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Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites: See Who's Back

The 26th season of Survivor will be the ultimate "Redemption Island" for ten returning contestants who will face off against ten newcomers on Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites.

A few of the returning contestants caught up with PEOPLE just before starting their "adventure of a lifetime" ... once again.

Malcolm Freberg, the Frequent Flyer -

Less than three weeks after returning from filming Survivor: Philippines, Freberg was headed back out to the wilderness for a second shot at the $1 million dollar prize.

"My mental strategy has been to just not unwind," Freberg told PEOPLE during his short time in the U.S. between seasons. "I'm at the grocery store and someone will ask me a simple question and I'm thinking, 'What does he mean by that?' You don't trust anyone."

Freberg, 25, was a force in challenges and a charismatic player on Philippines, where he placed fourth. But in the Caramoan Islands, he will face off against returning players and fans who will not have had the opportunity to watch his season.

"I'm like the new kid on the block. I'm a wildcard and there is a stigma attached to being the guy that nobody knows anything about," said Freberg, who ate a large amount of sweets and drank plenty of beer while home in hopes of re-gaining the weight he lost while in the Philippines.

Brandon Hantz, the Repentant Liar -

While his super-villain uncle Russell Hantz will not be back to play Survivor for a fourth time, Brandon returns to the game with a new mentality after cracking under the pressures of trying to reconcile his faith with strategy on Survivor: South Pacific.

"I was an emotional wreck when I played [the first time]," said Brandon, who placed sixth in 2011. "But now I've done it one time already, which created callouses as far as emotions are concerned. [Before] I didn't know that I didn't have to live a life like a monk. Now I know this game is not going to change my relationship with God."

Brandon, 21, will be reunited with his South Pacific castmates Dawn Meehan and John Cochran, but he does not expect previous relationships to cloud his judgment.

"It's pretty cool to have friends in the cast but to an extent, that goes out the window for me," he said. "Hopefully not for them, though. Hopefully they keep [their friendship with me] intact."

Phillip Sheppard, The Rogue "Agent" -

As a contestant on Survivor: Redemption Island, Sheppard became notorious for wearing a feather in his headband, his pink underwear and his abrasive antics that left his tribemates uncomfortable – but the so-called "former federal agent" would not have his competitors see it any other way.

"I will give them a little sample of the Phillip they saw play [on Redemption Island] to make them feel like they can control me," said Sheppard, who made it to the finals alongside Redemption Island winner Rob Mariano in 2011. "But I will be in control. I will win this season."

Sheppard, 54, will be joined by his former Redemption Island tribemates Andrea Boehlke and Francesca Hogi, the only returning player to have been eliminated at the first tribal council.

"It would be funny if Francesca and I could come together and make everybody believe she hates me and I hate her and we ran the season," Sheppard said of possibly teaming up with his former tribemate, whose name he was never able to pronounce correctly. "I don't think it will happen but that would be fun."

Also joining the tribe of Favorites will be Gabon's Corrine Kaplan and Nicaragua's Brenda Lowe, who could team up and convince the final returning player, Micronesia's Erik Reichenbach, to give up his immunity necklace for a second time.

Survivor: Caramoan premieres Feb. 13 on CBS.

by Miareply 60004/19/2013

Who watches this dreck?

by Miareply 101/11/2013

Very little male eye candy. I'm glad Malcum's back. Philip is back? Jesus. The dude with the dreadlocks is hideous looking-please God he'll get voted out first.

by Miareply 201/11/2013

Go fuck yourself, R1.

by Miareply 301/11/2013

Brandon? Cohcran? Phillip? Francesca?

Why did they bring back the most annoying players in recent years? I could barely stomach them in their seasons and now they're all together?

This season sounds like the worst they've had in years.

by Miareply 401/11/2013

These are favorites? Really?

by Miareply 501/12/2013

You know what will make me watch this show? Dump that obnoxious prick Jeff Probst and his unfailing love for the sound of his own voice.

by Miareply 601/12/2013

Brandon Hantz? Seriously?

He's definitely one of the most annoying players ever. You just want someone to run down to the beach, grab a big rock and bash his face in every time he opens his mouth.

by Miareply 701/12/2013

Probst actually addresses that issue in EW, R5, saying that they consciously decided that they needed to cultivate a new generation of "all-stars" and deliberately picked people from recent seasons who were returning for only the first time. That said, I totally see Mycum becoming the new Boston Rob, who will come back again and again until he can win.

by Miareply 801/12/2013

What r1 said.

by Miareply 901/12/2013

No Colton, Troyzan or the batshit Tarzan?

by Miareply 1001/13/2013

Where's Colton? He's probably the most infamous Survivor of the past few years.

by Miareply 1101/13/2013

Quite a few favourites I don't recall at all.

by Miareply 1201/13/2013

Except for Malcolm, there is not one "Favorite" in the cast. What delusional twit from producing and/or casting dreamed up this shit?

by Miareply 1301/13/2013

WHET Kelly Wigglesworth?

If a Hantz is playin', I ain't watchin'

by Miareply 1401/13/2013

The show gave up a long time ago.

Brandon will be there because his uncle Russell will not.

Nothing against Brandon, but the show is just a shell of its former self. What a low list. (Except for Malcolm.) I don't personally dislike the people, but it's a fizzling, not sizzling, roster of so-called "Favorites."

Perhaps, behind the scenes, the reality is that former Real Favorites aren't too psyched to be doing another installment.

by Miareply 1501/13/2013

There's actually been 26 of these things? Holy shit.

by Miareply 1601/13/2013

Brandon Hantz - the reason why we need gun control.

by Miareply 1701/13/2013

We liked Dawn. She was great.

by Miareply 1801/13/2013

Jeff Probst named 2 of the players that they wanted back for this season, but the former contestants turned them down.

Matt who was voted to Redemption Island early in his (Rob vs. Russell) season, but kept winning those challenges and eventually got back in the game only to be immediately voted back to Redemption Island.

And Shambo who was pivotal to Russell Hantz making it to the final of his first season. She was ultimately screwed over by him, but was good natured enough to not be bitter about it.

I would like to have seen either of those players back. But both of them said 'no thanks' because they say once was enough and they don't want their time on Survivor to define their lives. (Russell, Rob, & Parvati don't understand that concept)

by Miareply 1902/01/2013

I'm glad Shambo isn't coming back. She was useless.

by Miareply 2002/01/2013

I wish Survivor were premiering after the Super Bowl again instead of whatever show they gave that time slot to. (is it the Mentalist?)

by Miareply 2102/01/2013

No, R21. Elementary.

by Miareply 2202/01/2013

The only two "Favorites" I am rooting for are Malcolm and Erik Reichenbach. I was a big fan of Erik's in his first season and curious to see what he is like these days. As for Malcolm, I have a feeling that he makes it to the finals this time... and maybe wins. At the reunion last season I got the vibe that Malcolm was trying to keep a big secret to himself. We'll see.

by Miareply 2302/02/2013

[quote]At the reunion last season I got the vibe that Malcolm was trying to keep a big secret to himself.

It might not be the secret you are thinking, r23.

by Miareply 2402/02/2013

[quote]Brandon Hantz? Seriously?

Glad Malcolm is back, but why the love for the evil Hantz clan? Why??

by Miareply 2502/03/2013

[quote]At the reunion last season I got the vibe that Malcolm was trying to keep a big secret to himself. We'll see.

Omg, I had that weird feeling too!

by Miareply 2602/03/2013

Brandon Hantz is a fan favorite?

In what universe?

by Miareply 2702/03/2013

Brandon's nutbaggery is at an all-time high.

by Miareply 2802/04/2013

Momma is happy to see Mal-cum back, he makes Momma's mussy especially moist!

by Miareply 2902/04/2013

Season Premiere tonight at 8

by Miareply 3002/12/2013

Thanks for the warning. I won't be watching.

by Miareply 3102/13/2013

Ugh! those ugly tats on Brandon, no surprise there. Hope he's eliminated first.

by Miareply 3202/13/2013

Why must they push these douchebags like Brandon?

by Miareply 3302/13/2013

Pandering to trashy viewers.

by Miareply 3402/13/2013

Brandon is not a fan favorite, except to Jeff Probst. OTOH, Malcolm and Lisa are fan favorites.

by Miareply 3502/13/2013

Brandon seriously makes me cringe.

by Miareply 3602/13/2013

This season will see Malcolm and Erik getting it on together.

by Miareply 3702/13/2013

I want to go to Caramoan!

by Miareply 3802/13/2013

Shambo was a prick.

by Miareply 3902/13/2013

Love the two little crabs beckoning to each other. Nice change from the snakes and rats.

by Miareply 4002/13/2013

Eddie, Reynold and Malcolm... like heaven in two and a half rooms. Yummy!

by Miareply 4102/13/2013

So is this the official thread or is it the other one?

by Miareply 4202/13/2013

R41, I concur. They're very yummy!!!

by Miareply 4302/13/2013

Hate, hate, HATE this cast. This will be one of the lowest rated seasons ever.

by Miareply 4402/13/2013

I want to watch, but I don't think I have the inner strength for another season of Phillip Sheppard.

by Miareply 4502/13/2013

There's another thread?

by Miareply 4602/13/2013

I like this thread better. I'm surprised nobodies mentioned the wet pants challenge.

by Miareply 4702/13/2013

Don't watch if you're scared of heights!

by Miareply 4802/13/2013

Phillip is getting a better edit this time. Or he's on better meds. Or he learned a few things from Boston Rob. Or by watching himself. Anyway, he's not as creepy as before. At least not in this episode.

The pink underwear notwithstanding.

by Miareply 4902/13/2013

Why do they continue to cast dumb blonde girls? As favorites? Who are they apart from Jaws the old christian? And where is James? Can't they bring his hotness back?

by Miareply 5002/13/2013

Did Malcolm even go home? "Caramoan Islands" started shooting 2 weeks after "Philippines" -- and where is Caramoan Islands? In the Philippines! The same exact location in fact.

by Miareply 5102/13/2013

Poor Francesqua. I was looking forward to watching her this time around. Funny, smart, beautiful.

I'm surprised they didn't throw Cochran off with his terrible burn and his complete lack of athleticism.

by Miareply 5202/13/2013

Philip said Matelli instead of Machiavelli and "explicative" rather than "expletive."

Yep, still a moron.

by Miareply 5302/13/2013

His panties will be beige by halfway through the next episode.

by Miareply 5402/13/2013

So... Apparently they don't teach basic math skills to the cool kids after they leave the lunch table?

by Miareply 5502/13/2013

That fireman/Emt has a very flat ass. So dissappointing...Too bad Reynolds appears to be straight. I thought he was one of the token gays this season.

I like Brandon this time around. God, I can't believe I just typed that!

Once again,the black folk get the cray cray/super annoying edit . The former Marine seems to be missing a few brain cells . And I agree with r52-Francesca is smart and beautiful but she's black so she had to be the first to go-again. Why they spared the little blond girl is a mystery. This show needs a better edit to show more of why the tribe comes to these voting decisions. Francesca was nothing but nice and sweet to Cochran but yet he voted her out? Wtf?

On a side note,Philip reminds me so much of a chocolate Aaron Eckhart. They could be brothers from another mother(obviously!)

Anyway, resistance is futile and I'll continue to watch, like I have every season since the beginning ...

by Miareply 5602/14/2013

"Reynold" is one of the stupidest names I have ever heard.

Physically, Shamar is exactly my type. I got warm when they showed him in the wet boxer briefs. This means he's next to go, I guess.

No mention by Jeff of Hidden Idols. Oh, I hope they're gone for good.

by Miareply 5702/14/2013

R57, they did talk about the idols. In fact Fran thought Phillip had one. Jeff also mentioned them before counting votes like he always does. They are still part of this season.

by Miareply 5802/14/2013

Is the EMT the guy that's so full of himself and has a terrible lisp?

by Miareply 5902/14/2013

Malcolm must have done nothing but eat in the 2 weeks between seasons. He's not fat but looked sort, not nearly as fit or lean as he did last season.

by Miareply 6002/14/2013

Fat ex-Marine is a complete asshole. Did you see him stretching his leg out on the beach?

by Miareply 6102/14/2013

If there were only 2 weeks between seasons how did Malcolm know he didn't win last season's since the finale wasn't till after thunderstorm was filmed?

by Miareply 6202/14/2013

Premiere got lowest ratings ever. Good riddance. Horrible, horrible casting this time around.

by Miareply 6302/14/2013

If the fireman wants to maintain that he is the most attractive, he shouldn't open his mouth.

by Miareply 6402/14/2013

Yes, Eddie, the firemen, has a very high opinion of himself. He is smoking hot, but should keep his mouth shut, or his days are numbered.

Surpried to like Cochran and Erik more the second time around. Corinne as well, an even bigger surprise.

by Miareply 6502/14/2013

Eddie was obviously a result of a casting call.

by Miareply 6602/14/2013

Why didn't you like Erik in his first season, r65? I always thought Erik seemed like a very sweet, likeable guy.

by Miareply 6702/14/2013

Lowest series premiere in show's history. :(

by Miareply 6802/14/2013

R60, Malcolm was on the radio the other day, and he said when he returned home, all he ever did was play video games and eat ice cream, cookie cakes and pizza. He admitted to having gained 15 lbs and warned that when you see him in the premiere he's a got a bit of a gut.

by Miareply 6902/14/2013

Ay pics of a shirtless Malcum? I missed the premiere!

by Miareply 7002/14/2013

No, he's gained weight...r70.

by Miareply 7102/14/2013

Is he fat or something? Hes probably still hot no?

by Miareply 7202/14/2013

Why the fuck didn't Malcum get a haircut? He should have had a different look this season.

The show has really fucked up. Don't be surprised if CBS gives up it's fall slot and only puts it on once a year. I'd love it to be back as a summer series only.

by Miareply 7302/14/2013

Why would Brandon or anyone that voted to get rid of Andrea not talk to the stronger players like Malcolm and Phillip to see who they were voting for? Brandon looked dumbfounded at the tribal council when Francesca got voted out. You think they let him think Andrea was leaving? Next week's previews he's in a very pissed off mood.

by Miareply 7402/14/2013

Survivor returnees seem to like to look the same as their first season. Rupert and his rainbow shirt and Phillip and his pink underwear are two examples. I guess they worry people won't know them.

by Miareply 7502/14/2013

The sight of Phillip in that underwear is enough to make anyone change the channel.

by Miareply 7602/14/2013

The preview for next week - WTF? Another Hantz spawn gone amok? We get it, CBS. You tried it with Russell three times. You tried it with his skuzzy brother on Big Brother. Now it's a second chance for the fat oompa loompa nephew?

by Miareply 7702/15/2013

What's this about contestants ganging up on Andrea on Twitter?

by Miareply 7802/15/2013

Well, in regards to Malcolm, it would be hard to only have a 2 - 3 week break between seasons. Your body would just be craving everything including rest.

by Miareply 7902/16/2013

I thought Eddie had a nice ass, especially when he was standing in the water being filmed in night vision. But he's obviously a stupid douchebag.

Sorry to see Francesca go. Again. She seems to intelligent to play this game.

by Miareply 8002/16/2013

Phillip is right up there with Coach and Brandon in terms of crazy.

by Miareply 8102/16/2013

count me as a malcolm fan.

and why did they let cochrane get so sun burned? he looked like he was in pain.

by Miareply 8202/16/2013

Is [italic]this[/italic] the official thread?

by Miareply 8302/16/2013

Sunburned or not, Cochran has some ugly feets.

by Miareply 8402/16/2013

[quote] She seems to intelligent to play this game.

Oh dear

by Miareply 8502/16/2013

[quote]Premiere got lowest ratings ever. Good riddance. Horrible, horrible casting this time around.

That's because they added frickin Brandon again, viewers do not not want to see this douche.

by Miareply 8602/20/2013

Shamar is obviously a lazy ass.

by Miareply 8702/20/2013

Did anyone see something in Malcolm's short swinging away?

by Miareply 8802/20/2013

Brandon is still trying to overshadow Russell. He and Shamar are miserable, miserable people. I hope something really satisfying happens to each of them.

by Miareply 8902/20/2013

That blonde wants Shamar next to her at the finale.

by Miareply 9002/20/2013

Between Brandon and Phillip, it's sort of like they wanted people to not watch.

by Miareply 9102/20/2013

My blood ran boiling mad when Shamar yelled at Reynolds to "Shut up!" What a nasty pisser.

by Miareply 9202/20/2013

Early in the show, I noticed something in Eddie's underwear swinging, not sure about Malcolm. They both wore pants after those early scenes.

by Miareply 9302/20/2013

[quote]Premiere got lowest ratings ever. Good riddance.

Why are you posting in a thread about Survivor if you want the show canceled? Some of you have mental problems.

by Miareply 9402/20/2013

Speaking of mental problems, Philip, Brandon, and Shamar are so obviously and overtly crazy. This severely limits the enjoyability of watching the game unfold.

by Miareply 9502/20/2013

Absolutely, R95. And the promos for next week were nothing but Shamar and Brandon going nuts.

I absolutely hate this edition.

by Miareply 9602/20/2013

I agree with r95! I knew the more conversation there was about getting rid of Shamu, the less likely he was being voted off. He is one of the most appalling Survivor contestants ever and those fools deserve every last bit of harassment they get from him. This game has become quite predictable.

Also, is it bad for me to wish Jeff ProbShit would accidentally fall off a boat and get eaten by a great white so we can get another host? I'm so over his ugly squat arrogant ass and his transparent and oh so tired attempts to control the tribal council vote.

by Miareply 9702/20/2013

See ?? I told you 'the popular kids' were too stupid to do the simple math .... uh, 4 vs. 6 .... hello ??

by Miareply 9802/20/2013

I'd love it if they got rid of those damn hidden immunity idols. On that same note, The Amazing Race should do away with express passes and non-elimination rounds. These are basically game shows, and it would be more interesting to watch a pure game, instead of tainting the competition with random twists.

by Miareply 9902/20/2013

I think Laura was impressive in this second episode. I wish we had a better set of returning players. (Desperate casting.)

by Miareply 10002/20/2013

It's pretty much the Shamu/Brandon show, no wonder no one is tuning in.

by Miareply 10102/21/2013

Eric and Phillip called Brandon pretty well .... "Cah-razeeee".

Next week will be more of the same - Meltdown # 2,476 ("I am the devil and I will burn down the island and maim every contestant") followed by Contrition # 8,392 ("I love you guys and want to be a good man for my family. Let's win, win, WIN !!")

by Miareply 10202/21/2013

Wily have on probst?

Don't the producers realize that no one watches when a member of that family plays?

by Miareply 10302/21/2013

CBS stands by our dedication and commitment to the Hantz family.

by Miareply 10402/21/2013

It seems that casting two ridiculous overbearing black men has got people 'boiling mad'. Mission accomplished,CBS/Survivor. Why no hate for Reynolds, who obliviously was goading Shamar on and buys into his own hype that he is one if the 'cool kids'.

by Miareply 10502/21/2013

I guess no one is complaining about Reynolds because even though he's a whiner, it's so obvious that every move he's making is in the Survivor handbook on how not to play the game.

by Miareply 10602/21/2013

You're right r106 Reynolds is terrible at this game. Why didn't he just say he found the idol minutes before tribal and didn't have a chance to tell his alliance. He's too dumb to think on his feet.

I really hope Malcolm gets more air time. He was such a strong player last time and now we have no idea what his strategy is, where he sits in his alliance, what his plans are. But we do get to listen to Phillip Shepard introduce everyone by the idiotic nicknames he's given them. And then we get to listen to Brandon rambling on like the nut job he is. Ugh. More survivor and less insanity please.

by Miareply 10702/21/2013

By the way, his name is "Reynold," not "Reynolds."

"Oh look, I stumbled onto the hidden immunity idol!" Ugh, enough already. Time to retire this lame device.

by Miareply 10802/21/2013

I haven't decided whether Brandon is severely immature, seriously personality disordered or both. I'm leaning toward both. What a piece of work.

by Miareply 10902/21/2013

Rumour has it that Brandon has another meltdown, then starts to cry about winning for his family.

by Miareply 11002/21/2013

[quote]Also, is it bad for me to wish Jeff ProbShit would accidentally fall off a boat and get eaten by a great white so we can get another host? I'm so over his ugly squat arrogant ass and his transparent and oh so tired attempts to control the tribal council vote.

You say the same thing, multiple times, during every Survivor thread here. Perhaps it's time for you to stop watching this show.

by Miareply 11102/21/2013

The second week of Survivor‘s 26th season saw fewer people in the competition but more people watching. Wednesday’s one-hour Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites (2.5/7) bopped up 4% from last week’s two-hour premiere.

While small, that slight rise is up from the series’ lowest-rated premiere ever February 13.

About 9.45 million viewers watched the show last night, up from the 8.96 million who watched last week.

by Miareply 11202/21/2013

I have a feeling that the Fans are going to implode, and that will give the game to the Favorites

by Miareply 11302/21/2013

Most of those on the fans tribe are dumb as a box of hammers. Not that there are a bunch of geniuses on the favourites tribe either. There are a few potential contenders, but most of them this season are there to either look attractive or behave like the unhinged nut jobs they are.

by Miareply 11402/21/2013

"Pretty people are more important than smart people. Wonder why they did not air any of my confessionals?"

by Miareply 11502/21/2013

Is Eddie the one with the severe and annoying speech impediment?

by Miareply 11602/21/2013

I can see Sherri from the fans tribe doing pretty well and the chick who called out the idol showed some smarts. Loved the look on Reynold's face "I'm so fucked". Moments like that are fantastic. His alliance should be shitting themselves now. Time for one of them to flip! I say the remaining girl.

by Miareply 11702/22/2013

Looks like Reynolds and the beautiful people are the first to go.

by Miareply 11802/23/2013

'Looks like Reynold and the beautiful people are the first to go.'

This is not a spoiler because it is just a guess by me. If the fans continue going to Tribal, I wonder if the show will mix up the tribes. It would be boring to watch the other three pretty people send home one by one.

by Miareply 11902/23/2013


by Miareply 12002/23/2013

This will not end well.

by Miareply 12102/23/2013

Just checking in.

I can't believe that Brandon made nice Dawn cry.

I see there are lots of slobbering monkeys this year. The editors must be fans of DL.

No spoiler. But I have seen the spoiler and I am happy with the outcome.

by Miareply 12202/23/2013

I have also seen the spoiler. I am not crazy about the outcome, but pleased that some stayed longer than I expected, and are on the jury.

by Miareply 12302/24/2013

Wasn't there an episode tonight?

by Miareply 12402/27/2013

Reynold has beautiful eyes.

by Miareply 12502/27/2013

The competitors for this season are GODAWFUL.

I refuse to refer to them as the "cast."

by Miareply 12602/28/2013

Yeah, the cast sucks. Even the winner will be a loser.

by Miareply 12702/28/2013

"Oh look, I too stumbled upon an Immunity Idol(TM)"

by Miareply 12802/28/2013

Eddie with the speech problem looks exactly like the rage midget Trey from the last Real World.

by Miareply 12903/01/2013

It always takes several weeks for the cast to sink in but so far I hate this group, and I can't for the life of me figure out why they pick such repulsive looking people like that guy with the disgusting beard and tattoos. Who wants to look at that?

by Miareply 13003/01/2013

r130, I'd rather look at him than flabby Phillip in his pink bikini bottom.

by Miareply 13103/01/2013

Not a spoiler, but I believe Eddie will go far in this season, perhaps evn the final two or three. Eddie has shown that he is follower, with no game plans and few brains. Despite his poor showing this week in the challenge, he's an asset in challenges that require strength.

Is it the same person who is posting about some speech problems, because I have not hear any.

by Miareply 13203/01/2013

It's different people, R132. It's pretty prominent.

by Miareply 13303/01/2013

Thanks R132. Eddie really only talked at any length in the first episode, which I just fast forwarded through. It's difficult to tell whether it's speech problem, a Jersey accent or mumbling words. I have heard much worse New Jersey accents, so it may be a speech problem.

He rarely talks anymore on air, so it remains a minor mystery.

by Miareply 13403/01/2013

Well this is shaping up to be yet another shit season. I especially love the way Jeff tries to destroy people during TC. Ah you're not actually playing the game arsehole!

by Miareply 13503/02/2013

The Hantz nephew is one short, fat little troll. Russell must be proud.

by Miareply 13603/05/2013

It's hard to believe that Brandon is only 21. He looks so very much older.

by Miareply 13703/05/2013

This is another one of those situations where the uglies, being jealous of the four goodlooking ones, decide to get rid of them all, one by one. Thus, we are left with nothing but uglies to look at (except for Malcolm, and who knows how long he's going to last this time around?)

by Miareply 13803/05/2013

Well Phillip can throw like a boss.

Ding Dong Shamar is gone. I hope his eye is okay but I won't miss him.

Well the stupidest group of fans ever, finally made a smart decision.

by Miareply 13903/06/2013

Is there a reason that the Hantz troll is in every promo? What does this family have on Moonves?

by Miareply 14003/06/2013

Well, as bad as this season has been, I've been sticking with it. But after seeing the previews for next week, I think I'm done. Just can't deal with these assholes. It's like they're trying to NOT win.

by Miareply 14103/06/2013

I thought it was Philip who was going to have the medical emergency.

This will easilt go down as one of the worst seasons ever

by Miareply 14203/06/2013

Who are the gays? Michael? Reynold?

by Miareply 14303/07/2013

I can't understand them bringing back Brandon as a "favorite" but the amount of screen time that mental case gets is unfathomable. Judging by the preview for next week, I may be out, too.

by Miareply 14403/07/2013

Survivor production is confusing mental illness with dramatic television.

This season is a steaming pile of shit.

by Miareply 14503/07/2013

I'm glad they finally gave Brenda a line. I forgot she was on the show.

by Miareply 14603/07/2013

Ugh, we will have to deal with another Brandon break-down next week. Why do producers keep bringing the shit stirrer back? What an annoying little shit.

Looks like Shamar got his comeuppance for being a lazy ass and a bully.

Surprisingly, no camera time on Malcolm.

by Miareply 14703/07/2013

[quote]I can't believe that Brandon made nice Dawn cry.

That was really shitty of Brandon, which makes me dislike him even more than I already do. In what planet is he a fan favorite?

by Miareply 14803/07/2013

Worst. Season. Evah!

by Miareply 14903/07/2013

I hate these fans vs favorites. I don't want to see all these old people back. I want new crazy people. They need to do a survivor with a bunch of gays and dykes. That would be awesome.

by Miareply 15003/07/2013

r147, Malcolm is old news. New hottie Reynold is the star.

by Miareply 15103/07/2013

Eddie is hotter.

by Miareply 15203/07/2013

Yes, Malcolm has faded into the background. It does not help that he is wearing the same clothes from the fall season Agree that Reynold & Eddie are this season's eye candy.

by Miareply 15303/07/2013

Eddie...not so much.

But god damn if Reynold isn't a hot piece of ass.

Damn fine!

by Miareply 15403/07/2013

Survivor: Caramoan (2.5/7) saw the Fans team lose yet again to the Favorites. The second most watched show of the night with 9.36 million viewers and the second program of the night among the 18-49, the fourth week of the competition show’s 26th season dipped 4% from last week’s show.

by Miareply 15503/07/2013

[quote]Yes, Malcolm has faded into the background. It does not help that he is wearing the same clothes from the fall season Agree that Reynold & Eddie are this season's eye candy.

That's s bad sign, I wonder if Malcolm gets voted out early. I heard his clothes are a good luck for him, that's why he's wearing them again. Yes, Reynolds is a hottie, he looks like JC Chasez.

by Miareply 15603/07/2013

To each his own, r152. Eddie is short with a lisp.

by Miareply 15703/07/2013

Reynolds is clean-cut, but an idiot.

Eddie is also an idiot, but a beautiful specimen of manhood. Team Eddie, here.

But yes, this is about the worst season of Survivor yet.

by Miareply 15803/07/2013

Now that Shamar is gone the fan tribe consists of relatively normal people...something that not be said of the 'favorites.'

by Miareply 15903/07/2013

The only gay I can see is Michael, the event planner from the Fans tribe. At one of the tribal councils he managed to throw out a pitchers-catchers analogy. I was surprised no one here mentioned it at the time.

by Miareply 16003/08/2013

[quote] Surprisingly, no camera time on Malcolm.

They showed him goofily smiling when the "Golem" was showing them how to cook rice in the bamboo.

by Miareply 16103/08/2013

One way I can tell Michael is gay is that he acts out every word. He doesn't speak plainly, he emotes every thought and reaction.

by Miareply 16203/08/2013

Is there anyone who would believe troll Hantz's tantrums aren't staged?

by Miareply 16303/08/2013

"Reynold" not "Reynolds"

by Miareply 16403/08/2013

Gollum. Not Golem.

by Miareply 16503/08/2013

Even though you might suspect Michael was gay from his first interview, when his profession was listed as event planner, there was no doubt.

by Miareply 16603/08/2013

Malcolm will have more camera rime when his tribe starts going to Tribal, if it ever goes. So far (from a distance), he seems somwhat disengaged. It may be his tribe mates. Imagine having to put up with Hantz and Philip, especially after just finishing a very recent stint on "Survivor."

by Miareply 16703/08/2013

I think Malcolm is embarrassed with the Hantz evil span.

by Miareply 16803/08/2013

Reynold and Eddie would be more appealing if they weren't dumber than a box of hammers. Malcolm is still my favorite but they're not giving him enough air time. Meanwhile Phillip, brandon and Shamar's insanity has taken up all the screen time. Brenda was a pretty competitive player last time, now I have no idea what her plans are. Eric seems to have returned a little less green and a bit edgier but that's only a guess because apart from performing well in challenges he's never on the screen. Meanwhile they spend 5 minutes allowing that fool Phillip to wander about giving everyone nicknames. Who cares! And there's brunette on the fans team who I'm pretty sure has yet to utter a single word. I want to watch Survivor not "Dazed and Confused-phillipines edition"

by Miareply 16903/08/2013

First they will clear out the noisy trash, then we will see the other more serious players engage.

by Miareply 17003/08/2013

That's what I thought r170 but they're still there. I'll continue to watch because I'm a sad Survivor addict but I'm hoping Brandon goes next week because he's really not mentally fit to be there. He is so desperate to prove to his horrible family that he's as "bad" as his Uncle Russell that he has been looking for reasons to throw a fit. He obviously does that next week and hopefully gets voted out because of it. Then we can get back to the business of watching the grown ups play Survivor, even if that means putting up with Special Agent Nut Job for a few more weeks.

by Miareply 17103/08/2013

I suggested a week or so that Eddie would go far in the game. In small ways, I see how the group life at work of a fireman is helping him as tribe mate, in contrast to Reynold who has none of those skills. True Eddie may never live down his stupid comments about the cool kids alliance and he also has no plan to win. So I do not disagree with characterization that he's dumb; yet he has the skills of someone on a sports team or the military.

Again, no spolier...just an observation.

by Miareply 17203/08/2013

Tata the Filipino Gollum was a playa and put the boys of Bikal to shame!

by Miareply 17303/08/2013

Who the hell sat there and thought, "oh gee, it would be a great idea to bring Phillip back"?

I guess the audience simply didn't get enough of the flab hanging over the pink bikini?

by Miareply 17403/09/2013

I'm really starting to intensely hate whoever the fuck that is in OP's picture.

Intense hate. I want to kill whoever is in that picture.

Hate him.

by Miareply 17503/09/2013

Wow - this thread is dead compared to last season - it must really suck.

by Miareply 17603/12/2013

[quote]Wow - this thread is dead compared to last season - it must really suck.


by Miareply 17703/12/2013

This show needs Nancy McKeon!!

by Miareply 17803/13/2013

The fans made their first good decision in voting off Laura, since she was by far their weakest player. I liked Laura a lot- both the show and the inside clips showed her to be a pretty good player socially and strategically- but she was weak physically and that is a liability on a struggling tribe.

As for Shamar, I hope his eye his fine, but good riddance! Shamar ought to have been the first person the fans voted out.

I am happy that Reynold and Eddie are still in the game, but they have made a lot of mistakes: Isolating themselves with Allie and Hope and then being fooled twice by the dominant alliance. Now Reynold was tricked into playing his idol when it was not necessary!

Don't count out Malcolm. We saw a good deal of him in the first three episodes, and then we were reminded that he found the hidden immunity idol-even though that had no bearing on episode four. I am sure Malcolm will be around for a while.

by Miareply 17903/13/2013

r179, I totally disagree.

She doesn't need to be strong as their tribe will be mixed with the other soon enough. They needed loyalty and numbers. Once they switch tribes, I can guarantee Reynold and Eddie will ditch their tribe and side with the faves.

If you're going to vote out the "weak" people, you do that early on, not right before a switch/merge.

by Miareply 18003/13/2013

Albert was my favorite - pissed they didn't have him back.

by Miareply 18103/13/2013

Producers to Reynold:"you forgot to look in that tree over there for the idol"

by Miareply 18203/13/2013

If I saw some hillbilly asshole dumping my food out, I'd club that motherfucker over the head so fast to stop him. These pussies stand around and stare and not even one of them yelled at him about what he did.

Brandon started the episode saying that he wanted to go home and this is the way the psycho engineered it. Instead of looking like a quitter, he goes home looking like a raging maniac.

by Miareply 18303/13/2013

Somebody diagnose Brandon - bipolar, crazy redneck, racist?

by Miareply 18403/13/2013

Brandon is totally insane, can't stand him.

by Miareply 18503/13/2013

Memo to CBS--

Please no more Hanz family.


by Miareply 18603/13/2013

Wasn't Brandon arrested previously? Or was that Russell?

by Miareply 18703/13/2013

All of the above, plus Media Whore,r184. Remember,his uncle Willy,Russell's brother,infamously went nuts last summer on Big Brother. Props to Jeff for diffusing the situation as best he could and when Philip looks like the sane one this season you know you're in trouble! I like him so much better this season and Andrea seems to look up to Philip .

by Miareply 18803/13/2013

I was hoping Malcolm would beat the living shit out of Brandon. Brandon will always be known as a frickin' weirdo.

by Miareply 18903/13/2013

What, r186 said.

by Miareply 19003/13/2013

Go home and make another baby, Brandon.

by Miareply 19103/13/2013

Someone was actually insane to marry Brandon?

by Miareply 19203/13/2013

I bet they are not legally married.

by Miareply 19303/13/2013

Brandon should have been arrested for his threats against Phillip. I already made a complaint toward CBS.

by Miareply 19403/13/2013

The guy has a twitter feed and youtube account you can follow. He drives a nice new loaded car and lives in a house with little furniture. He is covered in prison tats. Has a gay BLACK girly cousin.

by Miareply 19503/13/2013

Jeff massaging Brandon's neck almost made me throw up.

by Miareply 19603/13/2013

Me too, r196. He was rubbing his shoulders way too long.

by Miareply 19703/13/2013

What a horrible little man...trailer park trash.

by Miareply 19803/13/2013

Michael the event planner. So gay.

by Miareply 19903/13/2013

Memorable episode. Very glad Brandon is gone. Philip didn't handle it very well but he's ultimately just a harmless doofus. Brandon seems unstable.

Reynold is a dick, but I find him irresistibly hot. He's like hate fuck material. His little sidekick is sexy too, I hope they figure out a way to stick around in next week's inevitable merge.

by Miareply 20003/13/2013

I want Jeff to give me a massage. I have some knots in my neck that could really benefit from his manhandling.

by Miareply 20103/13/2013

Nice to know Probst loves Brandon so much he felt the need to massage his shoulders and try to placate him as if Brandon had a leg to stand on instead of, you know, smacking him down for being a profane, grandstanding, redneck asshole. It was disgusting to watch.

by Miareply 20203/13/2013

Worst episode ever. I want to watch Survivor, not mentally ill people having psychotic episodes. Shame on CBS for exploitive casting.

by Miareply 20303/13/2013

Why does Jeff Probst have a hardon for the Hanz clan? That is just not right. Tonight's episode was uncomfortable to watch, I'm not tuning in next week.

by Miareply 20403/13/2013

Either this Brandon kid is mentally ill and in need of meds, or this was a desperate ploy for more camera time (a Hantz trait, based on their TV history). Either way, it was BORING. I want to see people competing, social interaction, and a pure game. I DON'T want to see exploitation of mental illness, malicious manipulation for camera time, or seemingly endless footage of people scrounging around the jungle for those idiotic hidden immunity idols. Horrible episode, especially when Probst fed into Brandon's illness with that ridiculous massage. The LAST thing you should do when confronted with a raving lunatic is touch him.

by Miareply 20503/13/2013

I will, and I wish they did the challenge.

by Miareply 20603/13/2013

I just don't understand the Hantz thing.

Sometimes I wonder if people put up with craziness just for the big cock? But nothing about any of the Hantz's says big cock.

I don't understand it.

by Miareply 20703/13/2013

I didn't get the feeling that Jeff's massage was out of love or even like. It looked as if he was trying to keep Brandon from physically attacking Philip.

Probst kept a lid on the whole situation while moving the show forward - no easy task.

Brandon needed to go, obviously, and the rest of the tribe stood around and did nothing while he raged all over camp because there's a standard "no violence of any kind" clause in their contracts. Put your hands on another player, you're out. Also it looked as if they were taken completely by surprise and had very little time to react or stop him.

by Miareply 20803/14/2013

[quote]I didn't get the feeling that Jeff's massage was out of love or even like. It looked as if he was trying to keep Brandon from physically attacking Philip.[/quote]


[quote]Probst kept a lid on the whole situation while moving the show forward - no easy task.[/quote]

I think he did a pretty good job.

[quote]Brandon needed to go, obviously, and the rest of the tribe stood around and did nothing while he raged all over camp because there's a standard "no violence of any kind" clause in their contracts. Put your hands on another player, you're out. Also it looked as if they were taken completely by surprise and had very little time to react or stop him.[/quote]

I think they could have intervene, but initially it was little time to stop him. I swear if he was throwing out the food, I would have went ballistic or at least tried to stop him, if there was time to do it.

The "no violence of any kind" would not apply if the contestants were merely trying to reel in Brandon.

I just love how Brandon says he's just like Russel, but I don't see the similarities.

Since Russell was more of a schemer and game player. The nephew is more of a raging thug, who is not wrapped too tight. He does not understand that this is a game.

On the other hand, Russell knew it was a game, and he loved the game. I think Brandon is more on the sour grapes' train, and he will take his ball and leave, if he's not winning.

by Miareply 20903/14/2013

Lol at Brandon's declaration that he's a "Hantz",like that's something to be proud of!

by Miareply 21003/14/2013

I agree with 209 and if you watch Jeff's talk show you'll realize whata softie he really is. He's had tons of gay guests, talks about his bromances openly. Love him.

by Miareply 21103/14/2013

Now that Russell is gone, maybe Malcolm can get some more airtime.

by Miareply 21203/14/2013

I have mixed feelings about Brandon's casting. While I hated the episode, Brandon's explosion was on camera. He didn't do this while the cameras weren't there which seems calculated to me more than "mentally ill". While Brandon seems easily rocked by events, I think it's more immaturity, stupidity, and terror that he'll look bad rather than mental illness.

As for Survivor, they had the kid on before. He wanted to redeem himself. Survivor has shown a tendency to be manipulated by the sob stories of their own cast. The cafeteria lady for instance. So they put him out there and he behaves more like Willy than anything else. They gave him his chance to rant in front of the other team, Jeff kept him from attacking.

I don't think Brandon realized how crazy he looked. He looked sheepishly at Jeff and said "You don't want me to go back" and Jeff breaks out of caring dad to producer. "NO! You are NOT going back to camp." Anyway, he's gone. Yeehaw.

by Miareply 21303/14/2013

I was watching this episode with a friend who is a therapist and he was commenting that Jeff handled the situation perfectly. He diffused the situation and kept it from getting out of hand.

by Miareply 21403/14/2013

Jeff talks about the incident.

by Miareply 21503/14/2013

If they are going to create fake drama, then at least cast good actors. The hillbilly troll vs the delusional spy in pink underwear?

They must have edited out the critical part when a producer told Reynold where to find the idol because we all know it happened.

by Miareply 21603/14/2013

I would freak out,too,just to get one of Jeff's deep tissue massages!

And I agree with r212-we need more Malcolm and less annoying Reynold.

by Miareply 21703/14/2013

Brandon is so not Jeff's type.

by Miareply 21803/14/2013

Brandon's meltdown was all macho posturing. He missed his wife and kids and wanted off the show. He said so at the top of the episode. But he wasn't gonna go home a quitter. No no, he had too much pride and didn't want to besmirch the good Hantz name(!) So he escalated his petty little conflict with Philip and turned it into an [italic]epic[/italic] David vs. Goliath battle ("I'm an underdog!"), fighting for his rights and the rights of his fellow tribesmen ("I'm the author of my destiny!") The little twit could've just spared everybody the trouble with a simple, "Jeff. I'm out. See ya!" but no, he turned it into a big self-serving production, forced his team to vote him of, and went home swinging.

by Miareply 21903/14/2013

[quote]I'd club that motherfucker over the head so fast to stop him

LOL. Sure you would... More like call him Miss Thing and throw sidelong glances somewhere between annoyance and want for his straight cock.

by Miareply 22003/14/2013

Really disgusting and disappointing episode in my opinion. If I continue watching, it will only be to see fireman Eddie hose someone off, hopefully.

by Miareply 22103/14/2013

Is this the first time someone has dumped out the food?

I hope they introduce a new Hantz family member in the game next season but I want it to be a female! Let's see what shenanigans a Lady Hantz can get up to.

by Miareply 22203/14/2013

[quote]I was watching this episode with a friend who is a therapist and he was commenting that Jeff handled the situation perfectly. He diffused the situation and kept it from getting out of hand.

Getting out of hand? It already did! They should have arrested his ass, and sent him to jail. And then, to a psychiatric ward. Brandon is NUTS, and had no business being on the show. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets arrested for assault and battery along the way.

by Miareply 22303/14/2013

Do they merge next week or mix up the tribes?

It seems like they merge but they're still at 15 which seems too big.

by Miareply 22403/14/2013

Looks like it, r224. Looks like a surprise merge.

by Miareply 22503/14/2013

[quote]He didn't do this while the cameras weren't there.

When are the cameras not there?

by Miareply 22603/14/2013

[quote]It seems like they merge but they're still at 15 which seems too big.

They're at 14. Merge/Tribe swap is imminent.

by Miareply 22703/14/2013

Looks like a tribe swap and not a merge.

by Miareply 22803/14/2013

On CBS’ Survivor: Caramoan (2.5/8) contestant Brandon Hantz had what can only be called a full-on meltdown that caused chaos for everyone. Needless to say, the Favorites unanimously voted Hantz out of their tribe. The reality show didn’t suffer such a harsh fate: Survivor slipped a mere 4% from last week’s show.

by Miareply 22903/14/2013


And Jeff kneading and kneading and kneading Hantz's shoulders so the guy wouldn't get crazier.

But the worst part of it is what's become of our country/our culture: no one could give two shits that that fucking kid is mentally insane.

And the producers (Jeff Prosbt) exploited that situation masterfully.

Bravo. But, at what cost?

by Miareply 23003/14/2013

I don't know how you could say Jeff handled it perfectly when he was standing there with his shorts still on.

by Miareply 23103/14/2013

I wonder if Jeff continued to comfort him in the trailer that night.

by Miareply 23203/14/2013

Sorry R226, I thought I'd read that the cameras were only there during the day and only a little while after dark. But I looked it up and they say they're always there. I guess I mixed it up with something else.

So, never mind.

by Miareply 23303/14/2013

You still watch this shit!

by Miareply 23403/14/2013

No worries, R213. I just thought you might know something that I didn't know. I assumed they were always there.

by Miareply 23503/14/2013

I'm the master of my own destiny! So you hate me? Well, I'll cut you and then make you hate me, so I controlled it. Ha, ha bitches suck it. I rule you suck.

Hate me yet? It's because I WANT YOU TO. Because I control it. Yep, I am in control.

by Miareply 23603/14/2013

Get out of here Brandon, you closet queen!!!!!

by Miareply 23703/14/2013

"Being on Survivor was awful in every way."

by Miareply 23803/14/2013

Phil Sheppard is no saner than Brandon. They were both exploited. Phillip is a delusional fool and Brandon has serious rage issues that makes him frightening to be around. Although when Brandon called Phillip out on his BS he was spot on. He looked Phillip in the eye and for a guy who can talk a lot of rubbish himself, Brandon said with utter clarity that Phillip is no special agent, that he more the village idiot than the camp leader and the idiotic names he gives everyone are childish. And Brandon was right, Phil does take the credit for everything. He doesn't win challenges on his own although you'd think so to hear him tell it.

I assume it's too much to ask that Phillip is voted out next because I just don't want to watch The Phillip Sheppard Show anymore. He's a man who needs as much psychological help as Brandon and he needs to go get it.

by Miareply 23903/15/2013

I guess Jeff traded in Malcolm for Reynold as personal cocksucker.

by Miareply 24003/15/2013

R204, I suggest you avoid HBO's Girls as well then.

by Miareply 24103/15/2013

I was hoping Jeff was going to serve Brandon the same way DeNiro tries to off Lorraine Bracco in Goodfellas: "Now, what I want you to do, is just walk straight forward and then go behind the building..."

I was waiting for security to walk out of the brush, handcuff him and frog march him out of there.

by Miareply 24203/15/2013

Reynold is annoying and not subtle. The way he was blatantly kissing the Favourites' asses at the immunity challenge was so disingenuous. But that's his whole game: disingenuous.

by Miareply 24303/15/2013

I wish someone on the Favorites tribe had the balls to say, "Can we get back to playing Survivor now?" It's all I as thinking.

by Miareply 24403/15/2013

When Phillip seems like the sane one, we have a helluva season.

by Miareply 24503/15/2013

What the hell would impel them to bring back that Phillip creature? Or that Hantz troll? No one will convincne me that fans liked these two in any way to qualify them as favorites.

And please let this be the LAST we ever see of any Hantz family member on CBS.

by Miareply 24603/15/2013

I don't need to see any behavior by Brandon Hantz to know he is nuts. All you need to do is look at the tattoos and the ear piercing and case closed.

by Miareply 24703/15/2013

Uh, are we really analyzing a meltdown on a reality show? The cameras were on him. End of story.

by Miareply 24803/15/2013

[quote] I suggest you avoid HBO's Girls as well then.

Someone from the Hantz clan is on Girls?

by Miareply 24903/15/2013

I agree that those Tats are proof enough the guy is a head case.

by Miareply 25003/15/2013

In all his crazy behavior, I did think Hantz made a few valid points about Phil. But Phil is far more sane than Brandon.

by Miareply 25103/15/2013

I loathe Brandon and think he needs psychological help, but give him credit for calling out Philip about naming his tribe mates.

by Miareply 25203/15/2013

Why didn't Jeff dismiss the fans team once the favorites conceded the immunity challenge?

While I think Jeff was doing the right thing by having the tribal meeting right there, I do think he should have dismissed the other team.

Otherwise, why isn't the opposing team invited to witness a normal tribal meeting?

by Miareply 25303/15/2013

I agree, R253. I think it was to give them a psychological leg up by letting them know about the turmoil in the Favourites camp.

Brandon's stick through his earlobe was another sign his deck isn't full.

by Miareply 25403/15/2013

The women on the Favorites team are under rated in opposed to the two women left on the fans teams who are a liability. Despite Sherri comments of regret about losing Laura, Sherri herself does little to help in challenges. That's why I hope they mix the tribes up next week.

At one point, I had high hopes for Sherri, but she's a much worse judge of people than she thinks. It's frustrating.

by Miareply 25503/15/2013

Sherri sucks.

by Miareply 25603/15/2013

Hantz absolutely made valid points about Philip. Philip is a buffoon. I loved his remark about the stupid nicknames and how they weren't "plastic dolls." I wish Hantz would have said something like one of the main reason the viewers would hate this season would be Philip's return. But CBS would have that edited out.

There better not be a kumbaya moment between them at the reunion. If Philip gets voted out next they'd have to be seated next to each other.

by Miareply 25703/15/2013

Maybe I'm odd, but I was on Brandon's side in that dispute. Phillip is an insufferable, power-hungry jerk who got to #3 only because of Boston Rob.

by Miareply 25803/15/2013

I'm the Arthur of my fate!

by Miareply 25903/15/2013

I don't want to say that the Brandon melt-down was a set-up...but... I got the feeling from Jeff's demeanor, during the shoulder rubbing etc. that there was a sort of "wink-wink, you did good, kid." from Jeff to Brandon, and Brandon was basking in Jeff's approval.

It seemed to me that there was an understanding between them that this was to be the inevitable climax to Brandon's stay. If anything, Jeff seemed amused rather than the least bit concerned, as if it was expected.

If I'm completely wrong, there was no way that Brandon was going to continue. If he had not quit, he surely would have been given the boot. His teammates were genuinely frightened, and there could be no way to allow Brandon to continue playing even if that's what he wanted. This would have been the first non-medical forced exit, which would have made for a better ending for the viewing audience.

Either way, something like this was most certainly discussed in pre-production by the producers. They got their wish... after all, what would have been the point in having him back on? Jackpot!

by Miareply 26003/16/2013

I hope that Brandon does NOT show up for the reunion (really, I wish they'd have the good sense to NOT invite him back to it)

But if there's an attempt by Brandon for a hug-it-out with his team, I will be sick.

by Miareply 26103/16/2013

Does Phillip's team think the nicknames are stupid and that Phil is a buffoon? I haven't noticed that in the editing, and he is actually leading them to two victories per episode -- reward and immunity.

by Miareply 26203/16/2013

How could they not think his nicknames are stupid? We know from past Survivor seasons that Corinne, Brenda, Dawn and Malcolm (and perhaps others) are smart, savvy people whether you like them on not as Survivor players.

I do agree that Philip is a big help in challenges, much better than I expected. So that may be why there are no any-Philip confessionals YET.

by Miareply 26303/16/2013

A surprisingly articulate Brandon in a recent intervew:

by Miareply 26403/17/2013

I don't see it as articulate. He was more of a dictator than anyone. Including Shamar. Phillip annoyed and Shamar irritated, Brandon scared them. Made them miserable. Little Napoleon asshole.

by Miareply 26503/17/2013

The aftershow with Pavarti had Coach and Brandon on skype. Brandon comes on half way through. Interesting interview. He was still all up in arms over Coach betraying him. He did say that he liked his edit this season.

I've never seen the aftershow but quite enjoyed Pavarti as the host. Coach has gotten married and has a step child now.

by Miareply 26603/18/2013

Surprisingly articulate, R264? Are you from Mississippi or something? That is the polar opposite of articulate.

by Miareply 26703/18/2013

You misspelled Cameroon, dumb ass

by Miareply 26803/18/2013

Well, if the show was filmed in Cameroon then yes OP did misspell it, but it is filmed in Caramoan. Dumbass.

by Miareply 26903/18/2013

R268 put her tampon in the wrong hole.

by Miareply 27003/19/2013

I'm not watching anymore unless they promise us this scenario:

Jeff: Wanna see what you're playin' for?

Contestants: Yes yes yes!

(sound of Jeff's cargo shorts being unzipped)

by Miareply 27103/19/2013

Jeff Probst has a hideous cock.

by Miareply 27203/19/2013

I kind of like it, r272.

by Miareply 27303/19/2013

I bet CBS replaces the "bad" rice with fresh rice to celebrate the impending tribal switch.

by Miareply 27403/19/2013

r187, his face ain't nothing to write home about either.

by Miareply 27503/20/2013

Oh God, this season is easily one of the worst ever.

Philip: "Let's get rid of the girl."

Brandon was so right about that moronic blowhard. Philip is one of the worst Survivor players in history for many reasons.

by Miareply 27603/20/2013

I know what you're saying, R276!

The episode did reveal that a certain someone thinks he is the one controlling who goes next ... but then someone else within that same tribe is the one who made the decision.

Good episode.

by Miareply 27703/20/2013

The new teams seem very unfair physically. There better be some non physical challenges.

by Miareply 27803/20/2013

Cockran named the other team the "Bold and Beautiful" and he might as well have added, challenge monsters. They have Reynold, Eddie, Malcolm, Brenda and Eric. It almost makes me sorry for Phillip, but then he started on the Stealth R Us bull shit again. Sorry to see Matt go.

by Miareply 27903/20/2013

Why would Matt and the gay need to be split up so soon? It would've made more sense to get out the weakest player, i.e., Julia, and then concern yourself with splitting up the loving couple later on.

by Miareply 28003/20/2013

It looks like Malcolm takes over the tribe next week!

by Miareply 28103/20/2013

Which one is (was) Matt again?

by Miareply 28203/20/2013

That was a dumb plan of Cochrane to oust Matt. Their weak a-- team needs some muscle, and Julia ain't got it.

In regards to the Bold & Beautiful, I hate it when the teams are so lopsided.

by Miareply 28303/20/2013

Cochran should want them to lose. He wants them to get rid of the fans AND wants targets other than himself. This strengthens his favorite alliance for later when they merge and by keeping Julia someone who has already been targeted he lessens the chance that his physical weaknesses will be noticed. He's managing calculated risks with his own welfare in mind.

by Miareply 28403/20/2013

Has Julia even been on before tonight? I swear I've never seen her before.

by Miareply 28503/20/2013

Now, are we supposed to believe that it was just so completely random that all the young people, not to mention including all FOUR strong athletic men, wound up on the same tribe?

by Miareply 28603/21/2013

It's tv they manipulate the game for good tv. The two semi attractive men on the loser fan tribe were in danger of being voted off so they moved them with all the other young good looking people.

During that last challenge when Jeff was calling the blue team pathetic, hell I would have stopped trying and read Jeff. Bitch please, you stack a team full of young bucks and expect the old black nut job, gay guy, bmx guy and housewives to beat them? Fuck off Jeff.

Then at tribal I would have spent 20 min calling him a fucking retard got up and said vote my ass out they rigged this game.

by Miareply 28703/21/2013

Yes - the Probst commentary was particularly ridiculous last night given that they are so obvious with how the tribes were manipulated. He sounds like such a clown.

by Miareply 28803/21/2013

Did Jeff pass out those eggs or did the survivors pick them out?

by Miareply 28903/21/2013

Jeffrey handed out the eggs.

by Miareply 29003/21/2013

He handed out the eggs in tiny bowls. So tiny there was only one egg on top to reach and no room to dig down, so he basically gave the tribe members an egg.

by Miareply 29103/21/2013

"He handed out the eggs in tiny bowls. So tiny there was only one egg on top to reach and no room to dig down, so he basically gave the tribe members an egg."

I just watched that part of the show again. It all happened very quickly. There was nothing to stop people from picking any egg, not just the one on the top. What you are suggesting is ridulous...the eggs would have to been planted just right so that 14 people people would pick an egg pre-planned by the show. Phillip, Cochran, Reynold and Corinne are rebels enough to dig deeper in the bowl.

Finally what would be the goal--to save Eddie and Reynold because they are good eye candy? And set up at least one more boring show in which we know either Michael or Julia are going home

by Miareply 29203/21/2013

I wonder what the reaction would have been had Corrine talked about loving "her blacks" and wanting to play the game with "her blacks," etc. instead of talking about "her gays."

by Miareply 29303/21/2013

That Corrine gay thing made me sick, R293. And I wondered how her condescending attitude would've been taken had it been directed at any other minority. So disrespectful and minimizing.

by Miareply 29403/21/2013

r292 - it is not hard to stack the teams - it's called editing. If you are a fan of survivor you remember the season where Stephanie was the last member of one tribe? They let one tribe lose all but one until the merge and then voted her out soon after. She and one other were allowed back for the next season to stop any cries about fixing.

You have to remember who runs this show, Mark Burnett. He has historically favored "contestants" from other shows - showing up on his new ones (the voice for example). If you notice Jeff has taken a much more active role in manipulating the votes. Pointing out weak tribe members over and over in competition, calling out grudges he would have no knowledge of that happened in camp.

by Miareply 29503/21/2013

Jeff has said in interviews that he knows nothing about what happens at camp unless a contestant tells him at the challenges or during tribal council. I find that really hard to believe.

by Miareply 29603/21/2013

R295: Yes, the selection of eggs was heavily edited. But, the theory of picking the egg on top, or two bowls of eggs, as has been seggested by one person on another site, begs the issue of one or more tribe members digging deeper into the bowl to select an egg thus throwing everything off.

I am not as questioning about the Bold & Beautiful tribe as the outcome of 4-3 favorites vs. fans on both tribes.

by Miareply 29703/21/2013

Really, R296? Because I once read that he watches the dailies from the camp and that is why he asks such pointed questions at tribal council.

by Miareply 29803/21/2013

The idea they manipulated the egg pick is just totally ridiculous. It fails the "obvious question" test - why would they WANT one tribe to be physically dominant? It makes the show more boring.

Eddie and Reynold were on a tribe with four people who desperately wanted them out. There was no scenario in which things could have gotten worse for them - their situation could only improve.

Here's something the Survivor conspiracy theorists don't understand - just because you can conceive a suspicious scenario, DOESN'T NECESSARILY MAKE IT TRUE.

by Miareply 29903/21/2013

Now they could get rid of everyone on the Stealth team and I really wouldn't care.

Matt was a good start. He was just awful to look at. Ick.

by Miareply 30003/21/2013

Malcolm's feets looked mighty pretty in the promo for next week.

by Miareply 30103/21/2013

From what I heard, the paint from the egg messed up Malcolm's eye (did anyone else notice it), and screwed up the rest of the season for him.

by Miareply 30203/21/2013

Brenda and Malcolm were stupid enough to crack the eggs near their faces. Both got paint in their eyes and it obviously stung.

Jeff was a douche once again during challenge but I'm happy he didn't spend the whole episode rehashing the Brandon debacle. Probably just masturbated to the footage back at his hotel room.

I'm surprised Matt and the gay didn't lie and tell them Eddie or Reynold has an idol or lie and say they had one. That way the faves would have had to split the vote 3 ways. For so called fans they don't have much game.

by Miareply 30303/22/2013

I liked Matt, there was no reason to get rid of him .

by Miareply 30403/22/2013

Will Malcolm steal Reynold away from Eddie? This will be a juicy triangle.

by Miareply 30503/22/2013

This season better start getting good soon. It has sucked so far. I wonder if there's any prayer that Probst will *finally* get the message that viewers do not share his obsessive love for toxic douchebags.

by Miareply 30603/22/2013

Boy, I'd love to see Russell Hantz square off against Rupert! Such an interesting match up of true ALPHA males... Titilating!

by Miareply 30703/22/2013

I'm rewatching Survivor Outback and it's amazing how different the show was. You got to know all the contestants, it was genuinely about surviving, they were all quite well spoken and actually enjoyed the experience despite it being miserable. It's just so cynical now and we have to watch Phillip talking shit instead of seeing any relationships form or food sourcing happening. Do they even bother trying to fish anymore? Someone needs to kill the person editing this show. Don't even get me started on how boring and recycled the challenges are.

by Miareply 30803/22/2013

"Will Malcolm steal Reynold away from Eddie?"

Since even Sherri said that Eddie is a nice guy, just not when he's around Reynold, I think he will do just fine. If Malcolm and Reynold team up, Eddie and Eric can fly under the radar.

by Miareply 30903/22/2013

[quote] I'm rewatching Survivor Outback and it's amazing how different the show was. You got to know all the contestants, it was genuinely about surviving, they were all quite well spoken and actually enjoyed the experience despite it being miserable. It's just so cynical now and we have to watch Phillip talking shit instead of seeing any relationships form or food sourcing happening. Do they even bother trying to fish anymore? Someone needs to kill the person editing this show.

Interesting.I guess change is so gradual you forget what things used to be like. Now they focus on people midway through the season and I don't recall ever seeing them before. It didn't used to be this way?

by Miareply 31003/22/2013

For a supposed "nice guy," Eddie sure does like to talk about how good looking he and his allies are.

by Miareply 31103/22/2013

Eddie seems like a vapid dick.

by Miareply 31203/22/2013

Sherri was the leader of the group within Gota against Reynold and Eddie, She's presently fighting to stay in the game against a 4-3 favorites advantage. Yet she still had nice things to say about Eddie. Yes, I am sick of Eddie's emphasis on looks too, but Sherri has spent every day of this season's "Survivor" with him. So I take her comments seriously.

by Miareply 31303/22/2013

Am I the only one who thinks Sherri looks like Sandra Bullock?

by Miareply 31403/22/2013

What was Malcolm's quote? "I've got a lot of experience lying to women?" Something like that. I'm sure Malcolm's a dog. But he is irresistible. If he is smart he will take obnoxious prick Reynold to the very end. His biggest mistake last time was aligning with likable people- Denise, Lisa. I would like to see Malcolm win this time.

by Miareply 31503/22/2013

Holy yawners. This season is abysmal. Hopefully PhiPhi won't win - seemed half the episode was just his blabbing face. I think I'm checking out.

by Miareply 31603/22/2013

I'm with you R308. The editing is terrible but I guess whoever it is may just be taking orders. It's all crazy all if the time and no substance.

Basically I want to hear strategy. What is everyone really thinking? Some of these guys like Brenda, Cochrane and Malcolm did nothing but talk strategy in their own Survivor seasons and now I don't even know who theyre really aligned with. All I know is there is no way they're taking Phil seriously. Eric who was once wide eyed and innocent has returned jaded and suspicious so what is he really thinking? Why do they humor Phillip? Are they planning on taking him to the end or do they put up with it because he's good in challenges? Andrea and Malcolm had a secret talk in the woods in the last episode, I didn't even know these two had ever spoken. Not to mention Corinne knows Malcolm has the idol, is he concerned about this now that things have changed?

All of these questions are not being answered but we have to listen to Phillips whole pep talk to the tribe. Why? I'm not a contest on the freaking show. Why am I being bored to tears? Ugh.

by Miareply 31703/22/2013

r309, I meant SEXUALLY.

by Miareply 31803/22/2013

Some of us totally knew what you mean, r305.

by Miareply 31903/22/2013

Why would the show take time to cover player strategy when you have so much juicy Hantz family drama over nothing.

by Miareply 32003/22/2013

I might stop watching now until Philip is gone. We're going to see nothing of value till then.

by Miareply 32103/22/2013

SURVIVOR(TM)took a turn for the worse once Probst became an executive producer. His trash-talking during the challenges and sucking up to his alpha-male favorites, the focus on nut-case drama queens, all seem to have appeared when he went from hired presenter to executive producer.

by Miareply 32203/22/2013

Sherri's plastic surgery makes her look 50-something rather than the 41 her bio states.

by Miareply 32303/22/2013

It's the eye of the negro

It's the thrill of the white

Rising up to the challenge of our rival

And some more words I don't know

And some more words tonight

And some more worlds I don't KNOWWWWWWWWWW

I'll survive

by Miareply 32403/23/2013

Exactly R285, my first question was "Where did shes come from?" Six episodes in and I never even noticed her before. She must be even more extremely dull in person. Poor casting.

by Miareply 32503/23/2013

Why does Sherri think she's so fuckin' great? She's useless in challenges and her one big strategy was to secretly align with Shemar. That didn't work out to great. She's toast. Old, burnt toast at that.

by Miareply 32603/23/2013

You do have to wonder though if Julie is boringly quiet or if it's the editing. We've barely heard a word from some of the favourites and they were very vocal in their own seasons. Eric has barely said two words, same with Brenda, Dawn and even Malcolm to some extent. I know that motormouth Cochrane would be voicing more opinions than the one or two we get to hear per episode. And frankly the only thing Eddie has been heard to say is that he thinks he's good looking. If he has any other strategy other than "align with other good looking people ONLY" we don't know about it.

Phillip on the other hand can't have a single thought pass through his delusional mind without us having to hear about it.

by Miareply 32703/23/2013

I like Corrine. She's a bitch but she's got heart.

by Miareply 32803/23/2013

[quote]Really, [R296]? Because I once read that he watches the dailies from the camp and that is why he asks such pointed questions at tribal council.

You read wrong.

Do you even know what "dailies" are? On Survivor, there are multiple cameras running all day long on two different camps. How can you watch "dailies" from that much footage?

Probst HAS said he usually knows about major things going on, but is not aware of the more day-to-day stuff.

by Miareply 32903/23/2013

r299 - how about mathematical theory - in two teams one has 8 one has 6. 14 random eggs passed out with a 50/50 chance of getting blue or yellow. Do you know the odds that each team would be split directly in half? Almost impossible to do randomly. Add to that the odds that every young strong member would end up on the same team?

by Miareply 33003/24/2013

I have laughed at the idea things were fixed, but watch this video; it appears that Jeff offers one bowl to Julie, another to Eddie.

It's the second story, so you need to go past the first item.

by Miareply 33103/24/2013

They could steer the choice of eggs. Some randomizing would still occur so they couldn't control the exact make up of the teams, but they could steer it so there was some higher probability of someone making a specific egg selection.

by Miareply 33203/24/2013

It's Julia, not Julie.

by Miareply 33303/24/2013

On CBS’ Survivor: Caramoan (2.5/8), the Fan and Favorite tribes were scrambled to add some new juice to the contest. It wasn’t as dramatic as the meltdown Brandon Hantz had last week, though, and the series slipped 7% from the season high of that March 13 show. With 9.59 million viewers, the one-hour Survivor was the second-most-watched show of the night and the second-highest-rated among adults 18-49 after Idol.

by Miareply 33403/25/2013

The French version of Survivor shut down production on Day 1 after a contestant died. Yikes.

by Miareply 33503/25/2013

Lisa's still pushing that Creative Corrections book to anyone who'll listen.

by Miareply 33603/25/2013

Contestant fatality on French Survior

Hollywood reporter reports that a 25 year-old male contestant died on the first day of shooting after suffering a cardiac arrest.

The 2013 season has been cancelled.

by Miareply 33703/25/2013

Does it make me a bad person that I was hoping it was Brandon Hantz?

by Miareply 33803/26/2013

Getting a serious boner watching Malcolm and Reynold bathe together.

by Miareply 33903/27/2013

Only one post about tonight's episode? Is this season tanking in the ratings?

by Miareply 34003/27/2013

Reynolds is pretty but exceptionally DUMB for telling Malcolm that he has an idol.

by Miareply 34103/27/2013

Loved Malcolm kissing people including Eric and Reynold.

Philip is a complete douche.

by Miareply 34203/27/2013

Phillip saying he lost tonight's challenge on purpose to Cochran. Hard to believe that anyone, especially someone as smart as Cochran, would believe Phillip. Please, Survivor, get rid of the crazy people who take up soooo much air time.

by Miareply 34303/27/2013

What did I miss?

by Miareply 34403/27/2013

R340, Some of us are still watching. It's not even 9 pm yet out here in the West Coast.

by Miareply 34503/27/2013

Her name is Julia, not Julie.

by Miareply 34603/27/2013

Ugh. Phillip's a bully and I don't understand why he still has an alliance. That Dawn is pretty sneaky. She's making like she and Phillip are on the same page, but she went against him and voted for Julia.

by Miareply 34703/27/2013

Bring back psycho Brandon. I'm falling asleep watching this show now.

by Miareply 34803/27/2013

I guess Cochran is keeping to his 'too soon to turn on our alliance mantra'. He didn't believe Phillip 'threw' the challenge, but had he told that to the others, Phillip would've been gone for sure.

Exciting that all of the strong boys are planning to form an alliance. That will mean, so long ladies. Can't wait to see the confrontation between Corrine and Malcolm about the idol. What the hell makes her think it's "theirs". Bitch, finders keepers.

by Miareply 34903/27/2013

It would be nice to have an all-male finale.

by Miareply 35003/27/2013

[quote]That Dawn is pretty sneaky. She's making like she and Phillip are on the same page, but she went against him and voted for Julia.

They split the vote in case Julie had a hidden immunity idol, genius.

by Miareply 35103/28/2013

Last night there was an Asian-looking chick dancing around like a fool and I swear I've never seen her before.

by Miareply 35203/28/2013

That's Brenda. She's a Favorite.

by Miareply 35303/28/2013

[quote]Last night there was an Asian-looking chick dancing around like a fool and I swear I've never seen her before.

That's Brenda and she's been my pick to win it all.

She's as smart as they come about the game and based on the editing they are giving her this season, she appears to have learned a good lesson from her first season. She was a smart stategist, but made it known and played her her hand so soon that the others in her own alliance realized she needed to go.

This season she seems to just be enjoying the ride (for now) and hasn't been shown taking the lead in any discussions. But I know she's got a plan and as they get rid of more players, we'll see what master game she's been working out in her head.

Brenda for the win!

by Miareply 35403/28/2013

Sure would be nice to see more (in Brenda's case, ANY) of the players' strategies but someone decided we needed to hear/see every "thought" PhiPhi has. Bleagh.

by Miareply 35503/28/2013

Reynold may be dumb, but has done very well for his tribe in challenges.

by Miareply 35603/28/2013

Also, R340, it's been primetime since last night's show aired, so only paid members could post.

by Miareply 35703/28/2013

Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip.

Oh, BTW... Phillip.

by Miareply 35803/28/2013

Let the non-primetime people eat cake!

by Miareply 35903/28/2013

Just helped myself to a big piece of cak, R359.

by Miareply 36003/28/2013

Show is boring - how about back to when they cast people not faces or personalities or old players?

Now it is all barbie and ken dolls and old cast members thrown in.

"Hey lets let Boston Ron keep coming back until he wins.."

boring. Mark Burnett is an tool so is Jeff Probst.

I hope they both get aids and die.

by Miareply 36103/31/2013

Well that was a surpise...the big mistake was trying to turn Dawn. From the previews, Eddie is beginning to fancy himself as Survivor's most famous Romeo. Enough okay, Eddie.

by Miareply 36204/03/2013

Best ep in a looong time. Cochran wins immunity! Dawn turns the tide! The cool kids get smacked! Smug gets voted out in a sensational blindside!

by Miareply 36304/03/2013

Now if that could blindside loser Phillip.

by Miareply 36404/03/2013

I could have won this season in my sleep.

by Miareply 36504/03/2013

Dawn's confessional had a marvelously perceptive take on That Was Then, This Is Now.

Meaning, she realized her [italic]South Pacific[/italic] approach was a mistake and that she was making the adjustment with [italic]Caramoan[/italic].

Very interesting!

by Miareply 36604/03/2013

I sure am going to miss Corinne's boobs and body. I hit mute when she's on...but I will still miss her. She tried to make move too soon.

by Miareply 36704/03/2013

Great episode! I love Cochran and Dawn.

by Miareply 36804/03/2013

I haven't been keeping up with the season that much but I have to ask. What is Phillip's crazy ass doing, or not doing, that's keeping him in the game. How does he keep escaping eviction.

by Miareply 36904/03/2013

Cochran is sure good at swallowing.

by Miareply 37004/03/2013

Now that Corinne is gone, thereby destroying the short-lived alliance, all the hot guys are going to be voted off one by one, making the show even more unwatchable.

by Miareply 37104/03/2013

I agree with above. I will still watch but the cute guys are history and I like looking at Eddie and Maycome. Reynold's eye are a little too Shepard Smith for me (set distbingly far apart on his face, giving him a lizard/alien look)

by Miareply 37204/03/2013

Oh puleeeze!

Malcom will be around until all the fans disappear, and he'll last a bit. It helps to have an idol.

For some odd reason, I want to see Phillip hanging around, at least until the fans depart.

Anyway, so glad the cool kids got the short end of the stick.

by Miareply 37304/03/2013

Ha! Glad to see the smug slapped off of Malcomb, Reynold, Eddie, and Corrine. All their grandiose "controlling the game" talk was vomit-inducing.

by Miareply 37404/03/2013

So true. You just know Malcom is going to turn on the vomit inducing Reynold, if it comes down to the two of them, because he'll let it be known that stupid Reynold has an idol.

by Miareply 37504/04/2013

r369, because crazy makes good reality tv.

by Miareply 37604/04/2013

Eddie is only that hot in his own mind. He's a midget and he has a horrible lisp.

by Miareply 37704/04/2013

Kick crazy Philip's ass out of there, he's so annoying.

by Miareply 37804/04/2013

Is no one else turned on by Philip's saggy tits and flabby stomach?

by Miareply 37904/04/2013

Yes, I wonder what's going on with Brenda. It's almost like the producers are going out of their way not to profile her.

It's so obvious that Cochran toned down his schtick after seeing how much of an asshole he was on his first season. Good old Phillip remains oblivious to how he comes across.

by Miareply 38004/04/2013

Eddie may be an arrogant ass, but there is denying his 100% hotness. Reynold is HOT. Eddie is HOT. Malcolm is the hottest of the three.

This season might be boring and slow, but at least we have perfectly gorgeous eye candy.

by Miareply 38104/04/2013

[quote]Yes, I wonder what's going on with Brenda. It's almost like the producers are going out of their way not to profile her.

Agree! Waiting for her to make her move..

by Miareply 38204/04/2013

Malcolm is a gay, yes?

by Miareply 38304/04/2013

Didn't Malcolm shoot his season and this one back to back?

by Miareply 38404/04/2013

No romances this season? Odd.

by Miareply 38504/04/2013

I didn't see Cochran's season--how was he an asshole? He seems like a nice guy from this season's edit.

by Miareply 38604/04/2013

Who is Brenda?

by Miareply 38704/04/2013

Eddie is VERY hot - BMI of probably something like 7, cute 'dumb' face, and strikes me as the kind of guy who is much more comfortable being a man's man than a lady's man - incidentally, that's what I dislike about Reynold - he's way too modern and wimpy. Eddie is more of an animal, lol.

by Miareply 38804/04/2013

r388 = Eddie's mom.

by Miareply 38904/04/2013

[quote]No romances this season?

Eddie cozied up to some girl early on and she was quickly voted out as a result.

by Miareply 39004/04/2013

I wonder if Brenda's pussy stinks. No one seems to talk to her.

by Miareply 39104/04/2013

Is there anyone on this board who still laughs at references to Cheryl?

by Miareply 39204/04/2013

Surely straight studs like Malcolm and Reynold would be smitten with girls like Brenda and Andrea.

by Miareply 39304/04/2013

Erik is such a wishy-washy player. He seems to vote whichever way the last player who bends his ear before tribal council tells him.

by Miareply 39404/04/2013

Phillip is hilarious. I hope he makes it to the final four with, Andrea, Conchran,Dawn. I like the Sherri a lil bit now too.

by Miareply 39504/04/2013

Cochran, Dawn, Lisa, and Penner.

by Miareply 39604/04/2013

I thought that was Reynold, R390. No?

by Miareply 39704/04/2013

I think that was Reynold who cuddled with Allie not Eddie. Eddie kind of flirted with Hope.

However, previews for next episode showed Eddie and Andrea flirting with each other....

by Miareply 39804/04/2013

Eddie has teef issues

by Miareply 39904/04/2013

Not only did the French version of Survivor have a 25 year old contestant die during a tug of war sequence, but the doctor who was on the set and treated the guy committed suicide after being criticized for not doing enough to save the guy! The French take their TV seriously!!

by Miareply 40004/04/2013

Eddie reminds me of 90s porn star Marco Rossi. Would love to see him in gay porn.

by Miareply 40104/04/2013

So true about the audience knowing NOTHING of Brenda.

by Miareply 40204/04/2013

I'm still laughing at Dawn's comment from the week before after losing the reward: "Well, that's a total diarrhea fest," spoken with the grimness of her own experience.

I really liked Corrinne. She just should've had more patience. She really blew it talking to Dawn and now they're all fucked. At least she accepted her fate with some dignity.

Malcolm is fucked. They'll flush the idol out and the minute he loses immunity, he's out. He's in eighth place in that alliance, if he has an alliance at all.

I would love to see Cochrane win. This season would be nothing without his commentary.

by Miareply 40304/05/2013

No one knows Malcolm has an idol, r403. And the only people who know Reynold has an idol are Malcolm and Eddie. Malcolm's not in the best spot, but I think it's premature to say he's fucked. If they can play those two idols right, it's still possible for them to take charge of the game.

That said, I'm with r403. I'd like to see Cochrane win. Or Dawn. It would totally suck to see Philip win, but I don't think there's a chance in hell he could win a jury vote.

by Miareply 40404/05/2013

Was I the only one who noticed that Malcolm did not look surprised-or all that disappointed to see Corinne leave? Did Malcolm suspect what was going to happen, and just decided to keep quiet? I am starting to wonder if Malcolm may even have been looking to get rid of Corinne and all the talk of an alliance with Reynold, Eddie, Erik, and Michael was just smoke. If my suspicion is right then I believe Malcolm may have decided that Corinne was no longer someone he wanted as an ally.

Oh, and I find it ironic that Corinne fought so hard to save "her" gay, Michael, over Matt and then Julia, but Michael has now outlasted her! But I was sorry to see Corinne go- I was really hoping everyone would turn on Phillip.

by Miareply 40504/05/2013

Corinne was disloyal to Favorites; thus, the risk was too high (at this point) that the numbers could potentially gather to Fans' advantage, and they needed to get rid of Corinne before she had a chance to flip.

by Miareply 40604/05/2013

No, Malcolm's face registered shock when Corinne was voted off.

I didn't care for Corinne; she complained too much.

Cochrane, Malcolm, Dawn or Michael I would like to see win.

by Miareply 40704/05/2013

As for some posters being upset about Malcolm and his alliance being cocky, and saying that they are glad to see the "cool kids" get theirs, well that attitude is silly. Most of the players this season have been cocky. Phillip has been arrogant all through the season. Cochran, who lots of posters are liking and wanting to see win, made rather mean comments about Julia last week and was dismissive of Erik this week. Remember Matt and Michael being gleeful about "revenge of the nerds" after Allie and Hope were voted out and Reynold and Eddie were in their sights?

My point is that most Survivor players who are in a position of power- or believe themselves to be- get cocky. Of the players who made the merge the only two to not be smug so far are Dawn and Erik. Dawn is too caught up in being nice, and Erik has had a tenous position in the game, so the lack of smugness is not to their credit. But I guess it pushes buttons to see "jocks" or "cool kids" be cocky.

by Miareply 40804/05/2013

I think you might be, R405, because I saw him look both surprised and disappointed.

by Miareply 40904/05/2013

Your logic is flawed, R408.

I was happy to watch the smug cool kids get theirs, but I am equally happy when the smug non-cool kids get theirs too. Nothing to do with cool or not. Everything to do with smug and cocky. I will be at my happiest when the uncoolest kid of all, Philip, gets his.

by Miareply 41004/05/2013

Malcolm wasn't happy when Corinne left. But he's probably glad that the only person who knew he had an idol was gone.

by Miareply 41104/05/2013

Finally a good episode, felt like I was watching Survivor and not the Phillip show. The eating challenge was hilarious.

I don't think anyone knew Malcolm was involved in that plot, they think it was Corrine and the fans. All Malcolm really needs to do is win immunity and then at tribal they play both idols. I doubt he'll do it, when Reynold finds out he has a secret idol, that alliance turns to shit.

Brenda, Eric and a loser like Dawn or Cochran for final 3. That can be the only explanation for Brenda's (the only hot girl) lack of air time.

by Miareply 41204/05/2013

Could Eric be any dumber?

by Miareply 41304/05/2013

Cochran referred to Erik as "the ice cream scooper" this week, which is uncharacteristically mean for him.

by Miareply 41404/05/2013

Erik has it coming, he seems like a halfwit and let's not forget he made probably the dumbest move in all of Survivor history during his first time through. Who's on Survivor but isn't interested in strategy?

by Miareply 41504/05/2013

Cochran gives the most intelligent commentary of any contestant I can remember. I love listening to his insights. He's surely the pinkest Survivor yet. I like his Woody Allen nerdiness, but his neurosis and insecurity would probably be tiresome in the real world.

Eric is yummy, I love those short swim trunks on his smooth slim body. He doesn't have his head up his ass like Eddie and Reynold. But, has he yet had more than two on-air words this season?

by Miareply 41604/05/2013

Erik will be terrified of looking like an idiot again. He's playing it cool this time round which translates as wishy washy and not talking.

by Miareply 41704/05/2013

Marco Rossi

by Miareply 41804/05/2013

[quote]Cochran gives the most intelligent commentary of any contestant I can remember. I love listening to his insights. He's surely the pinkest Survivor yet. I like his Woody Allen nerdiness, but his neurosis and insecurity would probably be tiresome in the real world.

I hope Cochran makes it far, would LOVE to see him in the finals!

by Miareply 41904/05/2013

I agree r412. It was a good episode. Finally some strategy talk without having to suffer through too many of Phillip's delusional rantings.

Plus there was a blindside and some double crossing and we finally heard erik speak which revealed he has no strategy whatsoever. My guess is he's so jaded and so petrified he'll look like a fool again that he's keeping everyone at a distance, which unfortunately for him will mean that they'll vote him out whenever they want without feeling too bad about it. Brenda seems to have the same non strategy in place. Perhaps both are hoping to be carried to the end. Neither can win.

Everyone else (except that fool Eddie) is playing to win although only Malcolm, Dawn and Cochran have any decent game play. Sherrie also played well early on but she was screwed over and is a non entity now.Andrea is also trying hard but would stand a better chance if she werent so aligned with Phillip.

by Miareply 42004/05/2013

[quote]My guess is he's so jaded and so petrified he'll look like a fool again that [quote]he's keeping everyone at a distance, which unfortunately for him will mean that they'll vote him out whenever they want without feeling too bad about it.

He seems well-liked so I doubt he's keeping everyone at a distance. Nobody has been especially critical of him, that we know of, which is what happens to those who do keep other players at a distance.

So far this season has been focused on the crazies and the dominate players, of which he is neither.

Remember, what we see is just 40 minutes out of three days, including challenges and tribal council. There's simply no room on-air for a player who is not a lunatic or out to make game-changing moves.

by Miareply 42104/05/2013

Sherri could kind of be in a Lisa Whelchel spot now. Just seen as a non-threat and used as a vote. She could hang on for a while.

by Miareply 42204/05/2013

Why wasn't I invited back? Was I too controversial a player? I knew I shouldn't have said those five sentences during my season!

by Miareply 42304/06/2013

How Phillip has survived this long is beyond me.

I agree with those who say Brenda probably makes it far.

by Miareply 42404/06/2013

Eddie is not playing the game at all. He seems more interesting in improving his dating skills. But, as a fireman, he does understand manners and being a team player better than Reynold.

And he is very sexy...for me far more than Malcolm or Reynold.

To completely change gears, I am now picking Dawn for the final three after than move on Wednesday. I wonder what would have happen if Erik did vote with Malcolm. On a revote, I believe the favs would have won.

by Miareply 42504/06/2013

Malcolm was an idiot for not securing some type of real alliance with Erik. Before the episode, I was under the impression that they had discussed it, but then it just seemed matter-of-fact on Malcom's part without sealing the deal.

Why did Corinne feel the need to share it with Dawn at this juncture? Didn't they supposedly have the numbers without her?

I'm also curious why Corinne and Malcolm didn't just rope in Sherri and vote out Philip right then. Had Malcolm actually made a real pact with Erik, it would have given them 7 votes.

by Miareply 42604/06/2013

Now that they've merged, unfortunately for the viewers, someone is going to start thinking it's a good idea to take Phillip to the end.

I'm predicting Phillip, Cochrane and Malcolm.

by Miareply 42704/06/2013

I always found Corrine to be a Jerri Manthey wannabe.

by Miareply 42804/06/2013

A lot of the post show interviews with Corinne have her saying how Dawn was her best friend on the island and they never show it. So it was truly a blindside. She's still bitter and she refuses to talk to Dawn, who apparently has made multiple attempts to contact her since the filming.

by Miareply 42904/06/2013

Who do you think will be voted off next week - a fan or a favorite? If it is a fan the most likely one to survive is Reynold; all the others are vulnerable. It would be more interesting to see a favorite leave, because that could go in any direction!

by Miareply 43004/06/2013

r430, it all depends on what The Specialist decides.

by Miareply 43104/06/2013

After eight episodes I am sure that none of the four women left is the winner of this season. None of these women: Andrea, Brenda, Dawn, or Sherri has been given an edit that hints at a win. Even if we do see a lot more of Brenda during the rest of the season it would be too late for her to be the winner. Since we have had three female winners in a row it is probably time for another male winner.

Of the seven men left I have ruled out two of them: Eddie and Phillip. Eddie's strongest story has been that of a hot young guy who wants to be with the pretty girls. Eddie has had some talk of strategy, etc, but he has mostly been Reynold's sidekick.

As for Phillip no one likes or respects him, except maybe Andrea. The editing is setting Phillip up for a big fall- he will either be blindsided or make it to the finals but receive no votes. The latter is more likely since at least one player will want to take Phillip to the finals.

That leaves Cochran, Erik, Malcolm, Michael, and Reynold.

by Miareply 43204/06/2013

In reply to R432, my guess would be Malcolm or Cochran. I believe it's going to be a favorite, and Erik is playing the game even less than Eddie.

by Miareply 43304/06/2013

Eddie makes such a big deal about liking girls that it appears he is totally gay.

by Miareply 43404/06/2013

R431 I like you. I'm going to call you 'The amusing one' but first you must perform a task for me and not tell anyone else about it. Understood? Standby for my instruction...

by Miareply 43504/06/2013

Just an observation, but Dawn's edit this week was a good indicator that she's probably in the final 3.

by Miareply 43604/06/2013

Yes, I agree R436. But, I doubt Dawn will win. Have there been people who have been so emotional about the money in confessionals who have won...certainly not Fabio (to take the most loopy example).

by Miareply 43704/07/2013

R435 made me laugh.

by Miareply 43804/07/2013

Actually r421, a couple people last week said they have no idea what Erik is thinking because no one in particular is close to him. In fact he's so distanced from everyone that every body assumed his vote was up for grabs. And it was. You're right in saying that no one seems to dislike him but Cochrane last week was rather dismissive of Erik implying he's not the brightest guy around. And that was clear when he seemed blissfully unaware that he was in alliance with the other 3 guys, who Erik seemed surprised to discover were counting on his vote.

I like him though, he seems like a nice guy. But I can imagine that being associated with one of the dumbest moves in survivor history might paralyze his ability to play the game effectively the second time around, for fear of history repeating itself and having to deal with that shame all over again.

by Miareply 43904/08/2013

Eddie likes the homosex?

by Miareply 44004/08/2013

I doubt that anyone who looks at Eddie Fox's Facebook page will thinks he is gay. I do not believe a gay Eddie is smart enough to create such an active Facebook life that seems to indicate he is 100 percent straight.

As to Cochran, he's made surprisingly cutting remarks about others, not just Erik. He gets away with it because Cochran is witty, smart and a Surviver super fan. I would not call him a nice guy though, not even close.

by Miareply 44104/08/2013


You're correct. Cochran soon forgets that he was a fool for siding with Coach rather than his original tribe in [italic]South Pacific[/italic]. Had he stayed with his original tribe, with that post-merge episode, he would have had more flexibility in moving up. His strategy sucked. And the winner of that edition, Sophie, mentioned it.

by Miareply 44204/08/2013

I agree that Eddie's straight. He behaves like a horny teen jock on a singles cruise. He has zero strategy. He seems annoyed that the game was getting in the way of his picking up girls.

I don't think Cochran is a nice guy either. He obviously thinks he's intellectually superior to everyone out there but that's ok because he's probably right. Malcolm's no nice guy either but he gets away with it because he has a athleticism, looks and charm. Unfortunately for Erik he is a nice guy but is playing a game he's not cut out for. I actually feel sorry for him. He was nice, wide eyed and innocent when he last played. This time he seems jaded. I thought it was interesting that he befriended Brandon who was also ridiculed for his time on survivor, like he understood Brandon's fury even though Erik would never behave like that because he's normal and sane. I don't think he's not getting air time because he's not wacky enough, I think it's because he doesn't have much to say. I hope when he's voted out the others attribute it to him being strong in challenges, which is true, so this time he can leave with some dignity.

by Miareply 44304/08/2013

This second time around, I think Malcolm "gets away with it" more on his charm, athletism and his ability to make people enjoy his company.

For me, Reynold and Eddie are better looking than Malcolm (again after seeing him for two seasons in a row), but R & E do not have much more to offer, unlike Malcolm.

by Miareply 44404/08/2013

[quote]Eddie likes the homosex?


by Miareply 44504/08/2013

[quote]But I can imagine that being associated with one of the dumbest moves in survivor history might paralyze his ability to play the game effectively the second time around

Or maybe he's not able to play the game effectively because he truly is stupid. After the stupidest move in Survivor history, it's a good possibility.

by Miareply 44604/08/2013

Tonight? What's the news?

by Miareply 44704/10/2013

Tribal was a mess.

Malcolm overplayed his game and Andrea and Dawn caught on and decided to blindside him. Meanwhile, Malcolm was planning on blindsiding Andrea. Eddie, who thought he and Reynold were targets, let Andrea know she was a target, so Andrea got scared and decided her tribe would vote Michael out instead.

Malcolm was convinced that the favorites would vote Reynold out, so he voted for him as well to save himself. Except, Reynold decided to use the idol on himself up until Malcolm got up and told him not to. Reynold was confused, so Malcolm came up with a story that he was the target and that Reynold needed to give him his idol so Malcolm could use it on himself. Reynold agreed.

In the end, the favorites decided to vote out Michael after all. Nobody voted for Malcolm, and Reynold realized he wasted an idol and given it to the guy who was trying to vote him out.

Next week, Dawn has a breakdown and freaks others out.

by Miareply 44804/10/2013

Malcolm is really a bad player. The alliance with Phillip is a strong 7 people.

by Miareply 44904/10/2013

I'm with you until the end there, r448, but I think Malcolm really did think he was the target. Philip as usual said too much at Tribal, and I think Malcolm put two and two together. He's no dummy.

Malcolm is certainly not likely to win at this point but don't count him out. The way he demanded the idol from Reynold was a big, bold move that's likely to keep things off balance. I presume that Dawn freaks out next week because Malcolm calls her on her obvious lies, and her breakdown will further undermine the main alliance.

And don't forget, Malcolm still has an idol in his pocket and he's still the only one who knows about it.

All that said, I think Cochran's probably going to win this thing.

by Miareply 45004/10/2013

I agree that Malcolm really did think he would be voted out. But, Malcolm looked like a fool when he got no votes. Reynold had to give Malcolm the idol when he demanded it, because his relationship with Malcolm is keeping him in the game. But, he can not be happy about when happened, especially when he finds out that Malcolmn has his own idol. I agree that Malcolm can not win this season of "Survivor" now.

Once again Cochran made cutting comments about other players during an interview at the reward. The problem is that Eddie and Reynold have not played the game anywhere near as badly as Cochran if you take his first season into consideration. Also, Cochran has made no effort that I can see to get to know Eddie and Reynold.

by Miareply 45104/10/2013

I'm wondering about Brenda. She's detached emotionally which, when considering others' behavior and camera confessionals, may seem smart. That she can persevere.

I have felt like Dawn and Cochran will be two of the Final Three. It's not a wish, per se, but a feeling. And that Sherri has the chops to get to the finals if the original favorites can break apart. (Not everyone can fit in a final-four scheme.)

Worst mistake people are making is with trusting in confiding in Dawn. Worst mistake Dawn could be making is any thought this won't come back on her (if she makes it to the finals).

Tonight's vote-out is into 10th place.

Next week, I think either Reynaldo or Eddie loses out. That will leave nine. Malcolm would need to seek Brenda, Eric, and two others to topple a final-three of Cochran, Dawn, and Phillip who probably have in mind Andrea for final four (but would replace one of their own with Sherri).

Cochran; Dawn; Phillip; Andrea

Malcolm should have: Eddie or Reynaldo (which ever one survives the other); Brenda; Eric; and Sherri.

Andrea and Sherri strike me as swing opportunities.

Malcolm needs to rethink where the real alliances are -- and where his needs to be.

by Miareply 45204/10/2013

First question.... did they announce Michael as the first member of the jury ? I was expecting Corrine to be the first and I'm thrown now ....if they said Michael was the first member of the jury, I missed it.

Malcolm has absolutely no shot at winning even if he were to make it to the final three (two ?). No favorite will vote for the big turncoat. He and Corrine played their hand way, way too early. (and Malcolm still doesn't get that Eric is not playing the game with him. He keeps thinking he 'has' Eric.

Cochran is certainly playing a bit better this time around. He seems to know what he wants to do and is sticking firmly to it.

Dawn, Dawn, Dawn .... I want to say she's playing a better game, but really --- she IS staying aligned to her original alliance, but her outright lies to other contestants are going to bite her. She's lucky no jury has started yet .... and really at this point if Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie all make the jury, she might still have a shot I guess. But that hissy fit next week ?? Jeebus's a game and you can't be so sensitive when playing it (I'm sure Eddie/Reynold/Malcolm all let her have it next week .... CAN'T WAIT !)

Tough game to play .... you've got to 'show your cards' to people and be able to convince they to buy what you're selling ... both Malcolm and Corrine have failed in that. And you've got to convince people you're considering their option to avoid a target on yourself.

These past two tribals have been quite good, I must say.

by Miareply 45304/10/2013

I didn't even realize the asian girl was on the show until tonight. She gets like zero camera time.

by Miareply 45404/10/2013


Yes. Michael is the first onto the jury.

No. Malcolm and Corinne didn't play it too early. Problem was, Corinne needed to execute the move. Instead, she tried to keep building more and more numbers and revealed those numbers to Dawn who, unbeknownst to Corinne, was seeing how it actually added up and found that the two were on opposing ends (long term).

I agree that Malcolm is on borrowed time. But there's no problem, as a viewer, figuring what he needs to do. I think he made a tactical mistake on not securing support from Eddie and Brenda. Sherri has apparently been lost because of Malcolm hitching his ride with Reynaldo and Eddie. She was with them, when the original tribes became realigned, and they targeted her first one the merge became established. They should have gone right after Phillip. And Corinne should not have approached Dawn about it.

by Miareply 45504/10/2013

Is it wrong that I want to punch Sherri in her smug face ? She's been that way since Day 1. Sherri in the final three will BLOW.

by Miareply 45604/10/2013

I agree with r452 that Cochran and Dawn will be in the final three. Dawn is fighting for gurrrl power all the way, and the gurlz are all scissoring each other furiously in the weeds trying to make it happen. As for Cochran, well, he's not a very nice person, so he enjoys being a sneaky cunt with the gurlz.

by Miareply 45704/10/2013

Dawn seems to break down next week.

by Miareply 45804/10/2013

[quote]Dawn seems to break down next week.

Yes, she has her Lisa Welchel/Scarlett O'Hara breakdown moment where she doesn't know where to turn, but somehow suddenly she summons her inner strenth to show viewers how she had to struggle, fight and claw her way to the finals.

Either that, or she's been lickin' Phillip's tainted taint o' crazee.

by Miareply 45904/10/2013

[quote]I think he made a tactical mistake on not securing support from Eddie and Brenda.

I meant Eric and Brenda...

by Miareply 46004/11/2013

I screwed up my R numbers.

442, 452, and 455 are me.


by Miareply 46104/11/2013

Will the jury know that Cochran is not a very nice person? They will not know about his nasty confessional, last night was one of the worst. He must have had a very bad time growing up, because most people learn how to deal with people like Reynold and Eddie---just talk about women and sports. Either Cochran is unable or unwilling to do doesn't take much to learn enough to have a basic converstion about just one sport...I understand that Cochran might not know much about women.

by Miareply 46204/11/2013

Whoever keeps calling him "Reynaldo" - it's REYNOLD.

He seems to have the advantage of good looks and not much else.

by Miareply 46304/11/2013

Cochran was an idiot seduced by Coach in [italic]South Pacific[/italic]. He is not to be excused for that.

by Miareply 46404/11/2013

I miss Julia.

by Miareply 46504/11/2013

I can't stand Sherri. She's the type of bitch who will piss somebody off, she gets yelled at and she very calmly asks "Why are you yelling?" Like the yentas at Fairway.

by Miareply 46604/11/2013

Did Malcolm really not question at all how Corinne was blindsided, ie that there was a leak in their plan?

by Miareply 46704/11/2013

As soon as Malcolm got up and told Reynaldo (!) to give him the idol, it was the equivalent of Malcolm announcing to everyone that Reynold had the idol.

When it's revealed that a player has an idol, the tribe as a whole immediately flushes out that idol.

So the net effect was zero - whether he gave Malcolm the idol or didn't give him the idol - everyone knew about the idol and it would be gone by the next tribal no matter what.

Better to have given it to Malcolm, go back to tribal with no idol, and hae the opportunity to say you were betrayed and form new alliances.

The other choice was to refuse to give Malcolm the idol, go back to tribal with everyone knowing you have the idol and be the groups next target.

Not that R thought of any of this. He was just blinded by Malcolm's charisma like a virgin schoolgirl and was scared and thrilled and pressured to "give it up" when the gorgeous football player demanded it. And give it up, he did.

by Miareply 46804/11/2013

Beautifully recounted, R468. This is an example why I dig Sherry over those two himbos, Reynaldo and Eddie.

by Miareply 46904/11/2013

I like Andrea. I didn't see her original season. I guess I'm rooting for her or Malcolm.

by Miareply 47004/11/2013

[quote]As soon as Malcolm got up and told Reynaldo (!) to give him the idol, it was the equivalent of Malcolm announcing to everyone that Reynold had the idol.

What are you talking about? The votes had already been cast and Reynaldo got up to give the idol to Jeff. He also had already shown the idol to Dawn earlier so everyone already knew he had the idol. Malcolm read PhiPhi's rant as a threat to himself and demanded Reynaldo use the idol on Malcolm instead of himself. But the idol was already being played.

by Miareply 47104/11/2013

It's a good thing I wasn't on this season. Ole pink underwear would have nicknamed me The Masturbator.

And Malcolm would be wondering why his buff was always crusty.

by Miareply 47204/11/2013

I really liked Dawn the first time she was on. I do not like her at all this time around.

by Miareply 47304/11/2013

R472, LOL, too funny!

by Miareply 47404/11/2013

The smart player, at this point, is going to see that Dawn is emotionally fragile, Andrea is a waffle-y noncommittal little girl, and neither Eddie nor Reynaldo are very bright.

Cochran's gripe about some weird Boy's Club (which, if it included Eddie and Renaldo, I'd be all in) excluding the girls, and interestingly, his remark that what this was REALLY all about was 'we hate girls' - that interview said to me that Cochran really DOES want either Eddie or Reynaldo or Malcolm (and why wouldn't he - any of the three of them are probably the most exciting thing to ever happen to him) but knows he's not even a '2' on a scale from 1 to 10, and would never - in real life - stand a chance.

by Miareply 47504/11/2013

Dawn is a perfectly good waste of a returnee slot. They should have brought back Holly, as they were going to do before they decided to hand this season over on a silver platter to Cochroach. Holly at least would have brought the fun-crazy (sinking shoes with rocks and all) vs. the crying lunatic crazy.

by Miareply 47604/11/2013

R476, or SHAMBO!

by Miareply 47704/11/2013

R475: Malcolm is an Ivy League grad bartenter; Eddie is fireman...two profession where you learn to get along with everyone. I understand with Reynold there, Cochran had no chance. But, Cochran could have made an effort to get to know Malcolm or Eddie back at camp, and apparently has not.

R468: Reynold is five years older than Malcolm, but this is his first time on "Survivor." Anyone in Reynold's situation would have done the same thing...give up the idol, because they did not see Malcolm in his first season & would assume he knows more about the game. In reality, Malcolm came back too soon, or perhaps all that praise went to his head.

by Miareply 47804/11/2013

I am so sick of Dawn and her little girl Bo Peep swim suit ensemble. Send her back to Utah.

by Miareply 47904/11/2013

He may be dumb, he may be stuck up but I'd do Reynaldo in a minute! And I feel like I am betraying my one true beloved Malcolm by saying that. I adored Malcolm on is first season. I do wish he'd cut his hair.

by Miareply 48004/11/2013

[quote]but I'd do Reynaldo in a minute!

Hon, he ain't touching you with Eddie's dick.

by Miareply 48104/11/2013

r450, maybe you're right, but I saw it differently...

If Malcolm thought he was a target AND he wanted to use Reynold's idol, I feel he would've set a plan in motion to do that before the last minutes of tribal. And if Malcolm thought he was a target why did he vote for Reynold?

Here's how I see it. Malcolm was nervous the faves would split the vote btw him and Reynold, so he voted for Reynold to improve his odds of staying. However, when Reynold went to use the idol, Malcolm realized that would mean he would go home and that's why he suddenly stopped Reynold and told him that story. Malcolm was not aware that Eddie had told Andrea she was a target, so he didn't anticipate them switching their vote to Michael. He really thought Reynold was going home. Otherwise, why vote for him?

Then again, I was stoned watching it so you're probably right. :)

by Miareply 48204/11/2013

Malcolm was originally under the impression that the favorites were splitting the vote between Reynold and Eddie. Phillip's speech raised the red flags, hence why Malcolm changed his vote. He either thought 1) they had decided to split the vote between Reynold and HIM, instead of Eddie, or 2) all of the favorites were just voting for Malcolm.

Obviously no one knows what he was actually thinking, but I suspect option 1 given that the favorites now knew that Reynold had an idol.

by Miareply 48304/11/2013

Cochrane isn't mean; he's funny.

by Miareply 48404/11/2013

R468 is experiencing Survivor delusions. Pay attention when you watch you won't have to make so much shit up.

People are failing to realise that Eddie has traction now. Andrea is protecting him; she clearly has all the power in her tribe. Like Eddie said, he only needs to survive a few more votes before he can punch people down. I guess he thinks he can win individual immunity and make it to the final three. I wouldn't count him out since all eyes are going to be on Malcolm and Reynold.

by Miareply 48504/11/2013

How come Malcolm didnt know everyone was voting for Michael? There are several people skating including Brenda who didn't even need immunity. I'm not even sure if that's her name. Malcolm is going to have to win immunity and use his idol to stay in the game.

by Miareply 48604/11/2013

I don't have the time to comment on anything else but one thing: Does DL think Cochran is gay?

by Miareply 48704/11/2013

R487, Corinne apparently did (she said so in an interview), but then said "apparently he's not."

Also, re: Cochran. He's a true fan that has been watching and posting about Survivor for years. He used to be fairly active on a site called Survivorsucks, and at least when he was younger, let's just say he was not the nicest guy. Some of the things he would say were downright offensive and disturbing, so seeing this kindler, gentler Cochran is weird when compared to his online persona.

by Miareply 48804/11/2013

Probst said in an interview that they asked Shambo to come back but she turned them down.

by Miareply 48904/11/2013

"Cochrane isn't mean; he's funny."

His comments about Phillip are funny, but that's about it. Calling Julia vanilla and adding, that's an insult to the flavor vanilla was mean...that's just one of many examples.

Cochran is insecure, and knows he can get air time with the snarky comments. Hey, he will probbaly win, but that doesn't justify what he is doing.

by Miareply 49004/11/2013

You're right about Malcolm R483, he realized after Phillip's speech that the faves are onto him playing both sides. And if it weren't for Andrea (who is the one calling the shots at the moment) he would have been the one with his head on the chopping block. The only reason Michael went home is because Andrea panicked and ordered her entire alliance to vote out Michael because Eddie told her that the all guy alliance was voting for her. If the original plan had gone ahead Malcolm would have used Reynold's idol to save himself and reynold would have sent himself home by handing the idol over to malcolm. It was actually a smart move on Malcolm's behalf.

I agree with you R484- Cochrane is funny. And reynold is a dumb ass who thought that skinny, wimpy Cochrane would be flattered that the high school quarterback have finally invited him to the party. In reality those knuckle heads are dependent on him and his alliance to survive in this game.

In fact there's a deleted scene on the ew site that has Erik saying he doesn't buy that all guy alliance bs either. He's voting anyway he wants to and in any way that benefits him and neither alliance should count on his loyalty.I couldn't link it here for some reason but it's an interesting insight into Erik's strategy.

by Miareply 49104/11/2013

R491, Reynold did not assume Cochrane would jump at the opportunity to align with the "quarterback." In fact Reynold realized Cochran was not big on the idea and told Eddie that getting rid of women Cochrane is close too- like Andrea or Dawn- might help him get on board.

Oh, and Cochrane is both mean and funny. The mean part is what keeps me from rooting for him.

by Miareply 49204/11/2013

Adding to my post at r492: The funny part of Cochrane's personality is why I still like him; the mean part is why I am rooting to get a little life lesson in being voted out- perhaps even blinsided.

Let's remember that Cochrane played a worse game in his first season than "knuckleheads" Reynold and Eddie are doing in this season. Even now, Cochrane is not playing that good a game- he has been in a secure position the entire season and has never needed to play hard.

by Miareply 49304/11/2013

You're right R493. Cochranes insecurities ate him alive during the last survivor. But i do think he's playing a more subtle and better social game than last time. And its true that reynold is playing hard, I just don't think he has the smarts for this game. He may not have thought Cochran was on board with his all guy alliance but how does he plan to vote out the girls without Cochrane getting on board? My guess is he was hoping that Cochrane would feel so flattered at being considered a real man he would flip. It didn't work, I don't blame reynold for trying but I do question his ability to read what would appeal to Cochrane. Eddie's game is worse than cochrane's ever was. His only strategy is "flirt with the girls".

Btw I don't think Cochran is gay.

by Miareply 49404/11/2013

R494: I do not believe that Reynold thought for one second that Cochran was on board with the all-male alliance. So far Eddie has not come close to making the kind of mistake that Cochran made on his first time on "Survivor."

Cochran is sticking with the favorites this time, apparently no matter what. It's a good way to play the game, but hardly innovative or daring. His bio mentions Harvard Law School. If true, he has done fine, and will probably win.

But, I believe Fabio will end up playing a better, far less safe game than Cochran. Fabio played dumb and went on a immunity challenge run. He had virtually no alliance. For me, it was much more interesting that Cochran playing it safe with the favorites.

by Miareply 49504/11/2013

I think Erik's the hottest guy out there. I thought he was hot yet dumb his first time there but now he's with the stronger alliance and without total allegiance. He voted for Corrine just by someone pointing to her name on the flag. If Malcolm went to him, he probably would have gotten him too. Malcolm is playing a very bad game and if he doesn't go next week because he plays his idol, he will go shortly thereafter. Phillip might be a loony bird but he's got a group that is siding with him. I was surprised to see Andrea have so much power without going to Phillip for advice.

by Miareply 49604/11/2013

Andrea has been calling the shots with Phillip. The people at camp (and some of the viewers) has just worked this out. While the specialist was putting on the Phillip Sheppard variety hour, she was scheming and plotting. It's pretty obvious they arrived on the island aligned and because she's played with him before, she knew how to manage him.

What no one on the island has worked out is that Dawn and Cochran also arrived on the island aligned and although they're in the same alliance they've kept their particular two person alliance on the down low. They seem to only ever talk deep in the woods with no one around.

I think this may be why Malcolm is having such a hard time flipping anyone to his side. He's trying to get one or two over to his side but he's actually facing a wall of four people. Why he and reynold haven't gone after Brenda is weird. And the guys keep assuming Erik will faithfully vote with them, when he has no intention of sticking to any one alliance.

by Miareply 49704/11/2013

It really doesn't matter, R461. No one is keeping track of what you are saying.

What are you talking about, R468???

by Miareply 49804/11/2013

I couldn't understand why Amanda felt the need to switch the vote from Malcolm to Michael? Just because the other alliance was targeting her? I can understand why she wanted to abandon the split vote between Reynold and Eddie, but why not still plan to vote for Malcolm? No one knew he has an idol.

I also wonder if Malcolm would have played his idol if Reynold refused to give him his. I'm surprised he gave it up - that could have equaled Erik's "dumbest move ever" if more people had voted Reynold.

by Miareply 49904/12/2013

Malcolm is dumb like a fox (but still dumb) ... his comment that his vote was "a throw away vote" for Reynold was ingenuous.

I don't believe he walked into that tribal council believing he had enough votes to get rid of Andrea. And if he did think so when he arrived at tribal council, by the time they had all talked at tribal, I am sure he knew differently.

This season is showing that Malcolm mostly got by last year by winning lots of individual immunity. His gameplay alone this year won't get him very far.

by Miareply 50004/12/2013

[quote] I also wonder if Malcolm would have played his idol if Reynold refused to give him his. I'm surprised he gave it up - that could have equaled Erik's "dumbest move ever" if more people had voted Reynold.

He already had stood up & committed to using it. Malcolm just convinced him to use it on his behalf. No harm, no foul.

by Miareply 50104/12/2013

That's true, R501, but I think Reynold isn't going to like the fact that Malcolm did what he did. Reynold is stupid, but not THAT stupid and I think he knows he looked like a wimp and a pawn on the show. Then Malcolm voted for him. That doesn't look good either, if Reynold figures it out.

by Miareply 50204/12/2013

I think that the alpha boys will be too busy beating up on Dawn after that last tribal for Reynold to take the time to figure out that Malcolm voted for him.

And if he does, Malcolm will be gone soon enough anyway (unless he wins II) .... but it would be interesting if (for the short term) Eddie and Reynold joined the favorites to get rid of Malcolm. It gets them each one step further.

by Miareply 50304/12/2013

[quote]He already had stood up & committed to using it. Malcolm just convinced him to use it on his behalf. No harm, no foul.

No harm, no foul because more people didn't vote Reynold. If Reynold had received more votes - which he had no idea of when he agreed to give the idol to Malcolm - we would be having a very different conversation.

by Miareply 50404/12/2013

First, Malcolm was beyond stupid for not assuming there was a crack somewhere which led to Corinne going home.

Second, Andrea's little freak out seemed more engineered than authentic. I am not aware - do they assume Malcolm has an idol? Because that would be the only reason for Andrea to have a meltdown.

The fans' game play is horrible. Sherri thinks she has struck gold with Phillip, but honestly, it would make more sense for her to align with the rest of the fans and Malcolm. The fans could then pull a huge coup and vote out Malcolm when all the other favorites were gone. None of them actually think strategically.

by Miareply 50504/12/2013

Sherri is funny. She's all like, "The way I handled Shemar..." Yeah. What a master manipulator you are.

She's an idiot.

by Miareply 50604/12/2013

I mostly agree with R504. But, I doubt that Reynold is used be ordered to do something, only to find out there's no explanation for that order. Malcolm received no votes. Reynold does not seem to know much about Survivor, but even he may start to question putting so much faith in Malcolm. Malcolm is in big trouble if Andrea explains what happened (even if only part of what happened) to Eddie. And I would not be surprised if that happened because Andrea has every reason to split the guys up.

by Miareply 50704/12/2013

I couldn't figure out in all the banter, how Malcolm thought they were going to vote him out or was that just a ploy to get Reynold to play his idol?

by Miareply 50804/12/2013

r508, read 493.

by Miareply 50904/12/2013

I think you mean R483, not R493.

by Miareply 51004/12/2013

I too wonder why none of the fans have talked strategy to each other. Not even Reynold and Eddie have had any real game discussion.

by Miareply 51104/12/2013

I am usually working on my computer during the show and didn't see that Reynaldo had started to stand up to use the idol.

by Miareply 51204/12/2013

The fact that no one sees Erik as a threat this season shows how much he has reevaluated his game play this time around. He got the education of a lifetime when those four "hoes before bros" blindsided him-he seems determined not to make the same mistake. He is laying low,letting all the strong players weed themselves out,then come back strong in the final stretch. I would love to see a final four with him,Brenda,Malcolm and/or Andrea/Cochran. He will never be the smartest guy to have played the game,but Erik seems to have learned how to navigate his way to this seasons finish line.

by Miareply 51304/12/2013

Sorry, but there is virtually no chance that Erik, Malcolm and Brenda will be in the final, based on either what we have seen so far, or, more important, the edit. I have doubts about Andrea too, but not as much.

by Miareply 51404/12/2013

[quote] Calling Julia vanilla and adding, that's an insult to the flavor vanilla was mean...that's just one of many examples.

That wasn't mean; it was just fact. Julia made ZERO impression at all. Until the episode where she was voted off I had no idea she was even on the show.

by Miareply 51504/12/2013

Cochran spent very little time with Julia; she was the first 'fan' voted off after the merge.

His comments taken alone are not horrible, but given all his other annoying remarks about others Cochran is someone I would not want to spend any time with in real life.

by Miareply 51604/13/2013

First, I have real questions about this link from Survivor Sucks, but I am posting anyway because it shows a different side of Eddie than we have not seen before, a more thoughtful side.

There is another YouTube video of Eddie, which is more excellent eye candy than substance...not that it makes it bad!

by Miareply 51704/13/2013

Don't understand the Eddie love. He's dumb and lispy and shallow and straight.

by Miareply 51804/13/2013

Well, I don't quite get the love some have for Cochrane. He is a mean-spirited bitter guy who believes that his being smart makes him superior to everyone around him. Cochrane- and his fans- believe that he has been playing a better game than he has actually been doing!

by Miareply 51904/13/2013


You're right: Cochran has been insulting others in his confessionals about the so-called lack of strategic acumen. Which is funny given how he fucked himself in [italic]South Pacific[/italic]. I don't particularly want him to win.

by Miareply 52004/13/2013

I embrace Cochran as a TV character. As TV character - he is awesome.

by Miareply 52104/13/2013

"Don't understand the Eddie love. He's dumb and lispy and shallow and straight."

Eddie is only twenty-three years, and works as a fireman. Yet, he's able to string sentences together with a minimum of words such as like, I mean, or you know. I can tell you first-hand that far from every Ivy League student can do that. So I would argue with the word "dunb," while agreeing that he's far from Survivor's smartest player.

As to shallow, he's using his best assets, good looks, sex appeal, relatively nice person. By that standard, many of the younger people who have played "Survivor," especially women, could be called shallow as well. It's a little unusual on "Surviver" for a man to rely so much on his sex appeal...but apparently fine for a woman in your view.

by Miareply 52204/13/2013

Let's bro-down!

by Miareply 52304/13/2013

Masculine tomfoolery.

by Miareply 52404/13/2013


by Miareply 52504/13/2013


by Miareply 52604/13/2013


by Miareply 52704/13/2013


by Miareply 52804/13/2013


by Miareply 52904/13/2013


by Miareply 53004/13/2013


by Miareply 53104/13/2013


by Miareply 53204/13/2013


by Miareply 53304/13/2013


by Miareply 53404/13/2013

I agree!

by Miareply 53504/13/2013

Is Philip still in? I miss watching Survivor, but I cannot handle another season of him. I was hoping he'd go out early so I only had to miss a few episodes.

by Miareply 53604/13/2013

[quote] but apparently fine for a woman in your view.

What???? I said I did not understand the Eddie love here, not that I didn't think he shouldn't his sex appeal. And nowhere in my post did I state or imply if I thought it was okay (or not) for a woman or a man to use sex appeal as part of game play.

You're coming off as "dunb" as Eddie, R522.

by Miareply 53704/13/2013

R522- After you mentioned not understand the Eddie love here, you also wrote, "He's dumb and lispy and shallow and straight."

I chose to argue the dumb and shallow part of your quote. You opened up many possibilities of response by using the word shallow.

I left 'lispy' alone, the easiest to argue.

Eddie talks quickly, and is from New Jersey. That may sound lispy to others, but not to me--because I live near New Jersey. This has been mentioned before; Eddie actually has no lisp at all, just a regional accent.

by Miareply 53804/14/2013

Is there a behind-the-scenes -- video -- on Sherri that reveals reasons why she may be dislikable? I understand with Reynold and Eddie. But, without viewing videos, and just settling on what is showing on CBS-TV, I figured from the get-go that she is committed to playing the game and getting as much success as she can.

by Miareply 53904/14/2013

If Cochran had Eddie's looks, you Cochran-haters would be going on about how awesome he is and how everything he says is so fucking brilliant.

by Miareply 54004/14/2013


It's not all about looks. Burton, from [italic]Survivor: Pearl Islands[/italic], is the sexiest in the show's history. But I still predicted that Sandra would win, given she was definitely the best.

by Miareply 54104/14/2013

If Cochran makes it to the finals, it would be worth watching this damn show.

by Miareply 54204/14/2013

Also, Cochran has made no effort that I can see to get to know Eddie and Reynold.

Ah, you had forgotten that Cochran isn't included in the pretty group club of Eddie and Reynolds.

by Miareply 54304/14/2013


You are wrong about liking Eddie even if he constantly made the kind of remarks Cochran makes. Good looks only get you so far in life, or a television series. We are far enough into the season to realize that Eddie is a fairly nice guy who is immature, but not critical of others, except Sherri (who said she liked Eddie when he's not around Reynold).

Actually, I am more disappointed in Cochran than anything else. He's playing a very safe, boring game (understandable given his previous), but it's not good TV.

by Miareply 54404/14/2013

Cochran is not "getting to know" Eddie and Reynaldo because they are fans and Cochran is a part of the Favorites alliance.

by Miareply 54504/14/2013

Eddie's looks are fading as that beard grows. He is starting to look like something from Planet of the Apes. Gillette needs to sponser a reward challenge and get those boys shaved!

by Miareply 54604/14/2013

And by shave, I mean just the face. Hate it when guys shave thier bodies.

by Miareply 54704/14/2013

Philip continues to shave his armpits even on the show.

by Miareply 54804/14/2013

It makes no difference whether or not Eddie and Reynold are in Cochran's alliance. Cochran, or anyone else, may be in the final three, and is going to need votes.

And, as has been pointed out, his name is Reynold, not Reynaldo. I do not like the guy, but people can at least get his name right. I am more bother by this than spoilers. For the record, I have no plans to ever post spoilers. Just saying.

by Miareply 54904/14/2013

Cochran doesn't get to know any of the hot guys because he's attracted to them.

by Miareply 55004/15/2013

R550, yes. It scares him to think the camera would capture him giving the look of love to one of them, so he pretends to hate them. It's what most gay men did in high school or as youngsters, or at least, I did.

by Miareply 55104/15/2013

r549 - it's a long standing DL tradition to re-name reality show contestants. Not sure if you are new, overly sensitive or his pal but Reynaldo stays.

by Miareply 55204/15/2013

R552: I have been posting on DL for over a decade; I am not new. I guess the long DL tradition has somehow escaped my attention. I can not stand Reyaldo, and am cerainly not his pal. You think it's fun to call people by a made up name...fine, I do not.

As for being overly sesitive, I work in a profession where names are particularly important to young people. So I make a strong effort to remember their names even if I do see them for three or four years after the initial several months contact.

Furthermore, I am aware of the final three on Survivor, but unlike you, people have asked that spoliers not appear here. I am honoring their wishes, and will continue to honor those wishes.

by Miareply 55304/15/2013

r553 - I appreciate your thoughtful response. Looks like you are sensitive to the name issue (and I use the word sensitive not in the snarky pejorative way, but in an awareness way). The naming thing harkens back to when American Idol was the #1 show and part of the fun of those threads were coming up with unique monikers as a fun way to differentiate as well as reinforce the contestant's qualities. Reynaldo - or Reyaldo as you typed - subconscious I am sure :) - is a nickname that, to me, speaks to his soap opera quality looks. Lastly, I appreciate your no spoilers approach. I have friends who produce the show and would be out of jobs if the show was consistently spoiled. Of course, they share next to nothing about the game play. I do have tons of little "how it's really done" tid bits that I will also not share to honor their wishes.

by Miareply 55404/15/2013


by Miareply 55504/15/2013

R554: Thank you for such a kind response. It is comical that I spelled Reynold's name incorrectly.

I did not watch the first few seasons of American Idol & perhaps did not read later threads, so was not aware of the play on names until it was mentioned here just recently.

My concern is that once it starts, even with a tribe member whom I dislike, it could spread to others on Survivor. I believe Malcolm's name has been spelled incorrectly here to add a sexually element. I was not bothered too much because it was flattering to Malcolm...looking back I should have spoken up then as well.

Finally, I am only one person objecting. Now that I fully understand the background, I shall still disagree but be quiet about it.

by Miareply 55604/15/2013

Good lord! The misspelling or remaing of strangers we see on the TV box has no effect whatsoever on anything at all. So what if it "spreads?" And where is it spreading to, anyway?

by Miareply 55704/16/2013


by Miareply 55804/16/2013

...spread to discussions of other TV shows. I once read a recap of Glee on Television Without Pity, and almost every character had a 'fun' name. I figured out Kurt's, St Gay of Lima, or a variation, but the rest were more difficult.

by Miareply 55904/16/2013

I hate nicknames for characters on TV message boards. Just call them by their given names, dammit.

by Miareply 56004/16/2013

No. Dammit.

by Miareply 56104/16/2013

I'd like Malc to win Survivor, but he trusts the wrong people (Rey and Ed), but I would be happy to see Coch make it to the finals.

by Miareply 56204/16/2013

Do you mean Malcum?

by Miareply 56304/16/2013

It is obvious from the commercial for tomorrow's episode that none of the following wins immunity: Malcolm, Andrea, Eddie, Phillip, Erik, or Cochran. So that leaves us with Brenda, Dawn, Sherri, or Reynold.

by Miareply 56404/16/2013

Posted by Eddie earlier today on Facebook:

"Austin bound to watch tomorrows exciting episode of SURVIVOR! — with Malcolm Freberg and Reynold Toepfer at Continental Airlines Terminal C."

Well something is happening if they flying to Texas and (please forgive me, Eddie fans) there will be more than one tomorrow

by Miareply 56504/16/2013

I have to admit, the pic Eddie has on his twitter homepage...his torso looks like the statue of David.

by Miareply 56604/17/2013

Cochran tweeted today:

As a #Survivor expert, I feel comfortable saying that tonight's episode is going to be one of the most insane in the history of the show.

by Miareply 56704/17/2013

Hope there is more than Dawn losing her teefs!

by Miareply 56804/17/2013

Reynold needs to pose for Playgirl.

by Miareply 56904/17/2013

Oh, Reynold is married. Got married last December.

by Miareply 57004/17/2013

Buh bye, fillup. Good riddance, you ignorant, arrogant piece of shit.

by Miareply 57104/17/2013

The producers don't even bother pretending this is real anymore.

by Miareply 57204/17/2013

I felt for Dawn tonight.

by Miareply 57304/17/2013

Of all the Survivors, Phillip for some reason looks like he stinks the most.

by Miareply 57404/17/2013

So long Phillip, you fucking weird ass loser freak.

by Miareply 57504/17/2013

For tonight's moves, Malcolm deserves to be Sprint's player of the season. The last three tribal councils have been great, even though the season itself has not been so awesome.

Eric has certainly become a better player. His reminder to his alliance that the outcasts could switch up the entire vote and then KEEP their individual immunity idols was a game changer. (and yet HE voted for Phillip).

I'm not sure how far this move takes Malcolm, but he's my hero for casting out red panties Phillip. GOOD SHOW, MALCOLM.

by Miareply 57604/17/2013

Good job by the producers in editing the episode. Dawn's breakdown was over her missing lower partial ??? And she would've left the game and gave up her shot at a million dollars ?? Sheesh. Total fakeout by the show.

by Miareply 57704/17/2013

What does "missing lower partial" mean?

by Miareply 57804/17/2013

Dawn has false lower teeth (lost originals in an accident)

She was in the water and went to get a drink (ewwww...) and her partial plate fell out so everyone would've known she had missing teefs.

She freaked the fuck out. Drama Queen .... the more money you win in the game, dopey, the better falsies you can get.

by Miareply 57904/17/2013

The best part of tonight's episode was the focus on Phillip and how he felt so confident ("We have the numbers", "Bye, Malcolm") .... the only thing that would've made it all sweeter would've been if he'd revealed after the individual immunity challenge that his childhood story was a lie and he just didn't want to participate in the challenge. THAT would've been priceless.

by Miareply 58004/17/2013

Malcolm needs to go after Cochran next.

by Miareply 58104/17/2013

Reynold is so fucking hot.

by Miareply 58204/18/2013

I don't understand why Dawn couldn't have slipped into the water herself and get them. Why did Brenda have to do it. Obviously Dawn goes into the water so why not just get the damn thing.

by Miareply 58304/18/2013

ITA r582. The skinnier and hairier he gets, the better he looks.

by Miareply 58404/18/2013

r556 MUST be on the spectrum, if you get my drift.

by Miareply 58504/18/2013

Malcolm may, or may not, win but last night was Survivor at its best. I do not understand why Phillip would go on Survivor if he can not take part in challenges that involve swimming. But the night belonged to Malcom (and Reynold). I do not remember such a satisfying espisode in years.

by Miareply 58604/18/2013

Phillip can swim (poorly) but was afraid to do the "swim under the platform" challenge. I don't know about his scarred-for-life childhood story. It seems more likely that he knew he'd suck at the challenge and would have embarrassed himself. Phillip is physically weak (mentally weak as well).

Also, he was just too goddamned cocky about his alliance and figured he could just sit back and do nothing. Buh-bye, Specialist.

Malcolm is a lot meaner than Cochran but much better looking. Cochran is smart and funny and I want him to win.

Drama queen Dawn has got to go. Fucking loon.

by Miareply 58704/18/2013

Fillup came in a delusional fucktard, and departed a delusional fucktard. His trapped-in-a-pond story has got to be B.S.

The best thing to happen to Dawn is for her to be put out of her schizoid misery by going to Ponderosa. Just get it over with so she can stop torturing herself by obsessing over the inevitable. The screw-the-million teeth meltdown is classic.

Eric's speculation was brilliant in Tribal Council. He's reminding me of a camp counselor. All he needs is a guitar and leading his tribemates in a round of Kumbaya. At first I thought that Malcolm had fucked up by revealing the idols prior to the voting. But the outcome was perfect.

Reynold is losing too much weight in his face. He's starting to look like a concentration camp survivor. Eddie is losing his looks with that thick bushy beard. Of course many of you will jump on me about how much hotter he looks, but I think he looks awful. Malcolm as always remains adorable.

by Miareply 58804/18/2013


Cochran has actually been bitchy about some of the other players. He mentioned them in confessionals, particular when the merge happened, and just how low he considered numerous players. Eric. Sherri.

Before the merge, he said that "vanilla" shit about Julia.

Keep in mind that Cochran was "seduced" by Coach in [italic]South Pacific[/italic].

by Miareply 58904/18/2013

Malcolm and his two hangers on laughed like nasty frat boys at Phillip last night. Not that the specialist didn't have it coming. I would have strangled him long ago. And as mean as it was I still think Malcolm is delicious. Of the three guys he's the only one with any strategic skills. Although openly mocking a member of the jury might not be his wisest move, but I think Malcolm had had it with Phillip and just didn't care anymore.

I also don't think he should have revealed so early on who they were voting for. They should have let the others scramble, watching to see who was panicking, this would have given them a good look at where the cracks are in the alliance, then announced just before voting that they were gunning for Phillip and anyone who felt unsafe should vote with them.

It was a great episode either way and Phillip was voted out. Once this season is over I never want to see him on my tv ever again.

by Miareply 59004/18/2013

R590: Cochran started this season of Survivor on third base as a favorite, and will perhaps reach home at the final. All his bitching about Phillip has been to the camera, never to Phillip directly. It's classic Survivor strategy, but not very interesting television.

Malcolm took Phillip head on verbally last night. He has little to lose, because the majority alliance is still in control, but it was great television. I would not call Reynold a hanger on; he's better at challenges than Malcolm.

As to whether or not Malcolm or Cochran is meaner, I still vote for Cochran, but because Cochran is not adding much to this season beyond his quips. Without Malcolm this would have been a very boring season. And, for the record, I do not think Malcolm is all that sexy...Eddie, yes.

by Miareply 59104/18/2013

What the hell is wrong with describing a boring person as "vanilla"? It's hardly "mean", far from it. It's accurate and probably even a polite adjective for someone with barely a pulse. Cochran is making thoughtful, measured, insightful commentary, none of which approaches "mean".

He's intelligent enough to not use the elementary vocabulary that we so often from other Survivors. Perhaps that's the problem?

There have been plenty of bitchy fucking assholes throughout Survivor's past seasons, so it's bizarre that anyone could label Cochran as mean.

by Miareply 59204/19/2013

I wonder if Malcolm's strategy is to replace Phillip as the one to take to the end as the most hated. Then hope to win on pointing out that his was the most strategic game.

by Miareply 59304/19/2013

Don't worry about Malcolm, folks. He will find another idol when he needs it.

by Miareply 59404/19/2013

Dawn caught Philip's crazy mouth. It's contagious.

by Miareply 59504/19/2013

It was not horrible that Cochran called Julia "vanilla," but he went further saying, "but comparing Julia to vanilla is really an insult to the flavor vanilla, because many people like vanilla ice cream."

And he has made mean comments about others, if not quite as bad.

On his Survivor bio, John Cochran lists his occupation as Harvard Law School... assume he's a student there. He's smart, and a lot of fun when he playing Survivor, not giving interviews. Cochran is only 25-years old (old enough to know better). I hope he looks at this season of Survivor ten or fifteen years from now, and regrets most/all of his snarky comments.

by Miareply 59604/19/2013

[quote]I hope he looks at this season of Survivor ten or fifteen years from now, and regrets most/all of his snarky comments.

He'll be too busy counting his residuals.

by Miareply 59704/19/2013

Phillip interview with EW at the link. He has some interesting things to say about Corrinne--stuff we didn't get to see on TV. Nothing about Brandon, though. Maybe it's for the best if everyone just forgets that he and his family exist.

Phillip says some stuff in the interview about remaining players that read like spoilers to me so I won't post them here.

by Miareply 59804/19/2013

I could not tell whether Fillup was playing crazy for the cameras, creating this character - or whether he's actually delusional.

by Miareply 59904/19/2013

I don't care if he's pretending to be crazy or not. He's annoying!

by Miareply 60004/19/2013
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