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The actor in the USPS Christmas sweater-return tv commercial?

Cute commercial.

Yeah, I know the character in the sweater is sorta' plain and pudgy, but when he says "thank you" I'm in lust!

Anyone know the name of the actor, or anything about his career?

by Edgareply 5902/05/2013

I agree...but don't know anything about him.

by Edgareply 101/12/2013

Tim Paul

by Edgareply 201/14/2013

USPS is going after the gay bear market with this one.

by Edgareply 301/14/2013

His name is Titian McClusky.

by Edgareply 401/14/2013

[quote]Yeah, I know the character in the sweater is sorta' plain and pudgy, but when he says "thank you" I'm in lust!

OP has a gratitude fetish. Kinky!

by Edgareply 501/14/2013

No, his name is Lance Granville-Cumington III.

by Edgareply 601/14/2013

I was wondering if anyone was seeing the subtext in the commercial, too. I thought the Xmas sweater guy and the mailman were about to engage in some bear-love action. I'm not so perverted after all.

by Edgareply 701/14/2013

You're kidding right?

by Edgareply 801/14/2013

Tim Paul

by Edgareply 901/14/2013

He's hot, I get hard thinking about him and the postal guy getting it on

by Edgareply 1001/14/2013

I love the look he gives the mailman just before he says "Nice Sweater."

by Edgareply 1101/14/2013

He's very cute!

by Edgareply 1201/14/2013

Thanks, R2 & R9.

R5, good one! With him I'd want to keep my eyes open and look at him, pudgy or not. I think it 's the gay eyes.

by Edgareply 1301/21/2013

I am glad you brought this commercial up, OP, because I don 't understand it.

Please narrate the action for me because I am just not getting it. What I am supposed to do or think after seeing it?

Right over my head, I guess ….


by Edgareply 1401/21/2013

Mailmen lie R14.

by Edgareply 1501/21/2013

She's spongy.

by Edgareply 1601/21/2013

Since no one has answered me, here's what I think is has happened:

Fat bear has a sweater and someone gives him one just like it. So he returns the gift. Now, how would he know where to send it? Wrapping paper is not shown. Nor is the store name.

Maybe the fat idiot ordered another sweater not remembering he already had one like it.

Maybe he is a lush and a trust fund idiot. He's looks kind of addled and florid when he answers the door ....

And why would he think that is a becoming sweater on him in the first place? It looks like something a fat frau down South would wear.

The agency copywriter is assuming an awful lot that the viewer should get, but why make the viewer work to understand?

Both the advertising agency people who worked on it and the person(s) within the USPS service who approved it for production should all be taking out to the Mall and horsewhipped strenuously.

by Edgareply 1701/21/2013

I love this commercial, the guy is so adorable like a Teddy bear. You just want to give him a hug.

by Edgareply 1801/21/2013

[quote]He's looks kind of addled and florid when he answers the door ....

That's because he's been masturbating right before the bell rings.

by Edgareply 1901/21/2013

It's a television commercial R17, it isn't rocket science. It is easy to return things via USPS service.

Now let's see … "Fat bear, fat idiot, lush, trust fund idiot, addled, florid. fat frau, down South, horsewhipped" … ??? … one gay cliche after another, not the word choices of a happy man. Actor Tim Paul, the real subject of this thread, might well get laid a lot. I'll bet you do not.

Still loving the R5 reply!

by Edgareply 2001/21/2013

Shut up, Egda

by Edgareply 2101/21/2013

Tim Paul:

Tim Paul is a Chicago based actor, writer, improviser & director who has spent much of the last 6 years at the Annoyance Theatre, working on such shows as Bear Force One, An Aerosmith Christmas, Skinprov, Fisting: A Period Piece, No Fats, No Femmes, Tim Paul's Retarded and Escape From Ground Zero. Tim is also a member of the faculty at the Second City. He has performed with them aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines from Alaska to Malta and as an understudy for the Second City, e.t.c resident stage back in Chicago. Tim can be seen weekly improvising with TIM at iO Chicago and at the Annoyance Theater in The Holy F*ck Comedy Hour.

by Edgareply 2201/21/2013

Tim Paul, a homosexualist:

by Edgareply 2301/21/2013

Thanks R22. I originally posted that in the wrong thread...

by Edgareply 2401/21/2013

He's adorable. I LOVE that commercial. His expressions say so much with almost no words at all. Who cares how he got the same sweater? He's sending it back.

He goes to the door and the postman has such an odd look on his face as he takes in the sweater and the guy. The guy waits, perhaps expecting a negative comment. And then the postman lies? Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway, the whole damn thing is cuter than kittens.

And in R9's picture, he's totally hot.

by Edgareply 2501/21/2013

Truth hurts, huh R17 and R21? No one wants to know what you think. And thanks R22 and R23, T. Paul seems the accomplished actor. Chubby, yes, like his eyes.

by Edgareply 2601/21/2013

Great actor, love his expression in the commercial.

by Edgareply 2701/21/2013

Well, we'll just see about that R26. I happen to know Tim has sent his eyes on a two week spa treatment.

[italic]See you[/italic] in February. Happy Valentimes!

He is adorable. Thanks for posting that. That commercial come on when I was on the phone and the TV was muted. Wondered what the heck it was about.

by Edgareply 2801/21/2013

Ah, thanks to R2 and R9. Tim is funny in that commercial. Handsome head shot - will have to check him out @ the Annoyance.

Also, the mailman is from the Chicago area as well. He works as an actual mailman but is also an actor.

The hot guy that did the USPS commercials for several years as the mailman? Also from Chicago. Mike Bradecich is HIS name. Hot.

If only Chicago USPS delivered mail as well as they depict it. (They don't.)

by Edgareply 2901/21/2013

Dumb creative premise

Dumb acting by the actors

Dumb product

Dumb Edga

by Edgareply 3001/22/2013

I like the handsome, muscular guy in the Liquid Plumber commercial who greets the lady-of-house at the door with his bland co-worker.

by Edgareply 3101/22/2013

Dear Lord he is fugly... but maybe after a few gallons of eggnog I might... maybe

by Edgareply 3201/22/2013

I still don't get this ad.

by Edgareply 3301/22/2013

R33 The point of it is that USPS is an easy choice to return your holiday gifts.

The dude is wearing an ugly sweater, and got the same ugly sweater as a gift.

So he boxes it up, and has the USPS come and pick it up at his house.

(NOTE: This can apparently all be arranged online, per the commercial, but I don't know where the hell this happens, because none of our grumpy ass postal employees around here would ever do this)

And the end of it is the postal employee noticing the ugly sweater.

by Edgareply 3401/22/2013

[quote]I don't know where the hell this happens, because none of our grumpy ass postal employees around here would ever do this

If they're anything like the ones in my city, they would sneak onto your porch, stick a "Sorry We Missed You" form onto your door, and run away without having ever rung the doorbell.

by Edgareply 3501/22/2013

Isn't Tim wearing a wedding ring in the commercial?

by Edgareply 3601/22/2013


by Edgareply 3701/22/2013

Says the same thing the same way when you say "Tight ass" with your arm shoved up it.

by Edgareply 3801/22/2013

^^ Drunk

by Edgareply 3901/22/2013

Fat Bear - I'll pass. Next.

by Edgareply 4001/22/2013

[quote] Next.

A word you often say at the baths?

by Edgareply 4101/24/2013

I assume you are a fat bear R41? I guess my comment hit too close to the bone? I'm surprised I went so deep under those layers of blubber.

by Edgareply 4201/24/2013

I think it is a very clever and cute ad. The mailman is cute too.

by Edgareply 4301/24/2013

[quote]I still don't get this ad.

Have you recently suffered a head injury?

by Edgareply 4401/24/2013

You guys need help! This isn't about freak bear love!

When I see this commercial, all I think of is how at first I want to laugh the guy in the lame sweater and then when he says "thank you" so genuinely, I feel like a mean schmuck.

This guy rocks.

by Edgareply 4501/24/2013

R45 gets it.

by Edgareply 4601/24/2013

Sounds like R41 took a chip off you R42.

by Edgareply 4701/24/2013

I want to see sweater bear guy and mailman bear guy get it on. I wanna hear grunting and rutting noises and then seeing them flip-fuck on a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. And scene.

by Edgareply 4801/24/2013

r45 - I mostly agree but I think there is a little innocent flirtation there. The commercial is definitely gay, in a kind-hearted kidding way.

by Edgareply 4901/24/2013

It's the way he says 'thank you!' at the end that totally makes the commercial. The guy will get an acting career out of this.

by Edgareply 5001/24/2013

Kudos to the Post Office for producing this ad.

by Edgareply 5101/25/2013

He's nothing compared to me, bitches

by Edgareply 5201/25/2013


Everyone involved in this abomination -- HORSEWHIPPED, I say!

by Edgareply 5301/25/2013

after reading some of these comments, there are a lot of bigoted idiots here, just because he is big, one's here are saying he's gay and get it on with the mailman, it's a commercial you bunch of morons, some people

by Edgareply 5401/29/2013

Well, the commercial didn't make much sense. Fat guy gets a copy same sweater he apparently likes because he is wearing it. So, he RETURNS the extra? If he really liked that sweater, he would have kept it so that he could wear it when the current is worn out. He returns something he likes? Dumb and illogical.

by Edgareply 5501/29/2013

He didn't want to return that sweater. It was just an excuse so he can get the mail man to come over to his house.

by Edgareply 5601/30/2013

R55 doesn't have any friends in the real world.

by Edgareply 5701/30/2013

And just remember, the Post Office is losing $1 million a day!

Meanwhile, they put out nonsensical advertising like this stupid commercial.

Oh brother.

by Edgareply 5801/30/2013

Troll-dar R58 and this thread lights up like a damn Christmas tree! WTF? Remember, the thread is about Tim Paul. Kinda' cute; many seem to like him.

by Edgareply 5902/05/2013
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