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The Best 90's Songs

Paula Cole's "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?" fed brilliantly into the senses of alienation, yearning, and sarcasm that a gay teen from the suburbs inevitably developed. White Town's "Your Woman" also fit that bill nicely, especially since it actually had a man singing about his relationship with another man - still a big deal during the era of "Will and Grace".

What songs from the 90's do you love, and why?

by Late Twentysomethingreply 36208/12/2013

Deadbeat Club

Groove is in the Heart

Anything by Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Dave Matthews, Hole, STP, Bare Naked Ladies, Sublime, Sonic Youth, NIN, Third Eye Blind, Weezer, Pizzicato Five, Bjork & Smashing Pumpkins


The Way

by Late Twentysomethingreply 101/05/2013

"Everlong" by the Foo Fighters is a great song. In fact, there was some terrific rock music released in the 90s, particularly during the first half of the decade. "Santa Monica" by Everclear is another great song.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 201/05/2013

German Song by Come, from the best rock album of the 90s, Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Happy to say I saw them the one time they played in Michigan.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 301/05/2013

Plush - Stone Temple Pilots

Today - Smashing Pumpkins

Mrs. Jones - Counting Crows

Linger - The Cranberries

Laid - James

Loser - Beck

Here's Where the Story Ends - The Sundays

by Late Twentysomethingreply 401/05/2013

"You're Still The One" Shania Twain

by Late Twentysomethingreply 501/05/2013

I didn't listen to music in the 90s by song, but by album (CD)

The first three Pearl Jam albums

Temple of the Dog

Smashing Pumpkims through 96

REM through 92

U2 through 92

by Late Twentysomethingreply 601/05/2013

Eve 6 Inside out

by Late Twentysomethingreply 701/05/2013

"My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit is another great song from the '90s.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 801/05/2013

Blind Melon - No Rain

by Late Twentysomethingreply 901/05/2013

This one is kind of obscure, but "Tell Me" by Groove Theory instantly transports me back to my freshman year of college. I played the hell out of this song.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 1001/05/2013

"Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve. Brilliant in itself, but more so as the climactic moment in CRUEL INTENTIONS.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 1101/05/2013

Semi Sonic

Closing Time

by Late Twentysomethingreply 1201/05/2013

I adore that song, R10! Good choice.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 1301/05/2013

[quote]Paula Cole's "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?" fed brilliantly into the senses of alienation, yearning, and sarcasm that a gay teen from the suburbs inevitably developed.


by Late Twentysomethingreply 1401/05/2013

Soho - Hippychick.

How is it even possible that this song is now 23 years old?

by Late Twentysomethingreply 1501/05/2013

R14 = palsied eldergay, thought it was still 1967

by Late Twentysomethingreply 1601/05/2013

I'm still loving "British Summertime" by Ultramarine.

Every Man & Woman is a Star(1992) was completely a head if its time. One of the first "Chill Albums" that still sounds fresh and other "chill artists" are trying to top...

by Late Twentysomethingreply 1701/05/2013

"Hippychick" will always be the song that got your hopes up that they were about to play "How Soon Is Now?" on the radio and pissed you off that it was only "Hippychick."

by Late Twentysomethingreply 1801/05/2013

See, R18... I loved them both!

I was an anguished little goth-y gayling who loved The Smiths.

But mostly, I just wanted to dance!

by Late Twentysomethingreply 1901/05/2013

"Common People" by Pulp

by Late Twentysomethingreply 2001/05/2013

I've never heard of "How Soon Is Now?", R18. That Siouxsie and the Banshees song always reminds me of "Hippychick".

by Late Twentysomethingreply 2101/05/2013


I love How Soon is Now. My BFF and I used to drive around in her Honda, stoned out of our minds listening to that song.

Years later, we realized that we both always thought it was "I am the SUN. I am the AIR.." when it was actually "I am the SON. I am the HEIR..."

Yes, weed makes you stupid.

While we're at it, I'll add Crazy by Seal, and Closer by Nine Inch Nails.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 2201/05/2013

"If I had no loot" by Tony Toni Tone is a great jam!

by Late Twentysomethingreply 2301/05/2013

15 I loved Soho, I had the cassette (yes I know), some great stuff on it.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 2401/05/2013

"Georgie Porgie" - MC Lyte

"Everything's Gonna Be Alright" - Naughty by Nature

Those two records were out about the same time (early 90s) and they remind me hard of a friend that I regret I've lost touch with.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 2501/05/2013

I only bought one single during the '90s and it was The Sign by Ace of Base.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 2601/05/2013

Tearin' Up My Heart - N Sync

Baby I don't understand why we can't be lovers...

by Late Twentysomethingreply 2701/05/2013

I was age 20 to 30 in the 90s and I've not heard of half these songs. Were they played on the radio?

by Late Twentysomethingreply 2801/05/2013

I love that Naughty by Nature record, r25.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 2901/05/2013

"Too Blind to See It" and "Take My Advice" by Kym Sims

"Independence" by Lulu

"Torn" Natalie Imbruglia

"Found Out About You" Gin Blossoms

The Lemonheads, Jellyfish, Live

Filter "Hey Man Nice Shot"

"Buffalo Stance" Neneh Cherry

"Thinking About You" Underworld

by Late Twentysomethingreply 3001/05/2013

Some of then weren't, R28. Or if they were, it was on niche stations.

I want to add Shawn Colvin's "Sunny Came Home" to the list, as well as "Lovefool" by The Cardigans.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 3101/05/2013

"Connection" Elastica

"Cannonball" the Breeders

Sam Phillips

"A Girl Like You" from the Empire Records soundtrack

"Miss You" by Everything but the Girl

"God Give Me Strength" Elvis Costello

by Late Twentysomethingreply 3201/05/2013

FOUL! FOUL! Buffalo Stance was frrom 1989!

by Late Twentysomethingreply 3301/05/2013

Garbage - "When I Grow Up" "Queer"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 3401/05/2013

Right Here, Right Now... one of only two good Jesus Jones songs

by Late Twentysomethingreply 3501/05/2013

Sowing the Seeds of Love by Tears for Fears

by Late Twentysomethingreply 3601/05/2013

R22, the opening was adapted from a line in George Eliot's novel Middlemarch: "To be born the son of a Middlemarch manufacturer, and inevitable heir to nothing in particular".

by Late Twentysomethingreply 3701/05/2013

"Ordinary World" by Duran Duran. Pop Perfection.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 3801/05/2013

You aren't Simone by any chance are you, R29?

by Late Twentysomethingreply 3901/05/2013

That's 1985, R36.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 4001/05/2013

Love R25's choice. Naughty by Nature were a great band. "Hip Hop Hooray" is also lots of fun.

Michael Penn's "Long Way Down" (Look what the Cat drug in) is a lovely song.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 4101/05/2013

"Linger" by The Cranberries

Every song on this thread was brilliant. God damn it, I miss the 90s.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 4201/05/2013

R22 nail it. Great songs.

And I totally agree with R18. Totally.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 4301/05/2013

NY State of Mind - Nas

All of illmatic, actually.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 4401/05/2013

"Go West" by the Pet Shop Boys owned the decade.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 4501/05/2013

No, R40, it was technically 1989, but it got a lot of play in 1990, so I'm counting it. :-P

by Late Twentysomethingreply 4601/05/2013

"Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star!

by Late Twentysomethingreply 4701/05/2013

Stereo MCs

"Damn Wish I Was Your Lover" Sophie B. Hawkins

"My Sister" Juliana Hatfield

by Late Twentysomethingreply 4801/05/2013

I felt the same way, R18!

There were too many great songs in the 90's for me to remember, let alone list.

I really loved Nirvana's 'Nevermind' and 'In Utero'. I think both cds hold up today. But 'Heart Shaped Box' was brilliant.

Also, 'Grace' by Jeff Buckley is one of the best tracks to be put out in not just that decade but for the last thirty years. So glad I saw him play live before he drowned.

I was a hardcore Soundgarden fan, so I loved practically everything they did, but 'Black Hole Sun' has to be up there in the pantheon of great rock records.

Absolutely everything on 'Screamadelica' by Primal Scream. Classic album.

My Bloody Valentine's 'Only Shallow'

'Horror Head' by Curve. Toni Halliday was so gorgeous.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 4901/05/2013

the original "I Kissed A Girl" & "Supermodel" by Jill Sobule

by Late Twentysomethingreply 5001/05/2013

Luscious Jackson -- Naked Eye

The faux-Euro cinema glamor cracks me up now, but I used to love this video! And at the time I never made the connection that these were white girl alt-rockers who were actually listening to hip-hop.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 5101/05/2013

God so many.

When my Dad died in 1994, I was just a kid, 14, and I would listen to "Everybody Hurts" by REM over and over.

I loved "Sliver" by Nirvana and later "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead.

I though "Fuck and Run" by Liz Phair was so perfectly disaffected and so early 1990s. Elliott Smith's "Between the Bars" came out in 1998 I think and was perfect for someone just entering college.

I listened to "Three Days" by Jane's Addiction in 1991, when I was 11, and that was the song that made me become a musician. It's long, but still amazes me.

I could list a thousand more. So many great pop songs, too. I grew up in the punk scene in LA, but I remember sneaking into Sam Goody and buying the Bodyguard soundtrack. I still love "I Have Nothing". "Ray of Light" is the only Madonna song I've ever loved. "Again" by Janet was kick ass.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 5201/05/2013

Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden.

Savage Garden was and still is my favorite of the 90's. I listened to their debut CD so much I wore it out and had to get another one. Great music.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 5301/05/2013

Sabotage - Beastie Boys

Name - Goo Goo Dolls

Bawitdaba - Kid Rock

Shine - Collective Soul

by Late Twentysomethingreply 5401/05/2013

"I'm Gonna Get You" by Bizarre Inc. and "Got A Love For You" by Jomanda.

Many fond memories of shaking my half-naked 18 year-old ass at the Tunnel to those two songs.

And thanks to the poster who mentioned "Connected" by Stereo MCs. I'd forgotten about that little gem of a song and I'm listening to it right now.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 5501/05/2013

I've also never heard of "How Soon Is Now?" before, and I came of age in the 90's. I wonder what the demographics are of the people who have heard that song before.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 5601/05/2013

I loved the rap duet between De La Soul and Teenage Fanclub "Falling"

"Sleeping Satellite" by Tasmin Archer is pretty.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 5701/05/2013

I'm not, sorry r39/25.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 5801/05/2013

R56, "How Soon Is Now" was a pretty big modern rock hit in its own right, but it's also Morrissey. Any Morrissey song is going to have "cool kid" cache from the get go. Every single wanna be goth kid or outcast or urban poet in the early 90s worshiped him and The Smiths.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 5901/05/2013

R56, it's inconceivable me that you never heard that song... unless I guess you grew up in the boonies listening to nothing but country music.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 6001/05/2013

The Beloved had two of my favorite albums of the decade (but then they kind of went away). "Time After Time" in 1990 and "Sweet Harmony" in 1993 where standout records.

Same for Lisa Stansfield, she started off the decade with a major worldwide bang, then by the end of the decade she was gone.

The first Utah Saints album was fun with those Kate Bush, Eurythmics, and Gwen Guthrie samples. "My Mind Must Be Free" was my favorite track from that album.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 6101/05/2013

"Annie's Gone" Redd Kross

Betty Boo "Doin' the Do"

"Don't Walk Away" Jade

TLC "Creep"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 6201/05/2013

I grew up in a city of over 4 million people, R60, and listened to all kinds of music. You can see from R21's post that I'm not the only person who had never heard of that song.

R59 explains it best, I think. I'm not the target demographic for this Morrissey person.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 6301/05/2013

and "How Soon" is 80s so it doesn't belong here

"The One & Only" Chesney Hawkes

"Life Is A Highway"

"Diz Knee Land" forget the group

by Late Twentysomethingreply 6401/05/2013

"Joyride" Roxette

by Late Twentysomethingreply 6501/05/2013

Nicki French's cover of "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 6601/05/2013

Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack

Still is kind of haunting to me and I love it.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 6701/05/2013

Was Grayson Hugh's "Talk It Over" 1989 or 1990? I loved "I Wonder Why" by Curtis Stigers.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 6801/05/2013

"I Touch Myself" Divynls

by Late Twentysomethingreply 6901/05/2013

For those of you saying you've never heard of 'How Soon is Now', please go to the link immediately and get schooled. One of the absolute best Smiths songs.

R52, I used to listen to 'Exile In Guyville' every day. Her masterpiece. I loved 'Fuck and Run', but also, "Mezmerising" and "Stratford-On-Guy". There's something so wistful and hopeful about them.

I loved your picks. 'Three Days'--gorgeous and hypnotic, I would listen to this on a loop as I drove around the desert of Las Vegas watching the sun drop behind the mountains.

As for Radiohead, I think of them in the 90s, and I think 'Karma Police' and 'Climbing The Walls' from OK Computer.

MOTHERFUCKING PJ Harvey, bitches! 'Rid of Me'--perfect album, perfect song. 'Long Snake Moan', 'To Bring You My Love', 'Missed', 'The Sky Lit Up', the list goes on. God, I adored her, from the very first strains of 'Oh My Lover'.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 7001/05/2013

"Black Hole Sun" as performed by Steve and Eydie:

by Late Twentysomethingreply 7101/05/2013

Not 90's but funny. Barabara Eden Singing Spinning Wheel. What an outfit she has on.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 7201/05/2013

"Justified and Ancient" by the KLF and Miss Tammy Wynette. It was such a fun song.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 7301/05/2013

Another interesting rendition of "Black Hole Sun" for us 90's fans: Mimi Goese's.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 7401/05/2013

Natalie Merchant, "Kind and Generous" or any of her stuff because it's all very similar.

I want to thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you...

by Late Twentysomethingreply 7501/05/2013

[/quote]I've also never heard of "How Soon Is Now?" before, and I came of age in the 90's. I wonder what the demographics are of the people who have heard that song before.

Demographics = cool music people (people who are cool and into music, or people who aren't necessarily cool, like maybe they're nerds, but they're really into music); people who are into melodic guitar music. You lived in a city of 4 million people and just listened to a lot of different shitty songs I'm guessing? It's the fucking Smiths, bro.

Speaking of shitty music, this thread is just a list of songs that made a dent in the mainstream music listening public's consciousness. They are hardly "the best" -- in fact, at least half of what's mentioned here would qualify as "the worst" to me. "My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit? that disco "Total Eclipse of the Heart" cover? Seriously? The 90s were definitely the best decade for music apart from the 60s, but y'all have hardly scratched the surface.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 7601/05/2013

I remember the jolt of absolute awe I felt when I heard the opening track from Susan Tedeschi's "Just Won't Burn" in 1998. Her cover of "Angel from Montgomery" so stirring I have to play it again every time.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 7701/05/2013

"Oympian" - Gene

by Late Twentysomethingreply 7801/05/2013

I wasn't a big fan of Natalie Merchant as a solo artist (I loved 10,000 Maniacs, though) but "Break Your Heart" was a beautiful song.

This thread is making me go on iTunes - thanks to all for the great songs you've listed here.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 7901/05/2013

Shakespeare's Sister, "Stay"

Hated that record at first, but I grew to love it. And knowing now how crazy a bitch Siobhan was makes it all the better.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 8001/05/2013

"It's the fucking Smiths, bro."

This means nothing to me. I don't want it to, either, since you're so bizarrely rabid about this random band, R76.

Bro? This is a gay site, dear.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 8101/05/2013

R76 has descended from on high to lecture us about the music we should love. The Smiths, huh? That sounds like the spiritual successor to Karen Carpenter... Or any other anal wart you can conjure from your mother's ass, R76.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 8201/05/2013

"More and More" from Captain Hollywood Project was one of my favorite dance records from the 90s.

Maybe second only to "Rhythm Is A Dancer" from Snap!

by Late Twentysomethingreply 8301/05/2013

That's like saying the Sex Pistols are just some random band. The Smiths aren't just some random band.

The Smiths are legend. Morressey is brilliant.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 8401/05/2013

'Block Rockin' Beats'--Chemical Brothers

'Little Fluffy Clouds'--The Orb...set me up right for a decade of raving

'Better Things'--Massive Attack feat. Tracy Thorn from EBTG

'Where Is My Mind'--The Pixies

'It's A Fine Day'--Opus III

'Glory Box'--Portishead, with the incomparable Beth Gibbons.


by Late Twentysomethingreply 8501/05/2013

What ever happened to Army of Lovers? "Crucified" was such a big hit in 1991, but I far preferred the less obvious "My Army of Lovers" as a single.

According to wiki, they have reunited and are going to enter a song in 2013 Eurovision contest. Weird.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 8601/05/2013

R70, I love PJ!! You and I would have been tight! I was a total jock, secretly getting blown in the park by older married men, watching My Own Private Idaho, listening to any good music I could get my hands on. Ah, those were the days.

I also love Throwing Muses (actually anything with Kristin Hersh), Imperial Teen, Dinosaur Jr., Heatmiester (Elliot's first band) Built to Spill and, of course, Neutral Milk Hotel.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 8701/05/2013

I'm not even a big Smiths fan, you queens. It's just hard to NOT KNOW about them if you're a person who's into music.

Morrissey's voice annoys me, but his lyrics are really funny. Johnny Marr's guitar playing is gorgeous, but the 80s production grosses me out. I wouldn't necessarily identify as a fan. I don't own any of their albums. Nor did I ever steal any of their music off the internet. I'm a hardly "rabid" about them.

And I'm not telling you what you should like, at all. I'm just saying half the songs mentioned in this thread are uninspired choices at best and godawful at worst.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 8801/05/2013

"I Don't Want To Get Over You" - The Magnetic Fields

by Late Twentysomethingreply 8901/05/2013

"I Need Love" - Sam Phillips

by Late Twentysomethingreply 9001/05/2013

[quote]Mrs. Jones - Counting Crows

I fucking HATED that song!!

by Late Twentysomethingreply 9101/05/2013

"Angeles" by Elliott Smith.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 9201/05/2013

I love TMF, R89, and they are still on my iPod.

Reading this thread I have 2 thoughts:

We like what we like. Arguing about pop music seems to contradict everything that's instinctual, sensual, and joyful about the experience.

BUT... I wish more gay men knew a bit more about other gay men in pop music. Like Morrissey (lead singer of The Smiths). Like Stephan Merritt of The Magnetic Fields. I wish we gave even a fraction of attention to the out gay men who write, produce, and perform pop music as we do to the unnamed divas who occupy countless threads on DL. (I love them too. I will not bash them.)

The history of pop music is unimaginable without gay men. Learn your history. Because no one else gives a shit about us.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 9301/05/2013

Some that haven't been mentioned:

Divine Thing - Soup Dragons

7 - Prince

Girls & Boys - Blur

Offspring - Come Out and Play

We've Got it Going On - Backstreet Boys

Walking On the Sun - Smash Mouth

Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode

Unbelievable - EMF

by Late Twentysomethingreply 9401/05/2013

"While I'm Still Strong" - Weeping Willows

by Late Twentysomethingreply 9501/05/2013

I agree R93. Gay men are all over 90s music. Imperial Teen, Bob Mould (Husker Du in the 80s, Sugar in the 90s), Micheal Stipe, Pansy Division.

In the early 90s, thanks in large part to Kurt Cobain, it was actually cool, for one small sliver of time, to be "gay" or at least be pro-gay.

Until the boy/girl band of invasion of the late 90s, the 90s had such great mainstream music of both the pop and rock variety. Artistry meant more during that span than any era since the early 70s IMHO.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 9601/05/2013

Didn't 'Personal Jesus' get released in '89?

R52, we totally would have been linked at the hip, although I'd be more of an older sister, probably introducing you to those married men.

Being in Seattle all through the 90's, I listened to loads of Built To Spill and Elliot Smith, but also Throwing Muses, NMH, and of course, Dinosaur Jr. I was a huge NIN fan, too, and loved the industrial scene. Saw Meat Beat Manifesto twice and they were glorious.

The kicker--My Own Private Idaho is one of my all-time favorite movies. I was in love with that film and everyone associated with it.

Btw, my musical tastes are also on display in R49 and R85.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 9701/05/2013

There are two records that are extremely annoying to most people, but I actually like them both for different reasons.

They were played to death on the radio for years and years (it seemed), but they completely say 90s radio-friendly adult contempo music.

Des'ree, "You Gotta Be"


Donna Lewis, "I Love You Always Forever"

(but when I sing along it's "I Hate You Always Forever")

by Late Twentysomethingreply 9801/05/2013

A little underrated lost 90's R&B: Peabo Bryson's "Can You Stop The Rain?" and Lisa Fischer's "How Can I Ease The Pain?"...

by Late Twentysomethingreply 9901/05/2013

Two other songs on that Des'ree album are actually very good, R98: "Crazy Maze" and "Feel So High". Of course, her other great late 90's song was the love theme from the Leo/Claire Danes version of "Romeo + Juliet": "Kissing You".

The Lewis song reminds me of another lost 90's hit, Merril Bainbridge's "Mouth".

by Late Twentysomethingreply 10001/05/2013

I looooooove How Can I Ease the Pain, R99. I've been listening to that one a lot recently.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 10101/05/2013

Dreams - Gabrielle

by Late Twentysomethingreply 10201/05/2013

I wouldn't say that Meredith Brooks's "Bitch" was one of the best 90's songs, but I've always loved her only other hit, "What Would Happen". It was verboten sultriness at its late 90's finest... Who was the hot priest in the video?

by Late Twentysomethingreply 10301/05/2013

Exactly, R101. It's such an awesome song for those pensive weekend nights. That and Billie Myers's "Kiss The Rain".

by Late Twentysomethingreply 10401/05/2013

I was big into new jack swing.

Heavy D Janet Jackson Ralph Tresvant Karen White TLC Monica Before You Walk Out of My Life Madonna's Vogue (of course)

Needless to say, I still have a huge thing for black men.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 10501/05/2013

This song still makes me whistle along whenever I hear it. My local grocery store has it on a tape they play, so I hear it a couple of times a month.

Shanice, "I Love Your Smile"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 10601/05/2013

"Can You Forgive Her?" - Pet Shop Boys

by Late Twentysomethingreply 10701/05/2013

"Nobody Knows" - Tony Rich Project

"Back at One" - Brian McKnight

by Late Twentysomethingreply 10801/05/2013

I was in elementary school in the 90's and my PE teachers played EMF - Unbelievable as indoor sporting music. It always got my friends and me jumping.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 10901/05/2013

Even though I hate her and hated them: "One Sweet Day" from Mariah and Boyz II Men.

Missing - Everything But the Girl

Life in Mono - Mono

Don't Speak - No Doubt

Found Out About You - Gin Blossoms

Wonderwall - Oasis

My Lovin - En Vogue

by Late Twentysomethingreply 11001/05/2013

Song 2 - Blur

by Late Twentysomethingreply 11101/05/2013

Enigma is one of those groups that I always thought I'd like, but I could only take them in small doses. Listening to a full album was too much - too weird, but in small doses they were good.

"Return to Innocence" was the best.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 11201/05/2013

I can almost understand the Paula Cole reading, but White Town is not that deep, honey.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 11301/05/2013

My most played songs since 2007 from the years 1990 to 1999. Totally uncurated! I celebrate my own good taste!

Everybody Knows - Concrete Blond

... Long Time Ago - Concrete Blond

Born of Frustration - James

One of the Three - James

Can I Get A ... - Jay-Z

Pure - Lightning Seeds

What the World Is Waiting For - Stone Roses

Pets - Porno for Pyros

Break It Down Again - Tears for Fears

Steve Biko - Tribe Called Quest

Another Song About the Rain - Cracker

by Late Twentysomethingreply 11401/05/2013

Couldn't one, just one of you peckerheads mention the unforgettable Milli Vanilli twins? They're dead now, ya know! But they are still singing for you if you just listen...listen...listen...

by Late Twentysomethingreply 11501/05/2013

"Joey" by Concrete Blonde is one of my favorites from the 90s. What a great song.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 11601/05/2013

Great list, R114. God I loved the Stone Roses. "I Wanna Be Adored" is a perfect song.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 11701/06/2013

All these cunts that have no idea who The Smiths are are probably the same clueless trolls who blindly worship Madogga and Kancer Tits Kylie

by Late Twentysomethingreply 11801/06/2013

But (118), we are all very happy that at least you remember the Joneses, I mean the Smiths. Whatever.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 11901/06/2013

I guess you guys didn't dance much in the 90's, huh?

by Late Twentysomethingreply 12001/06/2013

Nice to see Throwing Muses mentioned a couple times - they still hold up for me.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 12101/06/2013

"Dolls Parts" and "Celebrity Skin" - Hole

"Glory Box" - Portishead

"Breathe" - Faith Hill

And I know I deserve whatever mocking I get for this, but I still think the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way" is one of the best pop ballads of that era.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 12201/06/2013

"Karmacoma" and "Black Steel (In the Hour of Chaos) - Tricky

"You Get What You Give" - New Radicals

"Steal My Sunshine" - Les

by Late Twentysomethingreply 12301/06/2013

Sorry, I meant LEN.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 12401/06/2013


You're lucky to have seen Jeff Buckley live :-)

by Late Twentysomethingreply 12501/06/2013

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Kiss Them For Me / the song started my obsession with the group and Siouxsie's side project The Creatures.

Bjork - Human Behaviour / got me into Bjork and the Sugarcubes

Dubstar - Stars / love the easy listening or Pet Shop Boys kind of style of the band's music.

The B52's - Is that You Mo-Dean? I bought that special CD single edition with the hologram through a music mail order catalog (way before the internet - Amazon and Ebay - was as mainstream as it is now).

Enya - Carribean Blue / I know it's very 'Mary!', but her music and the video promoting it were so etherial and trandescending to me during the 90s.

Massive Attack - Sly / Love the James Bond theme-esque song, love Nicolette's voice

Nicolette - No Government (Let No-One Live Rent Free in Your Head album version) / Another great song with a trip hop vibe to it.

PJ Harvey - A perfect Day Elise / the song got me into PJ and I love, love, love the 'Is this Desire?' album.

Cranberries - Linger / Went with friends on a boat trip up Ireland's river Shannon and the song (and the album it's from) were the soundtrack to that summer vacation. Then they hit it big with the next album and 'Zombie' which I thought was pretty cool.

REM - Shiny Happy People / Such a sappy uplifting song and it features Kate Pierson!

Iggy Pop - Candy / so cool and it features Kate Pierson!

Morrissey - Interlude / Duet with Siouxsie Sioux of which she doesn't speak very fondly of (Morrissey being too shy and having way too silly ideas what the video for the song had to be like).

by Late Twentysomethingreply 12601/06/2013

I can see why that White Town song was a big deal, R113. It was a gay break-up song. How many of those were played on Top 40 radio, like "Your Woman was, in the 90's? Hell, how many gay romantic songs were played on the radio in 2012?

by Late Twentysomethingreply 12701/06/2013

[quote]and "How Soon" is 80s so it doesn't belong here

I brought it up because it's the song being sampled throughout the 90s song "Hippychick", which a lot of people *clearly* never knew.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 12801/06/2013

It's like someone loving "Ice Ice Baby" having never heard of "Under Pressure."

by Late Twentysomethingreply 12901/06/2013

No one loves "Ice Ice Baby", R129, so the butt-hurt analogy fails.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 13001/06/2013

[quote]I've also never heard of "How Soon Is Now?" before, and I came of age in the 90's. I wonder what the demographics are of the people who have heard that song before.

Ha! Clearly that's a veiled way of calling us 80s kids "eldergays."

by Late Twentysomethingreply 13101/06/2013

Really, really pathetic choices here. This is why I can never go to Splash Bar, and why I wear earbuds at the Cock. My fellow cockgobblers love HORRIBLE music.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 13201/06/2013

The Pet Shop Boys' cover of "Go West" was brilliant on every level, referencing the recent changes in the Soviet bloc and paying tribute to a generation of American gay men who had "gone west" to pursue their freedom and blazed a trail for our own civil liberties, only to be felled by the epidemic. Sad, sweet and gorgeous.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 13301/06/2013

Why did you let us die, R132? Are you the true spirit of New York? List your favorite songs then, since we no longer can...

by Late Twentysomethingreply 13401/06/2013

Beautiful Life - Ace of Base

You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette

Army - Ben Folds Five

Waltz #2 - Elliott Smith

Stupid Girl - Garbage

Lovefool - Cardigans

Regular Thing - Ovis

by Late Twentysomethingreply 13501/06/2013

Kristin Hersh - Your Ghost

Throwing Muses - Bright Yellow Gun

PJ Harvey - Long Snake Moan & C'mon Billy & Dress

Lisa Germano - Happiness

Elliott Smith - Between the Bars

Cat Power - Metal Heart, Cross Bone Style & King Rides By

Crowsdell - Down

Smog - Red Apples

Red House Painters - Japanese to English

Idaho - Gone

Come - Hurricane

Helium - Leon's Space Song

Dinosaur Jr. - Puke + Cry

Pavement - Range Life

Yo La Tengo - Nowhere Near & Autumn Sweater

by Late Twentysomethingreply 13601/06/2013

My favorite decade. Where do I start?

Hand In My Pocket - Alanis Morissette

Good Intentions - Toad The Wet Sprocket

Two Princes - Spin Doctors

Hey Leonardo - Blessid Union of Souls

Jumper - Third Eye Blind

One Week - Barenaked Ladies

Sonny Came Home - Shawn Colvin

Walking in Memphis - Marc Cohn

The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

Basket Case - Green Day

One Headlight - The Wallflowers

Celebrity Skin - Hole

Hook - Blues Traveller

Push - Matchbox 20

I Think God Can Explain - Splendor

Out of My Head - Fastball

The Way - Fastball

Don't Speak - No Doubt

Don't Look Back In Anger - Oasis

Big Poppa - Notorious B.I.G.

California - Tupac Shakur & Dr Dre

Ready or Not - The Fugees

Exhale (Shoop Shoop) - Whitney Houston

End of The Road - Boyz II Men

Tennessee - Arrested Development

No Scrubs - TLC

My Love Is Your Love - Whitney Houston

It's Not Right But It's Ok - Whitney Houston

by Late Twentysomethingreply 13701/06/2013

The Cardigans - Sick and Tired & My Favourite Game

Beth Orton - She Cries Your Name

The Walkabouts - The Light Will Stay On

Cocteau Twins - Cherry Colored Funk

Belly - Slow Dog

Modest Mouse - Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset

Uncle Tupelo - Anodyne

Saint Etienne - Hug My Soul

by Late Twentysomethingreply 13801/06/2013

Your Loving Arms - Billie Ray Martin

by Late Twentysomethingreply 13901/06/2013

R132, please grace us with examples of your superior taste...

by Late Twentysomethingreply 14001/06/2013

London Beat-I've Been Thinking About You

CeCe Peniston -Finally

Tony Tony Tone-Feels Good

Madonna-Deeper And Deeper


Porn For Pyro's-Pet's

Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me

Adventures Of Stevie V - Dirty Cash

by Late Twentysomethingreply 14101/06/2013

Monie Love...who I had no idea was British until I just looked her up online.

"It's a Shame (My Sister)"


"Monie In The Middle"

Where she at?

by Late Twentysomethingreply 14201/06/2013

Cornershop "Brimful of Asha."

by Late Twentysomethingreply 14301/06/2013

Nursed many high school straight crushes to Brandy's "Sitting Up in My Room."

by Late Twentysomethingreply 14401/06/2013

Lonnie Gordon (while that Black Box sound was still popular) - "I'm Gonna Get You"

Sonique - "It Feels So Good"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 14501/06/2013

FWIW, Yioti Mishra/White Town always denied that "Your Woman" referenced a gay relationship.

[quote]Mishra sings the song from a woman's perspective, making it a rare example of a hit record with a gender reversal.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 14601/06/2013

r115 My hairdresser and I were just listening to Milli Vanilli when she was doing my hair a couple weeks ago. Started singing it in the salon. Then we moved on to MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice and Color Me Badd.

r106 I still smile and humm along to I like your smile too.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 14701/06/2013

Jyoti Mishra had this to say in March of 2012 about the meaning of "Your Woman": "Being a member of an orthodox Trotskyist / Marxist movement. Being a straight guy in love with a lesbian. Being a gay guy in love with a straight man. Being a straight girl in love with a lying, two-timing, fake-ass Marxist. The hypocrisy that results when love and lust get mixed up with highbrow ideals."

When did he make that other statement, R146? If it was made in the 90's, I could see how he'd want to keep other interpretations hush-hush.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 14801/06/2013

"Foolish Love" - Rufus Wainwright

by Late Twentysomethingreply 14901/06/2013

Just to show they could have really sang that song, here is Girl You Know It's True live.

Sad they didn't even give them the chance.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 15001/06/2013

"Mother, Mother" Tracy Bonham

"Slash Your Tires" Luna

"Mexican Women" Throwing Muses

"April's Fools" Rufus Wainwright

"Last Goodbye" Jeff Buckley (my friends and I had been out that night hoping to see him when he drowned in Memphis)

"Fire on Babylon" Sinead O'Connor

"tomorrow" Morrissey

"Cannonball" The Breeders

"Something Good" Utah Saints

"God" Tori Amos

"Today" Smashing Pumpkins

"The Whole World Lost It's Head" Go Go's

"Seether" Veruca Salt

"Zombie" by The Cranberries holds a special place in my mind--it was playing the first time I kissed a guy. The Bourbon Pub in New Orleans!

Anything off "Exhile in Guyville" by Liz Phair, but especially "Divorce Song", "Fuck & Run" and "Stratford on Guy".

I also listened to a lot of country music in the 90s for some reason. Mary Chapin Carpenter especially.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 15101/06/2013

People Are Still Having Sex-LaTour

Sweet Dreams-LaBouche

Everybody, Everybody-Black Box

by Late Twentysomethingreply 15201/06/2013

R151's post reminds me of "Tonight and the Rest of My Life", Nina Gordon's only solo hit (1999?).

by Late Twentysomethingreply 15301/06/2013

"Crush" by Jennifer Paige, who was "discovered" by Crystal Bernard and rumored to be her partner in pussy.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 15401/06/2013

What's Up-Four Non-Blondes

by Late Twentysomethingreply 15501/06/2013

R142 I thought I was the last person on Earth who remembered Monie Love. Those two songs you listed were favorites of mine too.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 15601/06/2013

I love that song, R154. I'll now try to block out visions of Crystal's feathered bangs whenever I hear it.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 15701/06/2013

10,000 Maniacs - "Stockton Gala Days" and "Noah's Dove" from the Our Time in Eden album (all of which is pretty damn good)

Cher - "Believe" (so amazing at the time)

Savage Garden - "I Want You"

R.E.M. - "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?"

Fleetwood Mac - "Silver Springs" from The Dance reunion concert album

The Sundays - "Here's Where the Story Ends"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 15801/06/2013

Sleater-Kinney "Get Up"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 15901/06/2013

"Vapour Trail" - Ride

by Late Twentysomethingreply 16001/06/2013

Nine Inch Nails - Closer

Lisa Stansfield - Been Around The World

Lauryn Hill - Ex Factor, (Doo Woop} That Thing

Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation

Tha Pharcyde - Passing Me By

K Ci And JoJo - All My Life

Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody

by Late Twentysomethingreply 16101/06/2013

"History Repeating" - Propellerheads featuring Shirley Bassey

by Late Twentysomethingreply 16201/06/2013

R151, you are correct. I had that CD.. Definitely the only hit.

Another vote for "History Repeating" from me.

Sorry, can't remember the post, but I thought I was the only person who remembered the Beloved and "sweet Harmony"! Great song and sexy video.

Also wanted to add my shock that anyone into music hasn't heard of The Smiths. They had long broken up by the time I really started getting into music, but I still discovered them. I went to a party recently with mostly college and grad school students and was pleased to see a big group of them dancing to The Smiths. (yes you can dance to some of their music!)

by Late Twentysomethingreply 16301/06/2013

Stone Temple Pilots - "Vasoline"

Garth Brooks - "The Dance"

Oaktown's 3.5.7 - "Turn It Up"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 16401/06/2013

[quote]What's Up-Four Non-Blondes

This is **by no means** among the best 90s songs, but it is definitely among the most memorable.

[quote]People Are Still Having Sex

Charming song with the lyrics "Nothing makes them stop/ This AIDS thing's not working."

by Late Twentysomethingreply 16501/06/2013

"C'mon Ride It (the Train)" Quad City DJs

I remember this being a fun song on the radio when there was very little dance type stuff being played.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 16601/06/2013

Haven't seen this one mentioned yet: Jann Arden's "Insensitive." It might be too adult contemporary for some, but the lyrics are great.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 16701/06/2013

"Maria" - Blondie

by Late Twentysomethingreply 16801/06/2013

Good one, R167. That was my song during those gay junior high blues.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 16901/06/2013

Always liked this one: Imani Coppola - Legend of A Cowgirl

by Late Twentysomethingreply 17001/06/2013

The only Cowboy Junkies song that I've strongly liked is "Angel Mine."

It came out mid-90s (1996?) but I'd never heard it until the wedding of some friends in 1999. They made mix CDs as gifts for attending, and that song was included.

They have since divorced and we all live in different states now, but the song brings back memories of when we were all happy together and had the world ahead of us.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 17101/06/2013

NYC Boy - Pet Shop Boys (may be 2000's)

by Late Twentysomethingreply 17201/06/2013

LOVE Imani Coppola, R170. She's still making music. Found her website a while back, you should take a look.

I'm another that's completely baffled by the amount of people who don't know the Smiths. You should really look into them if you haven't heard them. Whoever compared them to the Carpenter's is huffing paint. Morrissey's solo career is also interesting. Wish I could link multiple vids, but check out "Glamorous Glue". As a gay man, you really should find out about him.

Love that a number of people recommended Throwing Muses and Luscious Jackson. Talk about underrated. I listen to them all the time still. Kristin Hersh's duet with Michael Stipe, "My Ghost" still tears me up. I love her best when she really rocks out though. Such intelligent lyrics, great voice and she plays with abandon. So interesting to contemplate what aspect her mental illness played into her genius. Linking perhaps her most commercial song, "Counting Backwards".

Electronic. Johnny Marr of the Smiths, Bernard Sumner of New Order, and sometimes a cameo from PSB---check out "Get The Message".

So much great music from the 90's. I love a lot of the grunge acts still, but they'll always be mentioned. Erikah Badu, I think is another underrated performer. "Baduism" is still played in this house all the time. Oh, and Meshell Ndegeocello's "Plantation Lullabies". Still Love that.

Oh, and one more that I almost forgot. Another gay man fronting a great band in the nineties. Jeff Heiskell of The Judybats. Wildly uneven, but some of it was absolutely stunning.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 17301/06/2013

Shakira, "Ciega, Sordomuda"

Back in the late 90s a coworker and I used to exchange music sometimes. She thought I would like this Shakira album even though I'd never heard of her and I didn't understand any Spanish.

Now I know that Shakira was huge in Spanish language radio, but this was before she had hit the mainstream with her English debut.

This song jumped out as so catchy that I couldn't get it out my head. I still don't know exactly what she's singing, but roughly I know the story is about how she had written all the songs for a new album, but they were stolen before she was able to record it and she's singing to the thieves.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 17401/06/2013

Correction to my own post...not that anyone cares.

I don't know that the song is about the people that stole her music - I remember that the album title is a message about those robbers though.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 17501/06/2013

That's a great song that I never would have found, R174. You can see why she'd end up being known widely here too.

I'll have to add Mylene Farmer to the mix, for some more international flair. Here's to French pop. I'm not certain it's actually all that good, but it's certainly catchy and evocative. While in France, I asked a record store clerk what was popular. This was the best of what I got. The album overall isn't amazing, but this song, for whatever reason I still really like. It was written while she was in California (duh, I guess.)

by Late Twentysomethingreply 17601/06/2013

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this one yet.

Madonna, "Ray of Light"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 17701/06/2013

It was mentioned earlier, R177. What about "Nothing Really Matters" and "The Power of Goodbye", though? Great ballads that no one seems to remember anymore...

by Late Twentysomethingreply 17801/06/2013

Tasmin Archer's "Sleeping Satellite". That whole album is wonderful.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 17901/06/2013

Janet's "Got 'til it's Gone". It was totally different than anything she'd done up until that point. The afro-centric video that came with it was gorgeously filmed by Mark Romanek.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 18001/06/2013

I LOVE you R136!

And I know Courtney is insane, and Kurt and Billy wrote her first best albums, but anytime a Hole songs come on my ipod, I love it. This is my favorite.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 18101/06/2013

Those songs suck, OP. Especially the Paula Cole one.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 18201/06/2013

Thanks. I'll look her up, R173.

Here's another one I still like - Crystal Waters' 100% Pure Love.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 18301/06/2013

Jann Arden really pinged.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 18401/06/2013

I was thinking about Ray Of Light just now r177. I was going to mention it because it's part of this story.

In 1998 I relocated to a town were I didn't know a soul. It was for my first job out of college.

The first weekend after I'd settled in, I went to a gay bar that I'd found out about before I moved - I did some research ahead of time. It wasn't my first time in a gay bar, but it was the first time I'd gone by myself and knew that I wouldn't meet a friend there, so I was a little uncomfortable.

Anyway, this was one of those places that had several connected rooms which all had their own bars and played different music. The 'back room' was the one that played porn movies on the video monitors. That was a little too much for me that night so I just did a quick pass-through of that room. I settled in the main part that was most crowded and had the most vanilla (for lack of a better description) looking guys.

Anyway, to get the music which is the point of the story, that was the first night that I'd seen the Ray of Light video. That was a fun moment because it finally had me thinking that Madonna could actually be cool again by making a video that had something going on besides trying to make her look sexy or hot. I'd been a fan, but through the mid 90s I was really thinking that she'd lost interest in doing anything different or remotely arty. So I remember going home that night thinking that I could be happy about liking her again.

But the song I most remember from that night is from a group called Pure Sugar. It's a horrible record and completely trashy and I have no idea how big a hit it was, but I love it because of where I was when I heard it first (and second because I know they played it twice that night). I listen to it still and it takes me back to that night when I had my first big adventure as a gay adult.

"Delicious" - Pure Sugar

Geez, sorry about the long story. Next time I'll get a blog.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 18501/06/2013

R180, had forgotten that. There was an interesting brief moment for AA artists who were fusing rap/jazz/trip hop/pop. Think Digible Planets, maybe A Tribe Called Quest, even De La Soul. I could listen to that genre all day, but I don't know what happened. Surprised it wasn't more popular.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 18601/06/2013

Boring trolling, R182. Too afraid to list your own?

by Late Twentysomethingreply 18701/06/2013

Prisoner - Mariah Carey

by Late Twentysomethingreply 18801/06/2013

Portlandia reran the Aimee Mann episode last week and Sarah McLachlan is on it. I remembered how I never cared for her stuff in general until "Building a Mystery" came out. Love that song. But then nothing else since.

Also I always thought she was a lesbo, but apparently I was wrong.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 18901/06/2013

Great story, R185. That's the thing about music. It connects us to certain moments. That video is almost a flashback to disco era stuff that I remember as a kid. I love that it's totally kooky. Who cares if it was popular, it was great.

R170, Crystal Waters is such the undersung diva. What the hell happened there? Damn good "I'm gonna be the center of attention on the dance floor song". Or so I've heard.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 19001/06/2013

That is a great song, R189. I had forgotten about it so I had to play it again.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 19101/06/2013

Enter Sandman - Metallica

Thunderstruck - AC/DC

Space Lord - Monster Magnet

Down In A Hole - Alice In Chains

The Losers - Warrior Soul

Fell On Black Days - Soundgarden

This Love - Pantera

The Show Must Go On - Queen

Voodoo - Godsmack

Mudshovel - Staind

by Late Twentysomethingreply 19201/06/2013

You're Not Alone - Olive

by Late Twentysomethingreply 19301/06/2013

"Princes Familiar" - Alanis Morissette

I sort of liked Alanis when everyone else did, but I wasn't a huge fan. Jagged Little Pill was mostly good, but that second album was not very exciting.

Then she did that MTV Unplugged special and I'd finally come around to the fact that she was the shit. What a really talented chick who sometimes writes fantastic songs, and sometimes writes songs that are less thrilling. But when someone can put on such a sharp live show while playing and not missing a note, I'm always impressed.

This song in particular still gives me goosebumps and makes me sad at the same time.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 19401/06/2013

Possession - Sarah McLachlan

by Late Twentysomethingreply 19501/06/2013

No particular song, but I remember when the Lilith Fair would play in our town's stadium and our neighborhood was awash in cute little gals.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 19601/06/2013

Sure shot Beastie Boys

NY State of Mind Nas (whole Illmatic album, actually)

Wheat Kings, Grace Too, So Hard Done By Tragically Hip

Midnight in a Perfect World & Organ Donor DJ Shadow (whole Endtroducing album)

Glory Box Portishead

Teardrop Massive Attack

Into Your Hideout Pilate

by Late Twentysomethingreply 19701/06/2013

Mojave 3 - "Love Songs On The Radio"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 19801/07/2013

Future Bible Heroes "Hopeless"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 19901/07/2013

James Blunt-Beautiful

by Late Twentysomethingreply 20001/07/2013

( I know it's off-topic as an 80s song, but since it has been mentioned so much)-I hear "How Soon is Now" on the radio all the time NOW, because I listen to alternative rock radio. But I have to admit I wasn't that familiar with The Smiths during their heyday, as kid growing up in the US on mostly top 40 radio. That said, I recognize almost every song mentioned, and most of the songs listed before the early reply asking if these songs were played on the radio were either Top 40 songs of the type that would be played on Casey's Countdown or were modern rock radio hits.

"How Soon is Now" was also in stuff like the movie "The Craft" and sampled in various things. I've heard the one part of the music itself in too many places to remember.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 20101/07/2013

Midnight in a Perfect World DJ Shadow

all different samples, amazing production, especially for the time (94, I think)

by Late Twentysomethingreply 20201/07/2013

[quote]James Blunt-Beautiful

R200, we're trying to come up with the best songs of the '90s, not the most annoying.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 20301/07/2013

Tracy Bonham - Mother Mother

by Late Twentysomethingreply 20401/07/2013

only for the hopeless romantics...

Edwin McCain - I Could Not Ask For More

by Late Twentysomethingreply 20501/07/2013

Plus, the James Blunt monstrosity was released in 2005.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 20601/07/2013

Alice in Chains - Rooster

if you've never listened to the lyrics or saw the video, you're in for a ride

by Late Twentysomethingreply 20701/07/2013

one of my favorite r&b songs from the 90's

If You Love Me - Brownstone

by Late Twentysomethingreply 20801/07/2013

R153 - I loved that song when it came out. I heard it on the radio last year and downloaded it, and instantly figured out why I spent most of the 90s depressed. Songs exactly like that.

I'm going to throw in Sheryl Crow's two albums Sheryl Crow (a weird mix of songs, but fun and angsty at the same time) and The Globe Sessions, which was the best album of the decade for my money. Liked everything on it but the lead single "My Favorite Mistake."

Shawn Colvin's "A Few Small Repairs" was also fantastic - somebody mentioned Sonny Came Home upthread.

I remember 90s music being so fucking good, but when I flip it over to the 90s station on Sirius every once in a while, I realize that there was a lot of shit. What I did love about the 90s was the clear influences running through pop music - from dance/r&b themed at the beginning of the decade, to angry/grunge/female power in the middle, to more standard pop fare at the end.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 20901/07/2013

did no one pick "Whatta Man"?

by Late Twentysomethingreply 21001/07/2013

k.d. lang - Constant Craving

by Late Twentysomethingreply 21101/07/2013

The Toadies - Possum Kingdom

by Late Twentysomethingreply 21201/07/2013

for years I thought the name of this Primus song was 'My Baby's Butt'

by Late Twentysomethingreply 21301/07/2013

probably my favorite cover of the 90's, by the beautiful Aaliyah: Let Me Know

by Late Twentysomethingreply 21401/07/2013

Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge

this song predicted I was going to LA and it was right

by Late Twentysomethingreply 21501/07/2013

Champagne Supernova - Oasis

Dreamlover - Mariah Carey

Sleepy Maggie - Ashley MacIssac

Feeling for You - Cassius

Armand Van Helden - You Don't Know Me

Fantasy(Def Club Remix) - Mariah Carey

Music Sounds Better With You - Stardust

Urbanized - I Don't Know What to Do without You

Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode (Probably Know it is All I Ever Wanted)

TLC - What About Your Friends

Policy Of Truth - Depeche Mode

1979 - Smashing Pumpkins

September Remix - Earth Wind & Fire

oh I could go on and on...

by Late Twentysomethingreply 21601/07/2013

Henry Rollins - Liar

by Late Twentysomethingreply 21701/07/2013

super cute (in the 90's)Duncan Sheik - Barely Breathing

by Late Twentysomethingreply 21801/07/2013

r217, did you posted that have more to do with the song, or the fact that you wanted him to hate fuck you?

by Late Twentysomethingreply 21901/07/2013

Lush - Superblast!

Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge

U2 - Mysterious Ways

Blur - Song 2

Catherine Wheel - I Wanna Touch You

Tevin Campbell - Alone With You

Red House Painters - Mistress

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes

The Cure - A Letter To Elise

Rahsaan Patterson - Spend The Night

Cracker - Low

Oasis - Live Forever

Sonic Youth - Kool Thing

Bell, Biv, DeVoe - Poison

Sabotage - Beastie Boys

Cranberries - Linger

Chico DeBarge - Iggin' Me

Suede - The Wild Ones

TLC - Creep and Waterfalls

Duran Duran - Ordinary World

Breeders - Cannonball

Pixies - Velouria

Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It

Elastica - Connection

Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason

Portishead - Sour Times

Madonna - Vogue/Deeper and Deeper/Justify My Love

by Late Twentysomethingreply 22001/07/2013

r219 lol, I don't do hate fucks. I met Rollins through work (something I set up) and was nervous because I was afraid he and my short tempered boss would come to blows, but we all had a great time and he was not the aggro monster I feared he would be.

to do some prior research I bought one of Rollins' books and my boss embarrassed me by asking him to autograph it, something I wouldn't have done. I still have it now.

people are not always their public persona, or our perception of those personae, and it helps to keep available the opportunity for growth and empathy, for others and oneself

by Late Twentysomethingreply 22101/07/2013

Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (That Thing)

by Late Twentysomethingreply 22201/08/2013

This barely gets in under the cut-off, but "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 22301/08/2013

Foule Sentimentale-Alain Souchon

Sweetest Perfection-Depeche Mode

Learning to Fly-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Hallo Spaceboy-David Bowie

Friday, I'm in Love- The Cure

Stay in Touch-Joni Mitchell

Everytime We Touch-Maggie Reilly

...and many many others

by Late Twentysomethingreply 22401/08/2013

I think I first discovered that I was getting older when I started becoming nostalgic for music I used to hate.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 22501/08/2013

My lovely The Voice of the Night... i was feeling pretty nostalgic when i was a kid. Now i'm in my late twenties and i feel the same, although it's not exactly the same, but i suspect there is something common in my yearning. I guess nostalgia is for all ages, it's a deja-vu feeling.

Streets of Philadelphia-Bruce Springsteen

Be Mine Tonight-Blackmore's Night

If I Ever Lose My Faith In You-Sting

Fais-moi une place-Julien Clerc

by Late Twentysomethingreply 22601/08/2013

[quote]My lovely The Voice of the Night... i was feeling pretty nostalgic when i was a kid. Now i'm in my late twenties and i feel the same, although it's not exactly the same, but i suspect there is something common in my yearning. I guess nostalgia is for all ages, it's a deja-vu feeling.

In my case, it's a little more oddly specific. Like, when Sheryl Crow was happening, I hated her and every time something from Tuesday Night Music Club came on the radio, I'd switch the station as quickly as I could. A few years ago, I discovered that I fucking love Sheryl Crow.

One song that's been mentioned in this thread a few times is "One Headlight" which I'd have gladly have stabbed myself in the ear to avoid hearing when it was being played non-stop. Nowadays, since my husband and I switched cars and I can't play my iPod through the stereo, a significant portion of the mix CDs I make include that song.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 22701/08/2013

Hmmm...alright The Voice of the Night, alright!

You sound sweet. Lol.


by Late Twentysomethingreply 22801/08/2013

The only song I ever liked by Sheryl Crowe is "The Difficult Kind".

by Late Twentysomethingreply 22901/08/2013

House of Pain - Jump Around

En Vouge - Don't Let Go

Mazzy Sar - Fade into You

Kristin Hersh - Your Ghost

Maria McKee - Life Is Sweet/After Life

Elliott Smith - Miss Misery

Tori Amos - Winter

Cat Power - Nude as the News

PJ Harvey - Sheela-Na-Gig

Beastie Boys - Sabotage

Bjork - Army of Me

Slowdive - Alison

Joe Henry - One Day When the Weather is Warm

Crystal Waters - 100% Pure Love

The Pogues - tRainbow Man

Sleater-Kinney - Dig Me Out

Helium - Pat's Trick

Exposé - I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me

P.M. Dawn - Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

Aimee Mann - Stupid Thing

Mike Scott - Love Anyway

by Late Twentysomethingreply 23001/08/2013

man I don't like a single one of r230's picks!

by Late Twentysomethingreply 23101/08/2013

Anything by Portishead and Hole Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve Only Happy When it Rains by Garbage Sugar is Sweeter by CJ Bolland

by Late Twentysomethingreply 23201/08/2013

Ah 90's! As someone said earlier, I listened to albums then, not songs. My three favorite 90's albums are:

Tricky - Maxinquaye

KLF - The White Room

Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible

Also loved Massive Attack, Bjork, Everything But The Girl, Portishead, Suede, Blur, Pulp, Radiohead...

by Late Twentysomethingreply 23301/08/2013

"Night in My Veins" - Pretenders

by Late Twentysomethingreply 23401/08/2013

"Pretend We're Dead" by L7

by Late Twentysomethingreply 23501/08/2013

R229 - The Difficult Kind is my absolute favorite Crow song. It's the high point of The Globe Sessions, which, for me, is her absolute best album. I've always loved her though - her album in 2008 was a return to form after the dreadful C'mon C'mon, but the last one left me cold too.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 23601/08/2013

Missing by Everything But The Girl. A beautiful song either in its original acoustic version or as an amped-up dance remix by Todd Terry.

Being Boring by Pet Shop Boys.

I could list more but these two simply jumped to my mind immediately.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 23701/08/2013

PJ Harvey, Down By The Water

Jeff Buckley, The Last Goodbye

Maria McKee, I Forgive You

Dee-Lite, Groove is In The Heart

En Vogue, My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It

Michael Jackson, Remember The Time

Stone Roses, Love Spreads

by Late Twentysomethingreply 23801/08/2013

John Hiatt -- Permanent Hurt. Love the big noisy rhythm sections on most of his songs, and this mid-90s departure from singing about what he learned in therapy.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 23901/08/2013

Annie Lennox - "Why," "Walking on Broken Glass," and "No More 'I Love Yous'"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 24001/08/2013

Cry For Help - Rick Astley

Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J

A Girl Like You - Edwyn Collins

Tennessee - Arrested Development

Change - Lisa Stansfield

Bjork - Venus As A Boy

Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing

Alice in Chains - Would?

Nirvana - Come As You Are/Smells Like Teen Spirit

by Late Twentysomethingreply 24101/08/2013

I love this thread. It's made me seek out some songs I've never heard, and I've had to dig out some old CDs to hear songs I'd long forgotten that I loved.

SUEDE! MARIA MCKEE! I had those CDs and haven't listened to them in years. Great stuff.

But I will say "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes is the worst fucking song of the century.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 24201/08/2013

"2 Become 1" - Spice Girls

In general I remember being extremely resistant to liking them because of the manufactured aspect of the group (same as current performers One Direction and Lana del Rey among others).

But when this record came out, I had to accept that sometimes catchy records are going to appeal to me even though I have no respect for the musical pedigree of the 'artist.'

by Late Twentysomethingreply 24301/08/2013

Has anyone mentioned Jane Child's "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" and Tara Kemp's "Hold You Tight" yet? I love those jams.

My heart lives mainly in the late 90's, though. Sarah McLachlan's "Sweet Surrender" and the duet between Barbra and Bryan Adams were melodic (ballad) hits that have been totally forgotten.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 24401/08/2013

Tori Amos - Spark / Caught a Lite Sneeze

Throwing Muses - Counting Backwards

Weezer - Buddy Holly

by Late Twentysomethingreply 24501/08/2013

Ready To Go, Republica.

Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) C&C Music Factory

What Is Love, Haddaway

Ha, I'd forgotten that I used to like 2 become 1 by the Spice Girls - the only song I liked by them. I loved the ending of it, very cool. Nice video too.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 24601/08/2013

Tara Kemp!

"Piece Of My Heart" was my JAM in 8th grade lol! Thanks, r244.

I also loved Cathy Dennis's stuff at the same time. We just had a thread about her here.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 24701/08/2013

Cathy Dennis - Just Another Dream

by Late Twentysomethingreply 24801/08/2013

In the early part of the decade when that Miami club sound was on the last legs of radio popularity, there were still a handful of records that I liked. The Tara Kemp mentions made me think of some songs that I don't normally think about anymore. Stuff like Sa-Fire, Stevie B, Pajama Party, etc.

I always hated the look and style associated with the music videos of the genre, but some of the records were pretty sweet.

"Sending All My Love" from Linear was 1990, so it just barely qualifies for this thread and it's one of my favorites.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 24901/08/2013

Imagine hearing something like "Barely Breathing" on Top 40 radio. Those days are ovah.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 25001/08/2013

What about this breakout? She wasted all that initial hype in the mid-90s about being the second coming of Patsy Cline to become her modern incarnation of someone more interested in being tabloid fodder. Too bad.

"Blue" Leann Rimes

by Late Twentysomethingreply 25101/08/2013

McAlmont and Butler - You Do.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 25201/08/2013

Great responses! Let me add Dionne Farris's catchy little ditty "I Know" to the list...

by Late Twentysomethingreply 25301/08/2013

Does anyone else remember In the Meantime by Spacehog? I loved this one.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 25401/08/2013

Banderas - This Is Your Life

Jam Tronik - Yesterday Once More

Mantronix - Don't Go Messin' With My Heart

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Can't Help Myself

Ultra Nate' - Is It Love?

the Prodigy - Everybody In The Place

Right Said Fred - Don't Talk Just Kiss

Sonia - Only Fools (Never Fall In Love)

S'Express - Nothing to Lose

A bunch of records that I was listening to at a specific time in the early 90s. Not all of them are great necessarily, but they (along with several others already mentioned in this thread) are the soundtrack to a time in my life that I can pinpoint.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 25501/08/2013

3am Eternal - The KLF

Finally - Ce Ce Peniston

Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Saint Etienne

by Late Twentysomethingreply 25601/08/2013

Could not stand Paula Cole's whining voice.

"Ottowana wait...for it's life to be ov-uhh..."

by Late Twentysomethingreply 25701/08/2013

The early 90's were the last time you could hear all types of music on the same AM station: Nirvana, De La Soul, Mr. Big, Alanis and Prince all in the same mix. I miss that.

One of the great AM hip-hop jams "This or That" by the Black Sheep. "We don't punch girls and we don't punch a clock!"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 25801/08/2013

The underrated and underplayed at the time 'Runaway Train' by Soul Asylum.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 25901/08/2013

Show Me Love - Robin S.

No Scrubs - TLC

Fantasy - Mariah Carey

That's The Way Love Goes - Janet Jackson

Exhale (Shoop Shoop) - Whitney Houston

Deeper and Deeper - Madonna

Black Box - Strike it Up

Hold On - En Vogue

Got A Love For You - Jomanda

Real Love - Mary J. Blije

Reel 2 Reel - I Like to Move It

Salt N Pepa - Shoop

Sade - No Ordinary Love

Seal - Crazy

If It Makes You Happy - Sheryl Crow

I Got The Power - Snap

Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews Band

Back to Life - Soul II Soul

Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song

Wallflowers - One Headlight

SWV - Weak

Toni Braxton - You're Makin' Me High

Will Smith - Getting Jiggy With It

Wreckz N Effect - Rump Shaker

Hey Mr. DJ - Zhane

by Late Twentysomethingreply 26001/08/2013

Gary Handeman -- Cindy Lee Berryhill

by Late Twentysomethingreply 26101/08/2013

Toad the Wet Sprocket had some great songs:




by Late Twentysomethingreply 26201/08/2013

indecent obsession - whispers in the dark

by Late Twentysomethingreply 26301/10/2013

Born of Frustration by James used to always make me laugh.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 26401/10/2013

Remember when the Runaway Train video was edited regularly to include new pictures of runaways/kidnapped kids? Good times.

Speaking of Prince, in the 90s he provided:

"Thieves in the Temple"


"Money Don't Matter 2Nite"


by Late Twentysomethingreply 26501/10/2013

"Diamonds and Pearls" is my favorite Prince song.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 26601/10/2013

This is a pretty neat list, even though it does have a lot of UK songs since it's a UK website.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 26701/10/2013

I've been trying for days to remember the group and the name of this 90's song by them I liked, thank you R267 for the list. Primal Scream's "Movin' on Up".

by Late Twentysomethingreply 26801/10/2013

Here's a '95 song I've always dug.

Natural One by Folk Implosion

by Late Twentysomethingreply 26901/10/2013

Thanks [R269]! I had totally forgotten about that song. Off to iTunes!

by Late Twentysomethingreply 27001/10/2013

One of my favorite bands ever, Soul Coughing. Mark Doughty is now a solo artist, but same great voice and interesting lyrics.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 27101/11/2013

"Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying" - Belle & Sebastian

by Late Twentysomethingreply 27201/11/2013

It rocked to have a strong lesbian voice lead Technotronic, especially Pump Up the Jam.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 27301/11/2013

I would walk 500 miles

by Late Twentysomethingreply 27401/11/2013

Cream by Prince

Enter Sandman by Metallica

Prison Sex by Tool

November Rain by Guns N' Roses

Blow Up The Outside World by Soundgarden

Come As You Are by Nirvana

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

Fuel by Metallica

Holy Wars...The Punishment Due by Megadeth

Sea Of Sorrow by Alice In Chains

Black by Pearl Jam

Stinkfist by Tool

by Late Twentysomethingreply 27501/11/2013

Here's one I bet nobody's thought of in 20 years.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 27601/12/2013

Actually, R276, I think about it every once in a while. Beautiful song.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 27701/12/2013

Slint - Nosferatu Man

Sinead O'Connor - The Emperor's New Clothes

Rodan - Tooth Fairy Retribution Manifesto

The Sundays - Can't Be Sure

Beth Orton - She Cries Your Name

Morrissey - I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday

Kate Bush - Moments of Pleasure

Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road

by Late Twentysomethingreply 27801/12/2013

The criminally underappreciated I Believe I Can Fly by that urinator.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 27901/12/2013

R271, I loved them, too! Ruby Vroom was a perfect album. "True Dreams of Wichita" is a beautifully melancholy song.

MD's voice was different and I thought the lyrics were wonderful. He reminded me a bit of spoken word poet, Steven Jesse Bernstein, another 90's casualty.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 28001/12/2013

Hey 280! You must see him when he tours. It's very much spoken word stuff and music. He's crazy great. Yeah, just a little crush. He reminds me of an ex---super smart and just a little cooler than you'll probably ever be,lol.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 28101/12/2013

Okay, now that Bryan and some other cool dudes have weighed in, I feel less contemptuous. SLINT made the list, holy hell.

A few bones of contention: Alanus Morrisette is not a good songwriter. She is a fucking HACK and you can thank Glen Ballard for the popularity of that one album. Any of you who have a passing familiarity with pop song structures could write just as good or better than her. Have you actually heard her later dreck? Jesus fuck.

Second, Kurt Cobain did not write any of Courtney Love's material. The lyrics are all hers on that 1994 album, and if you feel the need to credit someone else for the actual music, look no further than ERIC ERLANDSON. And do some fucking research. There has never been any proof that Kurt wrote her stuff. It's a myth. And I'm not defending her. I'm not a fan.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 28201/12/2013

I also remember that Soul Asylum video with the updated missing kids ---- I saw it about 300 times. I wouldn't say it was underplayed! Decent tune though.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 28301/12/2013

"Okay, now that Bryan and some other cool dudes have weighed in, I feel less contemptuous. SLINT made the list, holy hell."

What does this even mean?

by Late Twentysomethingreply 28401/12/2013

Luscious Jackson - Naked Eye

I listened to their electronic Honey cd all through my freshman year.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 28501/12/2013

Sunny Came Home - Shawn Colvin

Stay - Lisa Loeb

Closing Tim - Semisonic

and MMmbop - Hanson - this defines 90s music for me

by Late Twentysomethingreply 28601/12/2013

Donna Lewis - "I love You.. Always Forever"

Paula Cole - That Dawson's Creek Theme Song

by Late Twentysomethingreply 28701/12/2013

r186, No mention of Arrested Development? And thanks for reminding us of Jane Childs r244, maybe not the best song, but so quintessentially early 90s. Oh, and I wore out 'Run Away Train' r283.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 28801/12/2013

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned "Dark Horse" by Amanada Marshall.

Still one of the best tunes out there to this day.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 28901/12/2013

Foolish Games - Jewel

Nothing Compares To You - Sinead O Connor

Hold On - Wilson Phillips

Everything I Do I DO It For You - Bryan Adams

Toni Braxton - Breathe Again

IF- Janet Jackson

Tragically Hip - Blow At High Dough

Time, Only Wanna Be with You, Hold My Hand - Hottie & The Blowfish

Long December - Counting Crows

by Late Twentysomethingreply 29001/12/2013

The thing about the '90s is, all genres were superior and competing with each other. From pop, to alternative rock and even hip hop … good music all around.

1979 - Smashing Pumpkins

Loosing My Religion - R.E.M.

E-bow The Letter - R.E.M.

Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

Don't Cry - Guns N' Roses

Santeria - Sublime

Redundant - Green Day

Never There - Cake

You Get What You Give - New Radicals

More Than Words - Extreme

Groove Is In The Heart - Dee-lite

On and On - Erykah Badu

You Got Me - The Roots

Fu-gee-la - The Fugees

Nappy Heads - The Fugees

Fallin' - De La Soul & Teenage Fanclub

Things I've Seen - Spooks

Brown Sugar - D'Angelo

Body & Soul - Anita Baker

Exhale (Shoop Shoop) - Whitney Houston

by Late Twentysomethingreply 29101/12/2013

Don't Speak by No Doubt

by Late Twentysomethingreply 29201/12/2013

Hootie & the Blowfish were HUGE.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 29301/12/2013

DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World

Mazzy Star - I've Been Let Down, Take Everything

Mercury Rev - Goddess on a Hiway

The Flaming Lips - Race for the Prize

Aphex Twin- Windowlicker

Kristin Hersh - Like You

Tori Amos - Professional Widow

by Late Twentysomethingreply 29401/13/2013

[quote]Donna Lewis - "I love You.. Always Forever"

Blech! I HATED that song.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 29501/13/2013

I Love Your Smile - Shanice

by Late Twentysomethingreply 29601/13/2013

Not Enough Time - INXS

Come Undone - Duran Duran

by Late Twentysomethingreply 29701/13/2013

Primitive Radio Gods, "Standing Outside a Phone Booth"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 29801/13/2013

Maybe I missed it but I haven't seen anyone mention St. Etienne yet. They never really hit big in the U.S. but I love their retro Britpop sound and they had some awesome dance remixes.


by Late Twentysomethingreply 29901/13/2013

And the fabulous Trouser Enthusiasts remix of "Sylvie."

by Late Twentysomethingreply 30001/13/2013

"Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth" - Dandy Warhols

by Late Twentysomethingreply 30101/13/2013

Here's a nice one by Better Than Ezra -- "Desperately Wanting."

Reminds me of riding around in neighborhoods near Emory in Atlanta in the winter of '98 looking for a house to buy.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 30201/13/2013

I don't like this song at all and I don't know popular it was as a radio hit, but it seems like since its release about 3 out of 4 weddings I've been to played it during the reception. People run to the dance floor and act just as foolish as they do when Ice Ice Baby comes on.

Rednex, "Cotton Eye Joe"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 30301/13/2013

Ridiculously lo-fi cool idea for a music video.

Praise You - Fatboy Slim

by Late Twentysomethingreply 30401/13/2013

Lush - For Love (1991)

by Late Twentysomethingreply 30501/13/2013

"Joey" - Concrete Blonde

"Burden In My Hand" - Soundgarden

"Until It Sleeps" - Metallica

"Them Bones" - Alice in Chains

"One" - U2

by Late Twentysomethingreply 30601/14/2013

"Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad" - Moby

I was never a Moby fan until I saw The Beach. After getting that soundtrack I started to like him - but only a little.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 30701/14/2013

The Divine Comedy - "If..."

by Late Twentysomethingreply 30801/15/2013

Bachelor Girl - Buses and Trains

by Late Twentysomethingreply 30901/15/2013

Radiohead - Creep

Radiohead - No Surprises

by Late Twentysomethingreply 31001/15/2013

Pulp - A Little Soul

by Late Twentysomethingreply 31101/15/2013

My wedding song, "Who Let the Dogs Out". It brings back such wonderful memories.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 31201/15/2013

Milla - "The Gentleman Who Fell Before The Court"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 31301/15/2013

Jude Cole, "It Comes Around".

An excellent song from one of the best albums of that decade.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 31401/15/2013

"It Comes Around" was supposedly written as a potshot at Julia Roberts. Keifer Sutherland was/is a friend of Cole's, and when she ditched him, this was Cole's take on what she did.

"You were such a pretty woman, those were the days".

by Late Twentysomethingreply 31501/15/2013

Speaking of Jude Cole, his 1990 single "House Full Of Reasons" is great.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 31601/16/2013

"No Myth" - Michael Penn

by Late Twentysomethingreply 31701/16/2013

Wow, R315, I just read the lyrics to "It Comes Around", and it's clearly about Julia, lol.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 31801/16/2013

"Mouth" by Merril Bainbridge

by Late Twentysomethingreply 31901/16/2013

'Play Minstrel Play' by Blackmore's Night

by Late Twentysomethingreply 32001/16/2013

Actually the whole album 'Shadow of the Moon' (1997) by Blackmore's Night is full of great songs.

It's the debut album of Blackmore's Night and their best so far.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 32101/16/2013

The Old Ways by Loreena McKennitt

by Late Twentysomethingreply 32201/16/2013

Alleine zu zweit by Lacrimosa

by Late Twentysomethingreply 32301/16/2013

I forgot how many great songs and albums came out in the 90s. Hard to believe it was so long ago.

Albums I loved and I don't think have been mentioned –

Placebo - Without you I’m nothing

The Afghan Whigs – Gentlemen

Dubstar – disgraceful

Faith no More - Angel Dust

Hooverphonic - Blue Wonder Power Milk

Nine Inch nails - The Downward Spiral, Broken and fixed

Puressence (1996)

Suede – Nude

All these albums had so many great songs in them.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 32401/16/2013

Every Single Heartbeat-Maggie Reilly

by Late Twentysomethingreply 32501/16/2013

Special by Garbage

by Late Twentysomethingreply 32601/16/2013

Ridiculous Thoughts by Cranberries

by Late Twentysomethingreply 32701/16/2013

"Charmless Man" - Blur

by Late Twentysomethingreply 32801/16/2013

King Rides By - Cat Power

by Late Twentysomethingreply 32901/16/2013

Please help? What link are you all using to show the video in this thread?

by Late Twentysomethingreply 33001/16/2013

Faith No More

Ashes to Ashes

Patton is hot as hell here too. (1997)

by Late Twentysomethingreply 33101/16/2013


Find your video on Youtube, copy the thread and paste it into the URL box in your post.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 33201/16/2013

Thanks R332! Hope this one works.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 33301/16/2013

Didn't work, but I'll post it for you...

by Late Twentysomethingreply 33401/16/2013

Best 90s songs

Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang = Greatest love song ever.

Barbie Girl by Aqua = Won my first drag contest lipsynching this classic.

Wannabe by Spice Girls = My favorite sing a long song ever. I still sing it at the top of my lungs in traffic.

The Macarena = best dance song ever.

Living da vida Loca by Ricky Martin. Sexiest song ever.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 33501/16/2013

Ugh, R335---no.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 33601/16/2013

I second that #336!

by Late Twentysomethingreply 33701/16/2013

Bless your heart 335, but those are probably my LEAST favorite songs of the 90s. Woof!

by Late Twentysomethingreply 33801/16/2013

A loathe mentioning Madonna since she dominates Datalounge but....

Erotica - Madonna

Everytime - Janet Jackson

Leech - Eve 6

Everything Zen - Bush

99.9 F - Suzanne Vega

by Late Twentysomethingreply 33901/16/2013

R333 it worked for me.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 34001/16/2013

[quote]Everytime - Janet Jackson

Yes! Gorgeous song and gorgeous video!

by Late Twentysomethingreply 34101/16/2013

I agree r326 Garbage was one of the top bands of the 90s.

"I'm only Happy when it Rains " was my 90s anthem.

Shirley Manson is a fierce bitch

by Late Twentysomethingreply 34201/16/2013

I want to be the girl with the MOST CAK!

by Late Twentysomethingreply 34301/16/2013

"Everything Flows" - Teenage Fanclub

by Late Twentysomethingreply 34401/17/2013

"Tattva" - Kula Shaker

by Late Twentysomethingreply 34501/17/2013

George Michael - Cowboys and Angels.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 34601/17/2013

She's In Fashion by Suede

This wasn't a hit in the US, but it should've been. Always loved this one.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 34701/17/2013

I think Titiyo's "Come Along" makes it just under the wire (1999-2000).

by Late Twentysomethingreply 34801/17/2013

"Du Hast" by Rammstein

"The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson

"Thunderkiss '65" by White Zombie

"Happiness In Slavery" by Nine Inch Nails

"Plush" by Stone Temple Pilots

"How The Gods Kill" by Danzig

"The Losers" by Warrior Soul

by Late Twentysomethingreply 34901/17/2013

I Touch Myself.

Wait...what was the question?

by Late Twentysomethingreply 35001/17/2013

"Tell Me What You Want Me to Do" by DL fave Tevin Campbell

by Late Twentysomethingreply 35101/18/2013

Edwyn Collins, "A Girl Like You"

by Late Twentysomethingreply 35201/18/2013

The Boy is Mine - Brandy and MOnica

Waterfalls - TLC

Shoop - Salt N Pepa

Real Love - Mary J Blige

Don't Walk Away - Jade

Juicy - Notorious BIG

I'm every Woman - Whitney

I Don't Wanna Fight - Tina Turner

Power of Love - Celine Dion

Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio

You Oughta Know - Alanis

Stay - eternal

All Around The World - Lisa Stanfield

Hold On - Wilson Phillips

Missing - Everything But The Girl

Good Riddance - Green Day

Santa Monice - Everclear

The Wolrd I know - Collective Soul

The Way - Fastball

Sex and Candy - Marcy's Playground

If You Could Only See - Tonic

Closing Time - Semisonic

Freshman - Vervepipe

You Get what You Give - New Radicals

1979/Ava Adore/Perfect - Smashing Pumpkins

Wonderwall/ Champage Supernova/Sally Can Wait - Oasis

by Late Twentysomethingreply 35301/18/2013

Regret - New Order's last great single

by Late Twentysomethingreply 35401/18/2013

Ryan Seacrest can suck it.

This thread has the better suggestions for best songs (including best forgotten records) from the decade.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 35502/08/2013

If You Wanna Keep Me - Sheena Easton

by Late Twentysomethingreply 35603/03/2013

Blue - Jayhawks

by Late Twentysomethingreply 35703/03/2013

Gots ta include Right Hand Man by Joan Osborne.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 35803/03/2013

"Carvival" by the Cardigans

I had this song on a loop back in '95/'96

by Late Twentysomethingreply 35903/04/2013


by Late Twentysomethingreply 36003/04/2013

This is the thread I was thinking about. A few days ago I accidentally added this to the thread about 90s videos - but I wanted to put it here.

About a week ago I thought about two dance records that I hated because of how overplayed I felt they were in the very early part of the decade. Both were played so much in the couple of clubs that I was going to at the time.

But now I hear them and they make me nostalgic for that specific time and place. And I don't hate them because I'm not being forced to listen to them.

The first is..

Cut'n' Move with "Get Serious"

(Yo Mack, I don't take no crap)

by Late Twentysomethingreply 36108/12/2013

The other is actually still pretty annoying to me, even today. But it sure got played a lot, so somebody must have really liked it.

"She's Dangerous On The Dance Floor" - Musto & Bones

I don't even know how these got in head this week, but it felt good to figure out what/who they were.

by Late Twentysomethingreply 36208/12/2013
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