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Lonely Celebs

Elizabeth Taylor: sat home alone during her later years, dateless because no one could imagine Liz Taylor wouldn't be booked for months ahead of time.

Michael Jackson: used to walk around his Encino neighborhood as a teen, hoping someone would talk to him.

Marilyn Monroe: became reclusive in her last years. She once called her favorite radio talk show. When the host asked her name she hesitantly told him, and he scoffed- so she hung up. But she called back.

Other chronically lonely famous people?

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 6601/11/2013

Liza Minnelli must be very lonely. She was so lonely she married David Gest! Her Mama Judy was so lonely that her last two husbands were gay.

Martha Raye, elderly and very ill, married a decades younger queen who squandered the big bundle of money he got when she finally kicked the bucket.

Marilyn Monroe was indeed lonely in her last years. Her last night on earth she, this incredibly desired, famous woman, was dateless on a Saturday night.

Liz Taylor was so lonely she married the loser nobody Larry Fortensky.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 101/03/2013

r26 thats the fun of topping or being an exclusive can play out which ever scenario you want in your mind and the bottom doesnt always need to know

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 201/03/2013

Liz was a top?

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 301/03/2013

I have no personal knowledge of this but I'm thinking Keanu Reeves might fit.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 401/03/2013

Howard Hughes owns this thread. For those old enough, do you remember the tabloid accounts of his last days: eating melted ice cream in a bowl and having long nails?

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 501/03/2013

I think Madonna must be one lonely woman. I don't think she's gone more than a month without a boyfriend or husband. She seems VERY needy, so needy that she's paying for boyfriends now.

Ditto for Jennifer Lopez.

IMO, the celebs who have back to back boyfriends/girlfriends and aren't single for long come off as people who are scared to be alone.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 601/03/2013

r5 -- he chose to withdraw.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 701/03/2013

Marlene Dietrich spent the last 13 years of her life as an alcoholic, bedridden recluse who never left her Paris apartment.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 801/03/2013

Janet Jackson

Britney Spears

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 901/03/2013

Not sure Howard Hughes "chose" to withdraw. His craziness made it increasingly more difficult for him to live a normal life.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 1001/03/2013

According to the late Ron Palilo, in the late 70s Cher used to call him up and ask him to take her out to the gay discos.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 1101/03/2013

I think all celebrities who are recognizably famous have a hard time.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 1201/03/2013

There's a difference between being a loner and being lonely.

I think Keanu is probably a loner.

Elizabeth Taylor often was alone by choice. She would have parties in her home during which she would never appear, choosing to stay in her bedroom all night.

Howard Hughes was mentally ill, his brain damaged by years of syphilis.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 1301/03/2013

Many old alone celebs preferred to be that way.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 1401/03/2013

Dean Martin. He'd sit alone and sad almost every night in a Beverly Hills Italian restaurant. His son Dino was killed and he never recovered.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 1501/03/2013

On the afternoon of March 21st, 1987, Captain Dean Paul Martin, 35, took off in his F4-C Phantom jet on a routine exercise for the California Air National Guard, scheduled to fly over the snow-covered, cloud-heavy San Bernardino Mountains. Also aboard the aircraft was his weapons officer, Captain Ramon Ortiz, 39. Their aircraft was the middle jet of three Phantoms. Within minutes he and his weapons officer perished after slamming into a mountain at 400 mph.

"RIVERSIDE - Capt. Dean Paul Martin, killed in the March 21 crash of his jet fighter, apparently failed to hear a controller's frantic orders to alter course moments before slamming into a mountainside, authorities said Thursday.

Martin, 35-year old son of entertainer Dean Martin, and his co-pilot, Capt. Ramon Ortiz, 39, died instantly when their Air National Guard F-4C Phantom crashed into the side of a peak near Mt. San Gorgonio, 90 miles east of Los Angeles, during a training mission.

An investigation by the Air National Guard and the Air Force indicated that Martin may have become disoriented or experienced vertigo in a fierce snowstorm and did not hear the command from a controller at Ontario Airport to change directions to avoid the peak, said Master Sgt. William Nicoletti, an Air National Guard spokesman.

The report, released by the Air Force Safety and Inspection Center at Norton Air Force Base, said Martin went into a steep dive just after he discovered that he was heading into a blinding storm.

Information released earlier in the investigation indicated the aircraft had not malfunctioned and that the two men had made no effort to eject before the crash.

According to a transcript of tower communications, the unidentified Ontario controller frantically tried to find alternative courses for Martin and the pilots of two other fighter planes flying in formation to help them avoid the worsening weather conditions.

Two minutes before the crash, the group's leader asked to take the three planes above the 12,000-foot level and out of the storm, but he was refused because of heavy commerical traffic in the area."

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 1601/03/2013

A number of the current and even pre-adult celebrities, who have their lives COMPED, have been candid about loneliness. Most of the time, it just appears that they're being brats about it. "Oh, all the money in the world and surrounded by down-to-earth friends and family who love me for ME...but I'm so often lonely and misunderstood! For example, I have to stay in the limo or hotel room a lot when I don't want to!"

Most humans seem to feel lonely, even in the midst of nice people and somewhere to be (if not forever, then for a while or multiple whiles). There is an epidemic of people who just can't seem to find that "true friendship bond."

If you're going to have incurable loneliness, I maintain that it's better to be lonely with your life paid for. You can at least take some pals that you trust pretty well and go travelling with them, even if it's not the (possibly non-existent/unattainable) experience your soul was searching for. Or, go adventuring by yourself with a couple bodyguards.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 1701/03/2013

+1 on Cher. I read something once where a cleaning person for a house Cher was renting on Maui saw her sitting on a swing in the backyard by herself. This was a couple of days after Christmas and Cher's family had left. The cleaning person said she felt sorry for Cher because she seemed so lonely.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 1801/03/2013

" I want to be alone."

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 1901/03/2013

Demi Moore, since her breakup with AK.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 2001/03/2013

I totally agree with you R17. What about all of us "regular" people who are lonely? There are lots of us who are lonely. At least celebs have the money to travel and entertain themselves to keep themselves occupied and comfortable.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 2101/03/2013

Wasn't Cher diagnosed with that disease that Dorothy Zbornak suffered through for two episodes of the Golden Girls?

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 2201/03/2013

Princess Diana. After the divorce, when her boys were away st school, she was often sitting by herself in Kensington Palace. A famous headline of the time read: "Rich, Royal and Home Alone".

Her over-dependence on Paul Burrell and many of her so-called "boyfriends" was a response to her lonelinesss. Dodi Fayed, however, was the "loneliness cure" that killed her.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 2301/03/2013

Liz Taylor never sat home alone. She had that black gay "fiancee" as her escort. And there were news reports she even went snorkeling while in a special chair designed for people with disabilities. Liz was no shrinking violet.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 2401/03/2013

Elvis Presley. I've never forgotten the frequently reprinted local headline at his death, "A Lonely Life Ends on Elvis Presley Boulevard".

He never pretended to LA sophistication and never stopped identifying with the poor and working class, so the Hollywood circuit and the moneyed elite were always alien and often contemptuous of him.

He was too insanely famous, almost infamous, to partake in normal public activities, while even many fellow celebs behaved like awestruck fans in his presence.

He couldn't abide sleeping alone and many women recruited to 'sleep' with him on the road have told strikingly similar tales to various biographers; that he usually just wanted someone to talk with and would question them for hours about their families and jobs and common activities like going to church and holiday rituals and shopping in malls.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 2501/04/2013

Whats wrong with being alone and eatting at Taco Bell?

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 2601/04/2013

Marianne Faithfull.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 2701/04/2013

Elvis had some bizarre fear of being accosted by people and what that would bring. I remember someone challenging Elvis to go out in New York City in the Seventies and he did. Contrary to what Elvis had thought not one person bothered him!

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 2801/04/2013

I can't imagine anyone being more lonely than Michael Jackson was. Not just as an adult, but pretty much all his life. Seems like he had such a sad and lonely existence.

Gia Carangi was such a tortured soul.

Marilyn Monroe oozed loneliness.

I'm scoffing at the notion that Princess Diana was lonely. Gimme a break. If anything, she desired to be left alone by the world. If anything, she was probably still angered by Charles' betrayal.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 2901/04/2013

R29 I'm scoffing at Michael Jackson being lonely. He was surrounded by young boys and he even would sleep with them and God knows what else. I feel no sympathy for someone who allegedly molested young boys being lonely.

I'm no Diana fan BUT she didn't sleep with underage boys or girls and give them "Jesus Juice." She might have been a promiscuous and bulimic woman who had no respect for herself BUT she was diddling minors!

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 3001/04/2013

she wasn't diddling minors.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 3101/04/2013

Joan Crawford in her later years.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 3201/04/2013

I don't buy the common excuse that Dean Martin gave up after the son he never paid attention to and hardly knew died.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 3301/04/2013

Nathan Lane. (And not without reason, but just sayin'.)

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 3401/04/2013

Years ago I was watching Larry King and he was doing a story on the VA hospital scandal (during the Bush years it was discovered that many of these hospitals were neglected and run down). A woman calls in to give her perspective on what she has seen on her many visits to the VA. Larry begins questioning her about why she goes so often. She said she wasnt visiting family or friends nor was employed by the VA. She sort of hems and haws and admits she is an "entertainer". At that point, Larry must have caught on. "Is this Cher?" Indeed it was. Calling in anonymously to Larry King, to talk about her anonymous visits to strangers in a hospital.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 3501/04/2013

It must be unbearable loneliness that prompts Cher to spend time with a shallow, talentless famewhore like Kathy Griffin.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 3601/04/2013

R35, I loved that interview. Cher donates a lot of money to veterans' causes. I believe it's her signature cause.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 3701/04/2013

Cher has gained my respect then! Wow instead of pulling a Garbo she actually pals around with vets.She's also not hanging around with hetty twinks or bialy boys it seems.Good for her.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 3801/04/2013

R37 38 I did come away with a whole new take on Cher after that interview. It was very clear she was not looking for a pat on the back or anything, she called because she too was distressed about the the conditions the vets were being subjected to. She didnt want to say who she was because she probably didnt want that to overshadow the subject at hand.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 3901/04/2013

Isn't Cher's voice distinctive? You'd think they'd have caught on before they let her through.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 4001/04/2013

Didn't Cher also lobby for better body armor and helmets or something for the troops?

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 4101/04/2013

This old Sally Jessy interview with Sandra Dee is like a heartbreaking episode of This Is Your Life. It's like she never learned how to connect with people, or be an adult.

And then she died.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 4201/04/2013

Rebel Wilson.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 4301/04/2013

Trish Van Devere has not left her house in 10 years. Only a couple of people have seen her during this time. Very sad.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 4401/04/2013

Michael Hutchence. Even his family and friends have said that he was constantly lonely and couldn't be on his own.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 4501/04/2013

[quote]Trish Van Devere has not left her house in 10 years.

Being married to George C. Scott probably did a number on her. He supposedly terrorized everyone.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 4601/04/2013

Can't imagine that Annette Funicello is seeing a whole lot of people these days.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 4701/04/2013

Morrissey. Saw him at a market in LA, buying some Smiths flowers, hanging out, shooting the shit with the man at the register. Nowhere to hurry off to, it appeared. Living those lyrics, it seemed to me.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 4801/04/2013

True, [r15], I saw him alone at a restaurant in Beverly Hills a gazillion years ago.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 4901/04/2013

Were they gladiolas?, R48

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 5001/04/2013

R50, yes, those are the ones.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 5101/04/2013

Cher made friends with Kathy Griffin by calling her out of the blue and asking her to visit her in her Malibu mansion because she thought they'd be friends. So yeah, I think she is kind of lonely.

but I think some of you are confusing people who like being alone with people who are lonely.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 5201/04/2013

It's kind of hard to believe that Annette Funicello is still alive?

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 5301/04/2013

"I'm scoffing at the notion that Princess Diana was lonely."

Scoff away. The woman hated being alone because she had NO inner resources whatever, and so desperately craved attention and company (and drama). She made her butler into her BFF. She often broke up with girlfriends whom she felt had "disappointed" or "betrayed" her because they got tired of taking her lengthy middle-of-the-night phone calls.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 5401/05/2013

How did Michael Jackson ever have the time to be lonely with all those 12 year-old boys he was jerking off and buggering in the ass?

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 5501/05/2013

Being a big time celebrity must be pretty isolating.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 5601/05/2013

havent any of these people heard of shopping?

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 5701/05/2013

Christina Onassis reportedly paid people to hang out with her.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 5801/05/2013

Liz was a mess, certainly. But she did what she wanted, saw who she wanted, and obviously wasn't much interested in the social life in the last 20 years of her life. She was out and did things, and had companionship. She also had a large staff, and they counted for company with how she lived her life. Her health and the consequences of her life style had their effects, too.

But I hardly think she was "lonely." Her forays out to that gay bar where she would hang out were just a reflection of her relaxed and campy approach to fun.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 5901/05/2013

Macauley Culkin looks good in those photos, I like his outfit, doesn't look so strung out and skinny. Good for him!

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 6001/05/2013

"But I hardly think she was "lonely."

Her marriage to Larry Fortensky was proof of her loneliness. She was so lonely she married some nobody loser just to have a man with her. I mean, really; she was Elizabeth Taylor and she marries some dumb clod she met in rehab? That shows you how desperate she was for male companionship.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 6101/05/2013

Nathan Lane is a loner?

Marlene Dietrich did not spend her last 13 years that way. Only 11 years.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 6201/05/2013

Tuesday Weld

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 6301/05/2013

[quote]Elvis had some bizarre fear of being accosted by people and what that would bring. I remember someone challenging Elvis to go out in New York City in the Seventies and he did. Contrary to what Elvis had thought not one person bothered him!

Some bizarre fear? He was mobbed, attacked, injured, clothing torn off, car damaged, many times, and warned by judges and police to avoid causing riots. He didn't need to imagine "what that would bring" if he were "accosted".

The challenge you mention was from Steve Binder in the late sixties on Sunset Boulevard during rush hour. Binder said later that the passersby who noticed Elvis assumed he was a Hollywood Elvis impersonator.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 6401/05/2013

Kim Basinger - she's either agoraphobic, paranoid or just hopelessly fucked up. Rarely goes out and it's been that way for years.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 6501/06/2013

Helen Hanft, star of Mazursky's "Next Stop Greenwich Village" Schlesinger's "Honky Tonk Freeway" and Eddie Murphy's "Coming to America. She & her dog Miranda, always shopping at Food Empussyum at Manhattan Plaza. She was in an indie with Tim Robbins called "Noise". She said Kim Basinger on "9 1/2 Weeks" was one of the most focused and professional actors she ever worked with.

by Miss Lonelyheartsreply 6601/11/2013
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