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Bea Benederet is on the roof with Bai Ling!

Come down, Bea! We didn't mean to delete you.

by Linda Christian.reply 301/04/2013

Face it dumb shit, you think you can't change the name from Helen Lawson to Bea Benederet and keep a lame OLD joke going. Do yourself and all of us a favor, turn in your "Primetimers" card and take a little break, you work way too hard for very poor results.

by Linda Christian.reply 101/04/2013

Wait, isn't Bea Benederet Gracie Allen's friend Blanche from the George Burns Show? I love Gracie. They're running them again on tv. Gracie Allen makes me laugh out loud. Love her.

by Linda Christian.reply 201/04/2013

Bea Benederet herself is fine but the whole Bai Ling On The Roof thing is about a decade old tabloid article about Bai Ling getting high and climbing on a roof. That article led to a Datalounge Helen Lawson thread that some moron cut and pasted and changed one name. This thread is like a re make of a not very good film.

by Linda Christian.reply 301/04/2013
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