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Westboro Baptist Church losing members at a rate never seen before (Video)

A tweet earlier this week inidcated the Westboro Baptist Church is having a difficult time maintaining members. Margie Phelps tweeted on Jan. 7, “Our children are leaving us in number not seen before.” Phelps added, “It’s impossible to stop them.” However, @WBCMediaContact tweeted that the message came from an imposter account.

Children as young as three are given picket signs to protest at funerals and other high profile events alongside adult WBC members. Children are raised in a culture of hating anything and everyone that disagrees with the Westboro’s interpretation of the Bible. That is pretty much anyone who isn’t part of their church – made up almost entirely of members of their own family. Westboro Baptist Church protestors Westboro Baptist Church protestors Photo credit: Examiner/Getty Images

Between 2004 and 2011, 20 people left the church, according to The Kansas City Star. The majority of those people were in their teens or early twenties. Nate Phelps, son of WBC founder and leader, Fred Phelps, left the church in 1976 at age 18 and now travels the country speaking out about the Westboro Baptist Church. Nate is hopeful young members will continue gathering up the courage to leave the church.

There is speculation surrounding the whereabouts of WBC member Zach Phelps-Roper, 21, who has been quiet on Twitter since Dec. 31 allegations of homosexuality, porn addiction and masturbation. Fred Phelps tweeted that Zach is being kept in a “punishment room,” but perhaps the young man decided to leave the church on his own.

by HAH!reply 2206/10/2014

I believe that they're on Anonymous' radar after protesting at the Newton funerals.

by HAH!reply 101/13/2013

They will just move to another anti-gay organization. People like this hate until the day they die.

by HAH!reply 201/13/2013

Is that evil old fuck ever going to die or is it true that evil never dies?

I think his "church", which is mainly family members, will go away if and when he dies.

by HAH!reply 301/13/2013

I don't understand how/why people make a life hobby out of persecuting other people.

by HAH!reply 401/13/2013

Hah, "butthole demon".

I kind of love this term.

by HAH!reply 501/13/2013

R2 Well, Nate Phelps didn't. So there is hope for some of them.

by HAH!reply 601/13/2013

I've often wondered how many of those "children" are exactly that: Fred Phelps' children and the product of incest. They all look like they've been breeding a little close to the gene pool. And that fat sow, Shirley Phelps-Roper, seems like she'd willingly spread for her "beloved daddy" and probably has

by HAH!reply 701/13/2013

I've thought that for awhile R7. Shirley is the one who had a child out of wedlock when young and I've long thought that Fred could be the babydaddy. She never discusses it and if an interviewer brings it up she ignores it and harangues them about their sins.

by HAH!reply 801/13/2013

Father-daughter incest is OK by God (Genesis 19:30-38).

by HAH!reply 901/13/2013

No, it's not, asshole at r9. Read it again and you'll understand that it isn't.

by HAH!reply 1001/13/2013

Hey, stupid Xian at R10, God fucking turned Mrs. Lot in a pillar of salt for JUST LOOKING BACK at the destruction of Sodom. He did NOTHING to punish Lot's daughters for screwing their dad. Seems like God was OK with that.

by HAH!reply 1101/13/2013

God didn't turn her into anything. There are scientific explanations to what happened to her ()IF it ever happened. The bible brings the alleged story of those two hos, thinking their father was the last man on earth and their only chance of having kids (if you believe that crap story at all). The fact that they had to get him completely drunk to do it is proof that it wasn't something "natural" and certainly not something the bible condones. The text also says that he wasn't aware they had fucked him although how they explained the pregnancies is beyond me.

The two alleged people that came out of them are depicted as very violent and cruel later in the bible.

The bible forbids incest in quite a few places and incest has quite elaborate rules there, beyond siblings/parents and kids etc..

by HAH!reply 1201/13/2013

Fuck that stupidity.

by HAH!reply 1301/13/2013

R12 And yet ‘God’ still let it happen. It was ‘unnatural’ than he let it happen MULTIPLE times…right.

by HAH!reply 1411/08/2013

Fuck the bible! It's all full of cray-cray!

by HAH!reply 1511/08/2013

ltogether now:

"Christ is in his Holy Temple"

by HAH!reply 1611/09/2013

R16. Ha!

by HAH!reply 1711/09/2013

I keep thinking they will pull a "Red State" one day. The weird cult in that movie was based on the WBC.

The young ones who have left all seem to lead normal lives now and have no seeming homophobia left over. It's odd that some of the girls still in the cult are nurses because their religious views don't exactly mesh with treating sick people some of whom may be gay or "sinners" of another kind.

by HAH!reply 1811/09/2013

[quote]"They have a very well-respected law firm in Topeka," Sherman says. "People in town said, 'Well, we don't like them, but if we want to win a case, we'll go to them.' "

How depressing.

I've always wondered how the Phelps children and grandchildren manage to find spouses who are willing to marry into that insane family. If some of their numbers are the product of incest that wouldn't surprise me.

by HAH!reply 1911/09/2013

WTF is a "butthole demon"? Sounds like a bad case of hemorrhoids.

by HAH!reply 2011/09/2013

I heard an interview with Nate Phelps. He was very thoughtful. I hope the documentary raises enough funds to be completed.

by HAH!reply 2106/09/2014

I didn't know they had that many members in the first place.

by HAH!reply 2206/10/2014
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