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All My Babies' Mamas

Shawty Lo's new show about having 10 keedz.

by Anferneyreply 401/15/2013

Nothing shocks me anymore, so I'm not surprised that this show has been taped for public airing. What shocks me is the fact that Oxygen was/is planning on airing it. Since when is this type of content Oxygen's brand? BET maybe, but Oxygen? I'm scratching my head over here.

by Anferneyreply 101/11/2013


by Anferneyreply 201/11/2013

Oxygen has cancelled the show!!!!

by Anferneyreply 301/15/2013

Yes cancelled. As my sister once said about seeing our parents having sex, "on one wants to see that!"

by Anferneyreply 401/15/2013
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