right for the show. This was part of her desire to get back in the acting seat, but she was misguided. I'm not sure how being on this will help her get parts.

Kyle must have got the memo that she's not liked by the public but it doesn't seem to worry her the way it did Camille who seems to have had a self-imposed personality transplant...which seems to have worked. People now seem to like her. They've fallen for it.

by Camille G.reply 40302/14/2013

Eddie and LeAnn look so alike, no wonder they couldn't resist each other.

by Camille G.reply 40402/14/2013

R404: They only look alike because Eddie is losing his looks due to age and coke.

And what is with the simpering Real Housewives of Muncie, Indiana on here mooning over the nasty slob Kyle?

by Camille G.reply 40502/14/2013

[quote]They only look alike because Eddie is losing his looks due to age and coke

Scroll down to last pic at the bottom of the article @ link. They look like brother and sister. You must agree.

LeAnn's wearing the nastiest dress I think I've ever seen.

by Camille G.reply 40602/14/2013

It was said on the show by Camille, or one of the other women, that she used a surrogate because she didn't want to go through the burdens of pregnancy, not because she was incapable of having children. She was afraid that stretch marks or a stretched-out pussy might hinder her prospects of keeping Kelsey or landing another rich husband in the future. Yes, she's that vain.

by Camille G.reply 40702/14/2013

I figured it was because of Camille's IBS!

by Camille G.reply 40802/14/2013

I did it and am not ashamed, even did a People mag cover and everything

by Camille G.reply 40902/14/2013

Bullshit, R407. Camille said that she tried naturally--and she heavily hinted at having tried IVF--before finally hiring a surrogate. This was a recent interview.

by Camille G.reply 41002/14/2013

Dayna Devon from Extra will be replacing Taylor next year.

by Camille G.reply 41102/15/2013

Kyle always seems to be pretty pro-active standing up for gay rights.

by Camille G.reply 41202/15/2013

Is Faye really going to be a full time cast member next season ? You would think the producers understand the difference between 'love to hate' and 'just hate'. Her single attempt at a blog this season was taken down because of the negative comments, wasn't it ? Bad move, Bravo.

by Camille G.reply 41302/18/2013

There is a procedure I forgot the name of it that many of the rich and famous women in California have done it so when they give birth, they won't have any stretch marks. Victoria Beckmen is one of them who had it done.

by Camille G.reply 41402/18/2013

414 ... it's called surrogacy.

by Camille G.reply 41502/18/2013

[quote]It might not seem like a big deal to us, but to female viewers, hiring another woman to carry your kids because you don't want to deal with morning sickness or stretch marks is a mortal sin.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

by Camille G.reply 41602/18/2013

Adrianne's "neighborhood" has some of the most fucking ridiculous houses in it I've ever seen. They make hers look like a guest house.

by Camille G.reply 41702/18/2013

[quote]Adrianne's "neighborhood" has some of the most fucking ridiculous houses in it I've ever seen. They make hers look like a guest house.

I was wondering if they were hotels or country clubs...surely they're not private homes.

Also, it seems that Lisa's old house, probably all of 30 years old (opposite Adrienne's) has been knocked down.

by Camille G.reply 41802/18/2013

What if her problem with revealing the surrogacy has to do with the legal aspects of it? In the case of Camille - I think they used her egg and his sperm and had a surrogate carry the babies. They also said that it was Camille was unable to conceive despite trying all the available methods. But what if the maloof . did not use their own eggs and sperm? Legal rights now are still iffy in the "whose baby is anyway" department. What if they worry that whomever finds out that his/her sperm/egg has been used on multi million dollar babies they would want to claim the babies and get financial compensation to settle? I mean, there are cases in court now where sperm donors are asked for child support. Maybe they worry that this can be played the other way?

Also, what if they had to use a sperm donor and Paul, being of middle eastern background, feels that this will make him lose face? Maybe that's why they said they were suing for defamation of character?

by Camille G.reply 41902/18/2013

I don't think that was Lisa's house that was demolished...isn't hers the one directly across from Maloof's driveway entrance? Well...the first driveway entrance, anyway.

by Camille G.reply 42002/18/2013

Kyle does have a beautiful head of hair but for some reason, she always loses with clothes. She has an innate ability to pick tacky sparkly things to wear, which is how the TJ Maxx meme got started.

by Camille G.reply 42102/18/2013

[quote]I don't think that was Lisa's house that was demolished...isn't hers the one directly across from Maloof's driveway entrance? Well...the first driveway entrance, anyway.

The one that looks like a hotel? Maybe you're right. I didn't think it was that vast.

Or maybe it's the one just below the one that's been demolished.

by Camille G.reply 42202/18/2013

Lisa's house burned down last year after she sold it. It actually caught fire while the ladies were filming at Adrienne's house.

by Camille G.reply 42302/18/2013

I though I heard Adrienne say she was upset because she hadn't talked to the kids about it yet, and this is how they were finding out.

by Camille G.reply 42402/18/2013

[quote]Lisa's house burned down last year after she sold it. It actually caught fire while the ladies were filming at Adrienne's house.

Here's the news story.

by Camille G.reply 42502/18/2013

Apparently professionals told Adrienne and Paul to wait until their kids were at least 10 years old to tell them. Seems a bit fucked up to me.

by Camille G.reply 42602/18/2013

Are Paul and Brandi BFFs now ?? That would be pretty funny.

by Camille G.reply 42702/18/2013

Adrienne is pulling a Sheree Whitfield. She knows she is going to be fired (she threatened Bravo with a lawsuit) so she is now announcing that she has asked to leave the show.

Hunty, please!

by Camille G.reply 42802/18/2013

Yea, you can tell from the news footage that that's the house that is still standing in the overhead map (with the fountain in front & pool in back). That's one hell of a fire though, damn.

by Camille G.reply 42902/18/2013

I knew Adrienne would either leave on her own or be fired. Bravo can't keep a housewife who tries to sue another housewife for saying something on the show, otherwise it would be a very dull show.

by Camille G.reply 43002/18/2013

R430: Plus, Bravo has got to read the comments to the casts' blogs.

99% of Adrienne's comments are to the effect that she is a stupid liar and people hate her so much they won't watch next year if she is on.

People dislike her so much she isn't even fun to hate.

by Camille G.reply 43102/18/2013

From Adrienne's blog:

[quote]I want to be 100 percent clear that there is no lawsuit, a fact which can be confirmed by a simple search of court records. Further, neither I, nor my lawyer, have ever sent a letter to Brandi.

So, for God's sake, let Brandi produce the fucking letter or forever shut the fuck up.

It's Brandi who could come out of this stinking.

It doesn't make sense.

by Camille G.reply 43202/18/2013

[quote]99% of Adrienne's comments are to the effect that she is a stupid liar and people hate her so much they won't watch next year if she is on.

Not true. Many of the comments are very pro-Adrienne.

But I think Adrienne's had enough.

by Camille G.reply 43302/18/2013

Adrienne ain't going anywhere! How else is she going to promote her shoe and handbag empire?

by Camille G.reply 43402/18/2013

And now she's dating Rod Steiger's son, so she has the Hollywood connections that are a must for surviving on this show. That's why Taylor/Shana will soon be out. She's a nobody with no connections.

by Camille G.reply 43502/18/2013

Camille and I have 30 year old boyfriends now ... who needs this show anymore ??

by Camille G.reply 43602/18/2013

r435 that would be Rod Stewart's son. I dont know if it is an inside joke you are making that I just dont get. Are we calling Rod Stewart Rod Steiger on here now and I just dont know it? If so, sorry in advance..

by Camille G.reply 43702/18/2013

Is Taylor's boyfriend paying her living expenses? How else does she afford her $10k/month rental nut? That's, like, all her income from the show. Please don't tell me she made money off that book of hers.

by Camille G.reply 43802/18/2013

Brandi's book appears to be selling really well...a five star rating with 536 reviews??? I don't think I've ever seen such a thing.

by Camille G.reply 43902/18/2013

Brandi's book was a quick read, but it seemed to end really abruptly ... as if her gaygent said "Stop. Save the rest for the sequel." She doesn't even really dish her fellow RHoBH castmates at all in this one.

And her 'Whoa is me, Eddie cheated with that country singer' song does get tired.

by Camille G.reply 44002/18/2013

Dear Bravo, you will lose your audience if Faye Resnick is on again.

by Camille G.reply 44102/18/2013

Sorry, but you are delusional is you think many people like Adrienne.

She's a cunt, but, even worse, she is really, really stupid.

She really rubbed the fans the wrong way when she went after show-favorite Lisa last year.

And I don't buy her new BF as being anything other than a sad gambit for publicity.

Brandi's book was a VERY quick read. She is funny and alarmingly candid, but the book was 70% filler -- and was still short.

by Camille G.reply 44202/18/2013

Faye is there. Again.

by Camille G.reply 44302/18/2013

Also, that crazy "counselor" from Celebrity Rehab.

by Camille G.reply 44402/18/2013

[quote]Is Taylor's boyfriend paying her living expenses? How else does she afford her $10k/month rental nut? That's, like, all her income from the show. Please don't tell me she made money off that book of hers.

You actually think they only make $2500.00 an episode?

by Camille G.reply 44502/18/2013

[quote]You actually think they only make $2500.00 an episode?

When did I say that?

by Camille G.reply 44602/18/2013

[quote]Also, that crazy "counselor" from Celebrity Rehab.

That chick is obviously desperate for fame. She shows up on any show that'll allow her in front of their cameras.

by Camille G.reply 44702/18/2013

[quote]You actually think they only make $2500.00 an episode?

[quote]You actually think they only make $2500.00 an episode?

You asked.... Is Taylor's boyfriend paying her living expenses? How else does she afford her $10k/month rental nut? That's, like, all her income from the show.

by Camille G.reply 44802/18/2013

I'm loving the moral corrupt Faye Resnick.

by Camille G.reply 44902/18/2013

Bravo is becoming the crappiest TV station in history! Now they have a new reality,LOL!, show coming out about LA shrinks! I watched the commercials for that show and the patients are very, very bad actors! Also, another new show coming out called the King or more like, the Queen of Melrose Ave? The queen is where this tuxedo robe with a Pucci style print on it, what a bunch of complete crap!

by Camille G.reply 45002/18/2013

Okay, R448? I'm not understanding how you came up with me saying she makes $2500 an episode. You really think they film an episode every single week of the year??

by Camille G.reply 45102/18/2013

It was in the Examiner that they make around 2-3 hundred thousand dollars a season not an episode. If you think about, that is nothing to live off of after taxes and with the type of lifestyle that they are trying to maintain. However, they said Teresa from the Housewives of New Jersey gets $500,000 a season! Yet Nene from Housewives of Atalanta gets paid a lot less. That doesn't seem logical because Nene is one of the focal points of Housewives of Atalanta.

by Camille G.reply 45202/18/2013

Nene doesn't need the houswives money. She's the only one who has moved beyond that shit. She's on a network series. Nene has out done them all. By far.

by Camille G.reply 45302/18/2013

[quote]It was in the Examiner that they make around 2-3 hundred thousand dollars a season not an episode.

Do they dock Kim's pay every time she doesn't show up to things?

by Camille G.reply 45402/18/2013

From what I read, Taylor makes $170k per season. The woman pays $10k/mo in rent for her tract home. That's $120k a year in rent. Take taxes out of that $170k income from the show and she's lucky if she makes enough just to cover her rent. Which is why I asked earlier how the hell she's living? I highly doubt it's book sales.

by Camille G.reply 45502/18/2013

Since Kyle is part owner in the show, I'm guessing not, r454.

by Camille G.reply 45602/18/2013

Actually, perhaps Taylor got a pay cut...this article from Christmas says she only makes $100k! Regardless, I'd like to know where the rest of her monthly nut is coming from.

by Camille G.reply 45702/18/2013

[quote]Since Kyle is part owner in the show, I'm guessing not,

OMG, you're back!

For God's sake, no one disagree with him, OK?

by Camille G.reply 45802/18/2013

Maurice was so oily/fake mixing drinks for those vulgar trash Adrienne and Paul.

by Camille G.reply 45902/18/2013

[quote]Regardless, I'd like to know where the rest of her monthly nut is coming from.

How do you know she rents?

Trust me, as soon as Taylor gets dumped from the show, the rest of the cast won't have anything more to do with her.

by Camille G.reply 46002/18/2013

[quote]How do you know she rents?

I thought that was rather common knowledge.

by Camille G.reply 46102/18/2013

R454, I don't remember what they said about Kim. I think they all get a standard pay of 2-3 hundred thousand dollars,but Teresa is the acception on Housewives of New Jersey.

by Camille G.reply 46202/18/2013

What is an acception?

by Camille G.reply 46302/18/2013

Teresa needs the extra money to fix the faces on those kids of hers.

by Camille G.reply 46402/18/2013

I think r462 meant to write "deception"

by Camille G.reply 46502/18/2013

Nene makes $750,000 for the season and a $250,000 bonus for the reunion.

Taylor will kill herself when she's fired if she hasn't sunk her claws into a rich man.

by Camille G.reply 46602/18/2013

[quote]Nene makes $750,000 for the season and a $250,000 bonus for the reunion.

Who the fuck is Nene?

She doesn't belong in this zip code/thread.

Please do not refer to her again....unless you absolutely have to.

by Camille G.reply 46702/18/2013

Adrienne spent all of the last episode denying that she'd even had her lawyer send Brandi a letter. This episode not only does she admit to having the letter sent, but Brandi actually produces the letter. Why wasn't she called out for her lies??

by Camille G.reply 46802/18/2013

[quote]This episode not only does she admit to having the letter sent, but Brandi actually produces the letter.

You're fucking kidding me! & after all that 'Shame on you!' stuff.

[quote]Why wasn't she called out for her lies??

Yes, why...WHY?

This I've GOT to see (waiting 'til it's online).

by Camille G.reply 46902/18/2013

And Brandi even produced emails proving Bernie sold stories to Radar online.

by Camille G.reply 47002/18/2013

Kyle knows all the hottest celebs in town. Faye Resnick and... BYRON ALLEN!

by Camille G.reply 47102/18/2013

Apparently, Adrienne and Paul didn't know Bernie was doing that. He is out of a job and rightfully so.

I don't know why everyone charged in. They should have been left alone to resolve this. Just Brandi and Adrienne, but she bought Paul and I don't blame her because Brandi had her back-up.

I don't think it's the same situation as last year for the reason I was waiting for someone to say. They don't sue friends but Brandi is not a friend. The way she talks about Adrienne and doesn't care that she says it or not because it's true, is no friend. she couldn't even acknowledge that she should watch what she says about people that are supposed to be "friends"

I could not stand Lisa stupid husband Ken in this episode. Why Lisa expect Kyle to take Brandi's side over Adrienne? Who the fuck is Brandi to her?

And Taylor the writing is on the wall, no one cares about you. Get lost, go get a job, time to get off the program.

by Camille G.reply 47202/18/2013

I agree with you R472. I can't stand Ken! Ken and Lisa act like two old ladies who love to get into other people's business and get nosy. I use to like Lisa, but now I can't stand her and her lap dog husband Giggy #2.I remember last season Lisa kissing her dog Giggy to the point I thought Lisa was going to French kiss him. Also,I can't stand Brandi! She says a bunch of crap about other people, pisses them off, and then when they retaliate she gets mad. Sorry but Brandi is a slutty, obnoxious, bitch!

I think it was right that Kyle saw what was going on and split because she said it doesn't involve her unlike nosy Ken and Lisa!

I truly think the issue between Adrienne and Brandi was Adrienne and Paul's chef was selling gossip stories behind Adrienne's back, and he made it look like Adrienne was doing all along. Also, I think Brandi wasn't the only person this chef has sold stories to the tabloids on. I think in the previous season when there were accusations floating around about tabloid stories being sold, I think Adrienne's chef was the mystery person who was selling the stories.

Kim seems like she is really trying to change her life around ,and she said in her recovery process, she has down days and up days. She looks much better too and her new nose looks good as well. I saw the previews for next week, and I guess everyone goes to Paris and it seems like Lisa hints at Kim falling off of the wagon in Pairs. If that is she was trying to say, I think that is pretty low because again, Kim said there are some down days in her process of recovery and some up days. I think when someone watches you and says, huh oh! she is slipping! That is pretty awful and catty of Lisa.

I agree with R472 about Taylor as well. Someone like her who leaves her kid alone with Kyle,and forgets she left her little girl with Kyle because some guy whisks her off on a plane some where, and she is drunk off her ass, should watch her own ass and keep her bozo the clown mouth shut when she points the finger about other people and calls them a hypocrite. Taylor's daughter looks like she has problems poor kid.

by Camille G.reply 47302/19/2013

Taylor is still looking for a sugar daddy. She would not have forgotten her kid if the guy was not offering to fly her on his private plane ... well mostly because she doesn't seem to remember that she has a kind in the first place.

by Camille G.reply 47402/19/2013

I think Adrienne and Paul came across as stupid, vulgar, greasy thugs in this episode.

by Camille G.reply 47502/19/2013

the biggest similarity between this and last season was that awkward car ride to the white party. Two cases of bad marriages pretending to be strong marriages with fake "honey" and "dear" sprinkled throughout and awkward hand holding. Seriously made me uncomfortable.

As usual, I couldn't stand to watch the whole show.

by Camille G.reply 47602/19/2013

[quote]I don't know why everyone charged in.

Because it's a TV show and it;'s called face Time.

[quote]And Taylor the writing is on the wall, no one cares about you. Get lost, go get a job, time to get off the program.

Honey, it's The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, a "housewife" who gets drunk, runs off with a stranger forgetting where her young daughter is, is by their standards, great TV. She ain't going anywhere.

by Camille G.reply 47702/19/2013

R473, you sound as dimwitted as my 70 year old cousin Ruthellen in Oklahoma. Good lord, fangirl, give it a rest.

by Camille G.reply 47802/19/2013

472 and 473 are members of Adriennes camp. Face it honey's after last nights episode, the Maloofs are very very hated. Last nights episode did nothing to make them seem better, they appeared to be lying, egotistical, ego's, with a real ugly side being showing of Adrienne, telling the Dr her husband could have done better, at Kim's nose party... just diff side of her coming out. She is wack. And so are you!

by Camille G.reply 47902/19/2013

People like r479 take this shit way too seriously. I just watch it because it's a fun diversion. Don't take it all so seriously. These people are all a bunch of bottom-feeding fame whores anyway.

by Camille G.reply 48002/19/2013

The fire at Lisa's old house...shows how long ago this was actually filmed.

The house has definitely been demolished now.

It could have been the editing, but Adrienne only half-heartedly and just once asked Paul to get in the car before she fled the scene...then said what an asshole he was for not going with them.

by Camille G.reply 48102/19/2013

I'd think if they demolished Lisa's old house that there'd be at least one story about it online. There isn't.

by Camille G.reply 48202/19/2013

Best line of the episode.

Brandi (about the hot realtor):

'He has a sexy gap in his teeth I'd like to suck on'

[quote]I'd think if they demolished Lisa's old house that there'd be at least one story about it online. There isn't.

You can see it's been demolished...see link.

That's Lisa's old house, not the other ones.

by Camille G.reply 48302/19/2013

Wrong. Lisa's house is still standing in the overhead shot. You can tell it's her house by the fountain and the pool. Compare it to the footage of the house on fire in the news piece.

by Camille G.reply 48402/19/2013

Why the fuck doesn't Lisa just put a rug or some plastic on the chair when Adrienne comes over?

'There's a dark brown stain from the top to the bottom'.

For goodness sake.

by Camille G.reply 48502/19/2013

I have two words for the Persian trannie Adrienne Maloof:


by Camille G.reply 48602/19/2013

So Adrienne appears to live on Beverly Park Way, a cul-de-sac off Beverly Park Drive, a gated community south of Mulholland Drive. No Google Street View, boo!

by Camille G.reply 48702/19/2013

If you watch the scene where Kyle comes to Lisa's house and they are sitting out on the terrace, you can see the glass railing behind both Kyle and Lisa are streaked. Unacceptable, I wonder if Lisa fired that incompetent maid.

by Camille G.reply 48802/19/2013

I can't believe that Adrienne didn't offer to pay for the recovering of Lisa's chairs, especially after she ruined Lisa's expensive sofa last year. To recover a big sofa in an expensive silk fabric costs around $8-10k.

Taylor proved what a shameless gold-digger and all-around terrible Mom she is with that drunken phone call last night.

by Camille G.reply 48902/19/2013

Adrienne is such a cold bitch, she should pay Brandi's lawyer bills.

by Camille G.reply 49002/19/2013

A few of the women have explained that Taylor's babysitter was taking Kennedy to her grandmother's house and stopped at Kyle's to pick something up and then told the grandmother that they were going to stay there for a while. Apparently Taylor wasn't informed of that last part, hence her confusion. But Kyle knew Kennedy was being looked after and that Taylor had made arrangements for her. Acting surprised and concerned was just Kyle being her usual vile self.

by Camille G.reply 49102/19/2013

r479 = Dwight

by Camille G.reply 49202/19/2013

Even before she stained up Kyle's house, I noticed Adrienne's legs looked like they'd had charcoal rubbed all over them in the limo ride over there. They looked disgustingly filthy. Phony cunt.

by Camille G.reply 49302/19/2013

I'm surprised Paris Hilton doesn't try and get her foot in the door at RHOBH...God knows she's desperate for exposure right about now. I'd expect her to make an appearance at every single one of Kyle's parties for the face time.

by Camille G.reply 49402/19/2013

The ultimate would be to have Nene join BH since she's in LA filming her show. Can you imagine Camille and Adrienne pretending to enjoy interacting with her?

I'm curious to see what happened between Aid and Pauly that their marriage crumbled so quick.

I didn't notice any difference in Kim's nose and didn't think she needed the nose job.

by Camille G.reply 49502/19/2013

Andy Cohen shouldn't let Kim excuse her way out of filming with the ladies. Someone should drag her medicated ass onto the set by her hair. A contract is a contract.

by Camille G.reply 49602/19/2013

Brandi was on Howard Stern momday - she was so truthful spilled on everything - how much she makes - Adrienne, Camille everything. Love her so much more.

by Camille G.reply 49702/19/2013

r496, Kyle owns part of the show, so Kim can probably film whenever the hell she wants to.

by Camille G.reply 49802/19/2013

r497, but would you want her as your friend. Be truthful, why would any of the Housewives tell her anything or bring her into their circle.

by Camille G.reply 49902/19/2013

R495 - Nene wanted to join RHOBH but Ms. Andy wouldn't let her.

by Camille G.reply 50002/19/2013

Here is something I don't understand about the surrogacy scandal, but I admit that I've stopped paying attention to the show with the level of detail that I used to.

Was the secret information that Brandi blabbed at that party several episodes ago that Adrienne had a surrogate carry both of their kids?

If that's the "secret," then I don't understand how that kind of thing can be kept under wraps. Either Adrienne would have had to be completely cloistered for the several (up to 6) months leading up to each birth so that nobody she encountered would see she wasn't actually pregnant, or she had to be seen with a fake pregnancy belly - whatever those are called. (and I think either of those options are a little loony, but that's just my opinion)

Otherwise, how can it be unknown by all of her friends and acquaintances that she was never really pregnant and giving birth?

What am I missing? How was that such a secret?

by Camille G.reply 50102/19/2013

r501, it wasn't that they didn't all know, they just never said it. It was something they as friends just let her have. And they Brandi said it on tv, but it was bleeped and heard by some of the not so close group.

The deal is most likely the children don't know. And it's different from Camille because she had her eggs planted in the surrogate, Adrienne probably is not the supplier of the eggs due to age.

by Camille G.reply 50202/19/2013

[quote]Brandi was on Howard Stern momday - she was so truthful spilled on everything - how much she makes - Adrienne, Camille everything

Details! What else did she say?

Nene would be a brilliant addition. What this show desperately needs is a sister, and as a bona fide sitcom star, Nene now has the Hollywood cred for RHOBH.

by Camille G.reply 50302/19/2013

r503, I think Nene would be eaten alive on this show. They have Faye, the morally corrupt as their sister now.

by Camille G.reply 50402/19/2013

Here is the Stern inverview...

by Camille G.reply 50502/19/2013

The Persian Trannie's mistake was not having a surrogacy, but lying to the women who knew about it by talking about having a c-section.

That was too much for Brandi to let slide.

by Camille G.reply 50602/19/2013

Thanks r502.

Ah! So she was lying to people how she gave birth r506? Interesting.

In general I don't see why that's necessary though. I can understand not wanting to deal with explaining to the kids, at least until they are older or whatever, but why would it be necessary to try to deceive everyone else? There's no shame in there? Is it a Persian thing?

by Camille G.reply 50702/19/2013

Why are you people so invested in this shit? You're just as bad as the soap freaks.

by Camille G.reply 50802/19/2013

Howard Stern is so juvenile and creepy.

by Camille G.reply 50902/19/2013

[quote]Why are you people so invested in this shit? You're just as bad as the soap freaks.

At least we click on threads that interest us, which makes us far less freaky than you.

by Camille G.reply 51002/19/2013

They should have a Real Housewives All Stars and put them in a house together.

by Camille G.reply 51102/19/2013

Can we get a recap of the Howard Stern show please?

by Camille G.reply 51202/19/2013

Um R508, it is a fucking soap opera! Idiot.

by Camille G.reply 51302/19/2013

Vyle Kyle is still a cunt. Fake Resnick needs to die. And Tranny Adrienne needs to apologize. Traylor needs rehab.

by Camille G.reply 51402/19/2013

[quote]Is it a Persian thing?

She's not really Persian; that's just a DataLounge thing. She's Lebanese.

by Camille G.reply 51502/19/2013


here you go

by Camille G.reply 51602/19/2013

Wow, Brandi said she was still fucking Eddie for a year after they broke up and he was with LeAnn.

by Camille G.reply 51702/19/2013

She wouldn't be so secretive and ashamed of the surrogacy if it was done for medical reasons. And Brandi wouldn't be making an issue of it, either.

by Camille G.reply 51802/19/2013

R489, I agree with you. My mouth dropped to the floor when heard that and Adrienne's response was unbelievably rude, just wow! At the same time, I thought it was tacky of Lisa to bring that issue up on TV land and at the party. t

by Camille G.reply 51902/19/2013

re: Brandi on H. Stern

Apparently all the girls on the show refer to Camille as 'The Second Season Camille' due to the complete personality change. Brandi also thinks she's an airhead.

by Camille G.reply 52002/19/2013

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

by Camille G.reply 52102/19/2013

Brandi also thinks she's an airhead.

right! that is calling the kettle black!

by Camille G.reply 52202/19/2013

R519, I think Lisa only brought it up on TV because Adrienne never offered to pay for the damage. To recover a huge sofa AND two chairs would cost well over $10k. I'd be horrified if I ruined somebody's expensive furniture and I'd certainly offer to pay for it.

Adrienne probably found out about the sofa from Kyle and decided to ruin Lisa's chairs on purpose by wearing her tranny makeup again.

by Camille G.reply 52302/19/2013

Brandi says Lisa & husband made their money from gay bars in Britain.

Funny how that never came out before.

They always said restaurants.

by Camille G.reply 52402/19/2013

I thought Paul was going to call that gay guy the "F" word last night.

by Camille G.reply 52502/19/2013

[quote]I thought Paul was going to call that gay guy the "F" word last night.

I did too. The way he spoke to him had that kind of dismissive, patronizing vibe to it.

But, the gay guy WAS annoying and had major gayvoice. They usually edit him out. Very occasionally they allow him one line. He likes to be where the drama is.

Since Cedric left he's the only gay on the show, apart from Gigi.

by Camille G.reply 52602/19/2013

Does Bravo pay for Kyle's annual White Party? It looks like it costs a lot of money. Of course, the Hiltons were nowhere to be seen again. Isn't that strange?

by Camille G.reply 52702/19/2013

[quote]Isn't that strange?

What's also strange is how we rarely see any of the women's relations, apart from Mauricio's fascinating mother.

Listening to Brandi on that radio show talking about her parents' reaction to the show and Adrienne talking about taking the kids to her mother's house when the fire broke out...shows you what an edited version of their lives you actually see.

by Camille G.reply 52802/19/2013

I think all the other people at Kyle's white party (or any of the parties for that matter) are hired extras.

by Camille G.reply 52902/19/2013

After listening to Brandi's interview with Howard Stern, I think she and her ex husband are the trashiest piece of dirt around. I feel so sorry for their kids because with parents like those, those poor kids are going to be screwed up.

by Camille G.reply 53002/19/2013

Why did Mauricio leave the Hilton real estate firm and set up shop in competition to Rick Hilton, Kathy's husbear?

Bet that puckered some sphincters.

by Camille G.reply 53102/19/2013

Adrienne didnt just threaten to sue Brandi but Bravo as well... She is gone. Also did you notice her kids face were blurred out when they were swimming.

by Camille G.reply 53202/20/2013

Quite an interesting article about Lisa's house at link....the one in the fire.

by Camille G.reply 53302/20/2013

Adrienne looked a hot mess at the White Party, her legs looked like they were covered in fecal matter. What a tacky bitch.

by Camille G.reply 53402/20/2013

Mauricio is just slimy. I don't see how anyone can think he's hot.

by Camille G.reply 53502/20/2013

Lisa and Ken's weeding pic (early 80s). Ken obviously found a hairdo he liked and stuck with it.

by Camille G.reply 53602/20/2013

I can't stand Brandi. I have no idea how anyone could live with her...she seems like a monster. What's wrong with her, what would the diagnosis be?

by Camille G.reply 53702/20/2013

Brandi has insecure, shifty eyes.

by Camille G.reply 53802/20/2013

Lisa looks better now R536. Did she have a nose job?

by Camille G.reply 53902/20/2013

Brandi is sexy, if a bit dim, and doesn't have an internal censor. She's also quite tall. She's Rose, Blanche, Sophia, and Dorothy all rolled into on.

by Camille G.reply 54002/20/2013

Adrienne is the only BH housewife who hasn't been a guest on WWHL this year, so you know she's a goner. The writings been on the wall for awhile now. You could always tell that Andy didn't like her. It must burn her up that Lisa's Vanderpump Rules is a hit and has solidified her position as top dog.

Kyle had better hope that Faye is added to the cast, or else she is going to be without an alliance next season.

by Camille G.reply 54102/20/2013

On Howard Stern Brandi called all the women cunts the first season she was on - she got paid 18k to do the first season. The other women make about 250K for the show, not episode but season. She said Lisa was her friend, she liked Kim cuz she was coo coo. She said Camille was sweet but not much there. Howard said he heard Adriene was leaving the show and Brandi said I hope so.

The Todds (vanderpump) make no secret about their gay bars - Lisa talked about how that was she met Cedric from season 1. They also have restaurants.

so the whole Adrienne surrogacy thing. In Ojai - the women were all talking about their child birth stories, and Camille even commented on camera interview she could not join in because she had her children by surrogate. Then at the Sur tasting Kyle turns to Brandi and says "okay what are your issues with Adrienne?" Brandi told her, she lies, she asked Brandi to lie for her, we all know she lies, she lied about having her kids.

Brandi's point was we were just in Ojai and there was Adrienne saying how she had a c-section and how hard her birth was when everyone knew it was not true. That she had a book deal. That she lies about everything and here are the examples.

It goes back further in that during the last reunion Adrienne accused Lisa of selling stories to Radar online to make Adrienne look bad. Lisa adamantly denied it and was terribly offended. What we didn't know then was Adrienne and Paul wanted Brandi to say at the reunion that she knew Lisa was selling stories, to basically lie and attack Lisa. Brandi told Lisa that all the women knew that Adrienne was going to do this, which is why Lisa and Kyle's relationship is damaged. When she says you never stick up for me, that is what she is referring too.

Lisa brought up the orange stains because of the white party. Seeing that everything was white and there was Adrienne painted orange.

by Camille G.reply 54202/20/2013

If you'll excuse me, I have a BUSINESS to run.

by Camille G.reply 54302/20/2013

[quote]Did she have a nose job?

Nose looks the same to me. If anything, maybe more prominent cheekbones?

Lisa's hair also looks far better this season with the subtle red highlights.

by Camille G.reply 54402/20/2013

Why did we all know about Adrienne using a surrogate long before the whole fight thing with Brandi. It was either in print a long time ago or talked about on the show.

by Camille G.reply 54502/20/2013

I can't stand Adrienne or Taylor. I hope they are both gone next season. Horrible women.

by Camille G.reply 54602/20/2013

Yea into the ground bitch.

by Camille G.reply 54702/20/2013

Sounds like Brandi had a very free upbringing with hippy drug dealing parents. It's not a shock that she has no edit mode. I still like her but she seems immature, no worse than any of this harlots though.

by Camille G.reply 54802/20/2013

I think I would rather have Taylor over the morally corrupt one.

by Camille G.reply 54902/20/2013

I was GRIPPED by R542's post.

So, Adrienne was plotting to make Lisa look bad.

It was so ridiculous. No one could imagine multi-millionaire Lisa selling little stories to the tabloids for a few thousand dollars. It was lame.

I was surprised by Ken this week. Moving in on The Malooves like that and then backing off with Brandi in tow. It was actually very effective. Paul felt very threatened.

Listening to Brandi talking to H. Stern was mostly boring. 3/4 was just titillation about her SEX life. Stern's like an over-grown schoolboy.

He wanted to have a good ol' bitch about Lisa, but stopped when Brandi said she was a fan.

Here's a link to an interview with Marisa. The only one I've ever seen of her on her own. WARNING: the male interviewer is awful and manages to interrupt every time she's about to spill a few beans. But it's worth a look.

by Camille G.reply 55002/20/2013

I correctly predicted that this season would be Lisa vs. Adrienne.

My prediction for next season: Kyle vs. everyone else. If Faye joins the cast, then it will be Kyle/Faye vs. everyone else.

by Camille G.reply 55102/20/2013

They will not pit everyone against Kyle, as she is part-owner of the show.

by Camille G.reply 55202/20/2013

[quote]I correctly predicted that this season would be Lisa vs. Adrienne.

Except the fact that it's been Brandi versus Adrienne. Otherwise your prediction was spot on.

by Camille G.reply 55302/20/2013

Pretty hilarious, on the Perez Hilton site, people are complaining about Brandi cos she's a poor girl. They don't wanna see poor white trash on this show. They want rich bitches only.

by Camille G.reply 55402/20/2013

"No one could imagine multi-millionaire Lisa selling little stories to the tabloids for a few thousand dollars. It was lame."

That's not why celebs sell stories to tabloids. It's just their way of damaging rivals. Paris Hilton had the Enquirer on speed dial -maybe she needed the money but more likely she was just getting her kicks seeing her friends brought down in the press.

Hollywood is the place where adulthood goes to die. It's very high school.

by Camille G.reply 55502/20/2013

I loathe the Persian Trannie and hope she is either fired and/or shot in the hoof.

But I always found Lisa's denials very lawyerly parsed.

She always took pains to say she never "SOLD" a story, but that doesn't mean she didn't dish the dirt on enemies gratis.

by Camille G.reply 55602/20/2013

Precisely. The word sold is semantics which work out very well in Lisa's favor. Had Adrienne said "given", it might be a different answer.

by Camille G.reply 55702/20/2013

I keep seeing posts about Kyle being part owner of the show. I can find no evidence of that anywhere. imbd does not list her as part owner. Does anyone have a link?

by Camille G.reply 55802/20/2013

More important, did Howard ask Brandi about Eddie's dick?

by Camille G.reply 55902/20/2013

[quote]especially after she ruined Lisa's expensive sofa last year. To recover a big sofa in an expensive silk fabric costs around $8-10k.

I missed this. What happened??

by Camille G.reply 56002/20/2013

[quote]I keep seeing posts about Kyle being part owner of the show. I can find no evidence of that anywhere. imbd does not list her as part owner. Does anyone have a link?

No, it's not true. She had some involvement in recruiting some of the original cast the first year after she was approached, but she doesn't own or produce any part of it.

by Camille G.reply 56102/20/2013

[quote]I keep seeing posts about Kyle being part owner of the show.

I assume this is just a DL meme, like calling Adrienne a Persian Trannie.

Clearly, it is not true. Kyle has no financial interest in the show, which shows how stupid she is because he helped put the original cast together.

I guess she was so eager for fame she neglected to ask for a producer credit.

by Camille G.reply 56202/20/2013

Brandi is extremely insecure--more than any of them. She has admitted it. I realized just how insecure she is was when she was doing her photo shoot and looking at the pics. She was distressed because there was a wrinkle showing on her finger and she wanted it removed.

by Camille G.reply 56302/20/2013

Strange Howard usually asks about dicks but he didn't ask about Eddie. He asked if the Black guy Brandi fucked has a big cock or a caller did. He didn't.

by Camille G.reply 56402/20/2013

Kyle herself has said on the talk show circuit that she is "part owner" of the show. Whether it's true or not, who knows. But she has said it--her lips to my ears.

by Camille G.reply 56502/20/2013

Can someone enlighten me about the stains?

by Camille G.reply 56602/20/2013

She's not part owner and she never said she was. The end.

by Camille G.reply 56702/20/2013

I think the Kyle owns part of the show troll is confused. She owns Beverly Hills. In the opening she clearly states "this is my town".

by Camille G.reply 56802/20/2013

I was waiting for Howard to ask if Eddie had a big schlong, he always does but not this time. He is cuban so I am guessing yes.

Adrienne accusing Lisa of selling stories was hilarious, because Adrienne used her cook Bernie to sell stories to Radar to damage Brandi. She even had proof. Just like she sat there and said their lawyer never sent a letter. They did. She lied in fromt of all the women and then it was all brushed under the table.

Adrienne made Lisa a target because she is good friends with one of the editors at US i believe. So her lie was easy to believe "who among us has friends in the tabloids...LISA!"

Adrienne blames Lisa for her failed shoe line because she called it the maloof Hoof....i mean really.

by Camille G.reply 56902/20/2013

[quote]She's not part owner and she never said she was. The end.

I'm sorry, but you're wrong. I'm so sorry to inform you.

by Camille G.reply 57002/20/2013

Then inform me with a link. If you can't provide a link it never happened. Put up or shut up.

by Camille G.reply 57102/20/2013

I haven't watched since season one or two but am liking catching up on the gossip in this thread. Why do we apparently hate Adrianne now? I didn't mind her at all in the first season because she seemed genuinely uninterested in petty drama. She seemed like she was pretty low key and was mostly just there to promote her businesses. Not the most entertaining, but not hate worthy. Has she really changed that much?

by Camille G.reply 57202/20/2013

After listing to the interview with Howard Stern and Brandi,I think Brandi and her ex husband are complete sewage. Brandi disses others ,yet she is a major gross trailer trash slut. I also think Brandi needs therapy because I think she is nuts. I think her famliy that she grew up with were and are nuts. She said her brother tried to taser her because he was angry with her? Brandi brought other women into the marriage, and had sex with them while her husband was in the room, and yet she was pissed that he had an affair with Leann Rimes? really? Wow! that makes sense.

I feel very sorry for Brandi's kids because they are going to be screwed up as a result of having repulsive parents! Its a crime that people like Brandi and her ex husband are allowed to procreate!

BTW, NO I'm not a Frau,I just don't like people that have no positive contribution to our society.

by Camille G.reply 57302/20/2013

Lisa said on the show last night that Adrienne ruined her white couch last season with her spray tan residue, and she did the same thing again at the tea party she hosted this season. Lisa confronted Adrienne about it at Kyle's party last night. Adrienne told her to wipe off the stains with Handi-wipes.

by Camille G.reply 57402/20/2013

[quote]Then inform me with a link. If you can't provide a link it never happened. Put up or shut up.

It was on television. Find it yourself. I don't give a fuck whether you believe me or not. She said it.

by Camille G.reply 57502/20/2013

[quote]I haven't watched since season one or two but am liking catching up on the gossip in this thread. Why do we apparently hate Adrianne now?

Well, obviously you need to do a lot more in the area of catching up. You could start with reading the several hundred posts about it on this thread.

by Camille G.reply 57602/20/2013

Talking of which...we've almost filled yet another thread. We'll soon be onto Part 4.

Can you believe it?

by Camille G.reply 57702/20/2013

Exactly, R575, it doesn't exist, never happened, she doesn't own shit, and you're a troll and a liar. End of discussion.

by Camille G.reply 57802/20/2013

Whoever creates the new thread needs to include a reference to the 'morally corrupt Faye Resnick' in the main post. That is my favorite Housewives meme of all time.

by Camille G.reply 57902/20/2013

[quote]'morally corrupt Faye Resnick' in the main post. That is my favorite Housewives meme of all time.

Then you'll love this clip, R579.

Re-watch and cherish it.

Actually it's quite fascinating seeing Camille before her lobotomy. Full of life, she was.

by Camille G.reply 58002/20/2013

Mauricio has a catheter fetish, this I know first hand.

by Camille G.reply 58102/20/2013

Face it: Kyle owns part of the show. They try and sweep it under the rug, but it's the truth. I'm sorry this hurts you.

by Camille G.reply 58202/20/2013

Je te adore Camille!

by Camille G.reply 58302/20/2013

R557 - COnversely, Adrienne should have worded it as given or sold. Lisa only rejected what had been said. It is not Lisa's responsibility to guess everyone's intentions and possible words.

She answered to what she was (incorrectly) accused of by the cheap Persian tranny.

by Camille G.reply 58402/20/2013

Not really surprising, R563. After what happened to her I'm not surprised she's a bundle of insecurity. Any woman traded in for a younger model would be.

by Camille G.reply 58502/20/2013

She's what many would consider a very attractive girl..she should have moved on by now.

She said to Howard, she tried to have a rich ugly BF, who had his own private jet, but that she had to get drunk every time, before sex. She gave up after a year.


by Camille G.reply 58602/20/2013

We hate Adrienne because she puts on this nice chick front, the peace maker blah blah blah but behind the scenes she is a schemer. Because she brought Brandi on the show she felt Brandi owed her loyalty to help trash Lisa. Adrienne started seeing negative stories in the press about her and her life, she assumed it was Lisa and was planning to ambush her on the reunion. She tried to get the other women to side with her. She basically told them all the negative press, every bad story you read about you is coming from her. Some of them did not believe it others, just kept quiet. Brandi refused to lie and told Lisa what was going to go down. When she sat there and said those things, no one but Brandi stood up for her. To Lisa, Silence speaks volumes.

Because Brandi did not side with Adrienne, she got her wrath. Cut to this season starting and Kyle wants to know what Brandi's issues are with Adrienne, which in truth Kyle knows. So Brandi lets it all out.

Adrienne failed to realize fame costs. She wanted to be famous as well as rich. When you let people in your lives they start digging dirt. When her lies started to be exposed she attacked Lisa, then Brandi.

by Camille G.reply 58702/21/2013

Also after the reunion last year Adrienne went on a campaign with Bravo producers to make sure she wouldn't be coming back -Brandi- trying her darnedest to get Brandi fried which backfired cause those Bravo producers knew,, hmmm drama.

But Brandi couldn't say on camera what Adrienne had done as this was when they weren't filming the show...

And it makes my skin crawl when Adrienne says THATS NOT NICE, SHAME ON YOU, WTF, I'm not your child, don't talk to me that way. In that tone.

by Camille G.reply 58802/21/2013

So Adrienne's cook was selling the stories all along? Do they confront him on camera?

by Camille G.reply 58902/21/2013

Anyone know if Mauricio cheats?

by Camille G.reply 59002/21/2013

Money doesn't give you class!

It just gives you money!

by Camille G.reply 59102/21/2013

[quote]So Adrienne's cook was selling the stories all along? Do they confront him on camera?

Paul's suing him...see link.

He too was always sneering at Lisa for some reason, while he prepared the food.

by Camille G.reply 59202/21/2013

[quote]Money doesn't give you class!

Careful. That very close to plagiarism. Don't force me to have my lawyer write a letter.

by Camille G.reply 59302/21/2013

I have already trademarked my lemon cleanse.

by Camille G.reply 59402/21/2013

[quote]Anyone know if Mauricio cheats?

Mauricio is omni-sexual. I remember during the first season how he pushed everyone down to get a glimpse of Cedric in his underwear during Mohammed's party. Mauricio couldn't take his eyes off of Cedric.

by Camille G.reply 59502/21/2013

I've opened the new thread...a little in advance, so people returning here, can find it.

Last time we had two part 3's and it was a drag.

So, here's the link, put it in your thread watcher and see you there very soon.

by Camille G.reply 59602/21/2013

Thank 595. Do you know if he's ever been dated men?

by Camille G.reply 59702/21/2013

Well, Kyle is built like a man.

by Camille G.reply 59802/21/2013

Ha! True

by Camille G.reply 59902/21/2013

Good read

by Camille G.reply 60002/21/2013
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