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French critic, where are you?

You had the best inside info. Is the lovely Gaspard Ulliel still a douche? Are Monica Belluci and Vincent Cassel still happy together? Any info on Jeunet?

by curiousreply 18109/10/2016

French Critic was the best! What happened to him?

by curiousreply 101/06/2013

How is the lovely Gaspard Ulliel a douche? And why hasn't he had any nude scenes?

by curiousreply 201/06/2013

The French critic had interviewed him, as well as being familiar with lots if people in cinema generally. Sadly, he reported that Ulliel was arrogant and distant - not rude or aggressive, more unpleasant by being self-involved and took himself seriously. I'd love to read the thread again as this was info from, what, two or so years ago? More?

by curiousreply 301/06/2013

Mournful bump?

by curiousreply 401/14/2013

I learned more about French actors from French Critic than anywhere else. It would have been awesome to have him weigh in on current shenanigans of Depardieu, Bardot, Polanski etc.

by curiousreply 501/14/2013

Yeah, I'd love to hear the inside view of that citizenship furore.

by curiousreply 601/26/2013

I've been pining for the French critic, too.

by curiousreply 701/26/2013

I'd love to re-read the original thread. Anyone save it?

by curiousreply 801/28/2013

One more bump to see if anyone has the old thread archived somewhere...

So much great French gossip

by curiousreply 908/17/2013

What must be done to lure him back?

by curiousreply 1008/17/2013

French critic, where are you? We all see what you can do. Picking boogers day and night. Flicking boogers left and right. I'll trade on of yours for one of mine. Or maybe one flavored lemon-lime.

by curiousreply 1108/17/2013

Was French critic in the French actress poll thread? I suppose not, but there was a couple of cool people with lots of knowledge there.. presumably native.

by curiousreply 1208/17/2013

Does anyone have any gossip on Louis Garrel or Lea Seydoux?

by curiousreply 1308/17/2013

How about the always-naked, horsehung Romain Duris?

by curiousreply 1408/17/2013

Lea Seydoux is dating Andre Meyer

by curiousreply 1509/29/2013

Does anyone know anything about Théo Frilet? My French is rusty but I gather in this clip he talks about cute girls, etc...

by curiousreply 1611/21/2013

Thank you, R14. I did not know of Romain Duris until you mentioned him. He is the very essence of my type.

by curiousreply 1711/21/2013

Bisexuality amongst female actresses is becoming more fashionable in France as of late. However France is still a "Latin" country where female sensuality and sexuality are greatly prized.So some of the actresses engaged in Sapphic dalliances are keeping mum. Probably even more so than in the US.

Bellucci and Cassell split.She had dalliances with women and VC was fucking around with women as well!

Cotillard had an interesting past before "stealing" Canet from his German hussy,Diane Kruger. She was involved heavily in drugs and her co-dependent boyfriend jumped off a balcony and tried to kill himself. He failed. He ended up paralyzed and then killed himself two years later.

I wish I knew something about Lizzie Brochere',she is such a hot little thing. Ryan Murphy should have brought her back for the New Orleans season of AHS:Coven. Her accent would have made sense at least in past sequences

by curiousreply 1811/21/2013

LOVE French Critic

by curiousreply 1911/21/2013

Michel Blanc of Mr Hire fame/infamy is gay.A French friend of mine saw him with a twinkish California surfer dude in Paris. They looked like a French grandpa having lunch with his American grandson!

by curiousreply 2011/21/2013

What actresses are you talking about? [r18]

by curiousreply 2112/26/2013

That thread was one of the best in DL history and it wasn't even full. Someone bump should bump it if archived.

by curiousreply 2212/27/2013

News on Johnny Hallyday, s'il vous plait?

by curiousreply 2312/28/2013

Is the French critic Freddy M?

by curiousreply 2412/28/2013

Louis Garel was dating Valerie Tedechi Bruni, Carla's sister. She is maybe 15 years older than Louis. I don't know if they are still together.

by curiousreply 2512/28/2013

Jean-Hugues Anglade gossip: Parisienne make-up artist told me she and others saw track marks on his arms during a shoot a couple of years back

by curiousreply 2612/28/2013

Valeria Bruni Tedesci is in fact her name anyway they split but have a daughter, Céline.

by curiousreply 2712/28/2013

Who is Louis dating now?

by curiousreply 2812/28/2013

Golshifteh Farahani, R28.

by curiousreply 2912/28/2013

It is very difficult if not impossible to find good French gossip. I'm not French but am fluent and have looked and looked. I had a crush on a French actor a few years back and could find next to nil on this guy although he was fairly well known at the time. It probably has to do with French defamation laws which are quite strict and efficient. See Hollywood Reporter article.

Just finding out how much actors/musicians earn was taboo until a few years ago when Le Figaro started publishing an annual list every February and at first everyone was shocked.

by curiousreply 3012/28/2013

For anyone interested, here is the list from Le Figaro of the 10 highest paid French actors for 2013, along with reader comments which sometimes contain interesting tidbits you don't find on gossip sites.

by curiousreply 3112/28/2013

There's been an explosion in celebrity coverage in France since 2007, 2008. There is a market for photos, interviews and gossip nearly as strong as in anglo-saxon culture.

It always makes me laugh that the word used in French culture nowadays for " celebrity" is "people" , spelt exactly like the English. Sometimes you see it spelt "pipol" which I like even more. And it's used to designate celebrity in the singular and the plural. So once I fell about when my friend saw a French celebrity from one of their reality shows ( Star Ac, the French X Factor) on the street in Paris and explained to me c'est un people!

So for tacky French gossip, just go to or or dozens of others like that.

by curiousreply 3212/28/2013

What about Romain Duris??

by curiousreply 3312/28/2013

Je voudrais Gaspard Ulliel à sucer ma bite, et je tiens à son sucer.

by curiousreply 3412/28/2013

R32, indeed the 'pipol' press is doing very well, but tends to be very polite and fawning. If there is a big scandal, the only ones with balls or deep pockets are (or used to be, I don't follow French media that closely) Le Canard Enchaine and Paris Match. We need to export DL to France.

by curiousreply 3512/28/2013

What are Daniel Auteuil and Sergi Lopez like?

(Yes, I know Lopez is Spanish, but he often works in French films.)

by curiousreply 3612/28/2013

A tip for looking for information on your favorite French actor, etc, is to use instead of, not just generally but in the 'actualités' (news) section, as well as 'images'. This also goes for other countries, i.e. for Germany, etc.

by curiousreply 3712/28/2013

Just saw Populaire on Netflix and Romain Duris is BEAU-TI-FUL.

In what films has he showed his cock?

by curiousreply 3812/28/2013

Great info in here. The list of alleged income was interesting. Given that the hot Gaspard Ulliel is still the face of Chanel's fragrance Bleu, how would this be reflected in his income?

by curiousreply 3912/29/2013

Is there a French equivalent of DL? What's the gay gossip about their main stars like?

by curiousreply 4012/29/2013

Anyone watching Les Revenants / The Returned? Pierre Perrier as Simon is close to perfection in that role.

by curiousreply 4112/29/2013

French Critic would have been needed a couple months ago when the infighting between the "Blue Is The Warmest Color" actors and director was made public. Most controversial French pic in years with a backstory that was vastly more interesting than what's on screen.

by curiousreply 4212/29/2013

r42, can you give a précis of the BITWC infighting? I missed the thread. Merci d'avance.

by curiousreply 4312/29/2013

Probably something like this, R40:

Is Gaspard Ulliel gay?

by curiousreply 4412/29/2013

Here's a link, R43. It got quite nasty.

by curiousreply 4512/29/2013

Lea Seydoux doesn't strike me as smart. I hope she doesn't think she can pull the same shit on a Hollywood director. Adele Exarchopoulos has shown far more maturity, intelligence and class in dealing with what happened on the set.

More importantly, Seydoux pales next to Exarchopoulos in the film, and should count her lucky stars that was given Palme d'Or, which should have gone to Kechiche and Exarchopoulos alone.

by curiousreply 4612/29/2013

*she was given

by curiousreply 4712/29/2013

Is Gaspard Ulliel gay?

by curiousreply 4812/29/2013

I recommend looking at photos of the jaw-droppingly handsome Grégory Fitoussi, for those who don't watch him playing Pierre Clément in the crime thriller Engrenages / Spiral

by curiousreply 4912/29/2013

[46] You are talking out of your ass

by curiousreply 5012/29/2013

Oh, sooo sorry my opinion does not align with yours.

And, no, Lea Seydoux will never fuck you.

by curiousreply 5112/29/2013

Which French actor did you have a crush on, R30?

by curiousreply 5212/29/2013

Sergi Lopez seems (or at least seemed, a few years ago) seriously obsessed with sex. I saw him on stage somewhere around 2007 and he is a better actor in film, though he wasn't bad by any means - just not as good. Very proud of being Catalan. And the sex is just everywhere (seems to be with women only apparently).

by curiousreply 5312/29/2013

My guess is Gaspard Ulliel is bi, and especially opportunistic. He looks like a guy who uses his sexuality as it suits him.

by curiousreply 5412/29/2013

During the summer the patriarch of Gregory's father's family passed away. I attended the wake. I sat at the end of a pew on the center aisle a bit away from Gregory.

There was a large gathering of family. Many children as well. Gregory was dressed in a navy blue suit, white shirt, navy tie, white socks and his brown wing tip shoes. At the quasi alter the casket was open and a prayer bench sat directly in front of it. A very Catholic affair.

All the children seemed highly agitated and terrified to go near or even look in the direction of the corpse. Not Gregory. With his parents Gregory wiggled like the queen he is up to the casket. The three knelt and seemed to pray (though I know they don't go to church).

I was curious to see how Gregory might react to the corpse as he is so young. He rose from the prayer bench, looked into the casket for some time, turned with his parents and in his typical flat affect returned to the pew. Later as he passed me while exiting the chapel he whispered to me "That's not him, you know. He's with God."

by curiousreply 5512/29/2013

Sorry.. Gregory belongs in the God thread.

I tip my chapeau and bid you a fine adieu...

by curiousreply 5612/29/2013

R56, you have made my day! Merci bien

by curiousreply 5712/29/2013

Are you as devastatingly good looking as Grégory, gay cousin? If so, can I have a date :)

by curiousreply 5812/29/2013

R54, if you look like that, how do you not use it to your advantange at least sometimes?

by curiousreply 5912/29/2013

[51] Ermmm no I dont want her to fuck me. I'm a gay guy. No, thank you lol. Still, you were talking out of your ass. Miss Seydoux fucking grabbed that role. Ofc IMHO

by curiousreply 6012/30/2013

I love Jean-Hughes Anglade,nice guy great actor. He has some issues. He was raped when he was 13 by a big guy.

Michel Blanc is indeed gay. he loves to hang out in this very famous gay bar "Banana Café" in Chatelet les Halles.

Lea Seydoux is just very lucky that her grandfather is Jerome Seydoux powerful producer and french businessman. She's such a terrible actress.

Lambert Wilson is closeted.

Jeanne Moreau is arrogant.

by curiousreply 6112/30/2013

I love J-H Anglade too, I like him in the role of Eddy Caplan in Braquo.

by curiousreply 6212/30/2013

[quote]Still, you were talking out of your ass.

No, I am not talking out of my ass. I know far more about film that you ever will. You must have very little confidence in your opinions if your only argument is name calling.

I still think you are a lesbian who dreams of fucking Lea Seydoux. Maybe you'll feel more in your element on L-chat.

And before you accuse me of being R61, I guarantee you I'm not.

by curiousreply 6301/01/2014

Isabelle Adjani still holds the record for the most Cesar awards as Best Actrice.

She used to hold my balls.

She will always be the mother of my child.

I hold my own record.

by curiousreply 6401/01/2014

How is Adjani regarded in France?

Do the two Isabelles (Adjani and Huppert) really dislike each other? (I just purchased a DVD of Les soeurs Brontë from 1979, which may be the only film where they appeared together.)

Do French really mock Binoche?

What is the scoop on Grégoire Colin?

by curiousreply 6501/01/2014

Adjani's turn in "L'Ete Meurtrier/One Deadly Summer" is probably my favorite performance by an actress.

She should have been nominated for the Oscar.

She won the Cesar.

by curiousreply 6601/01/2014

Lea Seydoux is an excellent actress with a broad range. She works constantly.

by curiousreply 6701/01/2014

[r63] Wrong in so many ways. Maybe the lesbian is you lol

by curiousreply 6801/01/2014

R68, you are also R21. What gay man would specifically be interested in lesbians among French actresses?

Answer, not one.

by curiousreply 6901/02/2014

I really liked Jean-Hughes Anglade in La Femme Nikita.

What about Jean Reno? He was fantastic jn Taus-toi.

by curiousreply 7001/02/2014

Anyone have dish on Tahar Rahim, the cutie who was in A Prophet and recently The Past? He's mostly gone the arthouse route after breaking out, and seems to keep a low profile.

by curiousreply 7101/02/2014

If you like French actors you should watch "Les Yeux de sa Mère" (2011) with Deneuve and a gorgeous newcomer, Jean-Baptiste Lafarge, whom you can see in the trailer below. There is a gay storyline with him in the movie, and a scene where he sings a wonderful Reggiani song. Beautiful kid.

by curiousreply 7201/02/2014


by curiousreply 7301/02/2014

Is Lambert Wilson closeted? I thought he was out. He suffered major depression when his father (also an actor, very imposing, very different personalities) died a couple years ago.

He once passed me on the street on Grands Boulevards. I could only make out his eyes and nose (he has a pretty big nose) because he was trying to hide from the public wearing a pink (pink!) balaclava over his head. It did not work.

by curiousreply 7401/02/2014

On how Adjani is regarded in France, this skit says it all (we think she is batshit crazy- she did use to be a star, extremely beautiful woman and very talented):

Starts after 23 seconds

by curiousreply 7501/02/2014

I can't speak for other French people, but I think Juliette Binoche is great. Super talented, a smart woman, and I like her acting choices.

by curiousreply 7601/02/2014

Lea Seydoux is working so much because of who her grandfather is, and because she is good-looking and not afraid to show her body (Les Adieux à la reine, where Virginie Ledoyen does the same - good movie if you like arthouse).

Seydoux isn't very talented as an actress. She photographs well, which is enough in certain roles.

And, she always gets cast in "auteur" movies.

by curiousreply 7701/02/2014

I think Tahar Rahim is married and very much faithful/traditional/etc. If you want to see him when he was a young actor trying to break out, there was a documentary about him called something like "Tahar l'étudiant". He may have longer hair in that. I've never seen it.

by curiousreply 7801/02/2014

Je ne suis pas folle vous savez...Bonsoir !

by curiousreply 7901/02/2014

I liked Binoche's reply to Depardieu being a rude prick about her, saying she was a crap actress, dumb etc. Something like "I am taken aback at his violence towards me". Binoche is an actress of limited range but she is sensitive and fairly nuanced in the right roles and has a warmth and emotional openess audiences appreciate.

by curiousreply 8001/02/2014

Depardieu is out of control. He's digging his grave - now threatening to "turn in" his French passport (renounce his nationality).

His exterior has grown as ugly as his interior.

by curiousreply 8101/02/2014

Je suis une femme comme vous et moi Laurent!

Je ne suis pas folle vous savez ?

by curiousreply 8201/02/2014

Depardieu needs to stop drinking. That incident where he pissed into a bottle - or was it on the floor? - of a plane in front of others a couple of years ago showed alcoholism in all its glory.

by curiousreply 8301/02/2014

Toi tu rôte, toi tu péte, toi tu fais caca. Je ne suis pas folle vous savez...Bonsoir !

by curiousreply 8401/02/2014


by curiousreply 8501/02/2014

R52, mostly for the physique, tall, slim, keeps in shape, or did. Haven't seen much of him lately in film, his 'rom com' career having faded. One note actor at best, his limited talent could not sustain my crush. Julien Boisselier.

by curiousreply 8601/02/2014

r77 Seydoux won the Palme d'or at Cannes. Even Spielberg was impressed by her acting prowess.

by curiousreply 8701/02/2014

Other actors whose prowess has impressed Spielberg over the years include Shia LeBoeuf, that kid from E.T. and Karen Allen.

by curiousreply 8801/03/2014

You forgot Kate Capshaw, R88.

by curiousreply 8901/03/2014

[quote]I liked Binoche's reply to Depardieu being a rude prick about her, saying she was a crap actress, dumb etc. Something like "I am taken aback at his violence towards me". Binoche is an actress of limited range but she is sensitive and fairly nuanced in the right roles and has a warmth and emotional openess audiences appreciate.

I like Binoche as an actress. Her performance in Certified Copy is one of the most interesting things I've seen on the big screen in years. You can't tell where acting begins and Binoche disappears and vice versa.

Depardieu seems like a big baffoon.

Binoche's recount of how she reconciled with Depardieu:

[italic]One Sunday a couple of months ago, Juliette Binoche bumped into Gérard Depardieu while shopping in a Paris market. It was the first time the two titans of French cinema had met since Depardieu's bizarre public rant last year, in which he described her as "nothing" and "nobody".

"I just went up to him and grabbed him," she says, "and said, 'Hey, what happened, Gérard? Why are you so aggressive with me? What did I do to you?'"

Binoche turns up her palms and shrugs her shoulders, in that uniquely Gallic expression of frustration. "He said, 'Oh, I'm stupid. Sometimes I just do that, blah, blah.' Later, his agent called my agent to say, 'Gérard is very happy you are reconciled.' But I never had a problem with him.'" She laughs; her dark eyes – so familiar from the 48 films she has made in her 28-year career – turn steely. "Perhaps I should send him my reviews."[/italic]

by curiousreply 9001/03/2014

I agree with R77. Seydoux isn't talented, she works a lot because of her family, nothing else. Exarchopoulos was way better in La vie d'Adèle.

by curiousreply 9101/03/2014

So anything on Sophie Marceau? What's her reputation like in France?

by curiousreply 9201/03/2014

Marceau's dress fell off on the Cannes tapis rouge once and her bare breast was exposed to the world.

Meh. You had to be there.

by curiousreply 9301/03/2014

How long do we have to keep looking at Depardieu's obese body and penis nose?

by curiousreply 9401/03/2014

Oh, I remember Julien Boisselier. Could not for the life of me understand how he could have been offered all these rather prominent roles when he had such limited range, and especially, attraction! He was cuteish (great dancing scene in J'me sens pas belle, if you haven't seen it), but not so much that he should have been given all those roles around 2004-5...

He "dated" Mélanie Laurent, that I remember. She thanked him when she won the César for Je vais bien ne t'en fais pas

by curiousreply 9501/03/2014

Juline Boisselier is still, for me, better than a lot of french actors.

by curiousreply 9601/03/2014

Sophie Marceau's birth name is Sophie Maupu.

She struck gold with La Boum as a teen. She was super cute and fresh. She grew up to be a beautiful woman.

She is from a working-class background and acceded to wealth and a luxurious lifestyle thanks to the professional career she chose.

Because of this, some people like her, adore her even.

She is a terrible actress, however, and doesn't have the warmth or charm I would enjoy from a terrible actress to find her likeable. I run for the hills every time she opens a movie in France.

Thankfully, for an actress on that level of fame, she rarely works.

by curiousreply 9701/03/2014

French actors tend to be terrible.

Mathieu Amalric is talented, I think.

Nicolas Duvauchelle seems to be pretty good, but I'm not interested in his movies.

Roschdy Zem is great.

François Cluzet is a very, very good actor.

I used to like Bernard Giraudeau (and would love to hear DL's take on this very complex man).

by curiousreply 9801/03/2014

[quote]She struck gold with La Boum as a teen. She was super cute and fresh. She grew up to be a beautiful woman.

[quote]She is from a working-class background and acceded to wealth and a luxurious lifestyle thanks to the professional career she chose.

Aren't most of the actresses from that time working class? Sandrine Bonnaire?

Nicolas Duvauchelle, Roschdy Zem, François Cluzet, Bernard Giraudeau... damn, never heard of them, I have to check them out.

by curiousreply 9901/03/2014

R95, I think 'J'me sens pas belle' was his best work, showed range and depth (and of course Marina Fois was excellent) which makes what followed even more disappointing. "Je vais bien, ne t'en fais pas" with Mélanie Laurent was OK. But the last I saw him in -- 'Henri IV' and 'Xanadu' -- were both a mess. His range is limited and he can't seem to find suitable roles.

There should be a thread on fav French actors/performance, non? Or perhaps I've missed it.

by curiousreply 10001/03/2014

We can barely keep this thread going, R100.

Are there really that few French people here? We need some more gossip!

by curiousreply 10101/04/2014

I always liked Audrey Tautou. What happened on The Da Vinci Code that seems to kill her Hollywood career?

I also thought Jalil Lespert was very beautiful. Any good gossip? I believe I read somewhere he is gay...

by curiousreply 10201/04/2014

No gossip, just cute bloopers (betisiers as they say in France) of Romain Duris.

by curiousreply 10301/05/2014

I'm looking forward to seeing Binoche in Sils Maria to be released in a few months - primarily because JB says its the most beautiful script she's ever read.

@ 7:00

by curiousreply 10401/05/2014

Binoche pitched the idea for the film to Assayas (she may be talking about it at the link you provided). He has been one of my favorite young French filmmakers since I saw his retrospective at the Walter Reade in NYC in the mid 90s (followed by Irma Vep at the NYFF), but he is one of those filmmakers who goes from great to mediocre, from film to film.

I wish he didn't cast Kristen Stewart in Sils Maria!

by curiousreply 10501/06/2014

R101 It's hard to have french gossips about actors cause their private life is much more protected in France and people care less.

Moreover people don't really care about who is gay who isn't even with the debate about gay marriage last year.

by curiousreply 10601/06/2014

Julien Boisselier is a huge dick and a major cokehead, so was his ex melanie laurent I don't know if she still does coke but she really believed in her own hype and quickly became insufferable.

Louis Garrel looks like he's depressed all the time and has a dubious hygiene.

Raphael french singer married to actress melanie thierry is unfaithful to her.

Lea Seydoux is an untalented ungrateful idiot.

Daniel Bhrul is a player.

by curiousreply 10701/06/2014

Daniel Bruhl isn't french, is german.

by curiousreply 10801/06/2014

I know but he's European and I have some dirt on him

by curiousreply 10901/06/2014

That was awesome, R107. Thanks.

Anything on Grégoire Colin? Chiara Mastroianni and Vincent Lindon?

by curiousreply 11001/06/2014

Ok, but then give us some details. You say a lot of things but don't prove much.

by curiousreply 11101/06/2014

All Frenchmen have dubious hygiene.

Lea Seydoux is sex on a stick.

by curiousreply 11201/06/2014

Yes she was very sexy in MI sequel. She probably would be a star even if she didn't have a powerful Granddaddy...

Actually Daniel Bruhl was born in Spain...

by curiousreply 11301/06/2014

Léa Seydoux among BAFTA’s Rising Star Nominees.

Enough said.

by curiousreply 11401/06/2014

Seydoux only talent is to be naked in movies.

by curiousreply 11501/06/2014

LOL, R115.

by curiousreply 11601/06/2014

Seydoux's got a killer body.

by curiousreply 11701/06/2014

For R110: I believe Grégoire Colin is married, in any case he got married some years ago. In an unrelated incident, he slept with a friend of mine.

She hadn't much to report.

by curiousreply 11801/06/2014

How is Ludivine Sagnier regarded in France? I must say, I did not like her in Swimming Pool (acting in English is not her strong suit) or Love Crime.

by curiousreply 11901/06/2014

More on Daniel Brühl please! Who is Spanish-German from what I heard. I get from him the same bisexual, opportunistic vibe that I get from Jérémie Renier (Belgian actor). Not that either is without talent.

by curiousreply 12001/06/2014

Thanks, R118. He lost his looks rather fast, but I still find him enigmatic. I love that Claire Denis finds a way to have him in almost all her films.

by curiousreply 12101/06/2014

Major thanks to R107, keep it coming (no matter what the nationality - we'll figure out who they are).

Just from watching her acceptance speech at the Césars, I got that Mélanie Laurent was a major, major drug addict - at least at the time. And it got me wondering about Boisselier, though I wouldn't have guessed it for him.

by curiousreply 12201/06/2014

I know two people who went to school with Ludivine Sagnier. She was a good student, smart unpretentious and fun, very much into theatre and they agree that she deserved what lucky break she got. I used to like her as an actress when she was younger, both in 8 Femmes and Swimming Pool.

by curiousreply 12301/06/2014

Vincent Lindon is notorious for being plagued with nervous twitches on his face all the time. It only stops when he is acting in movies (actually, I'm not even sure it stops then). Just watch any TV interview of him.

He comes from a powerful, literate family.

He dated Caroline of Monaco in the early 90s, but you probably already know all this.

by curiousreply 12401/06/2014

Assayas is, to me, the most talented director in France today. Loved L'Heure d'été and Fin août, début septembre, and I've not even seen Demonlover nor Les destinées sentimentales, Carlos, Irma Vep...

by curiousreply 12501/06/2014

That's nice to hear, R123. I will think of Ludivine Sagnier in a different light from now on.

I did not know that Vincent Lidon was with Caroline of Monaco way back, R124. Maybe because I think of him as being married to Sandrine Kiberlain, which he was until a couple of years ago.

by curiousreply 12601/06/2014

Oh yeah, the acceptance speech of Melanie Laurent: the twitches, the snorts, the locked jaw... As someone who's been hitting the same slopes, I know when I see one hurtling down into the same valley!

by curiousreply 12701/06/2014

You haven't seen his best films, R125!

If you are in France maybe you can get hold of his early films: Cold Water, A New Life, Disorder, Paris at Dawn. Cold Water and A New Life are extraordinary.

by curiousreply 12801/06/2014

It wasn't long after Mélanie Laurent gushed at Boisselier while accepting her César (it's on Youtube, cringeworthy, award presented to her btw by Vincent Lindon) that she left him for Irish musician Damien Rice. Her father is the voice of a dozen characters on the French Simpsons.

Her PR went into overdrive after Inglorious Basterds, how she was a multi-talented genius, could write, direct, compose, sing, etc. Last year had a baby, the father a film technician.

Boisselier is now with minor actress Clémence Thioly almost half his age.

Love Vincent Lindon, more recently in 'Welcome' and 'Mademoiselle Chambon', although he's ageing fast. Highly recommend Chambon in which he plays a quiet married construction worker helping to take care of his father, and who falls for the schoolteacher -- a tad depressing though. See link for write up and clip in NYTimes. He is indeed very well connected, great grandparents diamond merchants and connected to Citroen.

by curiousreply 12901/06/2014

Isn't Daniel Bruhl openly gay? I'm sure I read an interview where he talked about his male partner running their bar/restaurant in Berlin.

by curiousreply 13001/06/2014

Melanie Laurent slept with Tarantino and Ewan McGregor. She thought that Tarantino could help her career a la Cotillard. He just used her. She hated in the industry, even Catherine Deneuve can't stand her and thinks that Melanie is overrated.

Isabelle Adjani is afraid of aging, that is her obsession. The surgery ruined her face, too much botox on the cheeks. Adjani was dumped by Daniel Day Lewis by fax after he learned that she got pregnant. She never really recovered from that. She and Sharon Stone hated each other on the set of diabolique. She's a great actresses. One of the best french actresses.

Like i said before, Lea Seydoux is overrated and boring.

Tahar Rahim is married to actress Leila Bekhti, they're very private.

by curiousreply 13101/08/2014

I was checking some Vincent Lindon interviews for his facial ticks and they seem very mild, almost undetectable to my eye. He is perfect rugged type. I don't know if he got himself into shape for Les Salauds, or if he is naturally fit, but he looks great for a guy in his late 50s.

Melanie Laurent's US career kind of fizzled. And yet Diane Kruger, who gave a much better, yet overlooked, performance in Inglorious Basterds is doing great.

Cotillard is so much better when she acts in French. I wonder how much longer will her US career go.

American directors get infatuated with French actresses, but it never really lasts. Cotillard is doing better than most so far.

by curiousreply 13201/08/2014

R130 Not out. That was supposedly a friend. He has a girlfriend named Felicitas Rombold.

by curiousreply 13301/08/2014

R131, I wasn't sure about Laurent and McGregor. I know they were papped looking cosy, or at least Laurent was, but did not see much else written up. Not surprised about Tarantino, she did everything except unzip his braguette on the red carpet.

When I saw Adjani in 'La journée de la jupe', at first I did not recognize her. I admire Jeanne Moreau for having the guts not to get cut up, or ever so slightly (maybe the eyes?). Of course she has great hair and gets anything she wants from Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, etc. Still kicking and 'engagée' despite her 85 years and millions of Gauloises. She and Philippe Noiret are my absolute loves in French cinéma.

by curiousreply 13401/08/2014

Lea Seydoux is fucking former model Andre Meyer. Not good looking. But the word is he's hung like a horse

by curiousreply 13501/09/2014

I find quite fascinating DL obsession with Julien Boisselier or Grégoire Collin who are two very minor french actors. I would have understand with Dujardin, Cassel or Magimel but not Boisselier and I like him.

by curiousreply 13601/10/2014

Seydoux was nominated for a Rising Star BAFTA Award a few days ago. She's the real deal and gorgeous.

by curiousreply 13701/10/2014

Dujardin looked old in Wolf of Wall sTREET

by curiousreply 13801/10/2014

[quote]I find quite fascinating DL obsession with Julien Boisselier or Grégoire Collin who are two very minor french actors. I would have understand with Dujardin, Cassel or Magimel but not Boisselier and I like him.

Maybe because Dujardin and Cassel have international fame and have been discussed on DL a lot. Magimel is mostly known because of The Piano Teacher, I think.

I was trying to remember the title of a film I saw a dozen years ago. It was 60 something minutes long and it was a story about a young guy who works in a, possibly family owned, bakery, but dreams of a better life. He ends up running away from home and joining a gang. They have him do petty work until one day he is raped by one of the gangsters. At the end of the film he is back working in the bakery. For some reason I thought Magimel played the kid, but I can't find the film on his imdb page. Does anyone have any idea what film I'm thinking of?

by curiousreply 13901/10/2014


It's funny how lesbians never gave Seydoux any attention until she played a lesbian in a film. All of a sudden she's the most beautiful creature on the planet. Until she gets a steady boyfriend, that is. And she will.

by curiousreply 14001/10/2014

R139, I think it's "Le Petit voleur" (with Nicolas Duvauchelle).

by curiousreply 14101/10/2014

[140] She already has it. Andre Meyer ex former model. Not hot but with a huge dick, so they used to be the word in the fashion biz. Girl's lucky

by curiousreply 14201/10/2014

This isn't Seydoux's first Lesbian bent role. She's locked lips with other chicks in other films.

by curiousreply 14301/10/2014

[quote][R139], I think it's "Le Petit voleur" (with Nicolas Duvauchelle).

Yes, that's the one. Thank you. Eric Zonca is the director.

by curiousreply 14401/10/2014

It seems that french actress Julie Gayet has a relation with french President François Hollannde. Lol, girl deserves better than him.

by curiousreply 14501/10/2014

I wonder what his bitchy companion has to say about that.

by curiousreply 14601/10/2014

I was fascinated with Grégoire Colin since the mid-nineties, but that was probably because of his enigmatic looks. And, if you're a Claire Denis fan, I imagine you can easily become a fan of Grégoire Colin.

As for Boisselier, I really, really don't understand it.

by curiousreply 14701/10/2014

Seydoux is very famous in France. I'd say lesbians took note when she did Les Adieux à la reine, where she is madly obsessed with Diane Kruger playing Marie-Antoinette.

by curiousreply 14801/10/2014

From the Guardian, regarding Hollannde's affair:

[quote]Even the seemingly upstanding Valéry Gistard d'Estaing, president from 1974-81, was rumoured to have as many mistresses as Paris has salons. In the infamous "Milk lorry" case of September 1974, d'Estaing was at the wheel of a borrowed Ferrari driving through Paris with a mysterious woman in the passenger seat, when he pranged it in a collision with a milk lorry at 5am. The woman's identity has never been confirmed, but she was rumoured to be a famous French actress.

Who is the famous French actress? Any guesses?

by curiousreply 14901/10/2014

What about Nathalie Richard? There was some interest in her in the US right after Irma Vep (she was in a very low budget indie film shot in NYC and directed by someone I knew) and then nothing.

by curiousreply 15001/10/2014

Claudia Cardinale , so insanely gorgeous in Visconti's Il Gattopardo, is supposed to have been Jacques Chirac's lover.

by curiousreply 15101/10/2014

Anouk Aimée is my guess for Giscard d'Estaing's mistress in 1974, which would mean she was cheating on then husband Albert Finney.

by curiousreply 15201/10/2014

Could people stop with Seydoux. No, she isn't very famous in France as she only does indy boring movies.

by curiousreply 15301/10/2014

R153, there are few posters, most likely lesbians, who drool over her. It shall pass.

by curiousreply 15401/10/2014

All French movies are indie movies. Duh. The industry in France isn't that big.

by curiousreply 15501/10/2014

Seydoux has... how to say in english... bit of a cow face.

by curiousreply 15601/10/2014

Anything on Carole Bouquet?

by curiousreply 15701/10/2014

There are plenty of "commercial" movies in France, and Seydoux isn't in any of them. Her Belle et la Bête, opening "soon", might be her first. Maybe the movie opened already... I saw a few posters.

by curiousreply 15801/10/2014

She was furious when Depardieu was rumoured to have cheated on her with Fanny Ardant, who he was doing a play with, sometime around 2002 or 2006 (can't remember exactly when this was. Probably 2002).

Then again, that's a perfectly normal reaction.

She wasn't too pleased with the phone tapping scandal some years ago, and again that's perfectly understandable.

by curiousreply 15901/10/2014

Going back to OP's post: who are Cassel and Bellucci dating now that they're divorced? Such good looking people can't be single for too long.

by curiousreply 16001/10/2014

Concerning Hollande-Gayet, I take back what I wrote earlier about French gossip media being timid.

Only film I saw her in was the insipid 2004 rom com 'Clara et moi.'

by curiousreply 16101/10/2014

On second thought, as Gayet was playing a cancer patient, I suppose it was a drama rather than a rom com.

by curiousreply 16201/10/2014

Any gossip about Francois Ozon? Love his movies.

by curiousreply 16301/10/2014

Did you see the last one, R163? I thought it was pretty bad.

by curiousreply 16401/11/2014

Every French President in my life time has had a mistress while in office. LOL.

by curiousreply 16501/11/2014

Don't most married people have lovers? Except Hollande never married, he's been in relationships that were public but he has never been married.

This is very common in France. People spend years and years together, have kids and raise them together, but don't necessarily get married.

by curiousreply 16601/11/2014

Seydoux's also has a role in Saint Laurent and is filming a new movie in English. Her star is rising.

by curiousreply 16701/11/2014

We got it, R167.

If you want, I will create a Seydoux thread for you, but, please, let us talk about the rest of French cinema.

by curiousreply 16801/11/2014

So talk about it then. Depardieu is fat, Adjani lost her looks.

Thread closed.

by curiousreply 16901/11/2014

Thank you, we will, R169.

Keep going, cinephiles.

by curiousreply 17001/11/2014

Any info on Johan Libereau - shows his body off in practically every film he is in!

by curiousreply 17101/25/2014

I watched Under the Rainbow on the plane from Rome to NYC. I had no idea Agnès Jaoui (how the fuck do you pronounce her surname?) and Jean-Pierre Bacri are married. The film is so, so, but the two of them clearly have a good time working together. They have a great sense of humor, too.

Agnès Jaoui was in an indie New York film. Hers were night scenes, as far as I can recall, and she was pretty much stoned during all of them.

by curiousreply 17201/25/2014

I forgot to say that Benjamin Biolay is in Jaoui's film. What's his deal? He used to be cute. He looked bloated and old in the film.

by curiousreply 17301/25/2014

About Johan Libereau: I know nothing about him first-hand, but I once saw him (maybe 2011, 2012) waiting for someone outside gare Saint-Lazare. To be honest, at that moment, and in his movies, he seemed every bit the streetwalker.

Olivier Martinez, who I once saw making a show of himself at gare de Lyon, seemed more like a high-class gigolo.

by curiousreply 17401/27/2014

Marlène Jobert,Eva Green's mother, was rumored to be the "one" in the front seat.

by curiousreply 17509/13/2014

Sorry answer to (149)

by curiousreply 17609/13/2014

r149 s'il vous plait.

by curiousreply 17709/13/2014

Time to bump this in hope of French critic returning.

by curiousreply 17812/26/2014

I'll bump this thread before they close it... Hey French Critic, where the fuck are you? Some of us around here would pay to read your prose!

In the meantime, I'll add my 2 cents about things I read in the main FC's thread (link below):

Etienne Daho (not an actor but a singer) was being talked about and I'll concur: I saw him many times at le Queen on the Champs Elysées when it was still a gay night club. He did not look healthy at all, wasted all in all a little rattled. However in comparison to...

Véronique Sanson (still not an actor but a singer, also discussed in the original thread), I would say he looked blissful. It was the end of the 90s and I saw Veronique Sanson twice at the same bar (Amnésia Café - rue Vieille du Temple - closed venue in the meantime) and boy! was she an absolute mess.

Both times around 4-ish pm and girl was beyond wasted, crying, tumbling all over the place. It was cringeworthy. The first time it happened, I felt really sad. The second time, maybe three to six month later, still early-mid-afternoon, there she was again, at the same spot, in the same sad wrecked state, it was like déjà vu all over again (I love pleonasms). The second time I sensed she wouldn't be among us for much longer, that was horrible to witness. I'm amazed (and relieved) to say that she's still around today. Pfew! Still a close call.

And last thing I know is about actor Michel Blanc. A friend of mine was living just across the street of his apartment near rue de Montorgueil and he was living with a black guy (sorry cannot say Afro-American since we don't have the PC equivalent and Afro-American would not be correct).

Now, as a tribute to French Critic, one of his most hilarious quote (about singer Catherine Lara)

[quote]Robin's ex, singer Catherine Lara is just her opposite. Think Joan Jett with white hair, a man's suit and a violin. Oh and no closet whatsoever save the one for her leather jacket. When the French media tried to put her into one, she gleefully kicked the door open back. All-time favorite quote, on live TV in the early 80s: "What do I prefer most in men? Their women."

FC is a fucking riot!

by curiousreply 17908/21/2015

Bumping this to know if anyone has followed the Morandini scandal this summer?

by curiousreply 18009/10/2016

R179 thanks very much for this, very cool.

by curiousreply 18109/10/2016
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