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Allan Carr: The Original Datalounge Patron Saint?

Really, there are no words. Read the article in which he "waxes fat and fortyish."

by Caftans!reply 3012/18/2014

Read the book 'Party Animals'. It is a quick, fun read and shows Carr at his 'best'.

by Caftans!reply 101/03/2013

Hail Earrings!

Hail Caftans!

Hail Allan Carr!

by Caftans!reply 201/03/2013

I thought this was about British talk show host Alan Carr, who is just about as camp as they come.

by Caftans!reply 301/03/2013

Allan Carr is exactly how I imagine many Datalounge posters.

by Caftans!reply 401/03/2013

I love this photo of him.

by Caftans!reply 501/03/2013

In the photo r5 posted, it looks like Carr is saying, "To anyone who doesn't find the Snow White and Rob Lowe production number fabulous: Hssssssssssssss!"

by Caftans!reply 601/03/2013

"Allan, those are my karn kob holders, and you don't use 'em to cut up that cocaine crap!"

by Caftans!reply 701/03/2013

There needs to be a movie about him, preferably starring Val Kilmer.

by Caftans!reply 801/03/2013

[quote]I have my finger on the pulse of the ordinary man.

Because when I suggested he fuck my pulsating, prehensile clownchasm, the ordinary man fainted.

by Caftans!reply 901/03/2013


by Caftans!reply 1001/03/2013

"... lounging in their caftans and planning a brunch, on their own behalf ..."

by Caftans!reply 1101/03/2013

Lol r9!

by Caftans!reply 1201/04/2013

It's a travesty that Allan Carr was left out of this video!

by Caftans!reply 1302/24/2013

R8 Sorry, that part is taken.

by Caftans!reply 1402/24/2013

He's dead, no?

by Caftans!reply 1502/24/2013

Yes, "liver cancer" .

by Caftans!reply 1602/24/2013

Oh I see, r16. At first I thought, another DL asshole, this one guffawing at someone dying of cancer. Still, I'll bet liver cancer is the true cause of death, he was a heavy drinker and drug abuser.

by Caftans!reply 1702/24/2013

Don't get your caftan in a twist R16.

by Caftans!reply 1802/24/2013

"At first I thought" is a modifier r18, meaning I'd initially misread your post. You were laughing about it being a cover-story for AIDS, in your opinion, which I have no problem with. No twisted caftan here.

by Caftans!reply 1902/24/2013

I love that PEOPLE has all their issues available in an online archive - you can even download all the issues and read them cover to cover, page by page, picture by picture.

I wish some of the other mags did that, like US or GQ.

by Caftans!reply 2002/24/2013

"an elephantine man of 42, who conceals his bulk in gaudy caftans and kimonos, gets his hair waved into chestnut ringlets at Sassoon's and makes and breaks friendships with the speed of light"

by Caftans!reply 2102/24/2013

Scott Rudin is at least in the running.

by Caftans!reply 2212/17/2014

Of course he is a Datalounge patron saint.

His California license plates read "CAFTANS", and I am absolutely not making that up.

by Caftans!reply 2312/17/2014

Main question: Was he twitchy, and witchy, and manic?

I think Eric Stonestreet should play him. Or Gabourey Sidibe

by Caftans!reply 2412/17/2014

There was some Politically Incorrect episode from circa the late 90s where Dennis Miller makes one of his random references to Allen Carr and his caftans.

I know he's anathema on the DL, but you would all love it. (It may still be on YouTube).

Totally agree r20. I've wasted so much time going through those archives. I've said this here before but it's amazing how much less filtered (and longer) those interviews were. And celebrities would admit to things like starving, or doing drugs, or not getting along with their co-stars with next to no consequences.

by Caftans!reply 2512/17/2014

He tried to make "Candide"... with Elton John as the star!

by Caftans!reply 2612/17/2014

What a repulsive man. Inside and out.

by Caftans!reply 2712/17/2014

r23 I never knew that, OMG! The stories about Allan Carr and what a sleaze he was are legion. The 'Party Animal' book is great.

by Caftans!reply 2812/17/2014

How do you get liver cancer anyway?

by Caftans!reply 2912/17/2014


Liver cancer used to be called hepatic cancer. Just another example of political correctness.

The vast majority of causes of liver cancer are viral infection with hepatitis B virus or hepatitis C virus.

The cancer usually forms secondary to cirrhosis caused by these viruses. For this reason, the highest rates of liver cancer occur where these viruses are endemic, East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

In Thailand, the parasite, the Liver Fluke, is responsible for most cases.

Liver cancer is deadly with only 15% living more than five years.

In children Liver Cancer is almost exclusively caused by chromosomal defects and low birth weight.

by Caftans!reply 3012/18/2014
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