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Vanderpump Rules

Did anyone watch this show? I thought it was awful. A bunch of self-centered douchebags and sluts!! No, thanks. Cancel this shit! What a disappointment!

by Lana Kanereply 60001/29/2015

The show is really beneath Lisa's high brow persona.

by Lana Kanereply 101/11/2013

Watch the first 15-20 minutes or so. All breeders, none excessively attractive, all with vile personalities. Will not watch again.

by Lana Kanereply 201/11/2013

* Watched

by Lana Kanereply 301/11/2013

Hated that blonde cunt with the stupid name who bullied everyone else. I hope she is horribly scarred in a grease fire.

Incidentally, I didn't think that any of the female "hot staff" were as attractive as Lisa. Seriously. They were all up their own asses but not particularly good looking or charismatic.

Sorry, Lisa. :(

by Lana Kanereply 401/11/2013

she was a no show at Kennedy's $45,000.00 birthday party ??? :((

by Lana Kanereply 501/11/2013

Horrible! so phony and scripted. Reminded me of the Janice Dickinson Modeling School show.

by Lana Kanereply 601/11/2013

Those boys ain't straight. No way, no how.

by Lana Kanereply 701/11/2013

Nice try, Andy at R7. A bunch of boring breeders swapping their straight partners throughout an entire season is not my idea of must-see TV. Why not produce a show with a bunch of hot guys--[bold]all gay[/bold]--swapping each other and air it on Bravo. Give your loyal viewers what they want, and then we'll talk. This Real Housefrau horseshit is over.

by Lana Kanereply 801/11/2013

Yeah, it was.ridiculous. That blonde woman, who insists that she is descended from a Swedish princess, is particularly revolting.

by Lana Kanereply 901/11/2013

Like royalty, or even a person with class and dignity, would be working at a bar. Puhleeze.

by Lana Kanereply 1001/11/2013

I don't understand why peole like the Real Housefraus franchise.

by Lana Kanereply 1101/11/2013

Google images for Jax Taylor and actor/model Vincent DePaul. They were boyfriends attending fashion week together several years ago, pictured together very lovey dovey and identified in the papers as boyfriends. So since he is living with Staasi, he is at a minimum bisexual or the whole show is a sham.

I am still chuckling over that plain Jane talking about how great looking they all are and then saying "sorry". She would not be great looking for Coon Knob, Arkansas, let alone L.A.

by Lana Kanereply 1201/11/2013

OMG I know that guy Vincent de Paul from Miami-he blew me in the locker room of the david barton gym at the delano. He's hot, but hovering 40. How old is Jax? How long did they date for?

by Lana Kanereply 1301/11/2013

R12 Maybe my gaydar is still in fine order because when I saw the commercial for this show I immediately thought he was gay. Then, I looked at his bio on Bravo and saw that he is supposedly dating a woman and thought I got it wrong.

by Lana Kanereply 1401/11/2013

R13 did you enjoy the steam room? It's a fuck a feast on the weekends

by Lana Kanereply 1501/11/2013

[quote]So since he is living with Staasi, he is at a minimum bisexual or the whole show is a sham.

Sweetie, they are actors, stop think Reality TV is "reality". So once again,Those boys ain't straight. No way, no how.

by Lana Kanereply 1601/12/2013

I feel better now. I thought I was the only one who thought this show was a masterpiece shit!!!!! Is this supposed to market Lisa's restaurants? Really? Who came up with this brilliant idea? Gigi? This is retarded!!!!

by Lana Kanereply 1701/12/2013

I don't mind that it was completely fake (all Bravo "reality" shows are completely fake) but it was just so relentlessly boring. What is the point of that show?

by Lana Kanereply 1801/12/2013

this was before DBG moved up the the delano, the lockerroom just had two showers-separated by a curtain that was always getting peeled back...

by Lana Kanereply 1901/12/2013

Do these vile people who work at Sur actually lend some cache to the place? Is Lisa hoping to attract customers who want to see the people involved in all this (fake) drama up close, no matter how repulsive they and their antics are? I suppose any publicity is good publicity.

by Lana Kanereply 2001/12/2013

Why did the guy who LOVES to use the work "sucks" shave his forehead? Not his brow area, the middle of his forehead. Very strange.

by Lana Kanereply 2101/12/2013

I have tried to watch this and I can't. It's fake and weird! I am done! I am texting as I am trying to watch this! It's fake, I finally changed it! Oh God sorry but Lisa it has to be Cancelled! Bad and so fake!

by Lana Kanereply 2201/14/2013

I like Lisa a lot, but found this show to be unwatchable. Good concept, but truly horrible people.

I thought the actual transition from RHOBH to the new show was pretty cool though. Felt a bit like the old network days (70s, 80s).

by Lana Kanereply 2301/14/2013

Id hoist my legs for jax any time.

by Lana Kanereply 2401/15/2013

Umm, no. I refuse to watch. I can't even believe there's a thread about this abomination.

by Lana Kanereply 2501/15/2013

So we're still supposed to believe Lisa is "classy"?

by Lana Kanereply 2601/15/2013

Probably one of the most pointless and boring reality shows of all time, and that says a lot. The sad thing is that these servers think that their incredibly shallow lives are interesting enough for anyone to give a shit. How are the ratings? Are people actually watching this dreck?

by Lana Kanereply 2701/15/2013

Oh Lisa, Really?

by Lana Kanereply 2802/01/2013

Jax and Tom Sandoval are both hot.

by Lana Kanereply 2902/01/2013

The guys on the show are closeted gay men and I don't support reality tv shows where the guys are clearly gay yet act heterosexual. I was the same way with Million Dollar Listing with the Madison and Josh characters . Since they came out, I now tune in.

by Lana Kanereply 3002/01/2013


by Lana Kanereply 3102/01/2013

I want jax inside me deeply.

by Lana Kanereply 3202/10/2013

I just found out lisa vanderpump was the woman in the ABC poisoned arrow video - -blew my mind!

by Lana Kanereply 3302/10/2013

Someone on another thread said this show is a hit in the ratings. That cannot possibly be true, can it? Anyone know?

by Lana Kanereply 3402/10/2013

The gays not watching this? I was pretty sure y'all would be talking about last night's explosive episode

by Lana Kanereply 3502/12/2013

Supposedly Stassi was on The Amazing Race - Family Edition.

She got to see Phil's amazing package in person.

by Lana Kanereply 3602/13/2013

This show makes Hamlet look unscripted.

by Lana Kanereply 3702/13/2013

[quote]This show makes Hamlet look unscripted.

If so, it's better acted than most so-called reality shows, like The Hills. God, the Kuntdashians are the worst. "OK, this week Kim's going to pretend to have a nervous breakdown. We'll dress her up in wigs and have her adopt multiple personalities." (This was the actual plot one week.)

[quote]The guys on the show are closeted gay men

Some certainly appear to be. My favorite moment was when Tom's butch girlfriend borrowed his make-up and said, "Tom never met a cosmetic he didn't like."

by Lana Kanereply 3802/16/2013

I love trashy entertainment (Mob Wives, Million Dollar Decorators, Gallery Girls, etc.) but this show is so bad the first episode almost turned my stomach upside down.

by Lana Kanereply 3902/16/2013

I'm shocked there's such outright hatred for something so innocuous. I'd expect some interest, if only for the men. (The long-haired manager--Peter?--is growing on me, too.

There are much worse things on the air, even on Bravo. For a network that has foisted a dozen "real" housewives shows on us, each trashier than the last, this by comparison seems as refined as a Merchant Ivory film.

by Lana Kanereply 4002/17/2013

These "hot" guys remind me of a couple fraternity brothers I knew.

They know they're good looking but are incredibly insecure about themselves. They think that if their looks go, they have NOTHING to live for.

One guy got in a bike accident and had some road rash over his eye. Wouldn't leave the house for two weeks. Spent his days staring in the mirror whining and calling every girl he knew for makeup help.

Needless to say, the other brothers were ruthless in their heckling.

It was a laugh riot.

by Lana Kanereply 4102/18/2013

Vegging out watching this trash now. My god, has there ever been assembled a more self-absorbed, narcissistic, entitled group of people for a reality show? Someone needs to remind them that they're service people.

by Lana Kanereply 4202/18/2013

[quote]Vegging out watching this trash now. My god, has there ever been assembled a more self-absorbed, narcissistic, entitled group of people for a reality show? Someone needs to remind them that they're service people.

And yet you're watching them and contributing to their ratings...

by Lana Kanereply 4302/18/2013

I've already changed the channel, r43, dear heart.

by Lana Kanereply 4402/18/2013

Shame on you people who watch this tripe. I love LV, but not this much.

by Lana Kanereply 4502/18/2013

Is that piece of shit still on?

by Lana Kanereply 4602/18/2013

r41 Well, they're right. They should be concerned about losing their looks

by Lana Kanereply 4702/19/2013

None of those guys are really goodlooking. The episode where the one was in bed in Vegas - you can tell how much makeup he must wear in everyday life.

by Lana Kanereply 4802/19/2013

Peter has beautiful eyes. I want to see him and Tom in a prolonged 69 session, complete with cum swallowing.

by Lana Kanereply 4902/19/2013

Lisa's son Max is cute. How come we don't see Pandora's gay husband? Has he run off with Cedric?

by Lana Kanereply 5002/19/2013

What's happened to Cedric? Santa Monica Blvd? Back to Paris with his prostitute Momma?

I want to see he and Jax fuck. Or spit roasted by Frank and Tom.

by Lana Kanereply 5102/19/2013

Jax is beat. His good looking expiration date is almost up, and his modeling days are nearly over. That said, he's got a nice body. I have to wonder how much longer he can keep being a whore, before people view him as 100% completely pathetic?

Max (Lisa's adopted son) is cute, but he must reek, because she's always telling him to cut his hair and take a bath. I don't even want to know what he smells like.

Peter is cute. He seems to be the most level-headed of all, and he must be, for Lisa to make him a manager. Is he Mexican or Middle Eastern or something else? I can't tell. Whatever he is, I'd hit it!

Tom is a flamer. He may have a girlfriend, but he's a total douche flamer. Not much else to say about him.

The two anorexic brunettes are ugly as hell. The only thing they have going for them is that they're not fat. Both of them think they're gorgeous, but they're just ... plain.

Stassi is very pretty, but she's such a bitch. She deserves Jax and all the shit that comes with it.

My favorite is Laura Leigh. What a fucking nutjob. You couldn't make that shit up if you tried!

by Lana Kanereply 5202/20/2013

Jax has Bethanny Frankel jawline.

by Lana Kanereply 5302/20/2013

Tom has very high maintenance hair, Would like to see Jax explore his perfectly groomed anus. Peter is sexy in a offbeat way

by Lana Kanereply 5402/20/2013

Laura-leigh got a recurring role on that Jennfier Love Hewitt show so goof for her crazy ass.

Jax has a big secret at the season finale I am guessing it is he has been with men before. I mean come on he lives in WeHo...

These people might work at sur but come on - if I were at the bar waiting for a drink and the bartenders girlfriend was bitching him out I would be talking to the manager. They have personal fights right at work - the management coddles them, they are kept for good tv. Schena has a bitch fit because she was called to work Lisa's party but instead is covering for ugly girl? Who cares? You make money either way, you serve either way, what is the big deal. IF i was the manager my response would have been, do you want to work? No? Okay thanks, see ya.

The whole Jax got a porn start pregnant thing..I mean come on what porn star gets pregnant? You get fucked for a living. Sounds like Jax likes it bare though as Laura-Leigh said "I let you inside me with no protection" so I was thinking she is going to fake pregnant to fuck with him. Hell I would.

I don't get the Stassi attraction though. She is a cunt. Her pussy must be made of gold or something.

by Lana Kanereply 5502/20/2013

Stassi is not that pretty. In fact she was fug on Amazing Race. Some surgery there.

by Lana Kanereply 5602/20/2013

Shut up about this turd.

by Lana Kanereply 5702/20/2013

Well, the big secret was that Jax had cheated on Stassi in Las Vegas and the girl did claim to have gotten pregnant. He also admitted that he was an habitual liar and constantly fabricated details of his life.

It was a little surprising to see someone allow themselves to look like such a POS on national television. It was much more surprising that they found some twist that made Stassi end up looking somewhat sympathetic.

[quote]Peter is cute. He seems to be the most level-headed of all, and he must be, for Lisa to make him a manager. Is he Mexican or Middle Eastern or something else? I can't tell. Whatever he is, I'd hit it!

Me too. By the end, he was definitely the most attractive of the guys. As for his background, his last name is Madrigal, whatever that is.

If I had a complaint about the show, it was that there was too little of Peter. But as R52 said, he seems level-headed--which doesn't make for much drama. Or perhaps he just doesn't want his private life so exposed. On some site where Lisa was explaining who was screwing whom, she said Peter sleeps with everyone!

by Lana Kanereply 5802/26/2013

r55, no need to guess whether or not Jax has been with men.

by Lana Kanereply 5902/26/2013

Jax is the epitome of bi.

by Lana Kanereply 6002/26/2013

What's weird is that Stassi, who claims to google everyone who comes into her life, didn't seem to have any idea that he's bi. She was worried that he would cheat on her with women, but never seemed at all concerned about men.

by Lana Kanereply 6102/26/2013

Well, R61...

Looking at R59's link, she didn't try very hard. It comes right out and states "Vincent De Paul and boyfriend Jax Taylor."

Although, "Jax" said last night that his name was Jason, actually. He made up Jax, along with his heterosexuality, apparently.

by Lana Kanereply 6202/26/2013

Jax Taylor & Vincent De Paul were both very successful models in Miami Beach. They have remained FRIENDS throughout the years. All this stuff written about Vincent is so typical trying to write negative & false things about a person. Vincent is currently a award winning producer in Hollywood and has a legit acting career. Who ever the anymous writer that wrote that stuff about De Paul is very wrong. All is have to say is -IN YOUR DREAMS.

by Lana Kanereply 6303/02/2013

Vincent De Paul is a great guy. They are writing things that are false about him.

by Lana Kanereply 6403/02/2013

Wait. So he admitted he's bisexual?

by Lana Kanereply 6503/03/2013

Vincent DePaul is a leech and a loser.

by Lana Kanereply 6603/03/2013

Peter needs to cut his 90's hair. The ponytail is over.

by Lana Kanereply 6703/03/2013

Oh no, R67

His hair is perfect to hold on to as I force his head down on my cock and proceed to fuck the taste out of his mouth.

by Lana Kanereply 6803/03/2013

Vincent De Paul is a saint!

by Lana Kanereply 6903/04/2013

Jax swings both ways .....big deal. Most models are 'gay for pay' if they're straight. Reality is most are bi. They gravitate where the money is , and who can help their careers. Male or female is less important than what someone can do for them,

by Lana Kanereply 7003/04/2013

The reunion was unintentionally hysterical. All of these nuts acting like this stuff is real with Andy in the center doing his usual schtick. And forget Jax - are we supposed to believe the other queen is straight??

by Lana Kanereply 7103/04/2013

[quote]are we supposed to believe the other queen is straight??

If you mean Tom Sandoval, I don't believe it.

Others must have wondered, too. When you Google his name, the second suggestion after his name alone is "tom sandoval gay," even before "tom sandoval vanderpump rules."

by Lana Kanereply 7203/04/2013

Stassi can do better than Jax.

by Lana Kanereply 7303/04/2013

WTF kind of name is "Vanderpump"?

by Lana Kanereply 7403/05/2013

They did a tag segment about Tom's grooming.

by Lana Kanereply 7503/05/2013

WTF was up with the extreme closeups on everyone? Talk about scary.

by Lana Kanereply 7603/05/2013

To the Vanderpump family,

Please contact Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer. She will have any mention of you deleted from the internet. It's awesome and few major celebs like me take advantage. Allison is listed in the phone book FYI. Hiring her is the best investment of my life. It kept me out of prison. She and Marty Singer will even get LAPD, on thier payroll, to terrorize and ruin anyone who writes negativity about you.

Regards, Tig Notaro

by Lana Kanereply 7703/05/2013

Ugh, R75. He shaves his forehead to exfoliate. That was gross to see for some reason.

by Lana Kanereply 7803/05/2013

[quote]Stassi can do better than Jax.

Trash for trash

by Lana Kanereply 7903/05/2013

(R77) thier?

oh my

e before i except after y, dear

by Lana Kanereply 8003/05/2013

actually shaving your face to exfoliate is a very old practice. Caroline Manzo said she does it like two reunions ago - that she learned it from her mother or something.

Laura Leigh who actually looked the craziest - is the most successful. She booked a third lead in a Jennifer Aniston movie, and is a series regular on the Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

by Lana Kanereply 8103/05/2013

Laura-Leigh is the only one of the cast who actually had realistic goals. She may have had the hots for Jax, but as soon as she booked a gig, she was out of there.

by Lana Kanereply 8203/07/2013

Have they cancelled this shit yet?

by Lana Kanereply 8303/07/2013

It is by far the fakest of all the fake "reality" shows. totally and completely made up with NO basis in reality.

by Lana Kanereply 8403/07/2013

r82, they are ALL actors. That chick was hired to play a part just like the rest.

by Lana Kanereply 8503/07/2013

[quote]It is by far the fakest of all the fake "reality" shows.

Woe, you haven't seen many reality shows.

The Hills as much as admitted it was scripted in the last episode. Adam Levine has talked about how they cast his hairdresser ("Justin Bobby") to play the part of Audrina's love interest.

But the Kuntrashians are by far the phoniest. They actually have scripts with a dilemma that gets solved by the end of the episode. One week Kim developed multiple personalities and started wearing wigs and talking with bad accents. Another week Kim starts stealing Kourtney's breast milk to use as a skin treatment. So ridiculous...

by Lana Kanereply 8603/07/2013

R86, you've just basically described every episode of Vanderpump Rules. No difference at all. You seriously don't think it is just as scripted as the ones you mentioned?

by Lana Kanereply 8703/07/2013

This show is pure filth. Bravo needs more real, wholesome shows centered on family like Tardy for the Wedding.

by Lana Kanereply 8803/07/2013

Oh the secrets I could tell.

by Lana Kanereply 8903/07/2013

"The Hills" never called itself a reality show.

by Lana Kanereply 9003/07/2013

Pretty sure Andy got him some Jax...

by Lana Kanereply 9103/07/2013

[quote]Have they cancelled this shit yet?

No, it was only 8 episodes. There was a reunion and there may be an outtakes show. I have no idea if they intend on having a second season.

But if they do, be sure to skip it since you know you consider it shit.

I'm always amazed how many DLers claim to hate this or that show, but never miss a single episode. I guess they have nothing interesting to talk about on DL so they have to watch something they "hate" to come here and bitch about it.

Or maybe they're just cunts who love to bitch.

[quote]"The Hills" never called itself a reality show.

"The Hills is a reality television series which originally aired on MTV from May 31, 2006 until July 13, 2010."

I grant you, it was far from reality. But MTV did promote it as a reality show and referred to it as such.

by Lana Kanereply 9203/07/2013

I totally saw pictures of Vincent De Paul at the Golden Globes, and he was with a MILF who is also an actress, by the name of Elizabeth Webster, and they appeared totally enamored with each other... They were inseparable the entire night.

Models get a bad rap all the time, and Vincent is so beyond just being a model. He is an award winning actor/producer, and he has helped so many fellow former models, including Channing Tatum!... check out the facts yourself!

I think Vincent would be great on the new season of Vanderpump Rules to set the record straight, pardon the pun... That he and Jax are just awesome buds who have survived the model rat race.

By the way, there's nothing wrong with male models that are into each other, it just doesn't happen to be these two...

by Lana Kanereply 9303/10/2013

I've never heard of Vincent De Paul until this thread, which he's evidently discovered.

by Lana Kanereply 9403/10/2013

Oh, Vincent/R93, your self-promotion tactics are all too transparent, my darling. I shall look forward to seeing you in the back row of the chorus in Broadway Bares in June, hon.

by Lana Kanereply 9503/10/2013

Hold up.. Justin Bobby was Adam Levine's hairdresser?

by Lana Kanereply 9603/10/2013

So now you are critizing Vincent for helping those with HIV!! -Anyone who performs for Broadway Bares like Vincent & Matthew Morrison(Glee) in OK in my book. -Also Anonymous he is producer and lives in LA and his last show on Broadway was like 5 years ago. --GOOD LUCK DARLING.

by Lana Kanereply 9703/10/2013

Yes, R96, Levine said Justin Brescia was "a genius hairdresser."

It's making more sense why "Justin Bobby" had little interest in Audrina.

by Lana Kanereply 9803/11/2013

Vanderfake Rules

by Lana Kanereply 9903/11/2013

[quote]Max (Lisa's adopted son) is cute

Adopted? Why did she adopt? Is Pandora adopted too?

by Lana Kanereply 10003/11/2013

What do the rest of the staff who aren't cast members think of these people? They must hate them always getting attention and bringing their personal fights into work. If the non-stars had brought their drama to work to air in front of customers, they would've been fired.

by Lana Kanereply 10103/11/2013

I read somewhere this show is canceled and will not continue.

by Lana Kanereply 10203/11/2013

r100, She has Ken's wide, flat face so I doubt it. Poor girl is not attractive.

r102, I doubt it. It was consisently higher rated than any show Bravo has trotted out recently, save for Shits of Sunset. As sad as it is, this is what the Bravo audience wants.

by Lana Kanereply 10303/11/2013

This group is not as good-looking as they believe they are. Nor are they as unique as they believe they are in aspiring to fame despite a marked lack of talent. Lisa should be really embarrassed.

by Lana Kanereply 10403/11/2013

Isn't part of the joke that these average-to-unattractive people think their hot shit? The closeups are particularly scary.

by Lana Kanereply 10503/11/2013

Lisa refers to them constantly as hot shit as well. I think we are supposed to believe they are all smoking hot, and they aren't.

by Lana Kanereply 10603/11/2013

if you want to see the worst movue EVER, starring vincent de paul...It might still be on netflix

by Lana Kanereply 10703/11/2013

Oh, dear, Joel K, how dense are you? Vincent has done Broadway Bares so he can use his only assets with the hope of landing a bit part in a movie or a meal ticket. He's never even been in a Broadway show and he's never been a dancer. The only reason he got into BB was because he let Jerry Mitchell fuck him once.

by Lana Kanereply 10803/11/2013

That guy declaring his undying love for that bitchy girl over and over again--are they angling for their own show? He needs to dial it way down if he wants to be even the tiniest bit believable.

by Lana Kanereply 10903/11/2013

Those two guys are both gay, no? The queen with the concealer dating that odd looking chick? Come on.

by Lana Kanereply 11003/11/2013

The outtakes show is on now, ET.

It's better than the reunion show. A little more of Peter and gay Tom.

Still too much of Jax and Stassi, but their dramas were the focus of the show from the beginning.

by Lana Kanereply 11103/11/2013

I think they have this show to cater to a younger demographic audience for the 20 something crowd? It's just a guess.

This show is horrible and complete junk! They should call it, Vanderpump Sucks! Many of the new shows that are airing on Bravo are laughable and complete crap! Shrinks of LA? Really? Like those aren't actors? The Housewife shows, Rachael Zoe, and Tabitha, are my limit.

by Lana Kanereply 11203/12/2013

Lisa is really unprofessional. What boss gets involved with all the sex lives of their employees?

by Lana Kanereply 11303/12/2013

It's like 'Melrose Place' but with even worse actors. And the girls look homely.

At one point society has to take a good look at itself and ask: Does it do us any good to watch that kind of entertainment? Will the people of the future even try to make something of themselves other that crazy famewhores?

by Lana Kanereply 11403/12/2013

r113, this show proves she's as much of a fameho as the rest. No truly classy dame would attach herself to this crap.

by Lana Kanereply 11503/12/2013

[quote] Max (Lisa's adopted son) is cute

I agree. However, Lisa is constantly telling him to cut his hair, and *ugh* take a bath. He must reek of b.o. Being in a band, that would not be surprising.

This show has REALLY attracted the ire of Datalounge, like catnip. I guess any show with attractive yet vapid boys and girls, will bring out the jealousy, no?

Fact is, I agree that most of them aren't as attractive as they think they are. But the show was good entertainment. Which is all I really care about.

Though I can't imagine what a second season would possibly entail, since this season pretty much exposed what little depth these people had.

What more is there?

by Lana Kanereply 11603/12/2013

You do realize that every negative reaction is not rooted in jealousy, right r116?

by Lana Kanereply 11703/12/2013

r116, you can trust that Mr. Cohen will be able to extract more fake drama for season 2. Same way they did for the Househos and Shits of Sunset, although the tide seems to have changed for the latter.

by Lana Kanereply 11803/12/2013

[quote]you've just basically described every episode of Vanderpump Rules. No difference at all.

Have got ever seen it? It's nothing like the Kuntrashians, which has some ludicrous mini-plot which lasts a single episode.

VR focused almost entirely, from the first episode to the last, on the romance and breakup of Jax and Stassi, and how it affected their friendships and the fallout at Sur.

To a much lesser degree, there was some focus on Schena, her career, and her drama with Eddie Cibrian's ex.

VR was smart to keep it down to 8 episodes, since the Jax/Stassi saga couldn't support much more. I would have preferred a more interesting couple but the producers had to stay with the big drama. I'd have been happy with an episode of nothing but Tom applying his make-up and Peter conditioning his hair. Hopefully we'll see more of these two in the inevitable second season.

Since most of the staff (at least the ones featured this season) are aspiring models and actors, it would be interesting to see more about their careers. Especially, as they don't seem too successful. For example, Tom's gf hasn't made it big as a model and has worked at Sur for five years. Furthermore, Lisa made a comment on the outtakes show that the girl was too difficult and would never be promoted. Really, more difficult than Stassi?

by Lana Kanereply 11903/12/2013

Laura Leigh has a role in the new Jenifer Aniston movie! Also, Jennifer Love Hewitt mentioned on Andy's show that she works with LL on her show The Client List but was embarrassed for her.

Jax said on Andy's show that Channing Tatum used to be his roommate when they first started modeling!

Pic below: Vincent De Paul and boyfriend Jax Taylor - More Photos From Mercedes-Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week

by Lana Kanereply 12003/12/2013

Laura Leigh's movie coming out with Jen Aniston is called "We're the Millers."

She's making bank now. I hope she never talks to Jax again. And I hope he's gay too.

by Lana Kanereply 12103/12/2013

(Reply 108) Now you are accusing Jerry Mitchell of sleeping with the performers of BROADWAY BARES.

You are pathetic. For the record Mitchell is the founder and producer of the show. He does not cast the show.

You have it out for Vincent. Sorry you are so delusional that you have to write nasty untrue shitabout actually a good guy in Hollywood. PS-- Darling you are so off the mark about he has talent and certainly does not need the money.... (Meal ticket bullshit!!!) & Jax Taylor is the best thing on the show....

by Lana Kanereply 12203/14/2013

Agree with earlier post - JAX does have. Bethany Frankel jawline. What is that ? Is there a clinical name , when the skin appears jowly, but super tight ?

by Lana Kanereply 12303/14/2013

I think Stassi and Rachel Zoe are lost sisters - they both use the word LITERALLY as emphasis for everything..

I LITERALLY brought you a sandwich...I LITERALLY wanted to run.

Bravo - where the English language gets murdered every day.

by Lana Kanereply 12403/15/2013

[quote]Jennifer Love Hewitt mentioned on Andy's show that she works with LL on her show The Client List but was embarrassed for her.

Embarrassed about Laura Leigh being on a reality show? I mean, she's now playing a whore on Lifetime...

BTW, I was surprised that Georgia changed the rules at the "spa." Now, anything goes. It's not just massages with happy endings.

by Lana Kanereply 12503/19/2013

I resurrected this thread in case anyone's watching VR.

I enjoy it, despite how manipulative the situations are. Jax and Stassi are obnoxious, and there for drama alone, but I find Lisa amusing inasmuch as she's trying to be a mother figure to these infantile adults.

I only started watching RHOBH for more Lisa but most of the others make it difficult viewing.

by Lana Kanereply 12611/11/2013

Jax, put on that jockstrap and ride that dildo.....NOW!

by Lana Kanereply 12711/11/2013

Interesting that Jax used to be roommates with Channing Tatum early in his modeling career when he was self identified as bisexual so maybe Jax is also bi.

by Lana Kanereply 12811/11/2013

You should do what did. I deleted the Bravo channel from my channel lineup on the remote. Now I never have to bother with that shitty channel.

by Lana Kanereply 12911/11/2013

Ok, how do you say channing tatum is a former self identifying bisexual? I've definitely heard that and totally believe it but what's the source?

by Lana Kanereply 13011/11/2013

I think R128 may have gotten it backward.

Jax had a boyfriend prior to Vanderpump Rules and they were photographed holding hands. He may be bi or just bearding with Stassi. He's not my type.

Gay Tom (Sandoval?), on the other hand is exactly the type of proto-gay guy I love fucking for the "first" time. Am I sadistic for enjoying their physical and psycholgic discomfort?

by Lana Kanereply 13111/11/2013

BTW, I don't think the comment was referring to Tatum

by Lana Kanereply 13211/11/2013

Same as last season. VP walks around threatening to fire fire fire. Alas she wont. And why is Pandie involved in this trash? Jax is hot as fuck.

by Lana Kanereply 13311/12/2013

I loved the scene where Jax sprayed aftershave on his dick and Tom said not to rather, spray deodorant in back of his balls.

I want to see them both fucking each other. You know they want to.

by Lana Kanereply 13411/12/2013

I've always wondered who watches this crap.

I happened to see some 'real housewives' whores being interviewed on some talk show last week, I think they were the California whores.

One of them, a British plastic surgeried brunette claimed to be a witch. Unless she is going to levitate one of the other bitches, I can't imagine why anyone would watch this crap.

When I watch TV, with the limited time I have to watch, I want to entertained. I watch sitcoms to laugh, talk shows to see what my faves are up to and music shows because I enjoy most types of music, I also enjoy true crime shows as well as nature and science shows. I also watch PBS and series on BBCA.

I cannot get into this reality shit. It's so brain numbing. I can't imagine why anyone would care about the vacuous lives of golddiggers and other such trashy people.

A guy I work with has a theory why people watch reality garbage because it makes them feel better about their own lives. Viewers see these rich, but apparently unhappy people always screaming, pulling out each others weaves and acting like low rent Alexis Carringtons, it's all pretty pathetic.

by Lana Kanereply 13511/12/2013

Well smell you 135. Aren't you just the fancy one.

by Lana Kanereply 13611/12/2013

Shut up u old cunt. Then DON'T watch the show an just fuck off, who cares what u think or do. We wanna hear about gay jax and stossy!

by Lana Kanereply 13711/15/2013

R130 All that I can say is that Channing Tatum is not only "former bisexual" actor who early their career self identified as bi.

by Lana Kanereply 13811/15/2013

Whats an Alexis Carrington. A house wife?

by Lana Kanereply 13911/16/2013

Channing Tatum, or as I like to call him Channing Ta-Yum!, used to be a passed around gimp who let anyone fuck him in his ass, just let them slide it right in there.

by Lana Kanereply 14011/16/2013

Anyone watch that wwhl after show Andy claimed Jax would be naked.

by Lana Kanereply 14111/19/2013

Miss Cohen looks even more desperate trying to pimp this show than he does the Housewives.

The clearly fake relationship that drives this show is worthy of some Hills-type scripts.

Why not just embrace the fauxreality trash as it is and not make the extra leaps to deem it REAL?

by Lana Kanereply 14211/19/2013

Jax on Baggage claiming he slept with 312 women. This guy is gay, no?

by Lana Kanereply 14311/19/2013

He was photographed with Vincent DePaul at a fashion show in 2007 and the caption read Vincent DePaul and Boyfriend...

I have a feeling he will fuck whatever gets him fame.

by Lana Kanereply 14411/19/2013

I stopped watching VPRules a while back but I did watch Stassi and Jax on WWHL last night.

Jax was clearly stoned out of his mind. His "I still love you, Stassi!" shit is an act so it wouldn't surprise me if his heterosexuality is also an act.

It's also clear that Andy hates both of them--afterall, they're wannabes and not REAL stars like Kelly Ripa and her husband.

by Lana Kanereply 14511/19/2013

[quote]Jax on Baggage claiming he slept with 312 women. This guy is gay, no?

Matt Dallas on Howard Stern claiming he slept with over 50 girls in high school. This guy is gay, no?

Gay guys always go too far when trying to act hetero.

by Lana Kanereply 14611/19/2013

And what about the emaciated "rocker" guy crying about his fake relationship with that odd-looking chick?

by Lana Kanereply 14711/19/2013

Clearly the Pandora/Schena friendship is made up. When they had the joint birthday party at the bar. Pandora and her husband were sooo far out of place there.

Tom and Kristen - Kristen is sooooooo obsessed with having Tom as a BF . I think the best thing to ever happen to her was Tom fucking that bottle service girl in LV. She now has something to guilt him with into being hers forever. That and she is such a fucking debbie downer. Same with Katie. First of all that blonde hair? No. I know you want to be Stassi but no.

Speaking of Stassi. She is such a cunt why is everyone dying to be her friend? Her own 10 year old brother called her vicious. What does that say about a person....

The only good one is the older bar tender/manager...I would rape him.

by Lana Kanereply 14811/19/2013

Pandora is just not attractive and she seems frumpy.

Her husband definitely had $$ in his eyes.

by Lana Kanereply 14911/19/2013

r149 I would bet he has had cum in his eyes a few times too.

by Lana Kanereply 15011/19/2013

Jax is the hottest dude on Vanderpump rules. He "left" at the end of last season only to return at the Beginning of the current one.

This show seems very stilted and filled up with post reality show stars and (ex) models who want to become more famous in Hollywood What 8 year old boy knows his sister's ex boyfriend cheated on her and throws it in the guys face. That kid must be from central casting or else how could the Mother / sister allow this info to filter down to a child to be fed back on television show?

Lisa will make lots of money at her new restaurant because people want to see these "stars" and will come visit Sur, including tourists.

Jax could make lots of money doing porn.

by Lana Kanereply 15111/21/2013

Jax is not attractive.

by Lana Kanereply 15211/21/2013

Why doesn't this stuck-up cunt go back to England?

by Lana Kanereply 15311/21/2013

I see Kyle/R153 found this thread

by Lana Kanereply 15411/21/2013

R154 What a lame joke - I knew some Lisa stan would say that.

by Lana Kanereply 15511/21/2013


by Lana Kanereply 15611/22/2013

I bet jax has a nice cock and fucks like a race horse..because as much as stassi is done with him she keeps coming back for some fucking.

by Lana Kanereply 15711/26/2013

r157. I think you are right. Jax is hot hot hot. He looks great in fashion shoots and comes off as down to earth in the flesh.

Like Stassi's Dad said, Jax's problem is "he is too good-looking." I am sure he gets hit on a lot and being young and horny, hard to not give in.

Jax also has a sexy, husky voice.

If he were faking his relationship for Stassi, would he have really gotten a tattoo of her signature on his arm?

Sur is in West Hollywood. Imagine how many men up the street at the Abbey would go for Jax?

by Lana Kanereply 15811/26/2013

Whether or not Jax is hung, I bet he's a petri dish of disease after having over 300 partners.

by Lana Kanereply 15911/27/2013

r158 = Jax himself. I defy anyone to see his closeup talking heads and say he is "too good looking".

And a male breast cancer plot? I mean even The Hills had better writers.

by Lana Kanereply 16012/03/2013

Were these restaurant employees ever shown in the Housewives of Beverly Hills? When I watch this shown, it seems as if the silent extras have become the stars.

by Lana Kanereply 16112/03/2013

They picked a great place to buy a cake.

by Lana Kanereply 16212/03/2013

Jax is really not all that. But even if he is straight, what the hell does he see in Stassi? She's dumb, cunty and very average looking

by Lana Kanereply 16312/03/2013

If they are not acting, Stassi is beyond cruel to her old bf. He takes it and takes it when he could get someone who is nice to him?

He will not have "those looks" forever and in middle age better find someone who loves him for him and not a cruel nit picker.

by Lana Kanereply 16412/03/2013

Jax has such fat cheeks, even fatter than Tiffani Amber-Theissen. He looks like a chipmunk with his cheeks full of nuts. It was especially jarring when he was sitting there talking to Tom who has hollowed out cheeks.

by Lana Kanereply 16512/04/2013

The chicks on this show are especially average looking.

by Lana Kanereply 16612/04/2013

Jax is thick and hung.

by Lana Kanereply 16712/04/2013

Jax is older than the rest of the cast, he is 32.

by Lana Kanereply 16812/04/2013

Is Tom manorexic?

by Lana Kanereply 16912/06/2013

Can someone start a thread on Mob Wives? The new season premiered last night on VH1 and it's a hot mess.

by Lana Kanereply 17012/06/2013

Oh hell that started? dammit.

by Lana Kanereply 17112/06/2013

I don't understand why these guys are all over these girls. Stassi is a solid 6 or 7 - what the fuck? And she's a bitch.

I don't understand it.

by Lana Kanereply 17212/09/2013

Is this show why Andy Cohen lost his old job?

by Lana Kanereply 17312/09/2013

r173 no that was Most Eligible Dallas

by Lana Kanereply 17412/09/2013

What happened, R174?

by Lana Kanereply 17512/10/2013

Stassi is the biggest black hole in LA. What mental ward did they find her in?

by Lana Kanereply 17612/10/2013

I can't believe enough of you watch VanderDUMP Rules to have given it a second season.

Everyone in the cast so unlikable. Not a single one of them should have any fans.

by Lana Kanereply 17712/10/2013

I'm Stassi's biggest fan!

by Lana Kanereply 17812/10/2013

This show is so stupid. Bunch of flyovers from the midwest, transporting their clique mentality from flyoverville, to LA.

They don't even realize that most native SO Californians are super chill and laid back. Scheana is the only real LA girl in the bunch.

"Jax," Tom, Katie (from Utah) and Tom's needy girlfriend, and Stassi are all from the midwest. They are acting how they "think" LA people should act, which is typical of a flyover in both LA and NYC.

Truth is, NYC and LA people are much nicer than people give them credit for.

And I don't know who told Katie, needy girl, skinny Tom, and chinless Stassi that they are the end all, be all, most beautiful people ever, but they are SERIOUSLY deluded.

They'll all be stuck in their dead end jobs, well into their 40's, and they'll probably STILL think they're the "cool crowd."

Totally pathetic.

by Lana Kanereply 17912/10/2013

Skinny Tom has to be on some of drug, no? His face is almost skeletal.

by Lana Kanereply 18012/10/2013

r175 it was a joke...kind of. Bravo and Cohen have failed to produce any new reality shows that have been a success. Both Top Chef and The Real Houswives franchises are getting long in the tooth and you can only watch so much of Jeff Lewis. There has not been a new hit bravo reality show in ages. They just keep throwing crap at us hoping something will stick.

by Lana Kanereply 18112/10/2013

Married To Medicine was a hit but Andy is not bringing it back.

I miss Princesses: Long Island

by Lana Kanereply 18212/10/2013

Married to Medicine is filming season 2 right now. Andy has zero to do with shows returning, then and even more so now.

by Lana Kanereply 18312/10/2013

I still can't believe that fake ho Patti Stingray and her fake "matchmaking" show continue to get renewed. Her face doesn't even move anymore, and her "millionaires" consist of gay Rosie from RHONJ.

by Lana Kanereply 18412/10/2013

I have never seen one episode of this stupid show. Buy the looks of it, it appears all of the men are closeted gay men.

by Lana Kanereply 18512/10/2013


by Lana Kanereply 18612/10/2013

Growing up in the midwest, I never knew what gay was.

by Lana Kanereply 18712/10/2013

Agree r179. I'm so tired of LA transplants defining what they 'think' LA is.

by Lana Kanereply 18812/10/2013

Looks like the show has stopped trying to pretend.

One scene a guy says again that he cheated on on his "girlfriend", but the very next scene he tells a woman that her outfit is "fierce".

This does not compute.

by Lana Kanereply 18912/10/2013

I remember when Jax first hit LA and I can tell you from doing the math that he is MINIMUM in his early 40s.

by Lana Kanereply 19012/11/2013

Isn't it interesting that all these peopel on here who hate Andy Cohen, would never watch anything on Bravo always have comments on the shows. If you don't like reality tv, find another thread to post your b/s on, we don't care what snarky thing you have to say.

by Lana Kanereply 19112/11/2013

Lol jax is not 40

by Lana Kanereply 19212/11/2013

r191 doesn't know what the word interesting means.

by Lana Kanereply 19312/11/2013

and you 193 don't know your ass from your elbow so shut the fuck up and go away

by Lana Kanereply 19412/11/2013

Do these people actually work at Sur when they're not filming the show?

by Lana Kanereply 19512/12/2013

So now Kristen and Jax fucked?

by Lana Kanereply 19612/17/2013

Well put, R179.

Jax is 35 according to Stassi.

I hate that I watch this show.

by Lana Kanereply 19712/17/2013

r191 again...Andy Cohen has nothing to do with this Show, other than he was the exec vp of talent relations. I find it funny that when he has Jax or the other men on his WWHL show her forces them to take their shirts off. Not suggests, orders them.

Vanderpump pitched this show to Bravo and worked to get it green lit. Her and Ken are exec producers and co-creators.

These people do work at Sur, and Villa Blanca. She has huge staffs, actually so there are a lot of people to pull from should any of these people get out of line. Stassi is gold though, a self absorbed bitch meant for reality TV.

by Lana Kanereply 19812/17/2013

If it gets a third season, Staasi has said she will not participate, because of all of whats happened this season (probably has to do with her best friend sleeping with her ex bf)

I have to admit I am strangely compelled to this show.

by Lana Kanereply 19912/17/2013

[quote] I have to admit I am strangely compelled to this show.

It's really getting juicy! The Kristen / Jax hookup is totally out of left field, and it makes Kristen a MEGA BITCH for making Tom's life a living hell after he cheated on her. SHE CHEATED FIRST!!!

I wonder what Tom's gonna do after this? He can't fight Jax because he's so puny, but I'm pretty sure they won't be friends after this.

No wonder Stassi was so cold to Jax on WWHL after the very first episode. I had no idea this was coming.

Katie is such a fucking mess. Everytime she said, "none of you can hate me more than I hate myself," I kept saying to the tv "well I hate you more!" She's such a nasty Utah bitch. I loved when she ran to her boyfriend and said, "I don't want to disrespect you by giving Peter a lap dance," and her boyfriend replied, "I don't care." LOL

Schwartz seemed way more interested in Scheana than he did in Katie. Actually, he seemed more interested in Jax than he did in Katie.

I, however, am in love with Tom Sandoval. He's adorable and hot at the same time. I love the little gap between his teeth.

The guy has gotta be bisexual. The way he was talking "gay" at the gay pride parade was just TOO real.

And then his imitation of Scheana doing her slutty dance was even MORE gay than that!

Damn... I want Tom.

by Lana Kanereply 20012/17/2013

Tom is such a whiny nutless little bitch. Cute but stupid.

by Lana Kanereply 20112/17/2013

Tom has nice abs

by Lana Kanereply 20212/19/2013

I don't think he wipes very well, dear

by Lana Kanereply 20312/20/2013

R200, Tom is the reason I watch this show (and I really hate myself for watching it). He's physically perfect.

by Lana Kanereply 20412/20/2013

Jax was on The View making Barbara Walters drinks. Mario Cantone said he had a porn star's name and would get Jax tattooed on his ass.

by Lana Kanereply 20512/20/2013

Tom looks like he weighs about 80 lbs.

by Lana Kanereply 20612/20/2013

Jax in Cabo in last night's episode prancing around hotel room in boxer brief underwear. He is packing.

by Lana Kanereply 20701/07/2014

It's just astounding that almost EVERY one of the cast is an alcoholic who act out after 8 drinks in each episode.

by Lana Kanereply 20801/07/2014

I hate myself for watching the show, and I find just about every cast member to be a total d-bag, but I have to say I find the show more enjoyable this season than RHOBH. Low bar, I know, but still...

by Lana Kanereply 20901/07/2014

Jax has this strange sex appeal even though he is vain, self centered and must have been with 100's of women.

by Lana Kanereply 21001/07/2014

R207 - don't be so sure. Didn't Jax admit during season 1 photo shoot that he knew how to, and did, "stuff" his shorts to make the bulge bigger.

by Lana Kanereply 21101/08/2014

R207, Jax was stuffed tighter than a can of Spam. Unfortunately, a can of Spam has more meat.

by Lana Kanereply 21201/08/2014

And as a further example of just how utterly fabricated this drivel is, here's a 2007 photo of Jax with his then-boyfriend, Vincent De Paul. Of course, Starpulse has since taken down the page, but Google sometimes likes to cache this sort of thing. Hee hee!

It's telling that Jax and Stassi are featured as a "broken up" couple since season 1. I guess this is convenient for Jax since he doesn't have to kiss and fondle an icky girl throughout the series.

by Lana Kanereply 21301/08/2014

Edit: A can of Spam has more *real* meat.

by Lana Kanereply 21401/08/2014

Jax looks great in the photos r212 posted. He is living hard as a bartender I think.

by Lana Kanereply 21501/09/2014

[quote] Jax was stuffed tighter than a can of Spam. Unfortunately, a can of Spam has more meat.

I don't think so. Gigi from Shahs of Sunset said she regularly hooks up with Jax on this week's episode of WWHL, and that not only does he have the right equipment and fucks her good, but she also implied he's hung.

Andy got some good dirty outta Gigi on this latest epiisode of WWHL.

My analysis? He's hung.

by Lana Kanereply 21601/10/2014

Hi Andy (or your Bravo shill) at R216!

by Lana Kanereply 21701/10/2014

Jax's face keeps getting bigger & bigger.

by Lana Kanereply 21801/10/2014

Uh, R216, did you compare the side-by-side pics at R212? Obviously one of them is "stuffed tighter" than the other. And Gigi is a toothpick; a baby carrot would be considered well-hung by her standards.

by Lana Kanereply 21901/10/2014

I wonder if Gigi really had sex with Jax?

I am certain he is hung thick and big.

by Lana Kanereply 22001/10/2014

He's more likely to have slept with Giggy than Gigi.

by Lana Kanereply 22101/10/2014

With all the drama from Jax post break up and telling tales to start trouble between couples, it does reek of gay behavior vs. masculine guy code behavior.

I bet Lisa V. is in on all the real dope. She is set to open a gay club on Santa Monica Blvd. near The Abbey and down the street from Sur.

She is laughing all the way to the bank...

by Lana Kanereply 22201/10/2014

Jax is about as sleazy as a person can get. The girls as cold and self centered as any other well heeled sociopaths.

by Lana Kanereply 22301/10/2014

Are all the waiters gay? At one point I thought that maybe the whole staff...actors?

by Lana Kanereply 22401/10/2014

Has anyone been to dinner at SUR? Do the people on Vanderpump Rules actually work there serving bar or tables?

by Lana Kanereply 22501/10/2014

Jax makes my man pussy quiver. All them girls is ugly skanks.

by Lana Kanereply 22601/11/2014

to 225, yes they do

by Lana Kanereply 22701/11/2014

I love that Jax runs over to tell the other girls what Scheana said like a little bitch. And all of them treat it like she did not say it as a joke, even though that is something Stassi would say in jest. Krsten is the worst. She has perma bitch face as does the bad die job girl.

by Lana Kanereply 22801/11/2014

I would not date one girl from SUR. They all seem very screwed up even with having so much going for them.

The guys not so much.

Has anyone else here been to SUR for dinner?

by Lana Kanereply 22901/11/2014

Kristen was beat with the ugly stick.

by Lana Kanereply 23001/11/2014

The Birthday Party weekend at Cabo San Lucas was a total disaster. I think this show is meant to have nothing but ugly drama every week.

For a group to have such a nice vacation and have it end up horribly with so much back biting and jealousy is reason enough to question Andy's talent at being a network executive.

by Lana Kanereply 23101/11/2014

r231 Hon I am not sure you are aware of this but the fighting is what makes a show. No one watches when they all get along.

by Lana Kanereply 23201/12/2014

Having so much going for them, r229?

They're WAITRESSES. Once this show is canceled, most likely after this season, you'll never hear about any of these people again.

by Lana Kanereply 23301/12/2014

Looks like they are going to do a spin off of the spin off. Stassi is leaving Vanderpump rules and LA moving to NYC to make Bravo is giving her a series. Sort of A Cunty Carrie Bradshaw. Jax is also leaving the show to follow his dreams. Probably some rich cock. He is vapid and self absorbed so he should date Andy Cohen.

From what I hear they are cleaning house and none of them will be back with the exception of the older manager Peter.

by Lana Kanereply 23401/13/2014

Where did you hear this r234?

by Lana Kanereply 23501/14/2014

The guys are so whiny and wimpy ( and not very attractive)I don't see how anyone could be attracted to them.

by Lana Kanereply 23601/14/2014

We need to take a vote here:

Has Stossi ever given Jax a b.j.?

by Lana Kanereply 23701/15/2014

[quote] Has Stossi ever given Jax a b.j.?

Absolutely. Girls with weak chins give the best blowjobs, judging from straight porn.

A more interesting question, however, is has Schwartz ever given Tom Sandoval a blowjob? Or vice-versa?

They kissed on the show, and even spooned with each other in Las Vegas. In fact, Kristen said that the three of them lived together at one time, and that they loved spooning each other.

That is SO fucking hot!!

by Lana Kanereply 23801/15/2014

r238, I thought that really "interesting" that a guy living with a girl would wake up sleeping with another guy and not someone be gay, even if they drank all night.

by Lana Kanereply 23901/15/2014

r237 Stossi might have given him a bj but I don't think Stassi did.

by Lana Kanereply 24001/15/2014

r240, I watched!

by Lana Kanereply 24101/15/2014

Last night Jax said he fxxxed Tom's girlfriend twice. Once when Tom was asleep and another time at his apartment. The first time he got and gave oral and at his apartment the 2nd time, uncertain what took place. Stossi showed up at his birthday dinner at The Palm West Hollywood and said he had to confirm this in front of Tom and his girlfriend who has forgiven Tom for fxxxing the blonde Sur bartender from Villa Blanca after denying it.

They all go to Beso and Jax agreed to come to back up story for Stossi, even though she is through with him. Girlfriend denies they ever had sex although Jax told everyone including Lisa V. and has incriminating text message. Lisa told Jax - Your sticking your dick in everything has made it my business.

At the beach in Malibu, they are all there to have a day at the beach - Jax is there also. Tom had already been invited prior to night at Beso. He shows up and confronts Jax as to the truth. Jax has no guilt or remorse what so ever for fxxxing his best friend's girl. He shows Tom the incriminating text (which he deliberately saved) and Tom leaves.

Next week, season finale and fireworks expected to go off. Lisa said to Tom's girlfriend: " You would be doing me a favor to resign."

Question for Datalounge: Did all this really happen?

by Lana Kanereply 24201/28/2014

R242. It's okay to say "fuck."

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.


by Lana Kanereply 24301/28/2014

r243, I disagree. I was raised in the South where we still have manners.

by Lana Kanereply 24401/28/2014

This show is beating RHOBH in the ratings

by Lana Kanereply 24501/28/2014

Link to recap:

by Lana Kanereply 24601/28/2014


by Lana Kanereply 24701/28/2014

Oh please, R244. A proper Southern lady does not make any reference to sex, much less the f-word. Neither does she watch trashy television shows and gossip about them on gay forums like a common whore. You, missy, are nothing but an impostor and a brazen hussy.

by Lana Kanereply 24801/28/2014

GG says...

by Lana Kanereply 24901/28/2014

He's CLEARLY gay if GG's claiming to have 'had him'.

by Lana Kanereply 25001/28/2014


by Lana Kanereply 25101/28/2014

R251, they couldn't magnify that shit enough to get an adequate view of that girl's micropeen.

by Lana Kanereply 25201/28/2014

early Jax

by Lana Kanereply 25301/28/2014

Apparently all the T comes out next week. Stassi was on WWHL last night and people were asking when Stassi texted from Kristen's phone to Jaxk about it how Jax replied like he didn't know anything and Stassi said "I can't tell you now, you just have to watch next week but it all comes out, this whole mess comes out and it will blow your mind.."

Personally I love how Stassi can turn the whole fucking thing around to her - she finds out Kristen fucked Jax and rather than feel bad for Tom, or Arianna who Kristen has waged war on for Kissing Tom 2 years ago...she has everyone feel bad for her, because the guy who cheated on her and she broke up with fucked her bff ..again while she was broken up with him...Stassi only cares about Stassi.

by Lana Kanereply 25401/28/2014

Apparently Jax stinks. Yes it happened, R242.

by Lana Kanereply 25501/28/2014

Jax and Stassi are completely disgusting.

by Lana Kanereply 25601/28/2014

I know Tom's a cheater, but I felt so bad for him. He was obviously humiliated in front of ALL his friends (by Stassi), and every time he was confronted with the information, he looked like a deer in the headlights.

He probably has a huge ego to think that he could cheat on Kristen, but Kristen could NEVER cheat on him... but still. It was dirty of Jax and Kristen, and Tom looked like a wounded little puppy.

It also sucked that all of Sandoval's supposed "friends," sided with Jax, rather than with him. No wonder he wanted to move to Alaska or Hawaii with Kristen. I'd want to move away from those assholes, too.

Unfortunately, Tom and Kristen are the worst couple ever, and they need to break up. I have NO IDEA why they're together, and they just appeared on WWHL a few weeks ago, which is even more confounding. That relationship is TOXIC.

Jax is a loser. He should be "persona non grata" no matter where he goes, from now on. Anyone who is that cold and callous towards a best friend of ten years, and repeatedly cheat on his girlfriend, is most definitely a sociopath. People need to STEER CLEAR of "Jax" Taylor.

Careful, though. Like most sociopaths, his name will probably change by next year.

The show was awesome this season, but they need to change it up by adding some new staff members into the fold.

by Lana Kanereply 25701/29/2014

Are we still supposed to believe any of these queens are straight?

by Lana Kanereply 25801/29/2014

[quote] Question for Datalounge: Did all this really happen?

I'm guessing not. Everything about the whole show looked staged, from Stassi showing up at Jax's birthday, to the video edit of Kristen's acting, showing her having sex with another guy (how convenient), to the phony confrontation at the bar.

I think the whole show is a fake, but at least it's still entertaining.

by Lana Kanereply 25901/29/2014

Any more pics of Jax's penis? Im still on the fence about his hungness.

by Lana Kanereply 26001/29/2014

This show gives The Hills a run for its money in how utterly scripted it is. The idea that anyone would think it's real when the whole cast is actually comprised of admitted "actors" is ridiculous. If you believe Vanderpumper would allow all this shit to go down during actual business hours with actual customers, then you know the drill about buying a bridge.

by Lana Kanereply 26101/29/2014

Lisa Vanderpump or whatever the hell her name is looks like a drag queen.

by Lana Kanereply 26201/29/2014

How does Kristen think she will be able to "act" with a face like that?

Tom Sandoval looks like a 50 yr old lesbian.

by Lana Kanereply 26301/29/2014

How much cake makeup does Sandoval use in regular filming because the beach scenes were frightening?

by Lana Kanereply 26401/29/2014

What exactly does Vanderpump rule? It's more like Vanderslut fools

by Lana Kanereply 26501/29/2014

They are not actors...I have been to Sur, they all work there.

by Lana Kanereply 26601/29/2014

No one considers them to be actors, but their storylines and heterosexuality are completely scripted.

by Lana Kanereply 26701/29/2014

Jax may be a douche bag but he's hot as hell

by Lana Kanereply 26801/29/2014

Well you go ahead and fuck a douchbag, I'd rather not.

by Lana Kanereply 26901/29/2014

Interesting there is so much diversity of opinion here about Vanderpump group. They are gay, not gay, in relationships, faking for the camera, work there, just actors, etc.

by Lana Kanereply 27001/29/2014

I had never seen so many moronic assholes all gathered together in one workplace...the rats in that restaurant have more class.

by Lana Kanereply 27101/29/2014

r267, aren't most them actually "actors" by profession?

by Lana Kanereply 27201/30/2014

Tom and Kristen are actors, Schena wants to be a singer..the rest who knows but got to any restaurant in la and most of the wait staff are actors.

I have a friend who is a server at a high end place in Beverly Hills, he clears 100K a year and works probably 30 hours a week?? So it can pay the bills while you go out an audition during the daytime or you can make a good living at it.

by Lana Kanereply 27301/30/2014

So, I've only watched this show when they ambushed the end of season premier of RHOBH with a segue into VR. I think it began with Kristen snapping at Lisa and ultimately being sent home for the day over some stupid work thing. It kinda turned me off and I never tuned in again...

Until, the most recent episode that same bad attitude chick gets back-handed by a blonde chick and then a drink tipped over her. Lol! She did deserve it, right?

Also just wanted to add that her boyfriend Tom has crazy psycho eyes.

by Lana Kanereply 27401/30/2014

The only male worthy of being orally serviced and having his hole thoroughly worked over is Peter. Mmmm. Peter.

by Lana Kanereply 27501/30/2014

Jax fucks GG from Shahs.

I love how Jax is cross pollinating across Bravo reality shows.

Who's next? Jax blows a load in Lisa? Jiggy? Snowball?

This whole Jax fucks Kristen sets up Tom next year getting even by fucking Stassi.

by Lana Kanereply 27601/30/2014

would yall let Jax have sex with you?

by Lana Kanereply 27701/30/2014

you bet 277. but then, I'm a whore so jax would be just fine for me. andy cohen was quite interested in the sex and size when interviewing gg from shahs. I think he came a little during the chat.

by Lana Kanereply 27801/30/2014

Andy wants Jax so bad he can smell it.

by Lana Kanereply 27901/30/2014

"Andy wants Jax so bad he can smell it."

don't we all.

by Lana Kanereply 28001/30/2014

Actually no I am more for Peter..

by Lana Kanereply 28101/30/2014

Andy is a horn dog where Jax is concerned. I think Lisa thinks he is hot also.

by Lana Kanereply 28201/30/2014

Is Peter the Manager of SUR?

by Lana Kanereply 28301/30/2014

[quote] This whole Jax fucks Kristen sets up Tom next year getting even by fucking Stassi.

I'd rather that Sandoval get even with Katie, by fucking Schwartz.

It's shocking that Sandoval goes after Jax, especially knowing that Jax can "break him in half - like a boy." Looks like the only way Sandoval could get in a good hit is by a surprise attack. Then it's "lights out!" Haha

Tom and Tom would make such a cute couple.

by Lana Kanereply 28401/30/2014

I love this picture. Tom and Kristen would have beautiful kids, and as much of a slut as she is, I think that Kristen is the most naturally beautiful girl of the bunch.

by Lana Kanereply 28501/30/2014

On the show, Tom Schwartz said, "I kissed a boy, and I liked it."

I'll bet.

by Lana Kanereply 28601/30/2014

Kristen often looks like a she's a good match for Tom.

by Lana Kanereply 28701/30/2014

R287 = chinless Stossi

by Lana Kanereply 28801/30/2014

Are you serious, R285? He looks like Clea Duvall in drag and she has some kind of fetal alcohol thing going on in the facial area.

Worse than that, they don't have six brain cells between them.

by Lana Kanereply 28901/30/2014

Kristen is of course dumb as a box of rocks. On what planet do you demand your boss fire another employee because she kissed your boyfriend 2 years ago in Vegas. The same job, by the way, where you work with the guy you fucked while your boyfriend was sleeping in the next room.

by Lana Kanereply 29001/31/2014

[quote]Who's next? Jax blows a load in Lisa? Jiggy? Snowball?

I hear he fucks a watermelon on next week's episode of Top Chef.

by Lana Kanereply 29101/31/2014

r291, so he fucks Gail then?

by Lana Kanereply 29201/31/2014

Are there folks here who actually believe that the stuff that's going on in this show is real? Or is this like a soap discussion?

by Lana Kanereply 29301/31/2014

Explosive finale

by Lana Kanereply 29402/03/2014

[quote]Explosive finale

Stassi has diarrhea again?

by Lana Kanereply 29502/03/2014

Hate Jax and Stassi.

I hate then all but I hate Jax and Stassi most.

Could they change the cast? I can't watch these fuckers.

by Lana Kanereply 29602/03/2014

I find Jax so unattractive and Tom looks like the corpse of Brandon Lee.

by Lana Kanereply 29702/03/2014

Primetime's over! Anyho...

I've finally determined that this is a fictional "reality" show, like Joyce Giraud's Siberia. Now that I've reconciled this fact in my head, the show is somewhat watchable because it's fun to make fun of the horrible acting.

The surprisingly undeleted scenes (which the editors must've hoped no one would notice) of Kristen, Jax, and Tom giggling right before Lisa walks off stage so that the faux fight can begin was especially obvious. Fake punch, fake blood, fake tears, fake "perfect" timing for Lisa to leave. It's all a kitschy show.

It's bubble gum TV.

by Lana Kanereply 29802/03/2014

I want Peter's fat cock lodged firmly in me like a kielbasa sausage in its casing.

That man is ridiculously hot. He is the only reason I'd haul my ass to Sur. WOOF!

by Lana Kanereply 29902/03/2014

It is interesting how Peter gets the least amount of attention yet he has the best body and personality.

by Lana Kanereply 30002/04/2014

There is nothing attractive about greasy Kristin, she needs to bathe on a regular basis. Jax is hot but why he fucked her is beyond me. I agree witht he others that Peter is the sexy one of the group.. Would love to see some of those photos they took, minus the blurred bubbles.

by Lana Kanereply 30102/04/2014

Jax has NEVER fucked any of those girls. Did you see where Sandoval on WWHL almost let it slip about Jax being on when he lived in Miami?!

by Lana Kanereply 30202/04/2014

Jax is not hot. He is gross.

He looks like he is storing nuts in his cheeks.

Also, what was up with that open wound on his side during the photo shoot? Was it some kind of sore? And they let him in the pool??? I hope they dumped extra chlorine in that water.

by Lana Kanereply 30302/04/2014

[quote] Could they change the cast? I can't watch these fuckers.

First off, they need someone to challenge Stossi. Now that her group is broken up, she's no longer the queen bee.

There needs to be a younger, hotter, smarter girl to challenge her and topple her off her high horse. That would be fun to watch.

Then I would have Tom Sandoval come back next season with a boyfriend. He would make the perfect bottom for a rough top, since he likes being abused so much. How awesome would that be if Sandoval came out of the closet. Now THAT'S a show that I would watch.

Jax is just gross. He's basically a real pig, and I don't find him attractive in the least. It was funny seeing him on WWHL with his "mommy" next to him.

[quote] Fake punch, fake blood, fake tears, fake "perfect" timing for Lisa to leave. It's all a kitschy show.

That's the first thing that crossed my mind, watching the fight. It was SO staged.

The way everyone was sitting around waiting for it to happen.

Sandoval had AMPLE opportunities to punch Jax. At the bar where Stossi slapped Kristen, at the pool, at the restaurant when he first found out that Kristen cheated. I mean, why wait?

And are you telling me that Lisa was okay with her restaurant being trashed like that? That she wouldn't have fired Tom on the spot?

And are you telling me that Jax wouldn't fight back and kill Tom Sandoval, who has the body of a 12 year old boy?

Everything on this show happens like clock work. It's fun to watch, but fake as hell.

[quote] Did you see where Sandoval on WWHL almost let it slip about Jax being on when he lived in Miami?!

Yeah, wtf fuck was that call all about? It was slightly confrontational, but Sandoval also repeated basically everything he said on the show. "Are you sorry? I don't get it. Do you feel any remorse?" NO, TOM. He doesn't feel remorse. For the millionth time.

Is Tom Sandoval "special?" He is so pretty to look at, but he is as dumb as a box of rocks.

When people speak to him, his face looks like the words don't compute. Is that why he always has an angry face?

I think that he and Kristen share a co-dependent relationship because Tom is the only one who will put up with her whining and crying and bullshit, and Kristen will hold his hand and explain things to him. He really seems that dumb.

Even Jax seems smarter than Tom, and that is extremely sad!

That said, I would rim Sandoval from here to Tuesday. I love his handsome sculpted face, swimmer's build, and smooth body. Totally my type!

by Lana Kanereply 30402/04/2014

[quote]How awesome would that be if Sandoval came out of the closet.

Well he does look like a 50 yr old lesbian.

by Lana Kanereply 30502/04/2014

WTF was Arianna wearing at the engagement dinner?? It looked like a sports bra and some sort of gym pants. (Scheena obviously has the 'fat gene.' Just wait.)

by Lana Kanereply 30602/04/2014

[quote] Scheena obviously has the 'fat gene.' Just wait.

Well, considering that Shay's already there, it will work out quite nicely for them.

Doesn't matter, though. They both seem very happy, and I will never begrudge a couple in love.

When you compare Shay and Scheana to the rest of those sociopathic mental cases who work at Sur, I'd have to echo Scheana when she said she's "winning."

by Lana Kanereply 30702/04/2014

R304 has it right. And I agree with you Sandoval; he's the only reason I watch this clearly scripted nonsense.

Did anyone catch Jax saying that Tom and Kristin weren't really a couple and that they were really just roommates? In another scene, Jax tried to justify his fucking Kristin by reasoning that someone had to do it (since Tom wasn't) and that he was single at the time and needed it too.

by Lana Kanereply 30802/04/2014

Interesting photo.

by Lana Kanereply 30902/04/2014

If that finale proved anything, it's that this show is completely fake and all of those guys are gayer than Christmas.

Horrible editing/staging for the fight, given you saw them prep for it. Lisa walking away was hilarious. I mean come on. Anyone with a single brain cell could see that was fake.

Tom S. shirtless and hunched over. Holy. He has the stature of a 90 year old woman. He has to have some type of eating disorder.

Jax is fug. I don't get the appeal. Kristen is also fug, which is why I don't believe any of these guys are fucking her.

How long before Sheana and her bf are big old cows?

by Lana Kanereply 31002/04/2014

I still say they make a cute couple.

by Lana Kanereply 31102/04/2014

I almost fell outta my chair when Peter pulled off his undies. I know his thingy was blurred out, but I swear I could see that heavy beef roll flopping around, aching to be touched and worshipped.

Peter is scorching! Beautiful smile, beautiful legs and body. And a hefty cock. And he's single!

by Lana Kanereply 31202/04/2014

They've gone WAY too far with the 'Jax fucks every girl who moves' baloney. He's not that good looking, first of all, and he's SO gay that his face actually bakes cookies.

This really is the silliest reality show ever. Nest season I expect some to get super powers from radioactivity.

by Lana Kanereply 31302/04/2014

The funniest part of the episode was the argument before the party in which they both said it was over and Kristen walks out - immediate cut to Tom delicately flat-ironing his hair.

by Lana Kanereply 31402/04/2014

Kristen is incredibly ugly. The idea that guys would fight over her is hilarious.

by Lana Kanereply 31502/04/2014

Is it just me, or is Jeremy the Filipino busboy at Sur really cute? (far left)

by Lana Kanereply 31602/04/2014

Nothing like a grand professional photo shoot for waiters.

This show makes The Hills look like a PBS documentary.

by Lana Kanereply 31702/04/2014

Next season, Peter and the two Toms should go to work at Lisa's new gay club and have the show set there. Move Stassi to the Housewives and have her give the old broads a run for their money.

by Lana Kanereply 31802/04/2014

Was Jax on rentboy? How does this stuff not come out?

by Lana Kanereply 31902/04/2014

Does Tom have osteoporosis?

by Lana Kanereply 32002/04/2014

Yes,iIt is just you R316.

The only attractive person at SUR is Lisa. A natural beauty.

by Lana Kanereply 32102/04/2014

[quote]Jax is not hot. He is gross. He looks like he is storing nuts in his cheeks


by Lana Kanereply 32202/04/2014

Giggy is the cutest dog ever. He really seems to hate getting dressed up.

by Lana Kanereply 32302/04/2014

In a place as image conscious as LA, it's hard to imagine that any of these girls, even though they are trashy skanks, are all that anxious to get fucked by a bartender.

by Lana Kanereply 32402/04/2014

Who even says there will be a third season? Though it is beating RHOBH in the ratings.

by Lana Kanereply 32502/04/2014

Peter is hot. I think he will be the breakout star. Jax looks like a gay manwhore.

by Lana Kanereply 32602/04/2014

Vanderpump Rules will get a season 3, infract Stassi is getting her own spin off, she is moving to New York all new friends, all new Stassi drama!..will the new friends ruin her birthday too or will they think of her before acting??

Scheana is hoping for a bravo limited series for her wedding but I doubt that will go ..

Tom and bitch face are off the show - they are keeping Jax of course...and will bring in 3-4 new servers, bartenders. Next season look for a hot gay/bi storyline.

by Lana Kanereply 32702/05/2014

I'd rather slit my throat then watch Stassi.

I've only been watching recently because I think Tom will come out of the closet.

by Lana Kanereply 32802/05/2014

If there is even a glimmer of reality in Jax's behavior rather than full on scripted villain, then the man is a sociopath. Manipulative. Compulsive liar. Center of attention. No remorse. That said, I'd put two condom's on him and worship his over developed body.

I also love me some Peter the bar manager, and I think Guillermo, Lisa's hot Argentine daddy business partner, looked incredibly sexy in his swimsuit. Woof

by Lana Kanereply 32902/05/2014

Tom will be back next season. He is now dating Ariana.

by Lana Kanereply 33002/05/2014

Who approves spinoffs of this shit? Bravo is desperate.

by Lana Kanereply 33102/05/2014

Who watches this trash? It makes high end Beverly Hills restaurants look like dumps.

by Lana Kanereply 33202/05/2014

Has anyone here been to SUR? Seen any of the show's cast working as servers?

by Lana Kanereply 33302/05/2014

Yes, r333. I was there and caught Tom blowing Jax in the coat room.

by Lana Kanereply 33402/05/2014

A Bravo wedding for EC's whore?? ("But, he gave me EARRINGS!!")

by Lana Kanereply 33502/05/2014

earrings or no, EC is hot!!!

by Lana Kanereply 33602/05/2014

"and Tom looks like the corpse of Brandon Lee."

The most accurate statement ever made on DL.

by Lana Kanereply 33702/05/2014

Is Shay fit-fat or just fat?

by Lana Kanereply 33802/06/2014

Tom will not be back he was fired for hitting Jax. The show has a violence clause as well as jax could possibly sue Sur and Lisa/Ken since this was another employee at a work sponsored event.

He may be on the show but he won't be working at Sur.

I have been to Sur a few times, yes they work there. Stassi was my server once, seen Schena both times and Jax at the bar once.

by Lana Kanereply 33902/06/2014

Of course they work there. They're all actor/model wannabes. Of course they're waiting tables. Doesn't mean that any of this silliness is true. This is the phoniest soap on TV.

Don't assume Tom is gone. This is all fake. Stassi hit greasy hair girl and she's still there. The Tom storyline hasn't run its course.

by Lana Kanereply 34002/06/2014

Is Tom manorexic? I'm glad he got away from Jax, the sociopath.

by Lana Kanereply 34102/06/2014

Very sexy

by Lana Kanereply 34202/06/2014

Tom definitely has an eating disorder.

by Lana Kanereply 34302/06/2014

I always obsess over Peter as well. I like the fact that he likes to party and have fun, but he is responsible enough to be a manager at Sur and I can tell Lisa trusts him.

Peter is smart enough to avoid shitting where he eats, so to speak. Or at least dramatizing it..

He was super cute in the Pirate costume in Cabo, too.

I do like Stassi's style and think she could be a trendsetter with her clothing and accessories.

The drunken brunches they have on Sundays look like a lot of fun. I have fond memories of having "McJobs" where I could just get totally wasted during the day with no worries.

Someone please give us the details on Jax's Miami story. You could see how he tensed up when Tom called in with that teaser ...

Could that have been a carefully-placed promo for next season? Is Lisa that shrewd, since she was sitting right there?

by Lana Kanereply 34402/06/2014

Here r344

by Lana Kanereply 34502/06/2014

"Jax" was once "room mates" with Channing Tatum, huh? Those bi rumors about Tatum certainly seem to be true.

by Lana Kanereply 34602/09/2014

Tom getting all pissy about Kristen sleeping with his "friend" and "roommate" was hysterical.

by Lana Kanereply 34702/10/2014

It's all so fake, and they're not even trying to make any of it seem real.

And why is Bravo so homophobic? They have a bunch of these shows where queens are playing straight guys. Why couldn't Tom just be gay, and have them build a soap story around that??

by Lana Kanereply 34802/10/2014

Watching the reunion now. God, Andy's daddy beard is so sexy.

by Lana Kanereply 34902/10/2014

[quote] earrings or no, EC is hot!!!

Fucking fuck!! He looks like he's packing major sausage too! He's Cuban, so....

by Lana Kanereply 35002/11/2014

The amount of time they spend trying to intimate that Jax has slept with hundreds upon hundreds of women is downright laughable.

Love that Brandi called the show out on WWHL, saying it was the best scripted show on TV.

by Lana Kanereply 35102/11/2014

Lisa and Ken are laughing all the way to the bank...

by Lana Kanereply 35202/11/2014

If only Jill could have created a RHONY spinoff using Zarin Fabrics. The drama and sexcapades would have been endless.

by Lana Kanereply 35302/11/2014

Oh Honey she pitched it ...she had a list of 300 spin offs. All starring her.

by Lana Kanereply 35402/11/2014

Rumor has it Bravo is already developing more spinoffs just like this - first up is the hot and sexy cast of Victoria's top insurance company, starring Victoria as the uber-productive boss who moonlights as a fun-loving drunk.

by Lana Kanereply 35502/11/2014

Best scripted? Worse scripted, really.

by Lana Kanereply 35602/11/2014

I wonder how many times that reunion had to be edited because of one or more bursting out into laughter at the fake drama.

by Lana Kanereply 35702/11/2014

Tom is sooo earnest but I swear, nothing he says makes sense.

by Lana Kanereply 35802/11/2014

And we are STILL supposed to believe Jax and Tom are straight? The latter spoke more lovingly about the other Tom and his bandmate/busser than he ever did about Kristen.

by Lana Kanereply 35902/11/2014

Well, and WHY? They hire these gay guys to play straight guys, and Cohen gives them cover by being out. It's offensive. These two guys are clearly gay. Tom's face bakes cookies, and Cohen practically sat on Jax's face when he deepened his voice to say hello to him. They've clearly fucked. Why not incorporate gay characters into these shows? I get that their all 'actors', thus closeted, but why go along with that (and even prefer it)?

No one on Earth would believe these two guys are straight. The ghost of Helen Keller is laughing!

by Lana Kanereply 36002/11/2014

Stossi's wig looked terrible.

by Lana Kanereply 36102/11/2014

I love THIS...these losers are all available as professional speakers!! LOL!!

by Lana Kanereply 36202/11/2014

Young Peter Madrigal. I want to hit this SO hard!

by Lana Kanereply 36302/11/2014

How long before Bravo gives Stassi her own "Sex and the City" spinoff?

by Lana Kanereply 36402/14/2014

I like Andy with the beard. He looks more attractive.

by Lana Kanereply 36502/17/2014

r364 you are a bit late to the party - she is already getting one. She left sur moved to nyc and got a new BF who is a dj for Sirius. Look for Stassi in the city soon on Bravo.

by Lana Kanereply 36602/17/2014

That Tom is a raging queen. He gets into more bitch fights than a chick.

by Lana Kanereply 36702/18/2014

The talent is abound on this show. Please watch in awe.

by Lana Kanereply 36802/18/2014

I am PISSED that Peter wasn't on the finale. That man is so damned attractive that it puts the other slobs on the show to even greater shame. And he's the only one with a non-sociopathic personality.

And that body! When he peeled off his clothes for the nude photoshoot, his huge package required *lots* of pixelation.

Stupid Lisa puts the big fake cubic zirconias out front and keeps the perfect diamond hidden in the back! WTF?!

by Lana Kanereply 36902/18/2014

weird and bad acting on so many levels

by Lana Kanereply 37002/18/2014

r368 anymore auto tune on that and the microchips should get credit for singing.

by Lana Kanereply 37102/18/2014

I really think Kristen, Jax and Stassi are sociopaths...Jax kind of acts like a victim of abuse, whatever...he's not worth knowing.

by Lana Kanereply 37202/18/2014

Peter is better looking now.

by Lana Kanereply 37302/18/2014

Peter has a nice, hairy manhole...

by Lana Kanereply 37402/19/2014

Tom "dating" this new chick while practically crying over some twink who Kristen "fucked". Priceless.

by Lana Kanereply 37502/20/2014

Jax is playing the sociopath.

by Lana Kanereply 37602/20/2014

I think Tom was brokenhearted over losing his twink.

by Lana Kanereply 37702/20/2014

Damn, Peter looks delicious in R363's pic. Looks like fresh hole & instantly rock-hard cock. YUM!!

by Lana Kanereply 37802/20/2014

How are you getting all that from that pic?

by Lana Kanereply 37902/20/2014

Young fresh meat is always like that, R379.

by Lana Kanereply 38002/20/2014

Mmmm. Peter.

by Lana Kanereply 38102/20/2014

Obviously Peter is posting here.

by Lana Kanereply 38202/20/2014

Yeah, that's true most of the time.

by Lana Kanereply 38302/20/2014

That "secrets" special just highlighted how gay Tom S. really is. Wow.

by Lana Kanereply 38402/25/2014

Tom is super super GAY You can see his Gayness and anus from space

by Lana Kanereply 38502/25/2014

Did you ever notice that without her makeup, Kristen looks very much like a man?

by Lana Kanereply 38602/25/2014

Only without her makeup, R386?

Why did Andy shave his beard?

by Lana Kanereply 38702/26/2014

R385 made me laugh so fucking hard.

Anus from space...LMFAO

by Lana Kanereply 38802/26/2014

Tom applies his makeup and flat irons his hair as well as any chick. Brava!

by Lana Kanereply 38902/27/2014

I think I would rather have that hot silver fox Guillermo over Jax, Tom or any of the other young guys.

by Lana Kanereply 39002/27/2014

Isn't Jax like 35 or 36? He certainly looks it. Why do they act like he is some young stud? Everytime he tries to fake sleeping with "thousands" of women, it's cringe-worthy.

by Lana Kanereply 39102/27/2014

Ew does he really say he's slept with thousands of women?

Don't guys who say shit like that know we know they are lying, and that it makes them look pathetic?

It's so annoying how the show is trying to push him as this gorgeous ladies man. STOP. We who are not retarded can see through it.

by Lana Kanereply 39202/27/2014

Is Jax special needs? Watching him try to deliver those simple lines doing the fitness app, was painful.

by Lana Kanereply 39302/27/2014

r392, of course he says it. And Miss Andy "everything on these shows is absolutely real" Cohen is right there pushing it. It makes it even more painfully obvious that "Jax" is playing a role.

by Lana Kanereply 39402/27/2014

I think I would rather have that hot silver fox Guillermo over Jax, Tom or any of the other young guys.

by Lana Kanereply 39502/27/2014

Guillermo has a hairy, warm, moist, musky and inviting anus with a hint of oregano...

by Lana Kanereply 39602/27/2014

What is the deal with the Tom guy? He can't possibly be straight, can he?

And that supposed "stud" Jax is quite fug.

by Lana Kanereply 39711/11/2014

Boy, do I love Tom Sandoval.

While everyone else was lusting after Jax in season one, I thought that Tom Sandoval was the hottest - and he still is.

I love his metrosexuality, and his pretty daring style, considering that he actually is straight. And he has no problem flaunting his love of makeup and jewelry, in front of his girlfriend!

And I have to say that whenever he's on camera, he always looks FLAWLESS. The guy is so well put together, and I love that about him.

I've always had a thing for skinny, androgynous, pale, dark-haired guys, and Tom Sandoval is my dream come true. He would be my ideal guy. And that little space between his teeth adds just the right amount of "imperfection" to his otherwise perfection.

His eyes are so captivating...

by Lana Kanereply 39811/11/2014

Sandoval and Schwartz would make such a beautiful couple!

Although Tom and Arianna are cute, too.

by Lana Kanereply 39911/11/2014

There is something methy about Tom which is a turn off. I am also pretty sure I saw him shaving his forehead in a preview? WTF?

Jax..what is happening to his face? It could be the facial hair but his jaw is reaching Bethenny proportions. He has definitely hit the wall.

Stassi, does she know her name is the nickname for the E.German secret police? I kind of doubt it.

by Lana Kanereply 40011/11/2014

Vapid and shallow, thy name is Vanderpump Rules.

by Lana Kanereply 40111/11/2014

[quote] Vapid and shallow, thy name is Vanderpump Rules.

Wait until her new gay WEHO bar "Pump" enters the picture.

It'll take shallow to a whole new level.

I'm wondering if PUMP employees will get their own show, or just be part of Vanderpump rules?

It almost looked like Lisa's interviewing new employees, doubled as a casting call.

by Lana Kanereply 40211/11/2014

Sandoval looks like Skeletor. I don't get any attraction there. The hottest one is the bartender who is smart enough not to be a regular in the fake shit.

by Lana Kanereply 40311/11/2014

Sheena(sp?) looks like a grownup pageant girl gone wrong. And what is with them trying to make her fat husband "happen"?

by Lana Kanereply 40411/11/2014

Kristen neds to be fired . Nothing likeable about her.

by Lana Kanereply 40511/11/2014

r405? Likeable? Please, even Ghandi and Mother Teresa would take a look at the whole bunch of them and then go: Eeeew, kill them. Kill them with fire!

by Lana Kanereply 40611/11/2014

Crank up the volume and listen to this sick beat!!

by Lana Kanereply 40711/11/2014

Looks like Jax is now hawking shoes

by Lana Kanereply 40811/11/2014

Scheena has attempted to steal Stassi's bitchy persona to be the Queen Bee; that's why she's p*ssed off about Stassi's being back.

Scheena has cankles; another reason she's p*ssed off.

by Lana Kanereply 40911/11/2014

Jax is 35 and still bartending...loser.

by Lana Kanereply 41011/14/2014

[quote] Kristen neds to be fired . Nothing likeable about her.

Kristen Doate was trending in the top 10 searches on Yahoo on Tuesday.

I find that incredibly scary.

Tom Sandoval looks sexy all bruised and beaten.

by Lana Kanereply 41111/14/2014


by Lana Kanereply 41211/14/2014

I have a friend in Weho who swears to god he had been fucked by Jax..met him off face pic just dick and body. Says he is pretty well hung and thick and fucks like a freight train. He did not let on he recognized him but kept asking where he worked and he said he modeled sometime and was moving to vegas.

by Lana Kanereply 41311/14/2014

That's not at all surprising, R413.

Jax is rumored to have been the bf of some high profile celebrity, and the gay rumors have swirled around him since he started on the show.

So your friend is probably telling the truth.

by Lana Kanereply 41411/14/2014

[413] I wouldn't say he's like a freight train, but put more like a Prius.

by Lana Kanereply 41511/14/2014


by Lana Kanereply 41611/14/2014

Jax seems like one of those guys who would fuck anything if he was horny. Truth is, the guy is an ass who is out for no one but himself - and at the end of the day, if he wanted to fuck me, I would let him even while I was telling myself what a loser I was being for letting it happen. There is something about him that hits all my right nasty buttons.

by Lana Kanereply 41711/14/2014

It doesn't look like Pump is going to be exclusively gay. What say you Weho queens?

by Lana Kanereply 41811/20/2014

Seems to me that Tom is the gay one. I don't know how he get's it up for those plain girls but he seems too. What's his deal? Why does he feel the need to live a straight life?

by Lana Kanereply 41911/22/2014

OP and his anti-VP cronies, you all sound utterly ridiculous. What reality TV shows are/were actually classy besides Rob and Big?

I remember when they were first advertising the show. I thought it would be terrible like some sort of OC knock-off. But, since they was clever enough to have RHOBH trail into the first episode of VP, I watched it anyway.

It was hilarious. It’s like a camp version of the Hills (which I didn’t actually watch). Unfortunately, I haven't yet watched beyond the first season.

by Lana Kanereply 42011/22/2014

[quote] Why not produce a show with a bunch of hot guys--all gay--swapping each other and air it on Bravo. Give your loyal viewers what they want, and then we'll talk.

Yeah, because the A-List was the shit, right? Real riveting TV that was. And, none of those guys were exactly hot, anyway. The NY ones all looked just as plastic as most of the Housewives, even though they had to be at least 20 years younger. No, thanks. And, that even goes for all the young ones on Dallas, too. (Ironically, I imagine that most of the male customers of PUMP will all look like A-listers themselves.)

At least, all the main cast men on VP are good looking.

Besides, Bravo already has enough clownish gays on their reality shows. Don’t encourage them to find more.

by Lana Kanereply 42111/22/2014

I don't get what anyone sees in these men except Peter.

by Lana Kanereply 42211/22/2014

Yep. Peter isn't totally my type but he's much more appealing than any of the other guys.

by Lana Kanereply 42311/22/2014

I would explore Peter's anus

by Lana Kanereply 42411/22/2014

Agreed. Jax is fug. And Tom is not appealing in the least.

by Lana Kanereply 42511/22/2014

Tom Schwartz can look very handsome sometimes. He has great hair

by Lana Kanereply 42611/23/2014

I was talking about the other Tom, and I still don't believe any of them are straight.

by Lana Kanereply 42711/23/2014

[quote] I don't get what anyone sees in these men except Peter.

Peter's gross. He's a whiny bitch.

He told on the guys about the fight at Mixology, which is why Tom, Kristen and James got disciplined.

They shouldn't tell Peter anything, because he's a rat.

And that stupid long pirate hair is ugly as shit. Cut you fucking hair, Peter!

[quote] Tom Schwartz can look very handsome sometimes. He has great hair

They ALL have great hair! Do they get styled before filming? I swear, all of their hair is perfection.

Tom Sandoval and James have the best hair.

Does anyone know what type of hair product makes your hair look the way theirs does?

I love the styling on all of the guys.

Stassi is a fucking negative bitch. Why is she even on the show?

Her rantings were funny before, but now she's just all negative, all the time.

And she dresses like a 40 year old business woman now. Get rid of her.

I think Schwartz and Sandoval would make the hottest couple ever.

However, cute little British twink James is the hottest of all.

He's cocky, cute, and smart all at the same time. His 22 year old ass is the definition of a twink.

I would so hit that.

by Lana Kanereply 42811/25/2014

r428, they always make a point of saying how long it takes Tom S. to do his hair and makeup

by Lana Kanereply 42911/25/2014

Tom S has a nice anus

by Lana Kanereply 43011/26/2014

The thread on the latest season of RHOBH was deleted. Wtf. There was nothing even remotely offensive on that thread.

by Lana Kanereply 43111/26/2014

I was expecting Jax to start hitting on the doctor, while he was under anesthesia, but he actually hit on the female nurse! I guess he's straight, after all. That stuff is like truth serum.

I have to wonder about Schwartz, though. He's such a major pussy, and follows Jax around like his wife. He even drives him to the doctor, makes food for him, answers his door, and picks up his meds from the doctor. He does more for Jax than he does for Katie!

I loved Lisa's comment about those two. Something like, "I don't know about these American men. One gets a nose job out of sheer vanity, the other runs away from his job because of a panic attack, and they both have eyebrows like Greta Garbo." She nailed it!

James the busboy is a super cute twink, but something tells me that as he gets older, the features that make him look cute now are going to make him look weird later. Just a guess.

Why is Stassi even on the show? She's not even remotely interesting, and doesn't even work at Sur anymore.

by Lana Kanereply 43211/29/2014

Well, I think Stassi is on the show this season because the prior two heavily revolved around her - she was arguably, the 'star' of the show, or quite often, the center around which many of the stories generated or revolved. I think this season, having her on was a bit of insurance as they were probably afraid with her leaving, the audience would go too. So, they brought her back - in a diminished role, 'just in case'. But I think they are probably finding that the rest of the crew is bringing enough drama (with Scheana clearly thinking that she's the new star), that they won't need her next season - she really is just a little seasoning added on now, she isn't the main dish anymore.

by Lana Kanereply 43311/29/2014

Stassi is getting her own show - she was going to get one in NYC but her BF had to move back to LA.

by Lana Kanereply 43411/29/2014

Those two queening out over the doctor's good looks was priceless.

by Lana Kanereply 43512/01/2014

Jax has puffy alcoholic face in the latest episode. Not hot.

by Lana Kanereply 43612/02/2014

Jax was always fug.

by Lana Kanereply 43712/02/2014

Tom Sandoval is bulking up! He used to be so scrawny, and now he has a huge chest and arms. The guy is so fucking hot.

The doctor should take Tom and Jax's fawning as a huge compliment, because those are two very good looking guys themselves.

I'm so over Stassi. She thinks she's so witty and intelligent, but she's a huge bore. I can't imagine an entire show revolving around her. It'll probably get a six episode run, like the Manzo crapfest.

Man, these people really live a charmed life. They're beautiful, they live in constant sunshine, they have perfect bodies, they relax at the pool during the day, work at one of the hottest places in LA, and attend cool social events at the trendiest places in Hollywood.

And best of all, they're getting paid big bucks to film themselves doing it.

Nice work if you can get it.

by Lana Kanereply 43812/02/2014

They are not getting paid al that much...this is bravo. They are not smart enough to negotiate big salaries. If it does as well as it has been doing this year some of them like jax, Schena and Stassi might try.

by Lana Kanereply 43912/02/2014

That little twink James is such a little punk.

I can't believe that he actually said on camera, that Kristen said he's much better at sex, and that he has a bigger dick than Tom Sandoval.

I don't doubt it, but still... so tacky to do that on camera.

by Lana Kanereply 44012/02/2014

it is not hard to have a bigger dick than a clit.

by Lana Kanereply 44112/02/2014

[quote] They are not getting paid al that much...this is bravo. They are not smart enough to negotiate big salaries.

I guarantee they're making tens of thousands for doing this show.

And considering that they were all waiters, waitresses, hostesses, and bartenders working for minimum wage and tips, I promise you that they're EXTREMELY happy with whatever they're making.

Even Jax was able to move into a decent apartment, after being nearly homeless and couch surfing in season one.

Now they have money AND fame, and can possibly parlay it into some acting or music gig, which is what they all were looking for in the first place.

These people are wanting for nothing. Trust.

by Lana Kanereply 44212/02/2014

r438, thanks for the laugh.

by Lana Kanereply 44312/02/2014

Are you kidding? They are peons in the reality game. If you think the housewives are desperate, can you imagine these people?

And anyone who says is Jax is a very good looking man needs his or her eyes checked.

by Lana Kanereply 44412/02/2014

[quote] Are you kidding? They are peons in the reality game.

I just had to prove you wrong.

According to this article, the cast is making 30,000 dollars per episode. PER EPISODE.

None of them were even making 30,000 dollars in one year.

You sound like a smug snob.

These people are all under 35 years old, and are now probably raking in six figures in a year. And you're knocking them for it? You're a fucking idiot.

They may not be the biggest reality stars, but they are making very decent money, and are having the time of their lives doing it.

Clearly, you're a jealous idiot.

by Lana Kanereply 44512/02/2014

I would like to see hard facts on those numbers, because I just don't believe it. That figure would put them at housewives level for a season.

by Lana Kanereply 44612/02/2014

[quote] That figure would put them at housewives level for a season.

Um, considering that Vanderpump Rules ratings have beaten RH of Beverly Hills ratings for the past two seasons, I'd say that makes you a collossal contrarian idiot.

What part of RATINGS don't you understand? Fucktard.

by Lana Kanereply 44712/02/2014

Look at the ratings for the most recent episode. This show will be over before r447 gets done typing the next diatribe.

by Lana Kanereply 44812/02/2014

Their apartments are still kind of shitty though. Hopefully they are saving their money because Jax has hot the wall, Tom Sandoval has rough skin and no future in modeling and Tom Schwartz is a clueless moron. Peter is still hot.

by Lana Kanereply 44912/02/2014

[quote] Look at the ratings for the most recent episode. This show will be over before R447 gets done typing the next diatribe.

Why are you being such a hater? Do you have some sort of vested interest in these peoples' lives?

Ratings for season 3 are down, but salary is commensurate with the previous season's ratings, which is why they are getting paid well right now.

What the fuck does it matter to you? Were you kicked off the show? Are you a background character, jealous of the main characters? I don't get why you are making such a big stink about the cast salaries.

The fact remains that they are making six-figure salaries for season three, and they are high on life.

And all of your vitriol will never take that away from them or their banks accounts.


by Lana Kanereply 45012/02/2014

They fixed Jax's septum, but he still sounds like he's got a wad of phlegm backed up.

by Lana Kanereply 45112/02/2014

This HuffPost image story looks like Jax.

by Lana Kanereply 45212/10/2014

These people are all over 30 and acting like they are on The Hills. And I maintain that none of these guys are straight. They are all more whiny, bitchy, and feminine then any of the women.

by Lana Kanereply 45312/10/2014

I think the Schwartz is pretty hot even though he is a total pussy. I like Jax's midwest accent, it's cute.

by Lana Kanereply 45412/10/2014

Jax is a 35 yr. old teenager.

by Lana Kanereply 45512/10/2014

James does not wipe well

by Lana Kanereply 45612/10/2014

Tell me about it, r456.

by Lana Kanereply 45712/10/2014

That's a pretty random post, 456.

Jealous much, JAX?

James is the hottest and cutest guy on the show. Oh, and he's 22, versus your THIRTY FIVE.

He has you beat.. all the way around.

Cheekbones, body, and hair to die for.

by Lana Kanereply 45812/10/2014

James is a hot, young beauty.

All the old trolls on VPR (aka Jax, Tom, and Tom) are just jealous.

22 versus 30+ = no contest. 22 wins.

by Lana Kanereply 45912/10/2014

Sheena's bear husband looks like the exact type that would fuck around with guys on the side.

by Lana Kanereply 46012/10/2014


Some information on how much the cast makes.

That's ridiculous, considering how popular the show is, especially with the very coveted younger demographic.

I don't blame them for demanding more money.

The Beverly Hills housewives get paid way more money, and yet their show sucks.

by Lana Kanereply 46112/11/2014

Another article, talking about how the stars of VPR are paid low wages on purpose, to keep them in the "working class" income range. Bravo is so cheap!

"Vanderpump Rules Cast Is Paid Pennies; But Is Bravo Doing It Intentionally?"

The cast of Vanderpump Rules causes major drama and brings big ratings for Bravo, but they are apparently NOT paid accordingly!

According to insiders the cast made a measly $5,000 for the entire first season, but when it turned out to be an unexpected ratings hit for the network, Bravo upped their salaries – but not nearly on a level with say, Real Housewives.

The cast then pulled in $3,000 per episode for season 2, which nabbed higher ratings than Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, and renegotiated again now make $5,000 per episode for the third season, which is still boasting high ratings. That’s quite a contrast between what Housewives make, which is in the hundreds-of-thousands per season, although they’re supposed to be already rich…

Speaking of which, of course, Lisa Vanderpump isn’t being paid such a pittance – as one of the creators of the show, plus an executive producer, as well as being a star she earns far more than the rest of cast – with added bonuses!

Money isn’t the only thing the cast is looking for – they’re also tired of flying coach on promotional trips and want to be bumped to first class on Bravo’s dime, ala many of the network’s other stars.

Unfortunately Bravo denied their request. The reason? According to TMZ the network wants to keep the stars authentically working class and don’t want them getting too big for their bartender and server britches. Apparently they want them to stay connected to SUR and keep bringing the crazy drama.

That’s probably also the motivation for paying them so poorly, they won’t quit the restaurant and therefore leave the show. Unless of course they’re Stassi Schroeder who tried to leave thinking she was all grown up and ish and then couldn’t find a job so she came crawling back. Such is the life! Such. Is. The. Life.

by Lana Kanereply 46212/11/2014

I love this show. Hot, dumb guys that know how to make drinks. The boys are all better-looking than the girls, except for Scheana (sp?). She and fatso are equals. The girls are smarter than the boys, but that is not saying much.

by Lana Kanereply 46312/11/2014

They need to unite as a cast - and just refuse to film. Let them suddenly filk 7 or 8 new people see how invested we are in them? The show gets better ratings than most RH franchises except atlanta.

by Lana Kanereply 46412/11/2014

Where is that nut who claimed they were all making $30,000 an episode? ROTFL. Again, these people are bottom of the barrel reality folk. And the show does not do THAT great in the ratings.

Unite as a cast to demand more money? Are you people serious?

by Lana Kanereply 46512/12/2014

Alright, let's ground things for a minute. We have teachers and police and firemen who make little compared to actors. And actors make HUGE amounts of money which is ridiculous when you think about that payment for playing pretend on screen. Although this is supposed to be reality, at best these guys are great at improvising - and we are saying they aren't paid enough at $5K an episode? They only do the show for a few months out of the year, they have other jobs (or should), their 'celebrity' surely benefits them in other ways (talk shows, magazine articles, etc.).

I think $5K an episode is pretty good. It's more grounded in reality than anything about the reality genre on tv.

by Lana Kanereply 46612/12/2014


by Lana Kanereply 46712/12/2014

tom s. couldn't stop looking at that doctor, then when the doctor was exiting the room, tom s. tried to lock eyes as he was shaking his hand. i know that look.

by Lana Kanereply 46812/13/2014

Who was that doctor?

by Lana Kanereply 46912/13/2014

[quote] I think $5K an episode is pretty good. It's more grounded in reality than anything about the reality genre on tv.

I agree with you, but you have to put their salaries in context.

The VPR cast is bringing in some very decent ratings, compared to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and OC, and Miami, etc.

Yet, the Housewives are making hundreds of thousands per season, and the VPR cast is making jack shit, comparatively.

As with most people in the television industry, all they're asking for is PARITY with other actors (and reality actors) in their field. It's not unreasonable.

I think they should sue Bravo TV for more money.

The cast of "Friends" held out for much larger salaries, and they got it. The kids from VPR should do the same. Then Bravo will be forced to put up, or shut up.

Pay them more money, or lose the show. It's that simple. And they deserve it.

by Lana Kanereply 47012/14/2014

"However, cute little British twink James is the hottest of all.

He's cocky, cute, and smart all at the same time. His 22 year old ass is the definition of a twink."

Shows where your taste is, right in your ass, the guy is fucking ugly.

by Lana Kanereply 47112/14/2014

Agree with 471. James has some weird dead eyes that--along with his asshole personality--unattractive.

by Lana Kanereply 47212/18/2014

"Is Lisa Vanderpump Annoyed With Ungrateful Stassi Schroeder? Vanderpump Rules Cast Denies Low Salary!"

After all Lisa Vanderpump has done for ungrateful little wench Stassi Schroeder, she is furious that the former waitress turned wannabe grownup is insulting both her and SUR!

I don’t know why Lisa is surprised that Stassi is a self-righteous, egotistical, entitled brat – she’s been like that from her first minutes on Vanderpump Rules, but this season as Stassi has no storyline and is basically just roaming around the streets of LA interjecting into matters of SURver’s hearts for camera time, and Stassi is still complaining! Well, in fairness she doesn’t really have much else to do… except for that invisible boyfriend!

Lisa recently commented on Stassi having a hard time accepting that she’s no longer relevant at SUR. “I think Stassi’s attidue is slightly ridiculous. I mean she comes in here now like Grace Kelly,” she said in her vlog. “Just a year ago, these were her best friends. She was the leader of this pack and suddenly not one of them is good enough for her?”

“But I don’t think Stassi’s quite ready to let that position go,” Lisa added. “Even though she doesn’t work there, she still wants to make her presence felt.”

Responding, Stassi called Lisa an “old woman” who needs to get over herself! “I still love SUR. I love going into SUR. I still have so many friends there that just aren’t on the show. I grew up there a little bit,” Stassi snapped.

She admitted that she and Lisa aren’t really getting along that well as a result of all the complaints and negative comments Stassi made when Lisa hired her as her stylist on the show. ” [Lisa], like, doesn’t like me. I don’t understand what her problem is,” Stassi complained on a Sirius Radio interview. “[She's] like an old woman, why does [she] care what I’m doing?” Ummm… maybe because you’re doing it at her restaurant?!

According to sources Lisa heard the interview and is pissed! “Lisa feels that Stassi has no loyalty what so ever. She’s provided all these wonderful opportunities for her and doesn’t get a thank you,” a source tells PerezHilton.

Even worse, it’s not just Lisa who feels Stassi needs to move on. “The entire cast dreads filming with her and on many occasions have refused to film with her.” I guess Stassi can kiss that spinoff goodbye! And I guess Stassi got SURved!

Moving on, a recent report claimed Bravo was paying the cast of VPR “peanuts” to keep them working class and trashy enough so the show didn’t lose it’s luster. Judging by the apartments and fashions we’ve seen on the show, I’d believe they’re paid very little, but Scheana Marie Almost Famous and Lisa both dismissed the alleged $5,000 per episode claim as untrue.

by Lana Kanereply 47312/20/2014

R468, the doctor was the one who performed Jax's nose job. And I, too, noticed how Tom couldn't take his eyes off the handsome doctor. Also, as soon as the doctor left the room, Tom & Jax started talking about what a good looking guy he was & how much he must be getting laid.

by Lana Kanereply 47412/20/2014

And R474 while declaring their vigorous heterosexuality.

by Lana Kanereply 47512/20/2014

[quote] And I, too, noticed how Tom couldn't take his eyes off the handsome doctor. Also, as soon as the doctor left the room, Tom & Jax started talking about what a good looking guy he was & how much he must be getting laid.

I would pay to see the good doctor fuck the hair products out of Tom Sandoval.

That would be SO fucking hot!!!

by Lana Kanereply 47612/20/2014

Did anyone see the preview for the bitchfight between Tom S. and James? How can there be anyone who doesn't think these two queens were fucking?

by Lana Kanereply 47712/22/2014

LOL, I love James so much. He is such a little brat! And you know he just loves to taunt Tom Sandoval.

The funny thing is that I don't think Tom will pick another fight with James, because in the last fight he got BEAT DOWN by tiny little James, and he even admitted it on camera! Haha

Tom was black and blue all over, and James barely had a scratch.

I don't care what the rest of you say, James is good tv.

I'm surprised that he's fighting with Tom INSIDE Sur, after Lisa warned him (and Kristen) that there won't be a "next time" for either of them. Luckily for them, Tom S. seems to keep his cool and walk away.

I love that scene between Tom and James in the upcoming episode:

Tom: You're irritating!

James: Everything about YOU is irritating. The way you do your hair irritates me!

Haha... what a couple of little bitches.

by Lana Kanereply 47812/22/2014

Why is Jax's face so fat? Is he related to Tiffani-Amber Theisen?

by Lana Kanereply 47912/22/2014

Tom commented that Jax is on supplements and that's why he looks like shit.

by Lana Kanereply 48012/22/2014

I find it hilarious that that ugly, Chelsea Clinton looking contestant thinks she's fucking FINE as hell. What a delusional cunt that one is. Dogface.

by Lana Kanereply 48112/22/2014

Don't talk about Lisa like that, R481. Respect your elders.

by Lana Kanereply 48212/22/2014

Stassi was right. No real men act like this, especially men over 30.

by Lana Kanereply 48312/22/2014

I was driving down Sunset Blvd and Jax was all of that street on ads of him wearing some sunglass brand.

by Lana Kanereply 48412/22/2014

Most of these people are fug. It's hysterical that a supposed "hot, sexy" show is full of generic and odd-looking people.

The only legitimately hot one is the new girl who was on Y&R.

by Lana Kanereply 48512/23/2014

Lol. Realitytea is not a reliable source by any stretch. The cast has negotiated much higher salaries. They are all around 30,000 per ep. They have some of the highest ratings on Bravo. Ratings speak. Period. Even if they were making 5 G per, they would not be "authentically working class," they'd be making substantially more than the median in LA.

by Lana Kanereply 48612/23/2014

r486, stop your bs. None of them are making anywhere near 30 grand an episode. You sound like a fool.

by Lana Kanereply 48712/23/2014

Gay Tom's hair products alone cost 30K.

by Lana Kanereply 48812/23/2014

You have no idea what you're talking about r487. Stop embarrassing yourself.

by Lana Kanereply 48912/23/2014

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? It just craves attention. You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Lana Kanereply 49012/23/2014

Tom would be attractive if he knew how to dress and groom himself. He looks like a plucked chicken.

by Lana Kanereply 49112/23/2014

Sandoval's hairstyle is silly. I think Schwartz is gay.

by Lana Kanereply 49212/23/2014

They are ALL gay, and what's more, they all act like women.

by Lana Kanereply 49312/24/2014

[quote]The cast has negotiated much higher salaries. They are all around 30,000 per ep.

The Real Housewives are at $75,000 to $100,000 per SEASON and this group is at $30,000 per episode???

by Lana Kanereply 49412/24/2014

So is R452 Jax or not?

by Lana Kanereply 49512/24/2014

Schwartz is such a pussy but I want to hold and comfort him. Jax is gross, 35 years old and carrying on like a teenager. It will not end well for him. Do you think Tom S had a cock ring on during the tanning session? He looked like he had a chubby.

Stassi is such an awful bitch but some of the shit she was saying about Scheena was funny and true.

by Lana Kanereply 49601/05/2015

Any idiot who thinks Jax, et al make $30K an episode? Bitch, please.

But get Jax and the 2 Toms to do what they actually want: a fuck and suck rest with each other, and I'll gladly pay a premium to see it.

by Lana Kanereply 49701/05/2015

[quote] I think Schwartz is gay.

Me too. He just won't leave Jax's side, no matter how bad Jax treats him.

And he drove Jax to his nosejob, then back home, then called the doctor's office for him, then picked up his medication... just like a dutiful girlfriend.

Yet he won't have sex with his own girlfriend, which is what they both admitted to the therapist.

How can Schwartz not see that he's clearly gay and in love with Jax, not Katie?

by Lana Kanereply 49801/05/2015

"Just like old times... minus the penetration"?

Really, Schwartz?

by Lana Kanereply 49901/05/2015

Jax if fug as shit. And acts likes he's 22. Bleh

by Lana Kanereply 50001/05/2015

I occasionally watch this just to watch the guys on this show act like bitches. The guy with the ponytail that hangs with Jax is hot. Is that his brother? they look alike. Jax is getting that daddy fat but he's still sexy.

by Lana Kanereply 50101/05/2015

Looks like the Jax is gay rumors come up next week.

by Lana Kanereply 50201/05/2015

Next week...they will reveal Jax's deep dark gay past

by Lana Kanereply 50301/05/2015

Jax seems to have a bit of a sexual addiction problem. I wouldn't be surprised if he's slept with everything.

by Lana Kanereply 50401/06/2015

James is funny and fresh. I like how he sat there and texted away while the bitch boys were having their latest 'tiff'.

by Lana Kanereply 50501/06/2015

I think Schwartz is very cute, very damaged

by Lana Kanereply 50601/06/2015

Peter with the ponytail was ironing his hair in the last episode. I used to think he was uber hot. There was also a brief clip of him at the club in SD where he suddenly did a vicious air guitar + hair/head flip. I nearly dropped my drink. My boner for Peter was immediately laid to rest.

by Lana Kanereply 50701/06/2015

This was a fun episode. It really highlights the fact that Stassi is a dark cloud hanging over the group, and everybody has more fun without her toxicity. Once she burns her bridge to Lisa, I hope she's off the show. I hate her with a passion!

Everybody looked like they were having a blast at the beach party. I love how they said that lightning is going to strike Jax, as "karma" for his behavior. Haha.

[quote] James is funny and fresh. I like how he sat there and texted away while the bitch boys were having their latest 'tiff'.

Oh my, James cracks me up so much. He is so amusing to watch, because he's such a little punk.

I'm always watching him, moreso when he's in the background, because when the others are bickering and fighting, he's either laughing or making funny faces.

He really enjoys all of the drama on the show, and even though he's ON the show, he seems to be both a participant AND a viewer. It's so weird watching his reactions to the other people. He's hilarious.

Scheana is so much more gracious than Stassi.

When Stassi has a party, she expects everyone to kiss her ass and make her the queen.

Scheana, on the other hand, was thanking everyone REPEATEDLY for coming to the party, and she really brought everyone together, as opposed to tearing them apart like Stassi did.

Man, that Vail is such a messy drunk. It is indeed odd that someone in "recovery" from her coke addiction, is getting wasted on booze.

Watching her slurring her words and talking to herself at the table was funny. Then she was totally hitting on Jax, but blacked out the next morning, about what went on.

She's a mess, but a really good addition to the show.

And finally, Jax coming out as bisexual would just BLOW this show apart.

It would be so damned interesting to see this so-called womanizer, come out as BI. Peoples' heads would explode.

He's obviously bisexual. Just based on the previews for the next episode, he has definitely been with a guy before.

The guy is a real mental case. He's a total sociopath, and it's pretty clear that he is not capable of changing, despite the sessions with his therapist.

I think that coming out as a total fraud and liar was slightly liberating for him. Next, coming out as bisexual would create a solid fourth season.

by Lana Kanereply 50801/06/2015

Is there anyone who believes any of these "couples" are actually having sex?

by Lana Kanereply 50901/06/2015

[quote]Scheana, on the other hand, was thanking everyone REPEATEDLY for coming to the party, and she really brought everyone together, as opposed to tearing them apart like Stassi did.

You mean the all expenses paid FREE trip to Miami that the producers arranged?

If they had to pay for it, nobody would have gone.

by Lana Kanereply 51001/06/2015

Any screencaps of Jax's ass from the last episode?

by Lana Kanereply 51101/06/2015

Did anyone else think it was an interesting (and possibly subliminal)choice of words for Tom Sandoval to use when describing Jax. Something to the effect of "As a child you learn that if you eat too much fudge, you will get sick. Jax needs to learn not too eat too much fudge".

And wtf is Jax always sweating? Drugs?

by Lana Kanereply 51201/06/2015

Dear Lord in Heaven!

by Lana Kanereply 51301/06/2015

Why is Stassi even still on the show? She's not friends with any of them and she doesn't work there. She may criticize them for still working at SUR, but she's the one still hanging around a restaurant that she doesn't work at to criticize people she says she's not friends with.

by Lana Kanereply 51401/06/2015

Yeah and at least they have jobs. Stassi needs to work for her next and hopefully larger chin implant.

I get the friend vibe from Tom S. and Ariana, and Schwartz and Katie. Don't you? Why would any woman want to date a man more high maintenance than themselves?

by Lana Kanereply 51501/06/2015

I loved how the two Toms woke up all over each other and didn't seem fazed. These two have done the deed before.

by Lana Kanereply 51601/06/2015

I thought it was common knowledge that Jax is gay.

by Lana Kanereply 51701/06/2015

Jax is most definitely family. Hiding in plain sight.

by Lana Kanereply 51801/06/2015

Didn't Jax have a picture out there with some older boyfriend at a fashion show? Or was that scrubbed from the interwebs?

by Lana Kanereply 51901/06/2015

There is nothing attractive or amusing about that weasel James. He's just as bad as his horrible girlfriend. Two ugly people.

by Lana Kanereply 52001/06/2015

If Jax is total homo he certainly fucks a lot of woman. He is a total mess and I will bet that dude who in the next episode was a sugar daddy, cuz he is uuugly. Jax strikes me as a gay for pay model, meaning total Bi.

by Lana Kanereply 52101/06/2015

Has anyone here ever seen Jax fuck a woman? Well?

by Lana Kanereply 52201/06/2015

They really were ramping up the Jax homo tease this last episode, weren't they? From Schwartz spooning Jax, to Jax pressing his naked ass onto the glass shower door, to Jax play-fellating the penis party favors. Very blatant wink-wink-winking.

by Lana Kanereply 52301/06/2015

I know what you boys like, darlings!

by Lana Kanereply 52401/06/2015

The scenario with Kristen leaving her phone on the table for anyone to read her texts was so fake. Who just leaves their fucking phone on a table like that?

by Lana Kanereply 52501/07/2015

The whole show is fake.

by Lana Kanereply 52601/07/2015

Tom Sandoval's waterworks display was so poorly acted, it was embarrassing. Jax/Jason's Miami backstory, leaving more "is he or isn't he?" questions than answers, was obviously done to titillate and keep the gays wanting more. Why do I continue to watch this?

by Lana Kanereply 52701/12/2015

I think the whole Jason/Jax story is 'Vanderpump Rules' preemptive strike against the tabloids. Maybe the 'heard' something was 'in the works'. ???

by Lana Kanereply 52801/13/2015

Queen Tom is such a laughably bad actor. You can tell he went into this thinking, "this is my moment to shine". That whole thing was downright hysterical.

by Lana Kanereply 52901/13/2015

[quote] Tom Sandoval's waterworks display was so poorly acted, it was embarrassing.

It really was. If that was an audition, then it's no wonder he hasn't gotten any acting jobs. He sucks!

Remember a few seasons back, when he and Kristen went to a videographer and shot some scenes? Kristen actually wasn't bad.

But Tom? Forget about it. That display was not believeable at all.

Jax was so cute when he was younger. He doesn't do it at all for me now, because he looks like a roided hulk. But back when he was younger and skinnier, he was super cute.

No wonder his sugar daddy was so in love with him.

The show needs to dump Stassi, asap. She brings nothing to the table, except for negativity.

I'm sure she's PISSED that this season is all about Scheana and her wedding, which makes seeing her misery all the more enjoyable.

by Lana Kanereply 53001/13/2015

How on earth are the males on this show heterosexual? I watched 10 minutes of it and had to change the channel. Worst show on Bravo.

by Lana Kanereply 53101/13/2015

I think Jax straight, but will ultimately screw anything if it will get him ahead. My whole take on that situation was he met the gay guy who opened a lot of doors for Jax - introduced him to a new world, let him live with him, drive his fancy cars, experience the good life - and it's a bit naive to think Jax didn't do ANYTHING in return for that. But once Jax felt like he maybe didn't need that guy anymore - particularly when rumors were starting to go around about him - he up and left, changed his name and went on with his modeling career. His friend got him to that spot and then Jax said 'bye'.

But yeah, Jax had some form of sex with the guy because it got him what he wanted.

by Lana Kanereply 53201/13/2015

Sheena likes her men plump.

by Lana Kanereply 53301/13/2015

I changed the channel because all of these gay guys were talking about women they were "interested" in.

by Lana Kanereply 53401/13/2015

Where did they find such fug people to be part of this supposedly hot, sexy show?

The new chick is hot though. Probably the only one.

by Lana Kanereply 53501/13/2015

R532 has it right. Jax is an opportunist. I am still somewhat shocked that Tom S and Jax are or were models. They must have been really bottom rung models. I guess that's why they work at Sur?

by Lana Kanereply 53601/13/2015

I never travel anywhere without my hair iron and foundation.

by Lana Kanereply 53701/13/2015

Jax quietly commented to the ugly older guy that he used to live with "It was my first time" (this after ugly older guy said something about how he was now over Jason/Jax but still loved him). Gay.

by Lana Kanereply 53801/13/2015

But whyTF do any of that on camera if not specifically for attention?

by Lana Kanereply 53901/13/2015

r539, they were drunk and whispering to each other. Jax doesn't seem smart enough to know that even if you whisper, the mic will pick up what you say. Hell, ugly older guy still has a naked pic of Jax in his living room.

by Lana Kanereply 54001/13/2015

That new girl needs to get that wart lasered off of her lip.

by Lana Kanereply 54101/13/2015

Agree about the wart as well.

Jax did look hot in the nude pic, he definitely looks way to puffy to model now. He is fucking his body and face up. Tom S, can't see as a model, especially with that dumb haircut. Schwartz is the only one who could actually get some work but he seems a little soft. Jax was definitely kept by that guy John, he was gay for pay, meaning Bi. John is not hot and easily has 10 years on Jax.

by Lana Kanereply 54201/13/2015

Jax is weird looking!!!!

by Lana Kanereply 54301/14/2015

I only saw this show once and that was enough. What boring trash and I'm surprised so many people on here like to spend an hour watching cow dun.

Aside from everything I have a question, is Tom gay? bi?

by Lana Kanereply 54401/15/2015

Which Tom? both may be gay or bi.

by Lana Kanereply 54501/15/2015

Tom Sandoval

by Lana Kanereply 54601/15/2015

Jax just seems really scuzzy.

by Lana Kanereply 54701/15/2015

You can really tell the difference when Tom doesn't wear his makeup.

by Lana Kanereply 54801/16/2015

I am not really attracted to Jax but he seems like a lot of fun. I would definitely be bros with him.

by Lana Kanereply 54901/16/2015

Jax is looking doughy and has alcohol bloat. He'll be looking old and nasty like that Shahs of Sunset guy in the next few years.

by Lana Kanereply 55001/16/2015

Yeah Tom has a little skin problem or sun damage or something. I like Ariana and Katie, they actually seem pretty nice.

by Lana Kanereply 55101/16/2015

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? It just craves attention. You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Lana Kanereply 55201/16/2015

[527] & [529] True, that was a really unfortunate clip of Sandoval sniveling through nonsense. What a shame that he allowed himself to be goaded into that staged "heart to heart" with Kristen. It was probably one of the most inept exchanges in the series. It was truly awful and really cringeworthy. Echhh.

by Lana Kanereply 55301/17/2015

I want to rim Schwartz for 1 hour and 38 minutes

by Lana Kanereply 55401/18/2015

Lol [R554] beat you to it!

by Lana Kanereply 55501/18/2015

I'm surprised they finally addressed Jax's sexuality. There's another suspected bf linked below. I guess it was to deflect attention from the elephant in the room: That the two Toms come across as far more gay than Jax.

Jax, sleazy as he is, can at least seems to enjoy sleeping with women. Apparently the two Toms rarely go near pussy. (During the infamous WWHL episode both Brandi and Jeff said they thought Jax was straight but Sandoval was gay.)

by Lana Kanereply 55601/19/2015

I'm confused . . . Sheena didn't invite Stassi to her bachelorette party in Miami because of something about limited space, finances, etc. Yet she white tr*sh Ariana was allowed to drag along her white tr*sh little brother. What-what???

by Lana Kanereply 55701/19/2015

Merely an observation and not intended as an insult:

Jax is stupid, fat, and unattractive.

(For your enjoyment, the order of these adjectives is interchangeable.)

by Lana Kanereply 55801/19/2015

The only way a man can pull off a nosejob and not be noticeable is if he has very slight straightening of the bridge.

Jax's is good because he didn't go for the cookie-cutter, kewpie doll, ski-jump nose that a lot of guys get.

Stassi and that wood nymph waitress remind me of Daria's sister and her vapid friends, saying only obvious statements like, "you're painting" and "it's hot in here."

by Lana Kanereply 55901/19/2015

Pirate Peter is being shown more this season (especially this episode), perhaps due to audience interest.

Initially, Peter Madrigal asked that he not be featured but now apparently he wants more exposure/attention. He's been vocal about wanting more money but he's insane: He said in an interview he wants $10,000 per episode. He's out-douching Jax tonight and the show's not over.

Oh, Peter. Girls hate douchey guys. Gay guys don't much care. Go for your audience.

by Lana Kanereply 56001/19/2015

Sandoval looked silly during the heart to heart with Kristen. Kristen is crazy, but she played the scene better than Tom. Better acting from her.

by Lana Kanereply 56101/20/2015

Peter needs to cut the Geronimo tail.

by Lana Kanereply 56201/20/2015

r553 i agree sandoval needs to stay away from Kristen, its so obvious she is goating him. why doesnt he not see it. he seemslike the smartest ofthe people. i wonder. if any were friends with greg plitt, i cant. believe they took his sequins off that friends and lovers show. it was his show. how. do friends not warm u. about a train. and doesnt ground shake when train pulls into station. my Brahs would warn me or pull me loose from it if i gotstuck. geez its so bad. first joan now him. whatsthe world coming around to.

by Lana Kanereply 56301/20/2015

His "sequins"? r563, there's a lot of things your brahs need to warn you about.

by Lana Kanereply 56401/20/2015

Sandoval was right in the middle of a bad acting class, thinking he was going into this scene and going to kill it with gut-wrenching emotion.

by Lana Kanereply 56501/20/2015

Two questions:

1) Why is James still dating a woman who is openly, verbally obsessed with her ex? He's not terrible. He could definitely date someone who actually wanted to date him.

2) Does Stassi understand that continuing to hang out at SUR, while mocking people who work at SUR, just makes her look like a loser? At least they have the excuse that they still work there. Why's she hanging around?

by Lana Kanereply 56601/20/2015

[quote] Does Stassi understand that continuing to hang out at SUR, while mocking people who work at SUR, just makes her look like a loser?

Funny you mention this.

"Is Stassi Schroeder Done With Vanderpump Rules; Complains Editing Makes Her Look Like A Mean Girl!"

There’s been a lot of rumors now that perma-ingrate Stassi Schroeder is making a lot of enemies. In a new interview the Vanderpump Rules star complains that editing makes her look like a “mean girl” and reveals that she’s probably done with the show!

“I’m kind of over the reality TV thing. It’s too stressful. It really is stressful. There’s so much negativity,” explains Stassi. “Most people do reality TV as a stepping stone. They can use it as a platform. Anyone who chooses to do reality TV for the sake of doing reality TV has to be insane.”

“Honestly, I’ve wanted to use this (TV show) to build up a following,” Stassi continues. “I’ve been slowly working my way up in fashion. If I didn’t have the show, those things wouldn’t be possible.”

I still fail to understand what exactly Stassi’s platform was? She’s under the impression that people take her seriously as a stylist or fashion writer? (I’ve looked at her ‘Style By Stassi’ blog). Does this girl own a mirror?

Stassi’s main complaint with Vanderpump Rules is that it misrepresents her as a “mean girl” and focuses only on the bad. Well when your boyfriend won’t appear on the show, you don’t have a job, and despite the fact that you’re a s0-called stylist you complain about styling people, and no one likes you – what else can your storyline be?

“I know I’m not, like, the spreader of light all the time, but there’s sooo much negativity, and everybody’s judging you,” Stassi tells the Las Vegas Review. “Everyone’s saying awful things, and you’re being paid to take each other down. It’s just kind of rough.”

Stassi continued on with that point in an interview with In Touch Weekly. “There are so many things I’ve said as a joke, but they don’t show me laughing after,” she elaborates. “I have no control over what’s shown!”

Apparently when Stassi meets people in person she has really positive interactions, but then gets destroyed on twitter. Admitting that she’s “always been an aggressive person,” Stassi insists she is “kind” – even to castmates she doesn’t necessarily like.

“We’re putting ourselves out there to be judged,” Stassi acknowledges, but she doesn’t think editing or Bravo has been kind to her “I was edited to look like a mean girl!” she insists.

And I’m guessing reported plans of a Stassi-spinoff are over, because the 27-year-old says she is done! “I don’t want to do reality TV again. It’s just not where my head’s at anymore! I’m happiest these days just being at home with (my boyfriend) Patrick.”

Yeah, either that or she’s burned so many bridges complaining about the show and disrespecting the network and Lisa Vanderpump that reality TV is done with her! We don’t believe you are done – Stassi tried this ‘I’m quitting’ schtick last season. And for someone who is so over it she sure didn’t hesitate to show-up at the NBC Golden Globes Afterparty (photo below).

Speaking of which, Stassi recently hung-out with fellow pariah Brandi Glanville. No, the world did not get reduced to a puddle of syrupy wine and polyester schmattas. Instead they liked each other – probably bonded over ish-talking Lisa!”

by Lana Kanereply 56701/20/2015

It's taken two 1/2 seasons, but I finally like Katie. The Katie that confronted Stassi and wouldn't back down (and was right by the way) was a Katie I could get behind. Stassi doesn't understand what a friendship is - for her, loyalty means doing everything she says, believing everything she believes, and never, ever going against her. For two years on this show, she was queen bee with her devoted followers, but as each one crossed that line in the sand that only Stassi sees - the line that marks good friend or bad friend (meaning, they weren't being loyal subjects) she has found herself the head mean girl without any subjects to do her bidding.

by Lana Kanereply 56801/20/2015

Two answers:

1) The show is fake.

2) The show is fake.

by Lana Kanereply 56901/20/2015

I always thought that Peter was straight until that awkward coffee/wine "date" with Vail. Either he is completely clueless in reading women or he is hiding in plain sight.

by Lana Kanereply 57001/20/2015

Are we supposed to believe Vail wasn't hired as an actress playing herself?

by Lana Kanereply 57101/20/2015

Peter could be getting gang-banged by 10 dicks while wearing a pink nightie and he still wouldn't be as gay as Tom & Tom.

by Lana Kanereply 57201/20/2015

Did you see that feminine closeted gay male talking about how three guys in a bed was a bad thing? I changed the channel. How insulting is this show. Andy Cohen loves homophobic closeted gay guys. He really sucks.

by Lana Kanereply 57301/20/2015

"she is goating him?"

by Lana Kanereply 57401/20/2015

R570 What is up with Pirate Peter? I think he's straight too but ...could he be such a pussyhound with no lines, moves, or "game" at all?

He's very hot IMO but I can see from DLers that he has limited appeal. Well, here on DL anyway.

by Lana Kanereply 57501/20/2015

I also noticed that Peter had a magnum sized condom in his shaving kit. Hubba, hubba.

by Lana Kanereply 57601/20/2015

r567 get a blog. i wonder if greg plitt ever visited sur,pump or villa blano. wonder what kinda car did he drive. he was on millionare shows. so he was rich. wonder why stasi didnt date him. i just learnt he was the blue guy from movie hellraiser where he saved people. ibet jax wouldnt let him on the show. probjealous. wonder if that doctor who did jax surguron on his nose new greg. e reminded me ofthe saing faster than speedin project tile, able to leap a train in single bound. i wonder if he was trying this. or was there something insidous going on. that was good scary movie just shows there alot of evil inthe world. allz i know is Heaven Got a ne Angel.

by Lana Kanereply 57701/20/2015

r577, I commend you for trying to post in what clearly isn't your first language.

by Lana Kanereply 57801/20/2015

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? It just craves attention. You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Lana Kanereply 57901/24/2015

Peter has a hairy, musky, moist and inviting anus

by Lana Kanereply 58001/24/2015

The only person I would want to hang out with on this show is Lisa, and she is barely on it.

It's a document of narcissistic modern life, and behavior found all over America.

The alcoholism, forearm tattoos, shaved foreheads, promiscuity, hairless men, skanky chicks, fame-seekers, insecurity, instagram/selfie obsession - it is surprisingly watchable from a distance.

by Lana Kanereply 58101/25/2015

I'm trying to rain on your parade ,but I just want to ask you, why are you remotely interested in this complete trash? Its boring as hell. Besides, I wouldn't want to boost the wicked witch Lisa's popularity any further then the RHOBH.

by Lana Kanereply 58201/26/2015

I caught this show very early on and I still can't image the target audience. Teens? Fraus? Gays?

by Lana Kanereply 58301/26/2015

I happened to catch the marathon today (or maybe they run every episode every day) and OMG. The cast of this show makes the fools of Jersey Shore look like the Algonquin Round Table. They are all obsessing over this Jax character that looks like some muscle-bound himbo that could be found on any corner of South Beach.

by Lana Kanereply 58401/26/2015

Peter's cock is so fat that you can't wrap your hand around it. It's fucking ridiculous.

by Lana Kanereply 58501/26/2015

Is it an inside joke that these obvious gay men are supposed to sleeping and cheating with women?

by Lana Kanereply 58601/26/2015

Wow, this was a crazy fucking episode.

Poor Kristen. She's the Kim Richards of VPR. Someone needs to get her some mental health help. She's ... insane.

At first, it was only Tom Sandoval who had to experience the Kristen "life-sucking vortex," but now the entire cast is getting to see what it's like to be anywhere near that crazy bitch.

She literally sucks every part of your soul into her world of crazy.

That scene as Sur was incredible. The guests were both fascinated and horrified, and the way she came at that manager was just ridiculous. I would have punched her in the face, if I was that lady.

The weird thing is that Lisa knows that Kristen's crazy makes for good tv, so she'll never fire her.

by Lana Kanereply 58701/27/2015

And none of it is fake.

by Lana Kanereply 58801/27/2015

Many women love douchey dudes. In fact, it often heightens their masculine appeal to many.

by Lana Kanereply 58901/27/2015

Masculine?! What guy on this show is masculine?

by Lana Kanereply 59001/27/2015

Tom S. must be gay. There is no way his "gf" would not at least question him when some random girl claims to have had sex with him and begins describing his shaved balls and small dick. The "gf" laughs and high-fives him. Either Tom S. is gay and the "gf" is his Olivia Munn or she is one weak and pathetic girl.

by Lana Kanereply 59101/27/2015

Hands down this is the most contrived, poorly scripted, reality show about the most conceited, untalented, uninteresting, unattractive, self-absorbed idiots ever. With apologies to teenagers, these adults act like teens who don't have a clue. Is Lisa Vanderpump really that desperate for money or attention that she agrees to appear with these cretins? I have no idea who this show is supposed to appeal to. Who would want to spend any time with people, let alone aspire to be like them?

by Lana Kanereply 59201/27/2015

All of the above is true and it is still way more interesting than the HW shows. Not saying much I know but at least it has Peter! Oh and I can't forget the vocal stylings of Scheana! And douche beanies galore! What is not to like?

The big question is why does James hang around as a quasi-cuckold? Because it's fake! No guy would stand for that shit.

by Lana Kanereply 59301/27/2015

I don't care as long as there is a chance I get to rim Schwartz for 1 hour and 38 minutes

by Lana Kanereply 59401/27/2015

Lisa took Peter's hand and led him into her elegantly appointed bedroom. "I've just come directly from SUR. I should shower first. Freshen up," he said.

Lisa smiled. "You're fresh enough."

As she lay back langorously on a satin chaise longue, her pink peignoir opened, allowing for a tantalizing flash of creamy thigh and, above, the mons pubis.

Peter knelt down next to the chaise, parted her legs, and buried his face in her sweet snatch. He hungrily tongued her cunthole before moving up to her quivering clit. He surrounded it with his mouth, simultaneously sucking her clit and flicking it with his tongue.

Lisa threw her head back forcefully against a satin pillow as the first wave of pleasure overtook her. She seized his long, silky hair as he increased the intensity of his sucking, sending Lisa into a frenzied series of uncontrollable orgasms.

Part 2 of "The Pleasures of Peter" coming soon...

by Lana Kanereply 59501/27/2015

Schwartz was really cute doing his modeling.

by Lana Kanereply 59601/27/2015

R595 needs to post that shit on Lisa's Twitter account.


[quote] The big question is why does James hang around as a quasi-cuckold? Because it's fake! No guy would stand for that shit.

Um, that's the only way he gets to be on the show, is through Kristen.

He's just the busboy.

by Lana Kanereply 59701/27/2015

[quote]I caught this show very early on and I still can't image the target audience. Teens? Fraus? Gays?

Fraus and Fags.

Like everything else on Bravo.

by Lana Kanereply 59801/27/2015

I just realized last night how very sick Kristen is. I mean, she's scary sick.

by Lana Kanereply 59901/29/2015

Is there a new thread?

by Lana Kanereply 60001/29/2015
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