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We are simply overwhelmed. Without so much as a warning our area has been selected!!!

It's enough to make one a believer in the great koogamoogah in the sky. When I think of all the areas that this benevolent company might have chosen, my mind is all but numb. I think I will request a special blessing for makers of Colon Flow and all the operators on duty helping helping the masses with clogged colons remove all that waste weighing them down and creating needless wear and tear of the soles of their shoes. I smell a shit load of saints in the making from this one company.

This and my good health membership in GTSOOLA surely will compound my ass happiness.

by GetTheShitOutOfLosAngelesreply 101/05/2013

The t-shirt is quite lovely.

by GetTheShitOutOfLosAngelesreply 101/05/2013
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