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Texas Chainsaw 3D

How was it?

Surprised it hasn't been talked about already. It is projected to be #1 at the box office this week and stars DL fave Keram Malicki-Sanchez!

by Mele Kalikimakareply 3601/08/2013


by Mele Kalikimakareply 101/06/2013

Why would you be surprised it hasn't been talked about? What about this movie screams Datalounge?

But anyway, it's a direct sequel to the original. It begins just minutes after the original. The opening is cool because you get to see parts of the original converted into 3D and the 3D is excellent.

But after that the film tries too hard. The timeline is wonky, too, since it takes place in 2012.

I'd give it 2 out of 4 stars.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 201/06/2013

I'm a huge horror fan. It was awful. Don't waste your money. The 3D played no part in the film and the writing and acting was atrocious. The other versions of the series with Matt Bomer/Taylor Handley and ErIc Balfour/Jessica Biel were Oscar material compared to this.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 301/06/2013

It's an early Valentine's movie.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 401/06/2013

How was Trey Songz's body?

by Mele Kalikimakareply 501/06/2013

Doesn't look scary at all.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 601/06/2013

Now THIS is a horror movie that looks awesome:

by Mele Kalikimakareply 701/06/2013

Is that a remake of Evil Dead?? :O

by Mele Kalikimakareply 801/06/2013

It's a tad over the top, R7. Plus there's no point in seeing it since the red band basically showed the entire movie. That girl-on-girl tongue split scene and the innumerable slashings were over the top gore-for-gore's sake. The original at least had a good script and good actors.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 901/06/2013

Well, luckily this also has a good script and actors. Have you not seen Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2? Because saying this is over-the-top is a bit silly if you have.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 1001/06/2013

Looking forward to the Evil Dead remake. Hope they keep the distribution date in April 2013. They've already moved 'Carrie' from March 2013 to October 2013.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 1101/06/2013

The new Evil Dead trailer looks very promising.

Texas Chainsaw 3D was entertaining enough, but infuriating and downright stupid at times. The timeline is the beginning of the problems. The gore is cartoonish, and if it didn't have the TCM name attached it would likely be a better than average direct to dvd release.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 1201/06/2013

I think this is bullshit. It sould be obvious to EVERYONE that "Les Miserables" will continue to the the most popular film in the the country.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 1301/06/2013

[quote]The new Evil Dead trailer looks very promising.

No it doesn't. It has recognizable actors. Star Jane Levy is happy and healthy back on the "Suburgatory" set. Makes it a Hollywood movie. The original and TCM were scary because you didn't know who these people were.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 1401/06/2013

So Hollywood movies can't be good, R14?

by Mele Kalikimakareply 1501/06/2013

[quote]So Hollywood movies can't be good, [R14]?

Of course they can, but we are talking "Evil Dead", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (none of the sequels were remotely scary), Night Of The Living Dead, classics that had nobodies in the lead which gave it a more authentic almost documentary feel. Known actors take you out of the action because you know Jane Levy is having a Chai Latte at the Craft service table on "Suburgatory" as you're watching.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 1601/06/2013

The Evil Dead trailer looks dreadful.

Shame on Rami (if he's even involved).

by Mele Kalikimakareply 1701/06/2013

Scott Eastwood is in TC3D and is a hottie. I don't remember ever reading about him on DL. Ay scoop?

by Mele Kalikimakareply 1801/06/2013

I wonder if the script for this was reworked to make it a "Chainsaw" sequel. It really seemed like a completely unrelated story rewritten to make the killer Leatherface so the studio could market it better.

It's pretty bad but still better than the McBongo/Renee Zellweger sequel from the 90s.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 1901/07/2013

I can't believe that's the title for a new movie.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 2001/07/2013

Shaun Sipos is the hottest guy in the movie. Introduced in the pouring rain with a denim shirt almost entirely unbuttoned. Hot.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 2101/07/2013

I think the Evil Dead trailer looks good, I wasn't impressed with the first one. I doubt Sam Raimi would fuck up something that's the whole basis of his career. I watched Evil Dead 2 over a hundred times in the 80s, my nephews loved it and we'd watch it whenever I'd babysit them.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 2201/07/2013

He didn't direct it r17, but he did produce it. He carefully chose the director, he wanted it to be more than a CGI updating, he wanted it to have a modern-horror sensibility.

I knew he chose the director, but I wanted to make sure he is the credited producer, so I checked IMDb. He's also directing and producing the Poltergeist remake, although there's no date given. They've been kicking that around for over 5 yrs, but this is the first time I've seen Raimi attached.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 2301/07/2013

Thanks, R23.

So far all I've seen is CGI updating. A couple of creepy-looking scenes, but then nothing but blood spatter. And they couldn't even get the blood right.

The original films (at least the first two) were so much more than their special effects.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 2401/07/2013

This is the Evil Dead movie that was promised in 3D. Still waiting.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 2501/07/2013

[quote]That girl-on-girl tongue split scene and the innumerable slashings were over the top gore-for-gore's sake. The original at least had a good script and good actors.

Yes, how dare they be so over-the-top, unlike the original Raimi films.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 2601/07/2013

I get you R9. True fans know the difference.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 2701/07/2013

Fuck that true fans, bullshit. Evil Dead 2 was my first ever horror movie. I was obsessed with it. My mom worked in a video store nd I would sit in the back nd watch Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 over and over.

I think the new version looks awesome. And from my understanding, the trailer shows none of the last act. Plus, there ill be an Ash cameo!

by Mele Kalikimakareply 2801/07/2013

Discriminating fans know the difference.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 2901/07/2013

You haven't even fucking seen the movie, asshole.

Discriminating fan? Please. More like old ass snob. Real horror fans will watch the movie and decide, not act like fucking douches on a message board talking about "true fans" and "discriminating fans". Fucking tool.

Anyway, yes, avoid TCM3D. It's even worse than the Matt Bomer "prequel" one.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 3001/07/2013

Here's a cool article that was posted today about the new Evil Dead. Sounds like it's gonna be awesome. TRUE FANS should be excited.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 3101/07/2013

Hot fans.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 3201/08/2013

Non-neurotic fans.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 3301/08/2013

[quote] We are talking "Evil Dead", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (none of the sequels were remotely scary), Night Of The Living Dead, classics that had nobodies in the lead which gave it a more authentic almost documentary feel. Known actors take you out of the action.

I agree, for the most part, and the graininess of a low budget filmed movie work to make movies scarier too. Evil Dead was so creepy when it looked shitty on a vhs tape, but then I saw it a few years later all cleaned up and brightened on laser disc (or maybe dvd) and it looked too "Hollywood". The new horror remakes are all brightly lit and too slick looking, and the cast is always to pretty.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 3401/08/2013

Exactly, R34.

Definitely changes the impact. For true, hot, non-neurotic fans, that is. ;)

by Mele Kalikimakareply 3501/08/2013

Trey is from the Beyonce school of acting.

by Mele Kalikimakareply 3601/08/2013
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