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Foods we HATE!

I'm really curious to see the results!

Broccoli Cauliflower Celery Olives Green Pepper Cucumber (including pickles) Tripe

(I eat mushrooms, you picky bitches!)

by Discerning Onereply 15001/19/2013

Cole slaw. Anything with cabbage, really.

by Discerning Onereply 101/11/2013

Chocolate, watermelon, beer, turnips

by Discerning Onereply 201/11/2013

cube steak

Mint jelly

chocolate ice cream



pigs feet

sweet & sour anything

by Discerning Onereply 301/11/2013

Organ meat of any kind including skin.

by Discerning Onereply 401/11/2013

Tube steak. Skirt steak. Stringy fish (as opposed to flakey) like skate.

Marmite and Vegemite.

by Discerning Onereply 501/11/2013

Sweet potatoes. Literally can't eat them.

I'm not crazy about celery, but I can eat it. Same with raisins.

by Discerning Onereply 601/11/2013

liver, coconut, papaya.... in that order.

by Discerning Onereply 701/11/2013

Oh, and nutella is simply gross.

How can people eat that shit for breakfast? I'd rather go hungry!

by Discerning Onereply 801/11/2013

Any and all cheese. It's the only thing I won't eat.

by Discerning Onereply 901/11/2013

I'll eat whatever is placed in front of me (zip it, food nazis), but I'm not a fan of the following:

Mushrooms (small bits as part of a dish/sauce are fine, but big honkin' slices or --gag-- a giant portobello, NO. Cannot get past the texture or the fact that they are a fungus the same as mold or mildew--I admit its probably psychological)

Olives, too strong and bitter, I need to gargle to get the taste out.

Lima beans

Peas, especially on their own ie a big pile o' peas as a side--gross (as part of a dish/soup they're ok, but a mouthful of mushy peas is gag-inducing)

Most seafood (hate that fishy taste, but there are exceptions)

Dark meat poultry

Offal, tripe, marrow and other nasty animal parts.

Like I said, I'll eat almost anything, especially as a guest, but these foods are total turn-offs for me. They aren't appetizing to me at all. I would never order them from a menu or plan a home-cooked meal around them.

by Discerning Onereply 1001/11/2013

peanut butter and Jelly


Pork Chops

Vienna Sauasges

by Discerning Onereply 1101/11/2013

Geez, you all have the palates of chicken nugget and Kraft Mac 'n cheese scarfing three-year olds.

by Discerning Onereply 1201/11/2013

Blue cheese gives me the urge to regurge, and on one occasion when I ate it to be polite I ended up puking in the bathroom. (Not allergic, it's just sick-making.)

Liver, sweetbreads, organ meats.

Anything more than mildly sweet.

by Discerning Onereply 1301/11/2013



Cauliflower and broccoli

Lamb and veal


Organ meats/offal/innards/marrow/tripe, etc.

Curry spices

Pickled anything

by Discerning Onereply 1401/11/2013


by Discerning Onereply 1501/11/2013

Lima beans are evil. Organ meat is repulsive. And I've never been able to get a spoonful of beets near my mouth; the smell puts me off.

by Discerning Onereply 1601/11/2013

What a bunch of pussies! Whaaaaa!

by Discerning Onereply 1701/11/2013

I like most of the foods that have been listed. I don't like seafood that has too much of a "fishy" taste, and I have never been able to force myself to taste of sardines. The odor alone makes me sick. I hate raisins and dried prunes. I hate licorice, annise, cilantro, file, and cummin. Most herbs need to be used very sparingly for me.

by Discerning Onereply 1801/11/2013


by Discerning Onereply 1901/11/2013

One of the things I dislike the most is horseradish.

by Discerning Onereply 2001/11/2013

Cheese. Yuck

by Discerning Onereply 2101/11/2013

Liver, Beets, Black Licorice.

by Discerning Onereply 2201/11/2013

Well I'll never go hungry ... except chitterlings, pigs feet, marrow & sweetbreads, within the past six months I've had and enjoyed EVERYTHING in these listings.

by Discerning Onereply 2301/11/2013

Coconut or coconut flavored anything.

by Discerning Onereply 2401/11/2013

Olives and black pudding. Also spearmint stuff like mint jelly and gum. Smelling spearmint gum being chewed will make me ill. My best friend had to change his mints and gum because I couldn't be around him when he ate/chewed that stuff.

by Discerning Onereply 2501/11/2013


Green Olives

Black Olives

Goat Cheese

Offal (liver/sweet-breads/organs/bleh)

by Discerning Onereply 2601/11/2013

Sweet pickles, Swiss cheese, catsup. Otherwise, I am an equal opportunity eater.

You tripe haters have apparently never had menudo. So delicious, so great for a hangover.

by Discerning Onereply 2701/11/2013


Black Walnuts

Licorice (black)



by Discerning Onereply 2801/11/2013

Sushi. Seared Tuna. Raw anything.

by Discerning Onereply 2901/11/2013

Broccoli. I can't stand it at all. My mother served it almost every night and even when she said it wasn't Broccoli, but Trees, I didn't buy it.

by Discerning Onereply 3001/11/2013

I think most of those who are posting about "offal" have never actually tasted of these specialty meats. The just seem to dislike the idea of eating organ meat. Menudo is great, as you say R27, and when I was young tripe was used in Prairie Belt sausages which were also delicious. Then when Menudo became popular and tripe became expensive, they switched to mechanically separated chicken, and it is awful.

by Discerning Onereply 3101/11/2013

R12 is the typical, predictable moron who comes in here with the "kiddie palate" bullshit, patting himself on the back for being so superior, in spite of not really having read the thread.

by Discerning Onereply 3201/11/2013

Cheese? Cheese! Who the hell could hate cheese?

Eggs - now there is a nasty food.

by Discerning Onereply 3301/11/2013

Fuck you R33! Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! I LOVE MY EGGIES!

by Discerning Onereply 3401/11/2013

hard boiled eggs (really, any eggs that aren't scrambled/omeletized)

cooked cabbage

broccoli, cauliflower, greens (all the cruciferous vegetables)

cumin smells kind of like armpits and assholes, but I can eat a dish that isn't drowning in it

by Discerning Onereply 3501/11/2013

You guys are weird.

by Discerning Onereply 3601/11/2013

Raspberries ruin everything they are in.

by Discerning Onereply 3701/11/2013

Sweet potatoes

Wine, any kind, just makes me wince to swallow the stuff...tastes so awful

by Discerning Onereply 3801/11/2013

R37 and me wouldn't get along. Raspberries are the best berry, and make nearly everything better. Life without raspberries wouldn't be much worth living, imho.

by Discerning Onereply 3901/11/2013

I love eggs... right up until they turn brown.

I think browned eggs are the most vile things on the planet. They smell and taste horrible. They're gag-inducing.

But fresh fuffy YELLOW scrambled eggs and omlettes? Awesome. Wonderful. Among my favorite foods.

I can't order omlettes in restaurants because they ALWAYS over-cook them, leaving brown crusty bits on the outside, that utterly ruin the omlette.

It's really amazing how something can go from my favorite to my least favorite with just 30 seconds of over-cooking. I have no idea what chemical reaction is going on there, but it turns from delicious to disgusting quite quickly and easily.

by Discerning Onereply 4001/11/2013


"I'll have the breakfast special, please".

"How would you like your eggs? Fried, scrambled, or omeletized?"

by Discerning Onereply 4101/11/2013

I'm with r19. Mayonnaise is the scourge of the world. Other than that, I'll eat just about anything.

by Discerning Onereply 4201/11/2013

R42. I don't mind mayo unless it is served warm. My best friend insists upon putting it on burgers. Just looking at it makes me want to vomit on his plate.

by Discerning Onereply 4301/11/2013


by Discerning Onereply 4401/11/2013



Cantaloupe and Honeydew (but like watermelon)

by Discerning Onereply 4501/11/2013

dried fruit

by Discerning Onereply 4601/11/2013

Great job, folks. But, you bitches who mentioned disliking mint jelly are just MESSED UP! That stuff is plain nectar with lamb!

As for this menudo shite ... No, No, and NO!

by Discerning Onereply 4701/11/2013

raw tomatoes



oysters and clams, unless in soup

kidney beans

raw bell peppers (any color)

dark meat on poultry (but more than OK in men)

by Discerning Onereply 4801/11/2013



Pasta of any description


by Discerning Onereply 4901/11/2013

Tinymeat and fish!

by Discerning Onereply 5001/11/2013

I like almost any kind of food served me as long as it is prepared well. Jewish chopped liver is great on rye bread with an onion and if liver and onions are prepared well (as in crispy outside, tender inside), that is also good. Broccoli and cauliflower should not be overcooked, it should still have a slight crispiness to it after steaming for no more than 10 minutes at the most. The same holds true for Brussel Sprouts which are very good as long as they aren't overcooked. To steam, make an X in the stem end and set the stem end down in the steamer basket; overcooking is what makes sprouts turn bitter. I can't really think of any food I dislike; turnips are best braised with some butter salt, pepper and a dash of sugar. When Larry King was interviewing Julia Child he told her that he never liked vegetables and she replied that it was probably because he had always had them prepared incorrectly. Taking the time to actually treat foods with some consideration when cooking them makes all the difference.

by Discerning Onereply 5101/11/2013

The only thing I won't eat is cucumber. Even the smell literally makes me retch. Been like that since I was a baby.

by Discerning Onereply 5201/11/2013

R52 It has that smell because you're using it for other things first.

by Discerning Onereply 5301/11/2013

Probably not as a baby, r53.

by Discerning Onereply 5401/11/2013

sweet potatoes


Stilton, Esrom cheese

by Discerning Onereply 5501/11/2013

Who serves babies cucumber? Unless ... you were bathed in pickle juice or something?

by Discerning Onereply 5601/11/2013

Cilantro is the devil.

by Discerning Onereply 5701/11/2013


by Discerning Onereply 5801/11/2013

I hate tofu! Why would anyone eat such gunk? If I thought that soybeans were healthier than any other beans, then I would just eat whole soybeans. I always laugh at a woman on PBS who talks about "whole" foods, and then proceeds to cook with the tofu gunk, the soy "milk", the inverted rice syrup, and all the other adulterated products that she uses in trying to mimick the properties or ordinary milk, cheese, butter, eggs, etc.

by Discerning Onereply 5901/11/2013


by Discerning Onereply 6001/11/2013

Peas- can't even bring myself to swallow them. The texture makes me gag. Even if they're mixed into a dish and I don't know about it, the second that flavor hits my taste buds, I start gagging it up involuntarily.

Bell peppers- I don't HATE them, but for me, they overwhelm all the other flavors in the dish and it kind of ruins it for me.

Love broccoli and spinach, though, and I even like roasted Brussels sprouts.

by Discerning Onereply 6101/11/2013

Nothing, nothing, NOTHING!

Picky eaters deserve to starve, simple

by Discerning Onereply 6201/11/2013

If the picky eaters were faced with starvation -- say were inmates in concentration camp -- they'd damn sure eat what they claim makes them sick.

With gusto!

by Discerning Onereply 6301/11/2013




Jello - the texture is just gross

Quiche -- the entire concept makes me want to wretch

by Discerning Onereply 6401/11/2013

Let's see: green olives, capers, raisins, pickled beets, veal, turkey gizzard dressing & clam juice.

by Discerning Onereply 6501/11/2013

Feta cheese -- looks like tonsil stones

Cottage cheese -- looks like a yeast infection

by Discerning Onereply 6601/11/2013

Oh please. We're adults, we're allowed to develop preferences. Yes, if I were at a concentration camp and the only thing available to eat was bell peppers, I'd suck it up, but we can choose not to eat certain foods we don't like in normal, realistic circumstances without being compared to picky, spoiled children subsisting on nothing but chicken nuggets and Pediasure.

by Discerning Onereply 6701/11/2013

Pickled beets, avocados, and sour kraut and the 3 main things I simply can not put in my mouth. I will literally vomit if I even smell them.

Oh I forgot one. Drinking straight butter milk is disgusting. I can't fathom how anyone could ever take a swig of butter milk and say "mmm mmm that's good". It's like drinking something spoiled.

by Discerning Onereply 6801/11/2013

My partner becomes violently ill at the smell of tuna fish. I love tuna sandwiches, and I can't make them at home without him wretching and gagging. :(

by Discerning Onereply 6901/11/2013

Attention, all you ink-stained (toner-stained?) wretches: the foods you hate make you RETCH (without a W).


PS: What's so wrong with celery? It's pretty much just crunchy water.

by Discerning Onereply 7001/11/2013

Tofu is disgusting.

by Discerning Onereply 7101/11/2013

R69 - I would probably have to make a similar ban on broccoli at home were I not single; the smell of it cooking is so totally gross, and the sight of it at the same table not much better.

The trouble with tuna salad are nasty pieces of celery!

What's this "pickled beets" business? I hate them in any form, but rarely run across pickled ones.

by Discerning Onereply 7201/11/2013

R63, if I were starving and the only thing left to eat were mushrooms, I would simply starve. Mushrooms are not food.

If you want them on a pizza, leave a pizza out in the rain and dark for three weeks. Disgusting.

by Discerning Onereply 7301/11/2013

Chocolate - yuck, yuck, yuck and double yuck!

by Discerning Onereply 7401/11/2013

Zac Efron. Eating a balut egg. More than once. :-(

by Discerning Onereply 7501/11/2013

I think I can eat practically any vegetable because I just mix it in with the main course. In fact, food doesn't even taste good to me unless it's mixed in with vegetables. I eat broccoli all the time that way. I didn't used to eat cauliflower, but I just heard it's pretty good at suppressing cancer along with its close relative, broccoli. Spinach and garlic are the best at cancer prevention.

by Discerning Onereply 7601/11/2013

R74, how the fuck can anyone hate chocolate? It's the food of the gods!

by Discerning Onereply 7701/11/2013


Brussel Sprouts





by Discerning Onereply 7801/11/2013

[quote]My partner becomes violently ill at the smell of tuna fish. I love tuna sandwiches, and I can't make them at home without him wretching and gagging. :(

This was not written by a lesbian.

by Discerning Onereply 7901/11/2013

r60, you hit it right on the head--I live in California and at lunch one time where I work one of the many Filipinos offered me what I took to be a hard boiled egg. When I cracked it open I almost vomited on the spot when I saw the undeveloped chick dead in the shell and it had a strange smell too. I threw it away immediatly to keep from getting sick and I never, ever waste food if I can help it. What astounded me as well was when they told me that it is regarded as a delicacy in the Philippines. I think Filipinos find it amusing that Americans usually find balut so revolting although I have also heard that guys in the navy have eaten it on a bet and not only that but dogmeat as well. But they always qualify it by saying they were drunk at the time.

by Discerning Onereply 8001/11/2013


by Discerning Onereply 8101/11/2013

fast food- absolutely putrid.


eggs are gross is you over think about what you're eating.

bananas make me want to vomit after a few bites.

kale. wish I could acquire a taste for it.

if I found out anyone I knew liked veal or fois gras I'd lose all respect for them. inhumane.. vile.

by Discerning Onereply 8201/11/2013

[quote]You guys are weird.

I second that. There are a couple of things I hate (black licorice, pineapple...) but seriously who hates watermelon, chocolate and nutella?!?!

by Discerning Onereply 8301/11/2013

I hate ALL seafood. HOW can anybody eat something that looks like a lobster or shrimp, or smells as bad as fish? I just do not understand it.

I also hate mushrooms, eggs, blue cheese, hazelnus, dark chocolate, jello, pudding, most soups, and most kinds of meat (and ALL organ meat - shudder!). R82, I agree with you about veal and fois gras.

by Discerning Onereply 8401/11/2013

I heard on the radio today that some pork producer was slicing pig rectums into rings and passing them off as calimari.

by Discerning Onereply 8501/11/2013

Do y'all have to leave so soon? I was just about to poison the tea.

by Discerning Onereply 8601/11/2013

Who knew there were so many prisspot, fussbudget, delicate Mary!s?

by Discerning Onereply 8701/11/2013

[quote]It's really amazing how something can go from my favorite to my least favorite with just 30 seconds of over-cooking.

I agree, especially about pancakes. They should be very light golden and nothing browner than that.

by Discerning Onereply 8801/11/2013

I love broccoli... as long as its cooked correctly. Steamed, or boiled BRIEFLY (bring pot of water to a boil, add broccoli, the moment the water starts to return to a boil, you remove it).

There is nothing worse than over-cooked broccoli. It'd disgusting. I also can't stand raw broccoli. But I really do love it when it's cooked well (it should be BRIGHT green, not gray-green, or limp, or bleh).

by Discerning Onereply 8901/11/2013

I know, r89, it's almost like candy when prepared correctly. Yum.

by Discerning Onereply 9001/11/2013

Wet scrambled eggs or fried eggs make me hurl.

I can't swallow thick cuts of beef that should be served rare because I was raised blue collar and need all juices to run clear.

Fresh peaches and apricots are difficult to swallow.

I hate everything about wheat bread and cheese 'foods'.

by Discerning Onereply 9101/11/2013

[quote]I can't swallow thick cuts of beef that should be served rare because I was raised blue collar and need all juices to run clear.

That kind of upbringing CAN be over-come.

by Discerning Onereply 9201/11/2013

This may not qualify under the thread's premise, but certain foods can be hated because they've been mixed with other foods. Alone, they may be just fine.

I feel this way about Nuts. They should be eaten separately. They are NOT to be added to cake, ice cream, asian food, breads, pies, etc. They screw up the texture and the taste often clashes.

by Discerning Onereply 9301/11/2013

Liver. My mother decided to make me eat it once when I was young, thinking that I was just shamming. I threw up all over myself and finally cried myself to sleep that night. I have little problems with anything else although there are things I prefer not to ingest.

by Discerning Onereply 9401/11/2013

Wow R35 you have a good nose. Cumin is described in the perfume industry as the smell of fresh skin. But your talking BO and ASS so your nose has been in some other places.

by Discerning Onereply 9501/11/2013

Oysters, capers, beets, anchovies.

by Discerning Onereply 9601/12/2013

If the perfume industry smells "fresh skin" when someone opens a jar of cumin, R95, no wonder there's so much bad cologne out there.

I get "Axe" now.

by Discerning Onereply 9701/12/2013

[quote]There are a couple of things I hate (black licorice, pineapple...) but seriously who hates watermelon, chocolate and nutella?!?!

Exactly, R83. But how can you hate pineapple? You do know that you're supposed to peel it first, right?

by Discerning Onereply 9801/12/2013

[quote]This may not qualify under the thread's premise, but certain foods can be hated because they've been mixed with other foods. Alone, they may be just fine.

Raisins are another example of this, in my opinion. I can eat a handful of raisins or even some GORP, but I hate raisins in sweets like cakes and buns. Interestingly, I don't mind toasted cinnamon raisin bagels and cinnamon raisin toast, but I do not like either of them un-toasted.

by Discerning Onereply 9901/12/2013


by Discerning Onereply 10001/12/2013

Thank god. A food thread. I was afraid we'd miss our daily quote of 439 food threads

by Discerning Onereply 10101/12/2013

Sweet potatoes. It's the one food where I can't even eat a tiny helping to be polite. I just can't stand the taste.

Also, coconut. But that's mainly because I associate with some extremely bad childhood memories. I actually like the taste.

by Discerning Onereply 10201/12/2013

Fear not, R101 -- I have every intention of bringing up MORE food threads for my eighteen bucks!

R98 -- I hate pineapple, with the sole exception of pineapple juice in pina coladas.

How can someone hate the idea of date-nut bread ("nuts are never to me 'mixed' with anything")?

by Discerning Onereply 10301/12/2013

We did this thread a few months ago. It was called "People With Baby Tastes"

by Discerning Onereply 10401/12/2013

Anyone hate raw carrots?

by Discerning Onereply 10501/12/2013

Lima beans. Does anyone still eat them? We used to have succotash once a week when I was little and even thinking about it makes me gag.

Same with Okra, Hate it.

Calamari.Ugh. Rubber bands

Oysters. Now here's a puzzle. I used to enjoy these. I can remember a time 20 years ago, I was in my late 20's and I loved oysters. Now, at 52 I hate them. Too slimey.

I used to hate egg plant. Now I really enjoy it.

Rhubarb. Hate it. Those strawberry/rhubarb pies? Ugh.

Capers. Will. Not. eat. them. Ever.

by Discerning Onereply 10601/12/2013

Miserable people.

by Discerning Onereply 10701/12/2013

Sardines. Brussel sprouts. Cooked greens of any sort--turnip greens, collards, poke salad, etc.

by Discerning Onereply 10801/12/2013

I thought you were me, R106, as I'm 52 and hate strawberry-rhubarb pie and lima beans, too. I like capers, but rarely run across them except at salad bars with lox.

R105 -- how can someone hate raw carrots?

by Discerning Onereply 10901/12/2013

Sweet potatoes, black licorice, halvah, water chestnuts, chutney, fruitcake.

by Discerning Onereply 11001/12/2013

[quote] There is nothing worse than over-cooked broccoli

Oh, I don't know. Napalm, cyanide, war, torture, murder, rape, child abuse, animal cruelty, mud pies, raw starch, spoiled meat, surströmming, maggots, old clams, uncooked haggis are a few things that are worse than over cooked broccoli.

by Discerning Onereply 11101/12/2013

Overcooked broccoli or Brussels sprouts get gray and mushy and are gross indeed. But too many restaurants have gone too far the other direction. They barely blanch vegetables so they look cooked, but the texture is closer to raw. These vegetables are properly cooked so they're still bright green but tender, so one can put a fork into them without wrestling them to the ground. The undercooked way is just lazy and shameful for the chef.

by Discerning Onereply 11201/12/2013

I agree with R12 - I'm sort of amazed by some of the things people can't stand.

The only vegetable I really can't abide is okra. That slimy thing. Yuck!

I also tend to stay away from organ meat aka kidney, liver, etc. But do love a good pate.

by Discerning Onereply 11301/12/2013

cilantro, wintergreen flavor or smell, fennel seeds, sushi, coconut milk in something it shouldn't be, walnuts, radishes, garbanzo beans (I LOVE all other beans), diet pop, raw marshmallows (gag), bamboo, bean sprouts, popcorn, celery, Bisquick pancakes, orange marmalade, raw red cabbage, green jello, lutefisk, veal or lamb, anchovies, steak.

by Discerning Onereply 11401/12/2013


by Discerning Onereply 11501/12/2013

I always eat cauliflower two hours before I bottom.

by Discerning Onereply 11601/12/2013

R104, there's no such thing as raw marshmallows. Marshmallow is a mixture of gelatin, very hot sugar/water and flavorings. They sometimes contain egg whites.

by Discerning Onereply 11701/12/2013

Raisins, clove, apples.

by Discerning Onereply 11801/12/2013

Okay, marshmallows that are not melted into something chocolate, or lit on fire and burnt black at a campfire site.

by Discerning Onereply 11901/12/2013

Do you like Marshmallow Fluff, R114? I'm not challenging you, just curious.

by Discerning Onereply 12001/12/2013

Let's give R118 some apple brown betty!

by Discerning Onereply 12101/12/2013

I'm now curious about inappropriate use of coconut milk?

by Discerning Onereply 12201/12/2013

Never eat it with your cereal, R122/OP.

by Discerning Onereply 12301/12/2013

The posts along the lines of "How can anyone ate a, b, or c? I myself hate x, y, and z" are hilarious. Is personal taste really that hard a concept for some of you to grasp?

I'll eat just about anything, but the smell of melons or cucumber make me gag.

My partner is also one of those people who gags at the smell of an open can of tuna. Meanwhile, he feeds the cats nasty-smelling canned food and it doesn't bother him in the slightest.

by Discerning Onereply 12401/12/2013

R123, it's great for people who can't digest cow's milk.

by Discerning Onereply 12501/12/2013

I'm kinda shocked at the hatred of capers, sweet potatoes and pickled beets. I love all 3. I'm not a picky eater, never have been, but there are a few things that i'll turn my nose up to.

Anything coconut yech. Mars bars, nasty shit.

Finally hummus NASTY anyway you serve it/flavor it. Reminds me of baby shit.

by Discerning Onereply 12601/12/2013

[quote]Anything coconut yech. Mars bars, nasty shit.

Mars bars are delicious, and without coconut. I think you're referring to Almond Joy and Mounds.

by Discerning Onereply 12701/12/2013

Why on god's green earth would you ruin bread by putting nuts and dates in it??!??

by Discerning Onereply 12801/12/2013

R128 --

Date-nut bread is a sweet bread to have with coffee, not sandwich bread! Similar to cranberry or zucchini bread.

I love coconut, though not macaroons.

by Discerning Onereply 12901/12/2013

yes r127 mounds bar is what I meant.


by Discerning Onereply 13001/12/2013

Because of my fibromyalgia, I can't eat fiber.

by Discerning Onereply 13101/12/2013

No, R120. Unless it's disguised totally mixed in with other things in a dessert.

The FLAVOR of marshmallows is fine, but the texture of either of those is gag-inducing.

by Discerning Onereply 13201/12/2013

R121 and R122, I don't eat dry cereal much, because I hate putting milk of any kind on it (soy "milk"? AYFKM?). Instead, I use apple cider.

by Discerning Onereply 13301/12/2013

Kraft's Marshmallow Creme plus Nestle's Chocolate Chips make the best fudge, perfectly creamy every time. But the recipe on the Kraft's jar is too sweet, so I prefer the recipe on the Nestle's bag because it tastes more chocolatey.

by Discerning Onereply 13401/12/2013

I had a Chinese appetizer (can't remember the name), and it was breaded or deep fried, and the inside was regular potatoes, and coconut milk. I couldn't eat more than one and a half. The sweetness of the coconut milk mixed with the potato was just too gross.

by Discerning Onereply 13501/12/2013

I hate strawberry/rhubarb pies, too.

And hummus!

by Discerning Onereply 13601/12/2013

Jello, rice pudding, custard, porridge, cream of's not the taste as much as the texture.

by Discerning Onereply 13701/12/2013

I don't like certain foods because of their texture rather than flavor.

I dislike offal because of its texture. I don't eat gristly or slimy meat including dark poultry meat, which is a double whammy because I hate those sinews and strings and other nasty inedible parts of chicken and turkey legs.

I love the flavor of figs but I can't stand those tiny seeds. I dislike the grittiness of the seeds in raisins rather than their flavor (I have enjoyed seedless raisins when I've found them).

I've never had anyone accuse me of being picky, probably because few people serve offal, and it's easy to pass on chicken thighs or drumsticks without making an issue of it.

by Discerning Onereply 13801/12/2013

[quote]This may not qualify under the thread's premise, but certain foods can be hated because they've been mixed with other foods. Alone, they may be just fine.

I hear you! LOVE dessert, love citrus fruit. HATE them together! No lemon meringue no key lime pie...ish!

by Discerning Onereply 13901/13/2013

goat cheese

by Discerning Onereply 14001/13/2013

garlic, lamb, duck, venison or any other wild game, asperegus, fruit and cake mixed together, just for a few...the list goes on

by Discerning Onereply 14101/13/2013

Chloe Lattanzi, I hate her SO MUCH

by Discerning Onereply 14201/13/2013

Do my daughters potato heads count?

by Discerning Onereply 14301/13/2013

In NYC and San Francisco, there is a movement to require employers to pay for sick time off during this flu epidemic

by Discerning Onereply 14401/13/2013


by Discerning Onereply 14501/19/2013

I love goat cheese, R140, but saying that it tastes glandular made me laugh. It sounds about right.

by Discerning Onereply 14601/19/2013

I will just never understand why anyone considers mushrooms to be food, or would willingly eat them when there are other options and choices available.

by Discerning Onereply 14701/19/2013

any egg where the yolk isn't solid, or gloppy, wet scrambled eggs

olives (except small pieces mixed in spanish rice)

water chestnuts(!)


creamed corn

stewed tomatoes

hot oatmeal (but I love granola cereal)


by Discerning Onereply 14801/19/2013

Boiled/steamed squash, zucchini or eggplant served as a side dish. They all turn to mush.

Raw oysters - never. I can't watch other people swallow them. Gross raw goo.

by Discerning Onereply 14901/19/2013

Raw oysters/clams I fully agree, as well as boiled squash - ugh to both!

Water chestnuts are something I used to be ok with, but along with bamboo shoots I'm growing less fond of them as cheap Chinese "filler" in dishes.

Duck is DELICIOUS - especially with cherry sauce!

by Discerning Onereply 15001/19/2013
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