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Single For Award Season - Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana Break Up...Again

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana, who starred as a couple in "The Words" and then became an on-and-off couple in real life, appear to have broken up again.

"Silver Linings Playbook" star Cooper, who turns 38 Saturday, and Saldana, 34, who reprises her role as Communications Officer Uhura in this May's "Star Trek Into Darkness," had reportedly planned to spend the holidays with Cooper's family in Paris, but Saldana instead spent New Year's Eve in Miami with friends and her own family.

People magazine said Thursday that Saldana and her group ate privately at the restaurant Catch, then retired to the James Royal Palm hotel pool area, where the actress spent time with Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade and his girlfriend Gabrielle Union, and Wade's teammate, Chris Bosh, and his wife Adrienne Bosh.

Representatives for Cooper and Saldana did not respond to requests for comment.

After meeting on the set of "The Words" in 2011, the two reportedly began dating early last year and broke up in March. In September, however, they were photographed arm-in-arm leaving a Hollywood theater after seeing "The Master," and reportedly were back together.

Cooper -- People's 2011 "Sexiest Man Alive" -- was married to actress Jennifer Esposito for four months from 2006 until she filed for divorce in 2007.

He dated Renée Zellweger from 2009 to 2011 and after their breakup dated actress Olivia Wilde and singer-actress Jennifer Lopez, according to Us Weekly.

In November 2011, Saldana announced she had broken up with her partner of 11 years, My Fashion Database chief executive Keith Britton.

by Miareply 3601/06/2013

She's holding out for more money on the bearding contract.

by Miareply 101/03/2013

Wow, what a surprise...

by Miareply 201/03/2013

These P.R. relationships are really getting tired - didn't we all see this 'split' coming ? Really.

by Miareply 301/03/2013

"Star Trek Into Darkness"

Ew, is that the actual title. Not 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' but put into a sentence form like that?

Where are you going, dear?

Well, I'm taking a star trek into darkness.

Every second movie, as usual.

by Miareply 401/03/2013

Whenever he's pictured with a woman, he looks like he can't stand them.

by Miareply 501/03/2013

The fact that his "marriage" lasted a pitiful 4 months and that he "dated" Renée Zellweger (who also had a 4 month "marriage" to Kenny Chesney) speaks volumes.

by Miareply 601/04/2013

I'm waiting for the "Bradley is straight" trolls to come out in full force right now!How was he married to Jennifer Esposito for 4 months? Did she see his glory hole photos on his cell phone?

Actually when he's pictured with a woman he actually looks even gayer than he really is!

by Miareply 701/04/2013

wait a minute she was hanging out with other blacks? Has she gone crazy?

by Miareply 801/04/2013

The guy likes to play the field. The life of a horn-dog I say. He's 100% the pussy.

by Miareply 901/04/2013

On the Howard Stern show he was laughing about how fans think he is gay.

by Miareply 1001/04/2013

Why the interest in this very boring man?

by Miareply 1101/04/2013

R10 - Which is the way all these closet cases talk - bring the subject up so it looks like you are not trying to hide something, which you are.

by Miareply 1201/04/2013

I still would like to know why, in this day and age of cameras, cellphones, recording devices, if these guys are really gay how come no one ever comes forward with info?

by Miareply 1301/04/2013

Say it ain't so! Their babies would've been so beautiful.

by Miareply 1401/04/2013

Which doesn't Zoe get together with Chris Pine?

by Miareply 1501/04/2013

R12 Exactly. Simon Cowell does the same thing. They think that if they bring it up first and just laugh it off as ridiculous, then everyone else will think it's ridiculous too. But if anyone actually looked at all of the strange things and circumstances regarding these "relationships", then people could actually put 2 and 2 together.

by Miareply 1601/04/2013

Bradley needs to be single for the Oscars which he thinks he is going to win so he can take his mom.

by Miareply 1701/04/2013

Wasn't Zoe Saldana claiming to be 38 several years ago? And now she's 34?!

by Miareply 1801/04/2013

R18, she doesn't look anywhere near 38

by Miareply 1901/04/2013

Bradley always seemed like a dolt....until I saw him interviewed on The boy knows his Oscar and film history....I bet he posts on datalounge....

by Miareply 2001/04/2013

Poor Brad. Someday he'll find the right lady and finally settle down.

by Miareply 2101/04/2013

I don't get your logic. What makes you think people they have interacted with that might be in a place to record evidence would make every effort to out them? People don't do that.

by Miareply 2201/04/2013

Meant to include a reference to R13 who I was responding too.

by Miareply 2301/04/2013

I always hate to see the strains of race intolerance tear a couple apart. Kudos to George Lucas who finally put a ring on his black girlfriend's finger. He knows what it's like to be persecuted after the way the fans assailed him because of the quality of the Star Wars prequels.

by Miareply 2401/04/2013

"she doesn't look anywhere near 38"

Yeah, she looks OLDER than 38. She's looks haggard to me.

by Miareply 2501/04/2013

I hope skin lightening creams aren't the downfall of the black don't crack axiom.

by Miareply 2601/04/2013

R25, how old are you? Let's see a photo of your body. I doubt you look as good.

by Miareply 2701/04/2013

This guy tells everyone how he always runs into Bradley at Boxers in NYC

by Miareply 2801/04/2013

"Let's see a photo of your body"

It's not her body - it's her face.

Why are you so invested in this flavor-of-the-month bimbo anyway? She has to resort to fauxmances to get attention because no one cares about her acting.

by Miareply 2901/04/2013

Don't be so sure. She landed the plum role of a black singer from the '60s whose name I don't remember, but it's said to be Oscar bait. They had to alter her appearance for the role.

by Miareply 3001/04/2013

R29, Zoe has a role in the new Star Trek franchise as a member of the Enterprise crew for the next several films.

Many actresses would love that type of exposure. The majority of women in drama school today will never get that far.

by Miareply 3101/04/2013

[quote] I don't get your logic. What makes you think people they have interacted with that might be in a place to record evidence would make every effort to out them? People don't do that.

Maybe people don't do it every time but you would think for all the celebs that are rumored to be gay by posters here, you'd think it would happen more than a couple of times.

by Miareply 3201/04/2013

I assume Zoe will be in the next 2 Avatar movies also...

by Miareply 3301/04/2013

[quote]She landed the plum role of a black singer from the '60s whose name I don't remember

Her name is Nina Simone, you soulless dolt!

by Miareply 3401/04/2013

Anyone have dirt on why Bradley Cooper was forced to leave Villanova after only one year? In a Sept. 12 post on CDAN, Himmmm returns, posting an open letter to Zoe Saldana that includes, "... ask Brad about Villanova. What happened at that party that night? Ask pointedly: So why did you then leave the school...honestly?" (Himmmm later deleted it but someone else copied and re-posted further down the thread.)There's also speculation that the phrase "rip ass" implies he raped someone.

by Miareply 3501/05/2013

I think they're just on a break. They will be back together after award season.

by Miareply 3601/06/2013
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