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No Oscar nominee for Ben Affleck

Well at least that bitch wife of his must be some comfort to him

by www.goop.comreply 8002/02/2013

What on earth happened??

by www.goop.comreply 101/10/2013

I would not be surprised if Ben and Jen get divorced this year.

by www.goop.comreply 201/10/2013

He went back to Gigli-era PR tactics, shoving himself down our thoats Hathaway style.

But AH is still relatively fresh, and Affleck evokes bad memories when he whores himself out.

Too much. He should've done one EW cover less, and maybe he would have got in.

by www.goop.comreply 301/10/2013

Look for him to go on a bender. Then after getting caught with drugs and hookers, Jen will be able to file with dignity and Ben goes to rehab for his image. He'll do Barbara Walters and Oprah's Next Chapter by the end of the year.

by www.goop.comreply 401/10/2013

I eat shit.

by www.goop.comreply 501/10/2013

For once I agree with R3. I think talk of a Senate run was the tipping point.

by www.goop.comreply 601/10/2013

I'd rather see him in the senate than direct more movies. Argo was very good, competently directed and he was fine in it but it didn't impress me as much as it, apparently, impressed others.

by www.goop.comreply 701/10/2013

Yeah now all he has is millions of dollars, his good looks, and a beautiful family.

How disappointed he must be.

by www.goop.comreply 801/10/2013

[all posts by right wing shit-stain # a removed.]

by www.goop.comreply 901/10/2013

[quote]He went back to Gigli-era PR tactics, shoving himself down our thoats Hathaway style.

It did get nauseating once he started morphing into Clooney 2.0. I certainly don't begrudge celebrities trying to do their part, but to "coincidentally" start full-throttle pimping that out while you're campaigning for an Oscar? It just seemed in poor taste. The run for Senator?!

And then CBS newsman Morley Schafer even mentioned that Affleck knew what he was talking about because he was a Harvard graduate with a degree in Middle East Studies?! LOL. That's a complete lie. BA is a drop out who couldn't get into Harvard. Granted the mistake might not have been BA's fault, but I knew that wasn't true, and it totally soured me on BA. Why was he appearing on all the political shows anyway? His movie takes place 40 years ago. Maybe some academy members felt the desperation and said no thank you, but liked the movie enough to nominate that.

by www.goop.comreply 1001/10/2013

Also, not to disappoint everyone, but he is nominated as Producer for Argo. He missed as Director.

by www.goop.comreply 1101/10/2013

Well, if he can't even run a successful campaign for an Oscar nom, we don't have to ever worry about him running for Senate.

by www.goop.comreply 1201/10/2013

I think he is deserving of a nomination as director.

I like Ben; I like his movies.

by www.goop.comreply 1301/10/2013

Ben finally got the boy he wanted.

That's his award for the past year.

by www.goop.comreply 1401/10/2013

I agree, r13, I have always liked Ben a lot.

by www.goop.comreply 1501/10/2013

In order for him to get back on track, Ben needs to leak a sex tape.

by www.goop.comreply 1601/10/2013

I doubt it R2. Jen Gardner seems to hold onto to that dude with bloody fingernails. She is just so pathetic anymore.

by www.goop.comreply 1701/10/2013

He came across as a pouty grasper at the Critic Choice Awards.

by www.goop.comreply 1801/10/2013

Do you think Matt will comfort him at this moment?

by www.goop.comreply 1901/10/2013

[quote]And then CBS newsman Morley Schafer even mentioned that Affleck knew what he was talking about because he was a Harvard graduate with a degree in Middle East Studies?

Where did Safer say this? Was it on a 60 Minutes profile or somewhere live? If it was a profile they should have checked it out.

Ben is an Occidental College dropout BTW.

by www.goop.comreply 2001/10/2013

Be I believe is a UVM dropout.

by www.goop.comreply 2101/10/2013

[quote]Do you think Matt will comfort him at this moment?

You mean sexually?

by www.goop.comreply 2201/10/2013

Sorry that should read "Ben" above

by www.goop.comreply 2301/10/2013

Ben dropped out of UVM after one semester and then later on dropped out of Occidental.

by www.goop.comreply 2401/10/2013

"You mean sexually?"

I leave it to your imagination. Scenarios, exchanges, fucking.

by www.goop.comreply 2501/10/2013

He should come out as bi to recharge his career

by www.goop.comreply 2601/10/2013

I hope he doesn't start drinking again. I mean for Jen's sake. (and assuming he actually ever stopped at some point)

by www.goop.comreply 2701/10/2013

The film is overrated. I was amazed how much the actors looked like the real counterparts...

by www.goop.comreply 2801/10/2013

And neither of those schools are even close the the same league as Harvard. So he might have 2-3 semesters of college under his belt, max.

At least Garner has her BA (from Denison; my cousin was a few years behind her there). What I can't figure out is why Damon left Harvard with only a semester left. NO ONE leaves Harvard voluntarily with only a few weeks to go (and then never goes back to finish). Something doesn't add up.

by www.goop.comreply 2901/10/2013

Well, remember, after the last time he did rehab he hooked up with Jennifer Lopez almost immediately.

by www.goop.comreply 3001/10/2013

I think Damon started getting acting work. Lots of people seem to do that. Brad Pitt still needs like 4 credits for his degree. Alec Baldwin needed 4 more units for his NYU degree for years. They finally let him write a paper about an acting job and counted it as an internship. (that was like 5 years ago or so.)

Hard to understand why they never just took an online class or something just to finish it up.

by www.goop.comreply 3101/10/2013

I was appalled at OP's saying "no nominee for him," until I read R17's "she is just so pathetic anymore."

by www.goop.comreply 3201/10/2013

yeah but Baldwin went to NYU, nuff said there they let the Olsen twins finish too. Pitt I think went to Mizzou (?) they'll most likely let him do a similar deal, write a paper put in some online hours and give him his degree, or otherwise grant him an Honorary later.

Harvard is not NYU or U-state. They don't let you finish finish on time or you're out no matter who you are.

by www.goop.comreply 3301/10/2013

Agreed R28 - Argo was a good, not great film - his choice of adding the make-believe "chase" at the airport in the finale was just so weak - a better director would have made a better, more ironic film out of the truth.

by www.goop.comreply 3401/10/2013

lighten up r32....people are posting on a gossip board while doing other things. We are not writing documents to be preserved under glass for generations.

by www.goop.comreply 3501/10/2013

It's not always about being nominated;the work is what counts.

I'm so tired of actors who whine about not being nominated for such-and-such award.

With or without a nomination, the quality of "Argo" assures that Ben Affleck will continue to get good projects in Hollywood.

Besides, he's already won an Oscar. Nobody needs more than one.

by www.goop.comreply 3601/10/2013

r20, here's Schieffer's masturbatory speech in which he just pulls Ben's education out of his ass.

by www.goop.comreply 3701/10/2013

I love how all these talking heads are making excuses like the academy didn't want to nominate an actor (hello, redford, gibson,costner and eastwood) or a sexiest man alive (hello clooney) and that it was sour grapes. The truth is people like argo but no one loves it, not to the extent they love the others.

by www.goop.comreply 3801/10/2013

BA didn't get nom'd for director but he's nominated: Argo - Grant Heslov, Ben Affleck and George Clooney, Producers

by www.goop.comreply 3901/10/2013

You are wrong about Harvard. You can stay there for years as long as you have the money. Not the school everyone thinks, and Damon would have gotten no benefit graduating from there anyway.

I mean, it's only a degree from Harvard. No big deal for God's sake.

by www.goop.comreply 4001/10/2013

Yeah, it's weird -- I don't begrudge him his success but I swear every time he opens his mouth, he just screams douchebag. Like he's all for show; even the wife and kids in his acceptance speech feel thrown in to remind us of all those ice cream photo ops. He could be the nicest guy in the world but it never comes through somehow.

An amazing turnaround to his career but I still find it hard to care about him/root for him.

by www.goop.comreply 4101/10/2013

Ben Affleck: still a douche.

by www.goop.comreply 4201/10/2013


But not as big of one as you.

by www.goop.comreply 4301/10/2013

Ben please return my calls asap my hole needs a good pounding

by www.goop.comreply 4401/10/2013

The Olsen twins were in the Gallatin division of NYU (the adult extension division) not the regular school. That whole program is designed for independent study (and to make money for the school.) I don't know if they finished by the way.

by www.goop.comreply 4501/10/2013

What did Damon major in at Harvard?

by www.goop.comreply 4601/10/2013

Agree R34, the lack of accuracy in Argo seemed like a total cop out - even the overheated staging of having Iranian militants on the ground chasing the plane looked ridiculous, the staging of the phone call, etc. was too hackneyed.

by www.goop.comreply 4701/10/2013

At least we won't have to see him doing staged photo ops decorating cakes with his daughters on weekends.

His PR assault of being the perfect husband and father was enough to turn off anyone in the industry who knows anything about him.

Garner is a Kennedy wife. She'll stay by him no matter what scandal comes his way. She loves the perks of being Mrs. Affleck too much.

by www.goop.comreply 4801/10/2013

Argo is a 2012 American thriller film[3] directed by Ben Affleck, based loosely on an account published in 2007 of the "Canadian Caper", in which Tony Mendez, a CIA operative, led the rescue of six U.S. diplomats from Tehran, Iran, during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

The film stars Affleck as Mendez with Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, and John Goodman, and was released in North America to critical and commercial success on October 12, 2012. The film was co-produced by Affleck, George Clooney, and Grant Heslov.

by www.goop.comreply 4901/10/2013

Another thread 'bout a goodlooking and successful guy and out comes the Datalounge basment dwelling losers to pour envious scorn.

by www.goop.comreply 5001/11/2013

Nah, far more jealous of Grant Heslov. How'd he get in with such tony company? Wasn't he country singer in crappy Paltrow movie last we saw him?

by www.goop.comreply 5101/11/2013

P.S. Loved how there was indeed a nomination for a "Ben" -- but it was "Benh Zeitlin" instead and last one read (first year they did them in no order, not alphabetically). Could not have been set up better.

Too bad they didn't save this for Awards Night or we might've gotten Affleck racing for stage and award in reach like Mary Richards when she thought she won the Teddy, ha.

by www.goop.comreply 5201/11/2013

I remember before he won his first Oscar people would call him

Benna Fleck.

by www.goop.comreply 5301/11/2013

R50, since it was the Academy who blatantly snubbed him and not Datalounge's alleged "basement dwellers", your post is once again misguided.

Also, the fact that you find him good looking, is churlish, at best

by www.goop.comreply 5401/11/2013

[quote]Another thread 'bout a goodlooking and successful guy and out comes the Datalounge basment dwelling losers to pour envious scorn.

Oh shut up. We are discerning in our hatred. We love Matt and his butt ...don't we?

by www.goop.comreply 5501/11/2013

Any director who casts Ben Affleck, who is a really shitty actor, as a lead in a movie cant be a good director anyway. Whatever the guy is terribly overrated and his and his wifes and the kids frequent pap friendly outings are annoying as hell.

by www.goop.comreply 5601/11/2013

Oh for god's sake. He was probably thisclose to a nomination in a crowded field. He has nothing to boo hoo about.

by www.goop.comreply 5701/11/2013

Affleck was thirsty for a nom. I never ever once saw him papped in the press with his kids as much as I did after Argo was out and nomination rumblings were being spoken of. I even saw full family shots of him and the wife in clear view making pottery together at a craft store. I have seen tons of pics of Jennifer picking her daughter up from school even while massively pregnant with both kids, but as soon as nominations were round the corner Affleck was campaigning heavily.

by www.goop.comreply 5801/11/2013

[quote]Garner is a Kennedy wife. She'll stay by him no matter what scandal comes his way. She loves the perks of being Mrs. Affleck too much.

Not to mention she's got three very young children to raise.

by www.goop.comreply 5901/11/2013

'Argo' seems such a pretentious bore. I'm glad there is no Oscar nominee for him.

by www.goop.comreply 6001/11/2013

BITTER...BITTER...jealous queens. Congrats Ben on the Critics Choice for BEST DIRECTOR & BEST FILM!!

by www.goop.comreply 6101/11/2013

Argo is a smash hit, and Affleck will undoubtedly win in the future.

After all Bette Davis didn't get it for On Human Bondage and was given a make up Oscar the next year.

And Judy Garland should have romped it in with A Star is Born and Judgement at Nuremberg.

by www.goop.comreply 6201/11/2013

I'm glad "Argo" was stopped in its tracks by the Academy. The CIA is a vile organization, and any attempt to glorify their involvement with this story does not deserve to be recognized.

I'm glad there is no Best Director nomination for Affleck.

by www.goop.comreply 6301/11/2013

"Oh shut up. We are discerning in our hatred. We love Matt and his butt ...don't we?"

Yes, we do.

by www.goop.comreply 6401/11/2013

Remember when Ben was sporting a black eye around the same time Blake Lively's nude pictures leaked? Yeah....

by www.goop.comreply 6501/11/2013

Ben even started showing up with his kids in a full 3 piece suit! It was getting ridiculous.

However, Argo was a very good movie. It wasn't pretentious. It was entertaining. And if it wasn't 100% historically accurate...well no movie ever is.

I just wish he'd stop casting himself in his own movies. He's a dreadful actor.

by www.goop.comreply 6601/11/2013

A Harvard degree is good for academics and businessmen.

Matt wanted to be an actot - and has undoubtedly earned more doing that than anything he could have done with his degree.

And I know Ben is a douche - but he still has a corner of my heart which will be forever his...

by www.goop.comreply 6701/11/2013

[quote]Matt wanted to be an actot

Oh dear!

by www.goop.comreply 6801/11/2013

Actot= child actor.

by www.goop.comreply 6901/11/2013

Ben is going to have the last laugh when he gets the Best Picture. How embarassing for the Academy.

by www.goop.comreply 7001/28/2013

Argo? It was good. I guess aside from the obvious criticisms you could say it was efficiently made. The cast was so good - they really deserved Best Ensemble last night. I wish the Americans in hiding were in it more, they were all really good. It had a great look to it, it's just that the climax of the film was so cliched. Chris Terrio just resorted to the hoariest movie cliches that weren't particularly well executed by director Affleck. Great hair though.

by www.goop.comreply 7101/28/2013

Lincoln will still win BP.

It has Bill Clinton's support, and there is no earthly way it's going to lose.

The Academy will see the PGA/SAG wins for what they are: a means to placate Ben's ego.

Once the Oscars roll around, the narrative will shift back to Spielberg and Lincoln.

All this is fairly obvious, really.

by www.goop.comreply 7201/28/2013

If Ben Affleck wins Best Picture after this ridiculous Oscar campaign, r70, the Academy should indeed be ashamed of itself.

And I say that as someone who thinks he is a talented director who was snubbed, but the narrative they have created is cringeworthy at this point.

by www.goop.comreply 7301/28/2013

I eat shit.

by www.goop.comreply 7401/28/2013

Streep Troll will go into meltdown when Ben wins the Best Pic Oscar and her Lincoln fetish comes to nought.

by www.goop.comreply 7501/28/2013

I eat shit and never saw any of these movies.

by www.goop.comreply 7601/28/2013

That was me R76!

by www.goop.comreply 7701/28/2013

I hate to say it, but right now Argo is the front runner.

by www.goop.comreply 7801/28/2013

Ben now wins the Directors Guild Award!. The Academy have been shown up for the imbeciles they are!

by www.goop.comreply 7902/02/2013

Best Director oscar nominees are selected by 371 members who belong to the directing branch of the academy.

"Argo" has been piling up the prestigious awards. And Ben Affleck has won as well. Wonder how he'll do with the BAFTAs.

Marlon Brando, George C. Scott, Woody Allen have all pointed out that it's like a beauty contest; a popularity contest; an "in crowd" fest. Lately, Anthony Hopkins and Joaquin Phoenix stated their displeasure over the whole procedure.

Among the gay groups that I see, it seems hardly anyone cares about the oscars. No one wants to discuss; they act bored when I try to get their opinion.

by www.goop.comreply 8002/02/2013
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