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Recommendations for over the counter diet drugs?

I've come to the conclusion that despite exercise and diet moderation, I need diet pills to jump start my metabolism. I can't really afford (nor do I think my dr. would write a prescription) diet pills. Anybody have any recommendations? I've tried some green tea diet pills that gave me ghastly heartburn and I'm hesitant to try to the pill (ally?) that makes you shit yourself. Thanks for the info!

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 2301/10/2013

I don't think there is anything sold OTC that does anything except transfer your money to them. Except alli. I take alli, and it works but it does have those side effects.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 101/08/2013

Celery and Carrots

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 201/08/2013

Diet and exercise.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 301/08/2013

Lipozine! Your husband will say LOOKATCHU!!

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 401/08/2013

Stop eating all gluten and sugar. Stevia is your friend and you can use it as much as you want without keeping you fat.

You will lose weight. Seriously.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 501/08/2013


by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 601/08/2013

OP, have you ever sweated on purpose?

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 701/08/2013

OP here, yes I do work out and I do diet (though I have to drink on weekends - it's the only thing that keeps me going!) but it's one step forward and two steps back as far as weight loss goes, so I thought it's time for some time of OTC diet drug. Diet drugs aren't cheap - at least the kind they have at Whole Foods - so I was looking for some recommendations before buying something that made me sick and/or completely crazy!

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 801/08/2013

Some people are claiming to have great results with raspberry ketones.

Unfortunately, I've not seen any studies yet, nor do I know what is an effective dosage.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 901/08/2013

Vicks Vapo-Rub on your tongue. Guaranteed to totally kill any craving for food.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 1001/08/2013

What are in the green tea pills you mention? If you go that route you should get just green tea extract, with nothing else in them. Green tea has real health benefits, but do not expect big weight loss results.

Green tea is more a gentle overall cleanser and anti-oxidant, not intended to give you any big "boost" or quickly melt away pounds.

You could also try green coffee bean extract capsules. This seems to be the big weight loss craze, but if you choose those get the kind that contains coffee arabica; it will say this on the back of the bottle if it is in there.

And as the green tea extract, if you get the green coffee bean make sure to get a quality brand and only that ingredient. Not all the fillers and hype of other ingredients.

Good luck, OP. If you are insistent on having alcohol, even if only on weekends, you will likely continue gaining weight.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 1101/08/2013

Have you been checked for B12 deficiency? If you are deficient you can get injections that make you feel like your whole body has been kickstarted. It only works if you are deficient though - wont make any difference if your levels are OK.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 1201/08/2013

Exercize enough for your body type and metabolism. Eat small exrta healthy meals. Drink tons of water. That's all there is to it.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 1301/08/2013

Stevia tastes like saccharin + cyclamates. Like cilantro, some people like it and some people hate it.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 1401/08/2013


by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 1501/08/2013

Diet and exercise, you fat whore.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 1601/08/2013

I've tried it all. HCG is the latest thing but it's not over the counter and it's really hard to follow without fucking up. You can also try ECA stack (Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin) but I've grown immune to it and it's really hard to find ephedrine. Guess I'm of no help, OP.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 1701/08/2013

Learn to live with hunger.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 1801/08/2013


by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 1901/08/2013

Milk of Magnesia

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 2001/08/2013

Melba Toast and syrup of ipecac.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 2101/08/2013

I've lost ten pounds since Xmas, on the "Vegetable Soup Diet".

That is, I make a big pot of good vegetable soup, and I eat it when I'm not going out.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 2201/08/2013

We don't take drugs. We're organic girls. Our fingers are enough.

And just balance your meals. I mean, it's Thursday. We JUST ate on Tuesday. We have willpower to wait until tomorrow for our next meal of a lettuce leaf and a Tic Tac.

by Discouraged Elder Fattyreply 2301/10/2013
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