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I fantasize about getting pounded by a beercan dick

Butt in reality, I have a super-tight mangina, and anything large hurts. The couple times I've attempted to bottom for a monster cock, I was more like, "Live. Through. This." than "Give it to me, daddy!".

Why do people want to bite off more than they can chew?

by Jackson Holereply 1101/05/2013

Could this be the most important philosophical question of your modern age?

by Jackson Holereply 201/05/2013

Do you like sucking big cock OP?

by Jackson Holereply 301/05/2013

Poppers and vidicon will help the lovin'!

by Jackson Holereply 401/05/2013

I wonder how many queens end up at the ER with a beer can stuck in their ass.

by Jackson Holereply 501/05/2013

If you want it inside you, your body will welcome the penetration. Your body is rejecting the penis.

by Jackson Holereply 601/05/2013

Yep, R6 and R7

by Jackson Holereply 801/05/2013

I can't do it either and I definitely don't have fantasies about beercan dicks, but a big cock once and while would be nice. Even sucking on a big ol' dick is hard work. Very nice to look at though!

by Jackson Holereply 901/05/2013

I lurv achy jawls.

by Jackson Holereply 1001/05/2013

I have the infamous Ricky Gervais fangs; it frightens beercan dicks.

by Jackson Holereply 1101/05/2013
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