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I fantasize about getting pounded by a beercan dick

Butt in reality, I have a super-tight mangina, and anything large hurts. The couple times I've attempted to bottom for a monster cock, I was more like, "Live. Through. This." than "Give it to me, daddy!".

Why do people want to bite off more than they can chew?

by Jackson Holereply 1101/05/2013

Thats why I don't get why there are so many gay male sizequeens. Big dicks are fun in porn and great to look at, but in real life they are more annoying to deal with than anything else.

by Jackson Holereply 101/05/2013

Could this be the most important philosophical question of your modern age?

by Jackson Holereply 201/05/2013

Do you like sucking big cock OP?

by Jackson Holereply 301/05/2013

Poppers and vidicon will help the lovin'!

by Jackson Holereply 401/05/2013

I wonder how many queens end up at the ER with a beer can stuck in their ass.

by Jackson Holereply 501/05/2013

If you want it inside you, your body will welcome the penetration. Your body is rejecting the penis.

by Jackson Holereply 601/05/2013

R6 is right. Fort Troff has a spray that will make it easier for you.

There's nothing like walking around for the rest of the day all opened up deep inside, still able to feel where that long, thick dick has been.

by Jackson Holereply 701/05/2013

Yep, R6 and R7

by Jackson Holereply 801/05/2013

I can't do it either and I definitely don't have fantasies about beercan dicks, but a big cock once and while would be nice. Even sucking on a big ol' dick is hard work. Very nice to look at though!

by Jackson Holereply 901/05/2013

I lurv achy jawls.

by Jackson Holereply 1001/05/2013

I have the infamous Ricky Gervais fangs; it frightens beercan dicks.

by Jackson Holereply 1101/05/2013
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