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OMG, TJ Holmes is back

He's filling in for Alex Witt on MSNBC right now at noon on Sunday. Praise Be!!

by khorkinareply 1312/17/2014

Yeah, we know.

by khorkinareply 112/30/2012

I was thinking about this guy-

by khorkinareply 212/30/2012

He used to be an anchor here in the SF Bay Area about 10 years ago. So handsome.

by khorkinareply 312/30/2012

TJ grew a short afro a couple of year ago, it looked really good on him.

by khorkinareply 412/30/2012

He's so hot. Wish he would come back full-time.

by khorkinareply 506/14/2014


by khorkinareply 606/14/2014

Beautiful man

by khorkinareply 706/14/2014

So apparently Miss Holmes has replaced Rob Marciano on ET and he is terrible. He's acting as if he's too good to be on the show and he keeps making these douchey "I'm too sexy" facial expressions.

by khorkinareply 807/31/2014

He is on Goodmorning America

by khorkinareply 911/04/2014

He's stuck-up, but very handsome.

by khorkinareply 1011/04/2014

He's now on ABC doing the early morning (3-5 AM) news and appears on GMA.

He's so hot!

by khorkinareply 1112/17/2014

He and Errol Bennett are so hot.

by khorkinareply 1212/17/2014

R12 yes I'd love to be in the middle of [italic][bold]THAT[/bold][/italic] sandwich!

by khorkinareply 1312/17/2014
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