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Elaine Stritch

Is it true she was considered for the role of Dorothy Zbornak before Bea Arthur?

by Betty W.reply 3001/10/2013

I don't know the answer of your question Betty W. but it's great that she is still with us.

by Betty W.reply 101/05/2013

Yeah. She talks about her audition for the writers in her At Liberty show. Apparently one of the creators just didn't like her from the get go, but hated her more when she improvised her lines and threw in the word "fucking".

She'd have been better suited to Sophia. If Sophia was a mean drunk.

by Betty W.reply 201/05/2013

Elaine Stritch has been nominated for the Tony Award five times in various categories, and won once, for 'Elaine Stritch at Liberty'

She is also a three-time Emmy Award winner.

by Betty W.reply 301/05/2013

Elaine Stritch young and old

by Betty W.reply 401/05/2013

She's baaaack: Alec Baldwin joined his onscreen mother Elaine Stritch on the set of 30 Rock Wednesday for a picturesque horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park

by Betty W.reply 501/05/2013

[quote]Elaine Stritch has been nominated for the Tony Award five times in various categories, and won once

Well, not everyone can win the Tony five times.

by Betty W.reply 601/05/2013

Angela Lansbury! Hahaha, you old weasel!

by Betty W.reply 701/05/2013

Angela, ok you are a great actress and you won the Tony five times, but that doesn't mean that other actresses who haven't won it aren't as good as you. Angela, please! Be more reasonable, you are so vain.

by Betty W.reply 801/05/2013

Elder/gay thread.

by Betty W.reply 901/05/2013

No. R9, hon, i'm 28. I just love actors and actresses who have offered their soul and body to their art. You sound sooo ignorant R9.

by Betty W.reply 1001/05/2013

She should have been nominated for an Oscar for 'September'. No one saw it, but the critics gave her raves.

by Betty W.reply 1101/05/2013

R11, omg yes she played in 'September'!

Actually 'September' is one of my favourite Woody Allen films, although Allen and critics strangely are not fond of this touching and profound movie. That's a mystery to me. Anyway! Thanks for reminding me that she played in that. I really love this movie. It's very moving and memorable. Critics are constipated!

by Betty W.reply 1201/05/2013

R11, yes the critics gave raves to Elaine for her performance in that movie but they didn't write very flattering things about 'September' and that i don't get!

by Betty W.reply 1301/05/2013

I have THREE Oscar nominations.

by Betty W.reply 1401/05/2013

Someone needs to make an About Schmidt or Trip to Bountiful type of film for Lansbury to show off in.

by Betty W.reply 1501/05/2013

Please can someone stop Angela? She is making a show of herself again. Angela this is an Elaine Stritch thread honey, it's not all about you, you know.

by Betty W.reply 1601/05/2013

It is ALWAYS about Angela!

by Betty W.reply 1701/05/2013

Elaine Stritch trivia

She is the only actor to win Emmys in the Guest Actor Category (for GUEST ACTRESS) in both the comedy and drama categories.

Law & Order and 30 Rock

No one either male or female has done it since.

In the Guest Actor categories!

by Betty W.reply 1801/05/2013

I need to close my eyes after the last post.

by Betty W.reply 1901/05/2013

the last post (meaning R17)

R18 was impeccable.

by Betty W.reply 2001/05/2013

Have a friend who worked with her back in the day. Says she's a notorious horror show. Raging self-centered asshole, a dry drunk at the time. Lots of people on broadway despise her.

by Betty W.reply 2101/05/2013


by Betty W.reply 2201/05/2013

This thread needs a little more Jessica Fletcher.

by Betty W.reply 2301/05/2013

Well, actually Elaine seemed pretty cool to me when she talked for the extras for 'Monster-in-Law'. She spoke really warmly of Jane Fonda for example.

by Betty W.reply 2401/05/2013

Is she a bitch? You really think that?

by Betty W.reply 2501/10/2013

Stritchie likes to dine out on that story, but nobody knows if it's actually true. She claims it is. But she wasn't sober for about 900 years, so who knows.

by Betty W.reply 2601/10/2013

R10 is actually 82.

by Betty W.reply 2701/10/2013

She's such an old bitch in sobriety, she must have been a fucking nightmare when she was drinking.

by Betty W.reply 2801/10/2013

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA R28, omg you don't hum and haw, eh? Looool!

by Betty W.reply 2901/10/2013

There Elaine goes!

by Betty W.reply 3001/10/2013
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