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Notre Dame vs. Alabama BCS Championship

Undefeated Notre Dame meets the pride of the SEC, Nick Saban's Crimson Tide of Alabama tonight for the National Championship and there's no thread on this?

What are you Guys, Gay or something? Let's here some chatter. Let's make some noise!

by Roll Tide!reply 5301/07/2013

I usually don't like Notre Dame, but I'm rooting for them tonight. Can't stand the conservative hick trash that is Alabama.

by Roll Tide!reply 101/07/2013

Della, speak up, dear.

by Roll Tide!reply 201/07/2013

[quote]I usually don't like Notre Dame, but I'm rooting for them tonight. Can't stand the conservative hick trash that is Alabama.

So you prefer the gay-hating pedos over the hicks R1. Smart.

by Roll Tide!reply 301/07/2013

Alabama QB brought 30 pairs of shoes with him. Could he be a secret Datalounger?

by Roll Tide!reply 401/07/2013

My brother and father are ND alums and have been absolutely smug and unbearable in the lead up to this game. So I say ROLL TIDE.

by Roll Tide!reply 501/07/2013

Can both sides lose? Please?

by Roll Tide!reply 601/07/2013

You really are a dumbfuck r3. And yes, I prefer ND. Anyone who's spent time dealing with different fan bases knows what hateful conservative trash Alabama's fans are.

by Roll Tide!reply 701/07/2013

Any sane college football fan will root against the SEC

by Roll Tide!reply 801/07/2013

Four years ago AJ McCarron used to be really cute.

by Roll Tide!reply 901/07/2013

Now, AJ really isn't.

by Roll Tide!reply 1001/07/2013

AJ's mom (the one in the middle) ... pretty-pretty?

by Roll Tide!reply 1101/07/2013

Yeah I'm the "dumbfuck" R7. You're rooting for an organization that is hellbent on destroying gay people and worships the head pedo in Rome but I'm the problem. Right.


by Roll Tide!reply 1201/07/2013

Don't really give a shit but ND has more class and education wise, I am sure their standards are much higher than the football factory that is the Crimson Tide. Plus actual Catholics (not the church hierarchy, the people) are a lot more tolerable than the Christina fucknuts down south. Most of them don't follow Catholic rules anyway.

by Roll Tide!reply 1301/07/2013

r3/r12, you should be aware that the views of the Pope are not necessarily shared by Notre Dame football fans anymore than among american Catholics in general. If you think ND people are more conservative than Alabama fans, you're delusional.

For a treat, go to a U of Alabama fan message board. They always have a separate forum for political discussion. Read that for a while and see how much affinity you have left for them.

by Roll Tide!reply 1401/07/2013

[quote]One of the giant elephants in the room at Notre Dame is that for a campus that espouses social justice and equality, it has not made much progress on creating a sexual orientation-neutral culture on campus. In many ways, it has directly stifled it, by rejecting non-discrimination language intended to welcome homosexuals, and also by repeatedly stonewalling requests for club recognition by AllianceND, Notre Dame’s unofficial gay-straight alliance. Anecdotal reports of homophobia are rampant, and the campus has rightfully earned itself the #5 ranking in Princeton Review’s “Alternative Lifestyle Not an Alternative” list.

Seems like a lovely place. I can see why you guys are fans.

by Roll Tide!reply 1501/07/2013

Gay and in a relationship of 10 years. College graduate. Professional. Birmingham, AL resident. Finds people like R1 so incredibly tiresome.

by Roll Tide!reply 1601/07/2013

Alabama is better for gays than ND. And has hotter boys. It is, however, worse for blacks.

Saban is a dumb Yankee from northwestern Ohio who brought mafia culture to football. I'd love to see him lose and see the SEC taken down a peg...but Notre Dame has been turning a blind eye to rape by football players and they killed that poor kid by making him shoot their practices in a high wind, and their coach is just as evil, perhaps even more urgently so. The thing is that Notre Dame was weak for some years, so for them to win the national championship now by the application of money, cheating, arrogance, corruption, and violent troglodyte State College type attitudes sends the exact wrong message to all of college football. Alabama has been a poster child for that wrong attitude for decades, but Notre Dame was actually better than that for a while there, so it amounts to a regression.

So on balance, I have to go with the Tide. Plus I still have the hots for a Crimson Tide fan I used to know, whereas the disgusting closet case priest from Notre Dame who was my first adult sex experience has long since passed from the scene. My penis says, Roll Tide.

by Roll Tide!reply 1701/07/2013

Ditto, r16. I am a lesbian from Bermingham. I am also a professional,in a LTR, a life-long democrat, college graduate, liberal, and a life-long Alabama fan (my parents were both UA graduates). I know plenty of other liberal gays in Birmingham, and many other southern cities. Making blanket statements about all the "trash" in a state or region is no more fair or accurate than making blanket statements about gays and lesbians.

by Roll Tide!reply 1801/07/2013

Amazing how touchy the southerners are.

by Roll Tide!reply 1901/07/2013

What sort of person likes a football team because of its fans?

This is mystifying to me.

(You should, however, be appalled at the fact that we don't get TCM in Tuscaloosa.)

by Roll Tide!reply 2001/07/2013

Fuck the racist rednecks.

Go IRISH!!!!!

by Roll Tide!reply 2101/07/2013

There has been some controversy over Notre Dame covering up rapists on the football team.

by Roll Tide!reply 2201/07/2013

So the national championship game isn't even on one of the network channels anymore? This is some BS. I also miss the days when you 'd watch all the big bowl games on new year's day--on network tv of course. You knew all the games and the matchups. Today i had to check online to confirm the championship game was even taking place.

by Roll Tide!reply 2301/07/2013

Here's an Alabama fan for you.

by Roll Tide!reply 2401/07/2013

Those gold helmets are a bit much, especially in High Def.

by Roll Tide!reply 2501/07/2013

That is BS, R23.

WTF! Way to cut down your viewership by a lot.

by Roll Tide!reply 2601/07/2013

R20, of course we get TCM in Tuscaloosa. Who the heck provides your TV service?

And by the way...I'm a UA graduate, Tuscaloosa resident, professional. We ain't all rednecks down here! Roll Tide!

by Roll Tide!reply 2701/07/2013

[quote]of course we get TCM in Tuscaloosa. Who the heck provides your TV service?

The evil COMCAST.

by Roll Tide!reply 2801/07/2013

This doesn't have the look or feel of an important game, much less a National Championship.

Beautiful stadium though.

by Roll Tide!reply 2901/07/2013

The evil COMCAST.

Ouch. I'm sorry. We have DirecTV.

by Roll Tide!reply 3001/07/2013

Oregon vs Texas A&M would have been a much more interesting game.

by Roll Tide!reply 3101/07/2013

There was no rape coverup at ND. The player was accused of touching the breasts of a girl who 1) voluntarily went to his room with him and 2) was consensually kissing him. The South Bend prosecutor investigated and found that her account contradicted a) the cell phone evidence and b) the accounts of three eyewitnesses.

Tragic that the girl committed suicide, but it might have more to do with her long-term treatment for depression and anxiety.

by Roll Tide!reply 3201/07/2013

RTR, Baby!

by Roll Tide!reply 3301/07/2013

ND didn't lose a game this season? Did they only play JV high school teams?

by Roll Tide!reply 3401/07/2013

That's funny, R34. They just interviewed the Notre Dame coach right before they went in the locker room at halftime. They asked him what needed to happen for Notre Dame to improve in the second half, and he said, wistfully, "Maybe if Alabama didn't come back out..."

by Roll Tide!reply 3501/07/2013

Chuck Todd tweets:

[quote] About only reason to stay watching this game is to see if Brent makes a career- ending comment about McCarron's girlfriend……

LOL, I thought the same thing! Like, wtf, Brent, you need to squash them nasty old-man hormones.

by Roll Tide!reply 3601/07/2013

"There was no rape coverup at ND. The player was accused of touching the breasts of a girl who 1) voluntarily went to his room with him and 2) was consensually kissing him."

That's what the accused claims. Doesn't mean he is telling the truth.

"The South Bend prosecutor investigated and found that her account contradicted a) the cell phone evidence and b) the accounts of three eyewitnesses."

The "eyewitnesses" were his friends - i.e. people who would lie for him. Cell phone evidence strongly suggests that she was assaulted and that she was pressured by others not to report her assault.

Here is a link that takes apart all the "evidence" you are citing

by Roll Tide!reply 3701/07/2013

Are there any cute guys with big, round butts on these teams?

by Roll Tide!reply 3801/07/2013

Someone had better dial 9-1-1 and get those boys from South Bend some help.

by Roll Tide!reply 3901/07/2013

What's the sore?

by Roll Tide!reply 4001/07/2013

Canker, R40.

by Roll Tide!reply 4101/07/2013

Omg! What an ass-kicking.

The Baby Jesus has forsaken them :(

by Roll Tide!reply 4201/07/2013

The score is 35-7 Bama. The fourth quarter has just started.

by Roll Tide!reply 4301/07/2013

Bad, but not impossible.

by Roll Tide!reply 4401/07/2013

Della, where are you? We need you.

by Roll Tide!reply 4501/07/2013

Alabama just scored again. So now it's 42-7 with 11:27 left in the fourth quarter. Maybe not impossible, but getting close to it.

by Roll Tide!reply 4601/07/2013

Thanks, r43.

by Roll Tide!reply 4701/07/2013

Notre Dame is making their move!

by Roll Tide!reply 4801/07/2013

Hail Mary pass will not let them down.

by Roll Tide!reply 4901/07/2013

Their going to need four touchdowns inside of six minutes, and that's just to tie it. Their going to need quite a few Hail Mary's for that.

by Roll Tide!reply 5001/07/2013

"Their" should have been "they're." Please pardon my error.

by Roll Tide!reply 5101/07/2013

[quote]Notre Dame is making their move!

It's called garbage time.

by Roll Tide!reply 5201/07/2013

Final score, 42-14, Alabama wins.

by Roll Tide!reply 5301/07/2013

When the Alabama quarterback and center got into a fight in the fourth quarter, the announcer said that the two (who are roommates on the road) were having a lovers' quarrel. I couldn't decide whether to be offended or titillated. Or both.

by Roll Tide!reply 5401/07/2013
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